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Tea Rose   

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Aromatic, Floral, Green. Designed in 1975, Tea Rose for women is a refined, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, rose and lily. The middle notes are: tuberose, jasmine and cedar and the base of the fragrance is: amber, rosewood and sandalwood. Tea Rose is recommended for daytime use.

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Aromatic, Floral, Green. Designed in 1975, Tea Rose for women is a refined, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, rose and lily. The middle notes are: tuberose, jasmine and cedar and the base of the fragrance is: amber, rosewood and sandalwood. Tea Rose is recommended for daytime use.

  • LESLEY01/27/2020

    This is the perfume that will see me through the rest of my life. Fresh, light and pure

  • SUE LEWIS07/05/2015

    ...Very sweet but complimented on it so many times over the years, it has a depth to it that so often rose scented pefumes do not which renders it less sickly than most. Day time wear.

  • TRICIA MARTELLE03/12/2013

    love love love this fragrance!!!!

  • ISOBEL11/24/2012

    Lovely perfume very pleasant gentle rose smell, I enjoy it more each time I use it, dare I say it grows on you!

  • LINDA08/13/2012


  • MAUREEN06/06/2012

    this perfume has a lovely smell, not over powering. I always get comments when weasring this.

  • BENEDETTA LAMI04/02/2012

    I love the fragrance, and I really struggled to get hold of it. I live overseas and asked many friends to look for it in the USA, after understanding that it is no longer available at the shops, I had it shipped to an address in the USA where a friend could pick it up and bring it back to South Africa where I live. But it was a once off opportunity! Do any stores sell it in South Africa? Thank you!!

  • P HENDERSON02/29/2012

    I have been using this for years, fragrance has changed slightly but I still like it.

  • MARK02/23/2012

    Found this perfume 30 years ago by plucking up the courage to ask a woman on a train what the scent was, as it was fantastic. She smiled and showed me and I bought my wife some. She loved it then, but when it was finished we couldn't find it any more. Now we have it again, courtesy of Galaxy Perfumes, and it's a walk down memory lane. Wonderful, thank you!

  • R EDWARDS02/11/2012

    My favourite perfume, thrilled to get it at such a good price.

  • LYDIA01/10/2012

    I got this as a sample once, loved it. Gave a sample to my sister in law, SHE loved it! I have never seen TeaRose in a retail store. Found it here and bought it. Gave it to my sister in law because I smelled like her when I wore it.!

  • BILL LE BIHAN01/07/2012

    A great daytime perfume


    Still the same as when I first used this product. A beautiful perfume. Long may it be available.

  • SUE FRENCH12/22/2011

    I originally found this perfume in the 80s, then couldnt buy in NZ, found again in Australia in 2007 , finally now able to buy online , I think this is my signature perfume, its straight , honest roses, love it.

  • BETH05/06/2010

    To those who complained it smells too much like rose, what did you expect of a frangrance called Tea Rose? Very nice rose fragrance. I get lots of compliments every time I wear it!

  • MARY ELLEN11/11/2009

    I have been using Tea Rose for years now. At times, it is difficult to find, but somehow, I do manage to find it. Compliments flow when I wear this, from men and women alike. It is truly a natural and beautiful scent!!

  • MARY10/21/2009

    I love this perfume. It smells just like roses and I get alot of compliments. It makes me smile when I hear people commenting they smell roses and are trying to find out where it is coming from.

  • DMARIE10/09/2008

    I bought this Tea Rose perfume gift set and I sprayed it and it smells good just like roses. But It smells so familiar like maybe my Grandma wore this when I was younger? I knoe she wore Anais Anais but I don't remember seeing this on her dresser.Hmmm...I don't know but if you like roses which I do they are the best smelling flowers then you will love Tea Rose it is inexpensive but a good buy!

  • LIZ03/17/2008

    If you love the fragrance of roses, you willl love this perfume-spray lightly or it will overpower...very pretty and dainty.

  • LAURA02/04/2008

    Just got it.Out of curiosity. I did not really expect to like it a lot, but I really dislike it. Smells like air freshner. Just a really strong rose scent.

  • FIONNA ROSE02/03/2008

    I wear this day or night and the reaction from men is amazing...everything from a guy saying, "does anyone else smell roses?", to men asking, in front of their significant others, what rose perfume am I wearing. Plus that lovely fragrance of a rose garden is with me all the time!

