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ECHO is the new urbane fragrance for men who love change and freedom. A pure, clear chord like a breath of fresh air strikes the prelude. Unusual metallic undertones evoke the gleaming steel of a big city, while redolent woods, spices and suede round off the essence of this creation, suffusing it with warmth, sensuousness and depth. Leaves skin more

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ECHO is the new urbane fragrance for men who love change and freedom. A pure, clear chord like a breath of fresh air strikes the prelude. Unusual metallic undertones evoke the gleaming steel of a big city, while redolent woods, spices and suede round off the essence of this creation, suffusing it with warmth, sensuousness and depth. Leaves skin revitalised and sensuous as a caress. Always with the spirit of the times: ECHO for the urbane trendsetter.

  • CHRISTINA 06/28/2015

    Bought this for the hubs and love the smell always have!

  • TOM11/07/2013

    Love it. Lasts long time.

  • RAI03/20/2011

    Very different than most colognes out there but not in a good sense. Smells very modern and metallic and the only positive note is that it lasts. Davidoff has definitely had waaayy better.

  • ANDY09/17/2009

    good if u want a basic fresh smell but others really have more X factor and this simply does not stand up to hugo, polo blue, cool water game, adg, dior and the REAL scents guys are wearing

  • AJ05/21/2009

    great dry down but unfortunately it is kinda synthetic and its good 4 sporty wear but nothin u wear to impress anyone

  • FLUID100009/25/2008

    On the first spray you get a mist of stainless steel and peper. On my skin it smells waaaaaaaay to peppery, it makes me sneaze everytime I put the stuff on. By the way, I gave it away. Echo is a cheap cologne for Gym junkies. And that is coming from an eighteen year old! I'll stick with Euphoria


    Give me a monster-sized break..... This stuff is fresh personified.... and a major attention getter..... Go tell someone whom is easily suckered by ridiculous comparisons and groundless opinions...........

  • SILKY01/12/2007

    but that requires me to think something nice to say about nothing!

  • BRADW10/28/2006

    I wear this scent to work quite often. I agree with the others that say it smells similar to Curve Crush. I haven't smelled both side by side, but I have worn Curve Crush before and feel that it would be kinda silly to have large bottles of both in your collection. Fortunately, I only have samples.

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC07/31/2006

    Pretty much what X.G. mentioned.............liquid metal and not very good.

  • KOKO07/24/2006

    I got this for a friend, first day he said ok but next day he becomes love it! awakesome scent. I also like this scent, looks great on him ;)

  • X.G.07/14/2006

    The fact that there's nothing out there that smells quite like it and that it seems to last pretty good for the average price is why it's not horrible. Otherwise this stuff is basically liquid metal in a bottle and probably the next worst from the designer after Good Life.

  • FOUTASTIC06/05/2006

    It is marketed well yet I found the scent quite different after a short period of time. Upon application it smells more pleasant yet after some time it is quite overpowering and medicine like in character. When wearing it I can't help feeling that every unfashionable juvinille around me thinks that they're the shnizzle.

  • RINGO06/04/2006

    I dont know why others say that, every single one of them says that. I have Curve Crush too, Echo smells different, Curve Crush does not have the metallic note, and Curve Crush is fruitier. Also, Curve Crush is very different in its drydown, way better than the drydown of Echo. But Echo is fresher and more exciting that Curve Crush, and it stands out, maybe for its marine and way more lemony opening, maybe i will prefer Echo over Curve Crush really

  • ROB H.04/11/2006

    The advantage of this one over Cool Water is that it's nowhere near as worn but overall in the Davidoff lineup it's in 4th place for me behind Relax, Zino and CW. It IS however an above-average fragrance in the ballpark of the first KC, Geir, Pal Zileri, Claiborne Sport, other words "clean" with a very modern and urban edge and well worth a try.

