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L'eau D'Issey Issey Miyake Image

Issey Miyake

L'eau D'Issey   

182 Reviews

Two years after the creation of his women's fragrance, Issey Miyake launched his men's cologne, L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme. Reflecting the principles of his women's scent, it embodies yin and yang, and the extreme polarities of the world. L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme cologne is a fresh yet warm, woody scent accented with spicy notes. Created in 1993, L' more

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Two years after the creation of his women's fragrance, Issey Miyake launched his men's cologne, L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme. Reflecting the principles of his women's scent, it embodies yin and yang, and the extreme polarities of the world. L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme cologne is a fresh yet warm, woody scent accented with spicy notes. Created in 1993, L'eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake is the result of the following top notes: juniper, bergamot and lavender. The middle notes are: sage, coriander and freesia and the base of the fragrance is: sandalwood, moss and cedar. Issey Miyake is recommended for casual use.

  • GEE02/27/2013

    Classic Fragrance for a fresh start to the day.

  • MIRANDA03/01/2012

    Good smell but disappears too quickly both on skin and on clothes

  • DARRSHAN J VORAA12/27/2011


  • MAJ GEN J.G. TOMECKI02/26/2011

    Either it was a bad bottle or just not for my chemistry but never got much positive feedback when wearing it.

  • DARRSHAN J VORAA10/28/2010

    fragrances may come and go but this is one fragrance which is going to stay for a long time for years well this is probably an only perfume for which u need not try before buying or hav to take anyones advice simply go for it u will land with instant compliments frm people the lasting power is outstanding and a very pleasant scent, can be worn anytime in a day. i hav worn around 20 bottles of this stuff the safest buy in the world of perfumes this issey miyake pour homme

  • SLIMM06/29/2010

    I'm no hater, and I firmly believe in live and let live, but let's be serious here just for one moment. . . . This fragrance is right in the same league with Ck One, Acqua Di Gio, Crave, Play by Givenchy, Unforgivable by Sean John (also I am King), and even Happy by Clinique. They're just safe scents. Do they smell good? Sure, but they're the Honda Accords of the fragrance world. Everywhere you look, you see (smell) them. Are Hondas bad cars? No. They're highly reliable, and very versatile. You can even dress them up with some rims and tinted windows and all of a sudden you're styling. These fragrances are the same way. There's no flare, they don't last and worst of all, they all smell the same. Oh sure, there might be a note or two either is missing, but if you put them on paper, they're identical. Issey Miyake is nothing but a mainstream fragrance with high popularity simply because it doesn't stink and it's like everything else "but not" in the most mundane way.

  • PECK06/16/2010

    although the price is high but is the best i ever use. i recommend everyman to be using this.

  • DARRSHAN02/09/2010

    this is the fragrance which is going to stay for a long time and the best part is that it lasts for a long time and stays on ur clothes for hours and yet it is not offensive just great sure u will get compliments when u were i have 200ml 2 bottles in my wardrobe

  • JEEZY01/11/2010

    Sexy cool fresh to death fragrance that will get you noticed by the ladies. Girls get wet around this fragrance (or is it just me?), definetely wear this ONLY in the summer/spring.

  • COLOGNEMAN10/07/2009

    issey is a classic NO aquatic scents come close to the quality of this one; aqua di gio is a weak copy of this and this version has LOTS of exotic oriental notes (more than many scents labled oriental), while its an invigorating ocean breeze aquatic edge with a nice masculine woodsy base. i got a 4.2 ounce bottle for 30 online and have NO complaints this stuff is amazing and by the way this stuff has japanese notes that are NOT in any other scents so if u want something really unique and of quality by all means be my guest

  • ANDY09/17/2009

    way better than adg this is definately a MUST HAVE and probably will go down as the best mens cologne EVER!!

  • LOVE THIS STUFF08/18/2009

    I have been asked so many times what cologne I’m wearing. Gets big time attention in elevators and in business meetings. This stuff is great. On the dry down it has a soft pleasant sunny sweet smell but still holding a little of the top fragrance. Even the lady at my dry cleaners wanted to know what it was. Also great longevity on the skin! Awesome fragrance. It’s a winner!

  • TOMMY05/13/2009

    This is a very smooth cologne. This one is in my constant rotation and lets just say the ladies love this.

  • MATTTHON03/07/2009

    a true stunner!!!has to be the most sophisticated fresh cologne ever!!!top notes almost smell like acua di gio,but,not played out like di for daytime,but one of the only fresh scents good for evening use also.

  • LYNETTE11/02/2008

    This is one of the best scents I've ever experienced on a man. Remember, guys, you should buy something that your significant other likes on you as well. Just because you might not smell the fragrance on yourself doesn't mean it isn't there. One more thing, just as too much perfume can overwhelm those around you, so can men's cologne. Go easy on it! Scent should please those around you. One sexy, and sophisitcated scent. :)

  • HOOCHIECOOCHIE09/08/2008

    To me, this is the ultimate cologne. I have slo been asked what brand I am wearing. I also like Tommy Hilfiger (mens) and Vetiver. All very light and NOT offensive.

  • DEMETRIOS08/16/2008

    Good cologne. Clean fresh sophisticated fragrance with decent lasting power. This original fragrance is by far the best one.

  • DEEFOO03/31/2008

    All I can say is from the first time I caught a wiff of this scent, I was hooked. I am CONSTANTLY getting comments from both men and women alike asking what the scent is. At the club, spray it on your chest and good luck getting them to stay away!! I LOVE this scent.

  • EDDIE03/15/2008

    Oh you'll certainly be noticed if you wear this one. It's repugnant, overworn and foul smelling. I've heard people say in jest that many fragrances smell like bug spray or weed killer but this one really reminds me of bug repellant. It's really bad and to me has nothing to do with one's body chemistry. A bad product is a bad product and this is a bad product - point blank.

  • DARRSHAN01/11/2008

    if anyone wants to be noticed for what he is wearing wear issey miyakes this fragrance, u r sure to get compliments, by far the best fragrance launched, its my signature scent and i can carry it with style. unbeatable.

  • CHYPRE01/02/2008

    Don't know why the last post seemed to be lost than appeared twice (at least that's what I see), but anyway... I sprayed this on my neck from a tester and still don't know what to think. It had average to good staying power, but I didn't get many compliments (I was staying more to myself though, zealously trying to figure this scent out). I guess there's just something in me that will keep returning to it because there is really something unique about this fragrance. Maybe someone can give me some tips on testing my chemistry... I don't know that I have the best chemistry as even strong colognes do not tend to last... although that may be because I am not getting other people's opinions...

