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Thierry Mugler


76 Reviews

Thierry Mugler, the maker of beauty classic Angel, brings you Alien, a fragrance which stands out from the crowd and isn't afraid to be different. It reflects the creator's relentless search to find something new. The feminine fragrance smells unrecognizable, yet at the same time comfortingly familiar. The bottle is faceted like a jewel and its more

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Thierry Mugler, the maker of beauty classic Angel, brings you Alien, a fragrance which stands out from the crowd and isn't afraid to be different. It reflects the creator's relentless search to find something new. The feminine fragrance smells unrecognizable, yet at the same time comfortingly familiar. The bottle is faceted like a jewel and its amethyst color symbolizes thoughtfulness and peace of mind. The name, engraved on the glass, is reflected in reverse to form a sign as it would in a mirror.The unique and distinctive woody amber - solar floral fragrance consists of two powerful top notes brightened by a luminous flower: ALIEN PERFUME, an Amber Revelation, Thierry Mugler dreamed of a new ingredient, modern amber: a talisman with a warm, soothing spirit, a mineral hewn into a precious stone with magical power. ALIEN...A Woody Revelation, Accompanying the new amber is a woody note which is just as exuberant and suffused with Cashmeran. The woody note is distinctive, mysterious and stimulates the imagination. ALIEN...A Floral Revelation, Within this combination of luxurious, unusual notes is a floral lightness of Jasmine Sambac, a gentle yet powerful flower with delicate petals that blooms under the Indian sun and gives off a bewitching scent with a hint of green notes and orange blossom.

  • VEE12/17/2017

    Love love love it

  • AILI10/25/2015

    One of my personal favourites. One might say, it's out of this world. Heheheh.

  • JUDY05/03/2013

    Smells great.

  • PAULA A04/17/2013

    The scent is light floral and earthy. It enhances and doesn't distract from you. I highly recommend.

  • KHURSHID ALAM04/16/2013

    good smell and good long lasting

  • CHELSEA09/06/2012

    Get compliments all the time! Love this scent

  • MAUREEN RAHMAN08/13/2012

    Love this perfume, SO different; no hassle purchase at a great price!

  • STAVRINA08/02/2012

    A bit heavier than I expected but still nice!

  • DARRSHAN J VORAA12/17/2011

    excellent longevity is the one thing is about this scent is wat i learn after wearing it, its not too heavy which is a good part of thierry mugler . a good one to try

  • ELAINE11/04/2011

    i was an angel addict,until in started using alien,everyone who walks past you will ask what perfume you are wearing,and the longer it has been on,the better it gets,dont ever get rid of this perfume,or you will loose millions of customers,so keep it going.

  • XX CHLOE XX09/05/2011

    I remember the first time i tried this when it was launched, and thought it smelled like disinfectant! So i immediateley dismissed it, but after listening to everyone saying how good it was, i thought id give it another try. Im SOOO glad i did! I absolutely love it now and cant get enough of it, i wear it all the time and ive stuck with Chanel No5 for years - that was my signituare scent... Till now!

  • BECKY08/10/2011

    A couple years ago Alien was a love at first sniff perfu,e for me, my husband bought me the big bottle for Christmas because he knew how much I loved it and he also liked it on me. 6 months later the love affair ended now I wear it occasionally and still like it but not love....On me this is a very warm jasmine and mildly grape concoction with a nice vanilla dry down. I now smell freshly ironed shirts when I smell this?!? Why who knows....but it's a nice homey scent. A few other scents I've tried recently also have an Alienish like smell on me but are lighter.

  • JILLY06/12/2011

    mysterious,different and stands out from the crowd,this fragrance is the best.

  • IRIS05/02/2011

    this body lotion is lush

  • TT09/29/2009

    I was looking for something different than the same ol everyday fragrance and I have found it! This is the most alluring sexy sophisicated scent I have ever smelled. I am a true perfume junky and this one is now at the very top of the list! OMG-Smells sooooooo good!!!

  • SEVENTHSIGHT06/29/2009

    At first Alien has a mezmerizing presence then there is the void, the deep black void where the fragrance falls off into a flat featureless purple pit. It is clearly lacking an element to make it a full blown body instead of a little purple creature. I can smell something of Elizabeth Taylor's Passion in it, only without the passion. Instead it is more like sweet grape bubble gum.

