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Blonde was created by Versace in 1995 and is recommended for romantic wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of jasmine and violet notes.

15 ml Deluxe Parfum (Extrait)
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Blonde was created by Versace in 1995 and is recommended for romantic wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of jasmine and violet notes.

  • SEVENTHSIGHT10/23/2009

    I am a blonde and expected a more three dimensional warm yet exhilerating fragrance. Instead, I got a flat one dimensional greenish fragrance slightly citric and Not my style.

  • LISA05/04/2009

    I didn't think I would like this, since people said it smells like Fracas, which I don 't care for. I bought the mini EDT of Blonde- you dab it on, not spray- & I Love it!! Sweet almost Gardenia like smell. I bet the spray is too strong, but with the dab on, you can control it. Its summery & lovely.

  • SYLVIE11/01/2008

    I like the bottle and the name BLONDE, but the fragrance is not for me. A too linear and strong tuberose-scent IMO. The first head-notes smell wonderful and irresistible feminine, but the drydown isn't that nice. I wore it only once at a party and than I decided to give BLONDE away, because I was very bored and the fragrance was irritating. It smells very similar to MAHORA by Guerlain. Both fragrances have a depressing effect to me. And because I'm not blonde - no regrets ;-)). In Germany both fragrances are meanwhile discontinued. There is a similarity to FRACAS by Piguet which I like, but FRACAS smells more interesting and happy. Noses are different!!!

  • BARBARA W07/04/2007

    Jasmine is the predominant note throughout. I like jasmine when it's in the backgroud blended well with other notes, but for me, it's just too overwhelming in Blonde. But, if you like floral chypres, give it a try. Love the bottle!

  • SLIM12/06/2006

    My mom loves this perfume but never had the chance to use it so Ill get it for the holidays so she can enjoy the perfume she simply adores... She deserves it!

  • LISA10/13/2006

    LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. I have been looking for my "signature scent" for many years and I finally found it. Yay!!!

  • KATHY Z.06/17/2006

    Blonde is a beautiful, strong floral fragrance--very heavy on the tuberose. I like a light floral for summer, but this scent can stand on its own in the colder months. Someone said that Blonde smells a lot like Fracas. I don't know for sure. I've never smelled Fracas, but I can say that it is a very old fashioned (in a good way) nostalgic fragrance. I own a lot of different perfumes. I like to wear a different scent every day. But I am often drawn to this classic fragrance. Beautiful.

  • GREEKGIRL06/06/2006

    I also am a brunette but love blonde , must admit did not like it at first but persisted with it as it was a gift, and i fell madly in love, now i wear it all the time, but my teenage sons say it stinks, and hold their noses everytime i pass them LOL, but i love it, wonderfull fragrance, also reminds me of Fracas.

  • JANETHLU05/25/2006

    Absolutely wonderful! Love this perfume and get nothing but compliments when I wear it. It stays on most of the day and it always smells just as pretty. Must be body chemistry! This is definitely my scent and I'm NOT a dumb blonde. :)

  • JB05/24/2006

    Gianni had this fragrance created in honor of his sister Donatella (thats is why the name of the perfume is "Versace's Blonde") who's favorite flower is the Tuberose. I have a Versace Profumi info card that describes this scent as "Refined and fascinating, tuberose, the heart and soul of the perfume, diffuses amongst warm and sensual notes. A priceless perfume: the essence of femininity."

  • TAYA03/23/2006

    If you like the scents such as fracas, you'll probably like this. I find it repulsive.

  • LAUERMAR01/23/2006

    This is the finest quality tuberose fragrance money can buy. Perfume handbook writer Nigel Groom says this perfume has 100% natural ingredients--no synthetics. So much for the "peroxide" comment. FWIW, I wear this perfume and I am a natural golden brunette who has a Master's Degree and a G.P.A. of 3.8/4.0. No dumb blondes here.

  • VIVIAN P01/19/2006

    Lovely womanly,floral scent...I myself mistook the jasmine for gardenia, as did several girls at work who love this fragrance on me. If you're looking for a beautiful Tuberose scent, try Michael by Michael Kors...gorgeous!

