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A perfume created by women for women. The floral-woody-ruby fragrance of Madness opens with a fresh and dizzy note like tiny bubbles bursting as you lift a champagne glass to your lips, it is an unexpectedly intimate impression that lasts only an instant. Addicted to the sparkling top notes of Lychee Rose, Kumquat and Pink Perrercorn, your head is more

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A perfume created by women for women. The floral-woody-ruby fragrance of Madness opens with a fresh and dizzy note like tiny bubbles bursting as you lift a champagne glass to your lips, it is an unexpectedly intimate impression that lasts only an instant. Addicted to the sparkling top notes of Lychee Rose, Kumquat and Pink Perrercorn, your head is spinning with the floral glamour of Flamboyant Flower Tree, Wild Wild Rose and Hibiscus Flower - rare and precious blooms, richly colored and intensely feminine.

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  • THORA10/15/2007

    There's something about this perfume I love. I have to keep spraying it! My friend did'nt like on me. But I'm driven nuts by it. It's a haunting, delightful fragrance.

  • BARBARA W07/07/2007

    ...for posting a comment! I love it when men give their opinions on women's fragrances. I've read many of your posts and think you have fabulous taste. :-)

  • BARBARA W07/06/2007

    Sexy, full bodied, and slightly dry, like a good cabernet. Complex and assertive, and won't be appreciated by some women, but this woman does! A regular in my rotation in the winter months.

  • LISAANDTHEWORD06/25/2007

    On me this was harsh, bitter & dry raspberry & spice.. gave it time but it stayed stinky. If you want something similar but softer, try Hermes Rouge.. spicy smoky & dry oriental, red & rosey.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE06/22/2007

    I much prefer these deep, sensous woody fragrances on women to the much more common, alcoholic aquatics. This is a great smell, almost (but not quite) able to be worn by a man because of its heady woodness. A fragrance for a REAL woman, not a teenager wanting fresh, citrusy perfumes.

  • AMY03/16/2007

    i have few chopard perfumes and honestly not that impressed with them. i bought this one at a discount so i dont feel that bad about it. casmir is another one i didn't care for and my bottle of pure wish is still 99% full.

  • HARLEY-MAMA12/09/2006

    Quite over powering! I'm going to give it some time and see if I like it or not.

  • GREEKGIRL07/17/2006

    I just love love love this one, spicy and sexy, and lasts for hours, even my teenage son complimented me on this one (which is very unusual for him to compliment) one of my favs and it also reminds me of the new Prada, 10 stars from me.

  • DIANE07/08/2006

    I have sooo many perfumes, that some of them get forgotten for long periods. Today i put on my Madness again after a LONG break. It is totally different than I remember. I am totally enjoying the impression it is giving me right now as I sniff my writsts. It is spicey, but I enjoy it. Find it an excellent perfume and not like many others. The test is how it develops with body chemistry. Sometimes I spray perfume onto my T-shirts instead of on my skin. This seems to work well also.

  • VERONICA07/06/2006

    I don't understand why people complain about this perfume. I LOVE IT and it still is my only one I love this much!

  • PONY04/21/2006

    Was getting all kinds of compliments on Madness but love R.R. smell out of the bottle--tried combining them and still getting compliments. Dying to try Delices de Cartier but not sure if I want to pay retail for it.....

  • OPINION OF A MAN04/12/2006

    This scent is too masculine for ladies, and lacks something to be manly enough. I cannot recommend this "red" scent for most. Try Casmir. It is clearly defined!

  • PONY03/21/2006

    Smelled OK to me but no great shakes...boy have I gotten compliments! Still a big Dolce & Gabbana fan, but this is a nice change of pace....

  • VIVIAN P02/26/2006

    This scent is very similar to Kors, but better...softer. I love it from first spritz to dry down. If you like spicy, fruity scents you'll like this.

  • JILL02/05/2006

    Madness is very spicey on me originally. I like it better when it has settled for several hours. It has great staying power. I have to be in the right mood to wear it. For me it could never be a daily scent. It is a bit too spicey or tricky for that.

  • ELLE01/28/2006

    I like the smell of Madness, too bad it took me this long to find it. This has such a sweet earthy scent to it. My sister thinks it smells like some exotic tea and she loved it on me. I've also been told that it smells very sensual and calming. Pretty good for 'madness' I think. In fact the only thing that does not quite fit is the name... this is amazing and lovely, calming and warming not 'madness'.

  • YUMMY GIRL12/14/2005

    I find this fragrance quite lovely. It is warm, subtle yet is always there. It is a frangrance that can be worn at all times, which makes it perfect for work, as well as going out. When it is first sprayed it is sweet and quite refreshing, then after a while it is warm and delicate. It is personally one of my favorites!

