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Hugo Boss


85 Reviews

Aromatic, Fougere, Marine. Created in 1995, Hugo for men is a refreshing, spicy, lavender fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of fresh citrus, apples and pine. Blended with notes of clove, rum and sandalwood, Hugo is recommended as a casual and sporty type of fragrance.

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Aromatic, Fougere, Marine. Created in 1995, Hugo for men is a refreshing, spicy, lavender fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of fresh citrus, apples and pine. Blended with notes of clove, rum and sandalwood, Hugo is recommended as a casual and sporty type of fragrance.

  • TIM03/19/2011


  • DFB ESQ07/02/2008

    I actually do not love this cologne, however i get alot of compliments from women when i wear it. It works well with my skin and stays for a very long time. It smells sweet and musky at the same time, if that makes any sense. Also has a very clean smell to it; like you just got out of the shower; i like that part about it. As always, definately try before you buy.

  • ALIN02/07/2008

    Great all-around cologne, very versatile and sportish. But it kinda lacks sophistication. Most appropriate for guys from 15 to 30. Definitely, a must-have.

  • SARA09/14/2007

    OK, I'll be honest, I did one first ever one night stand with a man I meet at a club...why? It was the scent..drove me NUTS!!! I loved it and just wanted to jump this guy! And I did!! It was grand..what was he wearing....Hugo! it is the best..If you men are having trouble landing a women..wear this its a nice start...and you better hope I am not around or you may have a bed partner for the night> A+++

  • K. WIMPINO08/11/2007

    Playful and not bad among the Boss lineup. Sweet, spicy, good longevity and seems to work well with my chemistry as far as the feedback I've gotten from the ladies.

  • MARIO03/14/2007

    the more i wear it, the more i love it.. the best fragance from HUGO no doubt, longevity without problem, sporty-casual, versatile, wear it in every moment...

  • 09302/23/2007

    Great fragance, very original, versatile and easy to wear, at same time nice presence in the or night works good... btw the new art bottle is awesome..

  • KATHY01/18/2007

    I love this on a man.If you are wearing this or Cool Water I am yours!!! I will jump into a mans bed who is wearing this stuff...YUMM!

  • CEEJAY01/02/2007

    Smells A bit too Sour. And its too Common now. Not for me.

  • BRADW08/08/2006

    One of the first bottles of cologne I ever owned. A great everyday scent and plenty of good feedback from coworkers.

  • GURPREET07/08/2006

    have it since two years, havent been able to finish it. at first i liked it very much, but i dont like it that anymore, because it has become so common. i wear it once a while though.

  • KIATBKK07/06/2006

    I like the top note very much, I would give it 5 stars if the top note lasts longer than 5 mins.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD05/19/2006

    My girlfriend bought this for me a few days ago at my request.She said it smells manly.This is what I needed in my collection. Im a bit fatigued by sweeter smelling fragrances.I just got a compliment while waiting in line at a convience store. I see alot of women have posted on this one.With that in mind, I figure I cant go wrong.

  • TURKISH01/03/2006

    With the first few sprays, you think that you smell like a vinegar bottle, but it is one of the "smell-good-later" type of perfumes. The strong sour-like scent gains a character after a few hours. It is long-lasting and suitable for night wear. Not of the worst I wore but also not a must-have for males. Completely average.

  • DON CORLEONE01/02/2006

    if you've still got some youthfulness in you, Hugo is the ticket. I purchased a big 3.2 oz. bottle because I really dig the scent. I'm not going to knock it's rating because some classify it as a "young scent" (I'm 26). A couple notable encounters: I had an elderly lady ask me why I smelled so good right in front of her husband lol. Also had a male co-worker comment that it reminded him of the British Knights shoe brand, which was big in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Considering that BK's were on par with the Nike's and Reebok's at that time leads me to consider that a compliment. Come to think of it, I'm gonna get me some hip, trendy Boss Designer wear to go with my fragrance...

  • BLOOD12/22/2005

    i bought this after smelling my friend's.. its ok at first but after a while it seems to have that headache type of after smelling finish. its pretty strong stuff. and its an ok investment

  • MARCOS12/20/2005

    this fragrance is a good one i smelled but it has to much clove in it so it takes a point away but dont get me wrong its a nice fragrance so i will recommend anyone wearing it.

  • PAWNJOCKEY12/20/2005

    This is one of the most popular colognes....girls always comment on how good I doesn't turn sour, sounds like you have a gland problem

  • THE DUDE12/19/2005

    I like this one but I made the mistake of buying the 5 1/2 oz. bottle. I've had it forever and I am quite tired of it by now (I've had it for 4 years now). Do not buy the big bottle.

