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Michael Kors by Michael Kors is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Michael Kors was launched in 2004. Top notes are freesia, incense and chinese osmanthus. Middle notes are tuberose, lily, peony and orris root. Base notes are tahitian vetiver, musk and cashmere wood.

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Michael Kors by Michael Kors is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Michael Kors was launched in 2004. Top notes are freesia, incense and chinese osmanthus. Middle notes are tuberose, lily, peony and orris root. Base notes are tahitian vetiver, musk and cashmere wood.

  • ELLY09/23/2012

    smells really great

  • MARIE05/21/2012

    This perfume is so ME! Easy to order online, great and prompt despatch. Thankyou to all

  • TALKGIRL11/16/2011

    This is my FAVORITE fragrance! I am making this my signature scent. Smells almost like Amariage ...but lighter!

  • KATE11/12/2011

    l have been wearing this fragrance for the past 10 years, EVERY time l wear it l get a compliment thank you Michael for creating a timeless, elegant fragrance

  • RIMA BORGHOL05/25/2011

    it is the best perfum i used, it is amazing

  • DARLA 09/29/2009

    there is a big difference between the two, Michael lasts alot longer than Michael Kors, for all of you who say there is no difference, and for the ones who say its awful, well I have never gotten so many compliaments on any other perfume as to how great I smell!!!!!!!!

  • APRIL06/06/2009

    I haven't smelled this one but am curious to know what it's like after reading in a magazine that it's kim kardashian's perfume of choice. tuberose is listed as one of the main ingredients. i've heard that tuberose is very distinct. you either love it or hate it. can someone describe this scent. reading the messages posted it's either," gorgeous! " or" ugh headache indusing!" but what does it smell like?

  • IRIS CAMPANA11/10/2008

    I'm full in love with "Michael".....I really love it!...the only one!

  • WENDY10/24/2008

    This is the only thing I wear and will ever wear...I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Michael hands down the best fragrance I have ever worn...

  • BELINDA07/17/2008

    This is now one of my 3 favorite perfumes..the only drawback I found for me is that I cannot wear the parfum by itself--it's not strong enough so I bought the lotion for the layering effect and now it has a very classy fragrance.Some of the other fragrances I like are Chanel No. 5, Lovely by Sara Jessica Parker, Bvulgari rose essentials; Blue by Ralph Lauren, Pink Lily by Oscar de la Renta


    Now I'm totally confused. Today, for the first time I smelled the most wonderful fragrance. I asked what the fragrance was and she said simply, "Michael", my husband buys it for me for Christmas every year and it costs about $90. So on I come to find out about "Michael" and now I'm confused about whether it's BY Michael Kors or whether it IS the same as Kors by Michael Kors, as some of you insist and some of you disagree. I don't want to buy this stuff only to find out I've gotten a totally different fragrance. No one close to here has a place where you can "sample." (What happened with that?)

  • BLONDIE05/15/2008

    OK, here's my thing about this perfume. I really do like it but have never fallen in love because on me it is just so strong. Also, I think that in time it will be one of those scents very associated with it's time. Kind of like Calandre in the 70's, Georgio in the 80's and Obsession in the 90's. It makes a definite statement. If that's what you are after this could be for you. I like it but not to wear for me.

  • GLENN210104/01/2008

    Hello everyone, I have been reading some of the reviews about michael and was wondering if anyone thought I (my g/f) might enjoy this. She absolutely loves Glamourous by RL but has been discontinued. Im not an expert by no means and not exactly sure what it is about Glamourous that I like so much but the rich smooth silky sexy scent drives me crazy. Maybe some of you experts knows what I mean or which scent gives it the richness and smoothness but anyhow..... I was wondering if anyone thought this might be a good replacement for her, emmmmm........ me.

  • SOLE03/01/2008

    In theory, I love Michael by Michael Kors. White florals are so beautiful but for some reason they do not mesh well with my body chemistry. I could spray this on a tissue and smell it all day but when I put it on my skin it makes my head ache all day long. I asked for this as a gift and received it a few years ago. The bottle is still more than half full on my dresser, being passed over by other warmer scents. I thought it was my favorite when I asked for it but I learned in time that my chemistry does not work so well with pure florals or white florals. So sad. Also, I'd like to mention that Michael by Michael Kors has NEVER changed. Email the manufacturer if you don't believe me. You guys may be confusing it with Michael Kors Sheer, which is a much lighter version of the original, or Kors by Michael Kors, which is just nasty - smells like a funeral home.

  • ALICIA01/16/2008

    I LOVE Michael perfume. The Michael and Michael Kors are NOT the same there is a slight difference and if it happens to be your favorite as it is mine you'd definately notice it. I hate when they try to improve on something that is already GREAT, they usually mess it up. and they have with this one.

  • TUBEROSE01/06/2008

    The bottle Michael and Michael Kors that is in the same bottle style IS the same Bella. There is another one called Kors that is in an entirely different bottle all together. If the bottle looks exactly the same, it IS the same. Geez. Can't y'all understand???

  • SUZ12/04/2007

    I wanna purchase a perfume for mysef.But I cannot make my mind up which is the most suitable for me.Recentlt I've heard such good things about Michael Kors and also after I had read comments on it,it highly attracted my attention.I am from Turkey and I couldn't find this perfume.Since I don't know how it smells,I couldn't order it online.Do you think which Michael Kors scent is the best for blonde lady?

  • BELLA11/26/2007

    I just received Michael Kors as a gift from my husband, I'd asked for Michael and the saleswoman told him it was the same- it is NOT the same thing! The girls at Dillards told me that the Michael Kors bottle is the only one that they've seen in the last few years- perhaps some retailers assume that the packaging has been redone and therefore only carry one, I'm excited to have found the original here. Can't wait to get it!!

  • CAROLE11/23/2007

    I have the original Michael. There is a great difference between the original and the current fragrance. I will not purchase again unless I find the original.

  • GINA11/13/2007

    I have the original Michael and then bought the renamed Michael Kors. There is no difference in the scents.

  • KATHY09/30/2007

    OMG..I can't believe this got so many good ratings. It is one of the WORST perfumes I have ever smelled.. Terribly synthetic..just your money.

  • TUBEROSE09/29/2007

    The reason people get confused, Angie, is because the bottle now says "Michael Kors" and not just "Michael" like it used to. There is also a fragrance called "Kors". What don't you understand about it? Get over yourself and quit critizing others.

  • ANGIE07/20/2007

    One bottle says KORS & the other says MICHAEL, what don't you understand? Yes, they are two different fragrances, geez...

  • SUE06/23/2007

    Michael is different from Michael Kors. And none of the sales people (including those at the MK flagship store) seem to know it. They kept insisting that it was the same, even though I was wearing Michael and clearly it smelled differently from MK. apparently Michael has also been discontinued. can't find it anywhere

  • KAREN06/14/2007

    I cannot seem to find Michael anywhere which I LOVE> All I can find is Michael Kors which is NOT the same... the packaging is the same but the fragrance is not.

  • VV05/10/2007

    I first tried this at store and I smelled BANANA! And I couldn't stop laughing with my hubby...he said who would buy this weird scent? But after weeks, I bought a large bottle from the internet and I started to try on my skin. At the very beginning, it still smell liked banana, but after the base note settled, I really love it, it so soft and unique and it lingers. Very special!

  • HARLEY-MAMA03/23/2007

    Just got this in the mail does resemble Sand & Sable (a little) This has more depth and smells much better...great lasting power! I will enjoy this for spring and summer months!

  • AMY03/21/2007

    i took one sniff and instantly turned off by the floral scent. not my style at all but i own Kors and really like that one more.

  • MARA02/12/2007

    Just tried Hawaii last night. It smells like you are walking on the islands. If you love tropical florals, you will love this one. Also, if Michael and Michael Kors are one and the same, why is the Michael Kors advertised as a "gardenia" scent and Michael is advertised as "tuberroses"?

