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Giorgio Beverly Hills


77 Reviews

Floral, Fruity, Green. Created in 1989, Red for women is an elegant, woody, mossy fragrance. This feminine scent contains over 600 ingredients including ylang-ylang, orange blossom, peach, amber, may rose, musk, carnation, vanilla and is accented with marigold, patchouli and oakmoss making Red perfect for evening wear.

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Floral, Fruity, Green. Created in 1989, Red for women is an elegant, woody, mossy fragrance. This feminine scent contains over 600 ingredients including ylang-ylang, orange blossom, peach, amber, may rose, musk, carnation, vanilla and is accented with marigold, patchouli and oakmoss making Red perfect for evening wear.

  • AURORA01/09/2012

    I have been using Red since I used the free samples in a magazine when it first came out. I love Red and it's the only fragrance I use. I often get comments about how nice my perfume is. I also use the shower gel and body lotion.

  • MRS. BOLDEN07/14/2011

    My husband LOVES this stuff!!! I will be a forever RED wearer!

  • MRS. BOLDEN12/15/2009

    I've been wearing this scent ever since my husband and I have been dating, which has been some time now. I had been trying to find a different kind, but why? My husband really loves this on me and sence he does why change? The top notes are very pretty on me, the middle notes too. And the dry down? Very exquisite. It last all day and way into the night and into the next day. I will pull out a blouse, dress, or a sweater from my closet that I had worn weeks ago, and the sent is still there. God made my husband just for me, and I for him, and God also made Red just for me. But not just for me, Red was meant for me to share with my husband too, and I do. I will forever be with my husband and he with me, and I will forever be with Red. Blessings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • JEANIE11/13/2009

    This is the only fragrance I have been able to wear for years. Others give me a headache or smell unpleasant on me. I must have a strange chemistry. It is almost impossible to find any companion peices but at least I can find the perfume! I get compliments from sales clerks when I try to look for a new fragrance & have been told this is my fragrance don't change it. I just love it.

  • MRS. GLEASON10/31/2008

    I used this many years ago, but because of someone at that time was in my family using it, I chose not to use it. Well, FORGET THAT MESS!!! I LOVE Red and on this date, October 31st., 2008 will now be with Red until the day I die. It lasts for a really, really, long time. And into the next day. Ladies, if you know within all of your heart that something or someone is meant for you, and is right for you, then go after it and don't be discouraged. What God has for us, is for us and NO demon in hell will be able to touch it!!! Blessings!

  • TRINIGAL09/19/2008

    Hey,just recently I got a new fragrance from GBH called blue. It comes in a light blue/silver box and the bottle has a golden sun shaped pendant. The scent is somewhat of a cross between Beyond Paradise and Happy. I don't know if it's on the market yet,but I hope that PE puts it up real soon. In the meantime, I love Red and always will,it brings back lovely memories for me.

  • DMARIE09/01/2008

    I don't want to wear Red at night or during the day,sparingly or heavy.I just don't like this anymore! I like Cabotine that is about as strong of a fragrance as I will wear anymore.

  • PERFUME LOVER08/18/2008

    It looks like you two need a couple tips on perfume use. Having used Red twice,I can tell you that it works best at night since it's really heady,and always apply sparingly. If not the perfume,then try the body lotion or switch to something else. It's all common sense.

  • AIMEE08/11/2008

    Funny how sometimes all things old become new again. Recently retried Red to rave reviews from hubby, boss, co-workers, and friends. Just a dab will do you!! Don't overdo it and it will be intoxicating in a good way. This spicy floral smells modern and classic all at the same time.

  • FRAGRANCE FREEK08/04/2008

    i to wore this fragrance back in the day, i loved it and i thought it smelled really good on me, until one day at work this co-worker man came into my office and said to me "what are you wearing, bug spray?" that did it for me, that is all i think of when i see this fragrance.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/14/2008

    This smells very creamy, rosey, spicy and rich. The dry down is not exactly powdery to my nose, but a twinge on the drier side that clings closely to the skin. I loved this and my husband purchased it in 1992 for me. I wore it all the time, and as a gift he bought the lotion for me to use for massage in the hospital when I was in labour. Big mistake. All I can think of when I smell that now on myself is "pain"....scent association for me is strong, so that is a bummer, because it is a gorgeous scent.

