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Sarah Jessica Parker


159 Reviews

Lovely perfume is inspired by her love of layering unexpected fragrances, Sarah Jessica Parker blends a scent of pure innocence with the exotic nature of a precious oil and the sophistication of a fine perfume. Lavender, orchid and amber mingle with apple martini, paper whites and musk. The result, Sarah Jessica Parker's casual glamour fashioned more

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Lovely perfume is inspired by her love of layering unexpected fragrances, Sarah Jessica Parker blends a scent of pure innocence with the exotic nature of a precious oil and the sophistication of a fine perfume. Lavender, orchid and amber mingle with apple martini, paper whites and musk. The result, Sarah Jessica Parker's casual glamour fashioned into a fragrance.

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  • DENETTE01/17/2012

    Lovely is just that…it is LOVELY! It is warm and inviting and lasts all day on me. I wore it today and I am writing this review 8 hours after I first sprayed it and I still catch whiffs of myself! This scent is also very strong, so you don’t need a lot of sprays. I have to remember to go easy on it when I wear it to work. I have heard that it is being discontinued and I hope that is not true. It is a beautiful fragrance that is timeless.

  • NADINE01/10/2012

    The name speaks for itself...this scent is simply lovely. I have made it my signature fragrance. Both men and women alike compliment me whenever I'm wearing it and the scent, although I cannot smell it, lingers seductively on the skin for quite some time. Kudos SJP

  • ANNE12/29/2011

    this was a gift for my daughter and she loves this perfume so it is a hit!

  • ARICIA04/26/2009

    Excellent staying power, with a floral/musk/cola-esque fragrance. Smells both youthful and mature.

  • ANNAATHENS12/03/2008

    For the life of me I will never understand why SJP's perfumemakers created such a truly lovely fragrance but didn't give it more strength. I can spray and spray and hardly detect the scent at all. Her other frag, Covet, is the opposite, imho, too strong and not at all lovely. RATS!

  • CAT09/23/2008

    Love the scent, but IT DOES NOT LAST...... What a disappointment. I love SJP, but give it some staying power. P.S. For those of u who care,I hated Covet........ Nasty!

  • DMARIE07/04/2008

    Smells pretty. First time trying and I do like it alot I think I will buy full size I bought a rollerball. Very pretty scent but covet (her new one) is much more complex and smells better! Besides this one is way too popular and I don't want to smell like the rest of America!

  • KLM04/29/2008


  • BARBARA W04/09/2008

    I'm pretty surprised by all the reviewers who say this doesn't last. It's quite tenacious on my skin, lasting for hours. Make sure to ask people around you if they can smell it - sometimes you get used to your own scent and can't smell it anymore, but others can.

  • DIANA03/17/2008

    I just bought a bottle of Lovely by SJP. I like it but I agree with those who say that it doesn't last. I also notice some similarity to Rumeur by Lanvin. Let me know, if you have the same impression.

  • ANG02/20/2008

    It's name speaks for itself, it's absolutely lovely! It's very soft, suttle and feminine. It is by far my favorite perfume. Not to mention all the compliments i get from the guys!! that's always a plus


    I don't love it, nice but not fabulous, everyone who wears this says "it doesn't last"

  • REBECCA12/29/2007

    Great fragrance...lovely. But, as stated in other comments, it does not last long.

  • DARRSHAN12/19/2007

    this is very similar to NR so pls dont go for this. again this dosent last much, were as NR is more sophasticated and lasts a long .

  • JEANNIE 12/18/2007

    At first I truly disliked it and thought I would not buy it; received it as a present last year lol and surprisingly have received so many compliments and fallen in love with it. Isnt it amazing what one pushes away at first; one is now purchasing for gifts for this christmas?

  • STEPH12/17/2007

    My daughter rec'd this from her husband and didn't like it much at first. He said all the girls at work told him to buy it for her. I sprayed it on me and she used it againand I thought it smelled wonderful on her the second time she used it. I like it too. for some reason, the first couple of sprays outa the bottle were not that good. Later it was better. Weird.

  • DEBBIE11/27/2007

    Pretty scent,has that pretty rich spoiled girl kinda feel to it. unfortunatley you have to spray it on every half hour if YOU want the scent to last. I love sarah jessica parker i'm alot like her charcter on sex and the ciy but I wouldn't put a perfume on the market that has such a beautiful lovely scent that has to be reaplied all day long ,that's not fair.

  • JULIETTE11/27/2007

    If you want to smell like a martini. I was told that this scent is gin and vodka and roses?

  • VICKIE09/19/2007

    I tried the tester and walked around the mall for a few minutes to give this a chance. I received a number of compliments in that short period of time. Of course I purchased the fragrance. Three hours later I could still smell this fragrance. It all depends on your body chemistry. To me, this is a nice fragrance and I am pleased with my purchase.

  • GREEKGIRL09/18/2007

    and i must say its really nice, i think a lot nicer than Lovely, reminds me a little of Hypnotic Poison with some greenery added, really nice, also reminds me of a frag i used to wear when i was about 12 in the 70's but i cant remember the name, also tried the new Mariah Carey frag called just "M" which is also very nice smells like a sweeter version of Chanel 19 which i luv, too many lovely new frags on sale and i cant keep up!

  • JEMMA08/31/2007

    Id like to add that it smells more like bug spay than anything. REVOLTING!

  • JEMMA08/31/2007

    I so wanted to love this perfume but i found it smelt like cleaning detergent. It also gave me a bad headache.

  • PAZZO08/29/2007

    I love the new perfume by SJP.Something about it is very different from the rest of the perfumes in the market right now.I loved lovely too, but had a problem with it's staying powers.If covet lasts longer on me that lovely, i might just get that as my next perfume.The bottle is gorgeous and a great improvement over lovely's bottle.

