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Giorgio Beverly Hills


72 Reviews

Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills is unfortunately a discontinued cologne. Red cologne has top notes of Cumin, Artemisia, Basil, Bergamot, and Green notes. It has middle notes of Juniper, Geranium, Rose, Wormwood, Jasmin, Carnation, and Thyme. Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills has base notes of Cedar, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Amber, Leather, and Olibanum.

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Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills is unfortunately a discontinued cologne. Red cologne has top notes of Cumin, Artemisia, Basil, Bergamot, and Green notes. It has middle notes of Juniper, Geranium, Rose, Wormwood, Jasmin, Carnation, and Thyme. Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills has base notes of Cedar, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Amber, Leather, and Olibanum.

  • PAUL01/02/2013

    Was my favorite in the late 80's early 90's, was discontinued and now is back. As far as I can tell, smells the same. Of course that time period my memory is a bit foggy....

  • DAVID FURGINSON05/16/2012

    Great Stuff very hard to find ! this is a spare bottle I purchased ! don't want to run out ! The scent is Momorable by all !

  • GLORY11/21/2010

    Back in the late 90's I encountered a man walking ahead of me on a city street that smeeled absolutely amazing. After a couple of blocks I caught up to him and he was as beautiful as his fragrance. I asked him what he was wearing and he said it was Red by Giorgio. After years of trying to hunt this down I finally found it in a Zeller's In Canada. It brought me right back to that day on the street. I Love this scent!!! Somehow it exemplifies the 90's for me in a very good way. Men get youself some Red and expect to be followed.

  • BURGESS G.01/18/2010

    Please bring this back. My first bottle was give to me back in the early 80's and I still have it. I use it on very special occausions. I have just a little left and I am hoping that you bring it back "I need to replace this bottle ASAP". Red For Men is excellent collagen and after shave refresher. I will be waiting for the return of RED FOR MEN.

  • CHRISTOPHER12/08/2008

    The new stuff is distributed by elzibeth arden and it is not the same let me tell you I have 3 bottles of the original and the new batches don't even comare with the longevity that the original has try it but put the bottle in your pocket and spray every hour on the hour seriously don't expect to much like the good ole days! only the good dye young

  • JUDE C10/16/2008

    I must have been not given this scent a chance! After truly wearing it I found it to be rich and long lasting but not over powering. Don't make the mistake I made juding it from sniffing the bottle you have to try this gem on your skin.


    I never smelled the original, so I can't comment on the "change", but EA's version is very dry, herbal and earthy- would make a great date scent! I'm fond of the Red for women and I'm glad the men's version is just as elegant and sexy!

  • JUDE C08/31/2008

    Not the same juice as the older stuff. Nothing sexy here at all, and nothing red about it. Puff Daddy's scent is the only American cologne worth anything. They simply have no sillage and no kick. Very let down on this one.

  • JUDE C08/27/2008

    Let down here, not real strong, not real sexy, not real unique. Definitely not the scent my friend had five years ago. Sorry guys, not the same juice since it has been relaunched.

  • PJ08/17/2008

    One touch of RED and you have it all- the spirited elegance of Beverly Hills. Rich. Refined. A bit unpredictable and completely irresistible. RED. Nothing so invisible was ever so exciting. Only Giorigio Beverly Hills could have created it.

  • DOROTHY BARNWELL07/08/2008

    please bring this cologne back my husband loves red and he also wears it very well.he smells so----so good with this fragrance

  • PAUL04/15/2008

    Guess what guys, this classic gem has been relaunched, and Elizabeth Arden owns the fragrance now, it is back on the market and the juice is the same! look on some online sites as well such as, as they have restocked with Red for men. Enjoy guys!

  • TONY R. VITOVSKY02/19/2008

    When this product was fading out, I shopped 5 states and found only two bottles. I'm out and wished it were back on the market. Hard to pick up women now. They used to follow me all the time. Bring it back, now.

  • DEBBIE12/30/2007

    I wish you would please bring this cologne back for men. It is what my boyfriend wore when I first met him in 1998. I can still remember that scent. I wish I could still buy it for him. It is a one of a kind cologne.

