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Dark Vanilla   

57 Reviews

Dark Vanilla by Coty is a refreshing scent of Jasmin, Vanilla and Bergamot.

0.375 oz COL Spray
SKU 9745
$15.00 $7.99

Dark Vanilla by Coty is a refreshing scent of Jasmin, Vanilla and Bergamot.

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  • MELINDA01/22/2013

    Please, bring it back there is only 2 kinds of perfume I can use this is one of them. Bring it back !!!

  • MONIQUE12/10/2012

    I love this scent and can not locate it any where! Please bring this scent back to life because I need it in mine!

  • LISE FROM QUEBEC12/07/2012

    Please bring it back. This is the only perfume I like.

  • LORA THOMAS12/02/2012

    I have to agree with the many others to please bring back Dark Vanilla. I've had many perfumes but none compare to this.

  • FRANCINE GENIOLE10/23/2012

    I cannot believe this fantastic perfume and cologne is out of stock. I was planning to give it to my daughter for Christmas 2012. She loves it. I guess that won't be happening. Very disappointed.

  • CLAUDIA GRAHAM01/23/2012

    Bring it back - this is my favorite scent - please bring it back - running low and can't find anything that comes close to it

  • SANDRA12/07/2011

    Dark Vanilla is the BEST and ONLY frangrance I ever use. If I don't have it I don't use anything. I get migraines from smells and this is the one perfume that doesn't give me a migraine. Not to mention the compliments I get all the time, when I do use it. But, it is impossible to find! And, I would like to see it come back in the larger size, which is a golden color. Please, bring it back!!!!!

  • SANDEE12/02/2011

    DARK VANILLA BY COTY please put it back in stores kmarts


    The one and only perfume that does not clash w/ my body chemistry and allowed to wear it where frangrances are not allowed. Why did they ever stop making it???

  • JEAN DRIF11/27/2011

    Please bring it back, it is the only perfume I use. It has been with me for the past number of years. Even my granddaughter misses it. It doesn't cause me to get migraines. So many of today's scents do.

  • MICHELLE11/11/2011

    It's the only kind I wear. It smells wonderful. Please make more.

  • V.BECK09/08/2011

    Dark Vanilla is the BEST and ONLY frangrance I ever use. If I don't have it I don't use anything. I get migraines from smells and this is the one perfume that doesn't give me a migraine. Not to mention the compliments I get all the time, when I do use it. But, it is impossible to find! And, I would like to see it come back in the larger size, which is a golden color, as opposed to the smaller one that is pinkish in color. Please, bring it back!!!!!

  • KRISTIN 09/05/2011

    Where can I find this fragrance? Please tell me!!!

  • ALICE09/05/2011

    Please bring it back.

  • JONI 09/05/2011

    Please bring it back. It the only kind I really like to where every where I go.

  • SHERRI JOHNSTONE08/02/2011

    Without exception....every time I wear this scent, someone asks me what it is. Men and women alike stop me and inquire. PLEASE... bring it back.

  • DEE07/06/2011

    love it, can't find it anywhere!

  • GAIL07/05/2011

    This has been one of my favorite scents of all time & cannot believe it has been discontinued!! Please bring this back!!!!

  • GREENEYEDLADY05/10/2011

    I love Dark Vanilla by Coty. Its got a nice rich fragrance that does not smell cheap. Its lovely and alluring. Let's get it back on the shelves...please???

  • ELAINE 04/17/2011

    I am so dissapointed that i can not get this perfume anywhere not even online. It is the best i have ever found. It not only smells good and get plenty of attention from men and woman. I am sensitive to smells and this is the only one that does not bother me at all. Please please get it back on the shelves.

  • DEBORAH03/17/2011

    I too cannot understand why it is so hard to find in stores?!

  • PEGI03/13/2011

    This perfume is the best and all of a sudden I can't buy it anywhere! Plus there once was a set that included in a unique bottle shampoo/lotion/bath gel Why is this not available anymore????

  • AMY MESECHER02/25/2011

    This is my favorite Perfume. So can someone please tell me why it is so hard to find? I can't find it anywhere anymore...

  • GINA02/07/2011

    OH...come on!....I love this perfume and find it so difficult to find. I finally found a perfume that I don't end up tasting or making me nautious after I put it on. I have had so many compliments. Where is this stuff........Really would like to find MORE!!!!!!

  • DIANE NIELSEN02/07/2011

    I really like this perfume as I have Asthma and it doesn't make me cough. Now I can't buy it as you stopped making it . Please bring it back

  • VIRGINIA BECK12/18/2010

    Why is this so hard to find?!? I love this perfume and it is the only one I have ever found that doesn't give me migraine headaches. It isn't an overpowering, bug spray smell like so many others. Not to mention the attetion I get from men, when I wear it!! I won't wear anything else; which means I don't wear any perfume if I don't have this. And, it is pretty unfindable!! I go to the Perfume Center at the mall and their out every time. I try to order online and they are out or don't have the 1..7 oz. By the way, why is the 1.7 a different color than the 1. oz.?

  • ESTER M MEYERS12/16/2010

    PLEASE bring this item back. And KEEP it available.

  • KENDRA12/15/2010

    geez...what does it take to get a company to listen to the consumers? There are so many pleas from consumers for dark vanilla including my own! The only place I can find the lotion is on ebay and then you have to pay an arm and a leg for it! Please least do a christmas special or something and put dark vanilla out again!

