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Rush 2   

75 Reviews

The Italian couturier chose a "lucky number" for the name of this eau de toilette that proposes a new olfactive language. 2 also means double, therefore it complements Rush, which came out a year and half ago. The juice, composed by Michel Almairac of the Robertet Company, is not build in a pyramid, but horizontally in order to obtain a homogenous more

2.5 oz EDT Spray (Tester)
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The Italian couturier chose a "lucky number" for the name of this eau de toilette that proposes a new olfactive language. 2 also means double, therefore it complements Rush, which came out a year and half ago. The juice, composed by Michel Almairac of the Robertet Company, is not build in a pyramid, but horizontally in order to obtain a homogenous effect of all the constituents. Fresh, flowery and woody, the fragrance opens on an accord of rose, freesia, musk, palm tree, oakmosis and narcissus.

  • RUSH2FAN11/12/2007

    I have loved this for years, and now I'm disappointed that it's increasingly unavailable here...I did notice that once, during a hot spell, the perfume I'd ordered had spoiled in transit, resulting in a skunk-like smell. This was totally not the fault of the perfume and was due only to faulty storage. DO NOT store this next to a radiator or close to anywhere hot.

  • KATE10/25/2007

    I love this scent! I have a hard time finding scents that don't "turn" on this one is fabulous with my body chemistry. If you love Calyx by Prescriptives, you might also love Gucci Rush 2. They don't smell the same, but it's that's my taste in scents. Clean Clean Clean smelling, not "old-ladyish!"

  • PEETJE10/16/2007

    I don't understand the negative reviews here ok you can't like the scent but saying it's horrible. Everybody has a differnet sense of smelling and a lot has to do with your own body fragrance. To me this perfume gives a soft,sweet delicious smell with a little bit musk in it. I really love it and keep this for the days i want to feel sexy and very feminine.

  • ANGELIQUE05/15/2007

    When my chemistry mixes with this it smells amazing! I think it's lovely - and I often get asked what I'm wearing when I have this on. Don't like the bottle much, but the scent works for me. I prefer this to the original.

  • NATHALIE04/06/2007

    It is a very light and feminine fragrance...I like it a lot! not green at all like I have read( I cant stand green scents)...the first Rush has more personality but Rush 2 is quite pleasant to wear!

  • ANGELINA02/11/2007

    This perfume is the best,best,best,just so perfect for a perfume,damn special!!

  • MICHELLE09/21/2006

    Is this true? If so, I am sooo upset. I love love love this perfume. Anyone know why???

  • SO EAGLE07/09/2006

    When purchasing any fragrance you must keep in mind your own body chemistry. Simply put, not every perfume is made for every woman. I recieved this as a gift from a male friend and I absolutely loved it, as did everyone else. It wasn't an old and overpowering scent on the contrary it was light and so sexy for me. Most importantly it didn't make me sneeze or give me a headache, which stronger perfumes tend to do. If you like clean, light, sexy, sweet, calm, and/or seductive scents try it. If you don't like it take it back or give it away to a neice, cousin, or friend!

  • LILCAT04/09/2006

    The best scent I have ever smelled these people who hated it are insane and must have no taste

  • KRIS11/28/2005

    I love this perfume and have been a fan of it for years. Unfortunately, I can only get it online now.

  • ELOISE08/28/2005

    I loved this perfume the first time I tried it... the second time, i made the unfortunate mistake of spraying into myself because it ended up making me feel nauseous for the rest of the afternoon, so much so that i spent a good 15 minutes frantically trying to remove the smell from my wrist... Could just be me, but my experience with it was not a pleasant one... Definitely try before you buy with this one!

  • ANNA08/24/2005

    I really like the smell of Rush 2. Also I react very badly to most perfumes, I have very bad allergies. This is one of the very few that did not cause me to break out in hives ot make me itch uncontrolably. While it does smell like alcohol, after two minutes you get the real smell of it.

  • RUBY08/17/2005

    This is one of my favorite fragrances. Very difficult to find now days...Like others who luv it stated.."It's more of a younger scent." It is so not the old lady musky scent...which i absolutely hate! Its fun and sexy..Every guy that i have met while wearing this absolutely Luvs it...

