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Viktor & Rolf


91 Reviews

Viktor & Rolf, the dutch designer duo present a new vision of fashion, where spectacular means elegant. For the past ten years, each of their collections has been universally acclaimed by the public, thanks to their ability to bring imagination into a whirlwind of fabrics which tell fabulous tales. Flowerbomb perfume is their first women's more

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Viktor & Rolf, the dutch designer duo present a new vision of fashion, where spectacular means elegant. For the past ten years, each of their collections has been universally acclaimed by the public, thanks to their ability to bring imagination into a whirlwind of fabrics which tell fabulous tales. Flowerbomb perfume is their first women's fragrance, representing a heart-felt ideal. An explosive bouquet, a host of sweet floral layers, mingling jasmine, rose, freesia and orchids, underlined with patchouli. A lingering fragrance, which leaves a very chic, swirling trail. Flowerbomb perfume is more than a name, it's a way of seeing life, an antidote to the reality against which we have only one weapon: dreams.

  • GHASI ALFARSI10/17/2017

    Good & beautiful Thanks

  • LASHONDA09/14/2014

    ...It's a soft floral like baby powder ... After a few hours, it leaves you with a sweet, powdery, comforting scent...

  • NOELENE06/30/2013


  • JODIE05/17/2013

    <3 Flowerbomb IS the bomb in my book... such a lovely scent that lasts all day! <3

  • ALISHA11/14/2012

    Love this perfume. I have been wanting this perfume for so long and I finally found it at a reasonable price.

  • ROSIE TEA11/06/2012

    My Mum loves this perfume and we went to David Jones and tried some on, I fell in love, love the bottle and the name for a start, but the fragrance... OMG DIVINE!! it's sparkling clean and floral and sweet and addicive. Lasted on my arm all day. I WANT!!

  • HEATHER08/12/2012

    Love this perfume. Everyone comments on it.


    I still have not received these goods so I am unable to rate the product.

  • SUZANNE02/13/2012

    I've been wearing this scent for years and it still smells as vibrant and fresh now as the first time I sprayed it!

  • ELIZABETH WOGDEN02/05/2012

    A beautiful perfume, I love it.

  • GABBY 01/23/2012

    Loved my Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf! Galaxy delivery was surprisingly fast and everything was perfect.

  • C WRIGHT01/01/2012

    excellant product, great service.

  • JUDITH EAVES12/16/2011


  • MIU SUN10/26/2011

    I have a 100ml EDT of this amazing purfume. Most purfumes I have will give me headache easily like Princess, Kelly, Euphoria and Eau Claire des Merveilles, and some of them smells too strong to make me feel nausea like Kelly, 24 Faubourg and Euphoria. This one reminds me of Kelly but smells much lighter and more delightful. It's very feminine, soft and it last like forever to me. Another favorite one of mine is Light Blue by D&G, but I think it's for summer.

  • RUTH05/18/2010

    I loved this perfume since the first time I smelled it. But it was not made for everybody, I know you have to be very strong to wear it, my sister can't be near without getting a headache... (that's a plus) LOL

  • SAM03/28/2010

    So feminine and pretty! It lasts all day and although it is expensive, you really don't need to use all that much!

  • APS02/20/2010

    One of my FAVORITE perfumes. It's great for women college age and a little older. It's expensive but lasts for a LONG time! LOVE THIS SCENT!

  • GABBY SLC UT12/25/2009

    Is wonderful. Clean, sweet, just amazing!

  • LEE11/26/2009

    This is still one of my favourite perfumes. I've recently switched back to it after using Eau Mega for several weeks. Still in love with it.

  • MARA10/30/2009

    This is a strong, offensive odor, in my opinion. I rate it right up there with Angel. Every time I go to Sax 5th Ave, there is a salesman who kiddingly follows me with a bottle of Flowerbomb in his hand saying, "No Flowerbomb, no Flowerbomb." It has become a joke between us. I like the man, not the fragrance, but, ladies, if you like it, more power to you. My olefactory senses are just different from yours. No offense meant to your taste. Whatever makes you feel good - WEAR IT.

