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Giorgio Beverly Hills


97 Reviews

Created in 1981, Giorgio is a classic fragrace described as a sharp, flowery fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, orange blossom and ylang-ylang. This feminine scent possesses a blend of mandarin, rose, carnation, orris, and sandalwood blended with notes of jasmine, cedar, and musk, Giorgio is recommended as a evening more

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Created in 1981, Giorgio is a classic fragrace described as a sharp, flowery fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, orange blossom and ylang-ylang. This feminine scent possesses a blend of mandarin, rose, carnation, orris, and sandalwood blended with notes of jasmine, cedar, and musk, Giorgio is recommended as a evening type of fragrance.

  • JUDY BUCHHOLZ10/04/2015

    Giorgio is all i wear I always get compliments

  • MATT OTT12/31/2012

    Rcently ordered three Georgio perfume bottles. As I did in 2011 also. My bride was estatic. Keep up the good work.

  • CHARLIANN OLNEY04/10/2012

    I have worn this since it came out. One quick sprizt and I's done for the day! When I was in the USAF, They used to inspect our rooms every Wed. The 1st Sgt told me he loved to inspect my room because it always smelled so nice! I am constantly complimented on my scent. Waitresses, people in the stores. Comment on two things, my scent and my hair. Rarely wear anything else! It is perfect for me.

  • DR01/17/2012

    If you like the tuberose it's your perfume

  • BARBARA COCKS12/23/2011

    I just love this perfume. Whenever I have it on I usually have someone ask what perfume it is. It is a very fresh smell.

  • CATHERINE07/26/2011

    Was just out of high school when it came out. Still wear it. Still get compliments ALL of the time. Love it and buy it wherever I can find it.

  • SHERRY08/20/2010

    I also have worn this since the early 80's and still get compliments every time I wear it. It's the only scent I ever use...I hope they make it forever!


    I was sitting in a Welfare office waiting to be interviewed for a job there and this was the fragrance they had spraying automatically from a dispenser on the wall. I just about had a asthma attack from this horrible scent.

  • MERRI09/30/2009

    Everytime I wear this perfume people say "I love that perfume you have on -- what is it? So, now I don't use anything else.

  • SANDY02/08/2009

    Without doubt the best perfume made. I have worn it since the 80's and aleays get complimented on how lovely it is. Would never use anything else.

  • DMARIE09/20/2008

    Well, I would describe it as sweet and fruity it is so different from red door. I don't know what perfume to compare it to,But it smells really good real sweet and floral but more sweet I'd say! It is a nice perfume and it lasts so it would be good to try.

  • SHERIDAN09/07/2008

    Hello D.Marie...I was wondering if you can describe R.Door Revealed to me? I love Red Door on my sister and am thinking of getting her a bottle for Christmas just to try something new. Warmly, Sheridan

  • DMARIE09/01/2008

    I do love perfume I always have I remember when I was a teen in the 90's and I would go to the mall and buy my Red Door and I would always sample perfumes well Giorgio was always available and I sampled it once and NEVER wanted to sample this stuff again! Too strong and I have never liked this stuff! I always wanted 273 by Fred Hayman I remember it was across from the Elizabeth Arden fragrance counter I don't know why I never bought it? Maybe because of my obsession with Red Door I don't know! But now that I am all grown up and have my own $ I can finally buy it!I got hooked on Red Door because my grandmas best friend gave her a bottle and she didn't like it and she gave it to me I was 17 and I fell in love with it, but now I wear Red door revealed! Still love Red door though!

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/11/2008

    NO NO NO. Just No. It is too overdone, overbearing, overloud and OVER! This used to bring discomfort to people in public places (church, movies, grocery store, theater) in the 80's and I can still detect it a mile away. It has nothing to do with a time frame or era in my mind, it is just too harsh, coying, shrill....synthetic. Save your sheckles!

  • TERESA07/01/2008

    I have worn Georgio since 1987. I loved it the first time I received a sample in the mail. I will never wear anything else. It's my signiture!

  • DAWN02/07/2008

    I, too, have bee n wearing this for more than 20 years. I get complemented everyday. My husband doesn't like anything else on me. I do believe it doesn't smell the same on everyone.

  • ROSE12/29/2007

    I have been wearing it for many years and have been complemented on it many times. I love georgio so much . It just smells so good on me and lol it has in a part been responsble for attracting the attention of admirerers. It may not be for everyone but I love it as does my significant other.