  • MARA02/09/2007

    MK is a little heavy for my taste, but I have received a lot of compliments when I wear it. Has anyone tried MK's Hawaii? I tried it last night and it is over-whelmingly floral. If you love tropical flowers, you should love this. And----it lasts forever. A better floral, IMHO is Donna Karan's Gold. That one is gorgeous.

  • HARLEY-MAMA01/11/2007

    I am interested in trading with you. I have quite a few to pick from: Kenzo L'elephant, Chopards Madness, Boucherons Initial, and Just Me by Montanna. If you are interested PLEASE let me know!

  • YEEHAW12/31/2006

    The bottle that says "Michael" and the bottle that says "Michael Kors" are the exact same scent. There is also a new EDT fragrance, but the bottle is entirely different.

  • MK42312/13/2006

    There is a difference between "Michael" by Michael Kors and "Michael Kors" by Michael Kors...but it's not in scent. "Michael" is an eau de toilette- a lighter version of "Michael Kors," which is an eau de parfum

  • JEANNIE 12/13/2006

    Do your research sweetie. Actually Michael and Michael Kors have the same bottle, different fragrance. If you had both of them in your collection, like I do, than you would know this.

  • JESSIE12/11/2006

    I have a bottle of this one that's rarely used and I'm willing to trade with someone, let me know if you're interested. thanks!

  • NICOLE12/10/2006

    To clear things up...The "michael" and "michael kors" perfumes are THE SAME PERFUME, different bottle design. Just like the new gift sets come with another bottle. (The one with a silver cap that you take off to spray it.) You can clearly see on his official website at I know it's confusing, but several designers have done this over the past couple years. Don't confuse this with the eau de toilette version now debuted. If your's says eau de parfum at the bottom, and is a similar bottle...I'm 100% sure it's "michael" or "michael kors". Whatever you want to call it...

  • LENA11/25/2006

    I recievd michael today and I must say I cant smell the different between michael and michael kors I have both of bottles one it stand MIchael and the other one it stand michael kors?

  • REBECCA11/20/2006

    There are endless comments on who likes and who hates this perfume. I think it's all about chemistry and skin type. If you have dryer skin and perfume fades quickly on you it's better to try michael. If you have oily or combo skin and a toilette lasts on you, then it's best not to wear this. Also, not bathing in any perfume is a good idea. The last time I tested this it wore off in a couple hours, but I might try it again. Love the scent, but it didn't last for me.

  • YEEHAW10/03/2006

    This is the creamiest most luscious and sexiest perfume. Beautiful tuberose. I get lots of compliments on this, and everyone wants to know what that beautiful fragrance that I'm wearing.

  • SHARON JEWEL09/24/2006

    I love this scent, but to clear up the confusion, this one is Michael by Michael Kors and the other is Michael Kors by Michael Kors. So make sure you are buying Michael (by Michael Kors), and not Michael Kors (by Michael Kors). As far as Marc Jacobs goes I like that as well as Michael, and I have them both, but if I had to pick only one it would be Michael. They are both tropical floral scents, MJ being Gardenia and Michael being Tuberose with smoky incense undertones. It is fabulous and seductive and the tuberose which comes through so beautifully is the best smelling tuberose in the perfume world. I lived in Hawaii and smelled tuberose leis daily and this is the only perfume in which the tuberose note smells exactly like tuberose. It is the best if you like tropical scents. Michael and MJ are only similar in that they are both tropical, white floral scents. Michael is tuberose based and Marc Jacobs is gardenia based.

  • ALLISON R.09/06/2006

    I picked out this scent for my mother-in-law due to the strong gardenia scent wish actually is tuberose. She loved it, and is her signature scent. I was on the hunt for a floral scent and had no chose but to choose this for myself. There are not many fragrances that are both warm and cold. Peppery scents annoy my allergies, aquatics can smell sweet then masculine on me, so I'm glad to have discovered this extremely long-lasting, buttery floral!! My favorites are lanvin eclat, and cartier panthere(the green one). Michael is at my very top right now.

  • SHARKY09/03/2006

    I love it my wife and everyone stops her to find out what perfume she is wearing. She tells them MICHAEL!!!!

  • GREEKGIRL08/07/2006

    Hi Michael fans, there are two different perfumes, Michael which is this one, and Michael Kors sheer which is another version, when ordering, ask for Michael by Michael Kors, not Michael Kors, btw exellent perfume!

  • MAYURI06/23/2006

    I bought Michael Kors edp on the net thinking it is 'Michael'. What's written on the bottle is Michael Kors and the smell is a little different. Is this fake? Have I been duped?

  • KETRIN05/16/2006

    I loved this perfume from the moment I smelled it at Harrods. It haunted me. It took me four months to figure out the name and now I won't leave home without it. I love it!

  • M03/22/2006

    If anyone knows which is which please let me know. I've heard such good things about Michael and I would hate to buy the wrong one.

  • MKYD0302/19/2006

    Which of the Michael bottles is the right one? the one with the fabulous smell? Thanks.

  • CANDACE02/02/2006

    The last post is correct. There is a difference between Michael and Michael Kors but it is very hard to tell because the bottle is the exact same. Be sure to double check before you make a purchase.

  • STEPHANIE01/27/2006

    Apparently there are two versions and not too many people know about it, even online retailers. One has Michael written on it and the other has Michael Kors on it. The packaging is different also. Apparently they smell completely different. I would like some answers why he would use the almost identical bottle and not mention anything about a difference. I know there are numerous amounts of people who are being scammed.

  • BECCA01/25/2006

    I love this perfume, and it used to last a long time on me. I have a different form of the bottle, with a take off silver cap and a regular sprayer like with most perfumes. I got it in a gift set this past christmas. Is this just another option to buy? Or have they tweaked with the scent? Because the scent doesn't seem the same! I know it's a fresh bottle...

  • MAGGIE MAY01/22/2006

    Recommended for evening wear, but I love it so much I wear it everywhere....... even the gym! It makes me feel sexy, bold, agressive, etc etc.

  • KAREN01/20/2006

    Just purchased this one and I love it! Too bad it doesn't seem to last all day. I smelled it on a woman and asked her what she was wearing because she smelled like a beautiful bokay of flowers!

  • VIVIAN P01/19/2006

    Michael Kors does have another's Kors by Michael Kors. Perhaps this is what you purchased? Kors is in a cylinder shaped bottle while Michael is in a rectangular bottle. Totally different scents. Kors is very grape,champagne smelling...Michael is a sweet floral. My absolute all time favorite romantic evening scent. Buy her one of each!

  • ALLISON01/02/2006

    This is my mother-in-laws signature scent. It's a perfect soft floral, that to me smells like a blooming gardenia. This scent seems to last incredibly long for her. I only wish there was a body powder, and that the lotion was a little cheaper. Oh well.

  • AVS12/31/2005

    Does any one know the different between the fragences listed on bottle as "Michael" versu bottle listed as "Michael Kors". My wife insist there is a different. 2 Years ago, I purchase the Michael by Michael Kors gifts sets for her. Now she is out, so I purchase 2 new gift sets, but they are label "Michael Kors" by Michael Kors. Are they the same? Thanks, Al

  • MELISSA12/08/2005

    Thanks for your advice. Yeah you're probably right...I'll have to go somwhere else to find it. I live in a very small town, with surrounding small towns. Thanks 4 your help!

  • BECCA12/06/2005

    Hmm, it's been out since would think they would keep it in stock by now. Last week I saw a guy asking for it and they don't carry it at that store! I've seen it at a dept. store, but that's rare. If your thinking of a place it might be, I'd call ahead to check. You might have to do some traveling to find it in a different city.