  • C SANCHEZ12/13/2007

    please bring this cologne back. this is what my husband was wearing when i first met him and i have never forgotten that smell. i have looked everywhere for this cologne. are you going to bring it back?

  • GLENN07/16/2007

    I agree with many here. It's the best cologne I ever had. I found a bottle in China Town NY a couple of years ago and nursed it till the last drop. BRING IT BACK!

  • MICAH07/01/2007

    I have yet to find a replacement cologne that turns as many heads as Red did. If you are looking for alternatives, Escada shares some striking similarities. However, it still isn't Red...

  • GLORY03/30/2007

    I once followed a lovely man for two blocks. I had to ask him what fragrance he was wearing and it was Red. Never smelled anyone so good since.

  • DEBBIE T03/25/2007

    this was awsome plzzzzzzz!!! bring this bk. this is what smells best on him. i love it !!!!!!!!!

  • ROBERT PREVOST02/11/2007

    I can not beleive that both these products have been discontinued.My Lady has become totally discontent with Georgio because of unavailabillity of my products desired.

  • GINGER01/26/2007

    Please, please bring back Red cologne for men!! My husband does not believe that it is not on the market anymore!!

  • PEGGY S.01/04/2007

    I am very disappointed that I can't find Red for men. Please bring back this, as it is the only fragrance my son likes. Thank You.

  • RVJ12/19/2006

    Giorgio Beverly Hills what were you thinking!!!!!!! Bring it back!!! I have two bottles with a couple of millimeters left in the bottom and have been saving it for quite a while now.

  • SYBIL12/07/2006

    My husband is devastated. We have been looking for the last 2 years to find HIS cologne. Please bring it back!!!

  • TONY T11/08/2006

    over 100 dollars a bottle? how. very in your face i guess masculine done old school. definately for the older gent with his cashmere sweater and boat shoes.

  • DOUG08/27/2006

    Why in the world would a company take a hot item like this off the market. I'm on my last bottle. I use it sparely because I can't find it nowhere. Please bring it back. It is the only colonge I have ever found that is right for me . Please bring it back!!!!!!!!

  • JP'S WIFE08/06/2006


  • C.SANDERS03/06/2006

    The only ones I've smelled that are some what close are Tuscany Red and Desire by Alfred Dunhill..They are softer but not the same...close though!!!

  • GUY02/08/2006

    I miss this cologne so much. It helped make me a babe magnet. Have not found anything close in performance. It has to be brought back! Haven't been able to find it for several years, and my love life has suffered!

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE02/05/2006

    Don't understand why GBH would discontinue what was probably the best fragrance they ever created for a man. Floral, green, sophisticated and very sexy it was!!

  • RICK01/05/2006

    Why would any one in business take one of the best smelling mens product off the market. That person should explain him or herself, and be fired!!!! Please bring Red Back

  • DONALD STITCH12/06/2005


  • TER-MONSTER11/22/2005

    I thought I had come close finding a similar sent, whilst waiting in a line to checkout, i got so excited that I bought it in hopes that it would be it, but alas, it just wasn't it... You guys could figure it out yourselves it was called "Hallsten" w/ Dale Earnhart jr. on the box. hey, If it was gonna smell like red, I woundn't of cared if the tooth fairy was on it. But probably the closest sent to red I've come across...

  • ROB H.10/02/2005

    Why oh WHY did they ever discontinue this magical wonder. I sure hope they relaunch this woody/green seductive fragrance.

  • JP09/26/2005

    I used to be a "red man", but had given up all hope of ever seeing (or smelling) it again. So had the wife !!Is there any more news regarding it's re-appearance ?

  • JOHN05/29/2005

    I really like it and have found nothing that even comes close to driving my wife crazy and that stays with me all day and doesn't clash with my body chemistry

  • SEINI03/07/2005


  • INSIDE SOURCE02/02/2005

    Giorgio Beverly Hills is introducing a new mens line of cologne late this Fall 2005. One of the colognes is exactly like Red for Men. The name of the cologne has not been announced. It has the same body and ingredients that Red for Men has. Keep your eyes and noses open!