  • DMARIE06/29/2008

    Thought I liked it years ago. Resmelled it recently and almost vomited in my mouth. YUCK! If you must wear Giorgio wear either G or Wings they are much better. They should have left this in the 90'S


    As far as I know Red is still widely available- quite a few stores (the major drugstores and dept. stores) carried the giftsets this past Christmas which included the lotion and body wash. It's Red 2 that is discontinued. I wish you luck in your search!

  • CW12/25/2007

    Is it true that Red by Giorgio has been discontinued? My husband has kept me supplied since it was marketed but could not get it this year. Is this really discontinued?

  • JENNIFER11/27/2007

    Very dramatic women have the daring to wear a dynamic RED Dress, this is their fragrance.

  • IRIS11/23/2007

    I remember wearing this years ago, 1993ish. It did smell great then and it still does today, 11-23-07 the day after Thanksgiving! I used to wear Youth Dew, but not any more. Too many bad memories are associated with this perfume. Red is great and really does last way into the next day. Try it, you might like it. And just remember, just because a certain woman wears Red, doesn't mean we all can't share. Red was made for ALL of us TRUE women. Merry Christmas!!!

  • GROOVY GRACIE P11/10/2007

    This eptiomizes the color red, when I see the color red this is the scent I think of. Its the absolute gold standard in perfume. I love it!

  • UJPELHAM09/28/2007


  • RUBY09/02/2007

    I have worn Red for many years at least 20 years. This is my one and only perfume. Loving it always.

  • GRETCHEN08/30/2007

    I picked up a bottle of "Red" body lotion at a retailer for $10 a few weeks a go because I had heard how different this scent was. I wasn't disappointed! It's what I call a very "busy" scent- there is a lot going on here- chypre, floral, oriental- it fairly hums on my skin! There's nothing else out there quite like it that I know of! I now own the EDT as well- I'm only sorry that I've missed out on this one for so long! Be prepared to smell it all day if you do wear it- even just one spritz is more than enough. I have a feeling this one will never fail to keep my interest. Kudos to Giorgio!

  • WHITNEY06/25/2007

    I have worn this for over 10 years and still get compliments...but, it doesn't smell good on just anyone and it is a strong you shouldn't put too much on...I love it!

  • ANGIE05/20/2007

    I never spray more than one or two spritz's on me of this. It is SO potent, and perfumey on me, I just can't stand it. My health is not great, and my sinuses are sensitive, so anything that is intense like RED, is just not doing it for me. Enjoy it though everybody, since I can't...

  • GAIL 04/21/2007

    I fell in love with this perfume in the airport in Amsterdam when a woman was wearing it and I had to stop ande ask her what she was wearing. very sexy and erotic smell

  • MARCIE04/04/2007

    Perfer using only the lotion. It smells so delightful & last all day. Your closet smells divine

  • GREEKGIRL04/02/2007

    Hi Angie, i urge you to try it again and only one spritz, it settles down after a few minutes and then its quite nice, even nicer the next day, i also thought it was too strong when i first smelled it and never bothered to try it again until a friend of mine was wearing it and it smelled beautiful, so i tried it again a few times and its grown on me now, try it again and let me know how you go, see ya, Helen

  • ANGIE03/28/2007

    I bought this in a hurry, and when I got home, and sprayed it, I almost choked. It is so nauseating, sorry to you people who like it. I smelled this on somebody about 10 years ago, and it smelled "interesting" on her, different, but I can't get passed the smell. What a waste, & it's a big bottle!!!! NOT FOR ME.

  • DOLLY DAGGER02/20/2007

    I went to the place I always buy my fragrances, and wanted to buy something completely different than I normally do, and not too expensive. I bought RED, and I'm sorry to say, cannot wear it. I tried to give it to my Mom, but she couldn't stand the smell. She ran in the bathroom & washed it off. Now I'm stuck with a full bottle, and hate to waste it, but I guess I will. Wish I could share in the Love Fest with you guys, but just can't.

  • WENDY02/11/2007

    Red is timeless. I have been wearing it for 14 years and I absolutely love it. I loved it so much that I wore it on my weddding day!

  • MICHELLE02/01/2007

    Back in the early 90's I bathed in this stuff. My boss even told me one day that I had too much on and that it was too strong. One spray is enough and it works best for winter as this is a warm, rich scent. It kind of reminds me of the smell of Cherry Halls cough drops. I do have to recommend it if you can wear it, but wear it lightly.