  • CHYPRE12/29/2007

    Thank you for taking the time to carry out that little experiment. Despite what some reviewers say, there's definitely something to body chemistry. I gave a card sprayed with this stuff to a woman, and she wouldn't give it back. But now, I will go to the store, spray it on me directly, and see what happens. :)

  • CHYPRE12/29/2007

    Thank you for taking the time to carry out that little experiment. Despite what some reviewers say, there's definitely something to body chemistry. I gave a card sprayed with this stuff to a woman, and she wouldn't give it back. But now, I will go to the store, spray it on me directly, and see what happens. :)

  • DEE12/04/2007

    This is BY FAR my favorite cologne. I bought it for my boyfriend and he is running out of it so he only wears it on special occasions until we get another. It smells so clean and so sexy!!

  • APIS11/08/2007

    well this is the best i ever used so far...and i get the most compliment when using it especially from the ladies. it is fresh and masculine and the longevity of the scent is outstanding!!!

  • DARRSHAN10/05/2007

    well i have by now used around 5 bottles of issey pour homme, its class, but dont try the new intense, its sick

  • JOANNAH09/24/2007

    I bought it for Hub while we were still dating and things were early days. It was the salesclerk's recommendation for a 30 y.o. male. Sorry, while it's the type of scent I and many women like, neither hub nor any other man I know who have received it as a gift have cared for it on themselves. They find it slightly embarrassing to wear but they don't hate the scent as such. They just think it's too feminine.

  • GEORGE MELLER08/26/2007

    It's a delightful tease...L'Eau Blue is more lasting but not as distinctive

  • PHIL AVEREY08/23/2007

    but your cologne lacks the warmth and sophistication that I look for in a scent. Its got a grim, impersonal, sterile feel about it that stings my nose and reminds me of every cold-handed mortician I ever met. I noticed that its popular with people in their teens and twenties who don't have much experience with cologne. Definitely a good one to avoid.

  • LEBM08/07/2007

    Personally this is not one that I wear for myself but for the Ladies. I get compliments - in abundance. Now right out of the bottle and into the air I don't like it - smells like pledge. But on the skin its not bad and all and has a nice sunny smell to it - that the ladies seem to love.... oh and its strong too - a little goes a long way. The scent is very masculine and does not come off as cheap or something that an old lady would where..... try it out.. u may like it...... it works for me...

  • GEORGE E08/04/2007

    Since this forum is so divided on Issey, I needed to understand it myself. My buddy lives by this stuff and he receives more compliments than any cologne I've ever worn. So i had to test and see if same affect on me. We club together and we both applied this fragrance before we went out. Only to the skin, not on the clothes. Before we got to the club I knew it didn't work for me. (smelled like I fell on asphault when starting to rain). On him, smelled like really nice but masculine water and flowers. At the club, we asked three different ladies all of whom we both danced with to give opinions of our colognes. They thought that it was two totally different colognes and i was told mine wasn't so pleasant but his was "oh man that is soo good!" Never told them that it was the same. We only laughed! The best and most accurate post on this forum is Aaron's. Unbalanced and clashing notes for some, Harmony for others. I read a post where this was called inferior! by Bobby C. That is just plain silly!!! Issey was designed by Jacques Cavalier(fragrance world-Superstar). Bobby disected what he called "mechanical flaws" in Issey all of which are simply things "Bobby" does not like in a fragrance! He and the guys he's encountered wearing it must have chemistry similar to mine on this one! For potential buyers, sample and sample again. It is a must!!

  • BARBARA W07/19/2007

    I like all sorts of different scents (fresh, oriental, herbal, etc), but this just smelled really blah to me. No character, sort of a watery bitter smell. Don't like it, but can't really hate is either because to me it just smells like...nothing. However, I am a huge of fan of Miyake's L'eau Bleue (and the eau fraiche version). Those are both fantastic.

  • DAWN07/18/2007

    No one could care less that you're gay and you certainly could never speak for all gay men. You're entitled to your opinions as I'm entitled to mine. But I think your opinion with regard to this fragrance is off balance. I don't care how much critical acclaim this fragrance has gotten or how much your exes or friends enjoy this, I happen to not like it as do so many others here and most people I know and to me that's what matters most. It really does suck (oops, faux paus). Smooch to you babe.

  • DARRSHAN06/12/2007

    well this is the only one fragrance which is bottled in the most simplest manner, but works very high, i have as on date used around 15 bottles of issey and now iam using the whole set, i have always got the greatest compliment on using this scent, very simple but highly sophesticated perfume.its going to run a long way through years without stopping. great work issey, keep it up

  • WAYNE05/18/2007

    Smells great, fresh, clean and comes with a big of a price tag... BEWARE it will probably fade by the time you leave the store

  • BRENT J.05/11/2007

    Hmmm, its as classy as a suburban mall, smells like a solvent, and leaves a wicked vapor trail. C'mon, it was only a matter of time before it ended up in the drug store.

  • BILL04/27/2007

    I have been asked so many times what the cologne is I am wearing it makes my wife jealouse. Gets big time attention in elevators and in business meetings. This stuff is great. I always keep 3 different kinds, get tired of the same stuff every day. Even the lady at my dry cleaners wanted to know what it was.

  • ALFIE04/20/2007

    This fragrance smells like a cosmetic counter area in department store. I like it very much it so refreshing and powdery.

  • J. YORK04/01/2007

    This ever popular mens' "favorite" is to me just flatout an annoying and repulsive floral water!

  • ANDREAS03/14/2007

    a fragance to love or hate ...its a wonderful aroma, i cant understand why people dont like it, great semi aquatic/floral with a spicy/woody notes mix it perfect... an unique fragance in years... simply

  • HOLLY03/09/2007

    From the description, you'd think it would smell amazing. But I just don't get how a famous designer can mix together such interesting ingredients like: Yuzu, Cypress, Verbena, Sage, Blue Water Lily, Nutmeg, Saffron, Geranium, Cinnamon, Tobacco Amber, Musk, Vetiver, Sandalwood, etc. and end up with something that smells this awful. I remember hearing once, that when you store perfume and cologne in a plastic bottle it affects the scent - maybe that has something to do with it. I really don't know. But if you don't mind smelling like Glade air freshener and Raid bug poison, I say "enjoy it".

  • ULTRAMAR03/04/2007

    what happen with this fragance? its really great, an unique aquatic with lovely floral base into the citrus-woody notes like no other on the market... no more words , amazing.

