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Burberry Brit   

119 Reviews

Live From London. The new Burberry Brit Fragrance by Burberry epitomizes modern day British style. A timeless scent with a spirited attitude. Classic, Fresh, Feminine. The Brit girl embodies the playful British spirit of individuality. She is outrageous, but always charming and unpredictably sexy. Fresh and playful, the fragrance is a classic, more

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Live From London. The new Burberry Brit Fragrance by Burberry epitomizes modern day British style. A timeless scent with a spirited attitude. Classic, Fresh, Feminine. The Brit girl embodies the playful British spirit of individuality. She is outrageous, but always charming and unpredictably sexy. Fresh and playful, the fragrance is a classic, green oriental blend of lush fruits, sweet nutty essences, and soothing amber, vanilla, and Tonka bean. Notes include Italian Lime, Icy Pear, Green Almond, White Peony, Sugared Almonds, Amber, Mahogany, Vanilla, Tonka Bean.

  • EMMALETH-DIANE09/25/2013

    The minute I caught my first whiff of this beyond lovely perfume I was hooked. I have terrible allergies, so there are few perfumes that I can wear. But Burberry Brit is lovely, sensual and completely compatable with my allergies.

  • ANITA08/28/2013

    Smells wonderful and lasts all day.

  • PATTY09/12/2012

    This scent reminds me of my favorite Bath and Body Works scent Forever Sunshine. It's warm and sugary and smells best after the top notes have drifted away. I feel cozy and loved when I wear it. One spray of parfum lasts all day.

  • DENETTE01/18/2012

    Burberry Brit has been my “go-to” scent this fall and winter season! I just can’t get enough of it! I love to pear and lime opening – it doesn’t last very long on me, but it is wonderful none the less. The dry down is warm with the almond, vanilla and tonka bean. I have tried both the EdP and EdT versions, and the EdP is my fav. It lasts longer on me than the EdT, and it has just a tiny bit more spice and warmth than the EdT. Yummy!! Definately one of my top 5 fragrances that I own!

  • CHELSEA01/16/2012

    I absolutely love this fragrance. I alternate between this perfume and Play for her by Givenchy. Burberry Brit is described as having notes of italian lime, icy pear, green almond, white peony, sugared almonds, amber, mahogany, vanilla, and tonka bean. After spraying the perfume, I notice a green, lush smell followed by a sweet, musky, vanilla smell. I notice that the lime truly is the standout scent in this fragrance. The scent is sweet and sophisticated. However, it is not sickly-sweet and would suit a wide age range. In other words, this is not just a scent for teenagers. This perfume lasts all day, so there is no need to reapply. A little goes a long way! I also find that this fragrance can be worn at all times of the year. This perfume is very gentle, as it does not give me a headache like most other scents do. I receive many compliments each time I wear Burberry Brit. I am also very fond of the packaging. The bottle is printed with the classic Burberry tartan pattern. It looks very classy and would look nice on a makeup table or vanity. The bottle does not make a mess, and the cap stays on so that there are no leaks or accidental sprays. I also find that it is easy to dispense this perfume into smaller containers such as the Travolo so that it can be carried anywhere. Overall, this is one of my favorite fragrances. I will repurchase this perfume when I run out.

  • JENNIFER12/31/2010

    I've only smelled the EdT and I loved it, but it didn't last long at all. Is the EdP any better in staying power? I still want that lime top note and warm vanilla dry down.

  • LISY05/20/2010

    I like this perfum a lot. I have liked it since the first time I smelled it. But it's not for everyone

  • JOANNAH06/02/2008

    I'm a moody but if I were to choose an affordable fragrance as a signature it would be this one and I don't care that many other women wear it too. There's probably a good reason for that. I tested it at Gatwick but sadly my fragrance budget had already been spent on CK Euphoria because I would really have preferred this one. My body chemistry and I really like this one and it's not a given that just because my body chemistry likes it, that I'll like it too. This is definitely the next fragrance I'm getting. Now I just need to finish off three other bottles first.

  • NINOTCHKA05/16/2008

    to my nose, i judged this perfume to be simply fine on me, but at least three people think i smell fantastic when i wear it (hence, i gave it a notch up in my rating). to each his own- try it on at the perfume counter, at least.

  • GINA01/30/2008

    This is gorgeous perfume, however it just does not last on my skin! I have EDT, maybe EDP may last longer?

  • DARRSHAN01/05/2008

    u can give a try not bad but nothing interesting in the dry down of this.

  • ANNABELLE12/08/2007

    A spritz of this magical potion takes me away! From the exuberant, joyful burst of sparkling fruits to the luscious, creamy drydown, my nose is in heaven. Maybe it's common, maybe not extraodinary to some, but to me, there's nothing else like it. I have tried many others and this one works really well on me. Yum!!!