  • JT10/06/2009

    Overall, too sweet. That's basically all you smell. That said, I LOVE the subtle candy and patchouli notes but I'm disappointed that you can only smell those notes when you take a big long sniff up close. Otherwise all you smell is a one dimensional "sweet" smell. That is my opinion. My man's opinion is that it's just "okay". I think I will exchange the small bottle that I bought the other day. For that price it has to be GREAT for both of us!

  • JOAN RIPPER09/25/2009

    I will give up my good coffee beans to buy this. I use the lotion all of the time and for special times I will spray some on my neck. Will not do without it. My duaghter asked me for some when I went to visit, I did not tell her how much it was, I guess it will be a BD gift.

  • COLDTROPICS09/21/2009

    beautiful bottle. smells alot llike a sweeter creamier coco mademoiselle + cotton candy. Its quite lovely.

  • MEI09/08/2009

    I was never really one to like the gourmand/ sweet type of fragrances, but I have to admit I changed my mind after sampling Flowerbomb. It's sweet but after a short time it fades into the powdery dry down and I find it really beautiful. I think this is one fragrance that really has to work with your chemistry to smell right. I'm glad I gave it a try.

  • DAVIANNE08/27/2009

    I bought the eau du parfum, 5 years ago when first introduced... And I have been hooked since then. Once small ( i mean small) spray, and it last all day long. Well worth the money. It's quality...

  • INGA07/30/2009

    Men just flock to you when you wear it!!! Belive me !! If you looking to find a guy...this is the parfum!

  • LENA07/07/2009

    After reading some of the comments asked my daughter to go and put some on her - I didn't like the smell very much in the forst place, but who knows, it might have changed. Well, it didn't... And right now I have to deal with this cheap, cotton candy smell on my beautiful child. She says she likes it - go figure...

  • SHERIDANELLIS06/28/2009

    This smells so different than I was expecting! I ordered this with out smelling it first...I tend to do that, and I really was thinking it would be a new choice of "in your face floral" for me to try out. It is actually quite lush and creamy and warm which was such a delight, and although floral, that part does not even seem predominate to me, which leaves their name a mystery, although I think the name of the fragrance, the bottle and the packaging are all super cool! It smells so similar to Amarige Mariage to me, which I also have, and which is much less costly. i LOVE this and think a tad behind the knees before most occassions would be appropriate silage/strength wise. That, or spray a tad in to your hairline at the back of your neck. cheers!

  • LIZ06/09/2009

    Love the smell, its one of my favourites. Quite sweet smelling which i like but obvioulsy thats my personal taste. would buy again.

  • SEVENTHSIGHT04/29/2009

    This fragrance is truly a beautiful experience. A little bit of sweet, a little bit of soft floral and a lot of embracing warmth that lingers. My husband loves this one.

  • BAE03/19/2009

    About three years ago Flowerbomb was my signature scent. But, after some time, I decided to try other perfumes and have been away from Flowerbomb for awhile. The other day I decided to spritz on a little to see if I still loved it, and wouldn't you know, it was as lovely and fresh as I remember it two years ago! So, I'm back to my beautiful bomb. I've missed it and didn't even know!

  • PRINCESS02/01/2009

    i have a question does any one out there know of a fragrance that smells like this one but not expensive price. i love love this fragrance but not the price, get my drift? thanks

  • SUSAN01/01/2009

    they do make a edp which is just under the perfume

  • SUSAN01/01/2009

    i do agree whole heartedly that it does smell very similar to kl langerfield, the mans version

  • JUDI W*12/08/2008

    This fragrance is typical of what most women like these days. It is feminine & smells good, but for me, too candyish. I could see the mass appeal for this. I smelled it again today, but hesitated to spray it on me. Too sweet for me. I like a gourmand smell, but this is a tad too much for me. Enjoy it if you do though...

  • BELLE11/16/2008

    Note: To ALL who are "HATIN'" on this beautiful concoction designed for women who enjoy head turning attention , followed by compliments galore...RECOGNIZE! This scent is the EPITOME of class! I read an article saying it got voted SEXIEST fragrance out there---nuf said! Duh!

  • LINDY 11/11/2008

    Flowerbomb is a beautiful fragrance. It is one of the best I have had. Anyway, I thought this was a place to talk about fragrance not to put eachother down. I have read a lot of this lately. Take it easy ladies. Everybody has a different nose and a different perspective when it comes to fragrance.

