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Venezia. Adrienne Vittadini Image

Adrienne Vittadini


17 Reviews

The brilliant, shimmering jewel-colored tones of Venice are captured in this blend of bergamot, lemon, red rose petals, jasmine, and velvety warm sandalwood, making this a fragrance to remember. It's classic and vibrant like the great city it was named after. Notes include Bergamot, Lemon, Red Currant, Wisteria, Red Rose Petals, Jasmine, more

Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDP Spray + 2.5 oz Body Lotion + 0.24 oz EDP Mini
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Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDP Spray + 2.5 oz Body Lotion + 0.24 oz Mini
SKU 8193
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0.24 oz EDP Refillable Mini Spray (Unboxed)
SKU 7484
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1.0 oz EDP Spray
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3.4 oz EDP Spray (Tester)
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3.4 oz EDP Spray
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6.7 oz Body Lotion
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The brilliant, shimmering jewel-colored tones of Venice are captured in this blend of bergamot, lemon, red rose petals, jasmine, and velvety warm sandalwood, making this a fragrance to remember. It's classic and vibrant like the great city it was named after. Notes include Bergamot, Lemon, Red Currant, Wisteria, Red Rose Petals, Jasmine, Florentine Orris Root, Waterlily, Sandalwood, Violet Plum, Violet Leaves.

  • DANA08/05/2006

    It goes on a little harsh at first but dries down to a soft wearable scent. It doesn't have a clear note though..but definitely wearable to work.

  • FAIRLIND03/30/2006

    Vaguely pleasant, flowery, but much too weak to make any kind of a statement. Seems to fizzle fast.

  • JESSICA01/25/2006

    When I purchased Venezia, I was in love with the fragrance and not too long ago i just purchased Par Amour from Clarins and is exactly the same scent! sometimes I get confused which one I am wearing during the day. And by the way Clarins Par Amour is excellent 100 points,longlasting too!betterthanVenezia,manycompliments from this new fragrance I love it!!!!!! try it!!!!

  • SUE C01/08/2006

    I just bought a small bottle of this in the post-Christmas sales. What a beautiful scent to get you through a long hot summer (as where I live many scents are too cloying in a humid climate). Venezia has pretty top notes that include Sicilian lemon and bergamot and some fresh watery notes and later dries down to a soft powdery floral. This perfume is more suited to blondes and women with fair skin as it is very light and luminous in nature. If you're looking for a light and refreshing scent for day and night in summer try this one. Note that it is not the same as Laura Biagiotti's Venezia which is discontinued. I haven't tried the other Adrienne Vittadini perfumes yet.

  • LIZZIE11/30/2005

    I do like this fragrance, but it reminds me an awful lot of Romance, by Ralph Lauren. Except the dry-down has a smooth, lemony and slightly fruity feel to it. I regret buying the huge, 3.4 oz bottle because I already own Romance, but luckily I purchased Venezia on ebay for super cheap, so it isn't such a huge financial loss. I'll still wear it as a sweeter alternative to Romance. But Maya is right... the staying power isn't impressive at all.

  • MAYA08/20/2005

    I tried it today and was very disappointed. This fragrance is nothing special... Nothing like the Venezia I used to wear and love! The one by Laura Biagiotti. This is a big flop... Oh and the staying power is nil... it was gone within 10 minutes... Good thing too since the fragrance is nothing I'd want to hold on to...

  • BEACHCOMBER07/10/2005

    If you like Venezia, you might also like Estee Lauder's Calming fragrance, from the spa collection (the one in the ice blue bottle.) Although they are different and I don't know who actually created them, to me, it smells like it could have been the same person.

  • ROBIN01/12/2005

    Suzanne and everybody, let's just be happy we've found something that makes us happy, pleases the people around us, and is completely non-fattening!! And if you feel you're strange by collecting lots of fragrances, I'll confess to everybody right now that I have at least 32 -- count 'em; Thirty-Two!!! -- full-size EDTs/EDPs in the vegetable crisper of my fridge at this very moment. And I'm looking forward to the next purchase. My only piece of advice (besides enjoying yourself) is to do like I do and keep them refrigerated; otherwise, they do tend to go stale and oxidize within a couple of years, and there's nothing sadder than one of your favourite, expensive bottles going off. . .especially if it's been discontinued. (And don't listen to anyone who says they shouldn't be chilled; it's just not scientifically logical. Cold is fine (just think of a nice bottle of white wine); warm is not.)