  • LONDON06/09/2007

    Very pretty, I used to love this perfume. Ofcourse, I noticed, little yellow stains on my cloths from where I sprayed it.

  • PURPLESTARDUST02/24/2007

    I've had friends who've worn this and when they walked into the room, you could smell the subtle fragrance of walking into a rose garden, I've bought it and love it!!! You just HAVE to remember NOT to douse yourself in want a SUBTLE fragrance to follow you, it is for anyone, young or older, if worn lightly!!!

  • ZELLA10/09/2006

    Just right for the night or a formal event. Or if you want to make an impression (Dress-up)or even a suggestion(sexy) tea rose amber sets a serious mood. It makes a statement that is sexy and powerful. Can't wear it all the time just during those impressionable nights.

  • MARYL05/24/2006

    Has anyone tried Tea Rose Amber? I would love to know what it is like.

  • KATHY03/28/2006

    I thought this was a spicy rose scent?? What happened to the rosewood and sandalwood, among other things that are supposed to be in this very strong and over bearing, strictly rose air freshener spray? If you want a very strong rose scent, one dimensional then, this is the one for you.

  • GRETCHEN02/26/2006

    I don't care for the tea rose because unfortunately, I lived in a dorm with a girl who didn't bathe frequently- instead she doused herself with, you guessed it, tea rose. I'm sure it smells nice on women who bathe first before applying, but it's forever ruined for me, when I smell this all I think of is B.O. I do love Yardley's English Rose- that is a rose scent in the pursest form. Avon's Roses Roses was good, too, discontinued though (sigh).

  • KRISTI02/03/2006

    This is one scent that people love or hate or run from. I know it's been around awhile, but I have a friend that wore it and it was good on her. Nicole Kidman wore it to the oscars last year, so it must be great on some women with that chemistry. I have to try it out next time I see it in a store.

  • GREEKGIRL02/02/2006

    I tried this perfume out shopping with friends at first spray i thought yuk too strong i asked my friends to smell it and they agreed too rosy, i then tried to wipe it off with some wet ones but it didnt work well...went back to watch my kids play soccer and i could smell the most beautiful fragrance, where was it coming from i thought, i asked a friend can you smell a nice perfume? she said yes its coming from you! so you see on the drydown it can be a very lovely scent. Try it first and then wait you might be surprised!

  • LEE ANN10/22/2005

    I have been wearing this since 1977 and I love it. It is one of my signature scents. People compliment me every time I wear this scent. I love rose scents.

  • REBECCA07/04/2005

    I think this is a nice, romantic fragrance, but only when used sparingly. 1-2 sprays is enough. This is one of my mom's favorites, but she has turned me off from wearing it because however many times I tell her to use less, she needlessly douses herself in it. She doesn't realize how concentrated & potent this scent is. A little goes a long, long way. (kinda like clinique aromatics elixir in regards to its potency) If some ladies would wear these strong fragrances like they're meant to be, the world would be a slightly better place to live & they would definitely not be offensive to anyone & have more friends. I wish they could understand this. Oh well, maybe some people enjoy repelling others. (not that some people aren't worth trying to repel) Oh well, its their loss, not mine. Unless, of course, i'm standing on line near such a person. Oh god!

  • ELLEN04/27/2005

    I wore this fragrance about 25 years ago. I was in college and working in a bank for the summer. For every customer that walked in and said "Mmmm....I smell roses", another one would walk in and say "Eew....I smell beer." Undaunted, I continued to wear it, until a co-worker told me (in a meeting in front of at least 10 other people) that my perfume made her sick!

  • S.02/16/2005

    This is a classic rose scent. One that is like a garden rose with shinny green leaves. Always a good indicator of a well scented 'heady' rose. I have a tendency to make most florals smell 'bug spray-ish' on me, but this one stays true. Only a little spray is needed as this is really strong. Don't overdue it! It is a less expensive fragrance but a little goes a long long way. The dry down on me is more of a rose mixed with some carnation -- spicy and warm. I love it year round! It is a classic rose -- ENJOY!

  • KELLY02/02/2005

    Parfumes you've used always bring back memories, and I've used this almost 20 years ago. It was quite strong but nice, it dries down to an especially sweet and pretty smell. But one day I made the mistake of using it as toilet freshener when the toilet bowl broke down and overflow (because I had plenty of it and this bottle wasn't moving as fast as my others and it's considably cheaper & strong.) From then on I can never use it again, and when I smell it elsewhere, it turns me off as quickly too.

