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Paris Hilton


25 Reviews

Heiress perfume by Paris Hilton contains a fruity floral juice that opens with top notes of passion fruit, orange, peach granita and champagne mimosa, unfolding into heart notes of star jasmine, tiare flower, ylang ylang, honeysuckle, dewberry blossom and grenadine. Heiress perfume has a dry-down of violet leaf, vetiver, Tahitian tonka and blonde more

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Heiress perfume by Paris Hilton contains a fruity floral juice that opens with top notes of passion fruit, orange, peach granita and champagne mimosa, unfolding into heart notes of star jasmine, tiare flower, ylang ylang, honeysuckle, dewberry blossom and grenadine. Heiress perfume has a dry-down of violet leaf, vetiver, Tahitian tonka and blonde woods.

  • VICKI11/14/2011

    ive been a fan of this perfume for several years ive only ever loved 2 perfumes this 1 included and both been discontinued im gutted BRING BACK THIS PERFUME PARIS it smells of bubblegum and freshnessim now stockpiling bottles buying 3 at a time as i know it cannot be bought much longer with being discontinued

  • STEPPH07/22/2009

    I got this perfume cause a girl in my class wore it, it smelled so good everytime i went close to her, as if she just stepped out of the shower- sexy yet very fresh and fruity, also sweet at the same time. maybe that's why all the guys were attracted to her lol! anyways i went out to buy it- it smells soo amazing when sprayed onto a material or object, or simply from the bottle, but whenever i spray it on myself, i only smell a bad, strong, acidic smell. maybe it's just my body chemistry? the smell lasts long however, which is suprising cause it's a light scent. i KNOW that it is one of the best-smelling scents out there, atleast that i've smelled, and even my bf sais it's one of his faves, it truly smells like you just stepped out of the shower, guys will flip over you if you wear it. it's too bad it doesn't smell that great on me- or maybe that's just me, maybe to others it smells good on me?? lol i don't know.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/17/2009

    I wish immature posters could refrain from calling people names. Yes, I think Paris Hilton lacks a certain couth, and is quite anthropocentric most of the time, but to call someone a "skank" (even if the name fits) is slandrous and tacky. Stick to the review of the perfume!

  • AMINA02/14/2009

    I absolutely cannot stand Paris..but on a whim i took a chance and tried this perfume! Woow..was i shocked! This definately has been hiding..i've been looking for a "different" and UniqUE scent for the looongest time!! Well first try and I was sold! LOOOOVE it..its fresh, sparkling, less fruity than Paris Hiltons original..and mildly sweet, AND DEFINATELY VERY CLEAN SMELLING!! U cannot go wrong with this one..ignore the skank and give the perfume a try! hate paris..adore the perfume! :))

  • MANDY07/11/2008

    i was skeptical at first, i didnt really like the first paris perfume (the pink and black striped bottle) it was just ho-hum for me, but this is super wonderful!! I love this stuff- it has a very extraordinary scent, and i get people coming up to me every time i wear it asking for the name of it. Very good scent!!

  • SHAE06/23/2008

    loved it

  • NITA05/28/2008

    A big NO for me ... the smell is too sweet for me, I'm in mid 30's. Maybe more suitable for teenagers.

  • DMARIE05/16/2008

    Smells like pez candy. It is alright for teens but I wouldn't wear it and the bottle is pretty but reminds me of E Arden's Provocative perfume bottle.

  • ANGELA04/09/2008

    I really love this smell. A friend of mine bought this product and I loved it on her. Truely, I did not think I would by anything with the name of Paris Hilton on it. But, I am glad I did. I am not so sure if it has staying on power. After awhile I can no longer smell it on me but I am not sure if I just get used to the smell or it does wear off too fast. It is my everyday daytime perfume because of the scent being sweet and not overpowering headache smell.

  • SARISA02/21/2008

    First time using it, so nice! Sweet fragrance and girly type. Fruity smell like Ibiza Hibbie, but not exactly, just much better. I have got compliments when wearing it :)

  • VERA12/28/2007

    When I first smelled this I hated it, but somehow it grew on me. Though apparently it's supposed to be fruity, I smell a candy/licorice type scent when I have it on. For some reason it's lasting power on me is incredible - it lasts for hours on end! Of course, the Hilton tag on it is a bit of a turn off (I neither love nor hate Hilton, but she's just not the type of person I'd usually wear the perfume of) but if you can get past the name I suggest you give it a try.

  • TAMMY12/05/2007

    I am a perfume junkie so to speak! I love & have many different perfumes, but this is truly one of my favorite. It makes me feel very special when I have it on. I get many, many compliments when I wear it.

  • LEELEE11/21/2007

    I absolutely love this fragrance... it kind of smells like artificial strawberries which i love! It's not too sweet either so it won't give you a headache. The only downfall is that this perfume does not last at all... the scent goes aways within two hours on my skin (not exaggerating). Same thing with her first fragrance.. smells really good but lacks staying power. Too bad really.

  • VONNIE11/13/2007

    In my last post, I was really liking this stuff. It smells good on paper, but when I finally sprayed it on myself it stunk. So I guess Heiress smells good on others, but it didn't work with my chemistry. Luckily I got my money back. I did have better luck with Burberry Weekend.

  • VONNIE11/05/2007

    I'm not a Paris Hilton fan either, but this stuff smells soooooo good. I have other fruity perfumes, but this one has it's own flavor. One thing that comes to my mind is watermelon bubblegum. It is a very fresh, candy-like scent without smelling juvenile.

  • TBUZZ10/30/2007

    Love it, smells light fruity, clean and fresh. Great casual warm weather scent.

  • PRINCESSA10/11/2007

    I really love heiress! I am no Hilton fan but this light, clean, feminine scent is a favorite of my man and I! I am a perfume junkie, I have many different perfumes, and this one is one of my favorites.

  • LINDA09/19/2007

    This has a very bubblegum scent to it, I actually like that! But the scent is kind of plain - I mean very low scented and really nothing spescial about it. To be honest, I was a little disappointed! I prefer her first fragrance.

  • KELLY09/03/2007

    After reading the great views previously posted, I got a bottle of this. Bad move, it smells like a bad toilet spray in the 70s. Wouldn't recommend it for ANYONE, young or old. I'm putting mine in the toilet, the only place it belongs.

  • GLITTERQUEEN06/28/2007

    I really like Heiress. It's my favorite one from her line. It's sweet, slightly fruity/citrusy and sparkling/effervescent (the champagne). It is on the sweet side (which I love) and reminds me of sugared or candied fruit. So if you enjoy sweet/fruity/sparkling scents, give it a try.

  • JENNYPRETTY06/21/2007

    Normally I wear strong, spicy fragrances but it's summmer so I picked this up. I am impressed!Fruity-Floral freshness. A sweet dream carried on a summer breeze. I love it so much I spray it often. Perfect for daytime and not offensive in any way....sweet seduction.

  • LINDA06/10/2007

    Love the scent. Wore it in the office and got many compliments on this one. The other lady asked me what I was wearing and I told her and she ran out to get the scent just as well.

  • KALINA06/06/2007

    this perfume in my opinion is the best out of all of paris hiltons fragrances..even thou i have to admitt all of her fragrances remind me of another fragrance that already been made.

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