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Dolce & Gabbana

D & G Feminine   

59 Reviews

D & G Feminine was created by Dolce & Gabbana in 1999 and is recommended for romantic wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of floral top notes of water lily, tangerine and white cyclamen blended with middle notes of lily, mimosa and heliotrope.

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D & G Feminine was created by Dolce & Gabbana in 1999 and is recommended for romantic wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of floral top notes of water lily, tangerine and white cyclamen blended with middle notes of lily, mimosa and heliotrope.

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  • PAULA GELLING02/13/2013

    I've found a source of my very favourite perfume which is discontinued. because it is scarce that reflects the price. but handy to know where to get my next supply.

  • IRALIS01/18/2013


  • FRANK ATKINSON01/10/2013

    fantastic perfume now discontinued...why??????

  • ZEE10/28/2011

    When is this product coming in again?????? I NEED IT!!!

  • NANCY ABBE02/03/2009

    This is the first time I have used a D & G perfume. It ihas a very nice scent, one that I have never worn before. I will wear it for awhile and if I am sold on it I will order a larger bottle. It really smells great so I will see if anyone comments on the fragrance.

  • CAROLYN T. QUINN02/14/2007

    There are two one that has a blue top and one that has a red top. I would like more information and prices.

  • TANINHA BRAZIL12/18/2006

    i did like it right away ... did not love it though ... but whenever i wore it ... just like maya said ... it was a crowd pleaser ... now , i wear it a lot more often , but i layer it ... i always wear it with a sandalwood based lotion , or white musk ... now , the fragrance is complete ... it is absolutely fabulous !

  • LU10/17/2006

    Reminds me of By, but soft. I can feel a wild violet note... imaginary, of course, but I love it. Great for day by day and office wear.

  • MAYA09/22/2006

    When I wear it,the reactions I get range from the total strangers(men) who start following me around,asking if they can come closer to SMELL me better, to the bold ones who ask me out and then fall apart when I tell them I'm married,finally to the women who somehow get really hostile when they detect it on me. For those reasons my husband has asked me to wear it only when I'm with him,to diffuse many potentially unpleasant situations...Of course, I don't always keep my promises, and that,of course,is the fun part.

  • GREEKGIRL06/28/2006

    I just luv this fragrance reminds me of a interstate trip i went on to watch my kids play soccer, it was a present from hubby, he loves it too!

  • ANGELIQUE05/31/2006

    Oh wow! This scent is an absolute DARLING. I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised. Where do I begin here? Firstly, it's verrry sexy, it makes me feel sophisticated, sultry and feminine. Next - it's pretty; the flowery tones are fresh, light and dainty which doesn't nag at you. Every now and again I get a waft of it and I think ... "Wow!" The dry-down is a creamy musk sort of tone which seems to compliment my natural chemistry. I'm very happy with this. I have purchased a number of perfumes recently and this one definitely stands out as one of the better ones. This is a much more sophisticated scent than D&G's Light Blue, which just seems to consist of a top note - it doesn't dry down on me into anything interesting. I'm now going to have to decide whether this will be my signature perfume or whether it should be Lanvin's Eclat D'Arpege. Two completely different scents, but both very captivating (and I have a feeling that this one will win me over).

  • ANNE05/07/2006

    i do not like this at all, at the first wiff it was nice but as it wears off it just reminds me of, well cat pee, its reasonably priced and the bottle is nice but it only lasts half a day

  • TAYA03/23/2006

    There is nothing special about this perfume. It is ok, but does not stand out enough. For casual use only.

  • RAY01/28/2006

    I like this scent much more than light blue. If it smells like a cleaning agent on you, then it is your body chemistry. This reminds me of perfumes I smelled as a child, very soft and delicate. I smell a soft sandlewood that carries this scent, with notes fressia or cyclamen. A gentle,clean smelling flower, that smells best at dusk. It is definetly a keeper!!

  • INGRID01/27/2006

    I just came back from trying this one out and I had to drive with my car window down and it is January in Canada for goodness sakes. This smells like industrial strength cleaner.

  • SERINA01/07/2006

    Hi Amy i too have 3 dolcue and gabanna perfumes, i have light blue, femme, the red one plus i have by so i guess that's 4 but really i have 3 becasue i gave one away which was the red one i can't stand it its to spicy. I know what you mean D@G is not really that great but i do like femme i used to hate it but then i gave it a change it only smells good after you leave it on for about 1/2 hour. I think lite blue may be the best out of all.

  • SERINA01/07/2006

    This one is very strong when you first put it on and yes it does smell awul at first spray but as soon as it drys down it's beautiful. it's so different i love the vanilla in it. You really have to give this one a change

  • AMY12/20/2005

    I actually had some interest in my offer. the perfume is off my hands thank god!! i have also given away Sicily as well. i won't be buying any perfume by D&G ever!!

