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Petite Cherie Annick Goutal Image

Annick Goutal

Petite Cherie   

38 Reviews

A sexy blend of freshly cut grass, musky rose, peach and vanilla embodies "The perfume you want to kiss." A beautiful representation of the transitional moments in a woman's life.

1.7 oz EDP Spray
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A sexy blend of freshly cut grass, musky rose, peach and vanilla embodies "The perfume you want to kiss." A beautiful representation of the transitional moments in a woman's life.

  • KIMBERLY WALKER05/24/2012

    This perfume "sings" on your skin!! This scent lures the opposite sex! They think it is MOST sexy and want to eat you alive!!! :-)

  • SHAWNEE MOORE04/14/2012

    Petit Cherie is my favorite of the Annick Goutal line of fragrances. Sometimes it is hard to find. Whenever I go to Paris I visit the Annick Goutal boutique and "load up" on perfume and body cream.

  • LAUREN11/13/2007

    I generally wear complex fragrances like Dior Addict, Dragon, Serge Lutens...this was a scent risk for me. I purchased this at the opening of a new Bloomies near me and there were reps from Annick Goutal Paris. These two men were an absolut howl, they recommended this to me and being their favorite I was sold. French men are a weakness for me. Petit Cherie is complex in a very spingtime way, if that makes any sense. I love the pear note and the dry down is quite sexy. Usually slightly green scents smell metallic on me but not this one.I recommend edp for all Goutal purchases. This scent is intimate and will not cause anyone in an elevator to require resucitation. Great for a summer wedding, summer party or warm weather event. I love this so much, that when someone asks what fragrance I'm wearing I tell then I can't remember. I keep this just for me.

  • KELLY05/20/2007

    It is hard to find it here in Winnipeg. They only sell it at one dept. store. It is expensive in comparison to other perfumes...but it is worth it. I think i have found my signature scent. I always get compliments when i wear it.

  • SYLVIE11/18/2006

    "A sexy floral melange of peach, vanilla, fresh grass and musky rose." For my nose this is a strange and unpleasant concoction! Ladies, I love peach, but Annick Goutal's peach-note in Petite Chérie isn't DELICIOUS at all. Sour and sharp. -After reading "Annick Goutal fragrances make a dream come true..." I have to say: No sorry, my dreams are better than this fragrance, I swear ;-)).

  • ANNIE10/10/2006

    I tried it when it first came out (about 10 years ago?). I didn't care for the sweet fruitiness in Petite Cherie. There are other Goutals I like much better. But if I revisited it today I mgiht like it better. I think I could still bypass this particular AG.

  • BEATA09/20/2006

    Otherguess fragrance.Very delicate {sensitive}, lightly floral and of fruit, elegant.Have in himself something what addicted .I was the sample but plans the purchase.:)

  • MARTINE07/13/2006

    My signature scent. Men adore it and I find it to be gorgeous. I adore every thing she makes. She will be sadly missed.

  • PIA03/26/2006

    Lots of sweet pears,some fresh grass,and a little musk.Also suitable for teenage girls.

  • MARIE JOHNSON02/15/2006

    ths best i've worn in along tme constant remarks on a regular basises hard tme finding i'llmhave to order a few now

  • LASSIE10/09/2005

    Sampled this. Don't like it. I would re-name it "Eau de Canned Pears". Dries down to an odd sickly note. Sniffing the dry-down produces the same queasy feeling you get when you sniff Worcestershire sauce. Not that this scent smells anything like W. sauce, it just has that queasy undertone. And strong top note of canned pears. Ick.

  • BEACHCOMBER07/10/2005

    This is a lovely fragrance, so fresh and pretty, unfortunately it turns to funk with my skin chemistry. Maybe I got a bad sample, because it's made from natural essences and does not have an indefinite shelf life. I have heard that from others, so would recommend buying a small bottle or sample size, first.

  • KELLY05/27/2005

    I was a bit apprehensive about buying this but I got a great deal online, and what a surprise it is! I LOVE it. I don't usually like grassy smell, so this works just fine, because I don't detect any grassy smell on it, I smell the fresh pear which I love and it stays that way, the vanilla is very vain and it's perfect, because then it'll stay cool. My chemistry usually turns parfumes warmer than they are from the bottle, but with this, it stays the way it is. GREAT!

  • SHANNON11/13/2004

    I was snuffling the testers at the AG counter because I love Eau d"Hadrien so much. The sales ladies encouraged me to try this one. I must say that at first I found the scent to be extremely odd (perhaps the rusty nail smell some people have mentioned), but it quickly bloomed into something soft and lovely. Sort of like anjou pears. I went home with a tester, and fortunately it seems to meld VERY well with my chemistry. The most noticable note on me is a gentle pear scent followed by something vaguely floral. Interestingly, I don't really smell grass at all, however the pear smell is not at all cloying. Perhaps the green notes cut the sweetness of the fruit? Normally I loathe perumes with any fruity notes, but this one is so fresh and unusual. Right now they have a seasonal special with a full sized bottle of the perfume & and the lovely body cream which I also tried. Sigh...looks like I may be breaking out the charge card for this one!

  • JT10/20/2004

    I was excited to try this perfume when I read many reviews that it smelled grassy. I personally love grass smell and was looking forward to it. Well, when I tried it on it was very disappointing. on me it DID NOT smell like grass... it just smelled at first like pear, then quickly changed to rotten pear. I guess it's just not for me.