  • BARBARA W08/17/2007

    I like it very much, but it took a while for me to warm up to it. I was expecting something dark and edgy (given the name and ad campaign), so I was surprised. The initial blast is very strange - green and "grassy", but after about 15 minutes and it morphs into something quite nice and difficult to describe. Notes for Covet include "top notes of wet greens, geranium leaves, Sicilian lemon, lavender and chocolate; a heart of honeysuckle, magnolia and muguet, and a drydown of musk, vetiver, bois de cashmere, teakwood and amber. It's not heavy at all, though, as the notes might suggest. Retains a fresh, light, slightly sweet quality throughout the drydown. Nice follow up to Lovely, different and innovative scent. SJP is making a mark!

  • SARA08/10/2007


  • KATHY Z.07/22/2007

    I really love Lovely. One of the best of 2005. Patchouli and lavender. I love orientals and chypres and this is right up my alley. Beautiful for fall and winter. Would definately repurchase.

  • ANGELIQUE06/25/2007

    Smells like a less sumptuous version of Narciso's 'For Her'. Don't get me wrong, 'Lovely' is a nice scent, but for me it's missing that little something that makes 'nice' become 'luxurious'. If I hadn't known Narciso Rodriguez's fragrance before trying this one, I might have liked it more. But as far as the comparison between the two fragrances, 'Lovely' Reminds me of one of those copy perfumes. Whilst they smell very similar to the real thing (in this case the Narciso), it just doesn't QUITE make the grade.

  • ZEKIYE05/11/2007

    I am sick of seeing "Old Lady Perfume". There seems to be someone on every single board thinking a perfume is "Old Lady". Ok, we got it. Can you be more specific PLEASE???

  • LINDA05/10/2007

    A clean, soft scent which I adore! Cute name and bottle too! What suprises me, is that it's very sophisticated! Il'l give it 4 stars, since I think it needs moore staying power

  • CK DITTO! VIKTORIA03/21/2007

    Yes! Viktoria, I agreed 100%! It does smell like Narciso Rodriguez perfume, it a little more sweetness to it. It is a sub for NR if you can't get it. Deadringer for it.

  • VIKTORIA03/12/2007

    I 35years old and I love Narciso Rodriguez perfume. I think it's quite a mature ladies scent as it's quite strong & lingering. I just put one spray on my clothing and it's enough to last through the whole day. My boyfriend hates it though.

  • ANGIE02/21/2007

    When I first put on Lovely, I liked it. It smells like the name, 'Lovely'. But, after I had it on for a while it became kind of cloying, little too strong, almost headache provoking. It actually smells like the classic scent called 'Ysatis' by Givenchy from 1985. I had to wash off Lovely once I realized this. It also has sort of an 'old lady scent' to it that overrides anything nice about it. Dissapointed.

  • AIMEE02/20/2007

    I'm not one to gravitate to celebrity-inspired fragrances but I must say I like this. It is clean and gentle but it has body! Upscale aroma.

  • RACHAEL02/20/2007

    at first- very first on the test card it smelt sharp and apple martiniee- and is very sharp for a while, but when it settles its bodacious and so sexy! mmmmm

  • BLACKAMBERMOON02/19/2007

    ...and not in a bad way. This has a very retro, nostalgic smell to me. SJP and I are about the same age, and maybe that's one of the reasons I identify with this fragrance. I know she based it on the drugstore fragrances she used to mix and match as a young woman, and she's succeeded in recapturing that era. I really like it, and will probably always keep a bottle in my rotation. Wonder if I'd have the same reaction if I ever smelled "Love's Baby Soft" again... ;-)

  • MKM02/08/2007

    When I first smelled this on a tester strip, I thought it smelled OK. However, when I put it on my skin, I couldn't wait to wash it off. It made me nauseated. It DOES really remind me of old ladies. It's just a bit too flowery for my tastes.

  • LAURETTA02/04/2007

    nice scent but has a hint of androgenity to it. i think its the musk. kind of reminds me like a mild CK 1

  • KALINA02/02/2007

    i think this isnt great at all..some actors should just stick to what they do best..ACT!!!

  • NETTIE02/01/2007

    that's what my partner said. I must agree, it has a soft side, but it seems as if it almost stings. Simply not for me. I'm 31, doubt that helps, thought I would throw it out there. My step sister is 28 and she loves it. She also loves baby phat and addias frags. I on the other hand prefer, scents such as By Woman D&B, Curious In Control Spears, Live Lopez, Euphoria, Lolita Lempecka, Armani Code, Aqua Di Gio just to name a few. Note, my step sister is a smoker, I think it's possible that most smokers prefer something with a sharper edge. Not so subtle. Just a theory.

  • ZEKIYE01/15/2007

    I know SJP and NR are great buds but what does he think of her copying his perfume note for note???

  • LAWYERCHIC01/06/2007

    I absolutely love this fragrance. I wear it at least three times a week to work. I have received several compliments on the choice. Lovely, Body by Victoria and Gucci Envy Me are my absolute favorites. If you like Body or Gucci, then you will love LOVELY. It's "LOVELY". What's not to love?

  • WIZARD OF AHHHHS12/28/2006

    Lovely is wonderful! The best part about the perfume is that when I travel from Texas to New Mexico, it becomes a different scent. Both great but it's almost like having 2 different perfumes. Remember ladies, it all depends on where you live as to how a scent will evolve on your skin! Let's start a trend by ending our comments as to where we live. Happy New Year!! TEXAS

  • MAXXX12/26/2006

    This perfume is such a 'dark horse'. I sprayed a tester and thought...'well ok i suppose'...five minutes later...wowee could'nt stop smelling my wrist! Lovley is the correct title for this...actually gorgeous would be even better!

  • NICOLE12/15/2006

    I found a cheaper alternative to this & NR if you don't like the idea of spending too much money. Arden's new "Red door velvet" smells exactly like this! If not better. It's stronger like NR, so be careful with applying too much.