  • AMY11/29/2005

    I dont know if you live in another country or what because you can buy this at any department store or online at any perfume websites. it's not that hard to obtain. try the website your on. perfume emporium

  • GREENTEA11/26/2005

    This perfume is not bad, same goes for the cologne. From a guy's perspective when I was smelling these perfumes with my gf I thought this one was decent. But the newer :"Michael Kors", which is called just that and not to be confused with this one "Michael" has a nice soft, elagant scent which is much better, good day perfume. And if you think that is good the new "Island" by them is one of the most invigorating perfumes I've ever smelled. While alot of perfumes tend to smell the same, this one is awesome. I found the Michael Kors and Island at a store.

  • JANNINE11/04/2005

    Finally tried it and YES, it does smell like Marc Jacobs; regardless of the difference in the notes, they end up smelling incredibly similar. HOWEVER, this one is a bit richer and deeper, even warmer than Marc Jacobs, which to me is a good thing since I can never get enough richness, warmth, creaminess, spice, smokiness, etc. in a fragrance. I loved Marc Jacobs, but now I ADORE Michael.

  • MELISSA10/25/2005

    I've smelled it & fell in love with it. But I don't know where I can buy some from, I don't know of anywhere that carries it. Can anyone help me? Thanks

  • NICOLE10/18/2005

    I've been hearing that for years now! There based on 2 completely different flowers. Marc J is gardenia and michael is tuberose. They are both white flowers, which are extremely fragrant. So that may be the likeness others smell. I like them both, and they are quite different. This has more spice and creaminess with incense.

  • VIV09/21/2005

    I thought that I was the only true lover of the perfume! This is my signature scent!

  • VIVIAN09/18/2005

    I only buy and wear fragrance blends that cause people to react verbally and physically...simultaneously! This my signature scent!

  • MICHAELA09/16/2005

    I really like Michael Kors' fashion, but I am very dissapointed by his perfume. Very loud, cheap and offending - very similar to Giorgio Beverly Hills from the 80ies - a knock off? Even the packaging is tasteless.

  • ROBIN 09/15/2005

    Oh, Belle, Maxmara and Michael Kors have really nothing in common. M.K is a tuberose bomb, while Maxmara is lemony, gingery, with lighter flowers. I personally have a total, ridiculous love affair with Maxmara, so you owe it to yourself as a perfume lover to see for yourself. Hope you love it as much as I do; it's always SO much fun, don't you think, to find another must-have scent??? (It really IS an addiction, but a good one!!!!) All the best.

  • BELLE09/01/2005

    I love this fragrance! I went through a whole bottle. A lot of perfumes I don't like well enough to do that. I usually end up giving them away after a while because I'm tired of them, or because I later don't like them as well as I did at first. Michael is one I used all up. My question is about Max Mara. Does anyone know if it's similar at all to Michael, or if it isn't, then does Max Mara smell good? I read the notes in it, but has anyone tried it to give a better description?

  • TONY T08/27/2005

    i work at an airport and a beautiful woman was divesting her items into the x-ray machine, removed her shoes and walked through the metal detector. her demeanor was independant, sophisticated, but also feminine to a point, maybe even a little prissy. the most wonderful scent went flaring up my nostrils and wow. this is not for a house mom or a female that is not in control of her destiny. this is for the woman who is on top of the world!!!

  • PERFUMEAHOLIC08/14/2005

    Truly one of the more sophisticated and erotic scents available today. Becomes increasingly more inviting well past drydown and as the day goes on. Beautiful fragrance and well deserving of a Fifi award.

  • PITA08/09/2005


  • LALA08/09/2005

    I had a co-worker compliment me on my fragrance. She asked me what I was wearing and I told her, she replied no way! She has tried Michael and she said it makes her smell cheap. I guess it does depend on your body chemistry, because it makes me smell sexy, elegant and pure. I just love it!

  • LIZZIE07/29/2005

    it sounds almost like a contradiction, but this scent is VERY rich and creamy without being too sweet. the initial impression is that of exotic florals, sweeter in the first spray, and then the dry-down scent lives up to the name "Michael" in that it borders on a unisex fragrance...lovely, sophisticated, very heavy and creamy, but not extremely feminine. it really isn't a fragrance with girlish notes in that regard-- i picture a very strong, proud, beautiful woman who wears it. it doesn't suit my personality, but it IS a very beautiful fragrance. enjoy, those of you who love it because i love smelling it on other people (just not on me)! :-D

  • DENISE07/16/2005

    I really like this perfume,it lasts all day on me ,but the one thing i find a little weird is by the end of the day it smells a little skunky on me,im sure it is my body chemistry reacting with it,i wonder if anyone else has this problem,i love this scent but have not been wearing it much because of this

  • A.J.06/30/2005

    This fragrance is one of the most amazing one I'd ever encountered. I bought one for my girl friend as soon as I noticed the smell in a duty free shop. Initially impression was very strong, but it turned out to be very nice over time. I don't think girls will appreciate this too much. More for sophisticated women.

  • KRIS06/23/2005

    For the most part this is a very friendly site and easy to accept others opinions even if they do not agree with yours. I am not gay, but I have to say that your review is offensive. I would hope if you enjoy this site, you would use better judgement when reviewing a product.

  • BRANDY05/19/2005

    This is not the scent for weaklings. If you get fragrance headaches then stay away from gardenia and tuberose laced perfumes. On another note body chemistry works differently for everyone! So if it clashes with yours that doesn't mean the fragrance in itself deserves to be slammed. I think winning the "FiFi" award for women's fragrance of the year lets this fragrance speak for itself. Must be worn with sexy confidence.

  • S05/11/2005

    I just bought this yesterday, and I adore it so much! It is definitely signature scent material. It smells like a fresh, creamy, but clean tuberose on it. One light spray will last an entire work day on me, and the sillage (scent you leave behind you) is amazingly beautiful. Try this on your skin and see if it works with your body chemistry. If it works, it really really works!

  • S05/04/2005

    This is generally a nice scent, if applied LIGHTLY. It has mega staying power, so if you go overboard, it will end up taking a bad effect and actually smelling like you've been attacked by a 10' tuberose. It's different from Marc Jacobs in that it is heavier, thicker, and creamier. I think this would work better in the winter. One spritz of this is enough to last the entire day. Overall, good, but not as good as Marc Jacobs.

  • LEONOR05/02/2005

    I don't have enough words to express how much i love this perfume....My daughter introduced it to me 3 years ago. I buy it for myself and loved ones....

  • ELENA04/15/2005

    It's the best perfume I've tried. I used Marc Jacobs, Beyond Paradise, Gucci Envi, Salvadore Ferragamo, Allure Chanel, Coco cHANEL...BUT THIS one is the best...tons of compliments!!

  • BEBE BULLET04/02/2005

    a very smmooth fragrance. wprn like a night ally cat. creeping in the darknss with bright eyes and incredible scents.

  • MAHOGANI82103/31/2005

    I found my signature scent! this perfume is so nice, I get so many compliments and its a keeper for me!! try it, You wont be sorry, I hope this one never gets discontinued

  • PAM03/31/2005

    a coworker had this on and she made the whole room smell like a summer breeze. I had to have it. Love it. It reminds me of a cross between Kenneth Cole Black and Marc Jacobs.

  • BEBE BULLET03/29/2005

    the joy of jubilee. celebrate the opposites. wow. intense touch of mist on my heart. more romance as the night goeon. very nice and seductive. plus i like theor leg shimmer.

  • CHRISTOBELLE02/25/2005

    The heady florals really last. VEry Very feminine fragrance. Took me right back to Dallas and suddenly I was surrounded by well heeled and coifed Junior league ladies shopping in NEiman Marcus - hmmm. This is not really my style of fragrance, but dont see how this could be classed as anything even remotely masculine. This is warm and heady florals...

  • KRISTIN M.02/10/2005

    Love it! A very smooth, warm & feminine fragrance. Unique & top notch quality. I like Kors a lot as well.

