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Clean, Feminine, Floral. Designed in 1999, Noa is a fragrance that you enter like a magical place. It is a field of white musk, in radiant full-bloom, pure and soft like a child's skin, where luminous flower blooms, a white peony unfolding on a harmony of spicy green: the combination of a crisp, original fresh green, and spicy sensuality of coffee more

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Clean, Feminine, Floral. Designed in 1999, Noa is a fragrance that you enter like a magical place. It is a field of white musk, in radiant full-bloom, pure and soft like a child's skin, where luminous flower blooms, a white peony unfolding on a harmony of spicy green: the combination of a crisp, original fresh green, and spicy sensuality of coffee and coriander. This prodigious GIFTED fragrance is sheltered in the heart of a transparent sphere, inhabited by a mysterious pearl.

  • CHRISTINA09/09/2009

    I love Noa. A few seem not to. Sometimes your body chemistry doesn't work well with certain perfumes. I like the fact that Noa is very light, not heavy like some perfumes. it is very feminine and I get a lot of compliments when I do wear it. When you can't smell perfume on yourself, that is a good thing.

  • RENI01/29/2008

    It's the best perfume i have ever had! especially for summer when you feel that nothing will last...this lasts and lasts... It's the best floral far...try it!!!


    I really do love this perfume but I always get the faintest smell of curry when I spray it, possibly the coriander? I prefer Cashmere Myst symilar without the offending note

  • PILI07/07/2007

    This is a wonderful fragrance, perfect for me. It can last for hours and doesn´t make you sick (headache). I would recommend the "eau d´toilette", the perfume is for me a little too strong.

  • JENNIFER06/29/2007

    I've worn Noa ever since it came out back in 1999, and it'll always be my one and only favorite perfume. I love it's warmth, it's essence of coffee and the cosy feeling I get and recieve. My boyfriend loves it on me, and I wish they'd make this only for me.

  • MELANIE12/18/2006

    This is a gorgeous fragrance. The dry down is subtle and milky. My husband loves it. If you are looking for a scent that doesn't scream "Look at me!" this is the one.

  • BB10/18/2006

    This precious perfume possesses a magical alchemy that is so mysteriously selective; it only reaches its climax with the right skin chemistry. Hopefully you will be one of the chosen ones to enjoy the thrill of its full splendor. If not, your senses will be sadly deprived.

  • ALISON06/20/2006

    I've never worn perfume before but would like to start. After searching high and low for one I like Noa is the only one I've come across that doesn't knock me out. I love the smell of white musk and would love to find a couple others so that I can compare. Any recommendations? Thanks.

  • KARANN04/26/2006

    What a very special scent. Not your run of the mill fresh and fruity fragrance! Sexy and soft and mysterious. I think like everything else they quit making it because MOST fragrance wearers follow fads like sheep. I prefer to wear what I find interesting NOT what will please others. This one was/is really a standout! Hoard while you can get it I guess!

  • THERESA03/29/2006

    I have used Noa for a few years and have always gotten compliments on the fragrance. I love it. Please tell us why it is being discontinued. The new fragrance is no where near as the original.


    I bought my first bottle of NOA in Russia, and fell in love with it. I used it up in probably less than a month. Unfortunatley, my local mall doesnt carry it anymore. I was very excited to find it online! It's just the way it makes you, feminine...

  • DAWN03/09/2006

    I absolutely love NOA. I didn't know they were discontinuing it!! It's my favorite. I always am told I smell good. I am going to have to stock up I guess.

  • RACHEL02/09/2006

    Noa is simply beautiful. If you want to feel like a sweet heart, then Noa is a good choice.

  • JULIA01/03/2006

    This may sound weird and/or strange but I mean it in the best and nicest possible way. NOA smells like mommys should smell. Just elegant and loving and gentle and soft. I think of my mom in this way, and think that all mom's at some point, at least when their kids are little should smell like this. To me it just creates such a loving and safe atmosphere. I don't wear this I have to be honest, but if I had kids I would wear this for them. I think it's just lovely.

