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360 Red Perry Ellis Image

Perry Ellis

360 Red   

42 Reviews

360 Red by Perry Ellis, the refreshing essence of Italian Bergamot, Lime Zest, Sunburst Mandarin, and Ruby Orange, pulse with a warm radiance of Nutmeg, Red Cinnamon and Clove Bud. An aromatic masculinity of Parsley, Coriander Seeds and Lavender entice the senses to experience the background of Sandalwood Mysore, Red Cedarwood, Vetiver Root, more

Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDT Spray + 6.8 oz Body Spray + 3.0 oz Shower Gel + 0.25 oz Mini Spray
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Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDT Spray + 3.0 oz Aftershave Balm + 2.75 oz Deodorant Stick + 0.25 oz Mini
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3.4 oz EDT Spray (Tester)
SKU 9215
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3.4 oz EDT Spray
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6.7 oz EDT Spray
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360 Red by Perry Ellis, the refreshing essence of Italian Bergamot, Lime Zest, Sunburst Mandarin, and Ruby Orange, pulse with a warm radiance of Nutmeg, Red Cinnamon and Clove Bud. An aromatic masculinity of Parsley, Coriander Seeds and Lavender entice the senses to experience the background of Sandalwood Mysore, Red Cedarwood, Vetiver Root, Indonesian Patchouli, Oakmoss and Clean Musk.

  • J.P07/23/2007

    Theres nothing complicated about this scent. It justs smells good and it has staying power. I've had more compliments come my way with this scent than ones 3x the price and hype. I have no problems giving it it's just props.

  • TONYGIO11/30/2006

    20 bucks for a very light and arid, powdery, femininely soft knock-off. A cheap price for a cheap smell...guess it makes sense...

  • TONY T11/20/2006

    you can wear this absolute astounding and very long lasting scent. ADG can go to hell.

  • SPACE PILGRIM06/09/2006

    ...............that it's the teenie bopper version of the infamous Acqua di Gio with less staying power. Perry needs to think of a new hobby other than cloning elite designers' hits and selling for cheaper.

  • ARISTOCRAT05/31/2006

    If you're looking for a compliment, bet on this ol' reliable. PE 360 Red is a very sweet, fruity scent with a tad bit of a woody essence. I think this cologne should be on the top of your list as a never fail scent. Its a a youthful scent yet not a "kiddie smell" the young laides as well as the older "hip" women will like it. Buy it and thank me later. It will not fail you.

  • TONY T04/17/2006


  • JESUS CHRSTO03/24/2006

    This a great smelling fragrence and for the money its unbelieveable. At first i thought it smelled like Axe Tsunami but then when i finally found that frap in stores i compared and its nothing alike, do yourselves a favor and buy this. For the prive this site is selling a 1.7 I got a 3.4 (not a tester). from somewhere called 99 Perfume or somthing.

  • VITALY02/18/2006

    I'm from Russia, bought 360 red in NY and can't find it here. And can tell you, that it is the best perfume! Will try to get it from USA again! Somebody can help?

  • NIKITA 02/13/2006

    If you don't already know Perry came out with a Dolce & Gabana ditto called Perry Ellis Portfolio Green. Smells exactly the same and cost way less. Why pay more?

  • RX-801/24/2006

    Pretty much what I've read, a cheaper (and less versatile) version of Acqua di Gio and not bad at all.

  • M.R.12/26/2005

    Very few fragrances out there will top Armani including PE especially if it smells identical to the ever famous Acqua di Gio. If you wear this scent, don't be surprised if someone says you're wearing AdG.

  • TONY T11/22/2005

    hates on mr.ellis.he makes good copies plain and simple.who wants to pay up to 60 bucks for a cologne that came out more than a decade ago??(ADG)..U CAN GET 360 RED FOR 20 BUCKS.that's savings.also try 360 white if u like 360 red.white is an exact copy of jean paul which came out more than a decade ago and still costs around 45 2 60 bucks.white is a bit lighter but hey no complaints from me as i got a tester for less than 20 bucks.(3.4oz).my only question for perry is who's next.since it appears that he only chooses solidified mainstream colognes is angel out of the question??hmm.. we shall see.. i am pretty sure that is what's next.or, maybe cool water or dreamer. no angel because it is more expensive and perry needs 2 pass on the savings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SYLVIA J11/21/2005

    If you have to smell like you're wearing Acqua di Gio, then so be it...........obviously stick w/Armani and not this kiddie water!! Or if you're simply trying to save money then try Bellagio which is almost up there with ADG as far as the similarity minus the youthfulness.