  • TRINITY01/20/2007

    Jodi, are you kidding me? Get your address off internet! For your own safety, NEVER post it on a public website....that's crazy!

  • MARY12/27/2006

    I love Red. I ask for it every birthday and Christmas. It makes me feel sexy and pretty. I went on a job interview and was hired because he liked the perfume I was wearing.

  • JODY SCOTT12/24/2006

    Red is absolutely the BEST! Several years ago I was given a gift set that included packets of Red bath crystals - they were heavenly!! - and I have tried unsuccessfully to find them. I have received (and purchased myself) the Red bath oil, but it is not as satisfying as the crystals were. They made the whole room smell of Red when I pampered myself in the bubble bath. Please tell me where I can find the bath crystals. (I am new to computer internet, so I am also sending you my address: 7132 Dundee Avenue, Highland, CA 92346 Thank you.

  • MATT P. K.12/21/2006

    This scent is in my "Magical" category - it takes me places. I have recently experienced Beautiful, which strikes me as a nice, lighter variation and will be my woman's next perfume.

  • CHRISOULA06/22/2006

    Red is the only perfume that likes me but unfortunatly i can't find it anymore. I can't buy it from internet and i wonder if you can help me to find it. Greece

  • TRINITY04/17/2006

    I LOVE this scent---unfortunately, it does not love me. I have never recieved a compliment on it (I don't wear it too strongly) and friends sort of give me the "meh" look when I ask them what they think. Win some, lose some, huh? BUT instead of tossing it out or giving it away, I use it as a home scent now. I occasionally spritz a bit on the shower curtains, or the wall-hangings or throw-pillows, just to give my house a bit of gorgeous scent for my own enjoyment. This is my way of enjoy the scent I really love without offending the noses of the public. I might add it also gets a lot of compliments when company comes over. They always ask what gorgeous air freshener I'm using. :o)~

  • DEE04/07/2006

    I have been wearing Red since it first came out. I love it and will never ever where any other perfume. The scent lasts all day from earling morning until late at night.

  • MAYA01/26/2006

    As far as this fragrance is concerned I have to be honest, I am not the right person to wear it. But I have smelled it on other women, the ones who know the right way to wear it, and it's absolutely magnetic. The point I do want to make however is that I really appreciate your comment Petra and I just wanted to let you know that.

  • PETRA01/04/2006

    I just wrote a review for this scent. Here is a good way of putting the scent on without overdoing it. One spray on neck and one spray in air, then walk into spray. You get the fragrance without overpowering yourself.

  • PETRA01/03/2006

    This is a divine scent, so long as you wear it and not BATH in it. A little goes a long way :)

  • ALLISON R.09/27/2005

    This has to be the strongest perfume I have ever smelled. It cracks me up to think of girl's I went to High School with in the 90's trying to pull this one off. It's a bad girl scent for sure!

  • LORI09/03/2005

    but it's much too overpowering now. it goes bad very quickly too.

  • SOMUCHWOMAN08/19/2005

    I'll never forget my first experience with this most sublime of fragances. I was Christmas shopping at a crowded mall and a woman brushed by me in a crowd, wearing this....this....amazing scent! I had to find out what it was, so I trailed the group of shoppers down the mall, sniffing like a veritable bloodhound until I found the woman wearing it. She told me it was Red by Giorgio and I couldn't get to the department store fast enough to buy some for myself! It's been true love ever since. I wear other fragrances as well, particularly in the summer when I prefer a light floral, but this will always be my signature fragrance - as long as it is available. Even my teenage son's friends appreciate the scent. Not long ago one of them said "wow, Mrs. ____, you smell AWESOME!" And finally, as others have mentioned, this is a fragrance that never gets 'stale' on your body, your bedding, or the clothing in your closet. When I pull out a sweater in the fall that I hadn't worn since early spring, the scent clinging to the fabic is still fresh and lovely. And I also agree with the poster who said there is a hint of a 'manly' fragance in the bottom note of this scent. I'm convinced that is why it appeals so strongly to most men -- and appeal it definitely does!

  • DEB05/16/2005

    It's no mistake that the hottest boyfriend I ever had couldn't get enough of this on me. Not for the faint of heart, but man, when it's good, it's very very good.....

