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Angel Innocent Thierry Mugler Image

Thierry Mugler

Angel Innocent   

86 Reviews

Angel Innocent was created by Thierry Mugler in 1999 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of pure mandarin, honey, fresh almond and other exotic fruits. Accompanied by rich musk and amber.

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Angel Innocent was created by Thierry Mugler in 1999 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of pure mandarin, honey, fresh almond and other exotic fruits. Accompanied by rich musk and amber.

  • TXGEM05/06/2014

    Love, Love this scent! It smells so rich and sexy! Men tell me its a turn on scent! I say it depends on whose wearing it! Its romantic and longlasting.


    I purchased Angel Innocent for my daughter. she loves the perfume & can no longer get it in the UK. She was delighted with it& loved the bottle which she keeps in her handbag. I will be buying more for her birthday.

  • DAVID09/16/2012

    Bought for my gorgeous fiancee, and she loves it and I love it on her

  • LISY05/20/2010

    I really like this perfum it has a woody sweet smell. This one is a keeper!!

  • ANNIE05/05/2008

    There are so many gourmand and dessert fragrances around now that it is easy to forget that the original Angel started the trend (back in 1992). This version of Angel does not have the heavy hit of patchouli - so if you have an aversion to Angel because of the patcouli, you might enjoy Innocent. It is so delicious it is addictive...berries at the top, then sweet cream and praline and soft musky drydown. This is one of my top five favorite gourmands (my other faves being Angel, Lolita Lempicka, Hypnotic Poison, and Flower La Parfum). Highly recommend this one.


    I get a lot of compliment on this one. Although it is in the Angel family a lot of people who don't like the original Angel will like this one. A lighter, fresher, spicier Angel. Perfect for days when you can't quite face the big star but still want to feel slightly angelic

  • ANNAMARIA12/11/2007

    I really do like Angel, but find it over intoxicating when I wear it too close to my nose - ie round the neck area. So I've had an idea. Maybe if I wear the Innocent at my nape and just spray a bit of the Angel on my waist area. That way I get to enjoy the lesser perfume closer to me, and just get a waft of the Angel. Has anybody else tried this?

  • CHRISTINA07/05/2007

    I love it, it's way better than the priginal angel. Innocent has a prettier smell too.

  • TERRI06/11/2007

    I agree with a couple of other comments about Angel Innocent....I love it, but it does not last. I spray 3 or 4 spritzes on myself, even on my blouse because I think that will reflect it's truest scent, but ...30 minutes later, I cannot even smell it. Strange. When it is first sprayed though, I love it !

  • VYXXYN05/22/2007

    I owned a bottle, couldn't wait to use it up so I could wear another perfume. Angel Innocent is far sweeter than Angel by comparison, but less heavy. However it isn't stable as the top, middle and base notes all smell differently throughout. Staying power is also shortened by alot. Probably suitable for younger ladies below 25yo.

  • BARBARA W05/12/2007

    I don't care for the other (floral) Angel variations, but this one is very nice. Fresh, citrusy/herbal topnotes and a warm, subtle drydown. It really smells nothing like the original to me. My only gripe is that the sillage isn't good: I have to reapply every couple of hours. But, it's definitely worth a sniff! It will be nice for summer, and I'll probably purchase a bottle soon.

  • JT04/26/2007

    Well, my previous posts say how I love the initial top notes, and am disappointed at the dry down. That is still true, except that I have come to like the dry down a bit more lately. However, I have to be in the mood for it, or the smell is just too "thick" for me at times. It may be lighter than Angel, but it is by no means light! The dry down smell is NOT just powdery... it is actually a very unique and sexy, sultry sort of smell. Not my type for everyday, but I like the smell of it every now and then.

  • NATALIE04/14/2007

    Has anyone tried the ltd edition summer splash perfume? ive heard its a fruitier version of angel inocent but as i can only find it in 75ml containers wondered i anyone had tried it??

  • NATALIE04/14/2007

    I love this perfume but was wondering if anyone could suggest any similar fragrances around at the moment? When I asked the assistnat instore she had no suggestions at all!