  • KELLY01/27/2005

    I smell the Tuberose, tiny bit of incense (in a good way, not the nose-piercing way when someone is actually burning an incense), but no spice, which is just fine because it all make a wonderfully modern floral combination. Get the whole set, shower, lotion and parfum, when u are done layering them, you're ready for that hot date! Mine went great ;-)

  • LYNN ANN01/16/2005

    This doesn't really smell like perfume to me, it smells more like cologne for a man. Way too spicy for a real woman to be wearing. Perhaps this was created for the gay gal who is trying to be as masculine as possible.

  • SHARRIE01/07/2005

    spicy tasteful scent. addresses the free spirit in me. speacil offer. grateul. winds of passion. wonderful

  • EVETTE TORRES01/05/2005


  • JESSICA12/29/2004

    I adore this perfume, my only problem is it won't last on me, does any one else have this problem?

  • SHARRIE12/29/2004

    amazing grace. spicy for this hot mama. love it. starstruck. like lightning. romance. wonderful.


    This is one fragrance that deserves five stars and more. I was first introduced to Michael from one of my old co-workers who wore it. She smelled absolutely amazing. Also, Does anyone recommend layering his fragrance? Just curious. I will say it does last all day. I recommend that you try it, you won't regret it!

  • MS REDHAND12/26/2004

    let me just say that i am not a person who spends a whole alot on perfume but i find myself allured by this hypnotic perfume. I just love it so much. I get so many compliments on it. Compliments from ritzy ladies and even alternative rocker chicks. Im addicted to it, i havent come across any other perfume that could ever take its place.

  • PISCES IN LOVE12/25/2004

    This fragrance isn't to be worn by the meek or shy. I have men (and women for that matter) telling me "you smell great, what are you wearing?"

  • BESOTTED12/24/2004

    i am totally in love with this fragrance! i have recently purchased this for myself and i use it all the time- so whenever i have a moment, i would stop everything i do and inhale and just enjoy the luxury of the moment. a magical scent!

  • TRICIA12/20/2004

    It is a very nice frangrance, it took me however about a week of wearing it before I liked it on me. At first it seemed overpowering but my husband absolutely loves it. It is extremely feminine.

  • CHEYANNA12/16/2004

    This is the only thing I have worn since it came out. Daily I am told how great I smell by women and men. I had a older male client who needed to step away from my office since he said I smelled "way to good." My husband when travels for work say's the thing he misses is how I smell and buys this for me to make sure I never run out !!

  • OBSESSED11/27/2004

    this perfume is absolutely divine!!! the smell just blows me away. the smell is soft well strong, so you would want to smell it non-stop!

  • JT11/11/2004

    I love it!! ... and I usually do NOT like floral scents. That says a lot right there. It is really THAT good! It does not change much on me, it's wonderful smelling from the first spray to the drydown. Every time I went to the store, I'd spray it on a paper strip and say, "mmm, it's so good", but I kept telling myself oh no, I won't really like it since it's floral, so I would pass it up. Well, this time, I actually gave it a chance, since I was not finding anything else new that I liked. I am so glad I did. I will have to buy it. In fact, I don't see how anyone could not like it. I am SO picky that I don't even like very many fragrances, and even I like it!

  • SEXYLIBRA11/09/2004

    I agree with Queen D. This perfume is one of the best scents yet. I wear lot of perfume and I do have Marc Jacobs and they both have their own unique smell. Michael is my favorite and I always get a compliment from men & woman.

  • GABS10/22/2004

    I like it - even though it can be too overpowering. Did anybody try the tinted bodycream yet? Does it streak or rub off?

  • ROBIN10/09/2004

    This fragrance is so overwhelming and smells like a box of scented Charmin or Kleenex.

  • PAZZO09/22/2004

    Michael doesn't have gardenia in it.It has tuberose and incense.Don't know why people think it has gardenia.May be they r thinking of marc jacobs which is a totally different perfume.I think I like sheer michael better than michael though.

  • KBNH09/21/2004

    They are sister fragrances and yes they are similar... Michael is spicier and creamier while Marc Jacobs is more floral and fresh. Wear the Marc Jacobs in warmer weather and the Michael in cooler weather.

  • DRAGONFLY09/17/2004

    This scent is unbelievable. It is my favorite scent. Its primary note is gardenia however what makes it stand out from other typical floral scents is the woody/incense base notes. Brings to mind the smell of incense in a temple combined with a gardenia laced breeze. Everytime I wear it I get tons of complements-and it lasts all day.

  • MONIQUE09/17/2004

    Wearing Michael Kors reminds me of the first time I went to Hawaii... a sensation of being seduced. I LOVE IT!!!!

  • TOBIE09/16/2004

    What's your problem? If you had read the right up on this fragrance you would have noted the notes for this fragrance. Gardenia based fragrances are great. My husband loves this fragrance, as do I!. It smells feminine.

  • CAROLOU09/09/2004

    This perfume is absolutely divine for the sophisticated and sexy woman who wants heads to turn and noses to anticipate her coming near. A must have for those who love the sweet and the musky. It is more than good. It is beyond excellent.

  • JODIE09/03/2004

    Here's a comparison: Michael Kors is to perfume as Michael Jordon is to basketball! Although I do not wear this fragrance anymore I would highly recommend it. It was one of my all time favorites. I did get tired of it but that doesn't mean that it is not an unbelievable scent! It's very sassy, sexy, sweet and saucy!

  • ERICA08/31/2004

    this stuff smells like gardenia, which i find to be absolutely WRETCHED. it just reeks. what is with all the gardenia scented stuff, like kate spade, michael kors, and marc jacobs? it gives me a headache...

  • SMELLGREAT08/05/2004

    This is a delicious and sensous smell. Not at all heavy but rather a light fragrance that simply makes you feel great!!

  • SHARLA08/04/2004

    I absolutely love this perfume!! I have received so many compliments on this scent it is amazing. However, I do think that it all comes down to ones chemistry as to how a perfume will work for each individual…

  • LILY07/30/2004

    I really think it has to do with your natural chemistry, I dont smell like floral at all after dry down. That warm inscents smell is what stays on me.I ALWAYS would buy sample bottle first and wear few times for higher priced items.

  • KIWI06/19/2004

    Unless you like the smell of Gardenia more than life, this fragrance will put you on your death bed....It is so sweet and so sickening...It should have gotten an award for best first shot into the garbage !!!

  • LEE05/13/2004

    This stuff is so suductive and I can't nearly believe my nose whenever I take a wiff of it. I wanna rub it all over my lover and have just suck it off of me

  • TATCAT05/09/2004

    Michael is the only fragrance that I will wear. Glad my daughter bought me a bottle.

  • KEARA05/08/2004

    This smells absolutely wonderful! It is luxurious, and yet refined. I recommend it to anyone. One thing to remember though, a little goes a long way!

  • POUPIE05/07/2004

    It changed my view on "American" purfums - sensual, mysterious, for intelligent, self-sufficient, modern ladies like us. Beat all the tranditional French ones, in my view.

  • MAGICA05/01/2004

    This is my favourite fragrance. I like Marc Jacobs too, but I cant see any similarity at all between the two of them, they are completely different fragrances, as far as I experience them.

  • PULURETTA04/29/2004

    Lasts the whole day, but as others have said, the only smell after dry down is gardenia. Smells a lot like Marc Jacobs.

  • JULIA04/13/2004

    Does anybody else think this fragrance smells kind of like amarige or tommy girl? Maybe mine is old.?

  • GRACIE04/05/2004

    The smell is great. I get a ton of compiments. I walk by people ( and being from the small town that I live) they say wow what is that. And just when you think the smell is gone...WHAM... another compliment! Thanks for the sexy fragrance Michael Kors!

  • SUZANNE04/02/2004

    I sprayed this on at the department store and all I got was an overpowering rush of heavy tropical white flowers, like gardenia or plumeria, along with almost a banana-like odor! Dried down to a faintly spicy-sweet smell. On me not very complex.