  • NATALIE08/05/2005

    I own Gucci Rush and it smells sorta very manly like something my dad would wear I dont know I mean I loved it smelling it the first time i bought it but now when i put it on its like err gross

  • ARI06/24/2005

    This perfume smells terrible. I bought it a while ago because I heard it smelled good and I regret it. After the first time I sprayed it, I never used it again. It smells literally like filth. I'm surprised that Gucci made such a revolting fragerance. Don't buy this perfume.

  • BRANDY05/19/2005

    Waist of time effort & $! On the company's behalf. Why did they even bother. Was supposed to be the summer follow-up to the original. Just fell flat of my expectations.

  • CARRIE03/23/2005

    So it does smell a little like hairspray at first, but if you spray some on and let it dry you will not be disappointed. I am in love with Rush 2!!!

  • SELENE01/24/2005

    First of all i love this fragrance. Its linear composition allows for a fresh spark of fragrance. Its a young sexy scent that may dissapoint people who prefer the deep musky scent of its counterpart

  • MORGAN12/21/2004

    my friend has this perfume but i dont get why she made so much fuss over it. to me it smelt like plastic!

  • AMADAN7410/18/2004

    I tried this because I love Rush, but I was disappointed in. It smells nice in the beginning, then it dries down to a more "masculine" scent which I'm not partial to. Gave me a headache.

  • TRACY08/06/2004

    The best purfume out there to date. I love this soft feminine scent, with a romantic twist.

  • GRISI07/28/2004

    Ohhhh, i think that Gucci created a very special perfume, Rush 2, because i believe that is a lovely fragance, that her smell is very wonderful because it has soft and delicate floral notes that speaks to a chic and elegant woman. I think that is a pleasant cologne that has an sparkling and refreshing smell surrounded of a soft and smooth notes that speaks to an special woman, an elegant woman full of sweety.

  • SCENTSIBLE BUYER 06/02/2004

    Personable. Classy. Glamorous. Arguably the sexiest scent on the market. A whiff of this will arouse everyman's sense of smell, amongst other things

  • J8205/31/2004

    A flowery, very delicate, pleasant fragrance. It's really feminine and chic! If you liked "Envy", "Rush 2" is a must have, and viceversa.

  • T04/08/2004

    My ex boyfriend gave this to me for valentines day last year and later that night i wore it for dinner date. he hugged me and sniffed my neck and told me i smelled like vomit.i didnt have the haert to tell him it was his horrid perfume he had just bought me. maybe the perfume just reacted badly on my skin.ive never had that problem before.

  • RACHEL03/17/2004

    the scent is nice. the problem is that it doesn't stay on. if you like this one, you might want to buy a large bottle, because you will be having to put it on many times throughout the day.

  • SUE C02/24/2004

    I disliked this fragrance before I even smelled it - why does such an expensive product have such ugly packaging - looks like a cheap toy that will break. Then the smell - very in-your-face "rush" of powerful ingredients all thrown in together. Linear fragrances such as this one lack the subtlety of the three phases developing on your skin over time. They can be done however, such as Chanel's Allure, which is very tasteful. A saleswoman tried to tell me that Rush 2 was nice but I would never wear it and had to wash it off.

  • ANTGIRL02/05/2004

    I sprayed first time on me, and the first 10 minutes was absolutely disgusting. If you can stand it for ten minutes, after it is a wonderful scent! Sexy, not a usual flowery fragrance. Really a rush - another way than the original Rush.

  • BRON12/19/2003

    I was given a bottle of this for my birthday-I quite like it and would recommend for office wear. I have to spray a few times as it dosent last as long as i would like.

  • GWEN12/17/2003

    It smells really good. I strongly recomend it.

  • TAMMY12/11/2003

    I received a sample of this and I really, really liked it. However, the bottle that I bought didn't smell the same as the sample. The sample was much stronger and lasted longer which makes me wonder if the sample was a parfum and the bottle I bought was the cologne spray. Would only purchase it again if it was the parfum because the spray cologne doesn't last any time at all and it's a very weak scent.

