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Galore for women is an Aldehydic, Floral, Sweet-Ambery. Created by Germain Monteil in 1964, Galore is a refreshing,citrusy, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of citrus, lily of the valley and jasmine. Blended with notes of rose, amber and musk, Galore is recommended for evening wear.

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4.0 oz COL Spray (By Five Star)
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5.0 oz Body Lotion
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Galore for women is an Aldehydic, Floral, Sweet-Ambery. Created by Germain Monteil in 1964, Galore is a refreshing,citrusy, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of citrus, lily of the valley and jasmine. Blended with notes of rose, amber and musk, Galore is recommended for evening wear.

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  • SHARON07/07/2011

    this was the best perfume ever. i had more compliments! i wish some one would make the old galore!!

  • CAMILLE02/12/2011

    I love it. Been wearing it daily for many years. Get lots of compliments every time I have it on.

  • SANDY Z02/08/2011

    I used Galore for 35 years and I wear it day or night. It's a fragrance that mild and I can't smell it but everyone asks what I'm wearing. It's not overpowering.

  • MICHELLE12/27/2010

    Used to wear this in the 1970's. Been looking for it for last 20 years and could not find. Have not tried the new fragrance. Think I will despite the reviews.

  • PHYLLIS12/13/2010

    What have they done?? where is the galore that everyone loved. Why do they advertise galore when it is not the same galore. Where can we find the orginial?? Please do not waste our time with the fake Galore

  • PAULA06/02/2010

    I wore this in the 80's and men would stop me and ask what fragrance I was wearing. I recently ordered Galore on e-bay. I haven't gotten it yet. I hope it's the real deal.

  • MARY05/02/2010

    I am still wearing Galore, it might not be as strong, but I still have complements, just not as many, but not working the pubic, but normally wherever I go, I am asked what am I wearing.

  • JUDY02/04/2010

    I'm with Cindy....I, too, got numerous compliments on the body lotion. Did anyone find the equivalent?

  • CINDY01/24/2010

    I loved the old galore also and strangers would come up to me in 70s and 80s and ask what I was wearing. No luck since that!

  • SEVENTHSIGHT11/30/2009

    The reason many of our wonderful fragrances from the past no longer have the same holding power nor the same strength of fragrance upon application is because a very few animal rights protectionist have made it illegal to use civet musk in the fragrances. Therefore, we no longer have the same intensity in the fragrances we use to love. The milking of the civet oil from the glands was said to seem to produce some pain the cats so it was prohibited.No harm actually came to the cats and just like dogs or any other animal they don't like their behind messed with.

  • MAYQUEEN01/21/2009

    The new Galore fragrance we see on a few web sites is not the same fragrance as we used in the 70's and 80's. I have purchased the fragrance and lotion and have been greatly disappointed. Why can't they bring back the original fragrance?

  • SCENTOLOGY12/10/2008

    I think the smell is divine, but it is so sheer, you're lucky if it lasts an hour before you have to re-apply.

  • CAL11/07/2008

    i have some of the original Monteil Champagne samples for sale. For more info you can contact me at:

  • ANGELA10/28/2008

    I would order galore by germaine montiel, but I am not sure they even exist anymore. I was told they went out of business. It was the only perfume I could wear and I can't find it anywhere. Did they really go out of business?

  • DONNA09/10/2008

    Has anyone found the same fragrance as the old Champagne by Germaine Monteil? Love it!!

  • CK08/04/2008

    Galore back in the day was a dense concentrate fragrance that only took just a spray to cover you. It had so much depth with vanilla-like amber. I bought a bottle just a few years ago, and it seem sheer to me so I gave it away.

  • MARY ANN02/11/2008

    Who makes Galore now? Is it made in Europe or locally? Same formula as when Scandia made it in the 60's? Or even when Monteil had it? Sadly, it doesn't seem to be the same quality.

  • MARY06/02/2007

    does anyone know what the fragrance notes are of this delicious perfume? i have yet to find another scent that even comes close to this!