  • ANTHONY12/19/2005

    well, i havent bought this cologne yet but i was just wondering what time of day you should wear this and if it is true that it turns sour after a couple of hours. just wondering and thanks for the comments.

  • JIWANI11/13/2005

    I bought it a month ago on my friend's recommendation and i just love it. The most amazing thing is my coworkers always pass a comment about it.

  • N2DBLU10/30/2005

    Seems most appropriate for young guys in the summer with it's fruity, spicy and rum notes but not good on my skin.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE10/12/2005

    This fairly young fragrance could be much better if it weren't for the clove note which I can't stand at all.

  • TONY T09/26/2005

    mid 90's scent.not a head turner or lady killer or bad scent. casual or sporty scent. great for watching the bears get spanked with family& friends.KYLE ORTON, 5 int's..

  • AGE30MALE09/19/2005

    initially it has a refreshing, citrus, fruity, marine scent. after a couple hours the sweetness is gone and it begins smelling sour. makes clothes smell like dirty laundry

  • PERFUME FANATIC 07/19/2005


  • ANA03/31/2005

    hugo just turns me on , my boyfriend wear it , and it just envolves me , I easily could float :) , its just a seduction yammy

  • RODNEY BIGGS01/23/2005

    Simply awesome! One of those scents you enjoy wearing and doesn't give you a headache. A rotation between Hugo by Hugo Boss and Acqua Di Gio works great! Lots of compliments.

  • E-DIDDY01/17/2005

    This thing is simply da' bomb... All you could ever want in a cologne. It smells clean, young, fresh, not too sweet nor musky, holds well, and it doesn't forget to be extremely masculine- something many other contemporary fresh scents overlook. Freakin' perfect.

  • BRIAN01/10/2005

    It has a great initial smell but after a while, it leaves a unattractive pungent smell especially if it ends up on your clothes. If you pick this up, I suggest that avoid contact with clothes such as jackets, sweaters, things that you usually don't wash after each wear.

  • ERIN11/18/2004

    was in an elevator with a man that smelled so good I had the guts to ask him what he was wearing. This was it. Very sexy!

  • DIRK H11/08/2004

    Decent Scent. Does not last long. Good for the gym. But I would buy Adidas which smell similar, but is alot cheaper.

  • ROB H.10/12/2004

    My mother had got this for me as an extra gift a few years ago on Christmas. It was definitely on the sporty side as also being well suited for the younger generation, in particular late teens and early 20's. Not a bad fruity-sweet scent but not really for me and average for Boss.

  • A.J.09/07/2004

    Make no mistake!! This is a good active sporty scent. When the first time it came out, I bought it. Now...the scent is no longer appealing. It doesn't suit me any more. More appealing to younger generation. Still a good one though.

  • TIM08/15/2004

    Words can rarley explain the greatness of this cologne. It's every type of scent (casual,sporty,aquatic,aromatic,sensual,night) blended into one. Not only does it have it's great and unusual fragrance, it lasts forever. Get it!

  • LEO07/20/2004

    I absolutely love this cologne! It smells great; it's strong (if that's the kind of statement you want to make) but not overpowering; and it lasts quite awhile. It's a little sweet at first, but after the top notes wear off it becomes a great fragrance that blends nicely with your body scent. It also works great as an air freshener. A spray or two on your bed or on the drapes before you entertain your lady friend at home will work wonders.

  • R.J.07/14/2004


  • PAUL06/29/2004

    I know many girls who absolutly LOVE this smell on guys and i think is smells very good, but personally i find that there there is too strong of a hint of cinnamon in it.

  • VIET05/10/2004

    I love Hugo Boss and this one is one of my favourite ones. All of my girlfriends like it...The other night, when i came over my friend's house for a party, all the girls started looking around for the good smell...You know what, the good smell was from me...Thanks to Hugo Boss, I got girls right and left that night...Another thing about Hugo Boss is it lasts the whole day too...

  • LISA MARIE04/25/2004

    gobble up a man wearing Hugo! And I won't even let you get out of bed for days if you're wearing Haslton Z14!

  • TOMMY. A.04/07/2004

    An excellent scent - on the right person, its just fantastic!. Just bought me a large bottle - yum, yum!.

  • ROB02/05/2004

    Too fruity & unisex smelling, girls might like though.