  • JEFF11/18/2005

    As with all Perry Ellis scents, this one is a copy of another designers idea, and not a very good one. I gave up on PE colognes when I grew up and realized that you get what you pay for, and with PE, its not much.

  • DANNY10/03/2005

    This stuff in a couple words just smells GREAT! I wore this for only two days so far and I already got 3 compliments on how good it smells, from the ladies. DEFINATELY worth a try, but this fragrance is not very suitable for people 30+ just cuz it's very sweet. Great for the playas. =)

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE10/02/2005

    360 Red is in other words a somewhat youthful version of Acqua di Gio and not bad at all.

  • X.G.09/23/2005

    Although Acqua di Gio is way too commonly worn, I'll go with Armani over PE anyday of the week! This is basically the kids' version of ADG.

  • KINGJON09/06/2005

    I rated this poor earlier, and I still have the huge bottle so I sprayed alot on me.. I thought it went away so fast but I can smell it so light... I went to out to get a drink and the waitress was saying something in spanish to two of the girls I was with. I said, what she say, they said that she said that I smelled so wonderful and sexy... I was like eh? I don't smell it! Aparently, people can smell this and I can barely smell it. They also said it smells great on me. Maybe my nose is messed up but oh well. Give this a try, I don't smell anything but a spice but my nose has to be 1 inch away from it. Trust me, people can smell it.. Even if you cant.

  • DAN09/02/2005

    I exhausted Happy about 3 years ago, but if memory serves, Happy smells exactly like 360 Red, at least the bass. I find the staying power to be average for men's eau de toilette. Definently floral fruity straddling unisex territory.

  • DAN09/02/2005

    I exhausted Happy about 3 years ago, but if memory serves, Happy smells exactly like 360 Red, at least the bass. I find the staying power to be average for mens eau de toilette. Definently floral fruity straddling unisex territory.

  • KINGJON08/24/2005

    this stuff goes away in about an hour or less!. not worth the low price for it. It last as long as candie's for men. I can not smell that thing at all. well I can, but nothing sweet. both = garbage

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI08/12/2005

    I had lunch withan ex GF today while wearing this cologne--she's leaving her third husband and dammit! She didn't rip my clothes off! Just talked about how she'll lose her house to the bum, etc. Women have a strange set of priorities. I did rip my own off because the temperature hit 90 degrees and I was reeking of 360 El Rojo. Stronger then I realized! Yes it's an upbeat summertime cologne but at 90 degrees you should: a) Let your ex gf pay for lunch, just as she offered. b) Complain that PE 360 Red, which costs about thirty bucks is not as good as $180 Creed Orange Spice, and besides it reminds you of Acqua di Gio 3.) See her one more time and if she doesn't rip your clothes off then, throw it in the trash or stop seeing re-cycled ex's 4) Get St Johns (not St John, the last s is important--different brand ) Caribbean Bay Rum colognes for whenever the thermometer comes close to the Equatorial 90 degrees 5) Get Baccardi Rum and get plastered until the heat wave cools off 6) All of the above. Mensa, anyone?

  • MALEFACTOR08/08/2005

    very unoriginal. Smells similar to Subtil by Ferragamo. And there's a bit of Aqua di Gio in there, too.

  • DESI07/14/2005

    It smells nice, but it is a bit on the light side for me, and fades quickly... but the price is right

  • KINGJON07/13/2005

    kinda fruity? i can not smell fruit in it. I think it smells bad. How do people like this stuff? I can spray one time and it gives me a headache. Two thumbs down.

  • ROB H.07/01/2005

    Smells similar to Acqua di Gio/Bellagio but a more positive note is that wearing this, you won't be like every other guy walking around claiming to be "Mr GQ smooth because I'M WEARING GIORGIO ARMANI!". Definitely the best alternative to ADG.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI06/27/2005

    Far better than Acqua di Watermelon (Gio). A slight, repeat slight resemblance but you could just as easily argue that it slightly resembles Creed Millesime Imperial ! Who cares? This is a fresh, happy, sexy, upbeat spring/summer/ let's wear jeans and get casual scent. So only wear it for work if you love your job. Why waste a good time? ( btw,Thx Tony for recommending) Mercifully this is not easily found at stores, so it won't be overused. Neck to neck with my previous all time summer cologne , Ferrari Black. However 360 red has more complex notes, which is not a bad thing by any means if they harmonize. They do. Hmm... what do you know, another 5 star review for this product.