  • MARY06/01/2007

    i absolutly adore this scent(i received a small bottle of this for Christmas back in the 80's)i find an occasional bottle(the same small bottle)on ebay every once in while.when i google it i see sites offering it(in a different style bottle)for 349.00(thats with a discount,if you could call it that)the size is 1.7 fl. oz. yikes! is anyone familiar with this?is it the same as the one i remember or is it a "reformulated" version?has it been discontinued(say it ain't so!)or is this old stock in a new style bottle?i would consider buying a bottle if i knew that it was the same.

  • SUSAN MOFFITT01/22/2007

    I wore Galore in late 70's, early 80's. I had men and women approach me, asking what fragrance I was wearing. The new is not like to old. Please bring back the old. Find it please!!!!!!

  • DONNADEAN11/29/2006

    I used to wear this back in my younger days. Normally, I switch perfumes yearly, I get tired of all perfumes easily but I have never forgotten Galore. I love the scent and I will try this one, even though most say its not the same (sigh). I could not find it for years and have been longing for that scent.

  • JUDITH02/09/2006

    I also wore this fragrance. It was and is my favarite to this day. What did happen to Champagne by Germain Monteil?

  • TAHNA02/06/2006

    No, you are not crazy, I think the old had more staying power, but I will take the new over nothing, and I have been wearing it since the early 70's

  • DIANE MOSS08/22/2005

    I started using Galore in 1971. When the Lancaster Group distributed it I noticed it lost some of its staying power. Unfortunately I think it lost even more staying power when Five Star took it over. Too bad. I also liked the perfume best. The Five Star brand is a similar fragrance, but not as good. I have some of the old bottles (bought a bunch when they decided to stop selling it) & have compared it.

  • SHEA TICHENOR07/02/2005

    I have worn this fragrance since the early 80's.Will the bath oil, dusting powder. or body cream ever be available again?

  • DIANA CHERRIE06/27/2005

    I have worn this fragrance since 1974 and can't find it anywhere but the outlets & online now. Will it ever be carried retail again?

  • TABITHA BRUNNER05/03/2005

    My mother has used this perfume since it was created. She likes it so much that she always request my sisters look for it at any store that carries any product of Galore. I wish it were easier to find. I reallly would like to purchase Galore perfume the lotion or gift sets if possible.


    I have been using Galore since 1965 and have followed this product everytime it was bought out by another company. The original product was Galore by Scandia. I would love to purchase the Bath Parfum (oil perfume) was better than any of the products produced after it was discontinued. Now, I have to be content with the spray cologne, which I love too.

  • SHANNON11/28/2004

    I am joining the ranks of those longing for the old Galore. I wore it back in the 70's and it was the only perfume that I ever wore that caused total strangers to run up to me and tell me how good I smelled. It was an amazing fragrance, and I have never had that kind of success with anything else in 30 years.

  • LORI11/02/2004

    PLEASE!!! Someone help me find the old galore!!!! I have been searching forever...I have read some of the messages and I am afraid to try any others because so many say it isn't the same...mine was in a frosted bottle..says it is by Monteil concentrate..if anyone can help..please do so!!!!

  • BILLIE10/25/2004

    I have worn this lotion since the early 70's. Most fragrances cause me to have allergies, but not Galore. Please tell me where I may purchase this product now!!!

  • BONNIE10/03/2004

    I'm looking for Champagne by Germain Monteil; I used to wear it in the 70's so I don't think it was the ysl Ysseve/champagne which according to this web site was created in the 90's. Does anyone remember GM's champagne?

  • BETTY CAMPBELL08/20/2004

    Several years ago I was able to purchase Galore Body Lotion by Germaine Moneil (originally by Scandia of NY). I have not been able to find for years and wonder if it is still made.

  • ISADORA06/28/2004

    "Germaine" used to be my favorite signature fragrance in the 1970s, then it disappeared in the early 1980s. Galore was also sold at the same time as Germaine and they were not, and are not, the same fragrance. When Germaine disappeared, the saleslady tried to convince me that Galore was similiar, but it is not. I still long for Germaine! Germaine was exquisite with my body chemistry. I loved it on myself and everyone else loved it on me. Sigh.

