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Organza Indecence Givenchy Image


Organza Indecence   

140 Reviews

The alter ego of Organza, a fragrance the expresses the bold desire of a woman who knows what she wants? and how to get it. An oriental, spicy and woody fragrance Organza Indecence is a blend of uniquely refreshing cinnamon, assertive jacaranda wood, sensual musk and amber and the additive patchouli.

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The alter ego of Organza, a fragrance the expresses the bold desire of a woman who knows what she wants? and how to get it. An oriental, spicy and woody fragrance Organza Indecence is a blend of uniquely refreshing cinnamon, assertive jacaranda wood, sensual musk and amber and the additive patchouli.

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  • ALGERITA01/16/2012

    I tried the new bottle for 95 dollars and it was a waste of money. It smells nothing like the original. Please bring the original smell back

  • SUSAN10/11/2011

    The name is the same, but the fragrance is not. It is not a rich simmering fragrance any longer. It cost me $95 to find that out.

  • ANNA04/11/2011

    You can buy it at Dillards but I found it cheaper on-line - you can find it in lots of on-line locations.

  • DAWN04/11/2011

    No, it's not 'back' .... this is a re-vamped version that came out a few years ago. The notes are NOT the same ... it smells NOTHING like the original. Waste of money ...

  • JILLAINE01/21/2011

    the store I found it in is 'The Boston Store' in Milwaukee -which is part of the Bon-Ton retail chain. Givenchy just recently released 6 fragrances that were previously huge. All 6 come in a tall rectangular bottle with only the nametag distinguishing them from each other. Only in EDT, and only 3.4oz The one I saw was $95 I assume they are limited editions, but I don't know that for sure. Hope this helps!

  • BEBO01/04/2011

    can u name the shopes that have this perfume?

  • JILLAINE12/30/2010

    This site doesn't have it yet.... but you can now get it in the stores! Honest!

  • KAREN12/30/2010

    I get more compliments when I were this, having trouble finding it anymore. Bring it back.

  • LISA11/29/2010

    i agree totally. most compliments i have ever got on one perfume in my life. best fall/winter fragrance ever created.i buy off ebay,but pay alot of $.

  • LISA11/29/2010

    i agree totally. most compliments i have ever got on one perfume in my life. best fall/winter fragrance ever created.i buy off ebay,but pay alot of $.

  • DOLORES 11/24/2010

    I have been saving the box and bottle for over a year because I fell in love with Indecence

  • JANEM11/22/2010

    I LOVE this fragrance. It is the only perfume I have ever worn that didn't either clash with my chemistry or give me a headache. Please, please put it back on the market. Thank you.

  • JOY11/19/2010

    I can't believe they took this off the market - it was their BEST fragrance. Men and women alike would follow me to find out what I was wearing! (a bit spooky, I know....but true).

  • VICTORIA11/01/2010

    OMGosh! I can't believe it. Are you taking this off the market. I have never had so many compliments in my life. Me will follow me anywhere. It lingers behind me everwhere I go!

  • HEIDI HARRINGTON10/29/2010

    I have been wearing this perfume for many years. It is the only thing I buy, I absolutely love it. And so does everyone who walks by me. I work in a bar/restaurant and get so many compliments. Please bring this Indescence back on the market. PLEASE! My bottle is half gone. I have been searching for something similar but have not come close to the great smell of patchouli, cinamon, and vanilla.

  • JUDY10/04/2010

    Please please bring this back. You still can find it but so $$$$$ - I would never ever buy any other perfumes if this was back.

  • DENISE MORTON08/11/2010

    I used this fragrans for years. I have NEVER had more compliments in my life. It is magnificent. Everyone who came in contact with it has loved it... I too have tried to reach Givenchy to beg for them to put it back on the market. Please someone work some magic and get this ultimate fragrance back to us!!!

  • LUPI08/05/2010

    please bring this perfume back, im trying to get in tough with house of givenchy and i can't get anyone to bring this sexy fragrqance back

  • KAREN 07/22/2010

    This is my favorite perfume ever and now I am having the hardest time finding it. Please make it available SOON!!!

  • CHERYL07/05/2010

    I agree with everyone elsefor once. I absolutely love this perfume and cannot find a replacement even close. Please bring it back

  • MARY RIDDELL06/07/2010

    I was quite surprised when Givenchy discontinued this fragrance. It's the best perfume and body lotion I've every bought. My husband loves the aroma. Please bring it back.....

