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Burberry Touch   

75 Reviews

The spicy masculine notes of Burberry Touch cologne are warmed up by mandarin hints. Its unique violet-scented middle note is enhanced by woody tones lingering onto an elegant layer of musk. Top notes: Artemisia, Violet Leaves, Mandarin leaves. Middle notes: Cedarwood, Nutmeg, White Pepper. Base notes: Vetiver, Tonka, White Musk. The coil-shaped more

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The spicy masculine notes of Burberry Touch cologne are warmed up by mandarin hints. Its unique violet-scented middle note is enhanced by woody tones lingering onto an elegant layer of musk. Top notes: Artemisia, Violet Leaves, Mandarin leaves. Middle notes: Cedarwood, Nutmeg, White Pepper. Base notes: Vetiver, Tonka, White Musk. The coil-shaped bottle is a creation of Fabien Baron. Burberry Touch cologne is packaged in a real ottoman pouch and protected by a tartant-style case. The wooden cap, carved in ash tree has the natural look and feel of the veins of the tree. For the brand, the effects created by the warm and natural, translate a return to the roots.

  • MARY01/07/2012

    I ordered this originally from a different online shop in October and never received it. I found Perfume Emporium, checked their ratings (which were very good) and placed an order. The cologne arrived within 5 days!! And my husband loves this scent (I do too). I would definitely order from this site again.

  • TIM03/20/2011


  • ROQ12/15/2010

    I simply love this uniqe scent. One of my favoutite fragrances.

  • COLOGNE DUDE06/14/2009

    I like this cologne because its light and lasts very long on me and of course smells extraordinarily good

  • SUNNY DAZE05/21/2009

    I just got this cologne set and I absolutely loved it ,the sweet smell is like no other, not too strong and not too light ......this is a hot one i highly recommend it.

  • TIM M03/19/2009

    The problem people associate with Burberry Touch is that it is too subtle. For example, some reviews have stated that it's lacking something, perhaps a degree of refinement or elegance. But I feel these reviewers are failing to appreciate the subtleties that make this fragrance truly unique and overall excellent. Lets start with longevity: On average skin this stuff still lasts considerably above average - we're talking 8+ hrs. It's distinctly identifiable, though the person sporting the fragrance may not smell it. I have never worn this fragrance out without receiving a pleasant comment from a friend, male or female, and I never have to bath in it. Lastly, if you really test it, don't go smelling your wrist every 10 mins. This gradually transitions through is top, heart and base notes effortlessly, but smelling it repeatedly will only dull your senses more quickly. As far as occasions, this can be casual in the right settings but its really more romantic. Guys, this is the kind of fragrance you maintain in your collection. Best wishes.

  • RALPH12/28/2008

    well, im new in the forum, this is my first post, but i visit the page every single day, i am a perfume maniac, i love perfumes that smell good, srong and long lasting at the same time, i have found a very few with all those three caracteristics that work well on me. of course, this one is one of them. good smell, strong, at least on me, and last all day.. its a plus in my collection. i have used a lot, and i mean a lot of perfumes, but i always have a lis of 5 or 6 that i will never get tired of using, so here are my top perfumes. burberry london, burberry touch, nautica voyage, bvlgary aqua, tous man, faranhait, aqua di gio and versage the dreamer.

  • MERCEDES11/17/2008

    I love to smell this on a man!!! It just does something to me! It is soft but manly and is just has a real sexy smell to it! I love it! All you men that say this is a bad buy need to ask the women that are around you and I bet they will agree with me!!!

  • STEPHANIE08/08/2008

    This is definitely my fave cologne on my boyfriend. Although other women seem to like it a lot too so that is a downside lol

  • LONGDONG04/20/2008

    I don't know why it's so hard to post a comment on here. My previous posts were no where to be found. Anyway, this cologne is awsome, if you have the chemistry to pull this one off you are in luck.

  • NEW KING ON THE BLOCK04/15/2008

    Out of bunch of colognes I sampled. This and dolce gabbana came out on top. Those who said it smells bad is because they have sorry chemistry. I feel sorry for you people that don't have the chemistry to wear this awsome cologne.