  • KAREN04/27/2009

    I like Angel, but love Alien. There's just something about the combination of scents...and the fact that it lasts a long time is a huge bonus!

  • ELIZABETH01/23/2009

    I'm a HUGE Angel Innocent fan ... love love all the incarnations. I went to a Dept. store yesterday with all intentions of falling in love with 'Alien' after reading all the rave reviews ... but I almost fell over. Literally. I spritzed some on my wrist and then went about my business. I needed to go to another store, so I had to get in & out of my car again, and on the way out, I took a healthy whiff of the fragrance, closed my car door and within about ten seconds I nearly passed out. Thank goodness I wasn't far from the store, because I came close to blacking out 3 times in total from the extremely strong fragrance. It completely overwhelmed me, and I'm not overly sensitive to things ... but this fragrance, while I can appreciate its uniqueness, is definitely not for everyone. I'll stick with my Angel 'Innocents' to which I am totally addicted to! BTW ... this scent lasted for hours and hours and hours LOL (ugh for me lol.)

  • XXCENTRIX12/06/2008

    I discovered Alien while I was at the Denver air port incidently attracted to a woman who smelled heavily of it. OUT OF THIS WORLD !

  • ME10/13/2008

    This one is wonderful. I wear it in the summer and I prefer Angel in the winter. It is a sweet ambery scent that lasts forever on skin and even on my clothes. I can smell it on my clothes after I wash my clothes!!!

  • PERFUMEJUNKIE07/17/2008

    I love this. Not being much of an Angel fan, I was wary at first. But I tried it and loved it. It smells like honey. AND - miracle of miracles - it lasts. I say that seeing as how new perfumes seem to evaporate the moment you reach your front door. Thanks, Thierry! Well done.

  • KRIS04/25/2008

    I thought I made a post but it didn't show up after 5 days. I'm so glad that I decided to give this a try again after I dismissed it after it was launced. It is just so soft and lovely. Then new summer limited edition is beautiful too. I'm on the waiting list at local store for that one.

  • KRIS04/22/2008

    Shame on me for testing this fragrance so many times and never allowing it to develope. Because of my impatience, I have been missing out on an intoxicating fragrance. When first applied it almost reminds me of Vicks Vapor Rub...I never got past that. The woods notes are soft and beautiful and really nothing floral stands out to me. I'm glad that I finally discovered it!

  • PAI03/01/2008

    This perfume is so unique. I've tried a range of perfumes over the years and never come across anything quite like Alien. It's an enigma! The drydown is really lovely and like many of the other ladies, I've received more compliments than I can count. It must work well with my chemistry. It really is worth a try if you're on the fence about it. I initially didn't like it, but after testing a sample for several days, I fell in love. Alien is my signature, now.

  • BEBE'02/13/2008

    Alien is by far my favorite perfume. After using it for a little over a year, I decided to try some other new fragrances and see if I could find an alternate that I could switch over to now and then. But, I find I'm always reaching for my Alien bottle. I've received so many compliments on it from ladies and gentlemen. I think, I must remain faithful to my little purple alien!

  • MICHELLE RUSSOUW02/07/2008

    I love the innovative scent - i thought it was somehow "related" to Angel but couldnt put my fingure o it!


    Goes on very strong & sweet with a grape-like top note, fades to a beautiful soft feminine scent. Smells much better on my skin than on my clothes, takes some time for the scent to settle but once it does it's quite intriguing. Very different than Angel.

  • JUDI W*12/09/2007

    it does smell like Dior's Poison. No wonder I didn't like it. Grape smell, not pleasant to me. I couldn't place, at first, where I smelled this scent before. It is very similar. Not for me...even though most reviews I've read are positive.

  • AUDE10/28/2007

    I love this scent! I have received so many compliments on it both from men and women. It is truly a unique blend and I'm so glad I took the chance and tried it.

  • MARY ALICE10/10/2007

    The gift set currently sold through this site with the 1 oz. EDP and the lotion and the prodigy gel is a definite bargain over department store prices. The Prodigy is a gold flecked gel...20/30 Somethings: how am I supposed to use it? I put it on my collar bones today and added it over a hint of eye shadow. It is nice and subtle. Is that the correct use for it? I've never seen anything like it and the sales associate didn't know what to do with it either.

  • JOANNAH09/17/2007

    But can't afford it at present. I hate the bottle though. It's not the design by itself but the materials make it look cheap but I wouldn't care, I'd buy it anyway.