  • SAMI02/01/2005

    My staple perfume is Red by Giorgio, but when I am sick of the cold and winter, or just having one of those dreary days, I apply this fragrance and it's "Spring anytime" for me and the people around me...what a heavenly scent!

  • BARB12/22/2004

    Last year on Oscars night I was watching Tv and an interviewer from "E" told Nicole Kidman she smelled so good and she said it's Tea Rose, I've worn it for years.

  • ANNIE11/27/2004

    this is the only thing I can ware with out thinking I smell like hair spray!

  • JOSIE11/18/2004

    This one has all the chutzpah and strength of the quintessential 80s fragrances (even though it launched in the 70s); powerful enough to intimidate Giorgio! It would be pretty if it weren't so strong - one spritz can take over a very large building. On me, it smells slightly of the formerly popular original Liz Claiborne, but Tea Rose does not have the subtlety or balance of LC. Great price for a good quality fragrance, if you can pull it off.

  • MARSHA09/07/2004

    I use to adore the fragrance of this cologne until one day I wore it to work, and one of the gentleman I worked with rudely announced: "For goodness sake. What is that odor? It smells like a funeral home in here". I never wore this cologne again (but secretly I still like it).

  • SSDNC07/10/2004

    Cheap smelling. Wouldn't wear this fragrance, but would use it as a bathroom air freshner.

  • LOANN05/20/2004

    It's not easy finding a rose perfume that smells like real roses but this is the one. I smell my roses out on the balcony often so I'm familar with the fresh scent of roses. This is a good one to have. Another brand that smell like real beside this one is Evelyn Rose by Crabtree & Evelyn. The only two I recommend.

  • MARY O03/27/2004

    I was first given Tea Rose by a member of the royal family in Bahrain. Have been using it ever since and love it.

  • PATTYCAKES03/17/2004

    I love this smell, just like roses.

  • BONNIE03/05/2004

    Have been using about 25 years! Everyone loves it, many-many compliments, men and women alike, lost track for a couple of years, but had a stash. Now only one place in my city to buy it. Husband and son always know what to buy sweet smelling moma!

  • SUSAN01/16/2004

    I've tea rose perfume-all different strengths for years-1983. It's the only fragrance I will wear. I"m always getting compliments from men and women. It's my mark. My licence plate is also TEA ROSE. Everything about me is roses. My nick name is "Momma Tea Rose"

  • HARLEY11/17/2003

    smells like someone mowed the lawn... very overpowering and synthetic... it is the worst perfume I bought

  • CINZIA10/18/2003

    I found it again!!! It seems it's impossible to buy this wonderful perfume in Italy! I'm so happy I've found it, today!

  • CAROLA10/06/2003

    I have not found any other fragance more Rose like than Tea Rose. It is so long lasting, so deep as a bit of sandalwood also lingers. But I love it so! Also, -especially women-, when they feel it, they immediately ask me where is the rose i am carrying! Must be used with delicacy as well.

  • BECKY09/10/2003

    i used to wear this perfume a year or two ago when i waited tables, and i always got so many compliments from people i waited on. it is true that it is very strong, i mean if someone at a restaurant can smell their waitress it's got to be good!

  • JOE08/20/2003

    This was the best perfum that my wife ever wore. It was costly but worth it. I have not found the perfume for sometime just the spray which is not the real deal but it would do. If you know wear I can but this please let me know.

  • ELLIZA07/11/2003

    rosebud, the "younger" formulation, is exquisite also. garden rose, but embedded in lovely "fresh wash" sort of scent, dense, lighter.

  • ELLIZA05/30/2003

    exactly the fragrance of a rose in situ. the eau de parfum IS very strong, and edt still not to be sprayed lightly. but it is very lovely. i don't smell it as a mixture at all, just as a single rose note. though i usually disapprove of layering, this is one of the few exceptions i'd make -- it is fun to mingle with other single note essential oils -- orange, or lemon, or grapefruit. this is a MAJOR bang-for-the-buck perfume. VERY affordable, delivers a lot of very good, lasting scent.

  • LALA04/12/2003

    this scent is for the ones who like a strong real loud fragrance its strong alittle bit goes along way!! but its perfect smells just like the real thing very romantic.

