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Baby Phat Goddess Kimora Lee Simmons Image

Kimora Lee Simmons

Baby Phat Goddess   

54 Reviews

Baby Phat's presence as an aspirational lifestyle line for young women is now complete with the addition of Goddess, the newest perfume creation by Baby Phat and Kimora Lee Simmons. A passionate floral bouquet that evokes all the power and grace of a goddess. Baby Phat Goddess perfume notes include Gardenia, White Rosebuds, Cedrat Flower, Blue more

1.7 oz EDP Spray
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Baby Phat's presence as an aspirational lifestyle line for young women is now complete with the addition of Goddess, the newest perfume creation by Baby Phat and Kimora Lee Simmons. A passionate floral bouquet that evokes all the power and grace of a goddess. Baby Phat Goddess perfume notes include Gardenia, White Rosebuds, Cedrat Flower, Blue Lily, Hyacinth, Black Pepper, Seringa, Musk, Exotic Woods.

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  • NMI03/11/2011

    I like the smell of it. It's very girly and I like smelling girly. But, it does not last all day, and you really have to carry the bottle around with you. It's clearly designed to be light, so you will keep buying more. I think we need to demand that the designers put out a quality product. Anyway, I still like it, but will not be pushed into buying more bottles. It works for now.

  • LISY05/20/2010

    I have always been a fan of kimora and she rocked it when she got this on the market. all though I am a bigger fan of fabulocity

  • BIANCA12/17/2008

    Don't like it, smells like cheap hairspray. But Golden Goddess is much better.

  • DMARIE12/02/2008

    but overall it smells good light and flowery.I used half of a 3.4 oz up so quick due to the fact that it is so light.Will not repurchase because I discovered that Baby Phat Fabulosity is waaaay better and my new favorite.Also stay away from Baby Phat Seductive goddess it stinks like medicine and mint smells like elizabeth taylor's diamonds and emeralds but worse.It is the new baby phat in the black bottle.

  • SHIRLEY10/23/2008

    I received it as a gift. Oh, how I love it. There is no powdery smell or heavy floral notes. Just perfect for me.

  • DMARIE07/17/2008

    okay! light almost like a body spray probly will not purchase again I prefer golden goddess it is a nicer louder smell! This one is overrated and too light.

  • DMARIE07/07/2008

    Smells good light and flowery with a hint of pepper! Nice for everyday scent! Pretty in pink is what they should have called it! nice bottle and I like the cap sooo cute!

  • DMARIE06/23/2008

    It rocks! I like this one a light flowery pretty smell! Good for summer! And the shower gel is good too it lingers in the bathroom long after I've showered!

  • DMARIE06/19/2008

    I just got the gift set and I am liking it alot. It is a light summery scent and the shower gel is good it smells up my whole bathroom in a good way! I think the lotion combined with the perfume lasts a long time and when I wore it for the first time I got a compliment from a man at the grocery store and he told me twice it smelled so good! I don't care what anyone says if you like this perfume then buy it, don't listen when people say it has no lasting power. I can name alot of perfumes who have NO staying power including Moslty all of Elizabeth Arden perfumes and I am not knocking her because I like her perfumes but Arden Beauty has about a 10 minute lasting power! And it is one of my faves!

  • DMARIE06/11/2008

    I just got this one and i Like it alot! I got a compliment at the grocery store a man walked by and told me twice how good i smelled! I guess it is a good perfume because like Betsey Johnson said about her perfume "a perfume is only as good as the compliments you get" so Kimora you did good on this one, not to mention pink is a pretty color!

  • IMEE05/22/2008

    i agree when someone said that not all perfume works the same on everyone. i use goddess and i love it. when a friends borrowed it from me, smelled like dish water on her.

  • SUE07/16/2007

    I love the scent when I first spray it on. It is a very clean, floral scent, which I love those kinds of scents. The only thing the scent lacks is staying power. I wish it would last all day, but it doesn't last even half a day.

  • DEE07/03/2007

    When I did the tester at the store it was ok but now that I am home, I dont like it very much anymore. It is so soft I can barely smell the thing.

  • LINDA - NORWAY06/24/2007

    I think the bottle is the most pretty's thing I have ever seen! So adoreble & cute! If you like a clean low scented scent this is the right one, or if your looking for something too a young girl, it's perfect :) Im 20, and I think this scent its ok, i like it - but dont love it. Is it just me or is this scent plain? It dont smell like something special... I would recommend this too young girls from 12 years :) Golden goddess is so much better - so sexy and glamorous - see my review on golden goddess.

