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I Love Love   

29 Reviews

I Love Love. The Perfume of Love. A Fragrance for Life. Olivia, once again, this time in Love. The shape that made Cheap & Chic special, but this time decorated even more. A real expolsion of colours. An indication of total joy and burning passion. The latest gift from Moschino for the woman in Love is Sparkling, Lively and Fun-Loving. I Love Love more

Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDT Spray + 1.7 oz Body Lotion + 1.7 oz Shower Gel
SKU 15671
$75.00 $51.99
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Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDT Spray + 3.4 oz Body Lotion + 3.4 oz Shower Gel
SKU 15566
$85.00 $53.99
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0.16 oz EDT Mini
SKU 10346
$20.00 $12.99
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1.7 oz EDT Spray
SKU 9080
$55.00 $37.99
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3.4 oz EDT Spray (Tester)
SKU 16545
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3.4 oz EDT Spray
SKU 10345
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I Love Love. The Perfume of Love. A Fragrance for Life. Olivia, once again, this time in Love. The shape that made Cheap & Chic special, but this time decorated even more. A real expolsion of colours. An indication of total joy and burning passion. The latest gift from Moschino for the woman in Love is Sparkling, Lively and Fun-Loving. I Love Love is as youthful as the sentiment that inspires it, that oozing happiness from the very first moment.

  • THERESE01/31/2012

    Get a great reaction and comments when wearing this divine Fragrance. Even though it is an EDT it is long lasting.

  • TANINHA BRAZIL08/17/2008

    its young , fresh , flirty ... i have been going for flirty fragrances recently ... maybe thats telling me something ... anyway , it does remind me of light blue ... still , i like this better ... it is fresher , i dare say , more feminine ( there is something about lb , that makes it less appealing on my skin ... almost peppery ) ... luv luv goes on smooth !!! it is a morning and sunny afternoons type fragrance ... going to the mall , theater , walk on the beach ... it is very easy to please others , hard to dislike ... friendly and casual frag.!!!

  • MAXXX07/31/2008

    Wore this perfume this morning and got a comp;iment straight away. First time i eer wore it. It arrived in post this morn! Love it:)

  • WANDA03/30/2008

    In the bottle it smells strongly of grapefruit. When I first put it on it is too acidic. When it dries down you can smell the other scent components and it is quite nice. I wear it when I don't have to leave the house right away. That way people only smell the softer scent.

  • INNA02/14/2008

    I liket the smell from the very first time.I now am buying it the second time. It is really designed for love!!!!

  • DEE12/04/2007

    i really love this scent. it smells almost the same to d&g light blue, but its more lemony. its one of mine and my boyfriends favorite scents

  • MOLLY10/20/2007

    THis smell's like fruity pebbles and fruit loops cereal to me.But others say it smells like oranges,but good either way.

  • SAPPHIRE06/11/2007

    I'm back and buying my 3rd bottle in 4 months - the first one is just about gone and I don't want to ever run out! I get lots of compliments on it. It's a great summer perfume. Not sure if I'll wear it as much in the winter, but the way I love it now, I can't imagine NOT wearing it.

  • BONNIE06/09/2007

    I was able to sample this at Ulta, and loved it, came home and continued to smell my wrist, decided to order it, very happy I did, I'm really enjoying it, but the comparison to secret wish I don't get. I have both fragrances and love them both, but the main similarity is that they are both soft florals with some warmth and citrus, I Love Love has more citrus, Secret Wish is more floral and powdery but in a sensual way. I would wear them totally different. Secret Wish would be great after a hot bath, silk PJ's and a snuggle with my hubby. I Love Love feels more like a sunny day, my favorite jeans and a crisp white shirt, my favorite antique chunky bangles, etc. they're both beautiful scents, both definitely worth buying, but different, not sure how others think they are the same.

  • ANNIE04/16/2007

    I Love Love comes in a blue & orange "Olive Oyl" bottle. Just felt like pointing that out. I like the scent of I Love Love - it's similar to D&G Light Blue. If you like that you will like this, I think they're pretty much interchangeable.

  • SAPPHIRE03/18/2007

    I recently purchased I Love Love after a friend shared a sample vial with me. It is the BEST! I love the scent and it truly makes me happy to wear it. It smells clean and fresh and I am delighted with my purchase. I got the gift set (shower gel, body lotion, and spray) and it was a GREAT deal.

  • SHIRA02/28/2007

    I Love Love is much better than D&G's Light Blue because it stays fresh and light smelling. I don't care for the funky dry-down on Light Blue. And no, it's not my chemistry. Light Blue stinks on everyone at the end of the day! If you like the way Light Blue smells for the first hour or so, but don't like the musty dry-down, then I Love Love is for you!!!

  • JESS01/30/2007

    omg i love this perfume so much i wear it everyday!

  • ZEE12/27/2006

    I love it. I have been wearing it 1 week and 3 compliments already. Much better than D and G Light Blue. I cannot smell that one and Never got 1 compliment on that one and wore if for a month.

