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Floral, Fruity, Sweet-Ambery. Created in 1992, Lalique is a sharp, oriental, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: gardenia, mandarin and blackberry. The middle notes are: vanilla, cedarwood and peony and the base of the fragrance is: sandalwood, musk and amber. Lalique is recommended for romantic use.

Gift Set - 0.15 oz x 3 Mini Parfums 1998-1999-2000
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3.4 oz EDP Spray (White Box)
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6.7 oz Body Cream (In Tube) (White Box)
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Floral, Fruity, Sweet-Ambery. Created in 1992, Lalique is a sharp, oriental, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: gardenia, mandarin and blackberry. The middle notes are: vanilla, cedarwood and peony and the base of the fragrance is: sandalwood, musk and amber. Lalique is recommended for romantic use.

  • TAMAR01/20/2014 smelt heavenly like the perfume Laura. Sweet home-baked orange cake!

  • AMY03/17/2009

    i also forgot to mention that nicole miller also reminds me of lalique. all three are similiar but different. i cant say which one i like the best but will go with lalique since it's the most affordable and the gorgeous bottle.

  • RITA MOLE01/24/2009

    I am still in love. I cringe at the thought of being without the fragrance. I am 43 and has only worn one fragrance my entire life, until now. This fragrance makes me feel beautiful. Men always notice!

  • SYLVIE07/22/2007

    Hi Amy, I agree with you. I can smell the similarity to Amarige too. Both "complicated" fragrances and not easy to wear or to love. Special and unique. Ciao for now, Sylvie.

  • AMY04/30/2007

    i'm almost finished with my bottle and definitely will buy another. very feminine and elegant. reminds me of amarige by givenchy. does anyone else agree??

  • JANIS04/07/2007

    I have been wearing Lalique for 16 yrs. because I have never encountered a fragrance that I enjoyed more. It is true that the scent does not last long. I don't care. It's worth the time. Just keep the travel spray handy. I love it so much that I named my Labradoodle "Lalique". She, also, gets a spray now and then.

  • DONNA DEAN11/05/2006

    I went to an outlet mall in Branson, Mo. Looking for something different, I usually wear Herve L but thought I would try this because my husband liked it.......big mistake, not for me

  • CK 07/19/2006

    Wow! Wow! This has been a purchase of mind for some time. I hug a friend and this wonderful scent went in my nose. It was soft, elegant and lady-like and to me romantic. She said her hubby bought this for her! I found it at a discount store. Not the one in the blue box. But guess what I found prior to getting the edp. The lalique spray voile spray lotion! This you can wear alone or layer it. I highly recommend this one and its not very common.

  • JODIE06/24/2006

    I really love this scent but it disappears (literally) in about 20-30-minutes -- not even a lingering note. Anyone else have this problem? I bought the EDP mini from an auction site - watered down maybe?

  • GUILLERMINA01/17/2006

    I think that Lalique it´s the most exquissite fragance, unfortunately I can´t find it in my cauntry (Argentina) you´re lucky, enjoy it.

  • AMY12/20/2005

    I bought this one based on the rave reviews and i'm not disappointed. I love the bottle and the scent is very elegant floral. wonderful french quality perfume.

  • MARI9803/10/2005

    I've got it finally...Well, what can I say? It is a nice perfume, not extraordinary as someone mentioned earlier, good staying power (even for Edt.) and lovely bottle for your vanity. I think I expected something more distinctive...not bad, but not very unique either.

  • TUESDAYS MOM02/25/2005

    The dry-down on this scent is incredible. Gets better as the day goes on. And the bottle....gorgeous

  • MARI9802/18/2005

    Thank you for your explanation. I'll probably order some very soon

  • ARIADNE02/14/2005

    Mari98, the one in the blue packaging is the old version, and this one in the white box is new. IMO the new one (in white box) is better. The old one was fruitier, the new one is more floral-oriental, very soft and warm, ladylike fragrance.

  • MARI9801/28/2005

    I might try this one soon, but what is the difference between the blue(old..) and white box (new)? Is it still the same fragrance or what? I find it confusing...

  • JEAN ANDERSON01/17/2005

    This parfum, to me, is a symbol of pure luxury! So happy to have found it! I love it!

  • LKHAMAA04/18/2004

    i love this scent . The first time i tried lalique was 4 years ago when my husband bought it for me . oh I just love lalique . it smells elegant and citrus. The bottle is beautiful oh i love it . Now it's still one of my favorite. Also i bought it for my sister's birhtday. She love this perfume a lot. I recommend this excellent perfume Lalique.

  • TINA01/15/2004

    A nice feminine scent. I get complements from both men & women.

  • ANGELICA11/04/2003

    I always try to change my fragances from time to time, but there is one I always come back too and that is Lalique. And the guys just love it.

  • WANDA B.10/31/2003

    Great Perfume! The beautiful scent is enough to drive someone wild in a good way.

  • CYNTHIA10/19/2003

    Very light, but pretty I was wearing it since I first used it in 1996, and love the smell. So does everyone that comes in contact with me(smiles).

  • GINAGATE09/15/2003

    Purchased this on a whim, and am quite happy with it. A light floral, and goes well from end of summer to fall nicely. It's not an extraordinary fragrance, but is romantic.

  • EILEEN07/12/2003

    It's lovely and delicate. Seems hard to get enough on, though. Wish it lasted longer.

  • MELANIE02/09/2003

    Although this scent doesn't appeal to me,it's worth wearing because of its soft,feminine texture. I'm quite surprised it's not getting the reviews that it deserves.

  • ADRIANNE08/27/2002

    I like Lalique (it has a new, more sophisticated package now /white box with golden letters/!). It is a warm fragrance, sweet, soft and ultra-feminine. Bath range is nice... And the bottle is so beautiful.

  • LINDA07/11/2002

    Lalique is my favorite fragrance. I have been hooked on it since I bought some in Martinique in 1994.

  • LUCINDA02/07/2002

    I believe this is one of the more beautiful frangrances around. If you like 'First' (Van Cleef & Arpells) or Bvlgari pour femme, I believe you'll be pleased with Lalique.

  • VIVIEN02/01/2002

    expensive and stinky

  • STEPHANIE09/05/2001

    Very light, very pretty.


    There is absolutely nothing like it. I "met" this fragrance while in St. Maarten and have worn it ever since. Try will not be disappointed.

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