  • PATTI01/27/2005

    I absolutely LOVE the smell of Red Cologne on my husband - he just used the last of the 3 bottles we bought when we found out it was no longer going to be sold. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

  • STEVEN01/10/2005

    I get comments on how good I smell everytime and everywhere I wear it. It is the only cologne I wear that I get comments on every time I wear it. I can't believe they discontinued it.

  • DESMANE12/30/2004

    Who in they right mind would discontinue one of the best colognes ever? It's a mystery to me. I see they're selling it for $200 on the net and I love it but I won't pay that much for any cologne. Also for anybody who knows, does that after shave smell like the actual cologne?

  • RICHARD FELT12/10/2004

    trying to find out why they stoped making such a great smelling colone that people love now they can,t get it don,t under stand will you write back to me need some answers [email protected]

  • RANKINFRED12/05/2004

    This stuff is strong, sweet and fruity, and not in a good way. Not for the subtle (or any one who has to be around other people).

  • SONIA11/24/2004

    This is my one of my husband's favorite and mine, of course. Why was it discontinued?...

  • MADALYNN11/10/2004

    red is hot! what's up no one has any,Hey Giorgio.

  • MIKE09/29/2004

    I received many compliments when I wore this product and miss it very much.

  • GINA09/17/2004

    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! They should also make a room fragrance spray in RED. It is absolutely wonderful & a necessity.

  • CAROLYN GARRETT09/17/2004

    I love this fragrance on my husband, and every time he wore it, someone commented on how good it smelled. Many women said they were going to get some for their husband. Is there anywhere I can still get it?

  • AMY07/07/2004


  • ROCHELLE06/11/2004

    My man has been looking all over for this cologne. Why have they stopped production? How can I find it for him

  • SHERRY05/24/2004

    RED is the only cologne my husband will wear!please help!He ALWAYS got compliments and he is NOT an old man either!

  • XAVIER12/27/2003

    Say it aint so. Please bring this cologne back.

  • ROBERT12/02/2003

    I really miss this fragrance. I can't tell you how many compliments I received while wearing it.

  • RICHARD01/18/2003

    I am about to run out of this stuff and have been looking in several stores for it. Not one store has it. When I wear it, girls always ask what it is. What's the deal? Someone is a "DUMB-ASS" for not making this fragrance any longer. All I can say is try Hanae More. I got some at the Alladin shops in Vegas. I think only a couple places make it. It sure is not as good as RED for Men. It may do for ya!

  • LUTHER SHERRELL01/12/2003

    I was introduced to Red For Men by my wife and used it for five years and all of a sudden it was gone could not find it anywhere and the stores told us that they discontinued this line of colognes. this is the best cologne I have ever used, please bring it back. Thanks Luther Sherrell

  • CHRISTINE12/26/2002

    My husband's favorite...wish they'd bring it back.

  • E. J. PEACOCK12/21/2002

    Have been unable to find anything except the soother for some time. Need help, please

  • MICHAEL12/19/2002

    please...... start selling the mens cologne again....RED

  • JEFF12/02/2002

    Good thing its axed this scent could wake the dead.

  • WM.JONES11/24/2002

    Red for men is one of my favorite fragrances, but why is it so hard to find lately?

  • GORDY11/23/2002

    absolutely the best cologne i ever used. everyone loved the fragrance. bring it back.

  • RUSTY11/17/2002

    I wrote them and asked for them to bring it back!

  • RED FOR MEN10/23/2002


  • OLD SMELLING10/16/2002

    Smells like an old man.

  • ERNO10/15/2002

    Red is a color used to alert for DANGER or PAIN. This fragrance is so bad its PAINFUL and DANGEROUS so STOP!

  • MIKE10/14/2002

    There are reasons why its discontinued!

  • MIKEL THOMSON08/28/2002

    Red is my favorite cologne, and now al I can find online is the aftershave.

  • ERIC06/11/2002

    Unfortunately all I have left is the after shave balm. I dropped a note to P&G as mentioned by a poster below and they did respond by saying if only enough others had thought like me they would not have pulled it. I did locate a site offering a copycat fragrance and will stop back and post how close it is to the original. Also, when you go to their site (if you do) you will not see Red for men listed, but I emailed them and they responded that they do in fact carry a copycat for it so just email them and ask. they seem very responsive which is a good sign.

