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Amor Amor   

123 Reviews

Amor Amor by Cacharel is a sparkling fruity floral blend that celebrates love, newly found or rediscovered. Passionate. Impulsive. Electric. Notes include Mandarin, Black Currant, Melati Blossom, Lily Of The Valley, White Musk, Grey Amber.

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Amor Amor by Cacharel is a sparkling fruity floral blend that celebrates love, newly found or rediscovered. Passionate. Impulsive. Electric. Notes include Mandarin, Black Currant, Melati Blossom, Lily Of The Valley, White Musk, Grey Amber.

  • MARCOS SILVA10/02/2015

    Great product...Ideal for gift, quality above expectations....

  • SARAH07/23/2011

    PLEASE HELP ME! where can i get the actual perfume? elixir passion (amor amor eau du parfum???? i can't be doing with eau du tollette it's expensive and doesn't last please help!!!!!! has the perfume been discontinued???????? oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thanks

  • C.C11/30/2009

    Cacharel aimed very low with this one. I hoped it would be great. It was not. It smells of every crass fruity floral of the last five years blended together. It lasts forever, radiates like nuclear waste and men hate it. But if you do like it - and to hell with men, perhaps the body lotion is a better choice. The fruity notes are highly unstable so keep the bottle in the box and away from heat!

  • STEPPH07/22/2009

    i love this scent. it's very sexy, it smells like vanilla, oranges and spices. very oriental, i'd say. either wear it at night, or during the day on fall/winter days. it lasts pretty long, spray it on a cozy sweater or in your hair, and you're bound to get complimets...

  • CONNIE01/25/2009

    Everyone that smells it says it has such a beautiful smell. I read some of the comments , but to tell the truth my husband loves it on me and thats the most important person to me .

  • DMARIE11/18/2008

    Betsey Johnson but just a little different.I do like it alot but I felt cheated when I bought the 1.7 oz bottle it was soooo small it looked like a 1 oz and then I seen the 1 oz and it was smaller! I like a bigger bottle because I would use this up quick!

  • DMARIE09/04/2008

    I like it but I want to return it too because I like a perfume that I can smell and this one is light and sweet smells like a light version of Betsey Johnson I don't like the staying power it is vague.Too expensive for all that!

  • RICHARD M08/09/2008

    Many of you girls seem to adore this one. And of course you are free to do so. But don´t expect to attract anyone of the opposite sex. This so called perfume makes the wearer repellent in an instant. (But it does work as an insect repellent!) It should be illegal to spray it on a womans skin. I don´t mean to be rude to anyone, but it is actually the worst scent I´ve ever encountered, together with the other nightmare concoction "Angel". Even the devil can´t smell worse than these two!


    I totally agree with the guy who couldn´t stand this sickly sweet nasty smell. Under no condition could I hold out standing near a woman wearing this stinker - even if it was Cindy Crawford. So hold your noses and run!

  • DMARIE08/07/2008

    I like this although the 1.7 0z looks like a small sample! But it smells just like Betsey Johnson but it doesn't last! Neither does Betsey J but Amor Amor is a pretty scent if you haven't smelled it I think you should! It kind of smells like how the bottle looks hard to explain but I just wish the bottles were bigger. The 1.7 is like a kiddie size perfume no lie!

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/10/2008

    I loved the magazine insert I first sniffed and then smelled it in the store. To me it has a very "fruit coctail" smell. I think this would be a wonderful scent to pipe out into your kitchen. Sort of like in a wax tart or something. If you can wear it on your skin, you must have the perfect chemistry for it, because I think this would be very difficult to pull off and pull off well.


    I love this one it has a perfect balance of sweet, spicy and floral. Perfect for daytime very cheerful but not long lasting.

  • VERA12/28/2007

    I love Amor Amor - I've loved it since 2003 when it came out and my high school Freshman self took a whiff on a whim in a department store. It was true love. It reminds me somewhat of Hypnotic Poison's brighter, sweeter cousin - and while I love it, I'll admit there's a time for it and there's times not to wear it. It is much to heavy for every day use and should be limited to special occasions, and if you put too much on you will indeed get headachy from the scent - but really, despite it all, it's such a nice scent.