  • BOBBIE04/12/2003

    Ladies, everytime I wear this scent, men keep asking me what it is that I'm wearing and want to know where they can get a bottle for their girlfriends. I even had one guy who I had a crush on, yank me and sniff my neck deeply. This just prooves that the designer stuff isn't always necessarily the best stuff, they'd like you to think it is because of the big bucks you have to pay. Less is often more and simplicity does go a long way. I bought my first bottle years ago at TJ Maxx in Boston and have sworn by it ever since. I hope the makers continue this great little perfume, and diversify it more (body lotion, cologne, hand lotion etc.) At the same time, I don't want too many people to find out about this perfume, I'd like to keep wearing it as my signature scent and if everyone started to wear it, it would lose what makes it special! (Sorry I'm pretty selfish about stuff I love!). Another hard to find perfume which is also excellent but a bit more dramatic and worth giving a chance to is Decadence.

  • DAN04/05/2003

    My late grandmother use to spray I belive a whole bottle of Tea Rose every day. She was a funny lady and I will always remember when relatives would make comments that her perfume smelled of a cheap bathroom air freshner. Grandma would just laugh it off and spray some more just to annoy us. I don't think it's a horrible fragrance, but in my opinion It smells very synthetic and I will always have memories of grandma when I smell this on some one.

  • VAL03/22/2003

    I disagree with your statement that this perfume smells artificial. I've worn it for 8 years and even when it's hard to find, I keep looking. I have people comment on how wonderful it smells all the time. Even men comment on it. When was the last time that happened to you? I have four friends who are asking where they can get it now. And I just sent them to this website.

  • ANGELA02/13/2003

    I wore Tea Rose from 1993 to 1999 and then the stores stopped carrying it. I have been so sad and have tried several other rose parfums... however, I have missed this one very much! Everyone knows me by this scent. When my husband smells roses, he says, "That's Angela". We even had our wedding at a B&B with over 100 species of roses! I can't wait to order this and have my original rose scent back on my skin. Yippee!

  • JAN SHAW01/21/2003

    where can i find the colonge i found the toliette spray it dont stay with you

  • SID01/14/2003

    This smells so synthetic, roses do not smell like cheap bathroom air freshners.

  • ANNA12/13/2002

    LOVE the fragrance, but on me, it smells like grapefruit. :-( A shame.

  • TERRI12/11/2002

    A friend gave me my Tea Rose 7 years ago.. I guess because my middle name is Rose... I must admit I never really used it much for the past 6 years or so.. Recently I started wearing it and the compliments have been coming ever since. My Husband loves it and I have been getting remarks from most of the people that come close enough to smell the totally realistic smell of Roses! Some are not sure what sent it is. But all agree once I tell them! Yes it is a scent that lasts and you can over due it if not careful. But it will get people asking! Tea Rose will get even the Wall Flowers talking!

  • JENNY12/02/2002

    I love this perfume and it's the only perfume I wear, everyone loves it!

  • DIANA11/29/2002

    I'd found the miniature bottle of Tea Rose some 13 years ago and since then had tried to find this perfume. But unluckily I couldn't find it in Europe and only since 5 years ago when I started to use Internet I could order it from the US shops. I'm very happy, I always keep some stock, everybody compliment me on this nice fragrance & friends ask me to order for them too! I hope that the Perfumers Workshop will continue producing Tea Rose! Thanks!

  • C.C11/22/2002

    Tea Rose Cologne, does anyone know where I can find it? Absolutely love the scent, and it lasts a long time after you spray it on. The Tea Rose de Tiolette Spray is easier to find, but the Tea Rose Cologne, I prefer only if I could find it!

  • EMILY08/18/2002

    A little goes a long way with tea rose. The fragrance lasts a looong time, and hardly fades AT ALL- unlike EVERY other rose fragrance out there. This perfume has been a favorite of mine for a few years now. Be prepared for compliments! You will get them. If you don't like strong fragrances or roses, then I suppose you wont like tea rose. It's a powerful scent, of pure rose! I'll always love tea rose.

  • CYNDI07/11/2002

    This is the closest perfume to the true scent of a rose. I always get compliments when I wear it. Also, it reminds me of my Grandmother, who loved roses as well. Please keep making it!

  • VAL07/11/2002

    This is the ONLY perfume I've ever worn that everyone comments on. Even guys. And how many guys do you know that will even say anything. I've always had nice comments whenever I wear it. I've been buying it since I first found it about 5 years ago, and I will continue to buy it. Please don't stop ever making it.

