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Burberry Brit Gold   

21 Reviews

This limited-edition gold fragrance is wrapped in Burberry's signature check bottle, all dressed for the holidays - in festive gold. The Brit girl embodies the playful British spirit of individuality. She's outrageous, but always charming and unpredictably sexy. Fresh and playful, the fragrance is a classic, green-oriental blend of lush fruits, more

1.7 oz EDP Spray
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3.3 oz EDP Spray
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This limited-edition gold fragrance is wrapped in Burberry's signature check bottle, all dressed for the holidays - in festive gold. The Brit girl embodies the playful British spirit of individuality. She's outrageous, but always charming and unpredictably sexy. Fresh and playful, the fragrance is a classic, green-oriental blend of lush fruits, sweet nutty essences, and soothing amber, vanilla, and tonka bean. Notes include Magnolia, Neroli, Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Pink Orris, Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood, Benzoin.

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  • LISY05/20/2010

    I'm really not a fan of this sent. I don't know what it is about it.

  • NATALIE03/30/2010

    Hi. I felt the same way as you did until I sprayed it on my daughter. she wore it to school one day and when i picked her up that evening she smelled heavenly. when i asked her what it was I could not believe it. I felt like eating her. It is absolutely wonderful. when you first spray it it is a bit too heavy and heady but honey, leave that thing to simmer on you and it is tremendously fabulous. I wore it out the house and the compliments were overwhelming. Never knew. No need to ask, yes I promptly took it back from my daughter. I absolutely love it and am sorry it is no longer available.

  • JUDI W*12/25/2008

    I don't quite know why I dislike this so much, but I do. I bought a bottle a while ago, thinking I would like it, but it nauseates me. Shame, because I hate to waste the money & the perfume. Like the bottle, but that doesn't help.

  • JUDI W*10/23/2008

    I don't know, I just can't wear this fragrance. I'm not riding the wave of love, for this scent like everyone else. It's been sitting in my cabinet for over a year now, basically not used, waste of money, for me. It's interesting Barbara, I read you couldn't really get into Hypnotic P, and I really like that, but we do share the "Kenzo Jungle" love.

  • MARY09/20/2008

    I bought this without smelling it first based on the reviews here. I personally did not like it. It wasn't repulsive, but it smells like Burberry Brit mixed with baby powder and Christmas spice. I found it to be really powdery-smelling.

  • JUDI W*09/02/2008

    I bought a bottle a while ago, and it still sits on the shelf, basically untouched. I never wore it out of my house. Sprayed it on me maybe three times, never changed my mind about it. Surprised at it being rated #1 on this site. Smelled better, but also smelled worse. Well, at least other's are wearing it. Only good thing to me is, it's not fruity.

  • BARBARA W06/22/2008

    My apologies for not getting back to you sooner - I haven't checked this board in a while. My favorites recently? Well, I'm currently in love with Black Orchid by Tom Ford (probably my all time favorite perfume thus far), and I've recently discovered two Bond No 9 scents I love: West Side and New Haarlem. Some others are Prada, Midnight Poison, Hanae Mori (butterfly), Be Delicious Night, YSL Cinema, Gaultier2, Opium Fleur de Shanghai, and Jungle L'Elephant. What are some of your favorites?

  • **HEATHER**06/16/2008

    I tried the edt today and I don't like it. Something in it reminds me of Alexander McQueen - Kingdom.

  • BARBARA W03/15/2008

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you - haven't checked this board in a while! My favorites at the moment are Tom Ford's Black Orchid, Boucheron's Trouble, Opium, Jungle by Kenzo, and also Brit Gold! What are yours?

  • BARBARA W02/18/2008

    Hello again! Well, here's a short list of my favorites at the moment: Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Opium, Black Cashmere by Donna Karan, and Eau d'Iparie by L'Occitane. In the spring and summer I also wear Stella, Lovely by SJP, Chanel Chance, and Bvlgari Rouge (among others), but I wear the orientals all year, too. How about you?

  • JILLAINE01/06/2008

    I'm so glad you like it as much as I do. Brit GOLD really is such a 'soft, sultry, elegant' experience. A definite quiet come-hither scent. Also..., If you have a chance, I would love to hear what your absolute favorites of the moment are.

