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212 Sexy Carolina Herrera Image

Carolina Herrera

212 Sexy   

21 Reviews

Epitomizing the Carolina Herrera woman, 212 Sexy is a seductive blend of captivating tangerine, bergamot, and rose pepper sprinkled with floral petals, gardenia, and hints of cotton candy warmed with musk - is sure to seduce from the very first encounter. 212 Sexy notes include Tangerine, Bergamot, Rose Pepper, Floral Petals, Gardenia, Cotton more

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Epitomizing the Carolina Herrera woman, 212 Sexy is a seductive blend of captivating tangerine, bergamot, and rose pepper sprinkled with floral petals, gardenia, and hints of cotton candy warmed with musk - is sure to seduce from the very first encounter. 212 Sexy notes include Tangerine, Bergamot, Rose Pepper, Floral Petals, Gardenia, Cotton Candy, Sandalwood, 212 Musk, Vanilla.

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  • AMPARO07/19/2016

    Smells great.

  • TALKGIRL01/08/2009

    I LOVE this perfume. This is now my signature scent! It's so beautiful! Thank you Carolina Herrera!

  • EMILIA10/24/2008

    It smell very nice. my boss bought it for me from France and i searched for it every corner but i found it nowhere.

  • NANCY MCMULLEN10/29/2007

    I tested 212 Sexy for the first time in a duty free shop at the Philadelphia Int'l. Airport, and it was love at first sniff! I had to have it, and have it I do. It is totally delightful, sweet and intoxicating, without being overwhelming.

  • AMY06/16/2007

    I took a sniff of 212 Sexy from the bottle and thought "ehw, this is going to be way to strong and not smell good at all" but then I sprayed it into the air so I could just run my arm through the spritz since I was a bit scared of it's first impression. I pretty much immediately sprayed it directly onto my arm because the smell of sweetness engulfed me and my thoughts turned to "Oh my goodness that smells so yummy!!" Kinda similar to Lolita Lempicka which I love. This is definitely one for the sophisticated woman and probably a scent to save for special occasions or going out. To sum it up, I love the sweet, sexy, dry smell of 212 Sexy! I'm so glad I tried it on, I almost passed it by.

  • YUNA05/21/2007

    i agree with chili. i got the roll-on from sephora cuz i smelled it on this chick and it smelled so good...very cotton candyish. well, on me it smells pretty gross. i was pretty sad but i gotta follow what my body says and it says this is not 4 me. i started gettN a lil nauseated after smellN it so long. couldn't figure out why it smelled SO GOOD on her but so NASTY on me! o well.

  • MONICA02/16/2007

    I just discovered this scent yesterday and I'm going back for more. I couldn't even describe the scent, I just know that it's absolutely intoxicating! And yes, it lasts.

  • CHILI04/02/2006

    I'm surprised at the high ratings this has received. I tried this on today and I thought it smelled like those industrial strength cleaners used in public restrooms--synthetic and weird. I actually at to wash it off my wrist because it made me naueated.

  • TIM02/25/2006

    I bought this for my fiance, and it is smelling good. It is sexy, and the cotton candy adds some fun.

  • ALLISON R.02/15/2006

    I'm so picky about my perfumes. This is a great scent in that it's unique and long-lasting. Only there is a note in it that bothers me. It's like a peppery velvet, that distracts me from the full body of the scent. It's like someone blowing a rich cigar in your face. The first whiff is delightful, then if it continues it will knock you on your feet. That is what this perfume does to me, unfortunately because it is a winner.

  • ANGELA02/03/2006

    I didn't know what sexy was...until I discovered 212 SEXY. YUM YUM YUM...what a winner!

  • LIZZIE12/12/2005

    i can't vouch for the staying power yet because i haven't kept close nose-watch since my testing spritz, but the loveliness of the scent alone deserves 5 stars. it is SO deliciously feminine... with a creamy, musky flavor that just melts into your skin right after an invigorating explosion of fruits & flowers. sexiness, definitely.

  • HM_NAME11/04/2005

    It is not similar at all to original 212. Original is soft, gentle, airy; 212 sexy is strong, elegant, feminie. Not flowery or sweet. It is nice, longlasting, with caracter.

  • ROBIN 09/21/2005

    I wish I was like you other posters, and this stuff lasted for hours!!! On me, I get that most irresistible blast of sexy, fresh, fruit topnote and then. . .nuthin'. It just quietly vanishes over the next half hour. How frustrating!!!! I'd love to own it but for that BIG reason. Just mentioning it so that all you posters try for yourselves before you buy to see how it works with your particular chemistry. (Oh, and my new love, which has a similarily gorgeous blast of topnote and lingers on me beautifully for hours and hours: Miss Dior Cherie. I think I'm even going to spring for the 100ml, I love it SOOO much.

  • ALLISON R.08/12/2005


  • CRISTIANE06/30/2005

    This is a very feminine, sexy fragrance, it attracts men :) It trully makes you feel beautiful... I high recommend 212 Sexy.

  • PINKI06/16/2005

    Sexy sexy sexy! This perfume is THE best stuff, at least in my opinion, if you are looking for trouble ;o) Very crisp and fresh in the topnote, with florals and red fruits. In the heart notes, the gardenia is very dominant, accompanied by a smell of fresh strawberries (at least on me). The dry down is fresh musk, with twist of decadence (the cotton candy, I presume). I love this stuff, highly recommended. One that lasts all day too.

  • BELLE06/11/2005

    It really does smell like cotton candy! I love it! Great if you like sweet scents. If you like more of a clean smell instead, try the regular 212. It's a nice, clean fragrance, but it's very light because it's Eau de Toilette. I like Eau de Parfums because they stay on me longer since they are more concentrated.

  • KAREN06/10/2005

    Smells really good. Lasts for several hours. This fragrance is very hard to find in dept. stores because it's getting to be pretty popular.

  • BELLE06/01/2005

    I love this scent! The roses & cotton candy smell is delicious! It's sweet, but not a sickening sweet smell like some fragrances are. I find it very pleasant, as well as very wearable! A winner, & in my opinion...the best by Carolina Herrera...(the best on me anyway). I'm not a big fan of gardenia, but even though that ingredient is in this fragrance, I don't smell it like I do the roses & cotton candy...(which is good!)

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