  • AMY12/06/2005

    I have to say i dont like any of the dolce perfumes although i have three of them. this one is by far the worse one! i bought a 3.3edt bottle used it twice and can't stand it. If anyone wants it FREE send me a email to you pay the shipping. My x-mas gift to anyone who actually likes this!

  • ELLE10/06/2005

    i love this perfume. the bottle is very forthright and modern. this comes out as floral-metallic to me. it reminds me of Paco Rabanne's Metal or Calandre. feminine with an edge. i like it a lot.

  • VERONICA08/15/2005


  • CHOCOLAT05/25/2005

    I hate it. I got it as a gift from a guy, and I felt obliged to wear it a few times, but I hated it so much I gave it away. It smells like a very cheap perfume, it's non-specific, blunt in an offensive way, it has no identity or appeal, and it's all name (D&G) but no substance. I wonder who on earth in D&G commissioned it, it's just ghastly.

  • CARMA CAIN05/03/2005

    my boy friend loves it, i get compliments from guys all over! if u like this, u would like j'adore !

  • PAM03/31/2005

    I couldnt believe this scent could come from the makers of perfumes like Light Blue and Sicily. Those are wonderful. When I wore this It was like a powdery nightmare that wouldnt go away. yuck!

  • SHARRIE02/13/2005

    awesome. blows me away. swept off my feet. lovely. magnificant. one of a kind. full of life. wonderful.

  • MO'NIQUE01/24/2005

    I absolutely love it! If I want a birthday gift this is it right here. Everytime I wear it I receive compliments and men are always walking up to me asking me what scent am I wearing. Women too. My man loves it and when he sees me out and smells it I am in trouble......this one is a keeper and I am buying a bottle for all of my girl friends birthdays this year. I highly recommend. Excellent D&G! Kudos to you!

  • SARAH01/03/2005

    I really like this one. It is a very nice everday/office fragrance, but wouldn't be out of place with a little black number, or with jeans and a t. The heliotrope makes it just a little spicy, and there is also light sandalwood and vanilla bean notes (unlike noted here), which give it a creamy dry down. The vanilla bean notes are creamy, not sweet at all. Would be good for all ages. A nice clean yet warm smell. Staying power could be better though ;o)

  • JULES12/16/2004

    This is a very beautiful, soft but lasting scent. I'm constantly asked what scent I'm wearing. I've even been told by an ex that this is what his idea of "woman" smells like. It's absolutely gorgeous. I'm almost done with my second bottle. I love it. It's light enough to wear during the day, but perfect for a night out as well.

  • BEKKI11/28/2004

    this one has a cool effect when you smell it. and the florals are certainly not overpowering. one of the best ive tried on. and it also has that aferbath felling to it. very nice..

  • JANE11/13/2004

    I got this perfume for a Birthday present. I don't mind it - but I wouldn't say it is my favourite. It is quite a pretty scent though.

  • TAMAR09/08/2004

    I looooove musk so, I would wear this. It's like a very flowery fresh musk body spray. Way too soft and subtle to be paying anything more than $20 for 100 ml at least. Best of D&G's perfumes.

  • JENNIFER05/20/2004

    Whenever i wear D&G Fem, I always get asked what I am wearing--I was walking along on the street, and this guy walking behind me asked what i was wearing---lovely scent---much cheaper in Mexico.

  • PAULINA03/19/2004

    I don´t liked it on my skin, try light blue it´s so much better!!!

  • HEATHER03/13/2004

    Well, i am wearing it right now. it is nothing special. It grows on you a little, it was never bad, but its not the best thing in the world either.

  • ERIC02/24/2004

    Stuff smells SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Wowwwwwwwwwww.

  • EVE02/08/2004

    I usually don't were fragrances, but this one take my breath away....fantastic!

  • KIM12/29/2003

    Wonderful fragrance! Very light and airy, but has a nice depth to it as well - I have received many many compliments on this perfume.

  • NAJLAH12/25/2003

    I like this one for office wear. It is nice, sweet and really my taste but not too overpowering.

  • ANN11/12/2003

    This scent reminds me of Nina Ricci's Air du Temps. It's a very soft, subtle, gentle fragrance. A little too soft for me but I can imagine lots of people like this one.

  • MELODY10/07/2003

    It must be me since everyone else seems to like it but I thought it was terrible. Even from smelling it from the bottle I thought it had a weird scent to it. Very offensive.