  • LYNN12/15/2006

    Tried this after my daughter requested this for a gift. Loved it! Several friends also tried it but, as with many fragrances, it did not smell the same on them. Some people rave about other fragrances that smell horrible on me. Personal tastes and individual chemistry I guess.

  • JET12/12/2006

    I have smelled this, and I have to say, "who wants to smell like a martini"? I even had a sample of it...tried and immediately washed it off. I don't want to smell like I just spent the night in a bar.

  • J12/10/2006

    I think Brandy had a little too much brandy. This stuff is the best. I think some of the crirics are perfume expert wannabe's. Bashing a product makes them seem like they know something.

  • REBECCA12/07/2006

    I really wanted to love this, but on me the scent seems far too linear... Just simple musk. The lasting power is meek at best, as it is a "skin scent". I'm sure it lasts on some and smells amazing, but I couldn't bare to spend money on it just for the namesake. Also, I don't like the packaging (the fill line is low) It makes me think that it's used even though it's not. I say, fill it up to the top and then sell it!

  • TALKGIRL12/05/2006

    I love this fragrance. Very clean and classy smelling!!!!! I will make this one my signature fragrance!!!!!!

  • LAURINHA12/04/2006


  • SAIRA12/01/2006

    i tried this at the mall and when i got home 2 hours later there was no trace of it.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE11/28/2006

    Not overly sweet. A nice scent that is slightly above average. No lasting power however. Scent completely gone in 2 hours. I would buy it in a bind, as it is passable.

  • ANNETTE11/24/2006

    I had purchased this perfume from a store several months ago, and was just browsing this site to see if i can get it at a better rate, to give away as a gift. I am shocked to read these comments about the staying power of the perfume. When I spray on Lovely, it lingers on right till the next day. It really has a LONG-lasting effect.

  • BOBBIE11/18/2006

    Another Major complaint, Has absolutely not clinging aroma after spraying. Have sprayed three times to no avail. Too expensive for this kind of result. Seems dilluted.

  • KATHRYN11/01/2006

    One way that you could prolong the life of a fragrance is to rub a bit of cold cream or vaseline on your wrist and then spray the fragrance. The cold cream or vaseline forms a film that will trap the fragrance, and it usually does not interfere with it.

  • PAZZO10/27/2006

    I have a big problem with lovely even tho i really love it.The staying power is zilch on me.I spray it on and within 5 mins i can't smell anything.It's like i haven't worn perfume at all.Not even a mild shadow of scent.Considering the price i think it's a big drawback.Especially knowing that SJP's holy grail is a perfume called skin musk on which she based this scent and that scent costs 3$ in K mart and lasts much longer than lovely.I certainly won't buy this one again.

  • LAURA10/24/2006

    Love this fragrance, but it doesn't last longer than an hour!! The liquid satin smells even better than the perfume. I love it but I wish it were much stronger

  • LOUISE10/20/2006

    I don't know what to say about Lovely, except that I just love it. I wish it had more staying power, but maybe that's because my nose has grown accustomed to it. It gets my husband's seal of approval, which is great as he doesn't like many perfumes. A winner!!

  • SEXY KITTEN10/13/2006

    the scent is very much like a lighter version of clinique aromatics's a beautiful scent but wears off quickly...nice for daytime but the soapy notes in it seem like it would likely bother those who are sensitive

  • MIJA10/13/2006

    ohhhhhhhh i love this stuff. I can't get enough of it. Have yall tried her liquid silk Lovely? OMG I LOVE IT TOO. and she has a new one coming out soon.......I bet it will be wonderful too.

  • SEXY KITTEN10/12/2006

    my friend and I went out one evening and she smelled absolutely divine wearing lovely...however is was fleeting...totally gone after a couple of hours...not great performance for the 86 canadian dollars it retails for.

  • CINDY10/08/2006

    I first heard of Lovely on Opra, I tried it and everyone tells me this fragrance was made for me. Thanks

  • BABYCAKES09/23/2006

    didn't like it the first time trying it when it came out and i tried it again yesterday and fell in love with it,going to purchase a bottle next week!! :)

  • SMITTEN09/21/2006

    Yes it has a naked kind of feel to it but it does not remind me of Patchoulli at all. I cannot stand the slightest whiff of that Patchoulli!! SJP however is wonderful. I cant stop smelling my wrist now that I have purchased it. It is warm and the person who said it was romantic- that is exactly right. It is very romantic, warm and a personal fragrance. I love it!

  • BRONTE09/19/2006

    i keep tring to like this scent, i think i do but then again no. really, lovely and rodriquez both smell kind of funky, it kinda remind me of stink body oder with perfume on it. mmm maybe i dont like it.

  • LUSI09/12/2006

    Lovely is an excelent perfume. A very romantic scent. Special. And yes, it is VERY similar to narciso rodriguez !!!

  • BARBARA W09/10/2006

    Thanks for sharing your layering tips! I know lots of women think I'm crazy for layering, but I get amazing results, and it's fun. What a great story about your mom and dad...I love the Opium and Cinnabar combination and never knew someone else did, too! Brought a smile to my face! Take care. :)

  • LYNN09/02/2006

    Lovely reminds me somewhat of 60's hippies, a very retro smell. Still not too sure on this one but only had it on a while.

  • BELLE08/29/2006

    This smells so much like Narciso Rodriguez! Plus, it's cheaper! I have both & love them, but they really are so very similar!!!!

  • TALKGIRL08/25/2006

    I think this fragrance is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I smelled it on a tester and I can't wait to buy it!!!

  • FRAGRANTONE07/24/2006

    I love to layer and combine fragrances. I layer just the barest dab of Opium over Coco, with gratifying results...heaven! Hubby's favorite scent on me. (just for reference, I'm 35, this combo might not yet suit a lady of 20). I have amped up Stella by layering with amber or rose single notes, depending on what I feel like that day, with compliment drawing results. I have been known to layer Lovely by SJP with a subtle vanilla or a sparkling white musk. I was shocked to see that someone else in the world layers Opium over Cinnabar; my mother has done for years! I can't wait to tell her that other women have discovered that. My father behaves shamelessley, even in public, when she wears Cinnabar + Opium - he was caught on film snuffling her neck during a wedding!