  • MARY ANN12/01/2007

    I've always heard that if the fragrance is right you will know because other will tell you. Giorgio might not be for everyone, but I have been wearing it for over 20 years and not a day goes by that someone does not comment about how they love the fragrance on me - especially the men. I can walk in a room and the comment will be "someone in here really smells good" and they proceed to identify who is wearing the fragrance they smell. One young lady said, "oh, when you walked into the room I thought of my mom - she wore Giorgio and I know that is what you are wearing." So, please don't put down a fragrance that might hot be right for you, but is right for so many others. As I said, fragrances are very personal and do not always give off the same aroma on different people.

  • MARSHA11/28/2007

    Men still follow me down the hall sniffing appreciatively; I always wear Giorgio - nothing else smells good on me.

  • JULIETTE11/27/2007

    Giorgio Beverly Hills is a VERY sharp strong scent. I wear it once in a great while. One spritz last literally forever.


    I figured out what I specifically don't like about Giorgio. It's the tuberose in it! Now tuberose can be soft,creamy, and elegant. I have some perfumes with tuberose in it and it behaves this way. In Giorgio, though, the tuberose is incredibly... astringent and therefore offensive. I guess Arden now distributes Giorgio, and I bought a small sample thinking maybe it got tweaked (in a good way!). No luck- I by no means think it's outdated, just never has been good, period. The one perfume that COULD use tweaking hasn't been hmm... maybe New Dana should buy the rights to Giorgio, they certainly can't make Giorgio any worse!

  • FRO FRO10/21/2007

    I loathed the scent when it came out. I felt it smelled cheap and drugstore-worthy. I have to admit that I feel differently today. I don't want to give Giorgio Beverly Hills the credit of being a visionary before his time - quite frankly, in scents, timing is everything - but this one smells much better and more original these days than it did when it was released. Would I wear it then? - NO WAY! Would I wear it now? - a strong possibility.

  • BORN4MD10/10/2007

    There is no such thing as an outdated fragrance. And, like so many wise women here have said, a light hand is the secret to truly enjoy the "classic" somewhat heavier scents. If you don't know how to use a light hand, just spray and walk through it. To me, Giorgio is a true classic, and classics never go out of style! EVER!

  • JUDI W*08/05/2007

    When this first came out, I was very young, and loved it then, (was really popular) don't really remember what it smells like today. I bought it for my step-mom for her birthday back then, she took one whiff, and handed it right back to me. Should have sprayed it in her face, ungrateful woman that she was. (and still is) Oh well, can't win them all...

  • LEE07/10/2007

    I cannot believe some of you Giorgio bashers with your "ewwws and yucks"! Grow up, just say you don't like the scent!

  • ANN07/10/2007

    Why is it so hard for you to believe that some people can successfully wear Giorgio just because you can't? I too purchase my fragrances online mostly Frederic Malles and Serge Lutens and other exclusive scents. However, I am not a perfume snob. I happen to like Giorgio because it smells great on me.

  • BONNIE06/13/2007

    I agree with some of you that a fragrance is not necessarily outdated if it was a nice scent to begin with, the problem with Giorgio is it was horrible from day one. One of the worst scents I have ever smelled. I have to fess up to the fact that I actually did have a bottle of this in the 80's, my ex-husband bought it for me as a gift, I used it once, got a migraine, never used it again, put it back in the box and gave it to the goodwill with some other items. This fragrance has always been awful, it has nothing to do with being outdated. It is hard to believe there are some out there that actually like this, but to each there own. I personally own about 10 carefully chosen perfumes that I LOVE and I don't follow trends, in fact many of the newer scents I don't like, most of my perfumes I have to buy online.

  • NASTASSIA06/01/2007

    My mother loves this perfume so much, I bought it for her before the Mother's Day holiday. It does smell nice, but it's a little too loud for me. But when it dries down, it smells really nice. She used to wear this in the 80s, and she never forgot the fragrance, and here it is...some twenty-something years later! Though I've seen from the comments that this perfume has waned in popularity, it still endures. And that's what I call a classic.

  • LISA04/05/2007

    oh my god, everybody used to wear this perfume in the 80's. it was smells like strong disinfectant. truly disgusting, awful and headache inducing.

  • SEXY KITTEN11/07/2006

    I have to say I'm pretty open minded about many scents but this one is just not good...too many artificial smelling ingredients fighting for attention and not in a nice way...mostly a strong floral hairspray smell that won't quit...YUK!