  • KATGRRRL03/14/2007

    I have a small bottle of Angel Innocent. I like Angel and when I read comments about Innocent and saw that it was fruitier and lighter and thougth this was right up my alley as I love fruity scents. I couldn't wait to try this on. Everytime I put some on (and I don't wanna over do it just to smell something), I smell NOTHING. I even put some on hubby to see if I'd smell it on him. NOTHING! The only way I smelled it on him is when I put my nose directly on the area where I applied the scent and it was very faint. The only time I kinda smelled it on me was when I put A LOT on before bed. KINDA smelled it then. Maybe this was an old bottle, I dunno. I ordered it from before finding out about this site. I'll try it again as I don't wanna wear something as heavy as Angel now that the weather's getting warmer. Then again, I might just fall back on my old summer stand by - something from the Garden Collection of Victoria's Secret.

  • FRAN01/31/2007

    You hit the nail on the head. I couldn't figure out why I can't like this fragrance. When I first spray it on I enjoy it's freshness sort of like DG LIght Blue freshness.......then it dries down to this nauseating powdery scent that overwhelms me. I wish it would keep its' initial freshness but alas it does not and smells stifling.

  • DONS08/22/2006

    Did not like Angel - to strong, but this is in a different leauge - love it!

  • JB06/25/2006

    I really like this scent for the first 20 minutes or so, then comes that awful drydown of thick smothering powder, ugggh. It reminds me of original secret antiperspirant spray :o( and I also find it VERY similar to Lady Stetson, uggggh, just repulsive. Pitty, because the top notes are great. The original Angel is my favorite scent in the world and Innocent (although supposed to be a lighter version? or at least related to it) sadly smells NOTHING like it, what a shame.

  • SARAH06/21/2006

    Just bought this the other day and wore it it!! A lighter more pleasant version on Angel, just less offensive. We'll see how the scent lasts. May be a good idae to layer with the body cream. A great addition to anyones perfume collection!

  • JT03/24/2006

    I used to use this fragrance, but I've finally retired it. I have to give it 3 stars now, because it smells GREAT for the first 20 minutes or so, then starts drying down to a thick smothering powderish scent which I don't care for anymore. I was always disappointed how it didn't stay smelling even remotely similar to how it does at first. It's one of those perfumes that change drastically. Too bad.

  • BETHANNE02/27/2006

    I really am ... I just can't get enough! I am constantly sniffing my arm! I spritz every four hours so it's nice and fresh ... I am so hooked! Lovin it!

  • ARLEEN02/20/2006

    Bought a large bottle because of the great reviews. when I spray this on me, its just the most wonderful scent imaginable. I keep on sniffing it, cant get enough of the scent. Its intoxicating. I just love it. So glad I bought the big bottle.

  • CHRISTA01/28/2006

    Angel is my absolute favorite perfume, so I had to give Innocent a try! I'm glad I did! It smells delicious. I agree with an earlier post that this smells lemony/citrus with a few hints of vanilla and other notes of Angel. It is lighter than Angel. If you love Angel then you will love this. Definately on my top 5 list of perfumes: 1. Angel 2. Angel Innocent 3. Chanel CMM 4. Wish and 5. Mauboussin

  • BREE01/24/2006

    this fragrance is beautiful ... so feminine. i have no idea how anyone could feel innocent is masculine?? not this scent ... angel maybe a little because of the heavy patchouli but not angel innocent.

  • DJ01/18/2006

    the reason i give it a five because it is good how ever its a bit to manly, i like just me by paris hilton just more girly (fenimine) for me.

  • DJ01/18/2006

    but this kinda smells like JUST ME BY PARIS HILTON please dont be upset thats what i think and the sales lady who was sraying angel innocent, i thought you would want to know in case you want to try something new i like this one too.

  • EMMA01/10/2006

    Wow. This scent is amazing. It has such a soothing and calming effect on me. I highly recommend it. Heaven.