  • MARIS01/13/2004

    Men who wear Hugo enjoy playing with the rules. They are spontaneous and original in everything they do. That’s why they choose HUGO. It’s the scent that says it all. Perfect for whatever Hugo men decided to get up to. The very best a man can get!

  • W.B.01/12/2004


  • JANIS01/03/2004

    This cologne smells so good! I couldnt keep my hands off him!

  • JOSIE12/02/2003

    I purchased Hugo Boss a few years back, and although he still receives other colognes he still always prefers "OUR FAVORITE" HUGO BOSS....NOW THATS A BOSS

  • MARTIN11/29/2003

    it's very strange. i mean the first impression is that it's like the old fashioned cheap, toilette water. but on the other hand the smell gets the attention

  • DIANA11/12/2003


  • JACQUES11/10/2003

    There's nothing extraordinary about this one, but maybe that's a good thing....and Hugo is reliable and smells quite good. When you're just feeling neither happy nor sad nor masculine, and you don't want a distracting odor for the day , Hugo does fine. It's a daytime perfurme that's good for work and everyday matters, but it's not the kind of cologne that will have women hypnotized. I would say it's one of the best "everyday/daytime " colognes out there along with Guerlain's Habit Rouge or even Cartier.

  • PRICE08/31/2003

    Maybe it's just the way this cologne dries down on my skin, but it smells like a mixture of mud and cinnamon. I agree with those who say that the scent turns rotten. On me, this cologne smells like dirt.

  • SHAAN08/04/2003

    It has got marvelous smell. Like to wear it again and again. It gives a extra confidence to my personality whenever i use it.. Try it !!

  • RYAN07/29/2003

    Hugo is a versatile fragrance. It smells appropriate while wearing a suit or after leaving the locker room. It has a series of different levels. At first sniff it's got a bit of smooth spice about it, but if you stop to smell a little more there are notes of orange and other citrus as well as a bit of a pepper. Great fragrance for work or whatever you fancy.

  • SCENTGIRL05/28/2003

    I first encountered this scent on a male friend of mine, and suddenly found him edible, which was odd, as I didn't fancy him! Then I realised that it wasn't him, but that I wanted to smell that edible myself. So even though I'm a girl, I bought it and wore it to death. Seriously, the amount of guys who came on to me when I was wearing it. It amused me at first, and then the penny dropped, its designed to attract men! To buy! Its also good on those days when I'm not feeling like smelling all flowery. It makes me feel quite strong and powerful!

  • TONY BOLOGNA04/29/2003

    My first impression of this stuff was of apples, but then I realized there was also watermelon and rum in it, as previous people have said. Overall it's pretty nice - it's young, clean, and crisp and it very much reminds me of CK Eternity but Eternity is more of a sharp and tangy 'green' smell. The bottle of Hugo is creative, too.

  • CHAZ04/13/2003

    This is really really really good. It's potent..unlike so many watered down flat colonges this stays forever. The scent is youthful, energetic and commanding. YOu could wear this for anything. Definitly a classic and will be in my possession forever after this first bottle is done.

  • RAIN04/12/2003

    Like a few said below... It went rotten after 2-3 hours. Test it on your skin before you buy it.

  • KAMRAN MUZAFFAR04/10/2003

    hugo boss has done it of my favourate.

  • KRISTINA04/07/2003

    smells great but ypu have to drench yourself in it

  • DESERTFROG03/23/2003

    Subject says it all. My wife and daughter went with me during a trip to Las Vegas - where we had the opportunity to sample almost every major cologne on the market. The view from the ladies was Boucheron Jaipur, Armani White, and Hugo - with Hugo being the favorite. Guys - ask the ladies - after all - we wear it for them!

  • OMER02/28/2003

    This is my first designer fragrance and it is a good one which is not very strong and u can make a good 4 or 5 sprays and smell great

  • ARNOLD R. 02/26/2003

    My first thought was, "Yep. That's a 90's cologne." I'm not sure what a 90's cologne is, but I know it when I smell it. There's a certain light, crisp "syntheticness" (if that's a word) that many of them seem to have in common. I mean, Hugo isn't bad -- it's not "Jade East bad," or "Kouros bad," or anything -- it's just not all that good. It seems to me kind of flat and uninspired. It smells like every other cologne that came out during its decade. Ho-hum. It gets somewhat worse for wear during the drydown as well. There's a bitter note in it, that comes to dominate over time, that brings orange-peels-going-bad to mind. (Plus, you'd think with close to 20 "notes", the fragrance would be "busier" than this. Halston Z-14, for instance, has the same amount of notes, and you fancy that you can smell each and every one of them -- it's a complex, fascinating fragrance. With Hugo... I think they're exaggerating. I seriously doubt this boring cologne has all that going on in it.)