  • DEBI08/17/2006

    My sister used to wear this and now I do and have done for about 6 years. Whenever I wear it (as I don't wear it every day) I must admit I get at least 3 or 4 people say - "mhmm - what are you wearing, it smells lovely"....It is strong, so only a little is required, but i think if you like the smell on you - then others will too - as it obviously compliments different bodies.

  • LIN06/24/2006

    This is the worst perfume ever created, in my opinion. It makes me totally ill to be around it.

  • GRETCHEN06/03/2006

    when I sampled this, I put a TINY drop on my wrist- that was it. At first it smelled of Pantene and overly floral dryer sheets. As it dried down, to my horror, it smelled like a locker room after gym. As a matter of fact, I think girls used to use the "Primo" version to "freshen up" after class. In any case- I scrubbed it off, but the scent seemed to be "stuck" in my nose the rest of the day, my stomach literally hurt well into the night.The quality is not there. I own other "sharp floral" perfumes that don't make me ill like Giorgio did. Never again!

  • SHERIDAN05/23/2006

    A very "I just entered the room smell" but my sister wears it (and has for years) so it is endearing and sweet to me. Just use a tad!

  • ANAND05/10/2006

    I tried this in a perfume outlet. It has a strong, rich fragrance. Has a very good staying power. If you like 'Nu from YSL', you would definitely like this

  • KARANN04/26/2006

    Not once from sometime during the 80's until the day before yesterday have I ever liked this fragrance. Not once. Then the other day I smelled it on someone and after I complimented her she said it was Gorgio but just the lotion. It smelled really really good on her. It still isn't *me* but it just goes to show what a matured sense of smell and a sensibly applied amount of a scent can do for a fragrance that has been in the dog house (for me) for SO long!

  • JB04/24/2006

    A scent can NEVER be out dated. Peolpe who say that certain scents are out dated are the type of people that follow the crowd and only like whatever is popular and at the time. Giorgio is a VERY beautiful, under rated scent, I wish more people would wear it now days. I'm a 32 yr guy, I dont wear this scent myself, but I sure do appreciate it when i smell it on others. Also, a lot of people have commented here about how strong this scent is, well, in my opinion, it only takes common sense to realize that ANY perfume when zealously over applied will reek havoc. I say blame the wearer, NOT the perfume.

  • JB04/24/2006

    A scent can NEVER be out dated. People who say that certain scents are out dated are the type of people that follow the crowd and only like whatever is popular and at the time. Giorgio is a VERY beautiful, under rated scent, I wish more people would wear it now days. I'm a 32 yr guy, I dont wear this scent myself, but I sure do appreciate it when i smell it on others. Also, a lot of people have commented here about how strong this scent is, well, in my opinion, it only takes common sense to realize that ANY perfume when zealously over applied will reek havoc. I say blame the wearer, NOT the perfume.

  • KATHY04/02/2006

    This perfume wouldn't exactly make you throw up, but I found it smells like a men's colonge.

  • MARY R.02/10/2006

    I can always tell the Giorgio-haters from the Giorgio lovers before seeing their reviews: haters always misspell the name. If you're going to diss Giorgio, you might as well spell it correctly and not make an idiot out of yourself. This sharp fragrance will knock you and everyone out unless you use it sparingly. When used correctly, it lasts all day and will actually get you compliments.

  • DENNIS02/07/2006

    of the 80's, of women with fake baked leather tans, white leather wearin' hookers on Sunset Boulevard, and low budget Hollywood hotels/motels. it is a scent that denotes a woman who tries too hard and never gets it right.

  • POOKIE12/30/2005

    I remember when Giorgio was reputed as one of the most expensive perfume out on the market. When I finally tried it, my only thought was "THAT'S it??" And now they sell it at Walmart LOL not my favorite then. not my favorite now.

  • MIA CHA CHA 12/29/2005

    Georgio is a very good quality perfume. This is the reason it has remained on the shelfs for over 25 yrs. The fragrance is classy and femine & has appeal that men are often attracted to. Unlike the year 2000 trend in fragrances, Gorgio remains what a woman should smell like. You'll find that majority of the timeless classics were designed around 1980-1990. Todays perfumes are more an experiment aiming towards being a trend rather than a timeless classic. Remember don't get confused with smelling like a man, choose Georgio it is pure femine sexuality.