  • CHARLOTTE03/04/2004

    This fragrance is similar to the older Carolina Hererra perfume. C.H. is better, its a smoother scent than Michael. Sample both to see what I mean.

  • ANASTACIA02/24/2004

    I have been extremely sensitive to perfumes in the sense that I easily get dizzy after a while of wearing a bottled scent. After 49 years, I found a scent that is strongly sweet but discreet and gentle at the same time. It is an amazing product.

  • RENEE02/08/2004

    i have gotten tons of compliments on this perfume. I've had people walk up to me and ask are you wearing Michael? I just love it! But the only problem that I had with it was that it fades away after about 2 hours. So I go through the biggest bottle michael has in lessw tha a month!

  • BELLE01/30/2004

    I like this one. Some say it is too heavy on them. On me, it's a warm tuberose smell. Some have compared it to Marc Jacobs. Totally different. This is warmer, whereas Marc Jacobs is a floral (gardenia*). This is tuberose(warm, creamy).Lasts all day!

  • LAUREN01/24/2004

    Michael and Marc Jacobs have a nearly identical floral. However, Michael has a warm, amber/incense base note while Marc Jacobs has a green base note.

  • KEAHI01/20/2004

    Am I crazy, or does anyone else think Michael smells pretty reminiscent of banana nut bread? It took me the longest time to pinpoint what this scent reminded me of, but once I did, I can think of nothing else. Don't get me wrong, this smells good--good enough to eat--I just don't know if I want to walk around smelling like banana bread, as yummy as that is. I think I'll keep looking.

  • DREW01/14/2004

    I just got this one. I have to agree with Chort. The only scent that I smell after it fades is gardenia (which I cannot stand). I am very upset, because it smells nothing like it did in the store. I am happy for those of you who enjoy it, but I will be giving my bottle away. Not worth the money I spent.

  • JENNIE01/11/2004

    I receive at least one compliment a night while wearing this fragrance. This is a perfect scent for the office and for a girls night out. It is not much a a floral scent, which I shy away from, but more of a sophisticated scent for a women who knows what see wants. It is does not have an overpowering smell, more sublte and beautiful. I would stay home with myself if I could. I have been using Micheal for the past four years, and it never gets old. It is a truly wonderful scent that no other perfume can match. ( and I am a fragrance fanatic!)

  • KATE01/11/2004

    I can tell you every perfume I have ever worn in the last 43 years. Ever since I smelled The insert in Town & Country 4 years ago. This has been my signature fragrance. Everyone asks me what is that beautiful scent. I Know I have arrived when I find a Parfum which totally matches my persona, emotionaly, physically, and spiritually. IT is a WINNER, Thank You Michael Kors and Perfume Emporium.

  • JUSTSENSUAL12/30/2003

    When I walk into a room wearing Michael I get so many compliments. People come into my office and before they can do anything, they ask, "What are you wearing?" Men love it!!!

  • VANESSA12/06/2003

    i tried this and liked it. it was sweet, fruity, but smelled very familiar. realized why... i had made a pitcher of sangria a couple days before and it reminded me of that. i like this scent, but not sure if it'll attract anything other than bar-flys.

  • H.11/22/2003


  • PL11/12/2003

    I can't understand why this is compared to this other gardenia scent when Michael doesn't have gardenia in it at all, I think it is compared to MJ a lot because this is a rival scent. but it doesn;t smell like it at all.

  • CHORT10/27/2003

    The only scent that I picked up on this was gardenia while wearing it. I guess I don't have the right body chemistry.

  • ABIGAIL10/13/2003

    I wore Pure for a while and picked up some of the same fragrance in Michael Kors. Like another who posted here, I was looking for the incense as described but only get a slighlty cloying though not unpleasant floral on my skin. Not my style, but a quality fragrance.

  • JEN10/09/2003

    Deserves a beyond EXCELLENT rating! Michael and Angel are two of my favorites!!

  • JENNIFER10/06/2003

    Out of all of the perfumes out there, this one is in a class of it's own! I've gotten nothing but raving reviews w/this fragrance! ...and "ZEKIYE", 2 sprays go a long way!! Mmm K?!

  • LEE09/29/2003

    Michael is an amazing perfume--very rich and spicy, very sophisticated and sexy. I highly recommend it.

  • JANNINE09/14/2003

    Is this the perfume that is supposed to smell a little bit like Marc Jacobs? I love Marc Jacobs perfume and I've been told Michael smells similar but somewhat stronger. I think I'd like that.

  • MONICA09/01/2003

    I think this is the best perfume I have in my collection and belive me I have others, lott of them I would say! but nothing like micheal kors it has a sweet smell , sexy and I have had lots of complements when i have it on it's the best !

  • LALA08/08/2003

    I love this scent but it doesn't seem to last.

  • VANILLALION08/03/2003

    Very sweet at first but soon dries down to something with a musky/spicy note. Very "rich".

  • JEN06/28/2003

    I love this scent. I have read some of the other reviews and it seems that the only people who don't like this product have written about the frgrance Youth Dew and they love it. I am sorry but that perfume smells like something out of the sewer or hot garbage even. I really don't value the opinion of someone who really has no taste and likes garbage water as an acceptable smell.

  • PAM_SO_SEXY06/26/2003


  • ALEX06/24/2003

    Very good smell, I like it. I feel it's a bit sweeter than most of perfume nowadays, but it's still very fresh and soft. However, it does smell a bit like banana though.

  • LORI06/24/2003

    I must have the chemistry for Michael Kors. It is absolutely the max in fragrances. I have been wearing it over a year and had no one hold their nose or throw up around me, not even babies. Maybe those who are repulsed by this fragrance should shower more often and keep their skin fresh for this wonderfully sensual fragrance!

  • DAH06/12/2003

    This is a very unique frag. it is both fresh, and warm and spicy at the same time.

  • JANIE06/06/2003

    I love this scent. You only need to apply a little and it lasts all day long. It's sweet and seductive. I receive compliments from men and women.

  • PP06/04/2003


  • PEB06/03/2003

    Sheer Michael is nice and light and fresh,too but the original is more sexier while being light and fresh

  • PL05/30/2003

    I returned marc jacobs for this and it is much better, fresh and sensual

  • YVETTE05/29/2003


  • PL05/21/2003

    It is strong but you have to let this settle a while it is really gorgeous

  • PL05/21/2003

    I love this it has been my favorite now for a few weeks which is surprising for me because I have so many other perfumes!!!

  • MURKI05/21/2003

    Does anyone else think this smells like Design (which I don't really like)? My coworker wears this and another wears Design and they smell the same! Maybe just a quirk of body chemistry..

  • PL05/16/2003

    This scent is so unique is strong at first but dries down beautifully to a soft sultry scent, very unique..returned Marc jacob for this one

  • INGRID05/16/2003

    I tried to get used to it, but- it is an assault on my senses. Overwhelmingly floral, no hint of the incense that is supposedly in it. Not a gentle, enticing tuberose, but a truckload in just one drop. Actually made me nauseous.

  • PEB05/12/2003

    I can't believe I didn't like this perfume at first but when I wore it for a day I am completely addicted now, I even put it on before bed!!! It is so unique ...soft and warm yet vibrant and sexy!!!! I exchanged Marc Jacobs for the set!!! The body lotion is so nice it has a little golden shimmer in it ...perfect for summer!!!

  • PEB05/09/2003

    Pretty nice!!! I take back my so-so rating!!!

  • PEB05/02/2003

    I tried to like it but something in it just doesn't make me go ..."ummmm" I got a tester I'll try it for a day and see if it agrees with me

  • DEBBIE04/18/2003

    Tried it and didn't see what all the hoopla was about. It is very common. I smell it on women on the train, on the buses, in the streets. It is way too familiar, like Pleasures, Beautiful, and Happy. This is just another boring too sweet floral. Now that I think about it, I think it is popular like the others I mentioned because it is synthetic and therefore very wearable for the masses. Ahh, marketing!