  • SMELLIE KAT10/12/2007

    Okay, so Brit is fine, but it's one of many in my collection, and not my favorite. I find it kind of ordinary, if I'm honest. However, when I wear it, men and women compliment me like crazy and ask me what I'm wearing and say it smells "wonderful." Even though it's not my favorite, I am a dyed-in-the-wool compliment whore so I wear it quite often (especially in the office), leaving my more interesting and sophisticated perfumes to sulk in their own juice. So in spite of my own "meh-ness" about it, I will always have a bottle of Brit EDP in the house. It's a staple, like bread or milk. If I'm going to a meeting or anywhere I'll be around a lot of people, I wear Brit. It's a people pleaser, what can I say? Brit Gold is more interesting, but, when playing to a crowd, Brit always gets the desired response. I just wish I loved it.

  • SYLVIE10/04/2007

    No sorry Greekgirl, unfortunately I can't help. Never heard of "Christina" fragrance. If you take a look at the Encyclopedia by Perfumeworld Net. you can find there a fragrance with the name "Christina". So it exists or did exist. But no more information can be found. Good luck and happy hunting. Best wishes, Sylvie.

  • MORANDA09/30/2007

    are they different or exactly the same? - Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum Natural Spray - Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum I bought a large bottle of - Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum a couple of years ago, I'm still using it. However, today I went shopping and bought a small bottle for my friend's birthday, when I smelled the sample of Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum Natural Spray, it smelled slightly different from the one I currently have (- Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum).

  • GREEKGIRL09/17/2007

    Hi again Sylvie, how is Germany, hope you have some nice weather there! im glad someone agrees with me on Brit edp-edt difference as i was beginning to think i was imagining it, i too live ambery frags but because i have so many of them i prefer brit in edt as it is different than others that i have, i luv the caramel smell of it, seeing if you are Germany you might be able to help me find a frag which i cannot locate anywhere, my husband bought it back from overseas for me a few years ago and cannot remember where he bought it (thats men for you!) the frag was called Christina and it was in a small glass carved bottle with a silver cap, there was no brand name on it only it said Dadi on the back (i think) because it has worn off over the years and i cant read it well (didnt take a lot of notice of it before it wore off) and it was made in West Germany (written on bottom of bottle) it was an aldehydic type flowery frag i think it might have had lily in it (not sure) have you heard of this frag? if so do you know if its still available and from where, id luv to be able to get it again it holds a lot of memories for me but sadly i cannot find it anywhere and no ones heard of it, hope you can help! thanks and bye for now, hope to hear from you soon, greekgirl Helen.

  • SYLVIE08/23/2007

    Hi Greekgirl, you have a good nose! Yes, yes, I agree: EDT and EDP smell different! I like both versions, but I prefer the EDP, because I adore voluptuous, warm and ambery dry-downs. Brit EDP has more complexity and depth (womanly). BRIT EDT smells more fresh, uncomplicated and happy...(girly). I'm very skeptical when it comes to the "modern-synthetic-year 2000 fragrances", but all BRITs smell divine. Beautiful, well balanced perfumes. Hope to read you soon. Ciao for now, Sylvie (Germangirl).

  • GREEKGIRL08/05/2007

    Is it me or does the edt and edp smell a little different, i have the edt and recently tried the edp as i was shopping one day, and noticed it was a bit more ambery maybe? prefer the edt, have anyone else noticed this?

  • LEONESS02/12/2007

    Just recently, I made Burberry Brit my first perfume purchase. It is so wonderful ladies- it's enrapturous! Just wait until it dries and you'll smell like a warm, sugary, amber-glowing goddess! Caution: yes, this perfume is strong at first (one spray and you're done), and no, the scent doesn't linger for long, but while it lasts it's scrumptous.

  • SAYA01/21/2007

    I adore this lolly-like sweet scent, but it's to strong for me. Ralph Hot smells a lot like this one (although it doesn't have the scent of pear in it) and softer.

  • ALEXY12/03/2006

    I’ve always loved the smell of incense before its burned, and that’s what Brit smells like to me. I really loved the sugared almonds in it too. Smell works great for fall and winter, but I usually skip over it for spring and summer.

  • REBECCA12/02/2006

    I got this a few years back in the EDT form, which was the only one I could find at the time. I had to return it because the EDT does not last on me. I have yet to find the EDP, but I'm sure it has got to last longer...Still at the time of release it was unusual and comforting. Sweet vanilla almonds and a little floral to make it feminine. I think now it would be far too sweet for me though. It has also become far too popular! That's why it's good to get it when it first debuts and is unknown...

  • STREET ANGEL08/31/2006

    I have been looking for another fragrance with a "backbone" yet will not make people sick. Burberry Brit is the frangrance. It's very sexy and unique, yet not overpowering. If you like Magentism by Escada you will love this fragrance. The lime in it gives the usual vanilla based perfume an interesting twist.

  • IFEANYI E- SHAUN07/27/2006


  • NATAKI RAMOSE07/26/2006


  • BRANDY 07/19/2006

    To me this is a seasonal fragrance. Very warm and smells like tonka beans with amber. I loved it this past winter! Great for snuggling.

  • SMITTEN07/12/2006

    I have questions about this scent and others, would you please email me at [email protected] Thanks!