  • MARIE12/21/2007

    I Love this fragrance, my husband loves this fragrance. Whenever I wear it I get complements from both my male and female friends. I absolutely love it. But like all perfume, it may not go with your chemistry. But as for me, I Love it, Love it!!!

  • JOANNAH09/17/2007

    I like it and think it's good at the price but hub hates it so I'm afraid that 'A Man's View' might have a point there. Generally, I think Cacharel makes some decent scents though they're never going to be favorites of mine but sadly hub hates them all.

  • A MANS VIEW09/05/2007

    Would you ladies care to listen what guys think of this? I did a scientific experiment (alright, I forced a few of my friends) and we are sorry to report that Amor amor has no place on any womans skin, whatever age. You actually feel sick smelling it. Sorry if I´m hurting feelings out there, but please.. almost anything is better than this. Don´t forget - your own natural bodyscent is the closest to heaven a man ever comes. Yes it is true!

  • JJAAZZY08/23/2007

    I purchased this fragrance on a Cruise Ship and spent many hours doing so. I love this fragrance. It is light & citrus I love it!

  • MISSPINK06/28/2007

    I love this scent. This is my absolute fave by Cacharel. It's sweetly intoxicating and draws you in but as someone else mentioned, without the headache. Very easy to wear.

  • ALIN06/19/2007

    This perfume is amazing. My girlfriend won me over with it (that and other things) and I asked her to wear it all the time. I would reccommend it on those romantic nights out although I'm pretty sure it is excellent for regular nights as well. All in all, the best women's perfume I have ever smelt. Simply brilliant!

  • BONNIE05/20/2007

    I bought this fragrance when it first came out and have loved it ever since. My boyfried, now husband loved it, it is very sexy! Get many compliments from men & women. Make it last by layering with some of those fragrance oils, just takes a drop under the spray. Lovely fragrance!

  • LISA05/12/2007

    Amor Amor is a lovely fragrance.It's a turn on without the migraine

  • R. SHREST04/16/2007

    A guy's take on Amor here. Ignore this one ladies, too cloying and synthetic and smells like some bubble gum. This won't speak for you in any positive manner if you want to project elegance and style. Might suit the 13-18 age bracket, basically the naive ones who don't have a refined view on fragrances. Cometh the hype, Cometh the disappointment! ;)

  • KEL KI04/10/2007

    I get compliments on this all the time from men and women. Works well with my body chemistry.

  • CLAIRE03/21/2007

    Love Cacharel scents because they are different to anything else out there. Anais Anais is a crisp/clean fragrance whereas Amor Amor is fruity/sensual/sweet scent. Flirty and fun! Love it

  • LE NEZ02/08/2007

    I loved Anais Anais and Lou Lou, however someone has betrayed the reputation of Cacharel. This swill is so synthetic and offensive, it could be used to fuel airliners. Bring back Lou Lou!!!!

  • SEXY KITTEN02/05/2007

    this one is a little too cloying for me...a bit too sweet, heavy and not quite memorable's one of those scents that makes a poor signature fragrance because it smells similar to a few others.. it's okay in small doses but I wouldn't want to be in an elevator with someone who has too much on.

  • GAYLA/DALLAS, TX01/29/2007


  • VICKY11/29/2006

    Hi! I have just smelled Burberry Brit and dont think at all that they smell similar...I do have Amor Amor and love it..I dindt like my opinion this one is younger and sweeter...Brit smells like old lady

  • VICKY11/11/2006

    hi! Im a perfume its hard to choose just a top 10 list...but ill tell u wich are my favorite ones: Lolita lempicka, envy me, fantasia de fendi,tommy girl summer, nina de nina ricci, angel innocent, chance de chanel...hope its helpfull for u!