  • BARBARA W09/05/2007

    I tried this with great trepidation as I can't stand Angel. My first thoughts were that it smells very similar to Dior's Poison. Not so revolutionary or unique after all, but it is interesting. I'll have to give it another whirl before I decide if I really like it, though.

  • TONY T09/02/2007

    tarantino. it's not about quantity but quality. i love the original angel and this is not far behind. other designers seem to want to put out a scent every 3 months but this guy is patient and delivers. not for the kiddies though.

  • LISAANDTHEWORD07/21/2007

    hmm, not bad. Smells like grape soda at first, mellos into soft, woody white floral with a slight grape soda edginess to keep it from being one of those heady voluptuous squeeze you too tight floral clouds. I think I love it! I agree it's more cool than warm, but it's still very feminine.

  • PADSTER06/11/2007

    I really love this fragrance; I bought the "mini" version to try and am likely going to buy the full size when that is gone. It's unusual -- a strange combination of floral and oriental notes; something that not everyone would wear. I do like how the jasmine top note tends to fade away a bit so that it reveals the woody notes.

  • PADME05/24/2007

    I'm new to Alien and I just love it! It's so different from anything else out on the market. I agree it goes on very strong at first, but once it fades, mmmm! This is my new signature fragrance.

  • MARY ALICE04/17/2007

    If the rest of the Alien bath products are as nice as the Body Cream, my wallet is going to get much thinner!! The Alien Body Cream is one of the nicest body creams I have ever owned. That is actually a significant statement for me to make because my skin is so fragrance-resistent I always buy the same-scented bath products so that I can layer. Alien Body Cream is rich, thick, extremely moisturizing and lightly scented. It would definitely work well alone for situations where strong scent was inappropriate. It beautifully enhances Alien EDP, making an already long-lasting fragrance last forever. The quality of this product is amazing and I will absolutely invest in the remainder of the line.

  • ALI04/12/2007

    I've been wearing my Alien everyday for the past two weeks and it's fantastic! It lasts so long with just one spritz. I love it so much that I also purchased the bath oil, the bath gel and the lotion. I'm really happy I gave this one a chance despite my initial "not so thrilled" first impression.

  • ALI03/31/2007

    I initially was not in the market for a new perfume. My beloved Flowerbomb has been really wonderful. I'm new to Thierry Mugler's perfume line so, when I was given a test strip at the mall, I wasn't too entusiastic about Alien. It was so different from what I had become used to with Flowerbomb. It was unique and beautiful, but not quite me. I decided to bring home the tester anyway and allow it to fully form into the drydown. By the end of the evening, Alien had transformed from very strong and heady to soft and sweet. I couldn't believe how it had changed and how absolutely lovely it was! I finally, decided to buy a small sample and see how it worked with my skin. It's wonderful! I find it to be one of the most beautiful fragrances. It's truly "alien" because I've never really smelled anything like it. I'm so glad I decided to give Alien a chance! It is a fragrance that must be given time to develop, but it's worth it. I plan on using this in between my days of using Flowerbomb.

  • JULIE03/27/2007

    When this first came out, this SA came towards me to spray me, and the bottle was cool, but to me, it was the strangest scent I had smelled in awhile. Nothing hit me, that would make me stop & look into it further. I just said to her, "nice bottle, but not for me." Like I said, strange scent.

  • D.C.03/23/2007

    I first tried this as a sample,then ordered a big bottle.The opening notes on this are somewhaat synthetic-almost like petrol,yet pleasing because of the underlying floral/vanilla/amber/orange blossomy smell.It mellows down about six hours later into a caramel/bitter orange(?)/tobacco leaf scent that still carries major sillage.I just adore it;I think it is solely meant for women and not one of those hideous unisex scents.

  • ~SEXXYREDD~03/13/2007

    Hi magic Iam pretty new here too...And still havent got Alien I bought the lil sample because my boyfriend didnt get it for me for valentines Day :( he got me "another" bottle of armani code because he loves it and so do i but i cant wait to get the full effect of the alien the samples are way to lil so i just put a lil on a night after the shower...Let me know how the the full package is i can just imagine ...lucky you :)

  • MAGIC_JAN02/27/2007

    I am new purfume fanatic,not much experience who wanna share little opinion on here.I got Armani Code for Christmas and got in love with it. Then got Alien at the mall 2 hours ago. I got in love again. I just love them both.I think because they are similar.But a little bit different between this two is. Armani Code is dry down to orange blossome,little powdery, but Alien is warm vanilla tone,soft and sensaul. I like Alien for winter and I prefer Code for summer time.Both are smell great.I love them!!