  • CHERYL10/11/2005

    When this first came out in the '80s, I was mesmerized. It was unlike anything else I had ever smelled, and I had to have it. I bought the cologne concentrate, lotion and shower gel so that I could layer it. Giorgio was all that I wore. It was MY signature! Yes, I was one of those young women who wore copious amounts of Giorgio because I could no longer smell it on me. I remember one time I put on a red angora dress, a red hat w/black net veil, all the jewelry I owned and then dousing myself in Giorgio just to go out for a hamburger at the Hard Rock Cafe with my friends. I thought I looked good - like Joan Collins (remember "Dynasty"?) - and that I smelled rich and sophisticated. Now, when I look back, I am completely embarrassed. I sincerely apologize to those were left gasping in the trail of my beloved Giorgio. Lucky for us all I am a changed woman now. I no longer own a bottle of Giorgio and do not use more than 2 sprays of anything. Ever. Oh, and I am sure to alternate my fragrances so that my nose does not become immune again, and heaven forbid, I go beyond 2 sprays. Fragrance, I have learned, is extremely personal, and it should stay that way.

  • BRITTNEE09/20/2005

    I just can't see why this one is still around. Sorry if you love it, but I never thought it was that great.

  • LORI09/03/2005

    i used to wear this too in the 80's but it's definitely too sweet and dated.

  • SYLVIE08/23/2005

    "Scents cannot be outdated. That is like saying chocolate cookies are outdated, or Christmas, or falling in love, etc." :-))) Yes, that's true!!! Wonderful opinion. Successful and legendary fragrances are masterpieces and timeless beauties.

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/20/2005

    My sister was very into this one during the 80s. You knew she's been in a room because you could smell it even after she'd left. I always liked it, maybe because it reminded me of her. The other day, I found it in a store and tried it on for old times sake. Funny how things change with time. I didn't like it as much as I used to. It was good in its day, but now it's better to put it at rest. Sorry, sis!

  • SANDRA06/13/2005

    This one is deffinetly not for me, I get compliments when ever I dare to wear it but I have to pay for them by getting nausea and heaches, so it is a no - no.

  • TERRI12/16/2004

    This is the perfect perfume. I ALWAYS get compliments. Maybe the women who don't like this just have a body chemistry that clashes with this scent. That is possible you know.

  • CLEAR12/08/2004

    Without a doubt one of the worst scents ever, male or female. Heavy, cloying and just plain bad, like cheap bug spray. Raid smells better. If you like it great, but please don't wear it around other people, they won't have nerve to tell you how awful it smells.

  • MEHETABELL11/10/2004

    Scents cannot be outdated. That is like saying chocolate cookies are outdated, or Christmas, or falling in love, etc. Perhaps it just has an association for some people of times they'd rather forget. Whenever and wherever I wear this scent I always get compliments, "You smell good. What is that you are wearing." That is enough to keep me wearing it long after it becomes a classic fragrance.

  • TRACIA10/19/2004

    I worked in a small high-end boutique in '85 just after high school graduation. Giorgio was THE fragrance to wear and it was in demand. I LOVED it then, but it was terribly sweet. I would never wear it now. In fact, I haven't smelled it in about 15 years. I'm sure if I did I would be instantly reminded of high school.

  • JADE10/01/2004

    but not for me.

  • MARSHA KAMISH09/16/2004

    This happens to be my signature scent. It smells differently on me than on anyone else. Just because it smells horrible on you, doesn't mean it's a horrible fragrance.

  • INDERIKA09/15/2004

    This is so sweet, it's sickening. There is no subtle way to apply it. God help the women who layer it!

  • JODIE09/02/2004

    What can I say about this perfume? It's overly strong, offensive, cheap smelling, outdated and generic. If anyone willingly purchases this fragrance they either have a deformity in their nose cavity or they were a back up singer for Cindy Lauper in the 80's.

  • PAM06/29/2004

    it is the worst smell ever! it gives you an instant headache.

  • RAINFAERIE06/09/2004

    Smelled this at the department store counter the other day, and was instantly transported back to the 80's! My roomate, Lisa, was the 'Giorgio Girl', and I, the 'YSL Paris Girl', lol. We were teenage women asserting our new identities!