  • TONYGIO11/10/2007

    I found this one lacking the class and refinement of other Burb. scents...a notch below in quality for sure. Like Tony T. said...too much of something or not enough of something else...this one seems like it may have needed just a little more time bubbling in the cauldren....

  • SILKY08/12/2007

    I really liked this at first, but then, I realized that I smelled this scent before, a lot. It really is like a different version of JPG but without the vanilla note.

  • SKIPPY04/29/2007

    Bobby Said: One can only smell it if he/she gets VERY close to you.Choose another product 10/10 of the smell 1/10 for it lasting... Skippy Reply: It is merely my opinion, but a cologne SHOULD only be smelled when a person gets close to you. Anything projecting beyond a foot away is annoying and comes across as immature, ignorant, or antagonistic. Then again, I'm of the camp that believes that a cologne should blend in with the scent of a person. I don't appreciate colognes that sit on top of the skin and smell the same as they did when they first were sprayed out of the bottle. Colognes also go through stages. 1'st the top notes play through, then the middle notes and finally the base notes. The scent should be somewhat different by the end of the "experience" than from when it was first applied. If you are putting on real "stinker" colognes and you are getting what you think are good comments about them...please reconsider what the people complimenting you are really telling you.

  • SQUIRE03/15/2007

    It's sort of sweet and distinct at first. Then it started smelling like a more-synthetic JPG. I gave it to someone. Just found it very not nice.

  • ANDREW N12/22/2006

    Burberry has good colognes. But this isn't one of them. I really does remind me of an old lady smell. Is this even a men's cologne?

  • SKIPPY08/12/2006

    I decided to revisit this cologne. I no longer feel that Touch smells like a corpse; (as I said in an earlier post), but it is almost exactly like Emporio Armani. I'm sure that when you compare the two of them, you will certainly agree. I'm personally not enthusiastic about Emporio Armani. But if Emporio works for you; buy this. Otherwise, to me it's rather bland. It would be hard to say whether Emporio or Touch is better, but I will say that my feeling at this time, is that Touch is a slightly lighter version of Emporio. I can without ill conscience give it a so-so.

  • SMITTEN06/14/2006

    This is the most unique fragrance I have experienced. I bought the tester for my man just from the review comments and we both loved it instantly. It is a calm, warm scent with a glimpse of mystery because you have never smelled anything like it before. It is Sensual and manly but not 'strong'. To be worn by the gentleman who is comfortable with who he is and has a content soul. From a lady, this cologne gets 5 stars.

  • ERIC04/10/2006

    Now that I've seen Jennifer X post another one of her assanine posts about everyone having to be gay (perhaps she does that to men) I'll have to check this out myself. I have never smelled this but I will go smell it now. She's such an uncouth woman.

  • BOBBY2511/28/2005

    A honest review here,I been using touch for 1.5 years now and frankly i am getting tired of it.It smells great for the first 15 minutes,but the smell fades off.One can only smell it if he/she gets VERY close to you.Choose another product 10/10 of the smell 1/10 for it lasting

  • JAVELIN09/25/2005

    Touch has the understatement that a great cologne should have. It is soft, elegant, memorable, and distinctive.

  • TONY T09/03/2005

    touch. great scent with no power. the same for the original. burberry makes very original scents but too much or not enuff of something. slightly casual and somewhat romantic scent.

  • JONNY BOY08/04/2005

    Smells great. The ladies love this cologne. Everywhere I go girls are always asking me what I have on. I love how the scent changes throughtout the day.

  • SAMI07/27/2005

    has a nice smell..nothing new...poor is ok if you buy it, or not :)

  • DAVID05/21/2005

    Just thought I'd point out that this stuff smells almost exactly like Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male to me, although not quite as sweet and overbearing. For that reason, and for the fact that it doesn't come in a queer lookin bottle, this is a good alternative to JP Gaultier.

  • ICY03/14/2005

    There is this man that has been coming into our office for quite some time and the smell of him always stops me in my tracks. I finally asked him what that smell was and he said "Touch". MmmmHmmm.