  • LADYBUG12/16/2005

    Lovely lovely scent. Soft and romantic, yet light enough for everyday wear. What a shame that it has been discontinued!

  • CHRISTINA10/05/2005

    I love this fragrance and was so excited to find that it is still available! Last I checked it could only be bought at Bloomingdales and there are no Bloomingdale outlets here, so thank god for perfume emporium!

  • CHARLENE08/24/2005

    What a wonderful fragrance! The first time I wore it; I received so many compliments. One of the best out there.

  • ROBIN 06/10/2005

    We seem to share the same basic "nose", Lizzie, so I'm hoping you'll be able to share the names of some of your favourite fragrances with me!! Liked your description of Magnetism very much. . .

  • LIZZIE05/11/2005

    I just bought a bottle of it after smelling Noa Fleur in a department store. It smelled a lot better on paper! Probably just my skin chemistry. The first notes are waaay to harsh...not floral, just bitter and almost salty. After a few minutes, the dry-down scent is actually pleasant...a soft, feminine floral that is not overwhelmingly sweet. Nice, but nothing unique about it. I could wear it occasionally, although I usually prefer bolder, more extreme fragrances with a lot of personality. I'm rather put off by the first notes and unfortunately, I made the mistake of buying the big 3.4 oz bottle. Now to figure out what to do with it.

  • MARIA05/02/2005

    I love it...too bad it has been discontinued but thank God for you, I could still get it.

  • KAREN S.04/22/2005

    Personified as a nubile maiden. Lacks character, punch and experience! Floaty soft and no staying power. Nice dry down to base notes if you can capture it -fades too soon to be worth it.

  • REBECCA02/22/2005

    Guess it's not on here yet, but hope they get it soon! It's amazing and I've seen alot of women talking about it. It was so great to me, I've made it my new every day scent. I'm so pleased with this perfume, and it's worth a try. Get a sample first everyone, I think it's appealing to most. Not too strong, and pleasant notes. After awhile I usually tire of most perfume, but this is different. I was very surprised and I'm going back to get my 1.7oz traded for the 3.4oz. Still the same bottle with floating pearl, with the color changed to pearly pink outside. I've read alot of different notes in it, but here are some...coriander ,black currant leaves,nutmeg,coffee,peony,hibiscus,rose,& white musk. Much more, they sound unusual, but the combination is great. It's completely feminine and you can wear it anywhere, believe me. I LOVE this perfume.

  • GEEGEE02/10/2005

    Love the scent. Very light with a softer dry down. Pretty floral. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long.

  • AIISHA01/12/2005

    Noa is the most sophisticated fragrance I've ever smelled. Softly sweet, clean and feminine. It really smells like a child's skin. Makes me feel timeless peace. The longer is on, the nicer it is, and it has staying power enough!

  • SHARRIE12/26/2004

    the pearl brings me luck. new age. lingers on. wow. a true treat. wow. wonderful and magickal.

  • ALINA12/14/2004

    Miracle by lancome, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, Champs Elysees( this one is similar to J'Adore only has a lot more personality) Gucci Envy, Ellen Tracy Inspire.

  • BIANCA11/30/2004

    I'd like to get a few recommendations on what perfumes to buy. I'm looking for something light but lasting, without vanilla!, and not super floral either. My favorite perfumes so far were: Noa, Lanvin - Eclat D'Arpege, Elizabeth Arden - Provocative Woman, Tommy Hilfiger perfumes and J'Adore by Dior. Any suggestions?

  • STEPHANIE11/17/2004

    love the smell.....but for the money it doesnt last very long at all!!!! I wouldnt buy it again.

  • LEXIE10/15/2004

    This is so pretty. It doesn't stay around for long though... and the bottle is so cute!

  • DAWN09/21/2004

    Absolutely splendid scent. It has had quite a positive effect on the men in my life. My man's passion intensifies when I wear NOA. It's also a wonderful way to lightly scent your sheets...lightly spray it and make your bed. In the he get HOT! THANK YOU Cacharel!