  • MICHELLE07/24/2006

    This would be a beautiful scent if it were lighter. It is just too over-powering. I went to the mall in the morning and put one spray on my arm. Went through the day doing chores, took a swim that evening and it was still over-powering. It does smell nice, but needed to be toned down a bit.

  • BARBARA W07/22/2006

    Hello! Some other perfumes I mix are Casmir and Burberry (the original in the round bottle), Opium and Cinnabar, and Black Cashmere with Must by Cartier. I don't spray them on top of one another, but separately at different pulse points. Somehow, it works, and I get lots of compliments. All of these wonderful perfumes can definitely stand on their own (Lovely certainly can!), but sometimes it's fun to experiment. I think many perfumes are complimentary, provided they are from the same category and have similar notes. Perfume is a lot like fashion; you can mix it up to get a unique fragrance all your own. That is, after all, how Sarah Jessica created Lovely! She used to mix different perfumes with oils to create a signature scent. Have fun, and let me know if you find some other good combos. Ciao, Barbara

  • BRANDY07/20/2006

    And the fact that some1 would layer this w/stella (another strong scent) is just scary. But what do u expect when SJP admits to layering fragrances. That's what this bottle smells like. A bunch of heady florals doused w/musk and sandalwood.

  • NASTASSIA07/12/2006

    I've never tried it to mix scents, and seriously, the kind of scents that I like mostly do stand alone. You, along with other reviewers, have put out what perfumes you all like to mix, and I can't wait to try one for myself; but until then, do you know any other perfumes that you mix up?

  • REBECCA07/07/2006

    I don't think that the lavender stands out as a dominant note, it blends in with the other notes. It's really just something you have to test out, and then decide.

  • CATHERINE06/16/2006

    i just bought it last night, actually i had no intentions of buying a perfume but after just trying it on at the counter, i was totally hooked. I bought the perfume and the lotion set.. never been so happy.. I just love sarah

  • BELLE06/10/2006

    I wear Narciso Rodriguez for her. I heard Lovely smells similar to it. However, Lovely contains lavender(which i don't like). Does the lavender note dominate the scent? I don't think Narciso contains lavender, yet people compare these two scents with each other. Comments/info appreciated!

  • *BARBARA W*05/18/2006

    Both Lovely and Stella can certainly hold their own alone, but I like to play around and layer scents sometimes, and Lovely and Stella are an interesting combination! Yesterday, I alternated spritzes...some Stella on the cleavage, some Lovely on the get the idea. Got lots of compliments. It's fun! Does anyone else layer their scents??

  • HELEN05/13/2006

    I have found my frangrance 4 the rest of my life! This frangrance completes me! I'm done looking! I knew I would love it before I tried it! My husband loves it as well! Good job, Mrs. Parker, and thank you!!!!!!!! Helen

  • MICHELLE05/10/2006

    I'm always looking for different. And this goes on musky, then dries down to a flowery scent, but a deep, faceted flower, not one that makes you sneeze. I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me, as was the case with many of the raters here. Get it. And spray it on, don't just smell the tester paper or the bottle. It doesn't do it justice.

  • *BARBARA W*05/08/2006

    The envelope, please! CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) have announced their winners in the fragrance category: for women, Lovely - for men, Ralph Lauren Polo Black. :) Enjoy!

  • PERFUMEGAL05/06/2006

    When I first smelled lovely I wasn't impressed. Then I smelled it again and is so incredibly unique. I ran out and got the gift set. I feel so good wearing it. I get so many compliments...especially from men. SJP knows her stuff....and I must say she is the only celebrity whose perfume I would purchase. You ladies should all own a bottle of lovely.

  • MICHELLE05/03/2006

    I love it!!! I get a lot of compliments when I am wearing it. It works with my body chemistry.

  • TERESA MARCH05/01/2006

    Thanks Sarah. You make all of us "Lovely" ladies. I love it girl!!!! Keep up the good work.

  • KATHY04/28/2006

    I really don't understand what all this fuss is about. Tried this one last week and I was not impressed with it. It was so overpowering and unpleasant until the dry down, then it smelled of Lavender. I thought this was something an old, very old woman might wear..and I never say THAT. This just plain reminded me of a great-grandmother type of scent. My husband kept commenting on how bad and strong this one was! Oh, well, just a matter of opinion here.

  • ARYA04/25/2006

    Lovely was a gift to myself from a very special person in my life. ME! I chose it, I bought it, and now I wear it. ALL WITH PRIDE OF A WOMAN WHO LIKES TO INDULGE IN FINER THINGS IN LIFE!!!!

  • PETRA04/05/2006

    Ok, I am a perfume snob. I collect perfume, try perfume, judge perfume. I am not a fan of celebrity perfumes, so this one didn't catch me when I first smelled it sprayed on testing paper. But a friend was wearing it the other day and WOW. This is very danty, soft and noticable. I recommend that you layer it with the body products to get the most out of it. It does dry down to a different preferable scent.

  • YELLIE03/30/2006

    Lovely to me stands for soft and sexy. I love SJP and this smells really reminds me of what she stood for in the Sex and the City show as Kerri Bradshaw. Sexy, smart, vulnerable, but strong too. This scent is all that and so much more. It's gentle and soft but also very powerful and very sexy.

  • SASHA03/26/2006

    Really ladies what could be better then Lovely? I so love this smell and always get loads of compliments on it whenever I wear it. This is a fragrance that's just perfect for any occasion and any company. I truly enjoy wearing it. It was perfect this winter and is just awesome for the spring and summer too.

