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Maja by Myrurgia is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women. Maja was originally launched in 1921 but this has been repackaged again in the early 2000's. The fragrance features nutmeg, carnation, patchouli, cloves, vetiver, rose, geranium, citruses and lavender.

Gift Set - 3.1 oz x 3 Perfumed Soaps
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1.7 oz EDT Spray
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3.4 oz EDT Spray
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Maja by Myrurgia is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women. Maja was originally launched in 1921 but this has been repackaged again in the early 2000's. The fragrance features nutmeg, carnation, patchouli, cloves, vetiver, rose, geranium, citruses and lavender.

  • JUDY TONKIN04/09/2017

    This is my absolute favourite perfume. When I was very young, a favourite Aunt gave me some tiny soaps, beautifully wrapped in pleated tissue and I have never forgotten this. I am 76. The perfume is beautiful!

  • LORRINA10/10/2015

    This fragrance has a lovely subtle classy fragrance. Reminiscent of floral, sandalwood, and overall musky scents of the nineteen seventies. I hear it is not like the Parfum version. But, still, with little sillage, yet lasting on the skin, this fragrance is for the confident and elegant Lady who knows she doesn't have to try to attract attention. A personal favourite of mine for both summer days, and evenings out.

  • CASSANDRA03/11/2014

    Love it. I don't want to use it because I don't want it to run out

  • MARIA02/07/2013

    Have always loved Maja perfume but have not been able to find any in shops for years. But recently saw some advertised in a chemist window. Whoopee, my favourite perfume is here. Went in to buy some, but sampled the tester first. Oh my gosh, what have the makers done?! They have destroyed the romantic scent of Maja with a watered-down-hard-to-notice-a-scent-substitute!!! I can't believe it. The new scent is horrible. Of course, I did not buy any. Please bring back the original mixture that I so loved.

  • JENNY JAMES09/06/2012

    One of my favourites

  • DEBORAH REGAN02/16/2012

    I wore this as a young woman and loved it. Exotic, jungly, musky. It's not even close to the scent it once was. Why?

  • SHALIMAR12/11/2009

    Since I was a lil baby, I remember this distinct olive green soap used by my mom and abuela. It's tradition to use such an exquisite scent. Don't hesitate, buy it!

  • JANICE08/13/2008

    Over the years men have complimented me over and over when I use the maja soap, cologne, lotion, and powder ................ I love wearing it as the scent is so unique with each separate product. Men frequently ask me what I am wearing?

  • DAVID10/24/2007

    I'm extremely disappointed that Myrurgia changed the original scent of their Maja Perfume. That's like going from using a cigarette lighter, back to rubbing two sticks together to produce fire! I can't imagine the staff that came up with the idea to change the scent, are still employed. If I wanted to see an increase in sales , I might suggest to change back to the original scent, it was captivating!! I bought the perfume for my wife, thinking it was the same scent I remembered from the 70's.. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I don't even believe a Cavewoman would wear it!

  • AZ07/17/2007

    Hi Hazel, My aunt wants this perfumr for her b'day, could you please let me know where its available in [email protected] in advance

  • VERY PRETTY04/22/2007

    Some of the notes in Maja remind me a lot of Caron's Nuit de Noel- it must be the mossy-oriental thing going on. I am not saying it's exactly the same but it has that soft, powdery feel to it that I love in a perfume. The bottle of EDT I have is from Spain. I have powder that I purchased from a local store that says "Made in Mexico" and I do have to agree that they smell very different- but I like them both. In the EDT I can't smell citrus at all, maybe I have to wear a few more times to get a feel for this lovely scent. Well done.

  • HAZEL10/18/2006

    I believe the issue with the change of fragrance in my experience is that what we are now getting in Canada is made in Mexico and quite different from the original from Spain. This mexican version is sickly and I am hoping that the Spanish is still the original. I have sourced the spanish import but have yet to get to the store which is out of my town.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE03/25/2006

    I just stumbled upon this fragrance today. Wasn't sure if it was a female or male scent, as it has traits that embody both types of fragrances. I can't believe how long Maja has been around, yet I've never heard of it! Maja is in the class of what I consider a spicy, woody, floral oriental. It is a soft scent, yet it lingers very well on me. Surprisingly, for an EDT! I like the combination of notes in Maja, and I think this will be a new favorite of mine. Even though there are citrus notes to Maja, they are very nicely balanced by the floral and spice notes, and the patchouli and vetiver are not too overwhelming on me. Bravo Maja!

  • LEELEEYA03/21/2006

    Great classic, and absolutely beautiful scent. I have the lotion, soap, and body powder and am happy with it. I have been a user for 5 years.

  • MARY ALICE HEATH03/14/2006

    My father would bring this perfume and soaps to us when he traveled overseas .I am delighted to know it's still around and I can order it. I hace occassionally found the saop. I love it!!