  • LIVIA10/27/2005

    I must admit this is much too strong for me but after a day: I BECAME DESPERATE FOR THAT SCENT: awkwardly fresh, genuine and soothing, soo soo different than what it was after the first hour!!! Thou shall not judge too fast! Mad kisses for everyone who liked it!

  • LEE ANN10/07/2005

    Interesting perfume name. I do LOVE the scent. I plan to keep getting it til it is no longer available anywhere.

  • SHANNON NZ09/26/2005

    Bought this based on comments that It smelled like favourites of mine, it smells mannish I cant smell any of the flowers, pepper or the red wine? And whats this flamboyant flower tree?? does it even exist?

  • MAYA08/20/2005

    At first I find it a little too strong, but the drydown is pretty nice, and it does not take too long to get to that point where you actually feel that it is very nice. My sister finds it way too much and she suggests it only for evening wear. My boyfriend "does not mind" it LOL - he likes it too - but does not love it. I like it a lot. But I might not be wearing it as much as I'd like to wondering always what others may be thinking of it. So I will give it a time off - it's good I only got a mini - and see what reaction I get next time I try it on... After all as your skin pH changes with foods we eat and as the weather changes from humid and hot to a bit more cooler this might turn out just fine. Will keep you guys posted.

  • BEBE02/21/2005

    truly beautiful. im not mad im madness. woodsy blend. luv it dream of it. very nice.

  • REESE02/04/2005

    If you like it spicy, woody & citrusy, you might like this. Not my type. It reminds me of what my mom used to wear in the early 80s. i.e. out of date scent.

  • SHARRIE02/03/2005

    madness not crazy. crazy bout madness. awesome. madness today. madness in life. madness everywhere. madness anytime.

  • KRISTIN M01/26/2005

    Didn't smell anything like I expected it too. Not the best and definately not for everyone. Was not as good as I had hoped form the description.

  • SYLVIE12/20/2004 the brandnew PRADA Eau de Parfum by PRADA. Check it out ladies and please let me know if you have the same impression. Greetings.

  • JULIE11/29/2004

    I found this extremely nice ...different and beautiful.

  • SYLVIE08/15/2004

    A fruity-spicy-floriental with a hint of leather. Sorry, but I don't like the name. Sounds serious and not so nice in this mad, mad world... Flopped in Germany. Nobody here wants Madness. Or nobody wants to get mad??? I think the dark grey box and the red bottle looks more masculine than attractive feminine. Madness smells very nice and spicy, but it's not long-lasting!! The top-notes are powerful and overwhelming, but the drydown is not so complex and great. If you like this kind of fragrances try *Just Me* by Montana, *Tentations* by P. Picasso, *Theorema* by Fendi, and *Black Cashmere* by Donna Karan. All fruity-florientals! All of them have an unbelievable long-lasting drydown and smell wonderful.

  • MARY K. 05/02/2004

    Madness is definitely a very unique scent that not everyone could get away with wearing, but if you like to stand out and be uniquely different, this is a perfect scent! It is hard to describe! This is what a call a "knock your socks off" kind of scent!

  • KELLEY03/11/2004

    I ordered some Madness today as it's quite rare and very hard to come by in Canada. It has a very unique bouquet that is sweet, fresh and not too sweet ... the bottle is very striking when held up to the light - it's lovely. Very different !

  • MARISSA03/02/2004

    I ordered this one based soley on the description given here in the product section and the message board and I am not impressed with it. It smells like an old-lady perfume (powdery/flowery, kind of cheap), like Enjoli. I am disappointed, but now I know! Don't buy perfumes based on others' descriptions - you may not agree, as I have found, unfortunately...

  • KEAHI01/22/2004

    The jury's still out on this one. I was immediatly hooked by the scent, but it was somewhat overpowering, and smelled like a cocktail on me. I'm not sure if I smell good when I wear this or if I just smell like a lush. I do like it better than Kors, however, which is a scent I find strikingly similar.

  • LLL01/09/2004

    I love this perfume. It's not for the wimpy "I-just-want-to-smell-like-soapy-air" perfume people, though. You have to like vibrancy in a fragrance to like this scent. But I sure like it.

  • LLL01/05/2004

    very nice scent, original and captivating. You won't smell like everyone else.

  • SUZANNE12/31/2003

    WOW! I DO get that bubbly champagne hit when I first put this luscious stuff on - and then it dries down to the nicest faintly cinnamon-spicy subtle woody but mostly RED floral aroma! I literally see red and pink flowers when I smell this perfume. (That's what I get for being a synesthetic.) And the compliments on it are amazing. Tonight is New Year's Eve and I know what I will be toasting 2004 in with! And yes, the bottle is absolutely perfect. Maybe I just like perfume in red glass bottles? Hypnotic Poison is another favorite! Maybe I should try Deep Red by Hugo Boss next.......