  • KAIKO03/26/2006

    Lovely is a pretty girl smell and I sure am a pretty girl, so this perfume suits me perfectly. Well really I have no idea what all the confussion is about and why all these woman complain here saying that they don't like it. If you don't like it please don't wear it, no one is forcing it on you (I hopd). But I really love my Lovely cuz it smells so very good.

  • LESLIE03/24/2006

    Without a doubt my new fave perfume. The heavenly soft foral fragant is so divine and elegant. And frangance that all women will love.

  • ANEELA03/23/2006

    Lovely was amongst Oprah's Favorite Items for 2005 show. I haven't bought it yet but thought I should share it with everybody. it does smell nice when sniffed out of the bottle or on the wrist.

  • LEXIE03/19/2006

    Could anything so average cause such as asthma attack? The synthetic smell of florals and chemical is overwhelming. Touted as being "Sarah's casual glamour fashioned into a fragrance" the stench speaks for itself.

  • VIOLET03/17/2006

    people who wear this should be flogged!!! scary strong floral with some horrendous undertone.

  • LOVELY03/14/2006

    this perfume is lovely just like me. i receive so many compliments on the smell. I love it!!!!!!!

  • BONNIE03/14/2006

    I really love this love, lovely, lovliest fragrance ~ I layer it with the lotion and get so many compliments, and it REALLY lasts too.

  • LAUREN03/07/2006

    I really do love this fragrance!! I'm suprised that no one thinks it smells similar to White Linin...does anyone agree? Well anyway it really smells wonderful!

  • S03/07/2006

    This is a great year-round scent. It begins in a harsh way, but let it sit for at least 5 minutes before judging it. It has a soft and subtle musk, and it's really delicate and feminine. The bottle is so beautiful, too.

  • PAZZO03/07/2006

    I just love this perfume.It 's the perfect blend of woody and floral.Really the musk factor makes it just lovely.Cheers to u SJP for this fragrance which is so diff. from paris or jlo or britney's perfumes which all smell sweet and similar.

  • CASSANDRA02/19/2006

    Lovely is not to be hated but to be enjoyed. I guess we all have different tastes and that's good too. I love Lovely. I think it smells a little bit like NR but better actually. This is not really just a floral it's a whole lot more to me. Lasting power could be better considering it’s an EDP, but I will still buy again when I run out. Lots of compliments on this one always.

  • FEBRUARY02/18/2006

    I'm not too thrilled with the top notes. It's a bit overwhelming to me. However when it dries down, the mid notes really shine through -- soft, floral, and warm. It's not terrible, but I was expecting a bit... more.

  • FERNANADA02/17/2006

    very much alike Aanis anais, smells cheap and a bunch of lilys. definately for young women, my husband said it smells like her grandma

  • DENISE02/14/2006

    I am usually not so abrupt on my postings but all I can think of to say about this one is I hate it.

  • NANCIEJEAN02/12/2006

    This was VERY flowery for the first hour or two. One spritz from the tester and it seemed like I could taste it. My husband did comment on it in the car..." it smells like you were testing perfume." That was it and he cracked the window! It did tone down a little to a musky smell, but still not deep or complex enough notes that I wanted to explore and smell. I can't rate is a horrible, because I do agree that fragrances behave differently on different people indeed. So, do try a test run...don't just buy because of the celebrity name..and I do love SATC, by the way.

  • KARRIANNE02/10/2006

    Lovely is by far one of the nicest new scents in the stores these days. My Lovely is perfect for me. This is a perfect blend of all that's nice

  • SUE02/10/2006

    I bought this perfume after reading the posts on this site about how great this perfume smelled....boy was I disappointed after trying it!! On me it smells like something an old lady would wear. It's really strong and it made me cough and sneeze all day. I couldn't stand the smell of myself. It smells like strong toilet water. I expected a really feminine floral scent, but it just smells like musky bug spray! YUCK -definitely not for me!

  • KALAI02/02/2006

    Lovely is a gentle scent, but that does not translate into it being a scent that does not last. I see that as a common mistake when describing this fragrance. So the major problem with this one for most reviewers is that it does not last! BUT IT ACTUALLY REALLY DOES LAST. Again, maybe it's chemistry but I have the EDP and Lovely stays with me throughout the day, (I like reapplying normally with other fragrances (ADDICT is one of them - I guess I just love those top notes so much) but with Lovely I find it really unnecessary to do that). Again who says that you cannot reapply it! If you like a scent, don't be silly to think that if you spray it in the morning it has to last you until nightfall - GO AHEAD REAPPLY!!! Some women just have very dry skin and that would make all the difference in the longevity of their fragrances. I've seen someone say this and I will repeat it: "If you have dry skin, please use a good moisturizer, not only will you benefit from having nicer, smoother and sexier skin that's radiant and begs to be touched but your scent will last much longer too." Lovely is one of my new favorites and as Sylvie says it's a new one with complexity! I really like that.

  • AMBER02/02/2006

    im in love with lovely, to the extent that i got jelous when friends were buying my signiture sent! its a pitty it wears off so easly but its still my all time favourite

  • SYLVIE02/01/2006

    Yesterday I tested this brandnew Lovely. I'm surprised, because I expected a sweeter scent. It's a cool and sophisticated white floral fragrance. Clean, soapy, uplifting fresh and classy. Nice on the right woman. Some ladies compared Lovely with Narciso R. - I cannot agree. Narciso is more synthetic-"spicy" aggressiv and the drydown is only pure musk. Lovely's drydown is white-floral-transparent (maybe my nose fool me, but I can smell lily of the valley). I can smell a similarity to the classic fragrance Anais Anais by Cacharel. Here a subscription: "From "Sex and the City" star to fragrance entrepreneur, actress Sarah Jessica Parker leads the fashion pack with her iconic sense of style. Lovely begins with a quirky apple martini accord, and segues into a white floral heart enriched with orchid and paperwhites. Patchouli, musk, and amber weave a silky tapestry reminiscent of mossy woods. The fragrance is presented in an egg-shaped, curvy pink bottle that exudes femininity, and that Parker helped design. Classic yet contemporary, Lovely is pure romance. "©

  • TAMMY01/31/2006

    I had the same problem with Lovely as you, it disappeared on me. Try using the Lovely lotion and it should last longer on you. I know it's expensive, but it's the only way to make the fragrance last for any length of time.