  • BEA SMITH12/08/2010

    Why would you discontinue this product. Several of my friends and myself have used it and would continue to for years. It had to be a good seller cause I almost always had to wait on and order to come in. Or it was not marketed good. Where can I find any Dark Vanilla????

  • HELEN10/25/2010


  • DOROTHY MATHIS10/23/2010

    I have used this for years and now they tell me they discontinued it i don't like any other fragrances i want to know where I can order this again.

  • NORELL09/17/2010

    Don't understand why if so many women like this fragrance Coty doesn't Market it. Lost Sales

  • JULIE08/24/2010


  • CHER08/01/2010

    I emailed the company because I could no longer find this scent either. They told me that "due to marketing trends" this is a discontinued fragrance and will no longer be made.

  • LINDA06/17/2010

    dark Vanilla has been signature scent for many years. Always got complements. My boy friend loved it too! Please CODY, put it back on the market! It would make many many women super happy. (men too!)

  • KAREN03/16/2010

    I been Using this perfume last 2000 but i dont know what happen you cant find it anywhere...I hope the company will back to sell it was so nice perfume absolutely nice smell...than anyone perfume i wear.

  • CANDACE02/07/2010

    I have been looking for this for a year. They do not have this in any store. I luv it!!!!!

  • MARTI POTH01/06/2010

    Can someone send all these requests to Coty! It seems a lot of women love this fragrance!!!! Desperate!!!

  • WEN12/19/2009

    love this sent on me i have been using this for over 15 years and love dark vanilla looking for the the dark vanilla set if anyone has it please email me at

  • BRENDA11/28/2009

    i have been looking all over for this product this is my favorite.Walmart had 3 bottles back in June i bought all three i have just a small amount left, this is all i could wear and i get a lot of compliments. please put this product back out in the stores.

  • DEBBIE MCCOURT11/07/2009

    This is my favorite cologne, I have worn it for years and have always received compliments on how good it smells. It is the only cologne I wear. Why is it not in stores any more?

  • SABRINA KEYS10/30/2009

    I must say "I love this perfume" I love the smell, and the compliments given by who every crosses my path, I won't use anything else. I've been using it since 1997 and Walmart was the only store I could find that sold it. Now it has disappeared off the shelf, WHY. Now I found it online :) cause a co-worker told me to google it! Thank goodness someone has it!

  • PATTI BARBER07/03/2009

    I have been successful in finding this product at KMART and Rite-Aid. Although the price is alittle bit more, atleast i can find it locally. I hope this helps whoever is searching for it.

  • GEN12/18/2008

    To anyone interested, I've seen this scent being sold in Walmart recently...within the past week. I like it too, it layers well with one of my favorite perfumed lotions.

  • NADINE WEST10/19/2008

    You can't improve on perfect, so why would you take something off the market that is as great as DARK VANILLA?????? Please get it back in the stores!!!!!!!!

  • LORETTA S.10/16/2008


  • DIANE10/07/2008

    Where can I find it???? Have worn it for years and can't find it anywhere any more! Only one I can wear without allergic reaction. HELP!

  • HELEN PURIFOY09/26/2008

    this is the best fragrance for me. i'v worn it for at least 3 to 4 years. now, i cannot find locally of sometimes even on line. i hope we can get more retailers to carry this product.

  • LORI08/29/2008

    I too am having a hard time finding Dark Vanilla in the stores. It is my favorite scent and my husband, children and others always tell me I smell nice. The only way I have been able to find it lately is at Wal-Mart at Christmas time. They have small stocking stuffer bottles in their seasonal aisle. I usually buy several bottles to last all year. But last year it was hard to find too.

  • BONNIE CARTER08/13/2008

    I have used this perfume off and on for years. It is the best for my skin and leaves a lovely fragrance every time i use it. I haven't ben able to find it lately, so I started using the next best, (Exclamation). While this is also very good perfume, it is not as good as the Dark Vanilla. Please make this perfume available for purchase again.

  • J. DURKEE07/08/2008

    I have never had so many compliments on a colonge in my life---Coty needs to put this out in the stores every where --they'd make a a great sale item thats for sure!!

  • CAROL GILMORE06/13/2008

    I feel the same way, I just loved this perfume and can't find it anywhere, come on Coty let's put this back on the market.


    this is the only one I use, and it saddens me that I cant find it in stores anymore. I have been looking for it for almost 5 years. so please tell me why is it not in the stores anymore?????

  • SONNA10/22/2007

    This has been one perfume I can wear without having breathing problems - and now I can't find it at stores - but glad I found it here. It last all day on my skin. I've tried very expensive perfumes, but can't wear them. Get light headed, head ache or breathing problems. What ever this doesn't have that the others do, is what I am allergic to...

  • J.RIV10/10/2007

    Vera Wangs Princess is a more refined scent peep it... Cause this could be a lot better...

  • DIANE D.06/21/2007

    Please--please! If anyone knows where i can purchase my favorite fragrance, let me know. I live in Toledo

  • LINDA04/12/2007

    Best Vanilla purfume, wish they would sell in more places. I have such a hard time purchasing it.

  • DIANE06/27/2006

    I have never had so many compliments on my perfume before. I work around a lot of guys...and they all ask me what I'm wearing. It's the absolute best perfume ever!

  • LIZ04/12/2006

    I fell in love with this scent about 6 years ago. I've tried a lot of perfumes, but have received more compliments on this one over any other. Plus it's inexpensive and has lasting power.

  • JACKIE NICKON03/16/2006

    I have worn this for over 10 years and I'm very sad I can't find it in the stores anymore. I do not want to wear any other perfume. I love Dark Vanilla!

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