  • CARMEN02/15/2004

    Dears I'm trying to understand what happened to the fragrance that 20 years ago was sold in the States under the name Germaine. I'm wondering whether it's now sold with the name Galore. can soomeone inform me?? Thanks

  • KAY KLESCHKA01/04/2004

    I still have one un-opened bottle of the old Galore'. And yes, in the tall frosted rectangular bottle. I do think the old Galore has a much stronger smell that the new Galore! I am happy with the new Galore but wish I could still find the old Galore. The new will do!

  • SANDY01/03/2004

    to tracey: you are not nuts. i have a tall, rectangular, frosted white bottle (with a gold band between the cap and bottle, and the company emblem on top the bottle is also gold) sitting in front of me. i am looking for the same exact product also. this product is the cologne spray concentrate. have you bought it? is it the same?

  • GLORIA12/05/2003

    I wore this about 20 years ago. I think this smells just as good as the Scandia brand.

  • TRACEY07/09/2003

    I used to wear this in the late '80s, and the bottle was tall, rectangular, and made from white frosted glass. Does anyone else remember this, or am I nuts? I want to buy it, but not if it's no longer the same fragrance. Thanks!

  • SUE05/19/2003

    I am 65 yrs. old and have worn Galore for at least 40 years. My mother and aunts used to wear it too. It was maufactured by Scandia originally, then that co. was sold to Germaine Monteil. Now all I can buy are imitations. I am allergic to all other fragances that I have tried. I did get a bath powder custom blended for me, but it does not smell the same. I too wish we had the original products.

  • LISA S03/02/2003

    sorry your mom passed away & yes this is a special scent anyone would admire, it's sweet, light & refreshing probably like your mom

  • LISAS62203/02/2003

    I'm not sure if Galore comes in a bath powder all I know is you can also find it at perfumania. I love it!!

  • JUDY01/08/2003

    Does anybody know if Galore bath powder exists? I started using Galore, by Scandia, in 1968; then Monteil bought it, then it disappeared, and then it came back out by Five Star Frangrance. I think it is so similar to the original that nobody, including the hubby, can tell the difference.

  • LIZ12/19/2002

    My mom passed away three years ago.She had been unable to find Galore anywhere for at least six years before her death.This was her favorite fragrance,and I missed the smell so badly.I ordered some,and it is just like Mom's:) My dh had never smelled it,and commented how nice it smells to.


    if anyone know where i can purchase the original galore cologne or perfume please let me know.

  • JANET06/01/2002

    the old Galore by Monteil was made with flower extratcts. I was told when it first started disappearing that US no longer could import it due to strict laws on products, animal testing etc. Even 20 years ago I never like the cologne as much as the perfume. Perfume was always the better softer one. Cologne always smelled slighty different and included that alcohol odor. Now that it is once again able to be imported to US they must have changed something in order to get it back here. I miss it too!

  • LESLEE04/09/2002

    I am old enough to remember that Galore' was once indeed made or marketed by Scandia who then sold it to Monteil. I'm going to try this new stuff because I'm so desperate to get anything like the old stuff!

  • LYNN02/06/2002

    The Galore I used 20 years ago wasn't made by Scandia.It was made by Germaine Monteil. They also made another fragrance and that one is still manufactured in the U.S.Can't remember what the name was.Don't want it. Want my "old" Galore!

  • LYNN02/06/2002

    You all feel the same way I do.The Galore I used to wear can't be found in the U.S. anymore. I can't say anything about the new product. Don't even want to try it. Not the same bottle, which makes me think not the same perfume. Where can we find our "old" Galore?

  • JEANNE01/17/2002

    worn galore since mid 80's do not feel the new bottle is the same smell has been diluted and has an acohol smell that was not present in the old packaging.