  • M07/10/2006

    This smells strongly of vanilla and a little almond to me. A soft amber quality with a bit of sweetness that reminds of caramel or pralines. It smells a bit thick at first but lightens up very quickly. It is very warm and versatile for everyday wear. The bottle is cute, but the lasting power is not so great. I personally hate touching up my fragrance throughout the day, but I like Brit enough to make that compromise, and an extra spritz won't be too overwhelming because it lightens up so quickly.

  • MARY05/09/2006

    To me, it jst smells really unnusual!The first time I tryed I was left with a doubt, I didn´t know if I liked or not. But then, it grew on me, and now I´m addicted, and it is my signature scent.The funny thing is, even now I keep getting amazing compliments and I kind of don´t fully understand...I guess it just go REALLY well with my chemestry... So well my friends tried to "steal" it from me, using it as well, and gave up saying that on mee it smelled much more special...well...have anything like this ever happened to you?

  • *BARBARA W*05/04/2006

    I really like Brit - it's bright, lively, and tangy, but I felt that the drydown was missing those earthy incense notes that I love so much. So, out of curiosity, I wondered what it might smell like mixed with Casmir. Voila! On my skin, it blended into this fantastic warm and spicy fragrance. The bright notes in Brit livened up the Casmir, and the incense notes in Casmir gave the Brit the depth I was looking for. I got so many compliments throughout the evening. Another mix that I've had success with is Opium and Kenzo Jungle L'elephant. I know perfume purists are probably cringing, but hey, it's fun to experiment a little! Try for yourself... :-)

  • MAMIOW04/26/2006

    The smell of vanilla made me feel dizzy. If you love vanilla, it's your perfume of choice. If you can't stand vanilla smell, please leave it on the shelf.

  • *BARBARA W*04/21/2006

    Just tried this today and loved it immediately. The top notes are definitely citrusy-lively, but it has a deep, rich base that makes it sophisticated and elegant. Modern and unique. I tried the Red version, too, but it was too sweet for my taste, and not as sophisticated (I turn 40 this year and don't want to smell 20 anymore), but the Red version would be lovely on younger women. Brit is going to become a definite staple in my perfume wardrobe!

  • AMY03/26/2006

    I can't stop smelling myself! I smelled this on a friend and thought it was pleasant. I usually like much more mysterious scents that you can't quite put your finger on. But the vanilla appealed to me so I decided to try it. After about two minutes I was like (sniff )this smells good! 2 minutes later(sniff sniff).. this smells really good! 2 Minutes later...really really good!And so on. Now it's been about 6 hours and 1 bottle later. I'm totally in love with this scent. It's just a really sweet, warm and comforting scent that I really find endearing. There's almost an innocense to it. But at the same time it's playful. It smells like something that a genuinly nice person would wear if that makes any sense?

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE03/20/2006

    Who would think those notes make a fabulous fragrance, as well as dessert! I tried this one based on your comments posters, and I thank you so very much! I love Burberry Brit. Sadly, I have to agree with those of you who said it doesn't last. Fades quickly on me too. Oh well, I still love it. Good thing I bought the big bottle!

  • GREEKGIRL03/13/2006

    for me to find this gorgeous perfume with the most beautiful almond scent i have ever sniffied. This is definitely a winner but only drawback is that it does not last very long, wish they had a parfum.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC03/03/2006

    Thanks for your comment Maya. I so thoroughly enjoy reading all your postings. I too always seem to receive compliments on scents I am wearing but can no longer detect on myself after a short time. While it's great that others are enjoying our 'silage' , for the costs of today's fragrances I just wish I were able to smell and enjoy what I'm applying a little longer. Funny how it works because if it's a scent that I like/can tolerate but dont absolutely adore - I can smell it ALL day! Maya, I wrote an e-mail to you a couple weeks back after seeing your address in a posting, but I'm guessing you didn't receive it since I haven't heard from you. Being that we are both quite the perfume-aholics and fellow Canadians, I would love to keep in touch and compare fragrances with you! My address is: [email protected] Happy sniffing girl! (P.S. I note that you are a new lover of Cartier's fragrance Le Basier de Dragon ....apparently Cartier has launched (or is about to) a new one called Delices which sounds promising. Also, I know your not an admirer of JLO's perfumes but she has a new one out called Love At First Glow - my hubby went out and bought me a bottle of's quite nice and MUCH better than the original Glow which to me merely smells like a bottle of soap water. While it's not glamorous like many of our usual choices, I do like it. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • MAYA02/22/2006

    You know I have to share this with you... I wear Brit once in a while... of course I adore it... the almond is incredible and really since Gloria to me nothing else came even close until Brit... but on me I can hardly smell Brit after a little bit and yet compliments file-in hours and hours later still... Others can smell it on me even if I can't and just to add another thing - funny to me - every fragrance that I seem not to notice or be able to smell on me even 10 minutes after applying - I get the most wonderful compliments on hours later... so perhaps those are the ones that work the best for us...

  • CAROLYN02/12/2006

    Wore my Brit again today. I dont wear it everyday, but when I am in the mood for it, it hits the right spot. The dry down is lovely. Brit gets 5 stars in my book.