  • GREEKGIRL01/31/2006

    When i was out perfume spraying i sprayed lovely on one card and narciso on the other and they are completely identical. Must say i prefer narciso (which i ended up buying) simply because it lasted longer on the card, hope this helps anyone .

  • KAREN01/27/2006

    I bought a 3.4oz bottle of Lovely and after I spray it on it disappears quickly. It only stays on me for an hour at most. So I love the scent, but I can't smell it on me after the hour is up, and no one else can smell it on me either. The perfume smells strong once you squirt it on, but after that it vanishes. Really disappointed, but like the smell, and wish it has some lasting power! I also wish I can return this, but it's too late. So I am stuck smelling like nothing until this bottle is used up.

  • CIRI01/26/2006

    every time i've worn this i've gotten awesome compliments from everyone. i was shopping the other day and the girl in the store stopped me to ask what i was wearing. then i was at my hairstylists getting low-lights done and two people asked, one was a customer the other the owner of the salon and my stylist said she was glad she heard what it was since she wanted to know too. i've been asked by others as well, and i've only had this for about three weeks. i guess i better buy another bottle in case they sell out. lol

  • LISA01/26/2006

    Lovely is gorgeous. Well done SJP!!! Do not understand those who dont like it. I have used many perfumes in my years and from good houses, and Lovely is gorgeous.

  • LUCIA01/25/2006

    At work everyone loves this fragrance. I get complements every day at least a few times. Lovely makes me feel very feminine and gentle. My boss even got a bottle for his daughter who is about my age.

  • KRISTEN01/25/2006

    I own about 20 perfumes and I have to say nothing comes close to this one. There's just something about it.. it's so elegant and beautiful. So feminine! I can't stop smelling my wrists when I wear this one and I get many compliments.. Love it!

  • MERITA01/19/2006

    When I wear Lovely I feel Lovely, when I wear Addict I feel naughty. I really love Lovely. It's so soft but stays with you for a long time. This is not a loud scent so don't try applying more, it will not make it smell louder. I wear this to work and get a load of compliments form just about everyone. It's a joyful and very lovely scent. But you can wear it on a date too, it make the person your with get closer to smell you better, I think that is a good thing. It smells gentle and delicate, but don't forget also confident and proud. I think that Lovely is an AA+ grade scent. I am happy I got it.

  • NARIKO01/03/2006

    It's funny how some people just can't appreciate something so nice. Lovely, is really just that! LOVELY! I think it smells feminine and gentle, a little like Narciso R. for HER: (I have to agree with a few other posters who said that too). But, nail polish remover? Come on! This is nothing but a wonderful, very sexy scent that both men and women compliment me on. I would try this one myself, and not listen to the negative reviews, just like mine their's is just an opinion, so make your own. You would not want to miss out on this one. Why would you?

  • NARIKO01/03/2006

    It's funny how some people just can't appreciate something so nice. Lovely, is really just that! LOVELY! I think it smells feminine and gentle, a little like Narciso R. for HER: (I have to agree with a few other posters who said that too). But, nail polish remover? Come on! This is nothing but a wonderful, very sexy scent that both men and women compliment me on. I would try this one myself, and not listen to the negative reviews, just like mine their's is just an opinion, so make your own. You would not want to miss out on this one. Why would you?

  • KW12/31/2005

    the saleswoman recommended this one to me. but all i could smell was nail polish remover.

  • MICHELLE NEW12/28/2005

    Everytime I wear this fragrance men and women always ask " What is that you're wearing?" This is one of the best fragrance I have smelled in along time. Lovely is not just a fragrance, but an experience. Thumbs up Sarah. Good Job!

  • PERFUME LOVER12/28/2005


  • KBN12/27/2005

    I received this for Christmas and am glad I requested it. The dry down is very soft and feminine; it reminds me of scented drawer liners...

  • MS. LONDON12/27/2005

    Lovely is the PERFECT name for this fragrance! It has a soft, white floral top note and a subtle musk bottom note. Warm, yet smells very clean. Might be my new signature scent!

  • YEEHAW12/26/2005

    This is such a beautiful fragrance! It is so soft, sexy and feminine at the same time. It is exaclty like it's name says......Lovely!

  • SATINA12/25/2005

    Lovely is one of my faves I have to say. Of course men love it and women do too. In the office this one is a total hit, unforgettable and unresistibel too. Try this one grils

  • MALINNA12/21/2005

    I love this scent! I work very closely with many people in a day, and have had many comments on how good I smell. Not an overpowering scent in small places (like an aircraft), but sticks around long enough not to have to reapply every few hours. I love the color and style of the packaging, but wish it would come in a plastic container. (I travel a lot and have had glass perfume containers break in suitcases.)

  • WENDY12/16/2005

    I think Lovely is a very strong/heavy perfume... It lasts very long. My boyfriend doesnt like it though... oh well... its not my favorite perfume either...

  • LADYBUG12/16/2005

    Usually I am skeptical about celebrity products (Case in point: That toilet water called Shania); but this scent is really quite soft and lovely. Nothing harsh or loud about it. I think men will like this scent on their ladies and girlfriend will admire it on each other.

  • AURELIA12/14/2005

    i love this perfume... its makes you feel sexy & glamorous, just like a goddess with one spray. i originally purchased it as a perfume for formal occasions, but found i received so many compliments i couldn't resist making it my everyday perfume, i don't feel dressed without it! The scent stays with you all day, so Lovely just has to become part of every womans perfume collection, i guarantee you'll love it!