  • ANNE01/10/2006

    Hello to JT and other perfume girls! Wanted to say I, too, love Angel Innocent. Also wanted to add my two cents and suggest "Prescriptives Calyx" - one of my faves! Read the reviews for it as I'm not alone in loving that one too!

  • SOPHIA01/09/2006

    I just LOVE this fragrance! My only complaint is that it doesn't last as long as I'd like. No big deal, though - I just spray on some more!! :)

  • MARYBETH01/07/2006

    I can't wear regular Angel (ugh) but Angel Innocent is beautiful. I bought a trial size to try it out and wow am I ever glad I did! This scent smells wonderful on me! If "Angel" wasn't for you, please give Angel Innocent a try ... you may end up a devotee like I did! :) The top notes don't sit real well on me, but they only last briefly ... the dry down is fantastic - yum!!

  • TANYA01/06/2006

    i'm not a fan of original angel (too much patchouli) but i gave angel innocent a try and i am in love!! this fragrance is so beautiful! what a nice surprise!

  • COLOGNEMAN12/27/2005

    Smelled this one at the store. Innocent almost smells like a watered down version of the original, which I think is moving in the right direction (Angel is just SO heavy). Fiance still hates it, though. Too bad, I think I could actually like this one if she wore it.

  • MERITA12/21/2005

    As a stated fragrance-fiend, whose collection resembles the fragrance counter at any department store, this lighter, softer, summer-version of Angel called Angel Innocent is a necessity. Angel is one of my favorite fragrances. I was visiting my local counter one day when I happened upon Angel Innocent. The woman behind the counter said she loved it even more than Angel, so I was convinced to try it. I loved it! It's even softer than Angel, with light, slightly sweet floral and woody notes, in a terrific long-lasting formula. It's not quite as versatile as the original Angel, which smells different on everyone I know, but its scent more than makes up for it. It's nothing short of heavenly! There are only two things that discourage me about this fragrance. One is the size. Innocent is only available in a larger 2.25 oz spray, which makes its cost slightly high. It's still competitive--but if you're looking to sample it, this can be a bit much to pay. The other is the fact that the Thierry Mugler counters do not offer to refill this fragrance, like they refill Angel. So when you run out, you'll need to purchase the whole bottle again. I've had mine for over a year, though--only one spray is enough to last all day!

  • KELLY11/28/2005

    I got a sample of this at the perfume counter the last time I went shopping and I just love it! It is much easier to wear than Angel. When you first spray it on the scents of caramel, vanilla and a cotton-candy like smell are evident. Later on, it mellows out to a very warm, feminine, sensual scent. I layer this with my Nut Body Butter from The Body Shop and feel and smell just decadent!

  • MANG CHOW11/23/2005

    I bought the product for the bottle and the perfume ended up smelling really good as well!

  • HEATHER11/18/2005

    Innocent is a wonderful alternative to Angel. It is much lighter and very refreshing. I get as many or more compliments when I wear innocent than I did when I wore Angel. Excellent for the office and great for the evening too.

  • TO JT10/23/2005

    I also would like to suggest Herve Leger and Jil Sander Sensations for warm yet sophisticated scents. As for Angel Innocent, it is my absolute favorite!!! It elevates my mood for some reason and I will never be without it. I see where people get "rotten fruit"...I sometimes get overripe fruit and pine, but the aura this leaves is delicous! It is odd but it works.

  • DIANA07/22/2005

    I love this perfume since I was 18, it has the best lasting body attraction to men than any other perfume I have ever wore. And trust me I have lots of espensive perfumes.

  • JOY07/02/2005

    This angel innocent smell much better than the original that is too sweet! This one is perfect for day wear, you feel like an angel.

  • KRIS05/19/2005

    I almost bought this a year ago but opted for the "Big Star", you know, Angel. It never was an easy fragrance to wear. I'm back to my first inclination....and love this little star. I can spray this one with abandon and it still stays pretty.