  • CARLA 02/12/2006

    Ok, not the type of fragrance I would use but I was in the airport and thought I would think outside the box. Wrong. Heavy and overpowering. Ended up giving it to my sister, who tends to wear heavier scents and even she couldn't wear it. I tried

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC02/07/2006

    I just ADORE this fragrance! It is yummy, comforting and oh so doesn't last!!!! And i've purchased the EDP version too! I recommend perfume lovers to try Burberry London - that DOES last, all day in fact. It didnt work for me the first time i tried it, but, im going to give it another shot because it too has some of the same notes as Brit contains.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC02/03/2006

    was only buying a 50ml bottle! This is one of the most delicious scents I am now pleased to have in my collection. It's such a warm, inviting and comforting scent, so great for these winter months.

  • LAURA01/30/2006

    My cousin got a large bottle of Burberry Brit for Christmas and she had half the bottle of the littler one left over so she had sprayed it in the air so I had said "What is that amazing smell?!" and she had told me it was the smell of Burberry Brit and I fell in love. I wear it everyday! I actually have to go out and buy more! I love it, I actually take it every where I go(I keep it in my purse) that's how additcted I am. If you're looking for a fragrence DEFINATELY go with Burberry Brit.

  • JORJA01/27/2006

    I heard about this from a friend and not this is all I wear too. She was visiting from Greece and she really smelled good and so I had to ask her what she was wearing. Now I know! It's Burberry Brit of course. Personally I prefer to find out these things on my own and not ask around, but really I just could not help myself when I smelled this I went nuts. As soon as she went back to Greece I was on my way to the store to get me a bottle ;)

  • AGATHA01/03/2006

    I really like Burberry Brit, it reminds me of sweet candy with all that vanilla. A little green too with Green lemon, frosted pear and green almond but this is one of my favorites. It smells really nice on my skin, much better then on paper or out of the bottle. I would recommend to try on your skin first before making any decisions it this is too sweet or too anything.

  • MS THANG01/02/2006

    I have just purchased this perfume. I love it. I have the lotion and perfume. I feel so sexy in this. I thought the regular one for men was so loud it gave me a headache so I never tried to smell anymore Burberry's until now.

  • AMY12/07/2005

    i love the way this one smells!! it is sweet but not in sickening way. if you like this one try charles jourdan perfume. very similiar and equals burberry brit in every way except it is cheaper! highly recomend both!! trust me, you'll get lots of compliments.

  • KATHY11/20/2005

    This is a one dimensional perfume and very sweet. If you love that sweet vanilla scent then, no problem. It stays close to the body and won't run any one off, but I prefer a more romantic scent. Vanilla just isn't romantic in my opinion.

  • BURB FANATIC11/12/2005

    I sniffed this at Macy's awhile back, and all I could detect was a spicy, cinnamon-like aroma. I thought it would be way too overpowering for me, so i didn't put any on my skin. But i guess it deserves a second chance. After all, fragrance is supposed to meld with one's chemistry before making the decision if it is right for you or not. Next time, I will see what the drydown is like on me, instead of a paper card.

  • KALILA11/10/2005

    Brit Red is a special edition fragrance with an eccentric and playful British attitude infused with an elegant sensuality. It perfectly captures the Oriental blend of fresh fruits, deep red rose and succulent spices. Notes: Rhubarb, Mandarin, Jasmine, Deep Red Rose, Gingerbread, Patchouli, Benzoin, Vanilla Beans, Sandalwood. Style: Eccentric. Playful. Delicious.

  • KALILA11/10/2005

    Burberry Brit Fragrance by Burberrys epitomizes modern day British style. A timeless scent with a spirited attitude. Classic, Fresh, Feminine. The Brit girl embodies the playful British spirit of individuality. She's outrageous, but always charming and unpredictably sexy. Fresh and playful, the fragrance is a classic, green-oriental blend of lush fruits, sweet nutty essences, and soothing amber, vanilla, and Tonka bean. Notes include Italian Lime, Icy Pear, Green Almond, White Peony, Sugared Almonds, Amber, Mahogany, Vanilla, Tonka Bean.

  • MAYA10/31/2005

    Here is the description... The signature designer fragrance with the sophistication and elegance of gold. • Top notes of magnolia, neroli, black currant, and bergamot. • Heart notes of pink orris, amber, and vanilla. • Base notes of musk, sandalwood, and benzoin. • In the inconic Burberry Brit bottle with a gleaming gold tint.

  • ROXOLANA10/30/2005

    I was actually sceptical to this one, since I don't like smell of almonds, but I liked this scent. Probably would wear it if it was gift, but won't neccessarily buy it.

  • REBEKKAH10/29/2005

    Yes, they're coming out with another special edition Brit; the scent is supposed to be released for the Holiday season in the U.S. That's all the details I can find for now. Will update when I hear more news. I can't wait to sample it. A brand new Burberry, yea!!!