  • MAGIC_JAN02/27/2007

    I went to the mall and looked for angel and Alien sicne reading a lot of reviews. And just got out of this world when I tried Alien. I bought purfume and body lotion, then my girlfriend surprised me by paying for my shower gel.I just can't wait for tomorrow to wear it. I can not explain how wonderful of this heaven scent, but I will have to put away all purfumes I have been wearing for now,for Alien. You ladies have to try.

  • MARY ALICE02/26/2007

    I got Alien today for the amber accord. The drydown to me is similar to Armani Code with the warm amber, but I don't detect any vanilla in this formulation as I do in Code. The opening of Alien is difficult to describe. On me it smells like a syrupy floral, very purple and with a hint of woodiness.The opening lasts over an hour on my skin with the drydown lasting for many hours. This is different from the other fragrances in my collection, but I like it. I think that after a few more applications I will love it. It is simultaneously disquieting and soothing.

  • ~SEXXYREDD~02/17/2007


  • ~SEXXYREDD~02/16/2007

    This reminds me so much of Armani code that it's crazy i asked for alein for valentines day but since i got the Armani code already i think i might try something new...smell the Armani code ladies and let me know what you think... i still love this one too......REDD

  • ~SEXXYREDD~02/10/2007


  • CAMI01/13/2007

    A friend gave me this perfume, if Im honest the name "ALien" make think about it was good or not.When I used this perfume all the people told ask me about it. u have to have this !

  • SAMMY12/02/2006

    I was invited to a party and one of my friends was wearing Alien. I could smell it from the doorway when she came to pick me up as the cold wind blew against her. I had to ask her what she was wearing when she was hugging me when saluting, i could not resist its seductive, ambery smell. I actually brought it the next day. A bit expensive but its worth spraying it on you. Its even long lasting! unlike other perfumes that once sprayed stay for a minute or two and then evaporate like youve never put any perfume on. Wow an amazing scent from an amazing desinger.

  • MUSE11/27/2006

    I've read some pretty nasty reviews about this perfume, but yet I've read some good ones as well. I decided to give it a try because I like to try different and unusual perfumes. This was quite a pleasant surprise. It is very pretty floral with an underlying of woods. I prefer it to Angel. Give it a try.

  • VICKI11/25/2006

    What an amazing scent, its out of this world, i know i love it, but ask me to describe it and im stuck! Its kind of soft, and floral, yet not. Its very destinctive, and stands out from any other scent out on the market. I advice you smell before you buy, because like 'Angel',you'll either love it or hate it. Its an individual scent for individual people. It wears nicely to your own skin, and smells different on me than to my friends, so before you pay, make sure you spray!! xx

  • TIAH11/02/2006

    I love this new perfume. I was looking to switch from my other perfume I always bought and the lady gave me a sample of this. It's like nothing i've ever smelled and it lasts all day which is awesome. I will be using this for a few years. This is great for special occasions and just everyday wear which is what I was looking for.

  • LUCETTE10/31/2006


  • MELISSA10/27/2006

    This stuff is just amazing. On me it is not really heavy... sweet and almost grapey with floral, amber, and woody notes. It has incredible staying power, better than Angel I think. I personally like this better than Angel - it's not as sweet and although I love Angel too sometimes it is nauseating. I don't think Alien is anything like Poison except maybe the grapey quality. If it was I wouldn't like it - Poison = blech! I don't think it's masculine at all either as some have said. No it's not a sweet flowery sugary ultra feminine fragrance but that is actually why I like it. This is truly unique and is one of my favorites if not my number one favorite. Thierry Mugler can really make some perfume!

  • YUBEKA10/18/2006

    This perfume smell amazing!!!, it's very sophisticated, elegant and unique, worth every cent, now it's my favorite perfume then Angel !!, I love Thierry Mugler's Perfumes

  • BRILLIANT09/17/2006

    I wanted to not like it, but I have fallen, I'm a convert. It starts out strange and weird (very "alien") then becomes this cuddly sweet thing. I think it's brilliantly named and bottled. This perfume has a lot of character going for it at a time when over-hyped characterless fragrances abound. It took guts to put this one out! It never smells cheesy or cheap despite the fact that it has bold presence. I love it from beginning to end. For now anyway. :-)

  • LUSI09/05/2006

    I was surprised when I sprayed: I loved it !!! I'd like to hear opinions about the staying power, compared to angel, and wich one do you consider as more intense.