  • SANDRA12/14/2006

    I first caught the scent in a crowded store and was disappointed that I could not track down the smell to one person. But before I exited the store, the woman passed by me. I'm am so glad that I was able to discover this scent. I have received many, many compliments from both women and men. My christmas list includes more I Love Love!

  • TARA LYNN11/01/2006

    This fragrance is very similiar to D&G Light blue, however, not better. The dry down for this scent is not as pleasant as Light Blue but lingers for much longer. You can really smell the essence of citrus once the scent has been on you for hours. If you are a fan of D&G, do not buy this one as a substitute.

  • JT08/13/2006

    Yes, it does smell like D&G's Light Blue at first, but Light Blue is softer. I Love Love has more complexity to the scent. It is more dry citrusy on the top, and dries down with a hint of woods. Also, it doesn't have to be a "younger" person's scent. I'm a single and youthful 40 year old, and it is one of my favorites to wear most anywhere.

  • ELLIMACC08/04/2006

    I got a mini in this scent because of the raving about it. I thought it smelled disgusting at first. But it did dry down to a lovely scent. I will wear it spring summer. This is a younger womans scent. Im only 32 but something my teenaged daughter is likely to wear.

  • CHERYL M.07/01/2006

    I agree this smells almost exactly like Light Blue by D&G but I like it much better it does last longer and is a bit more citrusy and fresh, lots of compliments.

  • SCARLETJAZZ05/02/2006

    I treated myself to J.Lo's Live and received a sample of I Love Love... whew boy.. I got so many compliments on just the sample so I went back the next week and brought a bottle.. I luv it.. people tend to ask what do I have on... Great... Scar :)

  • JT03/24/2006

    I just bought this, and I love the smell. I've also noticed the similarity between Light Blue and this one. I like the smell of I love love better, and it lasts much longer. I hate how the marketing around this fragrance implies that it's for the woman in love... well, what if you're not in love?! I feel like I'm not supposed to use it! LOL I couldn't help buying it anyway... I love it!

  • ME 12/19/2005

    if my other message will go through, but i do have a sample of light blue which i do like for the first hour or so, than it drys to a strong sharp,sour kind of sent which i do not like, i only had spray of i love love on me and it very much reminded me of light blue, i would like to know more about this fragrance, i also own secret wish i do love, and it does not smell the same as any of these two fragrance at all.

  • ME12/19/2005

    they both smell some what the same, i had the sample of l.g. and the dry down became very sharp and a strong sour or sharp kind of smell, but i do like it for about an hour or so but thats it, could someone please tell me about the dry down on this.

  • JOLIE12/08/2005


  • MAJA11/29/2005

    This one remindes of light blue but is less strong and more cheerfull....bottle is so sweet, it last as long as it should 3,4 hours, so it won't haunt you whole day...

  • LIZZIE11/06/2005

    Hi Susan, i'm not as familiar with Light Blue (remembering it's more of a watery floral, though), but i own both secret wish and i love love, and i actually don't think they're that similar. secret wish has less citrus and more floral sweetness, i think, although there IS citrus present. it reminds me of a more dreamlike prettiness in the scent... sweet and mellow. I Love Love has a lot more citrus in it, I think... it's louder, has more energy. they're both pretty sweet, though, so i can see how you drew your comparisons. personally, i can't live without either of them :-D

  • SUSAN B11/02/2005

    All these great fragrances are nice but what about the staying power? We end up spending alot of money for EDT, which should be EDP!!! Light blue smells just like and so does Secret Wish is exactly like I love love. 3 fragrances smell exactly alike. These fragrance makers must copy one another and call it something different. What do you think?????

  • LIZZIE10/28/2005

    what a great name for a burst of sweet, citrusy energy... it smells like sweet grapefruit to me, but without the sugary notes that makes my hubby gag (although i personally LOVE sugariness). still, this perfume is where our noses meet in the middle... it's sweet enough for me, and fresh/citrusy enough for him. the dry-down scent is warmer, like a previous poster said, and it reminds me a bit of Sui Love at the base. such a beautiful scent--- captures all of the gorgeousness of youth without the obnoxiousness. I LOVE I LOVE LOVE!

  • STAR10/17/2005

    yes,it smells close to light blue. so if you like fresh not soap but fresh air than you will enjoy this one.

  • CHERYL M. 10/08/2005

    This one is a winner! fresh and citrusy but drys down warmer I feel great when I wear it, I do love love !!!

  • NINA10/08/2005

    Joyful, young and beautifull, refreshing, and very feminine. For those who feel young and like to smell fresh (just like after the shower). The best

  • NINA10/05/2005

    This is probably the most joyful perfume in my life. It gives you energy and since im 18 I think it is very suitable for me as a teenager.

  • SHANNON NZ09/26/2005

    Very nice I have to say, bought it without even smelling it as I have loved all Moschinos other cheap & chic scents and also Oh de Moschino. Very very similar to Lightblue and E'clat Arpege more wearable though.

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