  • MAYA10/17/2005

    I tried Burberry Brit a few times and for some reason every time I do I smell a totally different thing! Last few times however, I've been able to nail it down to a very, very sweet candy-like aroma in this scent! It was like the ice-cream shop and candy store all in one. Very yummy, very creamy and sugary sweet; but not like burnt sugar--there are a few fragrances out there that smell more intense of burnt sugar & cotton candy... but Burberry Brit has a slightly mellower, more like a cake smell to it... There is also a very distinct almond smell there as well which is nice. Personally this is nowhere close to being a favorite of mine, but I can see a lot of ladies liking this fragrance. Burberry Brit Red is far more enticing as far as I'm concerned, I do like it a lot better.

  • ALLISON R.09/25/2005

    I can't get enough of this scent. I could bathe myself in it. When I sprayed it on in the store, it smelled strange. The dry down came, and I knew I had something.

  • ALLISON R.09/15/2005

    Yeah! Finally a strong sweet nutty fragrance. This one makes me happy, because it is what cold weather is all about. Buy this!!!!

  • ALLISON R.09/10/2005

    O.K. the dry down is a bit strange, but the almond and vanilla really stand out. This is going to be perfect for the cold months.

  • LIA09/07/2005

    Wore my Brit today and late in the afternoon was picking up a wonderful scent and wondering where it was coming from. Then I smelling my arm where i had sprayed Brit, and it was gorgeous. I did not remember the dry down getting so amazingly good on me. Today i am wearing my Brit again! Cant wait till the dry down smells like it did yesterday. It developed into exactly the smell I love.

  • ALLISON R.09/06/2005

    The scent is so mild it barely shows up. I do pick up hints of almond and vanilla that mix well together, but not as a fragrance to wear.

  • MEOW-MEOW08/09/2005

    Brit is lovely. Ever so-elegant and playful at the same time. I guess it would become a classic. (But please bear in mind that don't put too much on, it'll be over-powering) Also check out the limited edition Brit Red, it's also alluring and chic!:-)

  • TAT2DBETTIE08/02/2005

    I purchased the 3.4 EDT gift set with the lotion and shower gel. The bath products are awesome! I use the lotion all day long to refresh my scent. The EDT seems to last just fine on me, in fact... it's almost too strong. I have to spray then walk through this scent or else it's too much. Guess that is chemistry for ya.... but as lovely as I think this scent is, there is also a downside. I would have to agree with JT. Very one dimensional dry down. The top notes with the almond/pear/almost lime-ish scent are AMAZING!! But after a while, it just becomes like a vanilla/almond/musk... which is nice, but I really wish that pear would stick around. Regardless, I still love this scent AND the bath products.

  • SHANNON 07/26/2005

    This one was bought for me! I was not sure at first but after the dry down it was very soft. Use this one for some cuddle time!!

  • JESSICA07/20/2005

    I ADORE this scent, i'mjust heartbroken that it wont last on me. i spray my neck twice and my wristonce with eau de perfume, 1 hour later i can't smell it and neither can anyone else!

  • LEONIE.C06/29/2005

    Ooh la,la, the sexiest fragrance. I am truly in love with this fragrance. The very best!

  • ALENA06/23/2005

    I bought this in october and havn't ever regretted it. I have received so many compliments on it and have recommended it to so many people. It smells so good, it lasts all day and if you get the gift set with the body wash and lotion...WOW! I will never have need for another frangrance again...providing Burberry doesn't ever stop making this! I am in LOVE! PS, Guys love this stuff too, I've been "smelled up" by guys so often its become entertaining. Even my friends rave about it.

  • LIZZIE06/20/2005

    when i first sprayed this, i was IN LOVE with the scent...the almond/pear combination was absolutely delectable. i was grinning because my nose was in heaven. but the base of the fragrance smells exactly like allure by chanel to me. this isn't a bad thing... i love allure, and i have that bottle as well. i just didn't think it was worth it to spend another sixty dollars on a fragrance i already have. if the pear/almond notes would hang around, i would have kept my burberry brit bottle. but they didn't, so i swapped it out for lolita lempicka, which is SCRUMPTIOUS. just the same, i'm giving this perfume an excellent rating because i would have kept the bottle if i didn't own chanel's allure first. very pretty, classically feminine scent that i think would appeal to most everyone's noses.

  • KRISTA06/02/2005

    i found this in a magazine last year and totally fell in love, i finally found it today and was so excited to open it up. when i first sprayed it i was a bit disappointed, but once it dries, it's amazing. i love it. buy this!

  • LIZA05/24/2005

    My parents bought this for me for my birthday and it's a beautiful scent. The smell continues to become more and more beautiful as the day progresses and it doesnt fade.. I love it

  • KELLIE05/03/2005

    I love a fruity, citrusy scent that is NOT orangy, grapefruity, pinesol scent. This is it for me. The dry down (on me) is wonderful. Don't be scared if at first it is sour. It was on me. And I thought oh well, it sounded so good but is so sour! 1 hour later it is heavenly. In a Barbados sort of way. I can put up with the 10 min. of sour for what is in store. I give this an excellent because it smells so good and is totally original.