  • KRIS05/16/2005

    I like Angel but have to wait soooo long for the wonderful drydown. I think Innocent is easy and breezy! It is much more kickback and relaxed then the original. But, even though it is more relaxed, it is still very, very sexy.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    I do love Angel, and as such hesitated to try Angel Innocent, but boy am I glad I did! This is my new favorite! Far better than Angel in my opinion, and is in a bottle that I can easily place in my perfume stash, unlike that ridiculous Angel star bottle. Angel Innocent is absolutely fabulous!

  • LYS01/23/2005

    I bought Angel Innocent while living in Paris, trying on a new, less "country mouse" personality as I cound many women wore heavy scents and I "disappeared" without. Angel Innocent has a delicious vanilla heart and light, fresh notes too. And back then, it was packaged in an aerosol-like, metal can: sort of fun! (With star-shaped spray button in blue crystal). Angel Innocent lacks the piney, woody, "Christmas-tree" topnote (on me) of Angel and also Addict. Those looking for fresh alternatives might also try Cacharel's Gloria, which has I believe that wonderful bitter almond scent that is present in Gaultier Le Male.

  • JOE01/17/2005

    I bought this for my girlfriend for Christmas and it's the best smelling perfume I know of.


    When I smelled this one, I really liked it better than the original Angel. This one is more elegant and easier to adapt too with a soft touch.

  • BELLE01/07/2005

    Tried this one because I knew I didn't like original "Angel". Too heavy for my taste, and it has patchouli, which I hate. (I think it smells like dirt). This one is lighter and has citrus notes in it. I felt like this fragrance is a bad mix though. It has sweet notes in it too, but that and the citrus don't blend well together. It's sickening. I don't like citrus perfumes for one thing though, but in addition, this one takes the citrus and mixed with wonderful notes like almonds(which I love vanilla and almond smells), just ruins the good notes that would normally be warm and inviting. I smelled like rotten fruit.

  • JENNA12/17/2004

    Have you tried Must De Cartier? The pure parfum is my all time fav and in the winter I go back and forth between it and Angel. The new Baiseur de Dragon by Cartier is another one to consider, however you MUST wear it and WAIT for the drydown to give it a fair chance. I hope this helps you.

  • SARAH12/08/2004

    This is one fragrance I always go back to when I get bored of the others. It is fruity in the top notes, very dewberry which I don't love, but many people like on me. The middle notes are more soft, and whisper of pure honey and soft vanilla. The dry down is pure heaven, white-musky with a faint hint of chocolate. It is light enough to wear on not-too-hot (above 25° is a no-no, then I can only stand Cool Water or Acqua di Giò) days, but warm enough to wear in the winter. A fall favourite! Next bottle will be a big one! BTW, NOT an Angel fan, unless it is applied very, very lightly, then it can work!

  • MARI9812/07/2004

    This one for me is in the top three fragrances (..the other two are L'Or and new Mania). It has kind of light and refreshing aura, but at the same time it's very sophisticated. Love it!

  • LAURA11/23/2004

    I had tried this fragrance before and had to return the bottle because the smell made me feel sick. However, I tried it again a few days ago and if applied VERY lightly, it can be nice (not as overpowering as Angel anyway). I realized that the first time I tried it, I had layered it (body wash, lotion and fragrance) and put way too much on! The only down side is that after a few hours, it dries down to a blah powderery smell.

  • JT11/21/2004

    To Anika: I went to my local perfume store to smell Dunhill Desire, but it didn't go very well with my chemistry because it seemed only sweet and unfortunately I couldn't detect the other notes that you could probably smell. Also, I have YSL's In Love Again which is extremely similar to Baby Doll. I like that one.;) To Kelly: Yes, Omnia was one of the ones I have been deciding on for a few weeks now. I decided that it is definitely a good one, and I bought it. They gave me a FREE full size 6.7 oz lotion with my purchase! I couldn't believe it, but they said Bvlgari is changing the lotion packaging and is just getting rid of the old ones. I scored! Thank you both again for your kind suggestions.

  • KELLY11/14/2004

    Have you tried Omnia by Bvlgari? It is one of me favorites. Some other suggestions may be Herve Leger or Amor Amor.