  • SHAY06/15/2007

    The gold one smells much much better I love that one golden goddess try it!

  • C05/26/2007

    I like this perfume. It's not to heavy and suffocating/overwhelming, rather light and subtle. Perfect when you don't want to smell like you've bathed in scent.

  • JONNA04/28/2007

    A beautiful, clean and sexy fragrance that I wear when I am not working in my high pressue job. Though I love the job, it is great to put on some jeans and Ts and just relax with Baby Phat Goddess. Beautiful, under-rated perfume. Extra Bonus Points-Hubby Loves it too. Ahhhh! :D

  • SASHA04/25/2007


  • PATTY03/30/2007

    I love this cologne. It is inexpensive and smells so clean. I think it has good value for the money. I am a 58 year old grandmother and I think it ROCKS !! Keep up the good work Kimora.................. The first time I smelled it, I knew I had to have it.

  • PAJULI02/21/2007

    Such a cutsie name for such a wow now scent! And the bottle is all girly and my favorite color PINK!

  • MAGIC_JAN02/01/2007

    I got this pretty bottle as birthday gift.Smell lovely when I tried it on.But after half hour I changed my mind.It's way too sweet and too girly.Not for me at all.

  • SUE12/15/2006

    I sprayed this perfume on me in the store to smell it and I loved it! I've bought perfumes in the past without ever smelling them, but just becuz people on these postings thought they smelled good, but then was really disappointed when I used the perfume, so I've learned to spray them on me first. I think everyone's chemistry reacts differently to each perfume and everyone likes different fragrances. Personally, I prefer the more floral scents, and Goddess is definitely a very light floral scent. It wasn't too overpowering to me and didn't make me sick. When I first sprayed it on my boyfriend didn't like it, but after it had been on for awhile and he smelled it later he liked it more. I think when it comes to perfume, to each his own.

  • LISETTE11/24/2006

    Goddess is very sexy and an easy fragrance to wear. Nothing overpowering or headache inducing here. The new Golden Goddess is lovely as well but totally different. I can't decide which I like better so I bought both!

  • NASTASSIA10/31/2006

    Though my sister loves Goddess, I thought it was plain.

  • BRANDY 10/31/2006

    For the ppl coming in here rating golden goddess? Your giving 5 stars to the first one.

  • DARNETA10/06/2006

    I didn't like Goddess at all, it smelled like everything else. I tried Golden Goddess yesterday and had to get it. I wor it last night and today and got so many compliments. Mine also came with a cream colored make up bag as a free gift.

  • ASHLEY10/04/2006

    Love this scent. Very sexy. The new one, Golden Goddess, is fabulous also.

  • VONNIE09/17/2006

    I thought regular Goddess was just okay, but Golden Goddess is absolutely delicious. I had to buy it.

  • SONJA09/05/2006


  • CICI08/28/2006

    I am not of fan of Godess, but when I tried Golden Goddess yesterday, I could not get enough of it, neither could my boyfriend! It's nice & warm, sensuous. I kept on sniffing my arm all day!

  • NICHOLE M.08/19/2006

    A wonderful sexy fragrance that gets you noticed. What more can you ask for?

  • ATOMIC PINK08/18/2006

    I personally love this scent. It is a little sweet, a little sexy, a little musky and overall a very clean and beautiful scent. Not sure what others are not liking about it but I love it and recieve compliments everytime I wear it.

  • LIZZIE08/13/2006

    i am not a fan of the original Goddess... too many huge florals sledgehammering me in the nose... but the new one is GOLDEN, ladies!!! i sprayed my arm this afternoon and spent the rest of my shopping experience practically chewing on my arm. it's DIVINE... luscious, beautiful, UNIQUE, sweet, almost melodious. i haven't felt such passion in MONTHS. you must try the new Golden Goddess!!! Same gorgeous bottle, just golden juice rather than pink juice. ENJOY ;-)

  • BEAUTIFUL08/11/2006

    Goddess is a nice fragrance to me. It's not the best I have ever had but I certainly don't think it is as bad as others have proclaim; keeping in mind that we are all entitled to our own opinion. I plan to purchase for an end of summer fragrance. Kimora, sorry for you and Russell, but I think the fragrance is very nice.