  • HISAKO05/02/2005

    I just tested Brit after reading the comments on it. It mid-note smells lot like Sensations by Jil Sander, that is cheaper than Brit and one spray lasts ALL day long. I like Sensation better and if you like more creamy something, Sensation may be worth checking.

  • AVI MARIE04/14/2005

    I LOVE This Perfume!! It Is Absolutley My FAVORITE!!

  • TAYANA04/12/2005

    Trendy and classical at the same time. This is one of my favorites.

  • JESSICA03/31/2005

    iam so with you on this. i cannot stress enough how much i love this scent, its amazing. but it just does not last. no one ever says they can smell it on me or that its nice. it drives me mad, have tried the edp but that too fades!! Arghhhhh!!

  • MARI9803/21/2005

    I like this one...Whenever I cannot make up my mind what perfume to wear, Brit is my choice. I find it very warm and comforting...yum!

  • REBECCA03/15/2005

    I just bought the edt brit and have yet to try it out because I have a long does the edt last in anyones opinion? I loved it since it came out, but would like an edt that lasts all day with few sprays. Please let me know, thanks

  • SARAH03/09/2005

    I always love smelling this in a magazine, but haven't gotten around to buying it. I'd hate to get it and end up hating it after. It's such a cool icy creamy perfume all at once. Very cool and chic perfume. I might try it out sometime, it's gotten mostly good reviews. Plus, it seems really wearable for anytime of the year.

  • MELANIE03/06/2005

    For me, Burberry Brit is just the right balance of fruity, floral, and sweet. I like sweet fragrances, and the lime and pear give just a hint of freshness without being too fruity. Just a touch of floral, not too much. Very sophisticated and rich smelling, but at the same time fresh. Versatile, perfect for any time.

  • DW02/28/2005

    I bought a sample of the EDT for my wife. I find it very unusual in smell in a good way. It defintely gets my motor humming. Oh yes, my wife really likes it too. Definitely recommend buying this one for the ladies.

  • DEB02/25/2005

    Just bought the EDT and love it. I like it way better than the EDP. Especially the dry down. Simply wonderful, soothing, yummy, cozy. Gorgeous. Actually, at first I had tried the EDP tester and was not sure if I liked it. Good thing I tried the EDT, which works way better for me.

  • CHRISTINA02/25/2005

    I get tons of compliments from men and women when I wear this perfume. Not too heavy so I can wear it during the day. I love it!

  • CHRISTINA02/25/2005

    I get tons of compliments from men and women when I wear this perfume. Not too heavy so I can wear it during the day. I love it!

  • NIKKI02/22/2005

    This perfume is amazing! From the moment you apply it. It has so many different scents encased in the trendy plaid bottle it's difficult to tell exactly what they are. Brit is so different than anything else I have ever worn and it literally lasts all day. Very rare for a colonge.

  • JILL02/12/2005

    Brit gets very good reviews on this site. I am not sure if it is for me. I noticed the lime notes and then the smoother notes, guess that is the almond. The staying power is good, because I sprayed it on my sleeve and can still smell it there after several days! Just cant say that I am interested enough to buy this one. I do however use Burberry London. London is delicious, but does not last long on me. I end up re-spraying more than once in the day.

  • JT02/06/2005

    Personally, I don't see what all the hype is about. This is pretty popular and I'm surprised. I am not saying that it smells bad, it just isn't that amazing. I am a lover of modern perfumes (Magnetism, Emporio Armani, Lolita Lempicka, Hypnotic Poison) to name a few in the same category, and I'm sorry, but Brit just doesn't seem to have the complexity that the others have. Brit seems to be good only at the beginning when you could still smell the fruity top notes along with the almond smells, but then it just dries down to a bland blah one dimensional almond type smell. Not bad, just blah, like it makes you think "that's it? Where are all the other notes that should be here accenting the almond!"

  • ROBIN02/05/2005

    Gorgeous up front with that fruity lime/pear thing going on, then opens up to a sweet, toasty/candied almond richness that turns softly woody. Mmmm.

  • VANILLALION02/05/2005

    I am crazy about this. So very unique-the almonds and lime come through initially and there is a nice dry down. It is light so I do reapply during the day at least once.

  • TINA 01/28/2005

    Just one word to describe it - CLASS! If you have'nt got it yet, get it now!

  • MAX01/19/2005

    This perfume is the bomb. I love it and the vanilla is gorgeous. I could not see this offending anybody. I bought a tiny bottle but had to find a big one. A rare event for me. It's playful and sweet. Goorrggeeoouuss. LOVE it!

  • DEZ01/14/2005

    Burberry is def. worth every penny....not only does the scent last but EVERY single time I wore this scent someone gave me a is amazing

  • MARY01/12/2005

    I just tried Brit. At first, on the paper it smelled similar to Dune from Christian Dior. When I tried it on my skin, I could still detect something similar to Dune (which I really like). Find it a nice composition. Gives a fresh effect and is also smooth. Not too sharp. Overall it has freshness with smoothness and warmth and nice amount of sweetness. Very impressive. I do however prefer Burberry London. That is for me fantastic!! Burberry London is yummy and addictive.