  • BABE09/12/2004

    I hope they don't discontinue this product. It's the only casual perfume that I get tons of compliments on.

  • MARY K. 09/01/2004

    Sorry, don't like it...smells way too common to me and gets on my nerves after awhile.

  • HI08/23/2004

    i loved husband loved it on me.. though he had an allergy to private collection by estee lauder, imagin??

  • NAN08/03/2004

    First cologne hubby and I agree on - he loves it while he's not wild about my others & most compliments I receive about it are from men, not women. I absolutely love it. Those who hate it: probably doesn't work with your chemistry - doesn't make it horrible, just wrong for you!

  • MARGE08/01/2004

    I buy it for my daughter because she loves it. Buy it for her when I am in Europe or Cruises

  • STUART07/15/2004

    Noa good thing when you smell it. This is a serious fragrance. This girl at my job wears it and it it a wonderful fragrance. One of the most original standout fragrances I can think of. I can't smell it enough.

  • KER06/10/2004

    I've had my bottle of Noa for a year now, and it's already changed color - looks like pee with a pearl mixed in now. Still smells like I just bought it, but I can't stand to look at the bottle! Keeping fragrances in a cool, dark place preserves the color and scent - maybe I shouldn't have left it in the sun.

  • HELENA05/20/2004

    Used to like it years ago, till I got pregnant and it's making me sick till this day. Gave it to my mom who's using it a bathroom.... I like a sparkling body lotion, even though it's too sweet too

  • FIONA03/27/2004

    I was at an airport when I saw both Noa and Noa Fleur. I used papers to try both testers, and decided to buy NOA. I thought I fell in love with NOA which was subtle yet refreshingly crisp and unusual, but Fleur version somehow spoiled the crispness. I found Fleur very ordinally. Now when I got home and tried the newly purchased NOA on my skin, I smell a bit irritating coffee bitterness tone which bothers me. Probably I shouldn't have bought it! Perhaps Fleur version might not have this bitterness, after all, or who knows both may be not that nice!

  • YASMINE03/19/2004

    When you put this perfume on, you feel so sexy. It would make anybody and everybody turn around to stop and ask, "What is that fragance you are wearing"? I really do love it & I hope I can find it more easily b/c my local mall stop selling it for some odd reason.

  • MAX02/26/2004

    Noa is THE perfume to wear for a first date. It is not tarty. It is a lovely scent i am so glad i discovered it. Highly recemmend

  • SUE02/10/2004

    I think this perfume is designed for very young girls - as a first perfume perhaps - it is so light I can barely smell it.

  • NEL02/09/2004

    Hi lisa.i also love they have NOA FLEUR,don"t think they have it here in the us yet,i got it as a gift from europe,keep checking the internet. good luck.

  • NEL01/27/2004

    Hi Machika.i have the new Noa fleur it smells as good as the regular noa but more flowery.the name noa fleur (flower) mine was agift from europe i dont think they have it in the states yet. good luck.

  • KELLY01/12/2004

    I am young and love this perfume, whoever said it was for an older crowd is crazy. Its feminine and sexy, not too heavy. And I always get compliments on it. I just wish I could get it in a store.

  • MACHIKO12/29/2003

    Does anyone know what NOA Fleur is like?

  • JESSICA12/27/2003

    this scent is hard to find,i have no idea why it would be discontinued! it is simply clean,musky and beautiful-i savor my current bottle because i'm not sure when i'll find another! disgusting scents are on the shelves and yet i can't buy noa when i go to macy's? go figure!

  • ERIN12/26/2003

    I love NOA... I won't wear anything else! It mixes well with my natural scent. I get complimented often.

  • SARI12/16/2003

    I don’t think perfumes are made for me. I am very choosy about how I smell. When I first saw the Noa bottle it grab my attention and then when I smelled it I feel in love with it. Noa is just the perfume for me.