  • NASTASSIA08/04/2006

    It just smelled like soap to me, and I have more fragrant soaps/body washes than this perfume. I'm glad I didn't buy this, but it was a nice try though.

  • KOKO07/25/2006

    I think it looks ok on teenager or young girls like a powder. It will look weird if you wear at night or party. Anyway I think is a good idea to get for my younger sister who is not 15 years old yet.

  • BRANDY07/21/2006


  • PERFUME-AHOLIC05/12/2006

    Well Kimora has launched yet another new fragrance...let's hope this one is better than her first - which IS a nice clean scent in a very pretty bottle, but not what I ever would have expected and. Here is a blurb from a perfume site re the new fragrance: Baby Phat Golden Goddess, in September. The fragrance " a floral gourmand scent by Firmenich with a top note of bubbling champagne; a heart of seringa, blue lilies and night orchid, and a drydown of caramel, vanilla flower patchouli and vetiver." (sounds pretty promising....time and first sniff will tell tho! )


    When I saw the bottle I thought it was befitting of a very femme vanity. I got a chance to smell this at the local department store & was disappointed. I would never wear this. It smells kind of teeny-boppy.

  • MICH04/27/2006

    If you ever smelled the exotic oil called Egyptian Goddess, that is what this smells like, on a much smaller scale. I liked it, but only smelled it in the store. Didn't try it on me yet - when I tried the oil of Egyptian Goddess, I had to stop immediately because it made me sick. Oh well.

  • KANDICANE04/26/2006

    Im sorry to say it but i hated it.I saw a sample in a magazine and smelled it and it smelled good.I went to the store and tried the sample and it still smelled good,so i bought it.Big mistake.At first the scent is pretty nice but after a while there is a lingering smell that was somewhat reminiscient of pre-school days and graham crackers.Like something my grandma might wear.I gave it to my sister.She likes it,but then again she doesnt like my fave perfume..burberry tender touch..diff strokes for diff folks

  • IVANA04/16/2006

    thank you to everybody for messages,they stopped me from buying this perfume and wasting money.Thanks to all.

  • ILINKA04/16/2006

    that this is a scent that's not too bad but nothing like the name it carries. I just don't like it.

  • TEE04/11/2006

    With a name like Goddess, I thought it would have a much stronger impact in scent and power. Unfortunately, it does not. However, it does not smell bad, but rather it resembles pink bublle bath from Avon with a hint of jasmine. A nice after shower fragrance or weekend fragrance. Certainly not an evening fragrance or even a power lunch option. Definately geered for a younger crowd, and I would reccommend this as a sweet sixteen gift and so on.

  • NILLA04/06/2006

    i recently tried a sample of goddess... it was terrible on me, too flowery and sugary sweet. throughtout the day, everytime i caught a whiff of the stuff, it made me want to gag. goddess kinda reminds me of those victoria secret body sprays, which i also dislike. in my opinion, goddess is not worth your hard-earned money.

  • NICOLE04/05/2006

    from the way that this perfumed was advertised, you would expect more than what you actually get. I got my girlfriend to get it for me, which all the trouble she had to go through to get it, im sorry i even asked for it. I received it as one of my pre-valentines gift and i have only worn it twice since then. My advise save your money!

  • BEAUTIFUL02/19/2006

    When I bought baby phat jeans I got the sample of the perfume Goddess, and was in love with that scent. I just know that I have to buy it. The smell is amazing, and has this scent of attraction. I am deff going to buy it.

  • LOVELY02/15/2006

    Isn't any haters over here. It smelled good on me when I tested it in the store. I didnt say it stunk. Its just very light and I prefer something that stands out a little more. Thats why I said its too dull for me. I've always been a fan just not a big fan of her perfume. check out her goddess clothing collection on her web site.

  • SHEILA02/13/2006

    The first time I smelled this perfume I had to have it. Kimora shake the haters off, because it is apparent they are not perfume conscious

  • LOVELY02/03/2006

    i am a big fan of baby phat.half of my wardrobe is baby i was very dissapointed i expected so much more.

  • LOVELY02/01/2006

    i think it was ok just not anything i would by. it smell soo cheap. it has a very mello but sweet scent. i need something that stands out a little more.