  • CHAZ02/28/2007

    As soon as its released from the bottle it assaults the senses with extreme hostility - like an angry genie. Its not masculine, or romantic, or anything... just plain abrasive. People who use it should be cited for air pollution.

  • WATER02/24/2007

    well... simply, like other post, hate it or love it... both sides tell us that is a great fragance! long life to Issey water..

  • SAMANTHA02/21/2007

    Are they kidding? There were some truly awesome colognes made in the 1990s, but this wasn't one of them. Nasty stuff! Smells like zombies.

  • 197902/20/2007

    inferior ? ? ? no man,, you r wrong.. sure, ok, you dont like it, you dont understand the fragance, ok, thats your problem but dont call a great fragance ,. this kind of perfume, inferior, anyway, this stuff is awesome.. simply, you love it so much, or you hate it so much, thats all.. >=)

  • TRÌP02/13/2007

    very special, unique notes... but at first sniff seems to be hard to understand it, theres something that is very attractive... great fragance, good longevity...

  • BOBBY C.02/09/2007

    Inferior? ABSOLUTELY! Because this EDT suffers from several major mechanical flaws. The first, being its overpowering sillage. It literally bludgeons the olfactory glands of bystanders with its high volume powered by numerous, cluttered, and poorly proportioned fragrance notes. Not only can you smell a gent wearing L'Eau D'Issey from across the room, but the scent continues to remain in the room even after that same gent has departed. When people can smell you approaching, and continue to smell you after you've left, believe me, your cologne is working against you. Even sensible application cannot overcome this cologne's natural tendency to drift to the far corners of the earth - a most undesireable trait. The other major failing of this nasal nausea is that it lacks depth, i.e. it doesn't allow its top, middle and base notes to develope with subtlety and imagination over time. L'Eau D'Issey smells as HARSH at the beginning as it does at its conclusion. No evolution in a scent is the hallmark of a poorly designed product. FiFi awards, high prices, loud advertising, focus groups and aggressive marketing don't make a great cologne. The outcome of that approach only produces trendy, niche scents such as this. A GREAT cologne is the product of inspired artists who apply their skills assiduously to produce timeless, scented masterpieces that can be enjoyed by all encounter them.

  • DESMOND02/02/2007

    Since I only wear cologne when I wear a suit or tuxedo, I prefer one that smells elegant and classy - something that complements my attire. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this particular cologne for that purpose because it doesn't smell expensive or dignified. Whether or not this is the worst scent for men ever created is a matter of opinion, but in my view it does fall into the catagory of EDT's that I refer to as "mallfume". I don't know for what occassions this fragrance was specifically designed, but it is definitely not well suited for formal events. Clive Christian would be a much better choice.

  • OISHII01/23/2007

    What's your point? Isn't it obvious that it's my opinion and point of view? So I self-identified as gay and presented my experiences with Issey -- big deal. Should I not disclose that I'm gay? Just like I should not say that I'm male? Maybe you should go and read the definition of what an "opinion" actually is. Do I say anywhere in my review that "This is the only opinion that counts" and "I speak for all gay men." If people have the right to think Issey smells like gasoline, I have the right to think that their opinion is "whack." Do me a favour -- try not to read too much into the tone implicit in a message when there is no tonal inflection on the Internet, okay? And the critical acclaim and enduring success for Issey speaks for itself.

  • LEO01/13/2007

    Not quite a fan anymore. Willing to sell my bottle [email protected]

  • JAKE01/01/2007

    Issy makes my dog go crazy - rubs his head anywhere the scent was applied. I guess he likes it too and wants to rub some off on himself! Has anyone else seen this happen with their pet? Does Issy contain pheromones? Maybe that would explain the abundant sex appeal....

  • LOS12/29/2006

    I mean no disrepect, but your post is totally IGNORANT!! You not liking Issey and thinking it stinks is understandable but calling it inferior? Since its launch in 94, it has had a 13 year running as a top 10 seller Worldwide.... a fact provided by The Frag. Foundation where it won FiFi awards in launch year! Top 5 seller year-round at Sephora! As for me, I've never owned it but have questioned other gents as to what they have on only to be told it was Issey. Been asked many times by women as to why I don't wear it and have witnessed the attraction it has! Inferior? To what? Shares popularity and talked about with greats like D&G,Armani,JPG,Chanel,etc. There's def. something in the juice and with no question, body chemistry does polarize this fragrance!

  • JASMIN12/27/2006


  • MY 2 CENTS12/24/2006

    A long lasting, heady, cloying, unisex styled aquatic, whose fragrance notes combine to form a linear scent which resembles the lingering presence of a household disinfectant.

  • ONG-BAK12/23/2006

    With the reviews being mostly polarized, I'm definitely on the far negative side. This awful floral absolutley does not work for me and I can't stand it when I smell it on fellow gents either.

  • BOBBY C.12/18/2006

    I love the reviewers who make excuses for this EDT by blaming its' shortcomings on bad skin chemistry. I'll bet if you got sprayed by a skunk, they'd tell you that its not the skunk spray that smells so bad, its that your skin doesn't work well with this particular scent. Let's be honest, an inferior product is an inferior product regardless of who is using it.

  • CD12/15/2006

    Subjectively, I like it but it is always a matter of opinion. Objectively, this has to be the longest lasting scent I've used.

  • TAMMY12/10/2006

    I have to laugh at the ones who have never actually sampled this or any other product on themselves before buying! Haven't you heard about how one person's body chemistry is different than anothers? It always smells different in the bottle! This smells great on my husband & we love it!!

  • DILLON10/30/2006

    I tried it, and its essentially a mix of synthetic and floral notes with a sharp sweetness - very artificial smelling and unnatural. I'm adding it to my every growing collection of contemporary men's fragrances that I'll never wear out in public.

  • NON SMOKER10/27/2006

    This was a blind e-buy for me based on positive reviews, so I had no preconceptions as to what it would smell like - just high hopes. But once I tried it out for myself, I found it to be genuinely unpleasant and irritating. Not a guy smell at all. I would never wear this scent out in public. Really, test this out on your skin before you buy it.

  • TONY T10/24/2006

    are trying to bring this down to 3 stars!!! p.e. please change your format and only let people rate fragrances that actually have something to say.

  • MARC 10/11/2006

    This stuff is pure magic. It has the most wonderful smell that attracts woman to you. I constantly get asked what im wearing and oh, how lovely I smell. I definetly reccomend this if you want the female attention, and its reasonably priced too!