  • COURTNEY 09/30/2008

    This scent is awesome I have had men stop me in the street to ask "what do you have on?" You smell delicious! Get it girls, for those of us on a budget its pricey but worth every penny.

  • BELLE06/08/2008

    Top notch quality fragrance! Similar to Carolina Herrera's 212 Sexy, but not as sweet as that. Flowerbomb is more sophisticated. It's THE best I've smelled or worn yet. It is expensive, but I splurged because it's incredibly good and I just had to have it.

  • KITKAT04/27/2008

    Absolutely love Flowerbomb, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to linger very long on me. Or perhaps I get immune to the scent too quickly. I bought "regular" Flowerbomb eau de parfum, and thought perhaps the "extreme" version would last longer, but...I still cannot smell this on me after about an hour or so. Anyway, does anyone know where I can find Flowerbomb in it's (undiluted) perfume form, if in fact they even produce Flowerbomb perfume?

  • KITKAT04/05/2008

    I fell in love with Flowerbomb the moment it wrapped me up in its blanket of floral sweetness. It's a most hypnotic scent with the patchouli base note making this scent both hauntingly familiar all the while being completely original. It is pleasingly memorable in the most positive way, and that is precisely what the designers intended. And the oxymoronic symbolism of packaging the ultra-feminine perfume in the faceted " hand grenade" bottle speaks volumes long before you even experience the scent! How clever and stylish! Viktor & Rolf have clearly proven that they are just as talented creating perfume as they are designing beautiful, chic clothes. Hats off to Viktor & Rolf on their first fragrance success!

  • SHWETA04/03/2008

    I think this is a lovely perfume and wished it would suit me but have had to rate it low because of the synthetic smell and the pain it gives to the head. I prefer for this reason, kylie's sweet darling which has the same notes, though dilute but similar.

  • JULIE03/27/2008

    I think this fragrance is very feminine, and sweet, which for me is okay, but not totally something I would reach for alot, but I would wear it on occasion. I went to the Flea Market, and got a roll on oil dupe of it, it's pretty close. Close enough, not to have to spend a fortune getting the real one. I was noticing in some of the past posts, that "Maya" is still writing her egocentric posts, of how "irresistible" she is to men because of the fragrances she wears. We know, you've told us a million times already.

  • CAROLYN02/29/2008

    For some reason, aside from the overpowering sweetness, I think that this smells like Lagerfeld! I just don't get this one. Stinky....

  • CLARA02/13/2008

    this perfume was given to me as a gift i have never smelled anything so wonderful in my life in waiting for my birthday in march to purchase a bottle ive read some of the comments people made not all perfumes go with every one because of there ph bodyscent some people wear this because yes its awesome scent but is not made for every one so all you folk that said bad reviews may be its not meant for you ph body scent o put it politely

  • ADRIANNA01/07/2008

    This fragrance really puts me in a bad mood. The orange notes smell like multivitamins to me and are so overpowering that I don't get any of the smooth creaminess mentioned in reviews. I must be overly sensitive to this note, as so many people find this fragrance attractive. I think it is awful. Perhaps if it cost $15 a bottle at the local pharmacy, than nobody would buy it. Nice packaging, great staying power. I much more prefer the latest Midnight Poison to be honest. I don't find the Extreme version any better.

  • A MAN'S POINT OF VEIW01/05/2008

    I happen to be an extremely busy stylist with a very diverse clientel. As a straight male I must say that I have smelled various women but I can pick out flowerbomb in a second. The smell is the same on different types of women and each time I smell it I want to touch that person. so go get it girls.

  • KAILEY DENISE 01/03/2008


  • HLIN12/30/2007

    I have a new favorite! I've worn Poison for years, this may replace it.

  • GEORGE12/16/2007

    I can't really comment on the original Flowerbomb as I have not had a chance to smell it, but I did pick up a bottle of the Limited Extreme Edition for the wife. She has more perfume than she knows what to do with and this was instantly her favorite. I was amazed by how good it smelled. I have heard that this is only available around the holidays (the extreme version, not sure if it is true or not). I would HIGHLY recommend picking up a bottle of this, especially if floral notes are your (or her) favorite. Too bad doesn't carry it....

