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K De Krizia   

22 Reviews

Aromatic, Floral, Green. Created in 1981, K De Krizia is a sharp, gentle, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of peach, tuberose and lily of the valley. Blended with notes of orange blossom, sandalwood and musk, K De Krizia is a daytime type of fragrance.

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Aromatic, Floral, Green. Created in 1981, K De Krizia is a sharp, gentle, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of peach, tuberose and lily of the valley. Blended with notes of orange blossom, sandalwood and musk, K De Krizia is a daytime type of fragrance.

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  • REBA08/23/2014

    ...It is a mild pleasant scent which does not trigger headaches, etc. I love it and get many compliments.

  • MARA09/01/2013

    This smells heavenly and I cannot imagine it being offensive to anyone. It is both soft and bold at the same time, but in a wonderful way. It envelops you in a flower garden on a cool damp evening. Wonderful.

  • CHERYL11/22/2009

    Love this perfume and everyone loves it on me. But it is hard to find. What a pitty.

  • JENNIFER12/31/2008

    21 years ago in highschool my first boyfriend wore krizia for men. He died in a highschool senior. I kept that fragrence for 15 years and it smell always reminded me of him. I Finally parted with it and JUST last week realized they made it for women. Strange I know...but it will always remind me of his dear heart. Im happy to wear it. Even if it has reminence of grandmas closet..:)

  • LYNNE11/15/2007

    I have been wearing this perfume for over 25 years and men still stop me to ask me what perfume I am wearing.... only problem is now it's hard to find.

  • DARLENE12/11/2006

    Oh My Gosh! I can't believe there is a web site where people can discuss MY perfume! I have people ALWAYS asking me what kind of perfume I wear and I tell them... "I don't remember the name of it." I'll give you the shirt off my back but, NOT the name of my perfume. I don't want everyone wearing my perfume. All it takes it one smell and EVERYONE will be wearing it! Ladies, rethink this! For over 20 yrs. I've worn this perfume and my story is still the same: "I can't remember the name of it, it starts with a k" For those who have not tried it... this is some stinky stuff, go buy something else.

  • ERICA12/29/2005

    wow, perfume is strong. Did not like it , gave me a headache , as well as feeling dizzy. I got swept away with all the good comments I heard on this perfume. Did not like it at all......

  • DILLY03/01/2005

    I read all positive comments and I bought it. Tell me why I detect grandmother closet after it dries down. I want to like it. It smels great when it first goes on. Is it the chemistry. When it dries down there is this old closet scent that follows me around all day. Help! I'm looking for classy sophisticated elegant fragrance and I live in warm climate

  • SYLVIE12/22/2004

    Year Introduced: 1981, Scent Type: Floral, Top Notes: Aldehydes, peach, hyacinth, bergamot, neroli. Heart Notes: Jasmine, narcissus, orange blossom, rose, carnation, orchid, lily of the valley, orris. Base Notes: Sandalwood, vetiver, musk, amber, moss, civet, vanilla, styrax, leather. That's what I found via the Internet: "K de Krizia hails from the House of Krizia, purveyor of fine fashions, fragrance, resorts and more. Slip into the floral K with a spritz of fresh aldehydes and juicy peach. Sophisticated florals of orange blossom, narcissus, and jasmine weave through the heart, leading to a warm woody base laced with soft leather and vanilla. A versatile day-to-evening fragrance, easy to wear, easy to love." Ladies, this fine balanced fragrance is from the Eighties and I detect it 24 years later!!! I'm glad that I found this classy fragrance. Thanks to all ladies for their messages here. I found a real jewel :-). Very difficult to describe this BREATHTAKING fragrance. It's powerful, crisp, strong, loud, self-confident, potent, strong, green-floral, cool, and elegant. Smells very expensive, bright and clean (Hyacinth/Lily of the valley). I can't smell aldehydes in it. I hate this synthetic smell. This K de Krizia speaks its own language. Not fruity or oriental, or sweet, or modern stuff like Chance by Chanel. If you like the older, classy fragrances Cabochard, Givenchy III, Halston for women, Scherrer by Scherrer, Fidji by Laroche, Antilope by Weil, 1000/Mille by Patou, or NORELL - this K de Krizia is a MUST HAVE and a secret tip too. Give this "dated" fragrance a chance and you will smell unique.

  • LBEVANS12/28/2003

    I recently FOLLOWED a woman around the supermarket, before asking her what her fragrance was. It was soft, but very distinct. She smiled, saying K de Krizia. I KNOW I will be getting it soon!!!

  • NINA06/21/2003

    i loved it when lived in milano; it goes w/ the city!

  • HISAKO06/19/2003

    Very similar to Loretta Lumpika but Loretta has bit more softer impressions.

  • JOY05/23/2003

    Pretty scent but wow, headache, unfortunately. It's not for everyone, I think I prefer Vendetta by Valentino to this [it's softer, but hard to find]

  • GINNIE01/02/2003

    My signature scent since 1985. I've had strangers come up and ask what the name of my perfume was so they could go buy it.

  • LAURA11/25/2002

    I've loved this perfume since 1985 when I was 19 years old and I still love it. It's not too sweek or strong so it doesn't make me sneeze like many perfumes do. I wish it were easier to find!

  • LINDA09/25/2002

    Have been wearing this fragrance for over 20 years. It's the only one that my husband loves.

  • LARK LOGAN-O'HEHIR08/13/2002

    K De Krizia is my dominant fragrance and I've worn it since it came out in the early '80's. It never fails to garner compliments and many consider it to be my signature sent, as it's always recognized. I LOVE it!!!

  • PETITCAJUN05/31/2002

    K de Krizia is a classic, it's right up there with Chanel #5. When I wear this I can smell it on me all day, but it's not overbearing. And I get loads of compliments. I can't believe this fragrance isn't more popular. Krizia never advertises this scent so I guess that's why most people have never heard of it. I can definately recommend this for night or day. It's the perfume with a thousand faces.

  • LINDA03/21/2002

    I've been wearing it for 21 years. Still the best cologne on the market.

  • MINA01/24/2002

    One of the most unique fragrances with soft, sweet & spicy notes

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Spicy floral; warm; vanilla; powder.

  • LEOA09/14/2001

    Purchased this some months ago and found that it is a very unsual type of fragrance. Light and makes a statement at the same time.

  • KAREN C04/28/2001

    I have been enjoying this fragrance for close to 18 years and it's a perfect daily scent. Delightfully different and more comfortable to wear than NOT wearing it!

  • ROSANN ANDERSON01/07/2001

    I am trying with no luck to puechace K DE KRIZIA parfum -- not au d tolite -- even if its the samplers that would be find --

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