  • M11/21/2004

    Nice to know there are lot of us. Don´t feel guilty, this is a hobby that could be compared with collecting wine. A bottle of wine could cost much more then a bottle of perfume and the perfume lasts for years. When all of you describe your addiction I can recognize myself. I can´t wear the same scent two days after another. I always search for new ones and from time to time I focus on different categories. Now, in the middle of the winter I´m in a Oriental mood, have always liked them. But since a month I also very eager to find nice Chypre scents....My husband also collects colonges but he is much more particular about the right scents for him so his collection is just a third of mine.

  • CK08/13/2004

    The other Venezia is an oriental fragrance. Not like the basic oriental scents. Classy, a-little fruity! Very different! Nice! It does make you think of Italy!

  • SUZANNE08/05/2004

    I don't know about Venezia (I know the city but not the perfume!) but I enjoyed the comments by other perfume addicts on this site. At any given time I have about six or seven favorites and I always am thinking maybe one of them may become my signature - but then there are always so many others out there - For instance RIGHT NOW I am crazy about Black Cashmere and Chaos by Donna Karan, Chanel#19, Hermes Rouge, Must de Cartier, and Cabochard by parfums Gres. As you can see I don't even follow a pattern - except, like Jag, I always have loved Oriental-type fragrances - but now I am getting excited about floral aldehydes and classic chypres. Sorry I have nothing to say about Venezia or any other AV perfume - but I enjoy knowing that there are others like me out there! (Maybe our husbands need a support group too?)

  • KIM07/26/2004

    I always wore Venezia . But now I cant find it. Was this by Laura Bigotti before?

  • PIA07/13/2004

    We could be sisters, i too am a perfume addict that is constatly searching for a new exciting one to come along and tickle my fancy. Always guilty when i click the submit button and then frustruated when I don't like the fragrance . Keep thinking of that Mercedes too!

  • BETH04/30/2004

    When planning a 15th anniversary tripto Venice, I came upon this fragrance in Ulta and I bought it scent unsmelled! I like it alot and I will always assiociate it with one of the most beautiful places on our planet!

  • CHARLOTTE03/04/2004

    I too am a P.A. To save money, I keep and try samples to see what bites. I've noticed that what I like and what others like on me are very different. I get the most (meaning on average 2 every time I wear it) with "Light Blue" and "Carolina Hererra". These are no where on my favorite list, but men and women seem to comment on those fragrance when worn.

  • NEL02/23/2004

    I think venezia is nice, but simular to the original (adrienne vittadini). a bit lighter i think.

  • SANDEE12/01/2003

    This one is really good. I love it for summer time and it isn't too popular. I love Miracle, but it is too popular. This fragrance lasts all day too!

  • JAG12/01/2003

    I always laugh and say there should be a support group for addicts like us. I probably have over 200 bottles and have given at least that many away. Don't have room to share all my favorites, but you can email me at Two designers I like are Gilles Cantuel (Babylone and Flowers) and Molyneux (I Love You and Le Chic). Just tried Castelbajac and absolutely love it, but think I am in the minority. Theorema, Python, Yendi, L' Or de Torrente, Shocking, and Mauboussin are a few of my recent purchases. I don't usually go for clean and fresh but more toward the heavier floral and oriental. I know that one day I will find the perfect scent for me. NOT! I am just hopeless and always end up hitting that "submit" button, then living with the guilt. But, it's worth it. I am always amazed when I read where people where one fragrance in the summer and one in the winter. I am thinking, if I did that, I could be driving a Mercedes!

  • GAIL11/22/2003

    I just got this about a week ago, and I really like it alot! Very pretty, floral scent.

  • MARA10/24/2003

    Since you like Venezia so much and you have so many other perfumes or colognes, which others do you consider to be outstanding. I am interested to know your tastes, because I have so many and am still looking for that elusive "perfect" one.

  • MELODY10/06/2003

    This fragrance is so light, fresh and beautiful. Not overpowering and great staying power. The people in my office love it!

  • KYSAI10/05/2003

    I am an avid perfume collector, having over 120 different fragances I must say that venezia is one of those very few that actually transports you to a magical place with it's invisible's almost like being there.

  • ANGELICA09/27/2003

    A little strong. Like your average floral perfume.

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