  • INGRID06/03/2004

    Considering it came out in "81, I must say it was way ahead of it's time. Distincive and flowery but in a mature and powdery sort of way.


    like dior's poison giorgio is an 80's perfume.wonderful,gorgious,abyssal. it beats all the water perfumes,all the new age perfumes and all the natural perfumes.its fit for a prostitute from hell,visible,visceral,medical and sensational.there will allways be but one perfume.this is it!

  • JILL03/08/2004

    I think this is one that you either love or hate. It was a stunner when it was first introduced in the 80's, being quite unlike anything before it. I think that it suffered from over-kill; it was a victim of its own success. As others have said here, now it just seems dated. However, I can appreciate why its fans love it so much, it is a very lively scent.

  • PIA03/04/2004

    Back in the mid eightees when I was in my twenties my husband and I attended close to a dozen weddinds of cousins and friends. Although I never wore Giorgio myself I enjoy reminiscing all my aunts(and I have alot) who wore it. Our table at the wedding smelled the best.That is what I remember most about Giorgio, a beautiful scent, wish I had worn it, but I liked chanel no 19 back then and Gloria Vanderbilt, also Aviance anyone remember that?

  • CINDY02/28/2004

    I am Brazilian and all I can say is that here, men loooooove it... I once met a guy from my job that told me he first started realising me by my scent in the elevator!

  • MAX02/19/2004

    I love Giorgio. I just think that too many women spray too much. A little dab here and there and it is devine. Really lovley in small doses. I would recemmend this if you want to lift your spirits. This is THE perfume to do that.

  • CASS01/10/2004

    A good friend always wore this and I loved it on her. I tried it and within minutes smelled sour! I bought the imitator in a can and it smells great on me...go figure.

  • HERMIONE01/03/2004

    Every time I smell this it reminds me of my freshman year of high school. It was THE FRAGRANCE to wear! Everyone wore it or its imposter, Primo (which smells identical by the way). Recently, I bought some just for old times sake. Apparently I had forgotten how stinky it actually was. I must have just worn it back in the day to fit in. It's way too strong, sweet, and overpowering.

  • ELENA11/18/2003

    This is the one perfume that I love to hate. It's aroma arrives always before the person wearing it. The only ingredient I can determine that is not in other perfumes is "orris". What is this? Rat poison?

  • ELIZABETH10/27/2003

    I love this fragrance. I wear one spritz on the top of my hands, then rub them together. If you use Giorgio wisely, there's not usually a problem. With the small amounts I wear, I get compliments. It's still one of my favorites.

  • P.D.10/05/2003

    For me this is not a typical 80's fragrance as many of you here have mentioned. I personaly don't wear it, but I know some women who do - it is not too heavy on them and I definitely can't compare it with a super-strong Poison as someone mentioned. In my opinion it is soft and warm floral, not offensive, very feminine and charming. Like an aura of soft white flowers on a spring or summer sunny day.

  • CATASTROPHE09/04/2003

    one whiff of this stuff and I used to get a killer migraine and loose my sight. Alot of scents that were popular in the 80's do this to me. I think it's the copious amounts of hte fragrance that people wear.

  • KENA08/14/2003

    Its an ok smell but strong. I wouldn't go and compliment anyone for wearing it. Just don't spray a lot on.

  • ELAINE07/28/2003

    Where can I find Giorgio bath powder? It's the best smelling powder I've ever used.

  • TWIXIBELLE07/16/2003

    Smells like a cheap bodyspray. Knockout strength. Doesn't seem to "develop" - it's a static chemical smell. Can't get the smell of any individual flowers at all. Packaging looks tacky as well. Wasn't this the one that prompted a restaurant in the US to ban it? Very 80s. I even prefer Poison to this!!

  • GLORIA06/22/2003

    You don't need to bathe in or two spritzes is love it.....women always ask what is that great fragrance?...simply wonderful

  • JEN06/01/2003

    Brings back memories of trying to "freshen up" after gym class. Armed with Giorgio and Rave Hairspray, how could you go wrong? Strong stuff, good for me for nostalgia's sake, not to wear.