  • MARY01/12/2005

    I have not tried Brit yet, but I love Burberry London. Are they similar? Actually, I havent tried any other Burberry perfumes, are they all sort of similar or each very different?

  • LAURI01/10/2005

    If sex could be bottled, this would be it! Interestingly enough, my mother. the best smelling woman in creation, got this for me, and it has a sweet, musky evocative scent that is both intriguing and feminine. Yummy! typical Burberry style! Of course, did I mention, the bottle is deceivingly conservative?

  • BARBARA01/04/2005

    The days I forget to spray it on, I miss it and can't wait to smell it again!

  • WHITNEY12/30/2004

    How many ways can I say that I love this perfume? It smells so good! It is soft and comforting. I love this!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.


    I think this will be a keeper with it's fresh and sexy scent. The design of the bottle is very alluring. I love the look that Burberry represents and this fragrance matches it perfectly. Gentlemen, please buy this fragrance for that special person in your life and watch the reaction that you get. You won't regret it!

  • EMELIE12/24/2004

    It smells clean! Very fresh and elegant, but at the same time playful and with a twist of lime.

  • KITTY0412/21/2004

    It smells ok but leaves you with an after smell of chicken. not one of my favorit perfumes.

  • SYLVIE12/15/2004

    Hi Kris,Thank you for your message. I'm confused now. I have the impression, that their are two FiFi-Awards: An International FiFi (New York) and an European FiFi-Award (Frankfurt am Main/Germany). But the FiFi-Award is not too serious and important for me and my nose. I'm a collector and addict of the "old-fashioned" and legendary-nostalgic fragrances. Greetings from Germany, Sylvie

  • SHARRIE12/04/2004

    a bit to foreig for me.wearable on a humble day.must not speak the language.

  • KRIS12/01/2004

    Sylvie, if you enter "winner 2004 Fifi Awards" in your search engine you will see the winners. Narciso Rodriguez won in the women's Nouveau Niche catagory and Burberry Brit won in the Lux catagory...all for best fragrance. It also states the winner for best packaging. Interestingly, my 20 year old daughter wears Brit and I wear Narciso. When my daughter wears Brit she smells lovely! Brit is very fresh and modern but also has a powdery softness.

  • MONICA11/18/2004

    i bought it right before fall and i new it was perfect for me. its smell so delicious and last very long.

  • SHARRIE11/13/2004

    strange but endearing

  • SUE 11/10/2004

    I'm wondering if this one lasts. I'd love to buy it, but I am very sick of perfumes not lasting on me. Thank you in advance for any information on Brit.

  • KRIS11/09/2004

    Brit is so unique and nothing smells even remotely close to it! It is very feminine and refreshing and I love it during daytime in the cooler months.

  • JT11/04/2004

    I guess I am just not a Burburrys fan... I have smelled most of their perfumes and they are just ok. Not bad, but not great either. Same goes for Burburry Brit. I was hoping to like it since I would not mind having more sweet scents for the winter, but this one just didn't do much for me. I love Escada Magnetism for a sweeter scent. It's not too sweet on me, just perfect. Having a hard time finding any more sweet ones that I like enough though.

  • AMADAN10/17/2004

    A little too sweet for me. Smells similar to Folies Douce which costs less.

  • PERFUMEFANATIC10/14/2004

    I don't like this. I found it musty smelling, like a damp loft! It's not fresh enough for me.

  • MOMMIE2B10/12/2004

    This is a great smell! I am currently pregnant and my other perfumes make me sick. I usually don't go for vanilla smells, but this one is not too over-powering.

  • TAMMY08/19/2004

    Absolutely love it! It's a warm and sensual smelling. Definitely a fall/winter fragrance because it would be too heavy in spring/summer. Love Week End & Burberry's too.

  • KELL08/01/2004

    I am thinking of buying this one. I like the smell of it and it's not too strong.

  • HAMPWIFE07/03/2004

    brit is a so very pretty perfume you just can't spray enoough it so pretty and light . this is a real ....what are you wearing , that smells good ... fragrance.

  • SYLVIE06/22/2004

    I wear BRIT for some days on my skin and clothes: For me BRIT is a nice, happy and uncomplicated fragrance, suitable for every age, everyday, day and night, and all occasions year arround. It's a modern, fruity and delicious (gourmand) perfume. It smells good and trendy, but not very unique! My expactation on this newest Burberry was very high... BRIT was nominate for the FiFi-Award 2004 as best perfume and packaging!! The Fifi-Award is the Oscar for fragrances. Now I've learned that it get's the FiFi-Award, but not for his scent, only for its bottle and box. The winner for the best fragrance 2004 (feminine) is the newest Lacoste for women. Here a subscription for BRIT: Fresh and playful, the fragrance is a classic, green-oriental blend of lush fruits, sweet nutty essences, and soothing amber, vanilla, and tonka been. Italian lime, icy pear, green almond, white peony, sugared almonds, amber, mahogany, vanilla, and tonka bean. Perfumer: Nathalie Gracia-Cetto. - I think you can't get wrong with this scent...