  • SHARON08/21/2006

    I have the perfume, shower gel, roll on deodrant and the body cream and I just love it! It is quite expensive but it is worth it, the best perfume on the market by far!


    The saving here is amazing - far better than in the shops. The fragrance is out of this world!! husband likes it too!

  • LAURINHA08/11/2006

    To me, Alien is much better than Angel, specially a few minutes after I spray the fragrance on my skin. But, as a fan of fresh aquatic scents, I think Alien is good only in cold days or when I go to a party. If you're the type that like to have only one fragrance to wear all the time, I would never recomend you Alien.

  • MISSTRBLE06/11/2006

    anyone ever smell that old purfume called tribe (discontinued now) ? its got the same smell!!! and i love this just as much as i did love tribe! expensive. i had a tester to bring home with me...and im so addicted to it!!!

  • SHARON05/25/2006

    Jean-Paul Gaultier Classique. Heavy fragrances, but I think they both smell nice

  • LINDA05/20/2006

    This is way different than the Angel and Innocent Scents. Actually this is a very nice scent. I have had alot of compliments on this scent than the other scents I wore.

  • VIVI05/15/2006

    I do like Angel and thought this would one would be as nice, but no way: Too strong and cheap smelling. Pity, ?cause the bottle's gorgeous...

  • SOFIE04/20/2006

    I actually like all the other Mugler scents both for men and women and didn't think he could do a BAD fragrance. But this is so terrible and synthetic smelling. It hangs in the air like a harsh chemical cleaner. What a shame and I so anticipated the Aliens arrival. Go back from where you came please!!

  • ALEX TANG04/19/2006

    when the first time i saw the advertisement on thierry mugler webside , the video is really amazing , then i saw a silver snow alien holding an unique purple bottle that really attract me . it not like the old angle that full of volupness , but alien that really full of powdery amber that reminded me about the pieceful childhood , while children playing in swing with under the big tree ! i love u alien ! waiting for the alien for men too !

  • JAYE HOWE03/29/2006

    I'm backkk!Still addicted to this marvelous perfume,but no it doesn't suit everyone.Same as any other perfume,but it sure does suit me!My luvyduvy should love it too.You don't even have to spray a lot,just spray once or twice on your skin and you smell like heaven the whole day.The cheapest places to buy this is at Duty-Free stores, or at Notes : Jasmine Sambac,woody w/ Cashmeran & amber

  • LOUISEWELLS03/28/2006

    i think this is really beautiful, i adore it. very different, but in my eye's thats a good thing. x

  • CATHY L.03/23/2006

    I LOVE everything Thierry Mugler does! Alien is nothing like Angel or Angel "Star" collection (I like Angel Violet the best in that collection)... Alien is really beautiful and mysterious and alluring and warm. It dries down really nice too. Sometimes I even layer it with my Angel... what could be better?

  • MAYA03/18/2006

    I could not agree more with you... the 1st time I sampled this, and it was only on a card... same thing that you say is the first thing that popped into my mind... and to quote you: "Smells heavy and sweet, almost grapey... Reminds me a little of an updated version of Dior's poison." Wow! That is exactly what I thought... but then when I went in and tested it for the 2nd time, Alien was a bit different, in fact a lot different... again only on the card but this time there was only one floral note to be detected... it was all of a sudden very unilinear fragrance and I liked it... however there was no complexity whatsoever… Ohhh I have to go and test this on my skin now, I still think that my 1st impression was the correct one…

  • VIOLET03/17/2006

    its not angel, it's not supposed to be! Smells heavy and sweet, almost grapey on me. I get a ton of compliments and people asking me what I'm wearing. Reminds me a little of an updated version of Dior's poison.

  • GREEKGIRL03/08/2006

    Well i dont know what i think of this one yet definitely is different than anything i have ever smelled, but i keep going back to the card i sprayed it on and sniffing it i think im starting to get addicted to it, something about it i dont know ill have to try it on my skin and decide then but i think im already falling for it big time!

  • JENNA03/06/2006

    This supposed to have jasmine,amber, and sandalwood : all of which I love in fragrance. However this smells like a funeral home full of women wearing the dreaded "Ciara" of the early 80's. What a letdown since I adore Angel even after all these years.

