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Creature D'Anges Gilles Cantuel Image

Gilles Cantuel

Creature D'Anges   

19 Reviews

Creature D'Anges was created by Gilles Cantuel in 1997 and is recommended for casual wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of classic, soft oriental notes.

Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDT Spray + 4.2 oz Body Lotion
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Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDT Spray + 4.2 oz Shower Gel
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0.17 oz EDT Mini
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1.7 oz EDT Spray
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3.4 oz EDT Spray
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Creature D'Anges was created by Gilles Cantuel in 1997 and is recommended for casual wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of classic, soft oriental notes.

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  • ANN01/18/2010

    I purchased the mini to try it and LOVED it. So, last week I decided to get the 1 oz spray. I was shocked....the 1 oz spray smells NOTHING like the mini. I thought maybe there was a mix up, but the bottle is the same, so is the packaging. However, the color is definitely different; mini is yellow and the 1 oz. is pink. And, unfortunately, I don't like the smell of the 1 oz. Wondered if anyone else has had this problem. Thanks.

  • ROSIE02/22/2008

    I love the smell but it completely dissipates after about 2 hours. It will need to be reapplied throughout the day.

  • VIVIEN03/30/2007

    I bought this lovely perfume from a store that I never went into before. I've beeen searching for sweet floral scent for so longly, tried enough top brands but still couldn't find the right scent for me. Luckily, the saleman recommend this to me, at first I really doubt its quality as I never heard of this perfume b4, but once since I smell it, I am so in love into it and I think I will buy anextra bottle as I am afraid it will be sold out soon. I hope not many girls realize there is such good perfume and I can have my own scent as long as it can be!

  • JESSICA08/25/2006

    I usually can't wear florals but I love this! It's a light, earthy floral with spicy undertones.

  • BETSY05/09/2006

    This scent is very light, it reminds me of a little perfume that I wore as a child of age 6 that my mother bought me. It is actually perfect for a little girl or someone who doesn't like strong fragrances, this is the lightest fragrance I have ever worn!!

  • ALLSPER04/10/2005

    top:peach,rose,hesperides|||| midle:jasmine,ylang-ylang,linen||| base:vanilla,musk, oakmoss

  • ALLSPER04/10/2005

    "Creature d'anges is a soft and romantic fragrance composed of peach, rose, vanilla, and moss scents. They allow dreams and fantasies to blossom, taking you to the place where only angels have the key."

  • SYLVIE02/21/2005

    Hi Anika, I read your nice subscription and I agree. I have a bottle of this rare, beautiful and pleasant fragrance. I bought it unsniffed (cute bottle and box!!) and I like it!! It's a very charming, "uncomplicated" and long-lasting fragrance. Easy to wear and easy to love. I can recommend Creature D'Anges. Clean, classy, complex-floral, and elegant scent. No modern-artificial or synthetic-watery smell. Excellent. That's what I found surfing through the internet: DESIGN HOUSE - Gilles Cantuel YEAR INTRODUCED - 1997 FRAGRANCE NOTES - classic, soft oriental notes. RECOMMENDED USE - casual

  • MARIA GARCIA01/07/2005

    smelled it on a friend and loved it, so for my birthday, she gave me a bottle. now its my favorite perfume. the smell is soft, just perfect.

  • JESSICA05/14/2002

    This is a wonderful scent! It's soft and powdery without conveying an old lady image. It is an innocent scent, not cloying at all. Give it a try!

  • ANIKA03/26/2002

    I purchased Gilles Cantuel's Creature d'anges on a whim because I was looking for something soft and light for spring & summer. I had tried, in vain, to find the fragrance's notes, but all the personal testimonials I read kept saying how light and pleasant this fragrance is. Well, I can truly say I'm not disappointed at all. This is indeed a lovely and light fragrance, however in spite of it's lightness I have found it to be delightfully tenacious on me, as well. Here is my impression of the fragrance from application to drydown six hours later. Please keep in mind I don't know any of the actual fragrance ingredients; this is just how the fragrance develops on me. Hope it helps someone else. Peach/Hyacinth, Freesia, Plum- not too sweet, more fresh than sweet. Violet(?) Tuberose, Jasmine, Melon. Begins to warm up a bit, but stays very soft. Smells like there is probably some Vanilla and Musk (like a White Musk or a Fruity Musk.) Has a clean/soapy edge to the drydown. A fresh, clean-sweet not a cloying-sweet, very whisper-light on the dry down, but gently persistent on me.

  • GEORGY ARMSTRONG03/03/2002

    my mother bought me creature gillescantuel in paris,i would like to purchase some, but not a spary that possible

  • CANDACE09/29/2001

    Most all fragrances give me headache, this one does not. I get a compliment everytime I wear it, very light and refreshing.

  • META03/25/2001

    This is an absolutely divine perfume... but so impossible to find! I have been searching for two years and finally found it. It is very light and has an innocent air to it. A scent that makes you smile and doesn't give you a headache. Makes me want to try all Cantuel's parfums!

  • SHANNON02/21/2001

    I love this fragrance! It is very light not to heavy ,just right. I have known of it being recommended for those who have asthma or allergies. It is a perfect everyday fragrance and absolutely perfect for hot summer days when you want something lighter to wear.

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