  • M.S.11/03/2006

    I`m a guy, and I need women`s opinions on the top perfumes. I`m not an expert in perfumes, so it`s getting harder and harder to choose a good one for the girl I like. So I`m really curious to know your top 10 list of perfumes. Looking forward for your replies.

  • STEPH10/22/2006

    I bought the miniature of Burberry Brit and I loved it until I realized the reason I loved it was because I love Amor Amor which I already own. Either way they are both very nice.

  • AMY07/30/2006

    Is it me or does this smell just like Burberry Brit just sweeter and cheaper? At first I liked it but after a while it was too sweet and annoying.

  • ANGELIQUE07/27/2006

    Smells nice initially, but for me it's one of those scents that get annoying. After testing it on myself I was permanently aware of it to the point where it made me feel nauseous. It was very difficult to wash off. There's something in the notes that reminds me of the 80s. Can't put my finger on it. The smell has what I call a 'coconut' base (it's a certain tone that smells a bit coconutty that I don't know the name of), and as I detest the smell of coconuts this is probably what puts me off.

  • BRANDT07/20/2006

    So much better than Max Mara. Warm and sweet all @ the same time. Like a pie. Yummy.

  • LUSI07/19/2006

    I think it is not a bad smell, but it feels really unconfortable wearing it.

  • SUGAR06/18/2006

    try the oils from those discount stores. it doesn't take much and they are the perfect purse size if you want to touch it up.

  • AIMEE04/24/2006


  • LYNDA03/31/2006

    Amor Amor is super hot! I love it! Smells like sexy flowers and a little fruity too, but the whole concoctions it marvelous!!!!!!!! It smells rich and sultry and like a really ravishing beauty would be wearing it! Well I guess I am ;)

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC03/29/2006

    Another addition to my collection. This fragrance is for any woman wanting to bring out the most of her femininity. Beautiful, soft and alluring - like a flower. Love the cute bottle too.

  • SAZZY100003/19/2006

    My friend was wearing Amor Amor and I loved it so much I went out and bought it, I get comments everyday on how nice I spell especially from the yummy men!!!!

  • ROSIE02/27/2006

    well im addicted i wont wear any other scent- men adore it- they just flock round you- if you have the personality to match (flirty fun confident, sexy, independant, feminine) one for a night out on the pull id say!!

  • BELLY-DANCER02/08/2006

    I've read all the positive comments and had to try it for myself and now I too am an Amor Amor girl. The fragrance is simply gorgeous and the best part is that it really lasts. The only thing is that I disagree with all the girls who say that this is for "young-teenagers" or other such comments. I love Amor Amor and really refuse to believe that I'll ever be too old for it. How can such a sexy fragrance be for teenagers anyway?

  • ANNIE02/02/2006

    I tested this the other day at a department store. I'm 47 years old and I enjoy testing the more contemporary "youthful" fragrances just to see what's new and different. I tend to get stuck on fragrances I already love. It takes a lot for me to regard a fragrance as full bottle worthy. Anyway, once Amour Amour had time to soften (it's rather overwhelming at first spray and sweet) I thought it was quite lovely. It was soft and vanillic on my skin, and very long lasting. It reminded me a little of Lancome's Tresor, more vanilla though. Amour Amour is a nice fragrance. I like most of the Cacherels. Just don't overdo it. I can see how too much could make some people queasy. And too much could be less than you think. ;-)

  • INGRID01/26/2006

    I cannot even describe how good this perfume is. I just love love love it!!! I can wear it every day anywhere any time of the year. I though I would only like it in summer but I loved it even more in fall and now in winter I love it even more. Something like a burst of yummy fruit but MUCH BETTER when you first spray this. So cheerful and so passionate. I keep smelling my arm all day long and this makes me smile every time. I love those first notes that greet your nose when you first explode the liquid out of the bottle. Like a cherry-ray of sunshine. I LOVE THIS STUFF! This is a happy perfume, indescribably beautiful.