  • JESSICA11/17/2007

    I looked everywhere for this perfume but couldn't find it in the department stores where I live. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade their's in if you aren't satisfied with it. Seeing how it's so expensive, I'm offering two of my perfumes for it. If anyone is interested in trading their Flowerbomb please email me at [email protected].

  • MELINDA11/08/2007

    I cannot usually stand sweet/floral perfumes - but this is lovely. As someone else said sexy but somewhat comforting. The fact I smiled everytime I got a whiff of this scent persuaded me to move from my usual light green floral.

  • JONQUIL10/23/2007

    Simply mezmerizing! I can't stop smelling my wrists. Creamy, beautiful, pretty, comforting..... such a lovely captivating scent and has great staying power..... Sort of an enigma in a seems to go on strong at first spray but unless I use a healthy amount it is not as noticeable until people get up close and everyone who has absolutely loves it. The bottle is stunning and looks lovely on your vanity or dresser. This is a winner and you will feel pretty just wearing it!

  • GRACE10/14/2007

    This is my husband's absolute favorite. He just recently replaced my first bottle, which I finally finished, for our anniversary. I love it, too, and get LOADS of compliments every single time I wear it. I do find it a little sweet and can't bring myself to wear it unless the weather's on the cool side, but it's gorgeous.

  • BARBARA W10/08/2007

    ...try Black Orchid by Tom Ford. I just purchased a bottle of it and it is SO worth the price. Earthy, seductive, and much more innovative than Flowerbomb. But, I'm sure many will disagree with me! ;-)

  • SUE C09/27/2007

    This perfume is many compliments. It does smell (at first) like Angel or Lolita but it changes completely after that into a somewhat floral scent. I can't tell you the amount of compliments I receive while wearing this perfume. I agree with Maya a man catcher for sure. It has a very different scent that lingers for ever. This is now my signature scent and I am keeping it a secret.

  • PAM09/25/2007

    As odd as that sounds, It reminds me somewhat of the smell of cotton candy. I see someone else from a 06 post thought the same thing.

  • VIVI09/23/2007

    The first time I tried this, it reminded me of Sonia Rykiel, only the pineapple was missing. It's okay, but nothing to write home about.

  • NICOLE09/04/2007

    The bottle is something cool and fits the name. I remember smelling this and thought, it smells like ici by coty. (Now not made anymore) So it is over priced, but I wouldn't mind it as a gift or to give as one.

  • JANE08/10/2007

    This has been my sister's favorite perfume for a couple of years now, but I used to be neither here nor there about it. Then, I borrowed some from her once when we were on vacation and I forgot to bring my own perfume. I received so many compliments/inquiries about this perfume from both males and females that I started borrowing it frequently. I nearly used half her bottle. I recently bought a bottle of my own and replaced my sister's...The compliments are still coming.

  • BARBARA W07/28/2007

    I agree that this is waaay overpriced. It's a nice scent, but you can get equally lovely perfumes for half the price. I hope this isn't the trend in perfume prices!

  • PERFUME JUNKIE07/14/2007

    DM, I agree with you. This scent is way overrated. I don't hate it, either, but it's not worth the price they ask for it.

  • LOUISE07/05/2007

    I love this perfume, its so sweet and sexy. I also wear Wish and Lolita Lempicka and it kind of reminds me in some aspects of those scents. Maybe i just love sweet scents, this is gorgeous though. I can recognise it on someone from miles away!

  • DEWY MIST07/03/2007

    I don't hate this perfume, but I don't like it either. I don't think it's worth the price, even if it was a lot cheaper I don't think I would purchase it. I'm not too fond of the scent. Maybe it's just me.

  • CATHY WALES06/15/2007

    i agree a truly classic scent,but living miles from anywhere that sells it, i would highly reccomend euphoria by calvin klein, its a fraction of the price also.

  • BARBARA W06/03/2007

    This is very pretty in SMALL amounts. Extrememly pungent and sweet, more than one spray is easily overwhelming. I'd like to own a bottle, but the price!! Oh well, will have a to wait a while.

  • ANGELIQUE05/15/2007

    Vile. It smells of sugar. Can't stand anything sugary. Smells more like an explosion in a candy store. I will stay as far away from this as I possibly can.