  • KATHERINE11/25/2003

    I wore this out clubbing and smelled amazing. I couldn't believe how great it smelled. I especially loved the green floral and oakmoss notes at drydown. However, I wore it the next day and smelled cheap--it didn't dry correctly in this cold weather. So I'd say it's a warm-weather only fragrance for me.

  • CLAIRE BEAR11/04/2003

    Simply awful, more of a man's fragrance... not at all feminine or flattering, definitely would not reccomend- original rush is sooo much sweeter and sensual.

  • EJ10/06/2003

    When sniffing the bottle at a dept. store, my first impression was hairspray, but when I put it on, I loved it. I've had several good comments from co-workers, as well, because it's very subtle.

  • ALICIA10/06/2003

    Well after using it for a long time it actually became one with my skin and I love it. It is soft and sexy and it gets somehow fruity and it's not that flowery scent that most perfumes have. Now that i think about it, it actually gives a rush!

  • CINTHIA10/01/2003

    this stuff smells ok, but it's overpowering in that it smells like Aquanet... yikes!!! and the smell is very... well i don't know what you call it... but it smells like something a guy could almost use... if someone wants this, i'd be more than willing to give it to them. in the meantime, i am going to ask one of my gay friends if they want it...

  • JOLY09/16/2003

    what a diffrence a number make, talking about the diffrence between the Rush and the Rush 2 I love this perfume

  • CHELLY06/27/2003


  • DENISE06/17/2003

    Sorry this one was the first perfume I needed to wash off after testing it! Very strong, overpowering.....

  • DEIDRA05/30/2003

    I would LOVE to own a Gucci perfume, but none of them suit my taste. Not soft, pretty, elegant, sexy...need i go on?

  • SCENTGIRL05/28/2003

    I find this much, much nicer than the original Rush. Its softer and more feminine, and never overpowering. The only thing is that you would literally have to nuzzle up to my neck to smell it, and it doesn't seem to last long. You have to spray loads, and I've gone through the bottle quicker than I'd hoped.

  • ALICIA05/19/2003

    I just bought it today and when I first smelled it I immidiatly distinguished it from other scents. But when I sprayed it on me it reminded me of Issey Miyake which I'm not so fond of. Now I'm not so happy for my purchase....but I'll wait for compliments.If I don't hear any I'll be totally dissapointed.

  • WENDY AFFECK05/15/2003

    Great, not overpowering like the original Rush.

  • TERESA05/04/2003

    Better than the original

  • FRANKIE05/02/2003


  • CYNTHIA03/25/2003


  • YARNO03/10/2003

    Fresh but not exciting. Might be good for office, but not for the night.

  • MARY02/22/2003

    it always give me a headache

  • MAYA02/21/2003

    I don't use Rush 2 but on my sister it smells heavenly. I adore when she wears it, it smells amazing

  • NICOLE01/27/2003

    If you are thinking about Rush 2, get it, trust me, it smells so good, I wish I could ask myself out on a date! Ha Ha. Its probably better for younger people, since its trendy, but overall, yum yum yum! Better than the original!

  • LOLA12/09/2002

    I tried this perfume at one of my friend's house and I immediately liked how it smelled on me. The next morning before taking my shower I could still smell it! I purchased it immediately after. I like the fact that after spraying it, it doesn't give me the sick feeling in my stomach like some perfumes do. And it is much much better than the Original Gucci Rush.

  • KELL12/02/2002

    I bought Rush in NY last summer and I loved it. But then I wore it and realized it was just too strong. So I got rid of it. Then I bought Envy and I love it. I wear it most of the time. But I don't get compliments on it from guys but I think it smells good. I bought Rush 2 recently and I love it. It smells good. I like light scents and green ones.

  • SONIA11/05/2002

    Rush 2 is worse than the first Rush. But, can anyone tell me something about the new Gucci perfume? THANK YOU!

  • A10/12/2002

    I love it especially when my boyfriend buys it for me.