  • ANNE12/05/2003

    This is a good sample of what one can name "a bad smell"! Why would someone want to smell like this? For the bottle, it is nice like present, but never put it on for yourself.

  • REBECCA11/25/2003

    It is a clean scent but to me, it smells too "scrubbed". In the end, I didn't like the way it smelled on me - musty and rather sweaty in some strange way.

  • PERFUME LADY11/22/2003

    I found this perfume recently while on vacation in Paris and bought it there. I love the packaging with the pearl in the little round bottle. Natural smelling, light floral fragrance which I love for day time wear.

  • NATHALIE11/21/2003

    She loves this perfume. Everytime we go to a mall she wants the salesperson to spray it on her wrists. I think that is what this is: a little girl's perfume. I rate it excellent with my daughter in mind.

  • CAROL08/08/2003

    A sample bottle was wonderful! Could not wait to order! That was barely scented water! They need a Quality Control person! I was robbed!

  • LISSA07/28/2003

    Noa drives my man absolutely wild. It is my favorite perfume. It mixes with my own body chemistry wonderfully.

  • SUSAN07/02/2003

    This one conjures up images of a porcelain skinned woman with crystal eyes. It is really fresh, but still very sweet and almost an innocent quality to it. Good pick for those who are just buying real perfumes because it is not strong, but still lasts so you can smell pretty all day!

  • ALEX06/24/2003

    It's quite nice, but a bit too musky for me.

  • PAT06/14/2003

    Noa is nothing special, at least on me. It is boring, common but fortunately it doesn´t last either.

  • CANDI04/16/2003

    I love it! Every time someone I know smells it somewhere, they look around for me! This is the best perfume I have found so far and I will use it until they no longer make it. Im purchasing lots of bottles to pass down to my daughters who love it also. Thank you for making a perfume that is perfect.

  • CAROLINE04/08/2003

    If you can't decide on a perfume, buy this one. You can't go wrong. It's not too overpowering, not too acidic and not too powdery. Just plain clean!

  • TINA04/04/2003

    It's a good scent, but I don't think you would like to have it as signature if you are under 50. It's sold as an young scent, but it's too serious and no man could find it sexy.

  • KAHE WEIL04/03/2003

    I love the perfume and the shimmer in the lotion is FANTASTIC!

  • HEIDI03/25/2003

    i've never had the desire to smell jovan white musk, so i don't know whether this smells the same, but I love noa. I thought it smelled kinda weird the first time i smelled it...but it has grown on me, and now i wear it everyday. I never thought i liked flowery scents, but this is different enough where i don't feel like a bouquet.

  • COLEY03/20/2003

    I really like this one. I heard they are going to disc. it in the US. I hope not. It smells great.

  • ANGELA03/17/2003

    Noa is the one of the best fragrances I have ever smelled. Every where i go someone asks me, "what do you have on?" I tell them very proudly,"Noa", as if I were the creator of such a wonderful fragrance. Of course they ask where can they get it from and I tell them where I got mine from. Only to find out when I went to purchase another bottle that they don't carry it anymore. I was even told that they didn't make it anymore. Well low and behold I found this web site and I am in heaven now.

  • SHEILA03/15/2003

    I have been wearing Noa since it first showed up. Noa is the only perfume I can wear that does not make me sick. I wear it everyday. I cannot believe this fragrance has been taken out of the stores?!!

  • CYNTHIA03/09/2003

    Can be overwhelming if not applied sparingly.

  • TINAB02/23/2003

    Smells cheap--just like Jovan Musk--a wash out and wash off for sure!!!

  • EDA02/06/2003

    is a fragrance that you enter like a magical is very sexy and it gives you a good sense of beauty

  • EDA02/06/2003

    is a fragrance that you enter like a magical is very sexy and it gives you a good sense of beauty

  • JOSIE01/31/2003

    for those of you who don't like the smell, consider your body chemistry before dissing a perfume, or maybe you just stink, but noa is a lovely perfume with the right body smell:)

  • MARY01/27/2003

    Noa is the only way to go!