  • BARBARA W12/05/2007

    Thank you so much for your helpful response! Based on your review, I ordered a bottle last month and I absolutely adore it! It's exactly the way your described it, and I agree that it is the best in the Brit series. Thanks again! :-D

  • JILLAINE09/10/2007

    Hi Barbara, I never was able to see what was so special about the original Burberry Brit (even tho so many love it). However, Brit GOLD... is a whole 'nother thing! Here's the difference in the notes: Brit (ORIGINAL) - Italian Lime, Icy Pear, Green Almond, White Peony, Sugared Almonds, Amber, Mahogany, Vanilla, Tonka Bean. BRIT GOLD - Magnolia, Neroli, Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Pink Orris, Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood, Benzoin. The best in the Brit series IMO. This one is all about basenotes, the top and heart notes are just here for decoration. Lot, and lots of sandalwood, add some iris and vanilla and you get a very 'powdery' finale that lasts. SOFT, SENSOUS, SPICY and WARM. It is a gorgeous oriental. Well-composed, quite elegant & sophisticated. As a base to go on, my current favorites (other than B-GOLD) are: Tova Signature - Boucheron Initial - Boucheron Jaipur Saphir - D&G Feminine & SJP Lovely Please let us know what you think of B-GOLD once you get a chance to revel in it. Looking forward to your review! :)

  • BARBARA W09/02/2007

    Could someone please tell me what the difference is between this and the original Brit? I own the original, but don't really love it. Is Gold sweeter/spicier? I'm considering buying a bottle but don't want to be disappointed like I was with Brit. Thanks for any help.

  • PADSTER07/03/2007

    I bought this a few weeks ago, and loved it the first time I used it... I love deep, rich scents with sandalwood and amber in them, and I really love the way this one has just enough vanilla in it to soften and smooth it without being icky sweet. I really like the fact that you can smell some sandalwood and amber right away instead of having to wait until the drydown period is complete. Now, every time I use Gold, I like it more and more. It is quickly becoming my current favorite scent!

  • GAYLA/DALLAS, TX06/23/2007


  • BLACK ERICA KANE03/19/2007

    I recently purchased Burberry Gold and everywhere I go when I have it on I get compliments. My boyfriend says that everytime he smells me he wants me even more. Everyone LOVES the scent it smells absolutely MARVELOUS!!! It's a must have!!!

  • GAYLA/DALLAS, TX02/27/2007


  • DOLLY DAGGER02/24/2007

    I love the bottle, and I like that it's not fruity, or typical trendy stuff, but something about it turns me off. I tried to give it to this guy, who loves perfume, & buys for his wife. He said, "phew...don't like this one." Nobody likes it, around me. Couldn't even it give it to my Mom, who likes most scents that I give her. Oh well....

  • JENNA12/26/2006

    This one is RICH! I would put this in a perfume category because it is so rich and long lasting. Sweet benzoin and vanilla but not overly sweet. Give it a try if you enjoy rich ambery vanilla scents.

  • KIRSTEN12/01/2006

    I bought this based on these posts. I too love Indecence, and thought I'd give this one a try. I really enjoy it.

  • SHARINA10/19/2006

    I reallly love Brit Gold. I think it is because I liked the smell of Indecence, but could not wear it, it was just too strong, overpowering for me. With Brit Gold, I smell what I loved about Indecence in it, but without the headache. It is also sweeter and more wearable. I'm very sad that it was only a limited edition, because I know it would have been a regular in my collection.

  • PERFUME CRAZY10/12/2006

    Beautiful scent and lasts a long time on me. Probably not for those who like floral-type fragrances. I wish it wasn't a limited edition and that bath and body products were available. I would buy them all. Love it!

  • JULIE10/07/2006

    At first it smells kind of nice, but I think it's the magnolia, or some note or notes, that smell funky to me. I like the amber smell, and bought a bottle after smelling it, but on, NOT SO GOOD FOR ME!!!! Waste of money.

  • JUDI W*09/02/2006

    I just smelled Burberry Brit, and yes, it has the same strong amber scent that Indecence has. It's very obvious to me, I have a good nose. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but because it is not fruity or too flowery, it's makes it better. Maybe would try it, I don't know yet. Not as choking of a smell as Indecence, that is a little sweeter I think.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE07/18/2006

    Thanks for your always kind words. I enjoy reading your posts so much too, and no, I hadn't seen the one you left on Animale Animale. So I just went there and read your review, and left you a return post! See you there at Animale Animale. XOXO

  • SYLVIE06/27/2006

    Hi Fragrance Junkie, thank you very much for your kind messages. Enjoy both Brits and have fun :-)). By the way, did you read my posting re. Animale Animale??? Hope to read you soon, Sylvie.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE06/23/2006

    Well Sylvie, I finally did it! I purchased Brit Red, and combined it with Brit Gold and it does create a spectacular concoction! You were so right, and I thank you again for the suggestion. The addition of the Brit Red does something magical to Brit Gold, which as I mentioned on its own, is a bit woody on me. Now I can use Brit Gold more year-round versus as a fall/winter scent. Thanks to you!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE06/19/2006