  • ELIZABETH08/27/2002

    After LOVING the original Gucci Rush, I thought I'd try what was purported to be the lighter version, Rush 2, for summer, and, thanks to my faith in the original, I ordered R2 without smelling it first. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered it smells exactly like Aqua Net hairspray. Lesson learned.

  • TORI08/21/2002

    This makes me feel good when I wear it. It smells a little synthetic and a few minutes after you spray it on you, it smells horrible. I actually thought I'd made a horrible mistake in buying it (and it doesn't come cheap- Singapore dollars 78 for 2.5 oz) but I guess it suited my body chemistry as it grew sweet, light and sensual after ten minutes or so. Definitely worth my money!

  • MELH07/26/2002

    This is a very good perfume at first. I tried it on and it seemed nice on my skin, but after a while I became very depressed in the day and felt unconfortable with myself and others! I don't know why but it happens everytime that I wear it!

  • JUSTINE07/26/2002

    Better than the first one, which probably increased Tylenol's stock value. Cleaner, fresher, not as invasive.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    green, fresh, nice, new. Like it. doesn't last very long

  • L03/27/2002

    This is a fragrance for those who get sick of perfume quickly. It is perfect for every day use. It's has a soft, fruity smell which is not overpowering - which is why you don't get sick of it :) - this is quite rare for me. I'd have to say it is not very long lasting (probably around 5-6 hours max) but it's worth buying. I know lots of people who like it. I don't really like the first Rush - it's very strong. Also Gucci Rush 2 is a bit like Envy but much better!

  • S02/27/2002

    This perfume is awesome. One of my favorites!!!

  • LIZ02/25/2002

    I agree with oldva. This is a lighter version of Rush. It has a delicate green note along with the delicious original scent which sets it apart from the original.

  • ANA02/18/2002

    This is a very good everyday fragrance.It's fresh and long lasting.It's much better then Rush wich smells like.. well like nothing.It smells mediocre and boring.

  • MARYUS02/18/2002

    This is soo good.Fresh, flowery.That's how a woman should smell like.Much better then Rush.

  • SUSIE01/25/2002

    I thought Gucci Rush smelled light rotten oranges!!! Rush2 however is amazing!! Sexy but not overpowering. I'm constantly complimented on how great I smell!!

  • ANDREA IVANOVIC01/03/2002

    it's one of my favorites! It's sexy strong and deaply fresh! i enjoy in it

  • OLDVA01/01/2002

    It's amazing how the olfactory senses differ. Rush and Rush 2 are both very pleasing fragrances to me. Would be interesting to know which fragrances are acceptable to those who find these unpleasant.

  • JAN12/29/2001

    So man loves it too

  • MAI12/12/2001

    Oh, I am wearing it! I was just afraid that manic perfume emporium visitors will bomb me with threats! :D

  • AIDA12/12/2001

    Why, Mai? You should wear what you enjoy!!!

  • MAI12/09/2001

    I actually quite like this too, but I'm afraid to say it with all this bad reviews..... :)

  • ZEKIYE12/09/2001

    I actually like this one quite a bit. I love Rush (the original) but cannot wear heavy fragrances so this one seemed like a great compromise.

  • MAI12/08/2001

    Has anyone ever noticed that this smells exactly like a crossing between Rush and Envy.

  • TOURAY12/04/2001

    I LOVE the original Rush,but I just detest this fragrance. It smells extremely dry, yet oddly moist. Transparent, yet opaque. I think it is an olfactory mass of contradictions, in the worse way. Like a bad stew. Yuk.

  • D11/30/2001


  • TINA11/18/2001

    Rush and Rush 2 - they both make me sick!

  • JUSTIN11/12/2001

    I smelled this in my gf's magazine, and it gave me a headache!

  • DD10/27/2001

    Just another trendy scent that you are going to forget very soon!

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    Rush 2 leaves impression of a cheap perfume, nothing special! Original Rush is faaar better, though heavy (I think it's nice for winter!)

  • HRBETTYBOOP08/29/2001


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