  • ANNIE01/15/2006

    If you like tuberose you will probably like Blonde. It is similar to Jean Paul Gaultier's Fragile and Piguet's Fracas. (Fracas is my favorite tuberose fragrance - truly a masterpiece!). Blonde is a rich tuberose with a greenish quality. It's very feminine and pretty but it's also fairly "modern". I received compliments on it when I wore it. My mother fell in love with it, so unable to resist her I gave her my bottle. It smells fabulous on her! She also happens to be blonde - but that is beside the point. :-) Tuberose has a very distinct scent and people seem to either love it or hate it. I love it. Too bad Blonde is discontinued but tuberose seems to be popular right now so it isn't difficult to find similar type fragrances. And you can still find Blonde online fairly easily.

  • MAYA12/02/2005

    Hello there, I also have the blue box and only have had that one since I started wearing it a long time ago. Just love that Blonde! Mine is an EDT but I really find it has an amazing straying power - some EDPs are not as long-lasting as this one. There is just something about this fragrance that people always notice when you wear it... I get frequently asked how come I'm not wearing it when I run into friends and family who all happen to adore it. At one point in my life I wore this one a lot! But since then I've become a girl who wears a different fragrance every day... I like the idea of that since it keeps me entertained... I love so many fragrances out there. But my friends from university all remember Blonde very well and they question where it has gone when they see me these days :) What a shame that Blonde has been discontinued, it really is one of my favorites for the spring even some cooler days in summer. But now you make me so curious with this red box, you know I will be sending out a search party ;) Thank you so much for your review and I hope to find this mysterious red box!

  • TAT2DBETTIE11/29/2005

    Let me start off by saying I love this scent! My boyfriend turned me on to it and since then I have become a perfume maniac! I credit my HUGE collection all to starting with Blonde... but I was curious, when I went shopping for this scent recently I came across a parfum extrait in a red box. The one I had before came in a blue box and was an EDT or EDP... I cannot remember. I was wondering if anyone had tried the parfum extrait in the red box? The one in the blue box had great staying power and smelled beautiful, but I would imagine that the pure juice would be the best! Any opinions out there? Thanks! :-)

  • LEE ANN11/22/2005

    A friend just gave me some of this perfume today for my birthday. I love it. It is a shame it is supposedly discontinued.

  • OPION OF A MAN11/18/2005

    This fragrance is so beautiful words cannot describe it. My female roomate wears this to work and it lingers in the washroom all day. I really enjoy the springtime scent. It resembles the golden sunshine in a garden of jasmine. I was fortunate to obtain a large bottle of this scent. It is a shame that it has been discontinued! Donatella, what are you thinking?!!

  • PERFUME_DIVA08/29/2005

    Here is a detailed description: The fragrance really is quite feminine and lovely! TOP notes are composed of: Gardenia, Pittosporum, Orange blossom, Bergamot. MIDDLE notes are : Tubérose, Narcissus, Ylang-Ylang, Carnation and for the BASE notes we have : Benzoin, Musc, Civet, Sandal. The scent wears very well and stays on long. Not one of those perfumes that is now here and 5 minutes later it is gone for good. From what I've heard, Blonde has been discontinued but since we can still get it here as soon as I'm out I will be ordering. I get lots of complements whenever I wear Blonde, but I see from other posters that not many ladies really like it, which is perfectly fine with me, I really would dislike smelling like all other women at work, or anywhere else! A scent is supposed to be YOU and distinguish you from others so the fact that others may not like it works just fine for me ;) Oh and by the way I am not a blond as many have also expressed a concern that this fragrance is supposed to represent. I believe the expression was "dumb blond" (LOL). My hair is dark brown (guess no dumb blonds here), this fragrance is just a preference and something I enjoy.

  • SHASHA07/17/2005

    I got blonde as a gift from a guy - I HATE it... very strong. My brother commented how it smells like gasoline mixed with a very foul perfume.

  • MAYA07/15/2005

    Blonde is one of my favorites of all times... Especially love the top and bottom notes! And it wears very well s far the staying power is concerned. Smells great on me and compliments never cease to roll in...

  • CAROL02/17/2005

    I was pleased to be able to purchase Blonde 1.7 oz for 12.50 at Burlington Coat Factory. Of all the "smellalikes" of Fracas this smells the most like it,on me anyway including the drydown. I wore fracas years ago and do love the smell and especially the beautiful bottle--but a bargain is a bargain! Blonde is great!