  • DAWN09/30/2006

    Are you the only gay man with an opinion? I know other gay men who don't like this fragrance. Why call someone's feelings about a fragrance whacked just because it differs from yours? As a woman I dislike it on any man, straight or gay and certainly wouldn't run up to you and ask you what you were wearing. But that's why everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion. Isn't it wonderful to have freedom of expression?

  • CLOWN COLLEGE09/05/2006

    I was unfortunate enough to have applied some of this potion and spent the rest of the day trying to avoid myself. I felt as if I was being suffocated by this migraine inducung juice from the moment I lightly sprayed it on my skin. What made the experience even worse was that I wasted $40 just to reek of decaying flowers, sweet onions, and feline urine. While I was standing there in a cloud of stink, I remembered what a wise man once said, "There is a fine line between aroma therapy and chemical warfare". My friends, this "odor" has crossed that line.

  • KATHERINE09/02/2006

    There are choices and there are choices. I happen not to be amongst the women who swoon over this. The pimp juice thing doesn't make me laugh. The fragrance, while not nauseauting isn't something I care to smell on my man. Thank God he wears something that smells more exciting and isn't worn by every other guy. I've smelled this time and time again and it does nothing for me. Thankfully, there are many choices from which to choose in fragrances. Someone wore this in my office as well and we talked about him too. But our comments were less adoring. He wore way too much, he was also handsome and tall and left a trail of perfume that lasted 10 minutes when he left the room. Someone finally told him to tone it down and he finally did.

  • TASHA08/31/2006

    I'm a girl and I had a roommate who wore it (also a girl) and I LOVED it on her! Finally I asked what it was and now I wear it! But I love it on a guy as well! I think it's so unisex.

  • X.G.08/19/2006

    This seems to be one of those scents where either you love it or hate it. Or either you have the chemistry for it or you don't. I'm not gonna say I hate it but I find it disappointing being that I think it's too watery with a pinch of florals, woods and spice.

  • OISHII08/14/2006

    I don't understand the negative ratings for this cologne. I've worn it for over 10 years and it harmonizes perfectly with my body chemistry. The funny thing is, I'm gay and both men AND women love it. Men ask me what I'm wearing, women always say, "someone here smells really really good." I can't keep the ladies off of me... they actually come up to me to sniff me and want the name of it written down so they can buy it for themselves or their bfs. It's probably the best of its class (the summer floral woodsy smell) and definitely one of the Top 10 colognes ever. Absolutely versatile too -- for the office, shopping, or for dates. Based on personal experience, Issey Miyake will definitely get you action and it's one of those colognes people never really forget. Most of my exes think of me whenever they smell it... and it's also a very unique smell. I have about 5 different colognes but this is the only one that my friends IMMEDIATELY recognize and love. Too bad for all the people who either just don't work with it or think it smells like gasoline. That's whack!

  • NASTASSIA08/04/2006

    $3 is all you spent on this? No wonder then! In order to get the good stuff, you have to spend the $$ to experience the good stuff! I hope you give it another try though!

  • NASTASSIA08/04/2006

    Whatever...he used to be a co-worker of mine who used to wear this great cologne, and I had to ask him because it was getting on my nerves, it smelled so GOOD. He said Issey Miyake, and he always got compliments from the other ladies on it. On top of that he was tall and gorgeous, so he always wore this to work, just to get a reaction from the ladies. After a while, I teased him about it and called it Pimp Juice, after a song of Nelly's. That's what he calls it now!

  • JASON1307/28/2006

    Best post on this board of the 121ish! It sums it up with this fragrance. Unfortunately, I fall within the unlucky few but the shower gel is simply awesome on me!

  • PASTUKH07/18/2006

    I startedwearing this about.... well, over 5 years. It has recieved the most questions from girls like "you smell great, what are you wearing?" or I'll be at a small party and more than once a girl said" someone smells Really good'.. of course the other guys would say it was them.... I would be quiet and both times the girl finally made it to me and said, "It is You." ..... I love it.... worn it for a while...then would change it up to something else, but I would Always go back to it!

  • COMMON SCENTS07/16/2006

    I'm sorry, but this one is just too sticky sweet and flowery. It reminds me of lemonade and flowers. Its much better suited for a woman. It is much too feminine for a man. I also had a difficult time washing it off. Be sure to try this one before you buy it.

  • SPACE PILGRIM07/15/2006

    This popular semi-spicy but watered down floral just doesn't work for me. Had some decent compliments here and there from women in the past but I myself can't tolerate this particular floral. I'll just stick with Anucci and Twice by Iceberg.

  • EDUARDO06/26/2006

    On one word: wonderful! This fragance is the scent of summer and reminds me of a paradisiacal beach. It lasts long, yet it is not "agressive". Try it.

  • RICK05/26/2006

    Almost as common a fragrance as Curve and D&G now. Too bad for it's a nice fragrance.

  • AARON05/19/2006

    Yes there are many people on here saying this cologne is horrible, yet there are many saying the opposite. I think I and the other fortunate ones have landed an amazing cologne that does not smell good on many people at all, which is an awesome thing.. for us! This colgone is definitely original! I ordered a sample online, and fell in love with instantly. Many women I know love this scent as well, which is what guys target too! :) So try this out, DO NOT go out and buy it becuz your friend smells awesome with it. This is a cologne that smells great on the lucky few! Good luck! If it works for u, u have benefited like the rest of us! I would rate 10 but only 5 is allowed! :)

  • DOCTOR04/10/2006

    this is a frangrace you CANT just spray on the back of your hand a smell it 5 to 10 seconds later, thats whats rookies do. With this one: spray one blast on your chest and two blast behind your ears. in about 30 minutes, you will get compliments from the ladies. Plus the guys will ask you what are you wearing, and if you see the same guys in about a week they will be wearing it. I promise.

  • SLICK03/16/2006

    I've had several girls stop me and ask what I was wearing, even girls with boyfriends.

  • PHIL03/14/2006

    I have to agree with Eric's posts on this one. I just got a sample of this based on so many of the experts reviews. That was the biggest waste of $3 in my life. Words can't express what pure #*@! this is.

  • ERIC03/09/2006

    I hate to disagree with "I'm Back Ya'll" but my opinion has nothing to do with my body chemistry. I've never tried this on nor would I. I've formulated my opinion from the guys I've smelled wearing this. It just doesn't smell like anything special at all. Luckily, there are people left that can think for themselves and don't have to have someone else tell them what to wear, how to dress, what to look like, etc. I didn't like it when I first smelled it and still don't like it, that's all there is to it. Nothing wrong my nose, more like somethings wrong with the fragrance.