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    Love it, love it, love it! It is a bit strong though, so not one to wear all the time. For days/nights that you really want to make a statement.

  • JK03/09/2005

    Perfume/cologne is body chemistry at work. 'RED FOR MEN' smells bad; 'RED FOR WOMEN' is wonderful. Women love it when I wear it!

  • PATRICIA10/21/2004

    I love the scent of Giorgio Red. 1 of 2 scents that do not give me a major headache.

  • ROCKY09/26/2004

    The overwelming majority of times I wear RED I am stopped by (mostly) men who either tell me they like my perfume or ask me the name of it. I've never worn anything that gets so much attention!

  • DANIELLA07/21/2004

    Red smells OK, but it seems like every other woman is wearing it these days! It needs a rest!

  • CK06/25/2004

    The body lotion is great just by itself. I've seen this fragrance for years never purchased the perfume itself, but found just the lotion. You can where it by itself! Very nice florals!

  • JANE05/28/2004

    I absolutely cannot stand this fragrance...much too overpowering and sickeningly sweet.

  • JO04/29/2004

    I love this scent and have since it first came out. But it is one of those that can be overpowering if used too heavily. A 1.0 oz spray will last me a year.

  • JILL03/08/2004

    This is one of the few perfumes that I really can't stand. It is so intense. I was surprised to read here how many people like it. I was also surprised that its classed as a green fragrance; the scent to me, is so solid that I can't discern any of its ingredients, but it certainly doesn't smell fresh. I find it exceptionally cloying and claustrophobic. Definitely not for a hot climate.

  • SONYA02/16/2004

    I'ts great in moderation. But it also has the potential to be overpowering. There should be a 2 spray limit. Don't bathe in it ladies! A little goes a long way.

  • LUISA02/02/2004

    I would like to know which parfum is Red of Giorgio Berverly Hills like because I'm interested in it? Thanks Luisa

  • LILLIE01/31/2004

    I try to find other fragrances, but I can't seem to wear anything else that comes close. It's been my "signature fragrance" for 10 years. Red rules!

  • PAT01/06/2004

    This is my favorite and only perfume for the last ten years. Love this fragrance!

  • KAYKEI12/31/2003

    Smells absolutely divine on the right person

  • MEME08/11/2003

    My mother-in-law is 90 years old and wears Red. She loved the body powder, but it has been discontinued. Does anyone know where there might be some left in the world. Thank you!

  • SUE07/24/2003

    I don't often give terrible reviews to fragrances, but this one is bad. It looks like a lot of people love it, but when I smell it on women I feel smothered and a little nauseaus, like the perfume is trying to take over. I feel offended when I smell it.

  • MELANIE03/09/2003

    I wore this fragrance at a Boys 2 men concert many years ago and everyone around me felt revived!!! One boy even told me i saved his life from a sea of stinky people,so this was indeed my money's worth.

  • SARAH03/02/2003

    I am also glad that I am not the only die hard fan of RED..I have been asked if it had an aphrodisiac in it? Keep tabbing!

  • DEBRA02/06/2003

    Most men I've known have loved this scent. It's very mysterious and sexy. Just a little on the neck goes a very long way...

  • RHONDA11/01/2002

    It's been my absolute favorite for years! It's the best!

  • LABRUJA10/20/2002

    A potent fragrance. Alluring but not subtle. I rarely wear it as it gives my daughter an immediate headache.

  • JILL10/13/2002

    The first time I tried RED was when I bought a little $.50 can of body spray called "A Little Sexy". It was an imposter scent, but I fell in love! Now I wear RED all the time. My dresser has about ten other bottles on it, but they are just growing old since I found RED. I love the way it lingers...all night long and into the next morning. Sooo sexy!

  • LEE09/12/2002

    Hey Ladies, Want to see men go crazy? This product will do it. Take it from me, I,am a guy and this scent drives me wild. I love it.

  • CLAUDIA609/12/2002

    men love the smell of red by giorgio and compliment me when i wear it.

  • SALI06/14/2002

    Red is still the best. I'm so glad I'm not alone in loving Red since it first came out. It's somewhat sassy but distinctive and warm, and mossy woods combined with aldehydes make it elegant, too. I'll always want this stuff around.

  • LISA06/08/2002

    It's okay for warm wether as long as you spray in the air then walk into it. I'm lucky to live on the Northcoast where it hardly ever gets over 65. LOL It's good because up here we can wear almost anything year-round.