  • MEGAN01/23/2006

    I think Amor Amor is a wonderful perfume for all ages. I love using it. It's one of my favorites out of my collection. The most best thing I like about Amor Amor is that it smells like pretty roses.

  • ROSE01/02/2006

    This perfume is great, I don't find it too strong at all, and it lasts a long time.

  • J.R.12/29/2005

    How could some people give just one star to this perfume? I don't understand. My girlfriend wears it and I think Amor Amor is fantastic! It doesn't give you a headache like some of you said, that probably happens because you put too much of it on you. It's sexy, romantic, sweet and a soft perfume that any person would love.. I recommend this for all those women who'd like to make your man fell so in love with you, it's amazing how this perfume could make you feel the love all over you. Oh.. and it lasts!! There's something that everybdy says that it's so true and I recommended too... try before you buy! All the opinions are only personal.

  • EWELINA12/26/2005

    I smelled Amor at a store and from my experience I think they're pretty. Some viewers who gave one star, I don't get why they rated it so low. Now isn't that the whole point of women perfume to be flowery and fruity kind of. Soft not ordinary and calming the senses and not powdery?. The bottle is nice also, and I like the picture on it too. I'am a rose lover myself.

  • SATINA12/25/2005

    Amor Amor is provocative and sexy. Men adore this scent. For romantic wear you will always get that guy's attnetion if you like. Try it! really I stand by this one myself ;) It's a heartswooner if you know what I mean. It's red much like the bottle and quite explosive too!

  • MLD 12/20/2005


  • EMILY12/14/2005

    this perfume is elegant but flirty, romantic but sexy...its a fun fragrance that just won't come out of your sheets...or so my boyfriend keeps telling me. No matter your height, weight, eye colour, hair colour, any common identity problems girls face, the sweet smell of Amor Amor, with love will bring the boys running...after all, the sense of smell is the strongest and you will wipe them away with this No 1 product by Cacharel!

  • COCOA12/09/2005

    Amor Amor is a philter, a love potion, sheer delectataion. A "fruity floral" 100% attractive from its very first expression. Each element is instantly perceptible, instantly desireable: it's now or never, love won't wait!

  • AMY12/06/2005

    i love this one the best!! Cacharel has wonderful perfumes and it's true that either you love it or you don't. very feminine and long lasting.

  • JENNIE12/02/2005

    I bought this cause it reminded me of a perfume I had as a teen called "Electric Youth" by Debbie Gibson. Anyone remember that? Anyway, my complaint about this perfume is that it doesn't last but I seem to be cursed when it comes to that seeing as the three perfumes I own don't last even though one is EDP so maybe it's just my chemistry! :oP

  • STACY11/21/2005

    I love this one. Compliments all the time from men and women. Definitely a signature scent for some while other seems to hate it. It was the same for Noa. It worked for me but others despise it. Some scents are fantastic on some people and others are disgusting. I think Cacharel's scents you either love them on you or hate them. They can smell like "old lady" if it doesn't work with your body!!!

  • ERZICKA11/15/2005

    I saw the ad and thought this perfume looks wonderful, but will it live up to the hype????? A loud and enthusiastic "YES". It certainly lives up to the hype. It smells romantic, sexy and exciting. It is a floral , fruity, sweet yet vibrant and passionate scent with a hint of a deep dark sensual centre.It is light yet somehow intense. A perfect scent for romance and the ad is right "pull the pin ...and release a whirlpool of passion.." try'll be surprised. Wear it and be prepared for the compliments.

  • *BARBARA W*11/13/2005

    Synthetic, harsh, and awful! Sorry to those who love it, but I can't stand this one.

  • JANNINE11/04/2005

    Fruity, young and full of life. They picked the right color for the bottle; this fragrance is very red in character. It's just so alive and passionate and happy. I can see how it might smell strange on some people; on my skin, though, the strange notes work nicely.