  • NIKITA ("IM BACK Y'ALL!) 02/13/2006

    Do not listen to the haters.Try it on you and see for yourself if you have the chemistry for it. Smelled this in the mall the other day and it brought back good memories. I have bought BLACK, 360 RED, PARIS HILTON, REACTION all spectacular fragrances but nothing compares to the distinctive ISSEY. It is like the Tupac of the fruity/aquatic scents. Whoever hates on this cologne it must not go with their body chemistry. I know how that is because I liked Cool Water Deep and it smelld like bug spray on me.

  • JEREMY BELCASTRO01/18/2006

    This is very wonderful scent that I think most women would love. I cannot understand why anyone wouldn't like this scent. It lasts a very long time on me and smells very different from the usual scents that everyone wears like aqua di gio by armani.I give it a thumbs up all the way!!!!

  • RX-812/27/2005

    Absolutely nothing special at all about this apparently popular floral fragrance. I don't see what the big deal here is.

  • ERIC12/23/2005

    Ken says wait til it dries down and Dave says its one of the best fragrances ever, the lady at the counter said so. Ken the fragrance is funky from beginning until it dries down so there goes that and Dave the lady at the counter works on commission, so there goes that theory. I hope everyone here enjoys their colognes and fragrances, even if they happen to wear this ghastly product.

  • DAVE12/17/2005

    I'm still getting compliments everytime I wear this from everyone. It's amazing how many compliments I have gotten so far. I may have to stop wearing this because of all the attention I'm getting:)

  • DUC12/16/2005

    Although it's a very popular name in the mens' cologne industry, I think this light floral water is overrated for what it is and definitely not worth the money.

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC11/19/2005

    .............and seems to be overflowing with water and not enough florals to even make females' heads turn for me. I don't how so many people can say this is sexy.

  • N2DBLU11/18/2005

    Uuuuuuhhhhhh, no! This water with light florals is definitely not sexy and not for me!

  • DAVE11/14/2005

    First off, don't listen to a guys opinion on mens colognes like the ones before me. What matters is a womens perspective, unless your trying to attract men. When I first bought this cologne i didn't think it was any special. But from a poll that i read, issey miyake was one of the sexiest according to women. This cologne gets incredible attention, its floral, but yet very strong and lasts for awhile. The lady at the counter loved it and said it was very different. I highly recommend it, i get compliments all the time from women on this cologne.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU11/09/2005

    Although this particular fragrance is supposed to be one of the most popular floral for men out there...........I'll have to pass on this one. I'm not at all impressed with this one and I don't find it all that interesting, sophisticated, seductive or whatever.

  • HAROLD11/07/2005

    Don't know what the fuss is all about here! This scent isn't all that it's hyped up to be and I wouldn't say that it's sexy or seductive either.

  • P.T. STOCTOROCTON10/25/2005

    Probably the most popular floral among mens' fragrances and to me, the worst.

  • KEN10/13/2005

    First thing when you sprayed this one...what a strong citrus you wearing lime/lemon juice. But when it dries down, wow! perfect for my evening night out for dinner! Light citrus + ahints of light floral scent...VERY Sensual!

  • SANDY09/18/2005

    my boyfriend loves this cologne, i have no clue why, I think it stinks, it is way too strong and just stinky, like bug spray. i like armani mania personally but he likes the bug spray i think its just in the name.

  • ROB H.09/07/2005

    Now that I think about my previous rating, this scent is like CK's Truth and T. Mugler's Cologne. The scent for those two are about 95% water and 5% notes while this one is maybe 85-90% water and 10-15% notes. Most definitely not worth what any store sells either bottle size for.

  • TIM08/04/2005

    I loved the smell of this in the shop, and have been wearing it daytime and evening for a couple of years. One word of warning though: even small amounts (far less than one full squirt of the bottle) can induce sneezing in susceptible people around me, even hours after applying it (in it's favour, it does last a long time)! It's also easy to put too much on, as you stop smelling it yourself pretty quickly. But it's still a great fragrence; lots of citrus/ocean scents. As of spring 2005, Argos in the UK has started selling it, which is not at all a good thing. Soon all the chavs will be wearing it and it will be as common as muck!

  • ALV08/02/2005

    This fragrance smells very strong.Strong orange, it makes me wanna puke and feels headache.I hope i won't smell it anymore..

  • TONY T07/29/2005

    comments.. cloud hmm.. soft and fluffy!!maybe you should try ultraviolet.. ultra meaning very and violet meaning flowery or femalish.. i love issey but i gotta stick up for my bro K.WIMP..CLOUD, have you ever posted before?? i don't think so.

  • CLOUD07/23/2005

    WIMPINO, go to buy that things, obviously you are into that cheapy fragances.... Issey is beyond many designers, simply people dont understand it... this stuff is awesome ! ! ! ! !

  • K. WIMPINO07/19/2005

    Sexy.......yeah, right! Issey Miyake doesn't stand a chance against Armani, Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier.

  • ERIC07/13/2005

    I remember once one guy wearing this and me asking what he had on and him proudly saying Issey thinking I liked it. I just wanted to know the name so I would know what this foul mess was named. Now I know and know also to stay as far away from this as possible.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE07/13/2005

    I don't see what the hype is all about from some of the excellent reviews I've read and from people in the area I live and work at. It's like stale water with some flowers added to it.

  • BEAUTIFUL AIR07/10/2005

    This is an outstanding fragance...impressive, sensual and very special, his notes make it an unique smell in the world !

  • PAUL07/08/2005

    not in heaven yet but this stuff comes awful close. it was funny i was laying in my car with a chick bud of mine.. whipped out my bottle sprayed some on me and immediately she turned to me and started to tickle me. Another time my momz was turned on by this smell on me so u know its potent stuff.

  • NATALIE07/07/2005

    I loved it on my boyfriend.. he only had a sample of it so I bought him the real thing as a surprise because he loved the scent.

  • COLIN06/25/2005

    It smells great for the first couple days, but it's getting a lil' irratating. Don't know why.....CK one Summer is more pleasant. Maybe that's why it's a men's cologne. I wanna try the Sexual by St. Germain.

  • GQ05/11/2005

    my new favorite, topping even the coveted armani. this is a very sophisticated, complex scent. i would use it for formal evenings. no casual wear.

  • HUGGIE05/08/2005

    I bought this fragrance a while back. At first, it was off the chain, but then something strange happened on the dry down. It just went limp and I gave the sh..away. I don't know. Something about those aquatic scents that just don't have any staying power. Guess you live and learn at $40+ a pop.