  • MS1219102/17/2005

    This is a very distinctive fragrance which you can not mistake for any other perfume out there. No wonder everybody notices it but I belive not in enjoyable way. It is very overpowering and first gets an attention but after a while it gets on your nerves and you simply want to get as far away from it as possible. To me it smells like apricot. Imagine eating overripe warm apricot dipped in a honey on a very hot day and you will get the feeling of sweet nausea this fragrance inspires. If you test it in the store do it at the end or else you will not be able to smell any other perfumes there. Overall it is pleasantly sweet at first whiff which quickly gets nausating lingering sweet. I pity the people who have to be next to the person wearing Blonde for more than a few seconds.

  • MS1219102/16/2005

    This is a very distinctive fragrance which you can not mistake for any other perfume out there. No wonder everybody notices it but I belive not in enjoyable way. It is very overpowering and first gets an attention but after a while it gets on your nerves and you simply want to get as far away from it as possible. To me it smells like apricot. Imagine eating overripe warm apricot dipped in a honey on a very hot day and you will get the feeling of sweet nausea this fragrance inspires. If you test it in the store do it at the end or else you will not be able to smell any other perfumes there. Overall it is pleasantly sweet at first whiff which quickly gets nausating lingering sweet. I pity the people who have to be next to the person wearing Blonde for more than a few seconds.

  • QUEENBASILIKA12/26/2004

    Lets face it.That smell doen't live with us anymore.....they stopped producing it just when I went to buy it!

  • GEORGINA11/18/2004

    this purfume is the best smelling this season i love it and i really want it. its in a gorgeous container aswell!

  • LISA11/02/2004

    I first smelled this fragrance while reading a Vogue Magazine in a lounge at JFK, and it has been my favorite ever since. My main complaint, however, is that the bottle simply doesn't age well. I bought my current bottle a little over two years ago, and the contents have turned from sweet and fresh to sour and artificial. Even the color of the perfume has changed from golden blonde to dull orange. I expect higher quality control from the House of Versace.

  • VICKI10/19/2004

    From the day i heard Oprah and a friend talking about it i had to try it. 5yrs later it is the only one i use. Never a day goes by that someone just has to know what that wonderful frangrance is- I even have had young men in their 20's ask about it, they just loved it (I'm 54) Also for those of you who have allergy problems-This is one of the 1st i have been able to wear that does not give me a head ache or set off my asthma. Love it!!!!!!!!

  • KATHLEEN 207/24/2004

    I love this stuff! I realy haven't gotten any compliments, well maybe one or two, but I enjoy wearing it and smellling it on myself all day. With all the other perfumes I have that are not similar to it, I shouldn't love it but I do. Go figure.

  • MY FAVORITE07/22/2004

    My husband has never cared for perfume, but he likes Blonde.

  • SUSAN05/15/2004

    There are many similar fragrances,but I like this one best. And it smells good all day.

  • RITA04/19/2004

    I bought this fragrance on a whim, sprayed a little on & by the time I got home I was hooked. Truest tuberose notes I have ever smelled in a perfume. "Fragile" & "Fracas" might reign supreme in the tuberose area, but I think Versace Blonde surpasses them both. It's warm lush & smelling white flowers in warm room on a summer's day. It can be really heady, but in the EDT form it's just right.

  • DIANA04/06/2004


  • CHRIS COLOGNE12/27/2003

    Versace's Blonde is nice but extremely potent. Just one spritz to the neck will be plenty. I was helping a lady in a store make a selection and we both smelled this and liked it. Bold fragrance for a bold woman. No Offensive fragrance notes, but it must be used with a very light hand.

  • LOUISE11/19/2003

    Too heavy on the white flowers. Cloying, super-sweet, irritating.

  • JANE11/04/2003

    it smell nice at first,and last for a long time ,but it is suitable for winnter or the person like mon,not for me

  • MIRA08/08/2003

    Blonde! YUM! Compliments come from all directions when wearing this perfume! It's a unique fragrance for ladies who love being noticed, complimented and glamourous. Splash it on and have fun.

  • VICKI06/29/2003

    This is the first scent i have found that does not bother my allergies and even better I love the scent. I am 52 and i even get young men coming up to me asking what i am wearing they love it as well as the young men my age. Constant compliments where ever i go!!! OH and I just happened to be BLONDE!

  • VANILLALION06/11/2003

    Always wondered, but nothing like experiencing it first hand. Ebayed this one after one spray.

  • TANIA LISBOA05/29/2003

    I agree that Bond smells like Fracas, and Id like you pals to help me in finding this perfume.In your country you have one of them?(Fracas or Blonde)Which other do you think smells like both?help me please?