  • ANIKA11/12/2004

    I really like wearing Angel Innocent in the winter too. Have you tried Baby Doll and Dunhill Desire? A lot of women wear those two in the summer, but I find them great for winter as well. The Desire is a fruity Oriental and Baby Doll is a fruity Floral but I find them both very refreshing and different than the heavy fragrances most people wear in the winter. This isn't saying I don't wear heavier, spicy fragrances in the winter, but sometimes I like to wear something that most people would consider "summery."

  • JT11/07/2004

    I know some of you say that original Angel is THE winter scent. I happen to only love A.Innocent, but I can only wear it in the cooler months or I think I'd choke. Angel Innocent is NOT that light to me. Yes, ok so it is lighter than Angel, but I would not go so far as to say it's a light fragrance. It is definitely one of my favorite winter perfumes. Very unique too! I have smelled others which came close to the Angel smell, but none to my knowledge are close to Angel Innocent. I have searched far and wide for months now to find a new fragrance to add to my winter collection, but being as finicky as I am about perfumes, I'm not happy about what is out there now. Everything is either too sweet, too sharp, too floral, too heavy, too light, too dirty (patchouli) haha, too old lady, too teenage (I am somewhere between teenage and old lady at a very young 38!)... I also like: Escada Magnetism, DKNY Be Delicious, Gucci EDP II, and the unisex Eau De Cartier to name a few. I would welcome and be grateful for any suggestions (even though I probably already smelled everything during my extensive search!)... Thanks!! JT

  • KELLY 10/14/2004

    I absolutely love this perfume. It is so delicate, warm yet fresh. Hard to describe. So much nicer then the original Angel. It is one of my favorites. A must try scent!!!

  • JT10/07/2004

    Angel Innocent is great! It smells like nothing else out there. While I absolutely hate the horrible smell of Angel, this one is SO much better. I have to admit that it does share some of the same notes as Angel, but minus the bad ones!

  • DAWN06/29/2004

    I love this lighter version of Angel. It's perfect for daytime use and has good staying power. MMMMM!!!

  • SANDY05/24/2004

    I have both the spray and body cream in Angel Innocent and love wearing the two together because it is much lighter in fragrance than the Angel fragrance. It has a fruitier scent and lasts a long time.I have also worn it with Angel body powder (shimmer) which is really nice. People comment how fresh and clean I smell. Men love it!

  • KYSAI05/08/2004

    I absolutely love this fragrance! is sweet, yet not overpowering, it's fresh and light, and if you already own Angel, Angel Innocent will be a nice addition to your perfume collection; Angel Innocent caresses your senses like a warm summer breeze, and it lasts forever.

  • DOROTHY LEEANNA04/06/2004

    I like Angel, but this is lighter, easier to wear, and if you kinda like Angel, you'll probably love this!!

  • SUNNY03/31/2004

    What can I say, it's a smell that I've already encountered before. Nothing new. Kind of reminds me of Neiges, by Lise Watier. I would have to say that it's average. I'm not into copycat fragrances.

  • CARLA03/07/2004

    I love this perfume so much, very very sexy. Every time I put it on me I hear someone saying how good I smell. Love it

  • MARY JO WEISHAUPT02/06/2004

    Each time I wear Angel Innocent I receive numerous compliments. Angel Innocent is my all time favorite fragrance.

  • LOUISE02/03/2004

    This stuff smells like overripe fruit, a hair away from being totally rotten. I felt like I had spilled moldy, mushy peaches all over my arm.

  • S SESCHILLIE12/24/2003

    I was given this fragrance by a friend and fell in love with the smell immediately. I absolutely love the bottle, esp because you can carry it around with you. I love the scent-spicy and sexy.

  • MICHELLE12/14/2003

    I did get a smell of pine scent in Innocent (which is not a bad scent). I liked it enough to buy it. Regarding Reg. Angel my co workers all thought I had some cocoa smell on. Indeed Angel has hints of cocoa or chocolate in it. I dont know if Innocent does too or not.