  • R.J.01/26/2005


  • W.B.01/24/2005


  • DIRK H12/29/2004

    I have smell this one a few times at Meier and Frank. Brit and Touch are excellent scents. Unique. Touch is more sophisticated, Brit for more occasional wear. Both are unique and a TOP 5 Choice.

  • JERRY 12/28/2004

    I usually never repeat colognes as I like to try whatever is the new scent, but this is my 3rd. bottle of this fragrance. I think it is a standout from so many colognes out there that kind of smell the same. The scent is definitely fresh and very appealling.

  • JANET12/25/2004

    My co-worker wears this and it is an absolutey unforgettable fragrance. Never overpowering... just perfect.

  • FLYINGVEE12/07/2004

    I originally bought the sample bottle. I've been told by a few women that it's VERY nice smelling. Even in the flight crew likes it.

  • HOT CHOCOLATE11/18/2004

    This is by far the best thing since "IZZY". I could pick a man out of a crowd when wearing this's simply DELICIOUS

  • LAURA08/19/2004

    Burberry touch smells soooooooo friend wears it and I swear I want to kiss his neck every time he puts it on. It is delicious!!

  • KEVIN08/01/2004

    Sophisticated, refined, clean, these are just some of the adjectives I would use to describe this scent. Touch also achieves the rare balance of being long lasting yet not overpowering... A must have in your collection...

  • DAVE07/22/2004

    Not the best on me - smells a bit "oily" in a way, and some of the notes stand out a bit to much. Probably very good if you can wear it.

  • LORD SHVI06/13/2004

    a very soft & sensitive perfume..Wear it in Spring

  • RICHARD DANCHIK05/23/2004

    A good scent that does not seem to fade to early but has staying power, although not too strong. Nice!

  • DEBBIE04/02/2004

    not sure what it smells like, never smelled anything like it. My son loves it, I find it very strong and annoying, like formaldehyde powder or something like that not sure.

  • PRIMADONNA03/27/2004

    Bought this for my husband and I can't get enough of it. Spicy scents smell horrible on him, this is clean and fresh, very sexy!

  • AARON03/14/2004

    Just bought myself a bottle of this stuff. It is definately a club-wear. Girls seem to love the smell. As a matter of fact, females like this more than males. I just love this one.

  • PINOMEX02/28/2004

    This one is in my collection and I wear it ocasionaly. Sophisticated women ador it, not all that with the wild ones. TRUST ME.

  • FIONA01/20/2004

    Nice sweet smell from the bottle, but even deeper musky tone on my hubby's skin lasts very long and I find it irresistably sexy!

  • JT01/15/2004

    This cologne smells really good once it's on your skin and about 5 minutes after you put it on, you'll love it!

  • ROB12/12/2003

    i think this is the one. this scent is soo good, it spells out elegance; i would recommend this scent to everyone.

  • WAYNE11/27/2003

    I've had over 20 colognes and this is my favorite.

  • JUSTME11/12/2003

    Heard a lot of good things about this scent. But it's not quite what I thought it'd be. Trying hard to get used to it. Seems like people are either completly for or against it. It's kinda giving me a headache. The smell becomes more pleasant after it's been on for a while. Guess I have to wait and see what the ladies think.

  • YAHOO11/04/2003

    It's just the BEST fragrance I've ever met before for men!I strongly recommend to try it at least in the shop!Come 'n' spray "tester" on yourself.U'll be amazed how long this deod.hold on! :)

  • MOI10/14/2003

    this is the best fragnence i have ever smelled on a man. i just love it!! nothing is better then this one!

  • RICK10/09/2003

    This is the best cologne i have ever owned. Endless compliments. The women love it.

  • E_BIJOUXX10/09/2003

    I really like this scent. It's not too minty or strong.

  • MIKE10/07/2003

    i do not know where people are coming up with "sewage" and "old people smell". This cologne is definitely one of the best. Strangers are amazed by the scent and compliment me all the time.