  • ~*RACHEL*~03/28/2003

    Just received Blonde in the mail today...not a huge fan. :o( If I ever become a prostitute, this is what I will wear...otherwise I'll stick with my usual Ocean Dream (Giorgio Beverly Hills)....

  • LINDA03/08/2003

    it is a beautiful perfume..but it kind of overpowering...excellent in the winter and cold open air, as i enter a room or the weather gets warmer,it changes...too STRONG no matter how few you put on..still one of my favourites

  • TANIA LISBOA03/05/2003

    I'm used to wear Blonde since 1995 and from there i've already used more than 50 bottles.I love the orange blossom and I am no me without it!Pitty is that tody we can not find it in my country - Brazil and I'm looking for import it asap...

  • KIMBERLY01/07/2003

    I have gone through 2 bottles of this . I get more compliments from this perfume than any other one I have.

  • SIDNEY01/03/2003

    The perfume stinks, has the house of Versace ever made a perfume that smelled good? This stinks of squashed gardenia flowers magnified ten thousand times, it's not subtle it's offensive!

  • BUBU12/07/2002

    well if you want to know the ingredients in detail here we go: Top note : Gardenia, Pittosporum, Orange blossom, Bergamot Middle note : Tubérose, Narcissus, Ylang-Ylang, Carnation Base note : Benzoin, Musc, Civet, Sandal And now DETALISSS!!!:) Orange Blossom It is mainly produced in Tunisia, Morocco, Italy, Egypt and the south of France. Thw bitter orange blossoms are treated with volatile solvents to obtain a concrete. When washed in alcohol, the concrete yields an absolute. Bitter orange blossoms are gathered in May. One ton of flowers will usually produce roughly 2 lbs of of you understand why this one is rather expensive:) Bergamot Bergamot grows in Italy (Sicily and Calabria), the Ivory Coast, Guinea and Brazil. Bergamot essence is obtained through cold expression of the rind of the fruit. Tuberose The tuberose is native to India and Mexico and was imported into Europe circa 1600. It is a herbaceous plant grown from bulbs, with high stems and highly-scented white flower clusters. Nowadays it is mostly grown in India, and to a lesser extent in Egypt and France. Hand-picked flowers are not steam-distilled because the process is low-yielding and distillation deteriorates the scent. Therefore, the absolute is obtained by extraction using volatile solvents. Narcissus Produced primarily in France (Auvergne), Morocco and Egypt. Narcissus absolute is obtained through extraction with volatile solvents, followed by alcohol cleansing of the flowers. Ylang ylang The Ylang ylang tree is native to the Philippines and is grown on the Comores Islands and Madagascar. Ylang ylang essence is obtained throguh steam distillation of the fresh flowers. Trees are pruned on a regular basis between approximately 6 and 9 feet so that the flowers are easier to gather. A mature tree can yield 20 to 30 kg (about 45 to 70 lbs) of flowers per season. 350 to 400 kg (about 770 to 880 lb) of flowers make 1 kg (about 2 lb) of essence. Flowers are picked early morning once a week. Carnation Carnations grow in many countries, but pink carnation absolute is produced in the south of France. Carnation absolute is obtained when flowers are submitted to a special treatment which is both costly and low-yielding. Benzoin The benzoin tree is native to Indochina. The balsam is collected in Malaysia, Sumatra, Laos and Vietnam. Extraction Method Benzoin of Siam is a resinous balsamic substance excreted by the tree. The latex seeps from incisions made in the bark and outer layers of the trunk. When the benzoin is collected, it is is semi-liquid but rapidly becomes hard and brittle. Raw benzoin of Siam comes in small tear-shaped or pebble-like fragments of an orangey auburn hue. The resinoid is extracted from the raw material, using solvents such as alcohol. Musk Musk is a strong-smelling secretion from a 2-inch gland found on the belly of the male roe deer. This pouch weighs from 20 to 30 grams and contains 10 to 20 grams of a substance called seed musk. The musk deer live on the high plateaus in Asia, in the Himalayas and in Siberia. After the pouch is dried, the musk is collected with a syringe and is used as an infusion. In captivity, the musk deer no longer produce musk Civet Civet is an odoriferous glandular secretion from male or female civets, native to Abyssinia. Most of the civet available today originates from Ethiopia where the animal is raised in captivity. Santal Sandalwood comes from a parasitical evergreen tree with strongly-scented leaves that grows in India and Indonesia, but the best and most valuable variety is produced in the region of Mysore. enough for now...Go put some on your wrist and enjoy>:___)

  • TIGRUSHKA11/06/2002

    Anatolia, your post really cracked me up! Especially as this fragrance was created for Donatella - the worst overtly tanned fake blonde ever... Fitting, don't you think? XD

  • ANATOLIA11/01/2002

    No offense to the flaxen haired ones out there, but you'd have to be blonde to buy it! It smells cheap, tacky, and overpowering, like a peroxide blonde baywatch wannabe.