  • JULIE06/06/2010

    Sensuous has a similar woody scent, but it is not even close to Indecence. Sensuous smells wimpy on me, to me, not a replacement, maybe to someone else.

  • CAROL04/30/2010

    Why did Givenchy do away with this?!? I have always gotten so many compliments when wearing it from both men and women. It is a very sexy fragrance!

  • KAY04/25/2010

    I have worn this fragrance for years. It is wonderful. When so many people love it and beg for it, why discontinue it? Please, please put it back on the market or tell us where we can buy some bottles.

  • JILL 02/20/2010

    Why? Why? Why? I love it. I have a minimal amount left. Surely there are some bottles stashed somewhere. Come on Givenchy to many people love this fragrence to do away with it.

  • TINA 11/25/2009

    My comments echo so many of the women's on this message board that have worn this perfume and received compliments from men and women. This perfume has been my signature fragrance for years. Why would they take it off the market? PLEASE bring it back !!!!

  • BARBARA N LYNDS09/19/2009

    Givenchy please bring this fragrance BACK exactly the same as it was when you discontinued. I've had a lot of favorites, but this one Givenchy Organza Indecence is the BEST. I wear it everwhere!!! maybe that's why I'm out and want more. Thank You

  • CHAR09/15/2009

    Wow I have been seaching for another bottle since I brought it. They had it for only 1 Christmas season and once the stores ran out. They stop supplying it. I know the macys by me made lot of request for them 2 ship more. Cause they had a thousand customer request it. Everybody luv when I wear it. Especially men it's a man magentic

  • KITKAT07/09/2009

    I feel sorry for the (ignorant) folks who blame the fragrance and not the coupling of their own chemistry with a fragrance. Indecence smells delicious on me and apparently a whole lot of other people.

  • KAREN05/23/2009

    Does anyone know where to find Indecence, frustrated trying to find this fragrance, I have worn this for years and it is one of a kind. Many compliments. Is the fragrance discontinued, if not are any high end stores carrying and if not available is there something similar. Thanks so much

  • GIOSOPHIA05/12/2009

    This is my all-time favorite perfume. It is elegant, delicate, seductive and long-lasting. What was Guerlain thinking when they discontinued it. Now what is "left" is exorbitantly expensive. Perhaps someone should send the folks at Guerlain this list of messages. Obviously they do not know their market.


    I ordered indecence and got the plan organza, yuk, I am sending it back. please please bring back indecence to retail, its awesome and I cant find it anywhere>

  • SANDY02/24/2009

    Some one told me that sometimes another company buys the fragrance and names it something else. If this is true can you help me with who this might be or where I can find out?? Please help I love this fragrance.

  • REBECCA02/22/2009

    I love it, but think it's been discontinued.. I am sure of it. If you want it back, you have to contact Givenchy. They make it, and they are the only way it will ever be made again.

  • MICHELLE02/04/2009

    I LOVE this fragrance!!! WHY did you discontinue it? Everyone I encounter when I wear Indecence asks what I have on or tell me how good I smell. Please bring it back!!!!!

  • KERRI12/30/2008

    To the designers of Givenchy Organza Indecence. You will be making a big mistake to take this product off the market. There is an over whelming response for this purfume. The cries from the consumer are loud and clear. To make this product available nation wide, you will be meeting the needs and wants of the people who buy your products...As a consumer, too find this product is not available, puts doubt in our minds about your other products, as well..

  • MAGICA11/26/2008

    Organza Indecence has been relaunched by Givenchy. You can read about it on their website.

  • MAGICA11/19/2008

    It has actually been relaunched as one of the Givenchy's mythical fragrances (in a new bottle). See there website..

  • KARY10/29/2008

    please bring this perfume again i needed so much, with this perfume my husband ask me to marry him, where are you? is givenchy give back this pleasure

  • KAREN10/20/2008


  • ADRIANNA10/06/2008

    Organza Indecence fans, weap no longer, as a replacement for your beloved but discontinued Organza Indecence fragrance has been found. Sensuous by Estee Lauder. And I might even add that it seems to smell better. No vanilla in the dry down, that so many of you did not like. I cannot wear any of these two, even though I have half a bottle of Indecence stashed away somewhere. But they are nice, and very different to whatever is out there right now. The bottle of Sensuous is not as exciting, but at least it doesn't keep falling over :-)

  • MARGIE10/05/2008

    I LOVE this fragrance. Wore it a few years ago, tried others since, and finally found it again at Ulta, love it all over again and so do others.