  • TURKO02/15/2003

    This cologne is a classic. It is a must for every one out there

  • KT02/07/2003

    My favorite fragrance. Clean, crisp, and not over powering!

  • VERA01/18/2003

    NASTY!!! as in the worst one ever.

  • SAM01/11/2003

    simply the best

  • SHELLV11/30/2002

    I absolutly love this scent, it's one of my favorites for a man to wear!!!!

  • SETH11/07/2002

    Not my cup of rum

  • KATANASIX10/26/2002

    It sports a sweet-floral scent, very nice. I don't agree with statements saying it doesn't last long, on me it does.

  • YANG09/03/2002

    A very fresh fragrance. Imagine that you are in Acadia National Park when you wear it.

  • SUSIEQ08/23/2002

    This colonge rocks! My husband needed some new colonge and I helped him pick this winner out. It's not overpowering and has a very attractive watermelon aroma to it. We love it.

  • RON08/21/2002

    a great fresh smell for every day use

  • AVELINA07/31/2002

    I know scents have to mix well with your body chemistry and personality and Hugo compliments my boyfriend so much. I'm ordering some for him right now. It's light but lingering. If he lays on my bed, I can still smell him days after. You must be thinking that he wears the whole bottle but only a couple sprays does the trick. You should try this out before you buy it because it is one of those colognes you that has to suit you in order to smell good on you.

  • BRIAN06/24/2002

    I wish I could take back my review and give it a lower rating. As Tum was explaining, he said the scent is not stable and turns into a rotten scent in a couple of hours. Sad to say, he is correct. There is something in this colgone that turns into a rotton smell that makes me not want to gag but turn my nose. This however was only on my skin. The cologne did not do this on my clothes. It is almost a completly different smell on my clothes then skin.

  • SAMANTHA06/01/2002

    Everytime I smell it - I feel like pushing him on bed and have a wild night - it is extremely sensual.

  • BRIAN05/28/2002

    got a mini of this and have it on now. I must say England made a terrific product on this. It is very fresh, a tad spicy and very youthful smelling. This isn't one of those weak scented watered down colognes, this is a great overall scent.

  • JOHN04/30/2002

    It has so fresh scent. I think the only weakness of this cologne is that its fragrance fades out quickly. Other than that, it's perfect.

  • DR. KNOWSE04/20/2002

    The Brits got something right with this one. I've extraordinary olfactory sensitivity, and Hugo is by far the best of only a few I like.

  • TUM03/24/2002

    Smells great but not stable.It will change to a rotten fragrance in 2-3 hours

  • SAL03/19/2002

    It smells great but the scent dies out in a matter of hours (if not less). I am not sure if it's because the nose becomes aclimated to the scent or not, but other then that it's fine... smells like sunny liquid dreams.

  • MEMBOI03/09/2002

    I love this scent. It's the best scent ever, in my opinion. I highly recommend...must buy!

  • DANIEL 03/08/2002

    Old one, but still packs a punch!!

  • GERARD01/05/2002

    i just bought it last christmas of 2001 , i really like it alot. it was so unique, you ont find this smell anywhere, and my friends like it too. thanks hugo!!!

  • PETRINA12/20/2001

    it smells real sexy on my boyfriend....

  • MARILYN12/17/2001


  • VIVIEN12/14/2001

    It´s ok. but I find it too similar to Escape though not as strong. I believe the same perfumer made both.

  • NANOP11/20/2001

    I bought this less than a year ago and have loved it enough that I'm buying a new 5.1oz soon. I've gotten compliments from my girlfriend, co-workers (male and female) and mom. This is the best fragrance I've ever worn... Of course, now my g/f won't let me switch and try something new! ...

  • AMBER11/19/2001

    i think that this is the sexiest scent ever for a young man

  • STEPH 10/20/2001

    I love the smell of his shirts after he has used Hugo. I absolutely love it.

  • MR. COLOGNE09/28/2001

    A big floral head with bottom notes that suggest something very clean and antiseptic. A dashing, romantic fragrance. Very urbane. Use it sparingly. A little will turn heads and make a woman want to close in for a good sniff.

  • IMOGEN08/20/2001

    Hugo is amazingly... what's the word... you try and find the word for it. When my boyfriend is wearing Hugo, it give me a tingle. I didn't know a scent can have so much power.



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