  • GLORIA04/16/2003

    Well, for those of you who wish it was more subtle, they have just come out with Michael sheer. It is a lot softer and a little different. I will be interested in your remarks. I think it is very nice. I still like Michael but do find that I use the lotion with just a tiny bit of the spray. Gloria


    really loud! very creamy, very floral, with a sharp edge to it. I like it, but wish it was more subtle....

  • SIDNEY03/29/2003

    Just like the fragrance Marc Jacobs. I wish these designers would be a bit more original.

  • PEELER03/24/2003

    This scent rocks!! I absolutely LOVE it! Michael and Angel by Thierry Mugler are my two all-time favorites. They both last all day long...

  • SLEEPER03/19/2003

    I think gardenias are great and love this perfume for the great floral blend.

  • ZALE03/08/2003

    Especially after the drydown!

  • CAROLE03/02/2003

    just love this one

  • NORMA02/26/2003

    Men love it on ME!!!!!Thanks Michael

  • GLORIA02/13/2003

    I have got to say it. I am totally shocked at how much I love this perfume! I am NOT a floral person at all. I don't like really sweet perfume. This isn't really sweet, just very sensual. I bought it thinking I would wear it on occasion but I keep going back to it. I am usually the spicy Opium, Nu, or anything but lots of flowers. This is so wonderful. I can't wait to put on my perfume in the morning or when I am going out. I hate that so many people are wearing it but I don't care. It smells great on me. Now I want the cream.

  • ALICIA01/29/2003

    Someone once tol;d me they thought it smelled like a perfume a grandmother would wear

  • ROBYN01/13/2003

    Way too flowery, makes me wanna gag! Reminds me of a underwear drawer sachet

  • BE5501/02/2003

    For some ridiculous reason I purchased this perfume with out experiencing it's drydown. The next day at work, the wafting scent was so overwhelming that I had to wash it OFF in the bathroom! Flat, 2-dimension scent with no complexities or warmth as I had hoped. And my boyfriend said it smelled like toilet cleaner. Case-closed for me!

  • TIA12/26/2002

    This scent has become a trend and is no longer an individual's scent...hense the popularity? But who wants to smell like the next, and be a free advertisement?

  • CARELIA12/21/2002

    Two christmas ago my boyfriend bought a scented candle which we loved it gave us a perfect background smell in our love making nigths and he said once i wish they make a perfume or cologne with this smell it is so sensual well and guess what? a year later michael scent came out and my boyfriend love it it remind us our seductives christmas nigths and it will continue giving us many more. please if you need something that spice up your sex drive Try Michael for men and women they are very seductive.

  • CHRISTI12/16/2002

    This is the most unique and seductive fragrance I have smelled in awhile. My ex-boyfriend bought me my first bottle. I have been hooked ever since. By the way, I cannot wear many perfumes because of my allergies. I have had no problems and I always get compliments when I wear Michael. We all just have to remember that fragrances react different on different people.

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/07/2002

    I initially smelled a sample of Michael in a magazine and fell in love with it. It was sweet, powdery and refreshing. However, I purchased a gift set at Nordstrom, took it home and became severely disappointed. After initially spraying it on, I noticed that Michael smells exactly like Givenchy Amarige. I thought Michael was going to be different but it ended up being too strong and gave me a headache. My co-workers absolutely hated it also. Very sad.

  • MOLLY12/05/2002

    I saw an ad for Kors, Michael Kors' new scent for women. It sounds nothing at all like Michael (thankfully) -- a winey, spicy scent. Can anyone out there tell me what they thought of it? Thanks!

  • A.E. 11/28/2002

    I haven't bought the perfume yet, although I did test it. One of my friends loved it and the other thought it was too strong/mature. I disagreed. I ended up just getting the creme for now but I love it. I think I like the tamarind in it, which is my fav fruit. Makes me want to eat myself.

  • YVONNE11/26/2002

    I really love this scent, I have had nothing but compliments. Many co-workers have asked me about the scent and went and bought it for themselves. I too love the musky floral scent. It is strong and stays on all day so just a few little aquirts on the pulse points. this is my second bottle which is rare for me. I usually fall out of favor with the scent half way through. I use the product from fall to early spring, it's too strong for me for the summer. I like something lighter.

  • KELSEY11/25/2002

    just bought it, have wanted it forever, it makes me melt, i love it

  • CLAUDIA M11/20/2002

    I had michaels K. products. The smell goes flat and kind of funny on me. Sorry but Michaels K. Is not that great!! (for me)

  • DANIELLE11/13/2002

    I love Michael Kors perfume. I have a lot of different perfume and this is my favorite to wear at night. Especially in the winter.

  • MOMMASPICE11/13/2002

    I just think this is the best fragrance to come along in a long time. I have received so many compliments from my friends, that they too are going out and buying Michael for themselves. It is such a "pretty" fragrance.

  • QUEEND11/12/2002

    I think that all of you who dislike this perfume have picked your nose one too many times in grade school! It is an awesome fragrance, and I get a lot of compliments on it. It's the type of scent that makes a man do a double-take when a woman wearing it walks by.

  • DEE JOH11/07/2002

    This fragrance is sooo wonderful. Its classic, elegant, soft, and unique. I get sooo many compliments. Gotta try it.

  • LOLA11/04/2002

    I'm right with you on this one,buddy! I cannot stomach the harsh,awful, dreadful stench of Michael for women! Yet I kind of like the one for men,it's strong but it's well balanced and classier.The women's version is like being bashed in the head with a baseball bat.

  • RONICA MITCHUM11/02/2002

    The most beautiful and sexy fragrance on the market

  • EURY10/11/2002

    If this is Michael Kors' first scent, I can hardly wait for the sequel. This one is sweet, fresh, "dry" ... perfect. There's a comforting, sleepy but captivating base note. I love this!!

  • LABRUJA10/06/2002

    I loove Michael. Several men have ordered it for their SO after smelling it on me/ Women have complimented me on it as well. It's a strong, ultra female scent. Very compelling, romantic, sensual, alluring. A real favorite!

  • SPONGEBOB10/04/2002

    EVERYONE at work is wearing this. It's like everyone has lost their minds! It smells terrible, does not compliment anyone. Nauseating and strange.

  • TIFFANY09/16/2002


  • ALANA09/12/2002

    I am not a Perfume type person...But when this first came out..I had just got done moving to Hawaii. It smelled just the my first Lei I recieved when I reached the Island. It has the best Smell. I am really quiet shocked that some have been appauled by it. I had to Wait a Year to buy it cause everytime I went to the store it was gone right after the shipment came in. That is how good it smells. Smelling the Perfume will Always remind me of the Flwoers we have here on the Island. Cant say enough good things about this Perfume.

  • ANNIE09/11/2002

    or eau de parfum (whatever). The lotion was gorgeous - spicy and creamy, and had a glint of bronze flecks in it. The spray scent didn't take well on my skin. It smelled off and funny on me - not creamy and sweet like the lotion. Try both before you buy!

  • AMY08/23/2002

    I love this scent. It stays with you all day perfectly! I really love the woodsy, musk smell. It is very sexy and my husband loved it!

  • CLAUDIA08/21/2002

    I love it!!! es el mejor perfume que jamaz haya usado

  • JENNA08/06/2002

    I love how this is creamy floral makes me smell somewhat angelic. I would really like to try the leg shine because I would love to have this fragrance surrounding me. A definite winner with me!

  • MAYA07/30/2002

    Interesting observation indeed! What it means then,is that if the fragrance is nice on paper,but not on skin,then it was formulated more as a room fragrance, or room freshner,than a perfume. I'm not surprised,because today many designers try to cut cost and maximize profit by marketing a cheap,synthetic scent as a high class product,hope to fool people and make a killing on it.M.K is obviously a textbook example of this.