  • CJ08/13/2008


  • JUDI W*07/26/2008

    Again, why would this well loved perfume be discontinued? Are these companies insane? I just don't get it. I see this over & over again, with alot of products. If something is popular, why would they take it off the shelves? Strange people, I say. I liked it because it wasn't a typical scent that you find out there. Not fruity, citrusy, flowery, or candy like. Very deep & resinous. Oh well...

  • JUDI W*05/05/2008

    Ladies, it is the strangest, most annoying trend I've ever seen. Either the perfume companies tweak our beloved classic scents, or they discontinue them. Are they insane? Why would anyone do that? Like the other day, I walked into CVS, to get a lipstick that was so popular, it was always sold out, the SA said it had been discontinued. anybody home?

  • SUSAN03/13/2008

    I believe I have seen this fragrance at the Ulta stores at least in Michigan where I live. Hope this helps bring it back by popular demand.

  • LOVA LOVA02/05/2008

    This fragrance is sooo good and yummy! It is one of my favourite's and it is very womanly and potent!!

  • MARILYN04/19/2007

    PLEASE BRING THIS FRAGRANCE BACK!!! Everyone asks what I have on when I wear it. Can't find it anywhere. HELP

  • CATHY12/27/2006

    I have been wearing this perfume since my mother passed away 3 years ago. She gave me money and told me to buy something speacial with it. I bought this perfume and have had compliments from men and women ever since. I only have a drop left and cannot find it anywhere. Don't break my memory please bring it back.

  • REBA11/25/2006

    I have been told it is discontinued and I am very very very upset. I began wearing it as soon as it came out because I had been wearing regular organza and then smelled indecence. OMG... what am I going to do? I have resorted to ebay and searching the web for bits and pieces and digging out my body wash and lotion. I have never received as many compliments as I do on my perfume.

  • LYNSEY11/22/2006

    I love this perfume too and am also always asked what it is when I wear it but I haven't been able to buy it for ages any ideas???

  • GOLDIE10/06/2006

    Since the first day 3 years ago that I first sprayed this on, both men and women alike have commented on how much they love my perfume. I have men stop me in stores without fail to tell me how good I smell and to ask the name of my perfume! The beauty of it is, I think it blends with my chemistry so well that I do not notice it on myself at all.

  • THILA09/15/2006

    I must be crazy. I bought Pi cologne by Givenchy for my man and I swear it smells similar to Indecence. I may just keep this to myself due to my depression over Indecence being discontinued!

  • GREEKGIRL08/20/2006

    Hello again, you might also like to try Hypnotic Poison as it has a similar drydown to Indecence.

  • GREEKGIRL08/14/2006

    I recommend you try Dior Addict as they are very similar to my nose, but theres more of a cinnamon smell to Indecence. Fragrance Junkie how are you! left a post for you at Paul Smith London, see ya. btw love indecence.

  • BABYDOLL08/05/2006

    I recommend Jungle Elephant by Kenzo.It is similar but probably more intense,if you're not afraid of stronger fragrances give Jungle Elephant a try,I personally haven't found another one to come so close to Organza Indecence.

  • ADRIANNA07/27/2006

    I find Jungle Elephant by Kenzo similar in a way. It also has cinnamon in it. It's not mentioned in description by I can clearly smell it. It won't be the same but you might like it :-)

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE07/18/2006

    You could try Burberry Brit Gold, which is similar in it's opening notes, although the drydown is different. These two scents are in the same class though. Indecence is a phenomenal scent. What stupidity to discontinue such a beautiful and unusual scent.

  • SEARCHING 07/05/2006

    What do you recommend to replace the discountinued ORGANZA INDECENCE?

  • TANYA.05/18/2006

    It’s my favorite perfume. I wear it every day since 1999. Soft, sweet and comforting. One spritz is all it takes to smell divine the entire day. Excellent staying power. I’m so sad they discontinued it.

  • TBUZZ04/24/2006

    I tried again, and now I really like it. I dont know if it because I had a bit of a cold last week, or is it just the Gemini in me. But yea this stuff does really smell Yummy!!