  • ANGEL LOVER10/22/2003

    I love the original angel, but it's not a fragrance you can wear all the time due to its heaviness. So Innocent sounded perfect. So I just bought myself the big bottle. At first it smelled just like the original. Then I noticed it's lighter than the original. There is some annoying element I thought until it adjusted to my skin. Then it became a lighter citrusy fruity scent with chocolaty musky undertone. Nice casual scent to wear everyday. Nice. Still the original Angel is more sensual and sexier.

  • SARAH09/11/2003

    I tried this and Chopard Pure Wish yesterday, as I am looking for a sexy soft sweet scent. I personally find Angel to be a bit too much on most people, but this is so gorgeous! Very soft and sweet, yet somehow fresh and sexy at the same time! It is pretty hard to describe, but I definitely detect the honey and the musk, with some fresh airy notes. You have to try it to appreciate it though. Was very different from the Pure Wish, which I also love. I would love to have this, but it is a bit pricey. Christmas is coming up though ;)

  • ELVE08/15/2003

    oh, it's so much better than the original angel, which i simply hate! (because it smells like death to me, and is absolutely terrifying). Angel innocent is a very light, spakling and rich in fruits fragrance, i wear it all year long, is suits me in winters too. Really makes me smile :)

  • KBN06/27/2003

    I was very very fortunate to come across the Angel Extrait in the Winter Star Bottle (it was a special edition I believe in 2000)... the bottle is itself is beautiful and the pure parfum contained in it is equally beautiful. I think Angel is potent and if I were going to wear it in the summer would wear the extrait, it has less alcohol in it than the edp so it is much lighter and softer than the edp. The body cream and lotion are to die for.

  • NINA04/15/2003

    i have a bottle of angel at home then i also thought of buying angel innocent so i tryed it ......but its like the exact same perfume but its not strong(and has not the same lasting power as angel) and the only differece i felt was the lemonish in it if you want your regular angel perfume to have a weak staying power and a bit of lemon in it then innocent is the right choise.

  • JOE MILLIONAIRE03/25/2003

    My wife wears this. And my wife is one hip, intelligent, beautiful, classy chick. The fragrance is very good, but it became that much better when she bought it.

  • PATTI02/26/2003

    Together they smell great, Angel alone is wonderful, an Innicent is a lovely smell also

  • CAROLINE02/24/2003

    I like Angel Innocent but was wondering if it actually comes in a glass bottle when you buy it. Whenever I've tried this on, it's always in a "can" like those drugstore bodysprays and have always been put off by it considering that it's very pricey.

  • LUCIA01/29/2003

    I've tried Angel in the past and I really do like it. One problem, the original is too strong for me. It seems to make an entrace to a room before I do. I love, love sweet scents and I discovered Angel Innocent! It is really nice and I'm sticking with this one even now that it's winter. This will be my new "signature" scent. Beautiful!!!

  • BRENDA01/23/2003

    I finally found my scent: clean, fresh, unusual and distinctive. I think it smells like grapefruit. I absolutely love it!

  • LOPEZ LUCIE01/20/2003

    I loooooooooovvvveeeeeeeeeeeee angel innocent

  • ANGEL LOVER01/13/2003

    I asked my husband for more Angel Innocent for Christmas and he bought Angel by mistake. I love it! Unfortunately, innocent does need to be reapplied during the day. I get far more complements on "just" Angel!

  • TINAMARIE01/01/2003

    I, like a few other people here, have found this perfume to be superior to Angel. They are very similar; however, what I don't like about Angel - its heaviness - is lacking in Angel Innocent. It is a much softer, more natural version of the original.

  • BETH12/24/2002

    They both have their own distinctive personality. One is definitely lighter than the other. It didn't take long for both to adjust to my chemistry. I was taught at a young age that a perfume that doesn't adjust,meaning fades away, is not the perfume for you. I consider myself lucky to have found perfumes as unique as these and they be for me. I feel Angel Innocent should be worn in the summer because of it's light refreshing scent. Angel should be worn in the winter due to it's potency. I love these perfumes. everything else in my book doesn't compare.