  • OLIVIA10/27/2005

    this is one of the most gorgeous smelling perfumes i have ever smelt!! both my sisters have it and each time they wear it i just wnt to keep on smelling them!! i an hoping to get one soon for my birthday or i might just havr to buy one my self!!! i love perfumes that stay for long and you can smell them as you walk past some one...........mmmmm.......lovli!!

  • CHARLEY K10/20/2005

    i smelt this on someone at work, and i thought it was gorgeous,even the men were comenting on it, so the next week i went and bought it and loved it ever since, very fruity and awakening smell.

  • LAVINIA10/04/2005

    I'm in love for AMOR AMOR. It has a great scent, it make you feel very sexy, I want to wear it all day long...Same sensation like the old Lou-Lou , another perfume that I love very much and wear it when it's cold outside(fall, winter)... It is anyone who Know the existance of Eau de parfume Amor -Amor?

  • LEE ANN09/26/2005

    I love this perfume. It blends well with my chemistry. I wear a lot of sweet fragrances as well as Orientals. I plan to buy more when I run out.

  • HEATHER RAKES09/25/2005

    I went and baught Amor Amor today and I love it i wanted to try something new .. and this perfume was what i baught.. it not like other perfumes its a little strong and it does last a while. its not one of my favorites , but i do like it a lot because its different!

  • ROBYNNNE09/10/2005

    Everyone seems to have quite a strong opinion on this one -- headache-inducing, too-sweet, too-strong/ or else gorgeous, voluptuous, intense, complex, the best. Hmm. Am I the only one who thinks Amor Amor is just kind of. . .inoffensive, simple and forgettable???

  • MAYA09/07/2005

    Hello ladies! A new discovery yesterday. I tried Puma for women and it really smells a lot like Amor Amor... It's a little lighter but the smell is so similar I could not believe it. The lady at the perfume counter did not think so at first but quickly saw what I was talking about... We did a comparison test and there is was... Puma has a slightly more citrus undertones, whereas Amor Amor is more sweet... I love them both!!!

  • RACHAE08/19/2005

    it is a sexy scent, a lot of guys like it, it's a little strong, but lasts a looong time, it's ok, not my favorite, but I'll wear it if I get it.

  • ALLISON R.08/17/2005

    A wonderful way to wear a fragrance. This is a unique fruity, sexy floral. Lot's of compliments on this one!

  • CHRISTINA08/15/2005

    Awful and super-synthetic; this is a total flop for anyone to wear. One sniff and your gag-reflex gets activated quick!

  • ALLISON R.08/12/2005

    Interesting pure fruity scent. Very fresh and new. I own this scent, and I spray it when I want to smell youthful! It's great.

  • MAYA08/11/2005

    Amor Amor is a fiery red LOVE-POTION for ultimate seduction. Try it and get ready for a whirlwind of passion. Like a miagic spell for falling head over heels in love it will take it's own! Fruity, floral, passionate. As intense and exciting as a first kiss, Amor Amor is the fragrance of instant temptation and ultimate seduction. Daring and intoxitcating with a flood of mandarin, jasmine and vanilla!

  • KELLY07/13/2005

    It smells like sugar, gives me headache when I have it on me. The first time I smelled it, it's just as sweet as candy bar, overwhelming. I got as a gift from my ex-bf, he likes it...

  • LIZA06/28/2005

    Much better than the "old" one because it hasn´t got that cloying and strong vanillascent in the base. This is perfect!!

  • LIZZIE05/16/2005

    I just bought a bottle of the eau fraiche summer version of Amor Amor, and I have to say, I like the original better. The summer version is more fruity and my opinion, it lacks the personality, depth, voluptuousness of the original. The dry-down scent is similar to Beautiful Sheer, by Estee Lauder, or Noa Fleur, except a bit more fruity. It's pleasant and sweet, but not stunning. I still love the original Amor Amor best.