    I agree with you; Indecence drys down differently from Brit Gold. And isn't it funny how the opening notes of a scent can cause us to think a fragrance might be too similar to another one, and pass it by; only to find later in the day that the dry down has changed your impression entirely, making you wish you bought it! I love reading your posts Sylvie, and I thank you for getting back to me. Still haven't ordered my Brit Red to try the combination you suggest. Going to have to do that soon! P.S. Enjoy your summer too! Hope it is a memorable one for you! XOXO

  • SYLVIE06/19/2006

    Hello Fragrance Junkie :-), in the meanwhile I compared both scents and can smell a similarity between BRIT GOLD and Organza Indecence, but in the headnotes only (first impression!). After 10-30 minutes I find them different. I like BRIT Gold best! Can't get enough from this fine fragrance. It's for my nose a perfect classic fragrance and my brandnew love!!! If I didn't have so many other wonderful fragrances in my collection, I could wear Brit Gold for the rest of my life. I love EVERY note in BRIT Gold from start to finish. Drydown is sandalwood-woody, but not too woody for me. - For my nose Indecence has some similarity with Kenzo Elephant, which I didn't like. Hard to describe what I dislike in Kenzo Elephant. Maybe it's the edible/gourmand cardamom. Dear Fragrance Junkie, enjoy beautiful fragrances and have a wonderful and carefree summertime. Hope to read you soon. Best wishes, Sylvie.

  • VIVI04/24/2006

    Having tread the other posts, and after trying it on just today, I have to say that I find no similarities between Brit Gold and Indecence.On me, the amber notes are the most outstanding, and it reminds me a bit of a lighter version of Chaos, by Donna Karan.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE04/12/2006

    Hello again Sylvie! Thanks for sharing your idea to combine those two scents! I will definitely give this a try. Does Brit Gold smell a bit woody on you? It seems to pull that direction on me, so combining it with a fruitier one like Brit Red may make it absolutely delicious as you said. Funny thing about Indecence; I have often used it like you suggest, by combining it with more floral scents which I'm not crazy about when used on their own. At any rate, it seems our own personal chemistry influences to a great deal, the outcome of the scent. Guess that's what makes this all so interesting and fun! There's no right or wrong fragrance, there's just right or wrong for each individual. Happy Spring to you Sylvie, and again, thanks for writing!

  • SYLVIE04/03/2006

    Dear FRAGRANCE JUNKIE, thanks for your kind message. Nice to hear that you love Brit Gold :-). It's not very well-known. I have Indecence by Givenchy in my collection, but I did not smell a similarity. Now I will test again to compare both scents. Then you will hear from me... If I'm in the right mood, I layer Brit Red with Brit Gold 1:1 on different places on my skin and clothes. This mix is a very spectacular concotion and smells irresistible feminine!!! Please try it, I think you will like it as I do. Greetings from Germany, Sylvie.

  • ALENA03/27/2006

    Burberry brit gave people to balls to invade my personal bubble to smel me up, Burberry brit took that violation of personal space to a new level. I get smelled up so often when I wear this its crazy, from both men and women. I like to put it on after a shower where I used Body Shop Vanilla spice body wash and Vanilla spice shimmer lotion, they smell very good together.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE03/24/2006

    Wow! What a surprise! I wasn't expecting this fragrance to remind me so much of Organza Indecence. It's really an elegant and classy scent; a very sexy perfume. It is predominantly oriental-woody on me, but not too strong on the woody notes. They are softened perhaps by the Amber notes? I do smell a little licorice essence in there too which is very nice. I totally love BBGold, and agree with you Sylvie, that it should be a keeper, NOT a limited-edition fragrance. I'm curious to see if any of you posters find a resemblance to Indecence, or is it just me?

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE03/21/2006

    Thanks for your review Sylvie. I am going to have to try this one based on your comments. I love Burberry Brit, so I'm hoping this one will please me too! Does it last any better than Brit? Because Brit doesn't last too well on my skin. I'll post my thoughts on BB Gold after I try it. Again, thanks for your thorough review.

  • SYLVIE02/01/2006

    Info from osMoz: "Top note : Magnolia, NĂ©roli, Cassis, Bergamot. Middle note : Iris, Rose, Vanille, Amber. Base note : Musk, Sandalwood. ORIENTAL-FLORAL." - I like all three Burberry Brit versions. Brit, Brit Red and Brit Gold. I think Brit Gold is a classic womanly evening scent! Not eccentric and "innovative new" like Brit and Brit Red. Brit Gold's dry down is for my nose similar to the classic ESCADA (red/gold packaging) fragrance (dry down) which I love. So, if you like Escada classic, Brit Gold could be a nice fragrance for you. Due to the wonderful sandalwood, warm, soft, powdery, inviting, and ultra-feminine. Harmonious, well balanced concoction! No edges or crazy fruity notes. It's worth a try.

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