  • SKIPPY09/28/2003

    I've noticed that some of the posts are more accurate than others. Some say, so and so cologne is like an old lady smell..others say things like bug spray or gross. In a few of those cases I had to agree. This time I want to tell you that gross is right; it is gross. When you put it on while testing a variety of other colognes it at first smells a little different and less sweet (or harsh). I almost went for a bottle of it. I put some on in the store and when it dried it started to smell awful when I was in my car. I've smelled it before on people and I thought they needed to use cologne. It's a dirty smell. Maybe thats how it reacted to my skin. I can only describe it as a sewage smell. I will admit that sprayed on a card in the store is not bad, but once on skin, it smells like a corpse.

  • KANKA09/21/2003

    Top five best colognes EVER. A must have!!!!!

  • JOHN08/19/2003

    This is an excellant fragrance, but only problem is it does not linger,nor fill the room.

  • GROSS!07/23/2003

    like an old lady, as kev stated before. i really dont see what's so good about this cologne. it makes me sick whenever i smell it.

  • CALOSEL07/16/2003

    this scent is the perfect scent for men...its sexy!

  • KEV06/05/2003

    Does remind me of an old ladies smell

  • ACE05/24/2003

    My aunt used to run a beauty shop for little old ladies. This crap smells like the hairspray that she loaded those old bags up with before she sent them out the door. Awful stuff.


    This is an excellent everyday scent. I get complimented every time I wear this scent. Very mild and masculine.

  • CONNAISSEUR04/27/2003

    I'm not kidding, this smells EXACTLY like a mild form of RAID bug spray! Horrible stuff.

  • KEV04/20/2003

    It's a nice smell contained in a very attractive bottle. Mainly woods and musks but with a little sweetness. Probably good for evening occasions.

  • BILLY04/10/2003

    every time i put this on, the ladies always love it. girls i dont even know come up to me and tell me how good i smell.

  • BOOGEL04/09/2003

    i love this fragrance. for those on a smaller budget, the Abercrombie cologne "fierce" smells a lot like touch.

  • KRISTINA04/09/2003

    Im a woman and I wear this, this smell I think is more feminine in my opinion, if I was to smell this on a man it just doesnt have the "manly" jump me now smell! Unless of course a woman is wearing it!


    I don't know what the people panning this scent are smelling but it not the reaction I get from people when I wear this. Maybe their body chemistry doesn't work with it. I constantly get compliments when I wear this scent. Big thumbs up!!!

  • THAT BLACK GUY01/12/2003

    all i know about this scent is that its in every hip hop and r&b song so oh baby i love it!

  • JENNIFER X12/09/2002

    That was me releasing when I think of this dream in a bottle. Your so far gone guy, your off the friggin' map. Maybe you should start looking at other dudes.....

  • AARON12/03/2002

    Barfland, sick, garbage, bad, horrible, Turn off, sickening, Trash are some of the words to describe this!

  • ME11/23/2002

    This is amazing. The one and ONLY cologne I can not stop wanting to smell.... WOW

  • PHIL10/29/2002

    burberry missed it on this 1...oh but wait, aren't they still trying to make a real fragrance?

  • MOBY10/23/2002

    This smells great, every Girl at my job love it. I get complements all the time.

  • MAURICIO10/23/2002

    I got the sample and I can say that this is the best Burberry´s perfume, but not good enougth to by a bottle

  • JESSIKA08/12/2002

    Burberrys obviously new what gals had in mind when they made this for the men!...absolutely sexy and polished not that cheap deodorant sporty Nautica/hilfiger scent...for a guy w/modern taste!

  • JOEL05/18/2002

    This is admittedly a nice cologne. It seems like an updated version of Fahrenheit (Dior). It smells less sharp and powdier. If you like this scent, but prefer a sharper, fresh version, try Fahrenheit.

  • HEBA EL-SHERBINY05/15/2002


  • KCYONG04/17/2002

    this is an elegant and very masculine woody & musky fragrance for men. i like to wear it especially for office hour and it makes me well-being for everything.

  • CHRISTINA04/06/2002

    Burberry's Touch is the sexiest scent I have ever smelled!

  • SACHA03/26/2002

    This is a very fresh, coasy fragrance.Elegant and refined!!

  • MARYUSS02/08/2002

    This is a perfect fragrance suitable for every day and for every season no matter it's winter or summer.Excellent!!!!

  • SCORPIO11/07/2001

    too musky

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