  • DONNARAE12/10/2005

    This is my pic for fragrance of the year. Please try. I LIKE to be around people who smell this nice and fresh, not smelling like fruit or Granny's cookies.

  • LEIGHANNE12/06/2005

    I bought a magazine the other day that had a Lovely sample in it. I rubbed some on my wrist last night and could not stop smelling it. I am a perfume addict and have not smelled one like this before. Highly addictive and very sexy! It seems like a little would go a long way.

  • MAYA12/02/2005

    Oh girl! I think you're the mind reader here, LOL, I was just going to add to my comment that: I do have to say that I also prefer NR's richness and complexity a bit better then Lovely (so you are totally right). Lovely is very nice, and might I add quite long-lasting at least on me... but NR is just a better blend; I guess better quality too. And of course, I notice that creaminess in it which I adore in my fragrances; whereas Lovely is a little on the dry-side, which usually is a big No-No when it comes to me and fragrances (but still not bad). Lizzie, you and Robin are awesome when it comes to descriptions and your tastes, (of course I know I'm biased since we seem to enjoy similar fragrances). Thank you very much for you reviews I truly enjoy reading them :)

  • LIZZIE11/30/2005

    Good gracious. I just finished posting to you for Herve Leger, and here I come to this one, and you've already posted and read my mind. Lovely reminds me EXACTLY of Narciso Rodriguez, which i ADORE. i think I prefer Narciso Rodriguez, though... it's slightly more complex, and Lovely is a TEENSY bit too ordinary--pretty, but it doesn't have as much richness, I don't think. if that makes any sense. I wouldn't buy this, but I wouldn't mind sniffing it, either.

  • MAYA11/28/2005

    Narciso Rodgiruez? I've been wearing Narciso for a while now and when I sampled Lovely I instantly knew that it reminded me of something... Now I know what too! I think that they are very similar... a bit Prada like too... But Narciso is more like Lovely mixed with a bit of Madness ;) Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated!

  • GREENTEA11/26/2005

    I was smelling some perfumes with my gf and I think I have a good taste on both colognes and perfumes and this stuff was absoultly rancid.

  • DEBBIE11/17/2005

    My hubby is not a big fragrance lover. There are very few fragrances that I can wear that he likes....but he DOES like this one! Thank goodness! I love it this, I'm sure, will be my Christmas gift this year...and then we both will be happy!

  • MAYA11/16/2005

    Gina, you got it! I think that is exactly what is happening, your nose gets used to it and you just don't smell it on yourself... and I'm sure you then end up spraying over and over again to get that scent tickling the inside of your nostrils again... Now, not all scents will do that, some your nose will get used to at a more faster rate and others you'll be able to smell on yourself no matter how long you've worn them... At times I think it may have to do with chemistry... I've heard that those scents that work exceptionally well with your skin pH are the ones you will not be able to smell after a while, and those that are not as perfect a match will still linger in your nose. But the best advise I can give you, is to switch up a bit. Rotate between at least two perhaps three fragrances and I'm sure you'll be able to smell Lovely again... Works for me, as well as spraying on my clothes. Hope this helps, and let me know how it works for you.

  • GINA11/14/2005

    Ok, I love this fragrance! When I 1st started wearing it, it really seemed to last but the more I wear it, it doesn't seem to last so long, could it just be that I am used to it and don't smell it much anymore?

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC11/11/2005

    Immediate notes of BUG SPRAY...quite similar in comparison with Basic Instinct by Victoria Secret!

  • *BARBARA W*11/10/2005

    Try these if you like Lovely but want a fuller, richer scent: Initial by Boucheron and Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari.

  • MINA11/03/2005

    Do not recommend it. My friend works at the fragrance counter and says that Lovely gets returned on the daily basis. The scent is very generic. It seems like it combines a lot of ingredients that do not belnd together and therefore it has not signature scent to it and all you are left with is musk.

  • SIMONE10/25/2005

    The more I wear this scent, the more it really grows on me. Truly a lovely fragrance

  • DIANE10/25/2005

    I was genuinely surprised at how much I liked Lovely. It is a fresh, clean gentle scent. It is different from all those heavy florals and fruity scents out now. It evoked some memory of a scent from childhood which I just cannot place - but love.

  • JUDE10/23/2005

    WAY too musky...the lavender top notes and amber undertones are fine, but I found the lasting musk to be just too much.

  • KIMMY10/22/2005

    I recently tried a sample of this perfume and I really like it!! It is different then many scents and is very feminin and fresh.Going to buy some it's a keeper!

  • BETTI10/21/2005

    I got my paws on a sample os this perfume. It is to die for. I have already informed my hubby to get me the largest bottle of lovely for xmas.

  • KATHY10/20/2005

    No comments? I find that hard to believe. Some one is not doing their job here.Get busy.

  • ROBIN 10/19/2005

    Gosh, guys, I'd really wanted to love this scent -- I'm a big fan of SJP and Sex and the City, and I'd read all about the really concentrated efforts of Sarah Jessica Parker to evoke the feeling of the fragrance she'd created herself to wear over the years -- but I just couldn't respond to this one. It's very floral, kind of sharp, just not the kind of thing to get my warm, womanly feelings vibrating towards it!!! You may laugh, but I've thought that Jennifer Lopez's "Live" fragrance a million times more attractive -- and I relate in every single way much more closely to SJP than I do JLo, or whatever she wants us to call her. Isn't it all so very wonderful and curious and lovely????? Have fun with fragrance, girls, it's just like shoes: they're always gorgeous, they always fit, and they always make you feel BEAUTiFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  • SABS10/19/2005

    Woo-hoo, first to post! When I first experienced Lovely on the strip, it smelled fresh, demure, slightly floral with a hint of the apple martini--but on me it was nothing like this, just light musky skin--must not agree with the chemistry, I thought. But then I read Ms. Parker wanted a certain veiled "dirtyness" at the scent's core, so I tried it again--Indeed, the light flowers were there but faded as a breath, and I was left with a persistent, but clean, slightly dirty musky patchouli scent. Not bad, but I was expecting more...real score ***1/2 stars maybe it will work better for you!