  • RUBYTUESDAY05/03/2007

    It's very much like Carolina Herrera's 212 Sexy, which costs less than Flowerbomb. If this is too expensive for you (for me it is), you might want to try 212 Sexy. It's wonderful, just like this.

  • ANGIE04/25/2007

    Working in the beauty industry, I have the opportunity to wear fragrances at my fingertips. FLOWERBOMB is my choice everytime! This fragrance has the capability to make you feel sexy with each spritz!

  • SVETLANA04/05/2007

    At work, on the streets, in the stores in the beauty salons -- everywhere a LOTS of compliments, my boyfriend getting so excited when he smels me! this smell make me so confident at work and strong for whole day its magestic perfume! a little expensive but YOU worth it!


    It was love at first smell for me too when I sniffed it in a magazine. Sumire - I am lucky to have a Saks where I live and they carry it. But I have not found it in any other department stores. Saks did not carry the .24 oz bottle, so I ended up buying that online.


    It was love at first smell for me too when I sniffed it in a magazine. Sumire - I am lucky to have a Saks where I live and they carry it. But I have not found it in any other department stores. Saks did not carry the .24 oz bottle, so I ended up buying that online.

  • HOLLY03/20/2007

    I really wanted this to work-but it had a scent that just made me sick. I do have problems with scents and my chemistry, I'm very picky- this one has a very distinctive and noticeable smell that I just couldn't get past. Glad others love it so much- but I would not recommend it. Gave me a headache for hours!

  • LEONESS03/15/2007

    I put this one on and all I could smell was patchouli, patchouli, and more patchouli. I've read other sites that say the patchouli in this frangrance is very mild and "clean," but I swear I could not sleep the whole night because of the stench. Very happy to hear that others like it though and that it smells nice on them. I really wish I would have liked Flowerbomb better and I'm willing to give it another try, but my first impression was SO STINKY!

  • LEIA02/26/2007

    I really love this perfume! Although, I've sampled many of the other perfumes compared to Flowerbomb, to me it still is very unique. I usually don't go for the gourmand style fragrances or anything with that sweet touch, but Flowerbomb is my exception! I'm so happy I tried this one and that it works with my skin!

  • PAJULI02/22/2007


  • ALIW01/22/2007

    Hello Elle, I was just reading through the reviews and so your question about the EDP version of Flowerbomb. I realize that sometimes the staying power of perfume is different for each lady, but I find the EDP staying power is excellent. I can spray some on in the morning and I will still smell it on my clothes and in my hair by evening. V&R also has a wonderful body lotion and shower gel to layer with it, but I usually only use my EDP. I agree with you 100%. It is very unique. It's one of my favorites. I hope this helps a little and I hope you continue to enjoy your Flowerbomb! Take care! All the Best, ALIW

  • FRANCISCA01/22/2007

    I've been reading through many reviews of Flowerbomb and find a range of ladies finding it unique and some feel not so unique. Perhaps, it does not "explode" as the name would suggest, but I do find it soft and sweet and in its own way very unique. I especially like the drydown and how the patchouli lingers faintly. I also find it has wonderful staying power. I've received many compliments on it and it seems to be a perfume that is not widely known. I can see myself wearing this for a long time. I've been wearing it everyday, for over a year now and have yet to tire of it's sweetness. I'm very happy I took the chance with my bottle.

  • LEE01/19/2007

    I bought a bottle of Flowerbomb after reading the positive reviews posted below and I really love it. I've smelled and own some of the other fragrances that have been compared to Flowerbomb. I find Flowerbomb to be very unique. But, of course perfume is read differently by each individual. On me, it works and goes with my chemistry. This one is a keeper.

  • RAMEY01/16/2007

    i was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my mini size sample before i went all out and purchased the larger size. today i opened my mailbox, tore through the packaging and found that it smells EXACTLY like "anglomania" by vivienne westwood. one i already have and dislike more so than flowerbomb. not sure why i dislike both perfumes so much. but i suppose it's because neither are what i expected. very old ladyish. like babypowder and mothballs all in one. not at all as sexy as previous posts have asserted. my advice: go for the mini if you're even going to go for it at all.