  • CROW_WATCHER06/18/2005

    Let me describe it to you this way, be ready for the comments and women asking you what your wearing. Maybe it's just me but the women LOVED IT! They seemed to want to smell my neck! However, its a cologne you should not use lightly to have the full effect. Spray liberal amounts but don't "bathe" yourself in it. Too much of any colonge will cause headaches. It's a sweet, fruity scent but not too "fruity" if ya know what I mean. And you cant beat the price. Take it from someone who loves to spend money on cologne, this competes with the big priced colonge yet better scent. Thank me later when you wear it and the ladies comment you.

  • TONY T06/01/2005

    one guy posted and said it smelled similiar to the new issey. i purchased a bottle (tester) and this really wreaks. sporty,somewhat fresh minty scent. am i the only that wonders why in the hell do designers copy so much... alaa boss soul, dunhill desire and allure???

  • ZACH05/02/2005

    I continue to get girls telling me how great i smell with this cologne. You will not be disappointed.

  • SOLYTAIRE04/26/2005

    Blue isnt bad. It is not quite as aquatic nor fresh smelling as Red. A bit more sweet and forward with its notes. Just my opinion tho.

  • ATAO1604/18/2005

    360 red is awsome, my gf loves it and so do her friends

  • NIKITA 03/24/2005

    Perry finally came through! This cologne is THE BOMB!! It's probably in the same category as acqua di gio (ADG is more sandy-citrus) but doesn't smell exactly like it like these people are saying. RED smells so good. Believe the hype at the mall. If your looking for a fresh fragrance that is affordable get this.

  • MICHAEL03/02/2005

    Perhaps the best fragrance by Perry Ellis. 360 Red has exemplary notes that are not overpowering.

  • TONY T02/20/2005

    anybody smelled that fragrance and if so can you compare it to 360 red?

  • NIKI02/05/2005

    this is a cologne everyone will love. I get complimnets on this one all the time and the price is affordable

  • TONY T01/31/2005

    huh? where? everyone here is an expert though. this is a stimulating sexy manly fragrance for day night afternoon foreplay whatever and affordable compare that to acqua di gio!!!

  • CAIUS01/21/2005

    A very nice, clean scent. Perfect for everyday use. This is better than the regular Perry Ellis 360.

  • RMJ01/14/2005

    This stuff smells good and is completely unlike the original 360. This smells much more like watery fruit. It reminds me of acqua di gio with some of the watery fruit from Coolwater Deep in it. I'm tempted to take off a star for it's unoriginality, but the scent itself was such a pleasant suprise that i won't.

  • SOLYTAIRE01/11/2005

    Ill just say this: I get a compliment on this cologne everyday I wear it, from both women and men. (that could be a good or bad thing depending on which sandbox you play in if u get my drift). I personally thought it was just OK until I started getting so many compliments on it. Now Im definitely gonna re up. It undoubtedly will please the ladies. No questions asked.

  • MARK01/06/2005

    This is a nice scent, to me it smells almost identical to acqua di gio which isn't a bad thing. Maybe not original though.

  • PEPE LE PEW12/24/2004

    I think this is the best scent in the Perry Ellis line of colognes. I am not a fan of the Perry Ellis line of colognes but this one is unique and appealing. So much that I have it in my collection now.

  • MATU12/03/2004

    Just Great!! an amazing youht fragance that women love

  • R.J.06/23/2004


  • Y06/15/2004

    HOT HOT HOT Very sensual.. a must buy

  • AJW05/07/2004

    Wonderful. Not too sweet not too masculine. Cinnamin or nutmeg stands out for me but mostly a nice blend of scents.

  • JASON04/15/2004

    Good stuff. It is in the same realm as Aqua di gio, but also has a Drakkar smell mixed into it. I'd say it's a combo of those two.

  • W.B.04/06/2004


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