  • CHRISTA02/28/2006

    Nobody has really said what this smells like! Is it fruity,floral,spicy or oriental/woody? I love Thierry Mugler perfumes and would LOVE to try this one out. HELP!!

  • GEORDIE GEEZER02/07/2006

    A woman came into my local the other night wearing this. I just had to ask what it was. It is so original and knocked me for 6. I couldn't get enough of it. The missus is DEFINITELY getting a bottle, like it or not!

  • K.K.01/20/2006

    I absolutely love this scent! Several friends have tried mine and for every person that has tried it, the scent has smelled differnet on each person. Some have loved and some have well, not. There seems to be no middle ground. Definately, test it first, then run out and buy the biggest bottle you can find!

  • JAYE HOWE01/14/2006

    As a perfume collector, this is the one I L-O-V-E the best so far.See, after hundreds of using other perfume..they all start to smell the same, either they're floral/sweet (ex. Paris Hilton, Promese & Curious), cool like most colognes (ex. Cool Water, Glow) or they can smell like food (Miami Glow smells like coconut, ever wonder why most people from the tropics or hot places never buy this perfume?Coz they can get the same scent for free from the next door neighbor. I for example went scuba diving in asia and people asked me if I used coconut as shampoo because I smelled like one -- embarassing!)..or there are the unique scents of "Sensi", "Picasso Palomo" and "Alien".Everyone asks what perfume I'm wearing when I use these perfumes.While, if I use perfumes like Boss & Escada when I go malling, I meet 3 or 4 women smelling the same! Either they're using the same perfume, or some other perfume that smells similar as the one I'm using. So, conclusion, from now on I use scents that are bold and unique.. and head turning! Bought my Alien perfume when I was in New York and when I was on my way back home, in the plane, the guy beside me thought I smelled really seductive, discrete, but seductive..and he was gay! Who's got better taste than the Fab-5 ey?

  • SASSE01/03/2006

    This stuff is blah.....nasty, masculine and blah. It has no perfonality like Angel does. A lot of people say Angel smells masculine to them. But this stuff, Alien, smells like it was made strictly for men. Terrible follow up to Angel.

  • YVONNE12/31/2005

    I did not like angel at all, but Alien is really lovely, maybe a little powerful for some,you would have to be bold to wear it.

  • SYLVIE12/29/2005

    NO THANKS. I expected so much more. Smells cheap, ugly and boring. I prefer to smell like an angel, not like an alien. Stupid name and fragrance.

  • T12/28/2005

    Apparently, as the opposite sex has said, "it smells like a girl you want to take home from the bar".....sounds like fun!

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC12/20/2005

    I had been waiting to try this and was eagerly hoping it would be better than the horrific overpowering Angel is. Right away I will give the bottle and its fantastic design 5 stars - very unique and original, I am impressed. While its supposed to resemble an 'alien', ive seen other sights that compare it to a penguin, and have to chuckle because in some ways it DOES look like a penguin, lol. I always make my initial test on a tester card - that way, if its utterly repulsive, i've saved having to walk around with a headache provoking scent on my skin until I can either locate a restroom or scrub it off at home. Sniffing the tester card revealed a fascinating olfactory surprise. Unlike any other scent i have encountered thus far. Difficult to describe actually, but like the bottle, unique in form and makeup. I found the fragrance appealing enough to take the testing to step 2 -- the skin. Well, thats where it all went downhill from there, and fast. It's definitely NOT for my individual chemistry and initial spray leaves some type of gagging petolatum smell almost - a very strange and non pleasing aroma. Drydown is more acceptible. I will refrain from rating this because I intend to give it another try as we gals are aware that our bodies hormonal composition varies throughout the month and while a scent may be appealing one day, it can be repulsive on another. My only advice is to make sure you try this out on yourself before buying!

  • A MAN12/06/2005

    I havent really decided on that one yet. Definitely strong and interesting but I will need more time to come to a decision. The drydown is definately better than the initial smell.

  • LIANA12/06/2005

    For people who love Angel, this is probably a real winner. There is something about Angel and Alien that just does not work for me. I have tried both of them but my chemistry doesnt allow me to wear them. Too bad. For those of you who have the right chemistry, enjoy-enjoy-enjoy! I do give 5 stars for the unique bottle and name.

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