  • BILLYE T04/18/2006

    This is a perfume I never, ever thought I would wear. One of the ladies at the health club said I always smelled nice and had I tried Indecence. She said she wore it after working out and it drove her husband wild. I spritzed some on my neck and wrist and....WOW! It was a total surprise! This is not a fragrance for some fragile, meek, needs-to-be-rescued female...this is for a woman who is sexy, sensual, strong... who knows what she wants and tells you how to give it to her. On me it's a light slightly spicy smell with a warm, sensual musk/wood base note. If there was ever sex in a bottle this is it.

  • TBUZZ04/18/2006

    I bought this based on the reviews without smelling first, and what a mistake. Reminds me of cough syrup. I cant stand it.

  • ROCKI03/26/2006

    Yes, I am surprised so many people gave it such glowing reviews, because it is very intense & smoky which with other perfumes, aren't as tolerated as much as this one.(most people usually complain about that) I usually like incensy fragrances, that have very little flowers or fruit, so I am surprised that I didn't like this better. I do like it because it's different, but not sure if I could wear it very often. Bought it once & brought it right back the next day, this & Black Cashmere, have the same effect on me...Oh well...

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE03/24/2006

    Yes indeed, Ulta cosmetics has the 3.3oz. bottle of Indecence, at their store #119 (Pittsburgh, PA 412-490-3893). Hope you have an Ulta store in your area. I know they are online too at Perhaps they can send it to you? P.S. Just tried Burberry Brit Gold (limited edition), and it smells a lot like Indecence to me, even though the notes are not the same, the effect is very similar to my nose. So if you can't find Indecence, I know you can get Burbery Brit Gold Limited Edition. Check it out, and good luck!

  • RAJUL02/09/2006

    i noticed someone mention on the pi men's cologne(givenchy) board that indecence is a female version of pi.going by the reviews on pi it seems a very hot choice too ! i was wondering if the 2 are really similar?? anybody knows??

  • PERFUME LOVER02/02/2006

    I LOVE this scent but it is so hard to find the 3.3oz bottle. If anyone knows where i can buy it from please let me know. Thanks>

  • DEBBIE S.01/30/2006

    This is the Best fragrance for me. I have not been able to find the 3.4 bottle for sale anymore. Is it still being made ?

  • HEATHER12/01/2005

    If Indecence works well on you, men will go nuts for it and women will want to know what scent you're wearing. I think it's the cinnamon that catches people's attention. Definately for a woman who doesn't mind standing out as a little different from the crowd. (And for being rather anti-floral in preference, I've found Very Irresistable to quite pleasant for daytime use.)

  • JESI11/11/2005

    This has been my signature scent since its debut - my husband and friends love it, many compliments, and it survives the trip when husband is away and I lightly scent the letters - the other guys love that it gets onto their mail in the bag - very distinctive, my husband knows when his mail arrives!!

  • AMY11/01/2005

    I received this as a gift from my boyfriend and wore it few times to work and although i received compliments from many of my older patients, i just did not feel i liked the scent. it smelled like something more mature ladies would wear. i eventually gave it one of the other nurses who saw it laying around the nursing station and wanted to know who would leave such expensive and wonderful perfume laying around. It definitely made her day when i told her it was hers.

  • CAROLYN GARRETT06/12/2005

    The bottle is beautiful, but too easily tipped over. It happened to me...tipped over hit a soap dish and was gone....made me SICK!!!!!


    I work for a doctor and when one of our patients came in smelling wonderful, I asked her what she was wearing -- she said it's Organza Indecence. It smelled SO good that I HAVE to go get some for myself! Love that fragrance!!!

  • PATRICIA06/03/2005

    Not for me at all. Potpourri, smells like old ladies perfume. Hate it!

  • VAUNDA05/19/2005

    This is an incredible fragrance. I just love the way it smells on me and when I wear it, I get compliments on it all day. Even if I haven't refreshed my fragrance all day, I still get compliments on it, into the evening. I just love it and I especially love the creative & unique shape of the bottle. My husband and my sons have all complimented me on this fragrance, so that alone makes it worth whatever I have to pay. I hope they never stop making this and I hope my body chemistry never changes so I will never have to search for another fragrance as wonderful as this fragrance.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    LOVE the scent-so unusual! No floral notes whatsoever in it, yet it smells incredible. My only complaint is the dumb bottle. So hard to hold in your hand and spray (I have the 3.3oz. size so maybe that's why). Also, leaves an oily sheen on my skin, unlike other scents I have. Still, worth it!