  • LISA05/08/2002

    If the version for men smells half as good as my Red, I say BRING IT BACK!!! Many here seem to like it, I can't wait to see it. I hope it doesn't go away before I can. =(

  • JP WEISENBERGER04/23/2002

    I am so disappointed. Some time ago, a saleslady told me that Giorgio dropped Red for Men. I assumed she simply stopped carrying it, of course. Giorgio wouldn't be so dumb... The After Shave Soother, however, IS appropriately named... AS balm. BRING IT BACK!

  • STEVE HOLBROOK03/09/2002

    This is my favorite cologne as well! I sent a message to Proctor & Gamble as suggested. Doesn't make sense that they'd take such a good product off the market!!!

  • ROGER02/24/2002

    If you didn't know Proctor and Gramble owns Giorgio. So if you would like to help bring it back tell them so. Go to select "Contact Us" link and let them have it. Here's a direct link

  • LYNETTE01/27/2002

    HELP!!! Looking for this cologne really enjoy this on my man. Where can I get it. Let me know @ [email protected]

  • BILL01/22/2002

    Can anyone help me locate this special cologne. Thanks [email protected]

  • PHIL12/15/2001

    I still have it...hahaha. great scent but its not the best out there. perfumesraffy and penniesonthedollar still have it.

  • SEAN JONH12/11/2001

    I recently came across a man who has come into about 100 bottles of red for men. I bought three. I love this fragrance. It is very good and smells nice. At first i did notlike it becasue i thoght that it would smell like my dad (you know...old) but i am 22 years old an this has become one of my signature scents. I like it alot very woody, very sweet.

  • GARY COLBURN12/08/2001

    Red for Men has to be the best edt. ever made for men. If any one knows how or where I can purchase some please let me know..

  • JASON11/26/2001

    i do not know if this is me or anything but red smells kind of like wet dog!! I resent the fact that i paid fifty bucks for this stuff on ebay and it reeks nasty

  • DON STEPHENSON11/17/2001

    I too want to know why we cannot get Giorgio Red. I was always asked what it was I was wearing and could always buy it at the duty free. Life just is not the same without my RED............

  • CHERYL11/08/2001

    Why would you take something so wonderful off the market. I have such a hard time finding something else for my man to wear. Whoever make that decision shouldn't be in the business.

  • CONNIE10/21/2001

    I can't believe you took this wonderful fresh fragrance off the market. My man hardly feels dressed without it. It is such a HOT smell. Shame on you for disappointing so many men and their woman.

  • KENNETH MAISEL10/19/2001

    Who's the BONEHEAD that took this great fragrance off the market? Everyone that smelled it, asked me what I was wearing. I loved it, and it makes all the ladies nuts. How can you possibly take this away? There had to be politics involved. This is a GREAT fragrance!

  • JERRY JONES09/28/2001

    I do wish they would but the reds for men back one the market. i thought it was the best smell for. me, i had worn it for years, and can not find and fragrance that i really like. i am now using your lotion,, please there must be other men who wore this fragrance

  • MICHAEL09/26/2001

    It is truly a big mistake to stop making Red For Men, I have had men and women ask what my colonge is, you are losing out by droping it. Please think about continuing this product.

  • TRICIA09/14/2001

    Isn't there something that can be done to convince them to re-evaluate their decision to discontinue Red for men? It is such a warm, inviting scent!

  • LEROY HOLMES09/02/2001

    Giorgio has made a mistake in discontiuning this product. It is the only one that I (and others)really enjoy. Good smelling & lasts a long time. Searched all over the counties for this product.

  • JOHN07/09/2001

    In my opinion the best scented cologne that was on the market, whoever made the decision to stop production of it, made a very poor decision.

  • BEV07/01/2001

    Why did they stop making the cologne and regular aftershave. This is a great fragance. I work at a frangance counter and we have several request for this every week.

  • RICHNTULSA04/21/2001

    Love that fresh romantic sweet woody scent from red

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