  • LIZZIE05/11/2005

    i can understand how some people will find this fragrance to be overwhelmingly sweet, but i ADORE it...spray it on and i'm in a cloud of joy, and i can't stop happily sniffing myself. it's a perfect blend of fruit and flowers, because it doesn't go too extremely in either direction. it's a sultry, sweet, voluptuous scent without being too sophisticated or mature. i therefore think it is a younger scent, but i wouldn't categorize it as a teen scent, either. it's romantic, youthful, sensual without being sexual. perfect!

  • SYLVIA05/11/2005

    This is my favorite perfume. Makes you feel sensual and romantic. I would definitely recommend, this works perfect with my skin/chemistry.

  • BELLE04/04/2005

    I think it's fruity and may be perfect for young teens. It's too sweet for my taste, but it's not bad on others. I just don't won't to wear it myself. I like almond or vanilla scents though verses fruity florals. If you like really sweet, fruity scents... this is for you.

  • COURTNEY03/18/2005

    Greetings, Sylvie, from Minneapolis! My mother used to wear Lou Lou, but they don't sell it in the US anymore. You're right; it can be heavy. I was just thinking: Have you tried Provocative Woman, the new one from Elizabeth Arden? It is also slightly spicy and fruity, but much more sophisticated. You might like it.

  • CHANDA02/24/2005

    I smelled it first in Cosmo and I had to have it. I just got it today, and I love it! I keep smelling these wonderful fumes coming from off of my body, and I think that I am falling in love...with myself!

  • KITTIGURRL02/20/2005

    I do love this fragrance. Normally I cannot tolerate sweet florals but this one works well for me. Sweet, delicious, and long lasting.

  • SYLVIE02/19/2005

    Hi, thanks for your kind messages. I think I'm too old for Amor Amor!!!:-) It's a loud and modern fragrance for young ladies. I also gave my Hot Couture away. Too fruity-peppery!!! All Cacharel fragrances smell very unique, special and extreme. Sometimes I wear the floral-oriental Lou Lou for evening events and I like Anais Anais. I know all "Cacharels". If not used with a light hand, they could smell horrible and cheap. Asap I will test Herve Leger. Greetings from Germany.

  • LAMB66602/17/2005

    Amor Amor...ahh, my dream perfume. Where have you been all my life? This is a fragrance I definitely recommend. It doesn't smell like any other perfumes out on the's unique. I'm satisfied with my purchase.

  • LOISLANE02/13/2005

    I tried this Amor Amor in the store after christmas and walked around feeling wondeful. I even received rave compliments from store personal while I was sampling it. I feel very special wearing it, warm, comforted and happy. This scent is sweet but beautiful. I wish it lasted longer on me.

  • GEEGEE02/10/2005

    Loved the magazine sample, loved the tester in the store. Hated it once I got my own bottle (maybe it's the skin/chemistry thing)! Smells like spicey oranges and cloves. Too bad I can't wear the's the only thing I like about it.

  • CHRISTINA02/04/2005

    A cheap trick by the otherwise good name of Cacharel, this is a loooser! Something sugary must have mutaded or fermented in the processe. Don´t let the pretty red bottle tempt you! You´ll end up smelling like strawberry liquer.

  • ANNIE MAY02/02/2005

    I loved it when I smelled it in the store and couldn't wait to get it, but it soesn't go with my chemistry, it makes me sick after wearing it awhile.

  • TARA02/02/2005

    a wonderful fragrance that make you fell like a queen...

  • XOXCLAIREXOX01/30/2005

    i love it, it is the nicest perfume around! i got 2 bottles for christmas. anyone who thinks it smells strange is disturbed!

  • PERFUME LOVER01/15/2005


  • PHOENIXJN01/02/2005

    O.K. I have to warn you about this one. It seemed exciting at first, intense and floral but quickly turned too sweet and cloying. It gave me such a horrible headache I had to go into the shower and scrub it all off! I love a wide variety of perfumes, but I'll never wear this one again.

  • J.12/13/2004

    And most of the time it is sprayed on to heavy. It makes a woman smell cheap and slutty. I am sorry if I offend anyone by saying this, but where I live it is common to hear guys say this.

