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Eden was created by Cacharel in 1994 and is recommended for office wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of spicy, oriental, and floral notes.

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Eden was created by Cacharel in 1994 and is recommended for office wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of spicy, oriental, and floral notes.

  • JUDE03/01/2013

    Ever since I found this fragrance in Italy over 15 years ago, I have worn it as my "signature" fragrance. I receive compliments nearly ever time I wear it. Soft yet sensuous. Please offer more products in this fragrance.

  • JOYCE09/17/2012

    It is such a soft fragrance. It has a very fine spray and lasts forever. The shower gel is wonderful too.

  • SUZETTW05/02/2011

    Have used to for years always get compliments

  • MICHELLE LEE04/12/2011

    i love this perfume and i am always asked by people i meet what s that lovely smell where can i get it !!!

  • MARY04/11/2011

    Has anyone seen Eden Body Lotion around? It's absolutely gorgeous but cant find it anywhere. Would love to get some more.

  • JIM-BOB04/06/2011

    A co-worker recently started wearing this to work, bragging about how it was from Paris. I don't care where it came from, it smells like a combination of nursing home and laundry detergent. Not good at all; and so incredibly overpowering.

  • JACKFLAPSMELLS10/02/2010

    To me, the new Balenciaga has something very similar about it that reminds me of Eden.

  • KATHY09/19/2010

    I have worn this scent for years now, exculsively. I am stopped whenever I wear it, men, women. I want that for my "lady" is familiar comment. What do you have on? I LOVE that. Where can I get it? Can you write the name down for me? This scent is something else!

  • ANNA05/29/2009

    has anyone found Cacherel eau de eden toilette? it appears that it is no longer available. I'm looking for recommendations on a similar scent

  • SOLANGE09/06/2008

    Dense and pineapple-y. Why did they discontinue Eau D'Eden - it was a far nicer watery & transparent floral.

  • DIANNE04/25/2008

    Where o' where has the body lotion gone.Is this product no longer being made.Cannot find answers from the logical points of inquiry

  • LIN03/19/2008

    I have used Eden since it first began, people stop me in the shops/street to ask what perfume I am wearing. I have always used the shower gel too, buying 10 at a time! I cannot buy the shower gel anywhere now - HELP, I don't smell like 'me' without it!!

  • RAJUL07/28/2007

    this is a beautiful fragrance ! its unfortunate that body chemistry can make SUCH a big difference from person to person. suse..... you should certainly stay away from EDEN as you probably do !

  • SUSE12/16/2006

    interesting smell, but would a person want to smell like this?? I think of petri dishes when I smell this.

  • ANGELIQUE05/21/2006

    I have mixed feelings about this one. It definitely has a distinctive scent. It's not one I liked instantly, but I did become accustomed to it. I was never compliemented whilst wearing it, and whilst wearing it I was always aware of it. Definitely not one of the best, but it's bearable.

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    eden is truly eden....... when you spray this one you are transported to a rain soaked countryside where you can smell the mud after the first monsoon shower...... this one has always been able to take me far away to beautiful places....... no matter where i am........ in the midst of the city traffic and blaring horns...... one whiff of this and i can close my eyes for a while and get transported to that beautiful rain soaked coutryside !!!!!!! one of my favourites.......(use a light hand though)

  • GREEKGIRL02/02/2006

    I love Eden such a beautiful haunting fragrance but use only one or two sprays at the most as it can be very strong.

  • DIONNE02/02/2006

    Not for me personally but I am not one to say this couldn't be THE perfume for someone else. I love Eau to Eden a whole lot me it suits my skin much better

  • ROSIE10/11/2005

    This scent is very strong if you put too much on. It might look like a small bottle but it will last a very very long time. The bottle is so beautiful and i feel that if you enjoy nature and if you feel you have natural beauty and if your mysterious this is the scent for you. This one of my favourite perfumes it's very hard to get a fragrance like this one.

  • MANON07/23/2005

    I attended King's college in England a while back, and my british roomate had a bottle of this, its scent is very unique and striking, reminds me of a stroll through old london while it is raining, really has a fantastic feel, I know not everyone would feel this way, scent has a very strong link to memory and one spritz of this takes me back to a lovley and very sad time in my life, I own tons of perfumes as I am a collector, I can't say that I truly have a favorite scent, but I have favorite memories and this has tons of them bottled, it really is Eden in a spritz, I am wearing it as I type this. I know not lots of people appreciate strong scents, another one is paloma picasso, I have always gotten compliments on it, yet it can be over powering to my COPD patients or some who have very bad allergies, if I don't want to offend people but wish to please myself I'll have one spritz and try to make it close to me as possible. I give Eden 7 stars if I could.

  • ROS06/19/2005

    This is a very masculine fragrance so if you enjoy scents like Kingdom, Nu and Black Cashmere you will like this. Initial spritz is a little fruity and then drysdown to a vegetable/woody smell. Its very nice and perfect for summer.

  • SANDRA06/13/2005

    Really nice for winter time but careful because you can make other people around you sick w/ just one spray !!, I love it but not everybody can stand such an intense fragance.