  • LESLIE10/18/2005

    It is what it says. Unique and not over-powering. Familiar, but you can't quite put your finger on it.... Very nice!

  • MEGAN 10/18/2005

    I sprayed one spray of this on my wrist at a department store and could smell it for the rst of the evening I absolutly love it and am needed to buy it here in the nrea future. Mad props to you sarah you did great with this one!!

  • JUDY10/18/2005

    Bought this fragrance over the weekend, and now am a little sorry that I did. Initial scent IS nice, but after a while, it just smells too, too sweet.

  • DIANA10/18/2005

    Smells better after its been on awhile, kind of stinks at first, but that's probably b/c of the alcohol. I thought it smelled better in the magazine sample than on me. But its kind of unique, if you are going for that.

  • SW10/17/2005

    This fragrance is intoxicating. It grows on you more and more as you wear it and sniff it. It is NOT too strong, and very different. I love it and recommend it to anyone who wants something different, and light.

  • NICOLE10/17/2005

    It's unique for the perfume's these days. After reading the chandler burr interview in the new york times, I understand alot more about this and how it was created. So many perfumes are simple fruity floral, or heady orientals. This was created and alot of heart was put into it. It's natural warmth floral with musk that's both edgy and comfortingly feminine. Skin scent, it's instantly close to you.

  • AMY R.10/16/2005

    Lovely is absolutely exquisite! It is glamourous, sexy and sophisticated all at once! It is my new favorite!

  • GEN10/16/2005

    i wasn't sure what to think when i smelled this perfume on me for the first time, but i loved it after awhile! the smell is magical. i bought a small bottle for my birthday and haven't regretted it. it's wonderful and very feminine!

  • LEAH10/15/2005

    i love this perfume! amber is the main note and it has a great dry down and lasting power.

  • *BARBARA W*10/14/2005

    Lovely is a very soft, "innocent" scent. I liked it immediately. It stays close to the skin and would never be offensive. On me, the drydown is almost identical to the initial spritz. I don't notice one note in particular, but rather the different elements combine very harmoniously. It's a nice alternative to all of the loud perfumes on the market today. I still love my spicy orientals, but this will be a refreshing change when I want to wear something more subtle. It is - lovely! :)

  • KRISTEN10/13/2005

    this is a beautiful, addictive fragrance. It's perfect and feminine but not dainty. It reminds me of ballet.. beautiful, strong, graceful, and elegant. MY new fave

  • LONGTALLSALLY10/13/2005

    IMO, clean and unoffensive. My husband's doesn't like it because, "It smells like soap". Not particularly sexy, but your office-mates wouldn't mind if you wore this.

  • DEBBIE10/12/2005

    This is an awesome fragrance! I'm not usually a perfume person but this one I will certainly purchase.

  • AUDREY10/11/2005

    This is the first fragrance by Sarah Jessica Parker and it is wonderful.Its quietly elegant without being cloying and overpowering. The bottle is very beautiful in a simple way.This is not your average fragrance.Its not a fruit floral.But, its very unique and beautiful.Very long lasting with a wonderful sillage.

  • JILL10/08/2005

    The name says it all - fresh, romantic and reminds me of flowers in Springime.

  • AMANDA10/07/2005

    It smells like bug spray at first and dries down to a nice amber smell. It also has nice staying power.

  • MARI9810/07/2005

    ..Narciso Rodriguez called! Not a bad fragrance, but not very original either.

  • ANNE ELLIS10/06/2005

    It's very girly, not overpowering like some fragrances. I love it!

  • LILLY10/05/2005

    lovely is BY FAR my favorite perfume, i got my boyfriend from when he said during class, he kept scooting closer and closer to me, and finnaly he leaned in and nuzzled me and kissed my neck, it was pretty amazing...its the perfect perfume for in the closet girlie girls, and women that like white, clean, fresh, orchid, mixed with vanilla and flower scents. lovely is absoluterly...lovely!!!

  • S10/05/2005

    Sarah Jessica Parker's new perfume, Lovely, truly lives up to its name. It's a soft, feminine, and close-to-the-skin. It isn't loud or obnoxious at all. I would describe it as a soft floral musk with a touch of woodsiness. The bottle is classic looking, and I like it. Overall, a great fragrance to wear at any occasion, in any weather, and with any outfit. The small 1.7 oz. bottle retails at $49 here in the U.S.

  • *MAYA*10/05/2005

    I have to admit that at first LOVELY is not at all what I'd expected! I guess I was thinking it would smell flowery. Having said that, I think Lovely is a 100 times better than I thought it could ever be. Lovely is definitely for a confident woman, it's not frilly or girly smelling. It's intoxicating and alluring and has a power of its own. The lasting/staying power is just remarkable, but the best part is that it only smells better and better as the day goes on and the fragrance mixes with your own chemistry. One of my favorites! I guess SJP really knows what she wanted when she was assisting in making this potion. Oh and it's really unlike anything else that's on the market, especially as far as the newer fragrances go!

  • GABBY10/03/2005

    This perfume smells very's a soft scent that I just fell in love with...if you like a sweet , beautiful scent you'll love LOVELY! :-)

  • MAUREEN10/02/2005

    Absolutely gorgeous! This fragrance is really hard to find, but once you do you'll find the scent is amazing...light, flowery, sexy..nothing else quite like it. The scent lasts all day but is not overpowering. Lovely is the perfect name for it!

  • REBECCA09/30/2005

    I know everyone is saying this is a softer version of N.R for her perfume, but I still enjoy it. It is different than most ,feminine but with an edge. And if you can't find N.R, then this is a great alternative for less money. To me it's the better deal, I can't stop smelling it. At first it might be too strong, but softens to a skin scent after a short while.

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