  • GOLDENLADY05/07/2003

    Giorigio was all the rage when it came out, just about every woman in the stores, offices and elevators smelled like it, so I was never tempted to wear it myself. This one is just plain dated. I had a whole bottle that someone gave me, I gave it to a friend, in case she might like it and she tossed it out. I was not even offended. :-)

  • SALI04/27/2003

    As Chanel put it, "trends disappear, only style remains". Although Giorgio is not a fragrance I wear too often these days, and only because I have so many other perfumes I currently adore, I will always love Giorgio and believe it to be a classic because it's a unique, unmistakable, unforgettable fragrance that's lasted over 2 decades. No, it's not an elegant perfume--but I don't always want to be elegant (wink), and elegant doesn't nevessarily make a perfume better--just different than, say, saucy. Some women wear Giorgio well enough to make less courageous women (who might wish they could wear it if not for the secret fear of ridicule) a little envious, or so I would imagine. I think the key is to be very discreet and lighthanded with this because more than a drop can definitely overwhelm. I love that it has sparkly greenness at the top, with fruit notes that don't smell fake and ozony like most newer scents. It's a great floral perfume, so if you have the personality to wear it, wear it in style.

  • L04/15/2003

    i remember everyone used to have this cheap scent in the mid 80s , and i honestly dont think its a classic or elegant scent.

  • ELLIZA04/08/2003

    Giorgio comes in the prettiest packaging. but i remember the first time i smelled it i thought it was ghastly -- cheap rendition of coconut suntan lotion mixed with leather with a spritz of some sort of poor quality floral to try to hump it over the worst part. i'm not sure if the women who wear it wear too much, or if it is just miserably penetrating. this is one of the few perfumes that i hated on first scent (jovan musk and fendi are two of the others) and went on to dislike to the point of being uncomfortable in elevators with it. i associate it with cigarette smoke as well, an odor never pleasant but only worsened when combined with leather. primo makes me think of spoiled 80's women sunning all weekend then toting their tacky designer leather bags into tacky leather car interiors in tight "fashion" suits, lighting up, smoking desparately (with those foolish puffs out the window that are supposed to somehow keep the rest of the car, and inhabitants, from smelling the smoke spinning around the interior) then running into her high pressure sales job where she puffs her lips, sprays gouts of Primo on, and frowns unceasingly unless she smiles appeasingly. and all in such a pretty box...

  • HYBRIDSPECIES03/26/2003

    The first time I encountered this scent was on a stripper at a burlesque club in Hollywood in the 80s. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and to this day I'm not sure if the alure was her alone or her body glistening with the perfume she was wearing. Rgeardless, I have purchased a bottle for every girlfriend since then. I loved it then and I love it now.

  • CHARLENE03/12/2003

    Very soft, just a hint of fragrance to the point that you know what you have it on, but it is not overpowering. My husband loves it, all the better reason to use Giorgio !

  • RITA03/09/2003

    Have not worn this fragrance, but always enjoy my friends who do. They smell great. What does the fact that it was created in the 80's have to do with it if you like it. A great smelling fragrance is timeless like a great classic movie or bottle of really good wine. If it smells good on you wear it!

  • YVETTE01/13/2003

    I absolutely love the parfum. For years, I wouldn't wear anything else. Now I can't find the parfum anywhere!

  • ZALE01/10/2003

    One of those people would bathe in it...! You would smell it a mile away; very 80s and unclassy.

  • SID12/30/2002

    Yea it has had it's day and is it strong smelling it reaks, typical of the eary 80's but it will never become a classic like Chanel no5 and Cocco.

  • GRACIE ELAINE12/16/2002

    I used too love this stuff and then when moving a large bottle of the spray broke in my car and spilled on the carpets and seats. My goodness this stuff would not fade! I shampooed the car, aired it out sprayed a neutralizing agent. It just would not go away. I smoke and my car is usually kinda stinky from that but this stuff lasted literally for several years. Everytime I got in I gagged and so did everybody else. They thought I was hiding a street walker in the trunk LOL.

  • ALLA12/14/2002

    This is a totally hot perfume! Not the best in the world thogh probably not even in the top 10 but still very good!

  • LISA12/14/2002

    This IS a beautiful and timeless signature, in fact. All it takes is one spray, two at most (on different parts of the body). It is sad that some GBH faithful have not yet learned that they make high-quality (strong and quite pure) fragrances. This is not some cheap Coty spritz. It only take a touch of Goirgio to make a lasting and pleasant impression. :) I'm also 22, I've seen here that some women feel that this is an "older" scent...please girls, give it a chance. There are women (like me) who are aware of other people's olfactory mechanisms. *lol* I wear this perfume with pride, it makes me feel expressive, happy, sexy and young. I am also mindful when I walk out the door that others will smell this, so I am responsible in my usage of this fine, fine product. ;) All in all, I would never change my primary scent, this one is sooooo close to my heart.

