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Red Door Revealed Elizabeth Arden Image

Elizabeth Arden

Red Door Revealed   

23 Reviews

Red Door Revealed for women by Elizabeth Arden was created in 2003 and has an inviting blend of sweet fruits and florals, with lower notes of moss, woods and amber. Recommended for romantic use.

3.4 oz EDP Spray
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Red Door Revealed for women by Elizabeth Arden was created in 2003 and has an inviting blend of sweet fruits and florals, with lower notes of moss, woods and amber. Recommended for romantic use.


    Beautiful as usual...

  • PAULA MCCREADY12/01/2012

    This is a fresh scent similar to red door, but also a nice change to have a different scent. I love Elizabeth Arden products...

  • GLORIA05/21/2011

    I get more compliments from men when I use this fragrance. That is more important to me than a woman's comment.

  • DMARIE08/31/2008

    Red door revealed surprised me I bought it before smelling it and I was very satisfied with the smell it is fruity very sweet (like fantasy by B. Spears) but it dries down to a soft powdery smell we don't need Fantasy when we have this! I do like this one alot probly my fave of all the perfumes I have. I think the lasting power is really good too and I also love the original Red Door (my alltime fave).

  • DMARIE08/07/2008

    Red door revealed smells so fruity and sweet I like this alot and it lasts a long time! Good perfume!

  • DMARIE07/24/2008

    very sweet giving fantasy by britney spears some competition in the sweet category! but it smells good very good and if you spray on your clothes it will last all day and then some!

  • DMARIE06/23/2008

    I like this alot. It is a good blend of fruitiness and sweetness and I also love pink! perfect! Smells NOTHING like Red Door! I guess alot of people expect it will and they end up not liking this one! OH well more for us who do like it!

  • DMARIE03/15/2008

    Oh I have to give this one 100 stars! it is so sweet and I never smelled anything like it is is really pretty! I didn't have a clue to what it smelled like before I bought it but I was happy when I did! it is perfect for the office, a night out or everyday use! And I need at least 5 or 6 more bottles! It is hard to find! and also buy the 3.3 oz the 1.7 is SOOOOO small looking! With this winner it is better to have the BIG bottle!

  • SALLY11/12/2007

    I have worn it for several years with compliments daily. Red Door is too bold for the hospital setting. Revealed is much lighter and soft.

  • SAMANTHA06/13/2007

    it smells nicely while it is freshly sprayed. when it dries up, the scent evolve to a very depressing scent for me, very much like harsh reality sets in. for those who value metamorphosis of perfume like myself, it is a no-no for us. red door is slightly better version of red door(s) so far.

  • ANNIE05/05/2007

    I just picked up a small bottle of Red Door Revealed, and I'm glad I did. I think I will enjoy this. It is sweet, ambery and long lasting on me, quite sexy smelling without being overwhelming and wearing me, rather than the other way around. So I guess it works for me. A nice little fragrance. It smells a bit like an Armani scent - not sure which one, probably the guaiac wood note brings Armani to mind.

  • LATREASE12/11/2006

    I agree with Kate...I love Revealed..regular Red Door is old..smells like something grandma would wear..Revealed is Sexy and exciting..received a lotion as a gift and couldnt get enough. Although I found the cologne to purchase...have not been able to find anymore of the lotion until now...Thank You Perfume Emporium

  • KATHRYN10/26/2006

    This one lasts, but it becomes powdery after a few hours. It's ok for everyday but nothing special.

  • FAERYNUTT08/22/2006

    I'm undecided on this one, it may be my chemistry, I haven't worn it much because of that, so haven't gotten any compliments to know it it's good on "me" or not?

  • ALICE08/02/2006

    it's wonderful it is very refreshing and will wake me up in the morning to go to work

  • JES O.05/23/2006

    Elizabeth Arden has revealed her lastest sweet smelling secret weapon upon the world with this enthralling and captivating new scent Red Door Reveled. I love this scent with a passion and everybody else who smells its on me. I shower in red door revealed. It has a soothing, rich, scent that tantalizes my smell buds. It is not overpowering in any way but the perfect combination of every flowers that smells good and great in this world.

  • KATHY05/19/2006

    I wanted to throw up with this one! I sparyed in the store and just couldn't hardly wait to get home and wash this one off!! Darla mentioned that she didn't find this one to be long lasting, huh, I can't wash this one away!! Isn't that funny? This smells just like R.L. Glamorous to me. Oh, how I hate that one also! The only scent I like by E. Arden is Red Door!! This one is waaaay to fruity and sweeeet.

  • KATE01/06/2006

    I love this stuff! It has a mood-lifting characteristic that I don't find in any other fragrance, plus it's darned sexy...I HATE Red Door as it smells like something my grandma would wear, but I wouldn't feel comfortable in my skin without Revealed!

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC12/09/2005

    ...not much. While i do have a small bottle of this (1st and last), it's not much to write home about but is wearable. It lacks originality, uniqueness and character.

  • KALILA11/10/2005

    Red Door Revealed for women by Elizabeth Arden has an inviting blend of sweet fruits and florals, with lower notes of moss, woods and amber. It is not spicy or as heavy as the original Red Door.

  • DARLA09/20/2005

    The smell is nice enough, but it has absolutely NO staying power. Hubby watched me spray it on and asked, "Aren't you being a little liberal?" but after an hour, you could hardly smell it at all. Not worth it.

  • DAVID08/30/2005

    Abso-freaking-lutely love it. It's like a more subdued, playful take on the other Ardens, with I guess I should say a 'girly' feel to it. There's just something about it that is so innocently intoxicating. This is an aphrodesiac to me. I suppose it's one of the better Ardens for the more younger crowd, which I am a part of (early-mid 20s).

  • ANDREA06/17/2005

    i love this delicate and makes me think of pink.a color and a state of blonde hair.the scent is floral, fresh but fruity as body powder, very feminin but not overhelming.actually, the only problem for me is that it's tto light and i have to spritz twice.ok for summertime.delicious.brava elizabeth arden

  • KELLY06/17/2005

    I love this, definitely an upgrade from the original red door, lighter, more floral and fruity sweet, you can almost taste the fructose when smelling it. For some reason I don't smell the amber/wood or moss in it, which is great because I hate woody and amberish smell. This is comparable to "Liquid" by Hard Candy and "Lucky you" by Lucky Brand. It's a great everyday (casual) parfum.

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