  • COURTNEY12/09/2004

    I think that Amor Amor has some similarity to the top notes of Hot Couture, which I also wore for awhile, but I Amor Amor is much lighter and sweeter, in my opinion. I think that Amor Amor, on the other hand, is VERY similar to Herve Leger. Have you tried that?

  • BRONISLAVA12/09/2004

    Even though i am in love with the mandarin scent and it's unique ambiance, i wish it would last longer. Maybe if they came out with EDP edition it would be perfect.

  • QUEENBASILIKA11/25/2004

    It's very nice,but it has to be a little stronger coz goes out quickly.

  • MAXXX11/22/2004

    this is gorgeous. The dry down is wonderful. Soooo romantic. If a date buys you you are one lucky lady. A lovley lovley fragrance.:)

  • BRETT10/30/2004

    I love this fragrance! This one can come on a little strong, so apply sparingly.

  • ME10/23/2004

    This one is really good. I bought the lotion in a tube. It makes the scent last longer. This is fruity but not too sweet. Great for summer.

  • RACHAE10/05/2004

    This stuff smells yummy, my husband loves it on me, it's different from others and lasts a long time!

  • WENCY10/01/2004

    I decide to take Amor Amor as my new perfume. I like the idea of rediscovery in its introduction and I think the passion of it is perfectly suit me.

  • KELLY09/30/2004

    I do not feel that they smell at all alike. I can not wear Hot Couture. There is something about it that makes me nauseated. Amor Amor is much lighter in my opinion....I love it!

  • SYLVIE09/26/2004

    I have a question, ladies: Do you think, that AMOR AMOR smells similar to HOT COUTURE by Givenchy?? Both fragrances are very heavy, fruity-sweet and very special. Would be nice to hear your opinions...

  • KELLY09/20/2004

    I broke down a bought a bottle of this. The only regretI have is that I did not get the large size. I love this stuff. It is sweet, somewhat sharp and sexy. I normally do not like sweet scents but this one is wonderful. It smell very good, hard to describe. I have smelled alot of the new perfumes out there and this was the one both me and my husband liked. Give it a try.

  • SOFIA09/19/2004

    Got a soft and feminine smell that makes you feel sexy...

  • REBECCA09/03/2004

    I got a sample of this a couple weeks ago and love it. It's so youthful and flirty. Very happy fragrance. Fruity but floral and never overwhelming. It's very fresh and pretty. I don't think there's an age limit on wearing perfume...I'm 22 and feel this can be worn by anyone. :)

  • LOVELYLADY09/02/2004

    I fell in love w/ this scent and left samples of it all over the house until someone bought it for me. I LOVE IT!

  • LAURA08/29/2004

    Sorry but this frangrance is ten times better than Lou Lou. Yes, Lou Lou is very distinctive, but it smells like burnt plastic mixed with fly spray. And it gives me a headache. Amor Amor may be a 'young' scent, but its fresh, uplifting and not overpowering.

  • NADINE08/08/2004

    one of those perfumes that makes you feel beautiful. It also lingers, but in a nice way!

  • JANE07/25/2004

    It reminds me of a tropical drink like a mai tai...very sweet and exciting!

  • LOVES07/15/2004

    This is a lovely fragrance... so yummy

  • KELLY06/26/2004

    Sweet, yet spicy. I really like this scent the couple times I tried it at the dept. store. I asked my husband to pick out a fragrance for me that he liked and this is the one he chose. I will be buying this. The bottle is so neat also. The lady at the dept. store said this was a very popular scent this summer for them. That must tell you something.

  • JAMIELEE06/21/2004

    One of my friends showed me a picture of the bottle. Its so sexy! Everyone @ work loves the smell of it and always asks me to let them use some. Its a great new perfume to add to my large collection. :-)

  • HELENA05/20/2004

    My mother in law spayed it on me and said it's a great new gave a headache for hours, it's too sweet, can't stand it.