  • VANESSA01/18/2003

    I can not for the love of me understand why such a great product has been removed from the shelves. I LOVE IT!!

  • MELISSA12/30/2002

    I just wanted to let you know that while you can no longer purchase Noa in stores, it is still available several places on the internet. I am like you I love it and always recieve compliments when I wear it. Let me know if you would like the names of the places on the internet where it's still available. I hope this helps!!

  • MARIA12/27/2002

    noa is the best perfume on the world, i love it!

  • LISA12/25/2002

    I bought this perfume about a year ago and LOVE IT!!! Not only is it my favorite but I have never received so many compliments from men! I was very upset when my husband tried to buy it for Christmas and was told it had been discontinued.

  • LISA12/17/2002

    I purchased Noa in Antwerp Europe in August of 2002. I wasn't real excited about the scent but it was an interesting scent. Everytime I wear it, I wonder if it is too strong. One woman was walking behind me and said my fragrance smelled really good. I told her I purchase it in Europe and she said it smelled like it. :)

  • HOOLAGIRL10/23/2002

    This is an absolutely wonderful smell!! It wears very nice....on me!!LOL hope others are as lucky as I am.

  • ERICA 10/22/2002

    I really like it -- but it seems to disappear after a few minutes.

  • VERONICA10/15/2002

    Noa is definitely a very interesting fragrance. In my opinion either you really like it, or you really don't. I DO!!! It's one of those rare perfumes that have what I call "personality". I got a free sample at the fragrance counter in a department store. I have to admit, when I first tried it on, I wasn't too excited about it. But then after a while it smelled absolutely beautiful. It's all about chemistry... and this one definitely created an intoxicating fusion!!!

  • NINA10/13/2002

    Noa is weird. The smell makes me thik of tortoises (someone compared it to selftanning lotion, that's quite close, actually). After I tried it in the shop, I found that everthing I ate or drank afterwards tasted extremely bitter. Later on I noticed that effect with other, similar perfumes as well.

  • MELISSA08/26/2002

    I love this perfume!! I have the shower gel, lotion, and perfume and they're all wonderful!! I usually don't receive compliments on my perfume but when I wear Noa I do. It's very light but still a great long lasting scent ! Definitely worth a try !!

  • K08/21/2002

    i saw how epensive this perfume was but still wanted to try it becuase it said it smelled like notes of peony and coffee but the smell was bad when i finally tried it

  • MELH07/26/2002

    you here think that Noa is a subtle and light perfume! I don't think so! It's ok when you spray at first but on my skin it becomes strong and too sweet. It doesn't make me feel good!

  • STEPHANIE07/05/2002

    I think it smells really good. Light and powdery, which usually isn't one of my fav types but I really like this. I haven't bought any yet, but I almost did one Christmas. For myself. ;)

  • COLEY06/11/2002

    I really like Noa. It's very light and pleasant. It has a musky scent that's why I think people are comparing it to Jovan musk.

  • BETTYE05/29/2002

    LOVE NOA...the body lotion is soft and so nice. YES.AH!! Almost my trademark. The lotion does have little sparkles in it.

  • ASCHATAN04/17/2002

    When I smelled the bottle, I could ahrdly detect anything at all, so I tried it. Smells like selftanning lotion on me.

  • MARIE04/14/2002

    It smells nice in the bottle. When I put it on it's nice but it just vanishes completely in about 5 minutes as if nothing stays on my skin. I envy the lucky ones.

  • CARLA04/06/2002

    I had a hard time and a long time finding a good everyday perfume for me, and NOA was a pleasant surprise. Woman love it and men are crazy about. For those who did not like it, your body chemistry didn not welcome the perfume smell. Maybe it's the food you eat.

  • ELAINE03/16/2002

    I bought this on a cruise and I love it and so does my husband. I agree with most of the ladies it just make you feel good. It's good for people who like a soft but beautiful smell.

  • AYNIKAYE02/25/2002

    Beautiful, light, classy and very feminine. I really feel like a "Lady" when wearing Noa.