  • SHAWN W.01/19/2006

    Very fresh morning clean air feeling fragrance!! Energizing & refreshing in a big way, & for a light-type citrus-y based scent, it lasts quite good thru 3/4 of the day. Phenominal summertime wearing scent....although i'm presently wearing it in the wintertime, to remind myself of spring/summer!!! I just purchased it nearly 2 weeks ago b/c i was curious to it's reported similarity to another fragrance I enjoy, Curve Crush. However, it's really truly scary how incredibly similar this scent is to Liz Claiborne's Curve Crush! I wore & loved (still love) Curve Crush throughout spring/summer of 2005. I think that both Echo & Curve Crush were both launched in 2003.....hmmm, i wonder which one was the first to launch in that year....very interesting.... needless to say, they both smell fantastic....the Echo bottle is an awesome design (extremely unique). The Echo bottle is somewhat awkward to hold & apply the spray however. The Curve Crush bottle is much, much easier to hold/apply. Bottom line: I love Curve Crush.... I love Echo....they smell so uncannily similar that you could spray both on you at the same time & it would NOT clash...I've never encountered 2 such fragrances that were THIS profoundly similar..... you'll have to judge for yourself....

  • AKEN412/20/2005

    gr8 scent. Stong but not overpowering and lasts. a unique twist on clean/fresh. very happy with it ! Def better than cool water & c/w frozen

  • RN08/25/2005

    Not a bad choice for someone who likes clean, relaxing fragrances. Definetly not the best of the Davidoff's, but will do fine. Not for me though, I'm really not into the clean laundry, fresh morning smell in the country.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE08/04/2005

    Not a bad modern/urban yuppie scent but Davidoff's had better and I'd rather go with Christian Lacroix's Bazar.

  • SENSES07/10/2005

    My 50ml bottle is end ... great fragance: very fresh, metallic, and airy smell... great long lasting...

  • M.R.06/28/2005

    Not a bad modern/yuppie scent but I'd rather go with Bazar by CL and Davidoff has had better......Cool Water (overused), Zino and Relax.

  • NAD04/21/2005

    I bought for my bf Davidoff Echo and i cant stop smelling him! its sooo pleasant. Its not too manly which is good coz i dun want my bf to smell like a reli mature man... i still want him to smell young. Two thumbs up!

  • GEN03/04/2005

    I won't bash Echo for its apparent lack of originality, because it is such a pleasant and comforting fragrance. As a matter of fact, Echo (as regards the contents of the bottle) is not innovative in any way. It is rather a twist on a popular, well-known theme, but a good one at that. This already makes it different and discernible enough, I think. when I first smelled it I thought it had a notable similarity to the 'green' Hugo (the one in the flask) which I liked in the first place, but then it transformed into something completely different, less bubblegummish. It shows more sophistication and maturity as it evolves on the skin. The scent is exactly as described: a fresh, metallic-ozonic spice and aldehyde note which is maintained throughout but slowly fades into a more mellow, leathery, soapy base. To me it kinda smells like a new suede jacket... Or a new car... ;) It radiates a flair of cleanness, or sterility, if you like, but not coldness and rigiditiy. It is understated and wearable in any occasion, formal or informal, that I can think of. And yeah, the bottle is a very nice piece of urban architecture...

  • DR MARTINI02/25/2005

    This is non-offensive and doesn't get comments. good to splash on on a hot day. I find it a bit too subdued but others will like this. It is not distinctive and does not stand out among the many light modern fragrences.

  • PEPE LEPEW02/22/2005

    This is a really good scent. It's sharp and aromatic. It's also a lil young - for men or women (pc) between 25-32. If your over 32 get something more mature. If your under I highly recommend it is a really good scent for going out and meeting women.

  • NIKITA 02/07/2005

    In search of a fresh cologne, I bought 3.4 oz Echo which was too expensive. should be in the $40 range. Has the sharp potency of Cerruti Image but doesn't smell like pine cones. I agree with Carlos. Not for adults this is for Junior High kids

  • TONY T01/31/2005

    most guys won't ask another guy what he is wearing but i did and glad i did echo,acqua di gio and john varvatos

  • DERRICK12/16/2004

    Leo does a good job describing it. Refreshing smell but does not seem to last long.

  • DAVID11/16/2004

    This cologne has a similar fragrance to Escape For Men but sweeter. I like this one so i'm giving it 5 stars.