  • DENISE10/15/2002

    You might want to try Fracas or carolina Herrera, both have lots of tuberose, like this one.

  • ANNIE09/16/2002

    It smells great. I didn't mind giving it to her. It smells terrific on her, too. :-) People stop and ask her what she's wearing. A young boy in the mall made a point of going over to her and asking her what perfume she was wearing. Tuberose is absolutely gorgeous on some people. Fracas is another similar scent with its main note of tuberose.

  • PERFUMELOVER05/17/2002

    I agree that Fracas smells the most similar to Blonde. But, as mentioned, you can try Gianfranco Ferre-it is softer. Other tuberose inspired perfumes are Amore Eternae, Jontue, Christian Aujard, and Adolfo.

  • JESSICA05/10/2002

    Please tell me what this perfume smells like to you, and name another perfume that is similar? I am very curious. Thank you in advance.

  • VIKKI04/13/2002

    ive asked a relative to bring me blonde back home from airport, ive bever smelt it, but love the versace perfume range. ive never smelt fracas either, i hope i like it! thank for your comments, i feel less anxious now of recieving a sour smelling concoction

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    Help! Really scary. My favorite tuberose scent is Gianfranco Ferre, look under 'Ferre'

  • MAIZY02/26/2002

    I love this fragrance. It puts a smile on my face as soon as I smell it. I am always asked "What are you wearing" everytime I have it on. Give it a try, you may be surprized by the response.

  • SATOKO01/21/2002

    I like most tuberose perfumes, but I prefer Fracas. But if you don't like the candy-like drydown or the peach in Fracas, you might prefer this one. I still think Blonde is sexy.

  • GAIL01/08/2002

    I was curious about this fragrance after reading some of the comments on this website.I agree,I think it does smell a little like Fracas,but Fracas is much better!!

  • TRUEBLUE12/29/2001

    Is there any good perfume from Versace?

  • GIOVANNA11/15/2001

    2)I'm a brunette 3)English is not my first language 4)I'm not a big fan of Blonde, but I can see why some people like it -it is indeed very feminine. It has fruity notes and LOTS of tuberose in it. I think people who like Fracas and Champs Elysees would enjoy this one, too.

  • JANIS10/21/2001

    Everyone who I have come in contact with has asked me what am I wearing. My mother in law went out and bought it, and a co-worker went out and got it for his wife. I feel it has a uniqueness to it and I will always have Blonde on hand to wear all the time. It makes a big hit in my book !!

  • NONI10/11/2001

    blonde is one of those loud fragrances that doesn't seem to bother the wearer.but if you are going to be around a lot of people keep that in know it did smell like fracas in the bottle but not on me.

  • EVONE09/28/2001

    I think it has a tropical/floral scent. It is very casual, perfect for daytime.

  • GAIL09/10/2001

    I have been wearing Blonde perfume for the past year and I have never met 1 person that did not love the smell. I have had men walk up to me and ask me what perfume I was wearing because they were attracted to the smell as i passed by. Even my Dr had went out and bought Blonde for his girlfriend because he asked me what perfume I was wearing. Needless to say I love Blonde and every man I have came in contact with as I was wearing it loved it and asked me what perfume I was wearing.

  • CATARINA08/21/2001

    Wearable, but there's nothing sophisticated about it. I think I smelled ylan-ylang in it. Almost bought it, but didn't. It's kinda nice, though.

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    Blonde by Versace is a beautiful, light, soft fragrance. It's Versace's best fragrance in my opinion. It definitely smells similar to Fracas (Tuberose being a key ingredient), but it has it's own special scent that makes it unique too. The bottle is Greek-style. It's very pretty and has an expensive look to it.

  • IRENE07/29/2001

    Wearing Blonde is one of the most sensual experiencies. It's such a sweet and soft (but not childish) scent that is a complete turn on. Thanks forever to Gianni for this creation.

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    This is very similar to Fracas. I think they both have tuberose in them, very floral and sweet. I think Fracas is a bit nicer though, more sophisticated somehow.

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