  • SYLVIE02/22/2005

    Eden is a very special + sharp tuberose based fragrance. As all "Cacharels" a love/hate scent. For my taste the composition is too linear and boring: It smells similar from the middle-notes to the drydown. Too synthetic - reminds me more on a fabric-softener. But on some women Eden smells nice and pleasant. If you like Tuberose (all tuberose-fragrances are love/hate scents...) try FRACAS/Piguet, Herrera Classic, Blonde/Versace, Mahora/Guerlain, Giorgio, Kenzo by Kenzo, or Fragile/Gaultier. They all include Tuberose and smell ultra-feminine. For me Kenzo by Kenzo (ca sent beau/classic) smells wonderful, delicious, well-balanced and unique!!! Meanwhile very hard to find (discontinued?).

  • D01/04/2005

    ...because it's my new signature scent-neroli, pineapple, coconut, just a hint of cinnamon and lots of dusty greeness...unique & wonderful

  • MAXXX11/15/2004

    This perfume is just too strong. It is lovley but the strength just ruins it totally. It could cause a coughing fit. Eau d eden is soooo much nicer. :) If the strength was calmed down it would be the perfect scent. My friend wears Eden and you know she is around 100 yards before you see her. Not good:(

  • MARCIA08/25/2004

    I've been wearing Eden since 1995 and absolutely love it. For me its the best perfume I've ever found. I find it to be light and sexy.

  • EVELYN07/23/2004

    I love Eden a lot and would like to give it five stars, alas Eden is not a perfect fragrance. I find it's heart notes very beautiful and intriguing. It is definitely not a classic beauty like Joy by Patou, rather wild and exotic, but beautiful. It gives me the impression of an actual summer garden rather than a bouquet. It has some very interesting notes which remind me of sun dried hay, warm but not without freshness. The base of the fragrance however is unfortunately on the heavier side, lacks the radiance of the heart notes and can be really overwhelming at times no matter how little you use. If you like Eden give Kenzo by Kenzo a try. It has not exactly the same effect, Kenzo is more radiant and ambery in the drydown giving it a very different overall impression. It's heart notes, hawever, are very similar to those of Eden.

  • SUE C02/10/2004

    I was in Paris in 1994 when this scent had just been released and brought back several bottles to sell to my friends. I wish I has kept them as it is hard to find now. A delicious concoction of flowers and fruits like a walk in a rainy tropical forest. Great for coconut addicts like me. Take it on holidays, if not you'll feel like you're on one when you're wearing it.

  • SUE11/13/2003

    I always get compliments when I wear this and the great thing is not everyone has it because you can't find it in stores.

  • ANN11/12/2003

    I tried this one yesterday on one of those little pieces of paper to test perfume on and it smelled deliciously light and fresh. So I decided to spray it on my hand. Big mistake. It was overpowering, clingy, gave me a headache and made me nausious. All of that with just one spritz! Great staying power though, cause I had to wash my hands four times with lots of soap to get rid of all the smell. I guess this can be a great scent if you have the right skin type for it and if you don't use too much. But on me, this one is way too cloying.

  • MAD MAGGIE09/22/2003

    rich herbal scent, probably the closest would be Tribu. ALL CACHAREL IS TOP NOTCH. their scents are highest quality and are long lasting. If you find a cacharel you enjoy, you found yourself a real jewel!

  • MAS04/22/2003

    I can't believe you can still buy this in England, but not the gorgeous Eau d'Eden, which has been stopped!

  • MM04/06/2003

    I don't like it. It is for older ladies.

  • PAULETTE Z06/04/2002

    It is one of the greatest perfums I have ever purchased; try it. This is the first site that sells it, I generally was bringing it back from Paris.

  • GINA05/30/2002

    A woman I know said it smells like coconut to her.

  • A.G.05/11/2002

    Sorry, I don't like it. A strange woody-syntehtic smell. But I know some women raving about it!

  • ELAINE05/09/2002

    Great light floral-citrusy summer scent; doesn't last nearly so long as Eden, but is a nice seasonal alternative. Smells clean and fresh.

  • ELAINE05/09/2002

    Whenever I wear it, men and women both ask me what it is, and lean in closer... it is fantastic! Earthy and mysterious, and lasts forever.

  • CARLA04/26/2002

    Started fresh and clean, altough not very interesting, ended synthetic, had to wash it off

  • ASCHATAN04/17/2002

    I just found that Kenzo by Kenzo smells quite similar. Must be the neroli. Kenzo is fruitier though.

  • ASCHATAN03/08/2002

    I love Eden for summer, it reminds me of a shady pond in the woods, with sunlight sparkling on it when it comes through the leaves... pan can't be far off!

  • SHOBA12/24/2001

    Eden is one of my all time favourites. My opinion is that all women should try this product atleast once in a lifetime.

  • STEPHANIE WOODS11/10/2001

    i love the perfume eden i want a botle now!!!

  • DEBORAH08/18/2001

    I thought this fragrance would be really deep and sexy, but it's not... to me it smells a little too powdery. Reminds me of Charmin toilet tissue.

  • DRAGONROO07/23/2001

    i found eden by chance on a vacation, and fell in love with the scent instantly. its a mixture of orange blosson, mimosa, fruits and patchouli; not too heavy or tangy. at first it sort of clings to you, but after five minutes, blends with your skin and lasts lightly all day long. i dont think i will ever use another perfume as long as i live. so i am buying a lot now, since its discontinued. i really reccommend to anyone looking for something special. ^_^

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