  • LAURA12/16/2002

    I tried both Angel and Angel Innocent, and after a day wearing Angel, I have to say that Angel Innocent is not that bad, but not for me. I had just bought a bottle and returned it. I figure the couple samples I have will last me a couple years....

  • NOT SUCH AN ANGEL12/15/2002

    This fragrance is addictive. The only problem is that it does need to be reapplied more than once a day, and that's not top-notch quality.

  • QUIZZICAL11/25/2002

    Why are there so few posts on this one? What does it smell like? I find it hard to believe that it smells like pine;)

  • DARLENE11/22/2002

    smells christmasy

  • DORY06/08/2002

    I love Angel Innocent. I understand that it is not for all people, but for the lady that said that it smells bad, you must be CRAZY!!!

  • ROSE05/24/2002

    So special and heavenly,fell in love with this with a sample I received.Will always be one of my favorites!

  • ANGELIC05/07/2002

    I thought I was spraying on the regular Angel, but instead I got the unpleasant surprise of it being Angel Innocent. Angel Innocent smells horrible.

  • JESSICA03/20/2002

    To me, this lovely fragrance smells piney, but not too overpowering. Nice.

  • ASCHATAN03/19/2002

    It doesn't have this strange combination of chocolate and patchouli, smells okay to me. And it's much lighter.

  • TRINA03/04/2002

    Nice! Lighter than Angel.

  • GAIL02/24/2002

    I would say maybe a 7.

  • GINA02/18/2002

    On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the strongest) how close in scent is this to the original Angel?

  • GAIL02/04/2002

    I tried this a couple of times and my opinion is that this is a nice fragrance, but Angel is still better!!


  • TRAV01/02/2002

    The answer to your question ladies, is I think you'd like Innocent as much if not better than the original. I was at a mall recently looking for a perfume for my mother, sampled this one, and it's much nicer. Personally, I don't like the original. It's just too sweet and SO strong. This one's lighter, very pleasant and sexy. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  • L.K.12/19/2001

    ...I am also big fun of Angel(num.1 !)...and I like to now what is Innocent smell like(is it similar?)..let me now someone out there,thanx..

  • ZARA11/26/2001

    i love angel, will i also enjoy angel innocent??

  • CATHY WILSON11/09/2001

    Angel Innocent is a lovely, soft, beautiful fragrance for the warm-hearted women. I recommend this fragrance for all Angel perfume lovers. The name says it all!

  • NICOLE LAEK09/08/2001

    I first smelled this from a sample my friend got in her original Angel.At first smell I loved it!!! I am very very picky when it comes to womens perfumes but it smells awesome and oh so feminine too.I even have men asking me what I have on so they can buy it for thier wives, it smells that good! Awesome perfume if you like sexy!

  • SUSAN08/27/2001

    This is quite an unique scent, not as powerful as Angel, seems to have a lot of citrus (smells like grapefruit to me). Definitely more appropriate for day. Worth trying.

  • MAGGYMO04/14/2001

    I love Angel, I can't find a perfume that I like very often. Now that I found a sample in a bag I tried it & I am in love with it. My problem is finding it in a store in Az. mainly Tucson. I've even got people looking for it. I hate ordering it by mail & over the comp. Any suggestions? I'm going nuts looking for this product Angel.

  • PICHAR ANAGOON03/04/2001

    to thierry mugler parfums from [email protected]

  • DANA02/02/2001

    I like the angel lotion much better than the actual's sparkly and very celestial. If you're looking for something fun, try it!

  • MANDY01/04/2001

    this is I agree the perfect softer scent of angel!! day version...I don't really know what exactly it smells like, but it's nice!

  • ANGELICA12/23/2000

    It smells like citrus and vanilla

  • STRAKAT11/25/2000

    it"s wonderfull try it!

  • MICHELE STINK09/21/2000

    This is a perfect day version of angel parfum it has a lighter and citrusy scent to it. I love it as much as angel itself!

  • GINGER09/08/2000

    what does this smell like

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