  • LIZ04/28/2004

    Evelyn, the bottle is on the ugly side, I don't like the idea that every time you spray it, some fragrance gets wasted on that silly wire circle. However, it does smell good, a lot like Anna Sui, actually.

  • ELLEN04/26/2004


  • ISABELL04/22/2004

    Give me more!!i love it and my boyfriend does to

  • CARRIE04/20/2004

    I love this new perfume!!! it rocks! amor amor i love u!

  • KARI04/16/2004

    I love this fragrance! Its fruity and springy. The guys seem to really be drawn by it too. This one is a true winner!

  • ALEX04/13/2004

    This perfume is one of a kind. I love the scent of it, the way it wears on my wife, very delicate yet somehow strongly complimented by its long stay.. I loved it since day one, recommended. A++++

  • BRANDY04/12/2004

    love it!!!! not too strong over over powering!!!!

  • YVONNE04/04/2004

    This fragrance is dull, boring and smells like everything else out on the market right now. Maybe if I were 14 or 15 it would appeal to me. It can't compare to Anais Anais & Lou Lou - these Cacharel fragrances were very distinct with their own personalities.

  • MARTIE03/30/2004

    I got this one a few months ago. It has a very candy fruity type smell. If you like youthful, sweet smells like this, you should like it. It is true that it doesn't last long. That's why I wish they'd go ahead and come out with the body cream. It adds freshness and staying power to most perfumes when you combine them.

  • SILVY0103/29/2004

    I was very surprised at this new launch by Cacharel. It's exactly the same kind of fragrance as this firm's previous one Gloria. Is it wise of them to market 2 (or 3, considering Lulu) "warm, sexy...bla bla bla" perfumes? Besides, I think Gloria was better than this one.

  • NATALEIGH03/27/2004

    i love the smell of this perfume. it's got a good strong smell but not too overwelming. i always get compliments on this product.

  • MARIE03/23/2004

    I totally love it!

  • TRACI03/21/2004

    This is my new favorite perfume. It smells so amazing. I hear comments of women buying this perfume and hating it, so they return it. Ladies, come on, please smell a perfume before you buy it. You wouldn't buy a house or car without first seeing it.

  • ~EVELYN~03/19/2004

    A clone of Lancome's Poeme on me. If you like strong sweet fragrances, this one's a winner. What a hideous bottle...a vintage oil can sans a spout...I suppose the fruitcake got his/her inspiration while oiling the bedsprings. I'd hate to think what this designer would create for a man.

  • PAZZO03/17/2004

    Nice perfume, but very ugly bottle.The bottle doesn't match with the name or the fragrance.

  • AIMEE03/17/2004

    I spent a long time looking for a perfume that I can wear before I found Amor Amor. Most other perfumes were too heavy and dark, and they were so strong that I couldn't stand to wear them because they made my head hurt. My fiance also has trouble with very strong scents, so all in all, this was the perfect pick for us.

  • PAZZO03/16/2004

    This one has really good staying power so perfect for summer.This is a very sweet fragrance,a lot like cool water but this definitely sweeter.If u like fruity perfumes, give this one a try.

  • HAMPWIFE03/15/2004

    smell wonderful . very feminine!!!!!!!!!

  • SILVIA03/15/2004

    has anyone purchased this fragrance and if so could you describe it !!!!!!! tell me what you think about this amor amor !!!! :)

  • ERICA03/15/2004

    this one is just so so. a distinctive scent--similar to Angel Innocent, I thought. Fresh and fruity at first with darker musky undertone, but shallow and flat and a bit cloyingly sweet. a young casual scent. doesn't last very long--just a few hours.

  • MARI03/14/2004


  • PELIN03/13/2004

    hey all i wanna say is its so nice for summer

  • PERFUME ADDICT03/13/2004

    Hated it! Returned it. I love sweet smells but this one is too sweet even for me.

  • MARY K. 03/12/2004

    This is a beautiful fruity-floral perfume that has staying power and is unlike anything else I have smelled!! Really nice and worth the money!

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