  • LYNN01/06/2002

    am also looking for the original galore. haven't been able to buy it in U.S. for years. the bottle doesn't look anything like the new one,which makes me think it's not the same. was told that it's still made but only available in France.if anyone knows where to get it in the U.S. I would like to know.


    I used only Galore for 20 years, then it was sold only in Europe and no longer soled in the U.S. I have been lost without it. Found this new Galore, but it is not close to the original. I do not like the new product at all. If anyone finds a source for the orginal, please post it. I would love to get my hands on some.

  • DIANE NEESE12/17/2001

    I also am looking for the original Galore. Found Galore in the new bottle but the fragrance is not the same. I have been using Galore for 20 years and was very disappointed when I could no longer find it. Because of Migranes I need a softer fragrance and Galore worked for me better than any other. If anyone could offer any information on where the orignal can be found and purchased I would be so thankful.

  • MARY12/05/2001

    Wonderful. Have the most compliments from men and women of any perfume I have ever worn.

  • DEBRA SIDDLE11/05/2001

    Yes, having the shower gel, powder along with the body lotion and cologne will make the fragrance last alot longer, therefore you don't use as much cologne. You need to have the shower gel and powder/talc available. I would buy it all!!! The Avon Lady

  • DEBRA SIDDLE11/05/2001

    How do you spray it? The proper way to spray on parfume is to hold the bottle atleast 8 to 10 inches away from your wrist, etc. DO NOT rub! That will bruse the fragrance and let it dry naturally and then smell after 10 minutes of application. This will elimate the alchole smell.

  • DEBRA SIDDLE11/05/2001

    Yes, It was made prior by Scandia. My husband loves it and I really like it as well. I'm an Avon Lady and this fragrance is unique and special in it's own way.

  • KAY ROBINSON07/16/2001

    I need to know if Galore by Lancome is the same fragrance now produced by Monteil? The Galore by Lancome would have been manufactured at least 15-20 years ago.....please help me discover who owns and produces the original fragrance!! Where could this fragrance now be purchased?

  • JOLENE06/05/2001

    Vicki- Just found this web site, and must reply that I too think its changed. I've worn it for years, and the "new" bottle though pretty, doesn't have the original sent. You see, I still have one of the old, still 3/4 full, and the bottle in question, and to compare the two, the smells are very similar but, not the same. The old is more romantic and solf, the new is a bit more grounded. My old came from Toronto, CA about 4 yrs. ago. Toronto said its hard to get, because they stoped making it for a while, but said it will return. Probably, if we read between the lines, she's saying with a "new retail price".

  • LOU05/06/2001

    I've been looking for the original Galore that I wore years ago. I finally found it but in different bottle than before. It does not have Monteil on it but says "Five Star Fregrance Co:" the bottle looks the same as shown on net. Anyway, the fragrance is still great!

  • NIKKI10/02/2000

    ive been wearing galore for about 10-15 yrs.. around 4 yrs ago it stopped being avail in the u.s. I was still able to get it in canada.. but now i find even they have stopped selling it. recently i bought galore online, only to find it wasnt really galore.. it was galore'. similar.. but not nearly as long lasting.. pure.. i dont know.. just seemed to b a cheaper, more alcohol based copy of the real thing. i am currently in the process of searching (to the ends of the earth)for the REAL thing. if u come across it.. please let ME kno becaues it will alwasy b my favorite.. and good luck to u. nikki.

  • VICKI09/24/2000

    I began wearing Galore when it was made by Scandia before being bought by present company. I loved it! For last 10+ years I could not wear any perfumes, due to severe environmental allergric reactions. Recently, I got the urge to buy a bottle for old times sake. I am discouraged to think that it may not be the same wonderful product. Has anyone been a longtime fan that could give me an opinion if its changed from the original? Thankxxx!!! Lynn Lane (Vicki)

  • SJLAMBOLEY@AOL.COM09/19/2000

    i do not like the cologne of Galore any spray pserfume Galore around. Cologne has too much alcohol smell

  • LINDA09/13/2000

    Don't they make a shower body wash...mine is about gone and I'd like more.

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