  • ELISA01/20/2002

    As for personality - who doesn't want that... NOA is so ultra-feminine and soft--- yet it let's your own peronal scent come through... wear it and be yourself!!!

  • SUSAN01/02/2002

    This reminds me of a scent by Oleg Cassini back in late 70's. Anyone remember ????

  • A BIT TOO STRONG..12/31/2001

    This fragrance was a bit too strong for me. Used it a couple of times & then tossed it out.

  • ROSE12/27/2001

    I agree completely with Johann. I received a bottle of Noa as a gift and I fell in love with its soft erotic scent. Before condemning a fragrance, folks need to realize that many perfumes do not compliment all body chemistrys.

  • CBAKER12/13/2001

    For those of you that don't like Noa, that's ok. Not everyone is going to like it. I like the fact that it's subtle enough, yet at the same time lasts long after putting it on. It is a very soft and light scent. It's great!

  • ROBIN12/12/2001

    This is a great fragrance. I work at a hotel and got many compliments on it from the customers its light and pretty but not to strong that it knocks you over.I even had to spray a headband and give it to my boyfriend for work so he could smell it lol he loves it.....

  • MAI12/09/2001

    I used to wear this. I liked the smell of the coffee grains. Then I realized that this, no matter how gentle and delicate this is, it is cloying, quite cloying, in all that gentleness. Ambivalent perfume, I guess.

  • *J*11/28/2001

    i love noa, i wore it last new years and it smelled great all night. its soft but enduring, to me it smells like snow and freshness...maybe because of my personal association of when i wore it but...all in all a pretty little fragrance.

  • MISS MARY11/11/2001

    albeit different fragrances work for different people noa works for me i love it :)

  • NORI10/31/2001

    For those of you who likes to be delicate and sexy in the same time - you'll love it. It makes me happy and it's enough to see how the opposite sex reacts..

  • JASMINE10/22/2001


  • MARTI10/07/2001

    It smells like Jovan White Musk. But if I wanted to smell like Jovan White Musk, I'd buy a bottle of Jovan White Musk and save myself quite a bit of money! This perfume is a ripoff!

  • MICHELLE10/04/2001


  • NONI09/26/2001

    great smell feels sexxxy.loved it!

  • JOHANN 09/21/2001

    For those of you that don't like it ever think that your body chemistry is wrong for it. Bet you like Beautiful, Channel 5, or Opium,a much stronger scent. Noa is quiet it doesn't announce to the world I'M HERE, its gentle and lets it be known that way.

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    Yes, it's terrible. As somebody said: PERFUME, WHAT PERFUME? Who wants to buy it?!

  • JERI08/28/2001

    I love works for me...have gotten tons of compliments..frm men and women

  • ALISON08/25/2001

    I agree with the "goddess". This is not a bottle of perfume, it's a bottle of H20! I've tried it on in the dept. store before, and it doesn't smell like anything at all. How anyone could actually wear this is quite beyond me.

  • CATARINA08/17/2001

    If you like Jovan's white musk and alikes, this fragrance is for you. My boyfriend and other male friends like it a lot. It's okay, but I gave mine to my sister ;o)


    Cacharel are screwing you over.... it's a bottle of tap water. Perfume? WHAT PERFUME???!!! Talk about the Emperor's new clothes.

  • ELISHA07/31/2001

    This fragrance does not work well with my chemistry, but I think that it smells pretty out of the bottle

  • EILEEN07/23/2001

    I was lucky enough to have received the Gel Moussant, Creme Lotion and Parfum. I must say, what a truly light scent. WONDERFUL!!!

  • AMY07/22/2001

    This stuff is pretty chokey on the wrong person. Be careful and try before you buy. Smells good on a small few.

  • AMBER01/09/2001

    Light like a feather, bright, young, fresh.

  • STEVE11/21/2000

    A lovely organic frangrance.......

  • CHRISTY11/04/2000

    This fragrance is wonderfully beautiful! It will make you happy all day long!

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