  • ELLE01/10/2007

    I LOVED, LOVED the smell of this one, no it did not remind me of anything else, very unique, but what did you ladies think of the staying power? I felt that it lasted for an hour at the most? has anyone tried the perfume, and not the a de tiolett?

  • JB01/05/2007

    I dunno, maybe I was expecting too much from this one, but Im not too impressed :o\ It doesnt smell bad, but from all of the reviews Ive read I was expecting it to be more gourmand, sugary, cotton candy... but its not, instead it just smells like a clone of Allure.

  • LAWYER GIRL12/18/2006

    It doesn't smell at all like either Prada nor Mademoiselle as some others have mentioned. Not to me anyway... have gotten compliments on it though whenever I wear it.

  • NEL12/08/2006

    Hi Sumire, you where asking where to buy this fabulous fragrance, you can get it on this webside Perfume Good Luck and Happy sniffing. Nel.

  • JEN12/03/2006

    I do like this fragrance... however it smells almost like coco mademoiselle with notes of cotton candy. I wear it and do get compliments but if i had to choose i would choose the coco... its slightly less expensive also. I do like the bottle... it feels good in your hand. Though expensive i would recommend flower bomb. Younger ladies and teens more than likely wont appreciate this perfume.

  • IONE11/29/2006

    Prada, but much better, more subtle. It drys down to a sandalwood smell, that lasts till the next day.

  • JESSI11/18/2006

    New Perfume alert! I'm sure that you guys would be interested to hear that Viktor and Rolf has made a new version of the original Flowerbomb. It's called Flowerbomb Extreme. Here's the description; "A more sensual, more Oriental version of Flowerbomb: petals of Sambac jasmine, velvety osmanthus blossom, benzoin, balms and patchouli." Wow, how cool is that?

  • CHLOEFPUFF11/17/2006

    I have gotten such positive responses from my friends and co-workers to this fragrance. I can't tell you how many people wear this now because they first smelled it on me. As soon as I saw the name I knew I had to try it. I was afraid that it would be too sweet, but I love it. Granted it is sweeter than what I like but somehow on me it works. Even when I wear something else that I love, I'll pull my little F-bomb rollerball out of my desk and sniff it. It just lifts my mood. I especially like the tea in the top note.

  • SMELLIE KAT11/07/2006

    At first sniff, I thought Flowerbomb was similar to Collection by Escada, which is perhaps THE most well balanced, provocative, incredible scent ever created (and now discontinued - huge mistake). Alas, Flowerbomb's drydown was fine, if somewhat pedestrian. Rich but not surprising; beautiful but not daring; Flowerbomb pushes no envelope, which is a MUST for any fragrance to be extraordinary. Good enough, but no Collection.

  • DANIELA11/03/2006

    I can't believe how many positive comments I get about the perfume I'm wearing when I have Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb on. Women of every age think the fragrance is really beautiful, probably because it is very light, although one can smell the fragrance for a long time. It's not overpowering in any way, except that it smells sooo good, that everyone wants to get it!!!

  • ANDREA11/02/2006

    This is a really lovely fragrance. I was able to buy a small bottle and I really love the way it works on my skin. The drydown is soft and subtle. I can tell this will be a favourite of mine for years to come.

  • HARLEY-MAMA10/30/2006

    Okay, at first spray I do detect some Pink Sugar (which I already have!) But then, I get a funny orangey smell. Not really what I expected this to smell like. Maybe it will change and it will grow on me...I hope, I bought this on and got it pretty cheap but, still it was expensive!!!

  • JESSICA10/27/2006

    Hey, I know that just about everyone loves this fragrance but if there's anyone who does NOT like it and has it, will they be willing to trade with me? I'm willing to trade in my Valentino V,1.7oz brand new and Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise,3.4oz 90% full for Flowerbomb.

  • SUMIRE10/19/2006

    It was love at first smell for me when I tested this out in a magazine. The only thing is I can't find it in any department stores. Most of the salespeople look at me like I'm crazy when I inquire about this fragrance. where did you lucky people find this? is this only in a certain department store? I'm guessing this is a pretty rare one since NONE of my friends have even heard of it. :(

  • PHILIP M.10/13/2006

    Irresistable smell for a beautiful woman. This perfume exudes all things that a gentleman want in a woman; confidence, beauty, class, intelligence, uniqueness and unmatched sexiness. This and "Halloween" by Jesus del Pozo are hands down the best women's perfume out there to date! Simply addictive.....