  • JC04/09/2005

    This fragrance really special, but after a month or so, i started to feel uncomfortable everytime after wearing this for couple hours, because it started to smell like bathroom detergent. Once I realized what it actually smell like, I never go back to this cologne again.

  • DANIEL02/14/2005

    I have used over 30 different kinds of designer colognes but i have never left feedback for any of them. In this case however i feel like it would be wrong not to appreciate a fragrance so good. What makes it sooo good is that 95 out of 100 people will love the way you smell and it definitely is a chic magnet.

  • ANDREW02/03/2005

    all the people i knew told me this smellled really good..wen i finally smelled it, i was in is so strong and smells like burnt flowers

  • WES00701/27/2005

    am i the only person that the issey miyake for men has two different versions to it. one that was made in 1993 and one in 1994 and one smells sweet and fresh and the other smells woody and herbal

  • SOLYTAIRE01/11/2005

    This cologne is okay on some people. Its way to light and floral for most men. Not very masculine to me but hey Im just a guy, what matters is the ladies love it.

  • CHRISTI01/02/2005

    My boyfriend got this cologne for Christmas. He used to wear Curve all the time ( I hate Curve). I was with him on a date I couldn't keep my hands off of him. He smelled so damn sexy. Tip to all men if you want a girl to give it up wear this cologne because it is pure sex in a bottle definite panty dropper. I love it I am going to buy my boyfriend another bottle.

  • RAYO12/30/2004

    This is weird stuff, sometimes it will smell like heaven and the most of the time it will just smell like rotten eggs and gives me a headache

  • TOPSKI12/22/2004

    Overpowering at first. but before long, the base note will reveal the great scent that will last all day.

  • JOEY12/02/2004

    Bought this, and wasn't very happy. High price and I just don't like the scent.

  • TROCON BERRY11/12/2004

    this fragrance is so captivating and enchanting that you will always be remembered.I still have fresh memories of one of my buddies that i first smelt using Issey miyake.It left such a lasting impression and I can't never go without a bottle.Thanx once again for making real men smell,feel,and look special.

  • RICK09/17/2004

    I first smelled this hearing it was popular and thought it was disgusting. Then some guy sprays it on himself and says that this will get you all the girls man. So I decided to try it on my skin, only to find that it is indeed still horrible. My senses just don't like this.

  • JODIE 09/09/2004

    This was "cool, stylish and hip" in the mid to late 90's. Now it's just played out. I can't believe some people are just now discovering this fragrance. I wouldn't wear it. It's way too trendy at this point.

  • ELAM09/01/2004

    A beautiful scent would encourage every male to have in his arsonal

  • COLOGNE MAN08/29/2004


  • LEO08/22/2004

    Excellent, excellent fragrance. The scent is very warm but fresh, and, most importantly, original and unique. It works well for dates, formal affairs, work, and even casual occasions. This is a cologne for the refined man. The scent is always light but noticeable and lasting. For such a great designer cologne, the price is quite reasonable.

  • A. NONY. MOUS07/10/2004

    Very nice, light aquatic scent that lasts. Smells kind of like laundry drying. After looking for it for a long time, I finally found a wal-mart, of all places.

  • ROB H.06/17/2004

    I will probably hold onto this in my collection just because it's L'Eau D'Issey by the infamous Issey Miyake. Otherwise after hearing people of all ages both male and female telling me that I should get a bottle, I went on ahead with it. I'm not so much for floral fragrances but this is probably the best I've ever had. It could possibly be my chemistry that isn't complying with this scent that a large number of other people rave about. This holds its value in every website I've browsed just as Le Male and Armani's greats do, which is a good thing but I thought I was in for a surprise. Oh well, it's still a "good" scent after all I've said.

  • ALEXANDER06/16/2004

    It's one of my favorites in the whole collections. It has a very fresh start and evolves into a warm spicy base in the end. It's indeed very strong. Don't use excessively lest you'll overwhelm yourself. Very excellent EDT.

  • TOM06/06/2004

    This stuff is vile. Causes instant nausea. I've smelled cleaning solvents that smell better than this. Has to be one of the worst fragrances ever.

  • R.J.05/11/2004


  • STU03/30/2004

    Not a must for my cologne collection John H. I can't stand this tepid mess. I'll be an individual and wear more exciting fragrances than this ordinary one.

  • P STAA03/29/2004

    In SoCal, this is a good one as it's exotic. This is a lady pleaser! I went to a department store and they said it was their bestseller. The problem is that too many people now have it. But that's okay, just mix it up with another and it's still killer. I had a hot girl go up to me and smell my neck!

  • STUEY03/24/2004

    Nasty. Non-exhilirating, overrated, overworn. Nothing remotely original or fragrant about this.

  • BRAD MEDLING03/11/2004

    There is a prevalent petroleum base, exxon kinda smell in the base of it.

  • BRAD MEDLING03/11/2004

    Something is wrong in the beginning but it dries down to a nice familiar scent. I don't think it is special, but nice.

  • COLOGNE DOCTOR03/07/2004

    one of the worst. i could write a page on how bad this is,but i wont.

  • JOHN H.02/29/2004

    One of the most intriging colognes ever made. This delicious scent is perfect for dates and romance. It's sexy, fresh and most of all strong. A must have for your cologne collection.

  • SKIPPY02/22/2004

    The secret to this one is the daisy flower. It is pleasant but is one of the strongest scents. It doesn't smell like Joop but is strong like that one. Issey overpowers all other scents in the room so it should be used sparingly. Issey will be in your clothes, eg..jacket for days. When I was young we had a household product that smelled like daisies. I always thought it was a cool scent. This is a one spritz kind of scent and would work well.

  • MATT02/14/2004

    This is a very strong, invasive fragrance that follows your nose the way gasoline fumes permeate the air at a gas station. It smells so strong that it makes you wonder if someone is trying to hide another smell rather than accentuate their own body chemistry. Many latinos tend to favor this and Aqua Gio.

  • TERRY02/07/2004

    A woman I work with uses this scent & everytime she wears it I comment on it (I am also a woman). It smells fresh, clean & outdoorsy. I answer phones as part of my job & I was expressing how beautiful the smell was when the phone rang, I actually answered the phone saying "Terry smelling".