  • NATALIE09/18/2004

    My husband wears this and wears this and wears this. I love it. He will wear it b 4 work @ 5am, and when he returns home at night it still smells as fresh, he will shower and in the morning I will still get a strong scent of Echo. It lasts forever. You will never go wrong buying this clean fresh fragrance. Enchanting.

  • BRYAN07/15/2004

    Echo brings many new things to the table that can be hard to find in other colognes. Its fresh but not strong, its long lasting but wont jump surfaces and its a excellent choice for many settings as oposed to being a good cologne for weddings.

  • ZACHARY06/30/2004

    I agree by a statement that ECHO is CoolWater's younger brother..thats witty. That exactly what it is...a young person easily get bored. Initially i thought this is great...but later...i somehow got tired by the smell...unlike Coolwater, Cerruti Image or Beldasserini, which i have yet to get tired to them (thought i bought them much earlier than Echo). Its great tired of t\it now....Sorry (to Echo fan)

  • DAVID06/13/2004

    Clean and modern with a touch of pepper. A whirlwind to the olfactory sense.

  • LEO06/10/2004

    Now I'm sure you guys all know what Cool Water will do for you with the ladies, and by that measure ECHO is without a doubt Cool Water's younger (but certainly not lesser) brother, and I would pick ECHO over Cool Water any day. Now don't get me wrong. Cool Water's a masterpiece, absolutely, but it's much too old-school. If you're looking for something that's more modern and 21st century-ish then ECHO is definitely the way to go. I wear it to work, the ladies love it. I wear it on dates, the ladies love it. I can wear it anywhere, and the ladies will love it. It's a great all-around scent that you can wear with a suit or with something more casual (though not casual to the point of jeans and t-shirt). It's expensive, sure, but when you start driving all those women up the wall (and into your bed) it'll be worth every penny and more!

  • MOONPATROL05/21/2004

    This scent reminds me Eternity by CK very much, although these scents are both quite good, Eternity was first in this line and Echo is just a good copy - nothing original and nothing special.

  • W.B.04/20/2004


  • KEVIN04/05/2004

    I really like this one. It combines the "freshness" of a Cool Water or Polo Sport with the Citrus of Chrome or Miyake... The ideal fragrance for the upcoming Spring & Summer Seasons...

  • CARLOS D03/24/2004

    Echo is good if you are a sweaty dragon how needs something to improve the hygiene a little. Too sharp, too soap-like and nothing special about it, like some shampoo or higiene product. Come on Davidoff, you can better than this. It is too simple to be that expensive. Maybe teenage boys like it.

  • LEO 03/22/2004

    Opps, Echo! I like the smell a lot. I've tried many kind of fragrance from my friends, and this one is my favorate. It doesn't like some other fragrance which will have the burning smell when u spray too much. Very Nice Flavor, which u will never be disappointed. However, if u want people's attention, this isn't a very good choice, cause the smell doesn't go too far from you. It has a medium lasting, it last a whole morning on me. That's a little disappointing...... Well, good thing never last long. Just try it!!!!!

  • RAYRAY03/22/2004

    So far this is the best scent I've come across, its very fresh smelling.. very clean

  • BRAD MEDLING02/22/2004

    Echo is a kind of soapy smell that burns the nose. I have smelt alot that is much better. It does not ressonate in my opinion as the name suggests.

  • SKIPPY02/17/2004

    People will definitely say, "there's that citrusy smell." It held up well however and there's nothing blatantly offensive about it.

  • ECHO02/05/2004


  • WES01/04/2004

    I love this stuff. It's a really refreshing fragrance, and even if someone is overusing it it won't make your nose burn like a lot of colognes. Simply awesome.

  • JEG12/24/2003

    nice smell, citrus but not too fruity, all the girls like this one on me, my favorite only behind chrome azzaro. cant stand cool water for men gives me a headache. Davidoff scored points with echo

  • BENNY12/22/2003

    this was the best out of ck new one great scent

  • FRANCESCO11/07/2003


  • A-ROD08/16/2003

    Fresh and strong but not annoying.

  • RENARD MILLER07/12/2003

    falls behind very few frangrances

  • FAITH06/12/2003

    It smells fresh like crave from CK but I would pick this one if I had to pick.

  • TUM06/05/2003

    fresh but not original

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