  • LANA01/26/2006

    When you take a long bath after having been at the gym for hours and you have your favorite bubble bath oil in the water that is what this reminds me of. A mix of nice with nasty. Sorry ladies this just does not get my vote of appreciation! In fact, this is why I take a shower first and then soak in the tub nice and clean. Funny, this is the smell I try to avoid and here you pay money to smell like it!!!!!!!!

  • >PINK D0ESNT $UCK<01/20/2006

    i love it smells good.... and plus it is kinda light for the people that cannot stand heavy scented perfumes plus its worth it and very girly

  • DIANE01/20/2006

    I like it but the thing is... i spary like 5 sprays and it smells a bit low... still lovin it tho! i guess it wasnt suppose to be trong... but i wuv it~!

  • BONNIE01/18/2006

    to all those people who said that this perfume is not all that, dont be hating because it doesn't go with your body. every perfume is not for everyone, just leave the GODDESS to all us goddess' out there . keep up all the good work with the fragrances kimora

  • TARA01/11/2006

    I was hoping this would be bursting with fruit and flowers but it's actually just mostly aquatic and not the best of 'em either. For that I'll stick with Cool Water and florals I'll stick with Promesse. This just did not work out. Not horrible though.

  • LTEEDVS01/04/2006

    Unlike many of the other postings, I felt that the fragrance lived up to it's name. It is the essence of true feminity, and although it is a light scent, that is what gives this fragrance character. I also enjoy the lotion, as it is not watered down, but creamy and adds to the staying power of the fragrance when used with the perfume. I loved the light musky scents it has, and it calms down to a sweet, but delicate floral scent. I reccomend this for everyday wear, and it is definately a winner for the warmer months of the year. Thanks Kimora for such a wonderful scent!

  • SABRINA12/29/2005

    This is really a shame this fragrance is nothing special. I wore it for a few days and could not get into it, it was a gift so i had to try. Did not like it

  • DONNARAE12/21/2005

    this is fresh and femme, not glam-tastique, like the bottle suggests. don't judge this by it's cover. bottle looks amazing on your vanity tray. fragrance smells nice.

  • SHAMINA12/21/2005

    Hi there, I just wanted to let you know and everyone else who might be reading that I totally agree 100% with your (Tzarina’s) comment about this scent. What a shame that such an awesome name will be wasted on a terrible scent like this one. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING even remotely special about this Goddess! Shame on that Kimora! Girls, please try this one before you buy it, it really is nothing like the description. There are hundreds of far better fragrances out there.

  • TZARINA 12/19/2005

    Is this a joke? I cannot believe that Kimora Lee Simmons has the audacity to call this 'Goddess'! NO! This really must just be a joke! The scent is watered down and not fit for sale anywhere but a dollar store, hey I've found better smelling fragrances at gas stations. The description of the fragrance is incredible however - and too bad it is just imaginary, (but perhaps a joke too), showcasing "GODDESS" as a "Woody-Floral-Musk" with the description which follows: "A passionate floral bouquet with extravagant and fresh gardenia and cedrat flower. The heart blends blue lily and sensual black pepper. The drydown is a warm combination of exotic woods and musks." Well, almost had me there! And, if I had not smelled this myself, I would have thought it an awesome scent. Hmmm I wonder who is smelling this, to write a description like that (found on OsMoZ)? Or better yet, which fragrance is it that they were really describing there? I know for a fact that this 'Goddess' is a fake!

  • LORI12/14/2005


  • NATALIE12/12/2005

    this perfume is cool...its not too strong, just-enough to leave the right impression.

  • NOT ALL THAT 'PHAT'12/09/2005

    I will reiterate what Maya has said in that a first glance at the lovely bottle and great name holds much promise...but scent does not live up to expectation and to me is an extreme disappointment. That being said, its not completely horrible and is a clean scent...almost like stepping out of the shower after a good soap down. It total lacks the depth and character or allure that I would have expected it to contain.

  • LADY_MZ_LEE12/07/2005

    This scent is fabulous! It's has a bold scent without being overpowering. I get lots of compliments when I wear it.

  • MAYA12/07/2005

    much like Promesse, this totally lacks character for me. But Promesse is a much nicer scent in my humble opinion than 'Goddess'. Now what a shame that the name would have absolutely nothing to do with this scent. You hear Goddess and you think, well this MUST be just incredible for sure... but having tried it, this fragrance is just a real disappointment.

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