  • KELLY06/17/2004

    Wonderful warm fragrance. Starts out with a little fresh twist but then drys to a nice warm scent. Smells good enough to eat.

  • STACIA05/29/2004

    This is a very nice scent,it's delicious. You can wear it and know you smell good. Plus most people aren't turned off by vanilla and warm "food similar" perfumes.

  • RACHEL05/09/2004

    this perfume is exxcellent its smells so good on me when i wear it i think it was made for me i love it

  • MINNIE MOUSE05/02/2004

    Weird. I love the original Burberry and most vanillic perfumes but there's something about this one that makes my nose scrunch. It's not horrible, but I'll pass... I guess lime and vanilla are not my ideal combination... not for a perfume, at least.

  • JAN04/26/2004

    This is a beautiful fragrance. I got this the end of last year and absolutely love it. Another great fragrance from Burberry's!!

  • JESSICA04/18/2004

    yummmmmy!!!! if you crave sweet scents rich with vanilla,this one won't dissapoint you! it's long-lasting,rich and distinctive...only one thing,men will want to lick it off of you!!!!!!!

  • BECKY04/17/2004

    i tried this one today.. and.. sorry, this one is not for me... it was two sweet and almond scent was overpowering when it dried down. maybe it is just my skin chemistry, it smelled really nice on the test paper but not on my skin. could be good for young ladies around 15 to 20 ??

  • ERICA03/22/2004

    I took a chance on this based on the positive comments. I like this one. It smells similar to Light Blue by D & G to me. A fresh citrus scent but on a creamy vanilla base instead of powdery musk base. Very subtle and delicate, not overwhelming or heavy. My boyfriend likes it, and he's very particular. Got the edt and it's not very long lasting though. Still a nice scent.

  • KAMILL03/18/2004

    brit is quite cool, although it starts off as a heady woody perfume, on me it turns into a light fresh even fruity/citrusy fragrance which is quite surprising considering the notes in it. here is a brilliant tip that i came accross by an absolute fluke: spray it on top of cool water davidoff ( i know, its sounds a bit weard) but i works!!!it makes it dimentional, cool, unrecognisible fragrance for those who wish to be different...i like

  • BELLE03/13/2004

    This is delicious! You really smell the almond, nutty smell in it. Vanilla note is not overwhelming like most fragrances that have vanilla in them. This is a fabulous blend of notes. It has pear in it, but this is not a citrus smelling fragrance. It's warm on me, without being spicy. It reminds me of hazelnut...yummy!

  • SUE C03/13/2004

    This one has just started to come into the stores where I live. It has a delicious creamy quality that blends really well with the skin. I think it was designed to be a similar style to Clinique's Simply, but I think this one is better balanced and classier. Can't wait to get some.

  • JAVAFUDGE03/11/2004

    Love the light yet intiguing aroma esp in the eau de parfum. Has lingering simile to sarsaparilla which makes it yummy. The fresh lime really lifts up the citrus notes. 'think vanilla coke light with slices of lemon & lime'. hehehe

  • ELE02/27/2004

    This is a yummy creamy anytime fragrance which smells pleasant not overly sweet. I can smell the the vanilla, nuts, and amber. To me the pear smells more like a mild warm coconut smell. It's absolutely delicious.

  • JENNA02/26/2004

    This is one of my all time favorite scents ever since it came out. I got a huge bottle of it for Christmas but between my friends and I it is almost used up. A+++

  • BRITTNEY C.02/22/2004

    Love it, Oh and i love the Name

  • BABYGURL102/19/2004

    I love my bruberry purse , belt and other accessories but this tops them all. Classy, sensual and very rich. Good for uni, work or bed;)

  • MARY K. 12/30/2003

    What a wonderful, refreshing perfume without being a sheer floral (which I don't like)! Love the lime and I usually don't like citrusy smells in perfume. The other components are in perfect balance with the citrus so you don't smell like a citrus grove! LOVE IT!

  • JENNA12/03/2003

    Okay this has got to be one of the fragrances out there! I have so many bottles of it that it isn't even funny. This smells classy, and sweet, and it is perfect for work or play. And I just love how the bottle compliments my Burberry bag so nicely. This is some stuff to try!

  • JULIA17812/03/2003

    Very classy fragrance!

  • REE12/02/2003

    honestly one of the yummiest scents ever. it's very fresh... and very creamy (it's not really like vanilla, but something in that category). also, it has this hint of lime that makes it so refreshing! god, it's wonderful.

  • STACY12/02/2003

    Best smelling perfume ever!!

  • FASHIONISTA*10112/02/2003

    this is my new favorite. I previously loved angel, black cashmere, dolca vita, all warm and sexy. this is alittle crisper, and lighter but gorgeous and unusual.

  • VIV12/02/2003

    those who love Angel from Thierry Mugler will love this! Not so dark and unique, but yummy and fresh at the same time!

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