  • CYNTHIA06/03/2002

    I usually only wear Red in the winter, as it is a heavy fragrance. The smell stays true, for hours. It can be over-powering if apply too much. Makes me feel frisky.

  • JO 205/27/2002

    Fabulous but seems heavy for summer.

  • LISA04/20/2002

    I've been wearing Red since age 15. (I was prolly a bit young for it then! LOL) But, it really IS the best. I agree with many other posts here--there's nothing like it in the world. The scent is addictive and men --*LOVE*-- it. If I could only wear one fragrance, this would definitely be it. Can't go wrong!

  • MANDY03/19/2002

    smells like cinnamon not for me but nice

  • KATHLEEN ANN02/23/2002

    Yes...I agree with most of you...Red is Hot!! It almost reminds me of that type of Perfume you feel so sexy matter what situation you are in...or no matter where you go...Definatley Nice!!

  • POLLY01/24/2002

    Red is my signature fragrance... when people smell it, they think of me...I love cinnamon, and there is a hint of cinnamon scent in Red. It is such a classy, sensual fragrance. I always wear it when I am going to be spending time with a special person.

  • ANDROMEDA01/20/2002

    Red is hot!! Put on only a little 'cuz it's powerful! There's nothing else that smells like it; complex floral and spicy woody --sexiest the morning after. I've gotten a lot of compliments from men with this.

  • NANCY01/11/2002

    It's absolutely marvelous. The scent is great.

  • YOGI01/02/2002

    Hey, The reason why I love Red is because I once wore to bed and I went out of town shortly after and my boyfriend said that he slept on my pillow the whole time because it reminded him of me. And just like everyone said, I get alot of attention from guys when I wear Red. I am a full figure woman and I love all the attention I get. Just got some for Christmas also.

  • AMY12/27/2001

    this fragrance is so beautiful on other people and when i smell it from the bottle, but for some reason it just doesn't go with my chemistry, it sours and becomes like the smell of cat urine. wish i could wear it !!!!!

  • RUBY12/22/2001

    Red is my no.1 favorite. I'm Ruby for Red.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    1st try: Spicy; the base reminded me of my Dad's smell...2nd try: Rose; powder; woods.

  • MICHELLE12/01/2001

    This fragrance is the best. There are fragrances that are average and above average, I give this fragrance top marks. I recommend it highly. I also recommend Jivago 24K, Initial by Boucheron and Jivago 7 notes.

  • NESS11/25/2001

    Smells gorgeous on other people,horrible on me.

  • WENDY11/06/2001

    I've been wearing RED since its market debut and I've never worn anything makes me feel so sensual. I LOVE IT! I constantly get strangers asking me what colonge I'm wearing because it smells so-o sexy.

  • RENEA LUCAS10/31/2001


  • FAYE10/03/2001

    I get compliments on my perfume whenever I wear Giorgio Red. People will repeatedly come up to me, take a deep whiff, and tell me how good I smell.

  • NONI09/25/2001

    this fragrance reeks sitting in the bottle with the cap on. i think it must have some kind of sensual was popular when it first came out but the dirty looks women got caused it downfall.

  • PEPPER08/29/2001

    I've been wearing RED since before my husband and I starting dating and still to this day he will attack me at the door when I come home from work. He LOVES the way it smells on me and I LOVE the attention that I get from him when I wear it!! I've never worn anything else because when you've got the best forget the rest!

  • DEBORAH08/18/2001

    My personal favorite for when I want to feel special. All men love this cedary, sexy perfume. I prefer the perfume to the cologne.

  • SOPHIA SHROFF06/29/2001

    One of the best perfumes that i have ever worn ...i just love it. People do comment positively about it always.

  • CANDY06/27/2001

    Never smelled anything better!

  • COLLEEN05/21/2001

    Red is my signature scent - has been for nearly 10 years. Every where I go, people comment positively on this spicy, feminine scent. Men, especially, find it attractive - give it a try, especially if you like a feminine scent without smelling flowery or musky!

  • KAT05/08/2001

    I LOOOVVVVVEEEE THIS SCENT!!! Received as a Christmas gift 5 years ago and was VERY pleasantly surprised. I'm quite finicky re the scents I purchase...this one will ALWAYS be on my BUY list!!

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