  • JULIE01/27/2006

    the old Maja was unique. I loved it's warmth. Magnolia's description was perfect. The new fragrance is just ordinary, another light ciusy floral (yawn). i wrote to myrurgia,com but got no response. I just discovered Carlos Santana - it's not the same as Maja, but somehow fills that "space" in my fragrance repertoire.

  • LIBBY11/03/2005

    My mom and grandma both used Maja soap and the cologne. When I was a kid the cologne smelled exactly like the soap. BUT, this lastest version of the cologne that Myrurgia has put out is just awful. It smells nothing like the soap, which is dreamy. I will never buy this wishy/washy cologne ever again, though, I will continue to use the soap and the bath powder which haven't been changed, yet!

  • LYNNE09/10/2004

    The orignial Maja fragrance was the same as their wonderful soap. However they have changed the fragrance at least five different times over the years. I cannot wear the newer fragrance anymore but will always use the soap everyday as long as it is never changed. The new liquid Maja soap scent is exactly the same as the bar and is really nice. I just wish these companies would leave good things alone. I had hoped that their newest rendition that hit the market last December would be like the original but to me it is like a man's aftershave.

  • DOTTY08/31/2004

    I was so disappointed that the cologne smells nothing like the soap and I do not like the scent at all. Someone placed a message which seemed to infer that the perfume does smell like the original scent found in the soap.

  • MEGAN04/18/2004

    If you want to know what the original Maja cologne used to smell like please sample the soap. It is nothing like Opium. It is an apsolutely very different and unique fragrance (subtle yet sexy). The soap is very close to it but does not have the full impact of the cologne. I used to wear the original cologne, and perfumed talc and used the wonderful soap (which contains olive oil and leaves your skin like silk). This new cologne being marketed with the same name is a mediocre and worthless fragrance that is an insult to the original. Myrurgia also produces other fine scents (Flor de Blason, 1916, Nueva Maja) but these are no longer available in the U.S.

  • HAVEN04/07/2004

    Does the original Maja smell anything like Opium by Yves Saint Laurent?

  • VICKI03/27/2004

    The Maja soap smells exactly like the original perfume. The cologne doesn't even come close. Don't waste money on the cheap stuff; go for the perfume. Maja must be one that does not dilute well.


    I started using maja at 18 now 66 the orignial perfume was much nicer than what they have now;but the soap has stayed the same;I also wish they would return to orignial scent


    I find this scent so lovely and special. I first saw it in the homes of my Spanish girlfriends growing up. I think a few of their mothers used it. Its soft and delicate and refined. It has a way of capturing the mind with its gentle presence yet keeping a calm poised air with its proper somewhat formal flow. It was hard to find words to explain this. Hope that helped

  • JACQUELINE 01/05/2004

    I've been searching for this perfume for over 30 yrs. And I think its just wonderful. I love it.

  • ELAINE07/22/2003

    I also wish they would return to the original fragrance that was available in the 70's and 80's.

  • PULURETTA07/18/2003

    Does anyone know if there is an original Maja scent that smells like the soaps? I've smelled this scent and it smells nothing like the soap. Thanks

  • LYNNE07/16/2003


  • OLATZ01/30/2003

    This is a nice light fragrance suitable for casual wear. However this is not the original Maja (which smells like their luxurious soap) nor is it the Nueva Maja which was popular in the early sixties. I wish that Mirurgia would bring those fragrances back.

  • JUAN12/11/2002

    This perfume is very fancy, my grandmother loves it and I bought my mom a gift set, and it reminds her of when she was a girl living in puerto rico how they used this perfume so much over there. Very Nice Perfume.

  • NURSEFLIRT11/06/2002

    I use many kinds of perfumes and scents, but Maja has become my passionate favorite. Even my 13 year old loves this scent.Very natural.

  • MAJAMAMA09/17/2002

    I really love this fragrance, it is so fresh and clean and different from modern perfumes. It is also made from natural ingredients and does not give me a headache. The soap is made from olive oil castile and is luxurious. I just wish it wasn't so hard to find. It seems to be appropriate for every season, doesn't get too sweet in the summer and has a touch of spice for winter. This American girl thinks it is wonderful.

  • ATRIA09/15/2002

    I have been using Maja for 35 years. It is very hard to find. There is actually a full line of products out there. It does change scent if kept too long, as does any perfume. I wear it everyday and I am always asked what it is. It smells different on each person.

  • A.09/13/2002

    My Grandma has a tiny bottle of it in her fridge that used to belong to HER mother, supposedly. I don't know just how long this perfume has been around, but it smells old-fashioned. Floral and sweet and watery. Not what I would wear, but that may have something to do with the length of time it's been in that fridge. Anyway, it's cool to know that it actually EXISTS somewhere out there. Glad the Spanish dude liked it.


    This Parfume is perfect, I bought the gift set for my wife and she loves it. We live in Spain, and the climate is very hot here, and the parfume dos'nt bother her when the weather is warm.

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