  • SUSAN07/02/2003

    Really sexy and clean, which is rare to find! I bought it in Italy and I fell in love. It has this whole hot shower sex smell in a bottle!

  • CHRISTY06/21/2003

    Hey! I just want to tell everyone that Dolce & Gabbana's Feminine scent is BEAUTIFUL. Its young, fresh, and has an awesome scent. Plus, its priced great. You'll love it!

  • SUAVE05/09/2003

    I was perfume shopping today for my Mom...and guess what I sampled quite a few perfumes and i came accross this one...I was hooked on the spot and bought the biggest bottle for myself, it's just that kind of perfume that iknow I won't get tired of, it's just so nice and delicate. Just about for everyday. Love love love it. And for my Mom I bought "24 Faubourg".

  • TINA04/04/2003

    It's a nice scent if you wanna feel comfortable. It has a discreet charm, but it's certainly not sexy.

  • HANNAH03/24/2003

    This is still the best D&G's perfume. Light Blue is pretty nice, too, but really everyone wears it and you can smell it everywhere. D&G Feminine is light, transparent, non-pretencious, crispy, clean, young... and not too trendy, not for only one season. Nice fragrance, if you are young (I'm not very young, I'm 42, but I like it) it could be just perfect for you.

  • KAMILA02/11/2003

    Absolutely a must have. It's a definite complement getter

  • SHAY01/29/2003

    this is the best perfume any woman can have..any man who loves his girl would purchase this anytime of the year...its the best.. love me

  • KIM01/28/2003

    I just bought this the other day and my boyfriend went bananas!!!! He absolutely loved it - it is a very pretty fragrance.

  • SID12/30/2002

    I like this for summer, I would consider buying it again. It sort of smells like coppertone sun tan lotion mixed with flora, strange but if any one likes sun tan lotion scent they will like this one.

  • MZ JAZZ11/01/2002

    I'm still learning about the "notes". I took a chance on ordering this one based on the description. It's a bit too sweet for me. My recent favorite is, Hugo Boss Woman. My all time favorite is Nude by Bill Blass.

  • MARILYN08/23/2002

    This perfume reminded me of something and then I realized that it smells like deoderant feminine products. It is only for this reason that I would not want to wear it.

  • MADELINE08/21/2002

    This is a nice, soft, and yes, feminine fragrance. I would prefer a light sexy note in it though. I don't think I will buy this, but it's nice.

  • FAY08/10/2002

    It smells like --- a rather earthy nirvana! Simply divine... =)

  • AMANDA07/31/2002

    This is the best ever. Nothing like it! This, and Amarige are awesome!

  • STARLA07/19/2002

    My boyfriend bought D&G Feminine for my birthday and boy did we have an adventurous night filled with excitment and passion. Need I say more girls. Buy this one. It's a keeper, just like my boyfriend who proposed that same night. This is the truth.

  • LUILU07/04/2002

    Okay Ladies, I'm going to try this...I'll let you know what I think.....I still love my Opium, but as a perfume "junkie" I always have my nose out there!

  • FELICIA06/21/2002

    I love this scent! Its very soft and sensual - my boyfriend goes crazy when I wear it!! I recommend it for all girls who aren't afraid to smell girly!

  • A.G.05/11/2002

    This is the best of all D&G fragrances.

  • SUSAN04/23/2002

    Light, fresh and pretty. Have been wearing a year and have yet to find another I like as much

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    Nice, fresh, maybe too musky in the drydown

  • ANNALISA03/26/2002

    A friend of mine made a gift to me, just 20 days ago. It was Feminine. I wasn't very happy because I'm scettic about new parfumes. I must say that in 20 days about 20 persons have told me that my smell is wonderful and they wanted to know the name of it. Feminine is the most loved perfume I've never wear.

  • CALI02/20/2002

    I just got a bottle of Femine, a very subtle pleasant fragrance...not overpowering, very good for office wearing. but doesn't seem to last long on me.

  • SARA02/19/2002

    I asked for this for my birthday only because all of you seemed to love it, and I do too! It is so pretty! The initial smell of it is a little overpowering but then it smelt so good! Thanks girls!

  • ALINA11/26/2001

    ...wonderful!It's my favourite perfume!....soft,warm,sensual and very feminine!

  • ANON10/11/2001

    Since I started wearing this, three men have asked me what I am wearing. That never happened with my old perfume.

  • SHAN10/05/2001

    just "pretty"

  • VIKI09/18/2001

    Light and crispy, for girls and younger women.

  • LISA06/17/2001

    I love this! I had thought D&G other fragrance was my favorite, but now they both are.

  • ANDREA02/09/2001

    It's a pretty fragrance -- definitely for someone who is looking for a bolder romantic fragrance.

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