  • SOPHIA07/13/2002

    I have to say Evone might have a point. I tried Michael in London Heathrow. I didn't want to smell of 20 perfumes on my flight, so I tried everything on those tester papers. Michael seemed like a keeper - it was soft floral, creamy, a little powdery, in one word - yummy. So I bought some online and I tried it on myself. Surprise! Where have all the lovely creamy base notes gone? This time it was just pure tuberose, and very strong. Not bad, just not as complex and warm as I expected. I've had perfumes do strange things on me before, so I also sprayed my (very accomodating) roommate with it. Same thing - I could still smell the same tuberoses on her 6 hours later when she came back from the library... Tried it on a piece of paper - gorgeous again. I don't know what to think of this perfume, but I'll give it some more tries, and if it doesn't work on skin, well, I guess I'll just spray it on my clothes...

  • APHRAEL07/13/2002

    Hate it,hate it,hate it.I got an instant headache and a strong urge to vomit the very second I sampled this one. I just don't have the stomach for it. I think Lola was right in saying that it is not well balanced. The synthetics used to enhance the notes are too strong and too many,plain overkill of my poor nasal passages. This one is definitely not for me.

  • PAULETTE GREEN06/11/2002


  • VIBHA05/31/2002

    It made me feel so sexy I could have made love to me ;-)!

  • PARUL05/31/2002

    I didnt know a thing about the kind of perfumes available except for Tommy Girl and Beautiful till yesterday evening when I was stuck with the responsibility of buying 4 different perfumes for my mom in law and aunts. The first fragrance I smelt was Micheal and for the remaining few hours of my intensive fragrance search absolutely nothing I smelt compared to it! I'm sooo in love with it..its smells of all the lovely flowers in an exotic garden and I cant wait to wear it on again!! IT MUSTTT BUY!

  • PETITCAJUN05/31/2002

    This one smells great but it's just not for me. I can see the unique beauty and femininity of this scent but all that tuberose is just too sweet for me. Since I'm already sweet, I prefer something more spicy than this.

  • JOIE05/30/2002

    I have been wearing Angel since '92 and was looking for an alternate fragrance recently. I bought Mahora and I like it, but I am not impressed with it. After a few hours I can't smell it. I have been testing both Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs lately. I really like both, but I think Michael Kors is winning me over because of the smoky undertones and the tuberose (which I really love more than gardenia!).

  • NEETU RILEY05/30/2002

    I think this perfume is fantastic. I am completely addicted to it and think that it is the most sensual perfume out there. I am so glad I was introduced to it. I like the musky flowery smell it has. I would definitely recommend it. The only thing is I wish it smelled a little stronger on me as it seems to wear off in an hour or so.

  • L.05/27/2002

    One of the best "new" perfumes out there! We all love the old classics, but every now and then new is nice, too! I cannot say enough nice things about this stuff. Guaranteed to be a future classic.

  • ROSE05/26/2002

    Michael is a pretty tuberose scent.Just alittle is all you need to smell pretty!

  • ROSE05/24/2002

    Pretty tuberose scent,makes me feel special when I wear it.

  • GAIL05/23/2002

    I agree with Lola. I don't like Michael for women at all, but Michael for men smells sooooooo good!

  • LOLA05/18/2002

    a real slap in the face,or an outright punch in the nose!this blend is not well balanced at is too sweet,too sharp with no roundness,no fullness and after a few minutes it falls flat with a sickly,cloying,nauseating is one of the most offensive odors created by man,in my opinion;that's really bizarre,because the man's version is quite nice.

  • RACHAEL05/16/2002


  • JENNA05/12/2002

    If you like this scent but find it a bit strong, try the leg shine. It is a stick formula with a lighter scent and it has a beautiful shimmer. It makes legs(and other parts)very sexy and lightly scented with Michael. It's also very moiturizing.

  • JUDY04/23/2002

    ladyt...i got better things to confess than that one you called a SIN.and it is all about having different taste,good for you if you like Michael,i do too,millions do,and you also want to try the new AGENT PROVOCATEUR, i'm a parfum connoisseur by the way.

  • EVELYN~03/28/2002

    Wearing this scent makes me stand out in a crowd, but not using boldness and pungency. Rather, it's uniquely feminine and seductive scent is so unforgettable that everyone asks me what I'm wearing. I always imagine myself sunbathing on a secret island when I wear it.

  • KATPHISH03/23/2002

    This scent is absolutely addictive! It definitely stands out above all those standard female fragrances. It's pure, yet provocative; Clean, yet sexy! It's beyond words! XD

  • KATIEKAYC03/05/2002

    I love this perfume; it is not an old lady's fragrance. It is so very sexy and beautiful. It is one of my favourites and my man absolutely can't keep his hands off me when I wear it.

  • MAGGIE02/22/2002

    The first time I tried this perfume I didn't care for it, thought it was too strong. However, now I can't seem to get enough of it. I have purchased every product in this line including the holiday candle. There is a bath creme that is incredible; scents the whole house beautifully! The compliments are endless, but the most important reason to wear it is the way it makes you feel. Incredibly sexy, fresh, elegant but with a tough of youth.

  • LADYT02/15/2002

    You must have lost your mind to even mention another perfume. Also Desnuda smells awful and nowhere near as beautiful as Michael. I think you ought to confess this sin to your local priest.

  • JUDY02/09/2002

    what is wrong with you people?? did you messed up your noses after that nose job??this is a beautiful,elegant fragance,one of the best out there,simply delicious always get compliments on it,of course not better than Desnuda by Emanuel Ungaro

  • JIL02/03/2002

    This fragrance makes me feel all woman. enough said.

  • DAISY01/30/2002

    Michael gets me compliments constantly, my car reeks of MK.

  • NIKKI01/14/2002

    This is very potent and a little definitly goes a long way. I layer the eau de parfum lightly over something creamy with a vanilla or woody base. It's fantastic. I hope you'll try it.

  • HOLLY01/02/2002

    This has got to be one of the worst perfumes I have smelled in a long time. It reminds me of Fragile by Jean Paul Gaultier.YUCK!

  • CARY GREENE12/30/2001

    I was going to say something insightful about this scent but I want to applaud Karina's review and urge you all to read it for the truth on this scent. Nice job Karina.

  • PAULA12/28/2001

    I love this perfume! It has become my signature scent and everywhere I go I get complemented. Unfortunately, the only store that sold it in my town went out of business. Yay, to on-line shopping!

  • LEE12/27/2001


  • TOURAY12/26/2001

    I have a confession to make. This is a great gardenia themed fragrance. Turns out, that I just can't stand the smell of gardenias;but then I'm not a fan of jasmine either.So if you like gardenia, then this is a good buy.

  • ZEKIYE12/23/2001

    This is way too strong for me and it smells very similar to the Marc Jacobs perfume. Do they both have gardenias? I don't like gardenias at all. For its defense, I must say it is very distinctive.

  • JESSICA 12/17/2001

    I have been wearing Michael since it first came out. I personally realize that scents are different on everyone because of their own body chemistry. However, I receive raves about this perfume wherever I go. From both Men AND Women! People stop me in trains, stores, bars, restaurants. I once attended a private party at a lounge and the bouncer had to stamp me and stopped me to ask if I was wearing Michael and that it smelled so good and that he just bought it for his girlfriend. I guess it has to do with everyone's different chemistry and how it mixes with the perfume, but I LOVE IT!

  • LESA12/16/2001

    It won a Fifi award; some people just do not have good taste (or smell either). Michael is a beautiful fragrance for the confident woman.

  • SUSY12/11/2001

    Ladyt,you read my mind! And I urge anyone who has not tried Michael to take all the negative comments posted about it with a grain of salt. Don't believe that it stinks just because they are telling you it does. Michael is a lovely scent,but some jealous people want it all tp themselves.