  • SAIL02/04/2004

    I have 12 colognes now and this one is among the aqua di gio, burberry weekend scents - very light and aquatic, making it suitable for spring and summer. Issey Miayke stands out from the crowd though, because it works with your skin chemistry, until the point where you can't smell it but others notice it with a quick whiff. Yes, it does last for a long long time, and the top, middle, and low notes all work together to create a truly long lasting, quality cologne.


    A true winner. Women really do love this cologne. It's fresh and invigorating. Longest lasting cologne I've ever used. Add this to your must own won't regret it.

  • JACOPO01/12/2004

    I love it!! It's quite similar to Acqua di Giò, but it's stronger than Armani. Great eau de toilette.

  • BEN01/06/2004

    This is an aquatic scent to me with some spice in it. After that it's difficult to describe but let me tell you I feel great every time I put it on. It's also one of those sexy scents that is perfect for dating. You can't go wrong with this one.

  • KAYKEI12/31/2003

    any guy who wears this is sure to get my attention-its a real turn on

  • JAY12/20/2003

    Very classy scent, but can't wear too much or it gets annoying.

  • KOY12/17/2003

    the initial notes r like old lady's offensive fragrance. but it dries down like an oriental fragrance and the base is excellent soft woody and swet spicy.

  • LAURA C.12/13/2003

    I really like IM pour homme on me, it's like walking by a zen garden. I don't like the femenine perfume though.

  • CO-CO12/07/2003

    i always say this perfume is outstanding makes you feel that you own everything.

  • WINTER12/06/2003

    I bought this cologne a few months ago on a whim for my boyfriend. It is absolutely erotic in nature and definitely compliments a man. Issey lasts all day and smells great under the covers at night.

  • SARAH 12/01/2003

    The name says it all!!! Issey Miyake can make any ugly man look gorgeous in a women’s eyes. I love this cologne!! And many women love it too!!! I "HIGHLY" recommend all men to try it!!!

  • KAMRAN11/21/2003

    This perfume defines man.

  • YULE CHILD11/09/2003

    The first time I ever smelled this, it was on my boss!! I tried to shrug it off, but it just smelled SO good that I had to ask him what it was; if there was one scent that made my knees weak like that, I had to get it for my man -- not just have it on my boss!!

  • MARK11/07/2003

    Everyone will compliment you.

  • W.B.11/05/2003


  • JUAN09/16/2003

    This is the best by far!Women go crazy over it!I get complimented every time I wear it.Perfect for night time use,lasts very long!

  • FERNANDO09/06/2003

    This perfume should find a place in everybody's collection. It is so light and refreshing and charming that I take it almost as a piece of olfative art. It is delicate and very intriguing. Women always love it. Although maybe in the same class, I think this is so much better than CK One and Azzaro Chrome, that I cannot compare to them. I think it almost impossible to regret the money spent in this perfume. Perfect for summer!

  • TODD08/04/2003

    I've had this for several years, but don't wear it too often. The sent is a little too feminine for my taste, but it does last all day. The closest sent I can compare it to is a pungent CK One.

  • WILL07/19/2003

    L’eau D’Issey is a quiet cologne, that plays well behind the scenes. I enjoy it’s light tobacco finish.

  • TUM07/12/2003

    Great smell,light but long-lasting

  • JAN07/09/2003

    I work with a young man who wears this fragrance and every time he wears it I ask him what it is. I am ordering it for myself and I am a totally sensual WOMAN.

  • DAVID07/07/2003

    This stuff is absolutely fantastic when I first spray it on me, it's marine, watery, and fresh almost like no other. I have found, however, that an hour or two after it finally dries down thoroughly, it maintains a stale and moldy odor. It is really too bad because the initial scent is so exhilarating and crisp, and I had even planned to use this for the rest of the summer but it looks like I'm gonna have to go back to Polo Blue or Creed Silver Mountain Water...

  • OSI06/22/2003

    Yeah yeah it is a common smell and it has immitations but i really wonder why anyone should rate this low. There aren't enough bars to rate this cologne here. 1 spray and it lasts you the wholeday. It smells like fresh morning.

  • HOPE06/01/2003

    My favourite men's fragrance. I hate a lot of men's fragrance but this is just so sexy!

  • COLOGNEBOY05/17/2003

    It has a nettle scent.

  • KIMBERLY04/14/2003

    I buy this scent for any man I date ever since I first smelled it. It is completely arousing to my senses plus men think I am so sweet to buy them such a gift. Really I wouldn't date a guy who wouldn't wear it.

  • VAIDAS04/09/2003

    At first i got a sample of this thing. And I liked it soooo much that I got the big bottle! The smell lasts much longer than I expected!

  • GIOVANNI03/26/2003


  • 64303/20/2003

    You cannot go wrong with Issey...It is by far the most sexy and unique fragrances you will ever find.

  • SHAZEL IBRAHIM03/03/2003

    If i tell a real truth, i can say i can't live without issay miyake. I deem it's my best friend evermore. Next time i'll try to buy another bottle of issay miyake(women) for my dearling MUA. I love issay miyake rather than my love. Because i got her due to an issay miyake. It's an excellent fregrance for men and women those who are using perfumes as their hobby... i am shazeel ,from GA- Villin'gilli Rep. of Maldives.

  • EDDIE02/27/2003

    Doesn't smell sooooooooo good to me that's for sure. But if it floats your boat go for yours.

  • BIG BOY02/22/2003


  • SBACAS02/21/2003

    This is a great scent on the right person. Can be suprisingly long lasting.

  • DOUG01/30/2003

    Swankie? or Stankie? I really feel this is common smelling.

  • JOHN THOMPSON01/29/2003

    Get this one that's all I have to say about this perfume

  • NANA01/27/2003

    Sooooo good this the one for me. I love it on me.

  • MIA01/15/2003

    Being used to guys who wore the usual Tommy, CK, trendy fragrances, I met my boyfriend and was totally intrigued by his scent. I had never smelled Issey for Men before and now I can't get enough of it. I sleep in his t-shirts and dress shirts, it's a heavenly scent. It is definitely a MAN'S scent. It's masculine and not too overpowering...I'm surprised more guys don't wear'll definitely be remembered in a good way.

  • BARRY01/09/2003

    I won't get this. It sucks. You go ahead and pollute the air with it fragrance collector.


    Don't get this so I'd be one of the few who have it. That'll keep it a little rare. The price should be 2-3 times more so less people will have it. That said, I have over 40 colognes and this remains one of the very favorites. Thank you, Mr. Miyake (or is it Mrs.?)! Wax on, wax off, Daniel-san... :) Hint hint: from the Karate Kid movie...hehehe...