  • BETHANY06/24/2002

    This certainly does, as other posters have mentioned smell like real roses. The problems I have encountered with this perfume is that it is very strong, has no real subtly, and people who wear it end up accidently putting too much on. A little of this stuff goes a Very long way. Personally, I like the smell of roses mixed in with other scents, it gives the fragrance a certain subtle good smell that is very nice-but not overwhelming. This perfume is way too strong. Just my opinion-it's one flat strong overly sweet note even when done in small amounts.Jmo-This scent just kind of lies there. Really don't like this one at all.

  • DONYA06/15/2002

    This is the only perfume that my husband likes that I have worn in the past 10 years. When we began dating 10 years ago, he said that this scent was the first thing that he thought of every morning and the last thing that he thought of every night. Of course it also helped that I would borrow his jacket so that my perfume would be on it. I also sprayed it on his pillows!

  • YVETTE06/06/2002

    ....Isn't. I just tried this one. I like the smell of roses; and this does smell like genuine roses, but boy is it super super sweet. If you wear it, please put it on sparingly. This is the kind of scent that could easily nauseate people, especially in the summer.

  • NURSEPEBBLES06/05/2002

    I have also been wearing "Tea" for quite some time...closet I have ever found to the "real rose"...always get compliments...and always puts me in a good mood after I have sprayed some on...aromatherapy for self you could say..LOL

  • STEPHANIE03/31/2002

    This definitely smells like the real thing, undiluted! While I love the smell of roses, I find this much too strong to wear in the spray form. However, I think I'd love it in a bath and body line; a good shower gel, body lotion, etc. This is such a strong smell that it seems like it should be kept personal, to be enjoyed only by the user.

  • MARIANNE01/28/2002

    I have worn Tea Rose for over 15 years and have never found any fragrance I have loved so well. I always get many compliments when I wear, from both men and women. The scent lingers on my clothing, and has become my signature frangrance. It is hard to find, so when I do find it, I stock up. I wish it was availabe in bath oil, powder, and lotion! I have only seen the ODP, but would love to enjoy the same fragrance in other products! I hope the Perfumer's Workshop never stops making it, and that they would expand it to some other Tea Rose products!

  • SARA01/20/2002

    This is the only perfume I will wear. It smells like roses and is light but lasts a long time- I hate heavy perfumes like opium or poison, this one is exactly as the name implies. If you love the scent of roses, you will probably love this perfume.

  • CAROLE MORGAN01/18/2002

    We discovered Tea Rose in Paris at Galleries La Fayette in 1976, tried it, and have worn it often ever since. Difficult to find sometimes, so I am pleased to find it on your site.

  • ELNA12/27/2001

    My oncologist gave me a unsolicited testimonial.... He said,dearly,"Everytime a pass a "rose smell",I think & pray for you!" I've worn "TEA ROSE" for many years & have always got compliments! Thank You.

  • LIZ MAFFEI12/26/2001

    I wear this scent exclusively. This is the only perfume I have worn that has never offended anyone. Men seem to especially like it.

  • AMBER11/20/2001

    my mother use to wear this perfume-it was nice on her, but it made me sick smelling it too much. a little goes a looooong way.

  • JAN N10/16/2001

    have been wearing it daily for over twenty years. Wherever I go people tell me it is the best rose scent they have ever experienced!

  • PABROWN10/16/2001

    I just love this perfume! I get only compliments when I wear it. I am planning to give it as christmas gifts!

  • JOLENE10/14/2001

    This is pure heaven if you like the scent of roses, as I do. I like how Perfumer's Workshop kept it purely of roses, and didn't add other ingredients. I've tried other rose-based fragrances like Rykiel Rose, but I still prefer Tea Rose. What a great fragrance - and for so little cash! :)

  • CC09/24/2001

    This scent was out when I was a teen! And it is just a strong now as it ever been. Only use a very small amount on a cotton ball! But it does smell like pure roses.

  • CATARINA08/23/2001

    This one smells too much like the real thing. Not very friendly. Rose scent needs to be toned down with other notes because it is too heavy.

  • NANCY B.05/19/2001

    Smells so purely of roses, works for day or night, abslutely wonderful perfume. I never get anything but compliments with this one.

  • JENNY03/30/2001

    This is my favorite perfume, I get more compliments on it than anything I have ever used. Everyone loves it, especially my husband. It also makes me feel good,proving to me that aromatherapy does work!

  • SEBASTOPOLROSE10/19/2000

    This is the nicest perfume Ive ever worn. Smells like roses and I get compliments on how good I smell!!

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