  • LADYT12/11/2001

    I hate to blow your cover ladies, But everyone these ladies are guilty of lying to keep this wonderful fragrance to themselves. There's no need to be catty there is enough Michael for everyone. See how this fragrance captivate some that they will go to extremes to keep it for themselves.

  • BETH12/11/2001

    I can't believe how the sales women in the department stores are tryimg to push this horrible perfume on people.It smells absolutely sickening.

  • EVONE12/10/2001

    I totally agree with those of you who do not like it. When I was out shopping, one of the "perfume girls" rushed up to me with this awful smell. It was so apalling, that I was instantly rude to her. However, based on her reaction it was obvious that she had been receiving that same response all day. I eventually tried a tester of this, and my husband turned up his nose and asked what it was. The tester has somehow now spilled in my closet, and it actually kind of smells good in there. So maybe this scent is not meant for human wear, but more appropriate as some type of air freshner.

  • GAIL12/09/2001

    Who decides which perfumes deserve Fifi awards? This scent really isn't good.It reeks!!!! I think it's the incense in it.

  • NONI12/09/2001


  • TOURAY12/08/2001

    I think this fragrance has way to much hype surrounding it(fashiion designers baby, figures). I had an instant aversion to it. And in my opinion a floral has no business being 'creamy', that seems like code for an imbalance of amber and animal notes to that of heady florals. Maybe I'm being harsh. That's probably because I feel the need to contradict all the fuss in the fashions mags, in order to deter those who may purchase before trying it. Don't do it.

  • L.12/02/2001

    Well, I don't agree with Karina's response. The great part about Michael is that it's a sensual, creamy floral without being cloyingly sweet! I like Michael because of the soft way it diffuses. It's a rich, feminine floral fragrance, which is a big contrast to the sporty-type scents that have been crammed down our throats for so long. But I beg to differ about Michael being a harsh, overkill type of perfume. It's the exact opposite! However, if you don't like the scent of heady tropical flowers, you are not going to like perfumes like Marc Jacobs (gardenia-based) or Michael (tuberose-based). But they are not poorly made or cheap because you don't like the scent. Michael is a very well-balanced, high-quality, and complex composition of Freesia, Chinese Osmanthus, Tuberose, White Wings Peony, Blue Orris, Arum Lilies, Cashmere Woods, Musk, Vetiver and Moroccan Incense. It's not anything like the transparent florals in recent years. It's nothing like the intense, overly bedroomy fragrances of the 80's either. It's a unique scent, and a nice change from the garbage perfume designers have pushed in recent years.It's got my vote for best new fragrance!

  • KARINA11/29/2001

    My boss has taken to wearing this one lately, and maybe it's because she smells as if she bathed in it, but it makes me sick! Wow- talk about cloyingly sweet! I have never experienced anyone wearing it in moderation, though, so maybe I can't judge it fairly.Still, it seems as though it actually has less to do with the amount used as with the fragrance itself: it just seems like overkill, a harsh and poorly balanced scent with no complexity. Everyone has grown tired of the nondescript "fresh"and "unisex" scents that were so popular for a while (and some of us never liked them in the first place), so the perfume industry, recognizing this, swung the other way and many designers are now bombarding us with fragrances that are more feminine, certainly, but unfortunately overpowering and cheap smelling, in my opinion. (In addition to Michael, other offenders in the same vein are Marc Jacobs and to a lesser degree, Glamorous by Ralph Lauren) Sadly, it seems that perfumers today, no matter what direction they go in, have forgotten the secrets of their forefathers, and have lost the "art" of fragrance. There are some exceptions, and there have been some nice, albeit not masterful, scents released in the last couple of years. In general, however, it seems to me that perfume is in a sorry state of affairs these days.

  • LILI11/14/2001

    I feel I must come to Micheal Kors defense for all the negative messages. I have recieved nothing but compliments since I've been wearing Micheal. Yes its sweet. If you dont like sweet fine. But you can't deny it smells fabulous!

  • SCARLETT10/22/2001

    sickenly sweet-gave me a massive headache

  • SHAYLA10/20/2001

    it gets all the mens heads rolling, and asking questions

  • LADYT10/18/2001

    I must say this is a must get fragrance. I never smelled anything so enchanting. I am very picky. I just can't get over how wonderful this smell! This is my singature perfume.

  • AMY10/17/2001

    great perfume =) Mixture of hawaiian floral and musk.

  • NO THANKS10/16/2001

    desperate for a migraine headache?tired of having friends? be sure to pick this up and kill two birds(maybe yourself too) with one stone the worst. sickeningly sweet

  • ALEJ10/13/2001

    Michael Kors is the most wonderful scent! Everytime I wear "Michael" I get numerous compliments on the scent. It has just the right sweetness. It will last a long time since you can just use one spray and you will smell beautifully all day. 2-3 sprays is a little overpowering at first but dies down in a few minutes. But sometimes I like to put a lot so when I walk by people say, "MMMMM- what is that girl wearing?"

  • DEB10/03/2001

    There's nothing special about it . Its too flowery

  • FE09/26/2001

    When you live on Maui, and a young, goodlooking, tourist comes up to you, and says; "Mmmm... everything smells beautiful here." Then you know this perfume is a keeper.

  • H.09/08/2001

    Out of the bottle it might smell like grandma's perfume, but when Michael dries down it's good, and it's different, which is also good.

  • HRBETTYBOOP09/06/2001


  • MAGGIE09/04/2001

    One of the best ever created! Smells like Fracas, but not so strong. Creamy and delicious!

  • SHELLEY08/31/2001

    Smells just like the tuberose lei I had in Hawaii. Great for summer.

  • CATARINA08/22/2001

    This one reminds me of rich and creamy vanilla ice cream. It's a very nice and distinctive floral. Grown up and sophisticated, but not at all overpowering. Tuberose done right. Very nice!

  • JOLENE08/02/2001

    I don't like some of the newer fragrances out there right now, but I do like Michael. It's a light floral - composed mainly of tuberose. It almost has a gardenia scent to it, but from what I understand -- it has no gardenia oils in it. It smells great! Give it a try. You won't regret getting this one.

  • ROHNNDA07/26/2001

    micheal does have a lotion available. You can find it for sale in some of the magazines like elle or order it from bloomingdales.

  • GAYLENE07/09/2001

    Just wanted everyone to know that Michael does make a body lotion. I noticed someone wished they made this lotion...well they do...yippee! Nice smell to use occasionally.

  • BEVERLY WATKINS07/05/2001

    I just came back from vacation and the one thing my boyfriend said when I arrived off the stuffy plane from Detroit to Florida was "ummm, you smell great". Every woman loves a compliment like that. Michael is a sweet almost rosy and candylike...not too flowery, but definitely sweet. I never liked flower scents, so this one was great suprise. Reminds me a little of a tamer version Byblos. I too wish they had a body creme.

  • CAROLOU07/05/2001

    I absolutely love it. It is a sweet and tender fragrance...meant to be worn by the all woman. Sweet...not flowery...I dislike le fleur smells...and I cannot put enough on me!!! If you are looking for something new...try this, by all means. It goes everywhere with me. Average wear time about 3-4 hours. Wish they had a lotion.

  • MAYA07/04/2001

    This fragrance is so breath taking. I wear it all of the time and would go crazy if I could not find it anywhere. All of my friends now buy and use Michael after the first time they I introduced it to them, and my boyfriend goes "crazy" when he smells it on me. I love this wonderful frangrance and I urge you to buy it immediately!

  • LORELEI B.04/27/2001

    This smeels so good, but is hard to find!

  • LISA04/15/2001

    This is the most exciting frangrance since I discovered Ysatis. I wear it all the time. I can't get enough of it

  • ERIKA04/14/2001

    Michael is a great new fragrance, with lots of tuberose. Prior to owning this, I would wear nothing but Clinique's Aromatics Elixir. Now I enjoy this one, too.

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