  • JEFF12/29/2002

    After I tried a sample of this one, my family asked me if I spilled gasoline on myself filling the car. Not exactly the kind of reaction I want from a fragrance. Pass.

  • JERRY12/29/2002

    Hey all, All I could say about this cologne is A+++++. The freshness, the natural smell, and all of that. Most of my girlfriends say that it smells passionate. And many of them even say that they would use it.. I just couldn't believe if even girls like this cologne. Every time I like a cologne usually I get bored of its smell after using it for a while, but this one, I've been using it for almost two years now and I haven't been bored at all yet, and will never be. Believe me, if you are an outgoing and like freshness, you'll love this cologne to death. Thanks for inventing such cologne like this Issey !!!

  • JERRY12/27/2002

    Easily attracts women!! Thanks very much Miyake!!

  • STU12/13/2002

    You can definitely go wrong with this one or fahrenheit for that matter. I smelled on a friend and it reminded me of a smell you'd fine in some stale smoke filled bar. Nothing to celebrate with this one.

  • AV8OR1311/24/2002

    two perfumes a guy must definitely have... fahrenheit and issey miyake... like i've said, you can't go wrong with this

  • LIONHEART41711/14/2002

    Unique scent, fresh & light. Not bad fragrance!

  • STASH09/16/2002

    and will stay away. It is fresh but I don't find it that original or find any note in it that stands out. I guess it isn't one I just Gotta have.

  • JOHN09/11/2002

    One of the best!

  • JIM SAM08/15/2002


  • CAROLINA07/28/2002

    This fragance is "a genius in a bottle", because it turns an ordinary guy into a hot-hot one. THIS PERFUME DRIVES ME WILD!!! Specially in summer. So sexy...

  • PZD07/18/2002

    Are there different types of L'eau D'Issey pour Homme? I'm seing different colors of the bottle - are they the same fragnance? Thanks!

  • CHUCK07/01/2002

    How do you pronounce L'eau D'Issey ?

  • JERRY06/30/2002

    I went to a department store and smelled about 50 colognes it seemed and this one was it to me. Very sharp scent that smells like the ocean or something of that effect. I like the fact I can put alot of this on and can smell it on me..not one of those you put too much and turns nasty. This is good for romance, office, clubbing...whatever. I would check out eBay getting this cause it is very pricy. If your going to get one cologne this year you must get this!

  • KEN06/23/2002

    Fragrance?....What fragrance? The smell of the test card was more overpowering

  • CHUCK06/19/2002

    This refined "aquatic" cologne is beyond amazing. This is the "hardcore" version of the aquatic cologne "Aqua Di Gio" but this is way stronger, which is why I assume it is prefered for night. I got this as a gift and is now my new signature cologne. Excellent smell, best cologne out there

  • MANU05/19/2002

    yeah, its pricey but it worth every cents with its wonderful scent...

  • BRIAN05/14/2002

    Very watery smelling..."aquatic" they claim. Smells very nice. Too pricy though. It not the GREATEST in the world but It is one of my top 10 scents.

  • ADY04/26/2002

    The best so ever.Congratulation to you MR.Miyake coz all my close friend loved it.

  • NICK04/15/2002

    Excellent fragrance however it doesn't last that long. If you are looking for a Fragrance that lasts ALL day, buy Boss No.6, Desire, or Chrome.

  • MARYUS03/26/2002

    This is a pricey fragrance but it worth all the money.Women go mad after it.It can't be compared to that cheapy, ordinary Eternity.

  • TUM03/24/2002

    Nice but pricey.I prefer Escape for Men cause it's fresher and less expensive

  • ANTIONETTE03/10/2002

    I heard about this cologne from a friend. I saw him this past weekend and I had to keep the shirt he had. This cologne intoxicating. Believe me, when the men say they get a lot of comps on the fragrance...i am in love with it. Men, buy this to up your game a little.

  • WHITEHALL02/20/2002

    Heard so much praise for this product I'd love to try it. The local stores don't have samples and there seems to be no mini size available. Their marketing people should change that.

  • MICHAEL02/03/2002

    excellent! an ex of mine wore the ladies version and i *never forgot* it.... when the men's came out i had to get it. i love it. i have seen alot of the world and alot of colognes but this by far is the best. i receive comps on it all the time.... first class!

  • EJAYBEE01/02/2002

    When Im traveling I make sure I bring it with me. One of my favorites.

  • ALLEGROCONBRIO6912/26/2001

    I wanted to buy something light and refreshing. Upon smelling this fragrance in a department store, I thought I found the right one. Boy, was I ever wrong! It's light at first, but after a while, the ginseng/pine note quietly, but persistently, intrudes your nose. Then you realize how really strong this perfume is! I tried hard to like it, but I had to return it because it kept giving me a headache. Some people might like it, but not for me. In order to find a good fragrance for you, you really have to live with it for a while, to see if it interacts with your skin o.k.

  • PAMELA10/13/2001

    Take it from a women who only buys Issey for her man! I buy it for myself.I cannot keep my hands off my honey when he wears this scent, & he ALWAYS wears this scent. I see to that! What a wonderful, sexy long lasting scent. Gift packs @ a special price would be outstanding. Thank You Issey, from a happy women

  • MARYUS10/09/2001

    This is the perfect spring-summer fragrance ever.For autumn-winter I use A*man and, like this one, women go mad when I wear L'eau d'Issey.Every girl I meet loves it.And I'm sooo happy. Thank you Mr. Miyake.

  • M. SMITH10/05/2001

    This scent drives women crazy. Good luck finding it in the stores. Apparently the secret is out.

  • MR. COLOGNE09/28/2001

    L'eau nelly! A fantastic scent, full of mystery and unexpected composure. The head notes have something marine in them and they work their way into your body chemistry stealthily. You have to keep smelling to make sure it's on. But those bottom notes! Unassuming herbals just barely crushed, stirred in with dry, mossy notes (that wet suggestion again). Fresh air should smell this good. A great romancer if you're chasing an art gallery owner.

  • MIKE06/16/2001

    This fragrance is truly one of a kind. It smells absolutley irrestible and addictive.Excellent for romantic use!!

  • BARRIANO05/04/2001

    i cannot find the grey bar soap refill, they only sell it with the clear plastic holder for $30, the refills were $19 however none of the finer dept stores carry it now. any ideas?

  • ALVIN CASH02/13/2001

    This fragrance is the most amazing scent. It drives me crazy and I'm the one wearing it. I get complimented on it all the time.

  • I am looking for Issey Miyake Deodrant for men - Spray

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