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Love in Paris Nina Ricci Image

Nina Ricci

Love in Paris   

22 Reviews

The fragrance that sparks off the dream of love… Nina Ricci introduce Love in Paris. Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Green of Violet, Star Anis & Fresh Rose. Middle Note: White Peony, Velvety Apricot & Sheer Jasmin. Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Clear Musks & Vanilla Touch.

1.7 oz EDP Spray
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The fragrance that sparks off the dream of love… Nina Ricci introduce Love in Paris. Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Green of Violet, Star Anis & Fresh Rose. Middle Note: White Peony, Velvety Apricot & Sheer Jasmin. Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Clear Musks & Vanilla Touch.

  • VANESSA07/28/2012

    I love "love in Paris"EVERY TIME I wear it, I always get complements..... Is smells VERY PRETTY.

  • LAUREL02/24/2012

    I enjoy wearing this perfume. It makes me feel young again. It is one that you can wear on all occassions and people will tell you how lovely you smell, pretty light and floral is how I would describe it.

  • KAILIMAKUE01/02/2012

    I LOVE this perfume. It is so light and makes me feel so good. I especially enjoy this fragrance when the weather is hot as it is not such a heavy perfume, but nice and light.

  • ELISABETH10/26/2008

    I discovered "Love in Paris" in 2004 when it has been released and still love for its extraordinary floral aura (roses are dominant here)with a slight peppery and warm undertone.

  • ALLYSA09/13/2007

    This fragrance is so feminine and timeless. I love this fragrance especially the top note. It smells so classic and makes me feel so elegant. This fragrance is so europe.

  • MARISA MAIRE07/29/2007

    oh my gosh! what a scent! It's my all-time favorite! I have been looking for a good scent for a long time and when my friend from France sent me this I was in love. This is a must-have!!


    A wonderful, ethereal fragrance that can moves from day to night. Evolves with your scent and just gets better and more sensual. Doesn't become cloying or smell cheap.

  • DIANE07/07/2006

    I have the shower gel, but am not so impressed. Sorry. I wont buy another one.

  • JUJU04/05/2006

    i don't like something that's too sweet, or too strong...or too androgynous! so this was a perfect choice for me as a bride-to-be or for any woman who's in the mood for romance - 21st century style. each woman carries off a scent differently…so the best is still to spray a hint of it upon the wrist….other than that – go for it!

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    Sublimate floral melody, romantic wake between dream and reality, "in Paris" it Coils is the emotion of a thunderbolt, responsible for the promise of a great day. Note head: Italian bergamot of Calabria Star anise Note heart: Jasmine Basic note: Vanilla

  • MESTISA12/11/2005

    This reminds me of Cacharel's Loulou, only it's better. A little too immature for my liking, but bearable...

  • HANNAH11/07/2005

    this is one of my favourite scents, and one I get alot of comments on. It's floral without being sickly and just complex enough for night or day-wear without being musty or too "old" (I'm 23) for me

  • NIKKI S.09/29/2005

    A very elegant, poised scent perfect for romantic evenings.

  • *MAYA*09/26/2005

    I have loved Deci Dela for years and still enjoy wearing it... Judging by its originality and uniqueness I was very disappointed when I tried Love in Paris. It just lacks so much! There is nothing special or unique about "LOVE IN PARIS" even the name is reminiscent of a clone... Too bad that Nina Ricci would come out with something like that!!! On that note has anyone tried her new one: Cherry Fantasy? Sounds interesting, but I was curious to find out opinions of you experts out there...

  • SHAUNA09/15/2005

    Got a sample of this, but can not detect any of the notes in it clearly. It is just a non-descript perfume smell. Does not impress me. Sorry

  • ROBIN 09/12/2005

    I respect your opinion, M.M., and I do hope you'll allow room for a difference of opinion: with that extra apricot thing going on, it's really one-of-a-kind -- at least to my nose. Girls, the only way to judge for yourselves is by your own nose, but I hope you'll try it, because you just might love it for its gentle, smooth, fruity-floral-woody French-ness!!!!! And if you don't, on to the next tester!!

  • 4YOUR EYES ONLY09/09/2005

    Yuk. i DONT recommend this scent at all. Although you can't beat THE MARKETING (paris, romance, etc.), THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT ALL IT'S CRACKED UP TO BE. TAKE IT FROM AN EXPERT.

  • MEOW-MEOW06/30/2005

    This smells exactly like Dior J'adore...why bother buying a clone? Although i have to say the bottle is really beautiful...

  • SKYLA06/24/2005

    This is a wonderful fragrance. I usually go for more warmer, floral oriental scents but I found myself loving this as soon as I sniffed it. It starts off fresh, sparkling, and rich and slowly makes its way to a soft, sexy drydown. Definitely a keeper. The scent lingers forever too! Give it a try ladies, men will be all over you

  • ROBIN 06/23/2005

    This is a floral fragrance for fruity-woody fragrance lovers!! Undercurrents of apricot , yes, but plenty of very French flowers up front. A modern classic. Also great for floral fragrance lovers who want to branch out and try something just a little bit different from their regular style. Probably not too easy to find at the moment, but worth the hunt.

  • LINDA WOOD05/25/2005

    this fragrance is the best, it is light but last forever. there has never been a time that any man i have been with that he could not stop smelling me.

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