  • CHRIS COLOGNE12/18/2003

    Try a test. Smell this, then smell Givenchy's Xyreus Rouge for men. They smell quite similar. madness is richer and more full bodied. It's good but most women, particularly the younger crowd will think its too thick. The red tile like bottle is cool.

  • JESS10/23/2003

    This one smells masculine to me--very heavy, sweet, woody and spicy. Has no softness or feminine quality. It is different though--very bold. Just not for me.

  • NEW 10/22/2003

    Smells similar to Kors in that it has that similar red wine undertone. This one is sweeter and heavier though. Starts out kinda masculine but mellows out to a warmer sweet heady scent. Recommended for winter and evenings.

  • MAD MAGGIE09/21/2003

    first hit is citrus, then the herbs slip in. next is a subtle wave of warm florals, followed by spices that remind you of bunt cake. an oriental without the kick in the teeth of scents like Opium or Shalimar, but a little on the trendy side. don't wear to the gym.

  • MAGICA07/26/2003

    I like it very much. Nice drydown on my skin. It reminds me a bit of Costume National.

  • ANNA06/27/2003

    Yesterday I went for shopping to buy some presents for my family. And for my mother I picked this one, just because it looks so tempting. Of course, I tried some drops on my skin and suddenly it felt like addicted. I had all around me this scent, original and so delicious. I returned back and bought another for myself. In fact I was planing to buy a new perfume for me that day alos and I was thinking at Opium. But in just a second I forget about it and I went for Madness. And from this morning I wear it. And it feels so good! I usually prefer fresh-floral scents and this one is up side down, heavy, sweet, spicy and warm. It is really a big and wonderful surprise for me. I am quite new on this forum but I like it. I read others opinions about Madness and I am just wondering how such a great and especially scent had only 15 comments!? I will certainly return and tell more about it. When you are really excited about something you want to share with everybody your great discovery. And here it is a proper place, because only people paying attention to our world smells can really understand me. I hope this “love at first sigh” will last…but maybe it is too good to last:). And I do not understand those people telling it is an old-lady perfume. I am 25 years old and I vote 100% for it.

  • LES12/17/2002

    My girlfriend got this perfume in England and the fragrance is intoxicating. When she left for a month, I couldn't help but smell her clothes from time to time.

  • BOMBSHELL12/06/2002

    I agree with Aileen. This stuff is wonderful! Very bubbly and flirty, a GREAT scent for Da Big V. Highl reccomended!

  • ELE11/27/2002


  • CINDY09/30/2002

    This is a best kept secret. Not for long though. The scent is pure heaven. Strong and memerizing. Get this!

  • AILEEN (SCOTLAND)09/18/2002

    I am stunned by the negative feed-back for this fragrance. I ALWAYS have men asking me what perfume I am wearing when I have this on and I adore it! I find it very different and unique, and it's now my second to Delicious by Gale Hayman favourite.

  • SARAH09/18/2002

    got this from my hubby cause he thought it smelled sexy and yummy. i love the bottle, and the perfume itself is very complex and unique; it smells kind of like cinnamon on me...and i love cinnamon. it's one of those love or hate scents that requires a light hand...great for a special night or in the winter. long lasting, complex, everchanging delicious fragrance.

  • TRACY09/11/2002

    No originality and smells awful.

  • REDONE09/05/2002

    In a word - WEIRD. Cool bottle, weird smell. Medicinal maybe?

  • AILINNA LEE08/21/2002

    This Madness was a special gift from one of my good foreign friend! It is so nice! I like it very much! I don’t know how to express its excellent well, the bottle design is very charming, although the smell is inspissate, it make me feel so sweet as I meet him while I smell it! ~~ ^_* ~~ magical!

  • LARA08/10/2002


  • CARLA04/02/2002

    Hmm...seems to me that this is a 'back to orientals-vanilla' after the fresh -wave.Nothing new.

  • LIZ02/27/2002

    This fragrance grows on you..give it a chance...the base notes are fabulous.

  • JOY01/03/2002

    The first time i smell Madness ... I didn't like it that much .. but when you smell it again and again you can feel the magic of its smell its warm and sweet .. l love it

  • ANDREA IVANOVIC01/02/2002

    At first this parfume has efeckt of fine champaigne I think that it is shit!

  • 30,DECEMBER12/30/2001

    If that is something like Casmir - NO THANKS!!!

  • ANDREA-CROATIA12/30/2001

    Madness is just like Fendi. Because of notes: but it's very good for old ladyes!

  • MAI12/10/2001

    I couldn't wait to try this one, because of that beautiful bottle that beholds the perfume. I must admit I was dissapointed, but I can't say it's bad, it's just not my type of perfume. in the beginning it smells an awful lot like Armani's Mania, after it settles too a nice floral, a bit on the stronger side. I also catch a smell of some exquisite wine somewhere.

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