  • DOC10/06/2006

    I noticed this scent on a new employee in our office. I get so distracted whenever she passes by and I would start fantasizing about how much I just want to ravage her because of her perfume. I feel bad because I have a girlfriend already and this woman is provoking me with those thoughts. Every women in my office started taking notice of this extreme distractions. She has drawn men like magnets with a force! I had to see what the fuss is all about. I asked her one day what the heck is she doing to all the guys in the office? Her response was "flower bomb" and said nothing else. I was confused as heck can be. I did my research and Googled it. Now I am getting one for my girlfriend and to have her wear it on special occasions. =)

  • *MAYA*09/26/2006

    Wow. I must say that when I wear this perfect strangers come up and ask me what I have on. Also, I have had more men ask me out and when they find I am married, they are so disappointed. So if you are attractive, wear this one with caution!!

  • CECILIA09/23/2006

    Oops, something must have happened because I made sure to put this one down as 5 stars! Wonderful!

  • MAYA09/22/2006

    Pure sensuality, because when I wear it,the reactions I get range from the total strangers(men) who start following me around,asking if they can come closer to SMELL me better, to the bold ones who ask me out and then fall apart when I tell them I'm married,finally to the women who somehow get really hostile when they detect it on me. Actually I get that reaction a lot lately. Their just jealous. But anyway, for those reasons my husband has asked me to wear it only when I'm with him,to diffuse many potentially unpleasant situations...Of course, I don't always keep my promises, and that,of course,is the fun part.

  • VANESSA09/17/2006

    Very sexy scent - sweet, fresh and very captivating to the senses- you will keep wanting to smell yourself- has some addictive quality to it. The good thing is not to many people are aware of it so it could become your signature mystery scent. I recommend it for women who like Angel, Euphoria, Coco Mademoiselle - it falls it to this type of category.

  • MARIA09/16/2006

    This is my new perfume! I can see wearing this anytime. It is for anyone who really likes the sweet and floral style perfumes. I love it!

  • LEA09/14/2006

    The name Flowerbomb can be a little misleading. On first hearing it, I thought that it would be a heady, strong fragrance. But, the "bomb" turned out to be an explosion of a different kind. It is a burst of soft florals and rich, sweet, candy like ingredients. Everything about this "bomb" is beautiful, even the packaging! The crystal grenade bottle is nestled in a soft pink box, wrapped in black satin ribbon with the black wax seal of V&R. I agree with the other reviews that this has become one of my favorites!

  • CECILIA09/14/2006

    Flowerbomb is one of my favourites! It is so soft and feminine. I also don't usually wear sweet/candy fragrances. I'm more of an oriental, spicy or floral/oriental perfume girl. But, this one is truly unique. After wearing a sample of this for a day, I fell in love with it.

  • ALIW09/08/2006

    I've never really been able to wear the sweet, candy like fragrances, such as Angel or Lolita Lempicka. Though I love the smell of these perfumes on others. So, after reading many reviews that compare Flowerbomb to these fragrances, I was a little hesitant to try it. But, after investing in a small bottle, it's one of my favorites! It starts out with a sweet "burst" upon the first spritz, but as it airs out, the soft smell of jasmine and the drydown of patchouli take over. I have to agree that this is one perfume that stays constant. It doesn't change as time passes. I'm very happy I took the chance with this beautiful perfume. I find it's perfect to wear both during the day and at night. So pretty and innocent, yet slightly flirtatious.

  • CHRISTOBELLE08/16/2006

    Very interesting scent that does not smell like what you would think from the name. It is not a burst of flowers, but starts with cotton candy or carmel like smell and underneath it a sexy hard to define scent. It has some of the same notes as Armani night for women, etc.... Interestingly enough it does not change at all when you wear it... it smells the same hours later.. no going from top note to middle and base at all. I suppose it's one note, however an interesting mix. Overall, I like it...But I also am so over floral scents at the moment that I like this one because its not.

  • NICK COLOGNY08/13/2006

    This scent is fabulous and every women should have this in there collection. Its pricey but its worth every penny

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