  • MAN12/04/2002

    I personaly didn't like this scent but when my sister wore it it totally smelled good! It is so good on girls!

  • ANNETTE11/21/2002

    This smells cheap, like some old lady who wears too much makeup, spends too much time in the tanning booth and spending her husband's money shopping. Tammy Faye Baker comes to mind. Too sweet. too heavy. It must smell disgusting in the heat. Plus, you can buy it in any drugstore.

  • DIDDI09/16/2002

    don't be crazy!!! this is a nice perfume, very soft and sunny and it makes you happy. my mum wears it (not all the time but it is one of her favorites), and it doesn't smell cheap at all but charming and feminine! it is not trendy, it is not too heavy neither too coll like todays irritating green gragrances. a perfume for a lady. if someone wears it who doesn't bath regularly or use half a bottle at a time that is another problem.

  • BETHANY07/26/2002

    Smells bad. Maybe it had to do with the way the women I knew applied it but...Very artificial smelling. I don't know why anybody would get snobby about this one. It smells like a bad day at a beauty salon.

  • THE BIG R07/02/2002

    I love that smell.......mmmmm......just as long as you don't take a bath in it, you're quite yummy! ;)

  • BERNARDA06/25/2002

    Nice, warm, soft, very feminine!!! Unlike the most of todays *YUCK* fragrances for one season.

  • DIANE04/23/2002

    My husband first bought this fragrance for me some twenty years ago and I have worn it ever since. In fact, people who I have not seen for a few years and run into have mentioned my fragrance i.e. "you still wear Giorgio". I am always getting asked about what I am wearing. It is not too sweet smelling but just a nice, soft, memory-making fragrance.

  • BB04/21/2002

    This is still a very nice fragrance: very feminine, ladylike, warm and sexy in the same time. Rich, soft, alluring.I don't wear it now, but maybe I'll buy it again. It is classic, and still not out of date.

  • STEPHANIE04/14/2002

    One of my faves from "back then". I still like it though. One of the best fragrances from the 80's. I'm thinking of trying it again someday, who knows?

  • LIZ02/28/2002

    and it's GIORGIO not was late...

  • LIZ02/26/2002

    First time I experienced this fragrance I had to have it!!! It still is awesome!

  • ANNALISA02/25/2002

    When I used it, I was in a very happy period of my life. My boy friend began to use it!!! It was so winderful even on a guy. Now I find it too sweet, but it'a good perfume. You must wear it just one time in your life.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    This fragrance is usually worn by women who use the ENTIRE bottle at one time. This is the only fragrance on earth that makes me run the other way! Ugh!!

  • SATOKO01/21/2002

    I loved this on my best friend when we were teens in the 80's. I wish people who wear it (and other strong perfumes) would be light-handed with it--so little goes a long way. I love the body cream most, and even though it's not the 80's anymore, I think it's a worthy scent. My man loves it. Voluptuous, sexy, attention-getting (good attention if you're not pouring the stuff on).

  • ANDROMEDA01/21/2002

    A good perfume is timeless, never dated. Sure it's very '80's but the right person could wear this gorgeous floral really well. It's saucy and sexy, not for a shrinking violet type. Don't swim in it!!!

  • ARI12/01/2001

    I like it, too. I think it's very charming, very feminine. Very nice composition of white flowers, but it is not "too flowery", not overpowering - not too light. Just the right thing, very nice perfume.

  • WG10/28/2001

    In spite of the fact that I know many woman who hate this perfume, I think it's very nice and absolutely feminine. Don't even think about stop making it!

  • APRIL10/19/2001

    I have been wearing Giorgio for years, it is the only perfume that compliments my body chemistry. Please do not stop making this fragrance.

  • JOLENE09/27/2001

    I know Giorgio was an 80's icon and super-trendy back in those days, but I still like it. It smells so good! It's very light and fresh. It's a great classic perfume.

  • LORI09/26/2001

    Reminds me of the 80's.....a bit dated now!

  • SHARON09/06/2001

    This is the ONLY perfume I ever wear. It's the best!

  • MICHELE07/29/2001

    This is the worst smelling perfume foisted upon mankind....!

  • DENISE06/26/2001


  • GAYLE06/05/2001

    Where can I find Giorgio Body Powder ? I have been told that it has been discontinued.

  • WANDA06/03/2001


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