  • MELISSA JILL09/01/2004

    Like most Annick Goutal's this one is especially sensitive to body chemistry. On me, Petite Cherie starts out with the notes of grass, peach, and pear. It's similar to eating those fruits (meaning the smell of their juices) while sitting on a freshly mowed lawn - really grassy. That pear is wonderful! Then the fruity notes taper down as the musky rose comes forth. (sigh) The final drydown is one of rose and a bit of vanilla - the musky rose really developes on me. I find it very nice and wear it often. HOWEVER, my friend tried a spritz from the same bottle and had no such luck. On her, Petite Cherie turned into a strangely metallic smelling mess - aka rusty nails. Definitely sample first. If it works for you it is adorable. If it doesn't, boy is it bad!

  • BETINA05/16/2004


  • FOOF02/21/2004

    This is the best scent ever. Love, love, love it!!

  • LUCY09/25/2003

    This is a very nice fragrance. I wore it for a full year. It's perfectly balanced- doesn't over or underwhelm. Personally, my identity was void in the scent. It is pleasant scent though and would recommend it to someone else.

  • ELLIZA06/16/2003

    i'm discovering annick goutal. the most important thing i've found so far is that her perfumes develop and change drastically, so you can't judge anything for at LEAST ten minutes. petite cherie... stunningly original. there is nothing like it out there. opening - lush peach, hint of rose, cut leaves. development -- peach steps back, rose (a warm, classic, soft rose rather than the sharper, almost lemony tea rose or edgy essential oil rose) steps forward, grass/herbal surrounds, and an odd, but very pleasant, delicate vanilla meanders through. this is an all day symphony.

  • PEB05/13/2003

    I have a full bottle from last year, don't know what to do with it I guess I'll give to to one of my cousins...I was dissapointed I thought it was going to be more peachy and fruity but it turned out to be very grassy////

  • PB05/08/2003

    I thought the same as you did's really grassy, I guess some people smell the peaches and pears but all I smelled was grass!!!! my mother said it smells like rusty nails!!!!!!

  • DEBRA B04/21/2003

    Received a bottle of Petite Cherie recently and was really looking forward to trying it, since it receives so many raves. On first whiff, I smelled the lovely pears and peaches...but it quickly developed a disturbing animalic scent. I was reminded of a dog I used to have whose anal glands would become impacted -- truly, a most disgusting smell. There's definitely grass here, but maybe the dog has peed on it. Even worse, after washing my wrist twice and swabbing with rubbing alcohol, i could still smell it :<( Could it be I got a bad bottle?

  • YVA04/14/2003

    I'm so glad you like "Quel Amour!" - I like it, too, and your description is nice: it is really mouthwatering! What a nice fragrance for spring!

  • ANOUK04/07/2003

    peony,wild roses,peach,cherry and a hint of mint.It is siöply mouth watering and my new favourite

  • DIANA03/27/2003

    I was not impressed at all!

  • PEB 03/17/2003

    im glad im not the only one that smells grass

  • G.S.02/12/2003

    It smells grassy on me, too. It lacks softness. Sharp.

  • PEB02/06/2003

    On me it smells grassy I don't smell the peachy part. Maybe it was a bad bottle?

  • MICHELLE12/28/2002

    So Pretty...has pear,peach,rose,vanilla...smells heavenly.....

  • SANDRA11/30/2002

    If anybody have tried new A. Goutal's fragrance "Quel Amour", please tell me something about it. Thanks!!!

  • CFPH11/17/2002

    This fragrance says it all!!!

  • JASMINE11/12/2002

    This is one of the worst smelling and constructed fragrances I've ever smelled. All her other fragrances smell classy (even the ones I don't love) but this one is so bad it doesn't even smell like a fragrance, not even a detergent or shampoo. The grass note (sooo artificial smelling) is the worst part about it and it doesn't match at all with the scent of peaches.

  • GILL11/03/2002

    Lovely, light fragrance. The grass and pear notes are fresh, while the vanilla base lends a bit of warmth without being overly sweet. Petite Cherie is a "familiar" scent, but not common.

  • SPONGEBOB10/07/2002

    Reminds me of the smell of red peppers, strong and strange smelling. Maybe it's the grass mixed with the musk vanilla and fruit. Try a sample before you pay big money.

  • PETRINA07/17/2002

    i just got my bottle of petite cherie and am totally obsessed with it!...the peachy part is my favourite and now all my clothes are drenched in it!... and comments> my bf likes it too! (luckily!)

  • EVELYN07/14/2002

    Petite Cherie is unique and my favourite summer fragrance, even mu husband love it on me.

  • LIA06/24/2002

    A fresh, light scent, especially good for summer. The pear smell is definitely unusual, and sets it apart from all the other fresh florals. It's not a sexy scent at all, though -- definitely not for a romantic evening!

  • DM05/15/2002

    At first, it smells like peaches then it dries down to a musky smell which is ok . I like the peach smell too bad the peach smell doesn't linger

  • DM05/13/2002

    very elegant and classy

  • E04/04/2002

    At first I didn't like it, but after a while, I realized it didn't smell like all the others. I am not fond of the forest moss tart smell a lot of colognes, especially mens, have today. This is very different with two different notes that you can easily pick up.

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