  • LENA03/28/2005

    I have this perfume and I can tell IT IS SOO SEXY! LIKE SEX....

  • MARI9803/10/2005

    I've bought this one last December, even I always thought that Givenchy perfumes are too loud for me. After I tried it at the counter, I just couldn't stop sniffing my wrist. I almost felt like I was craving the scent, so I went for it. It has strong staying power, so you don't have to reapply.But, it is sexy and womanly...lot of compliments. Be careful when applying, little goes a long way! Enjoy!

  • ROSE12/20/2004

    This is incredible. Might know I'd find this when it's been discontinued. I'm buying bottles to put back for the future. Anyone know of a comparable fragrance?


    This perfume smells sooo good! Dont listen to all the other people who hate it! It stays on through hours of heat and sweat (I live in Texas). It's incredible! It smells light and is good for day wear but you can even wear it out at night. I love how versatile it is.

  • HELENA11/12/2004

    I finally tried it and now I swapped for a botlle ! I absolutely LOVE this scent ! Amazingly comforting, sexy and what a great chemistry with my skin.

  • KATHY1111/05/2004

    This is a lovely warm, sexy scent that is perfect for fall/winter. Very creamy woody/vanilla!

  • MAX09/23/2004

    This scent is wonderful. A small amount will be very effective. Don't smell from the bottle and judge. Spray a little wait for an hour and the dry down is fantastic. :)

  • CINDIE09/07/2004

    I first smelled this fragrance at work on a lady in the elevator and I asked her what she was wearing and she told me. So, of course I had to go out and get me some and I love it. It's soft, subtle, and a little mysterious. The staying power is pretty good too. I like this one better then the other ones this lines makes. This is a keeper!

  • MARY JO07/08/2004

    This is my new favorite perfume! Every where I wear it, people ask what smells so good. Men seem to like it a lot! Definitely not for the shy. I hate delicate, floral scents...this is neither, thank god!

  • CK06/25/2004

    As a perfume-aholic-junkie sense I was a kid and taste in fragrances that changed with time, I can appreciate some of the heavier scents of perfume now than when I was a teenager. This is one that is very smooth, spicy, sexy. If you ony knew the perfumes I gave away as a teen because I felt they were too strong at that time, I could just slap myself! Now they are discontinued and obsolete and now classics!

  • MRS. D06/15/2004

    has anyone tried the Organza First Light? it is a lighter version of the Organza. it smells wonderful and still last all day.

  • JENNIFER04/26/2004

    Very vanilla. I usually don't like warm scents, but this smells very good.

  • LILA04/15/2004

    The drydown isn't too bad thanks to the vanilla and cinnamon but there are just too many wood notes in this fragrance to be appealing. It ends up smelling like carboard which isn't very sexy.

  • SUZANNE03/30/2004

    I just sprayed some of this on a scent strip today (I had already doused myself with Burberry for Women and Burberry Brit - in two different places) but something made me stopand spritz some of this on a strip. I was immediately intruiged by what I smelled, and thought I would come home and see what all you gals had to say about it. I liked Tiger's comments, because I also have worn Dior's Hypnotic Poison and Addict, and Angel for years, and Samsara by Guerlain (sp?). I guess I like spicy vanilla fragrances also! I think I will have to try this one on my skin, as I AM a great, big, redheaded, green-eyed independent-minded woman (Or an Amazon, if you will!) and could no doubt pull off wearing this fragrance. On the scent strip first it smelled very exciting, then I thought it smelled like Toujours Moi (anyone remember that powdery, woody, super-sweet stuff?) and then later I detected something like Dior's Dolce Vita (probably the cedar plus the vanilla plus the spices.) Again, I am thinkiong this is something that I should probably try on my body. What can a scent strip tell you, really?

  • ERIC03/09/2004

    I can't take the smell of this. I only enjoy smelling the original Organza on anyone.

  • LAURA C.03/09/2004

    Extremely sweet and vanilla flavoured.Nothing else

  • SUNNY02/27/2004

    I thought it smelled like potpourri on me. I prefer Organza and Amarige.

  • FOOF02/21/2004

    This is definitely a perfume for a night out. It is warm and exotic and very feminine. Love it.

  • ~TIGER01/13/2004

    I would have to rank this right up there with Angel, Dior Addict, Dior Hypnotic Poison, and Samsara... Obviously I love the vanilla spicy fragrances :-) DH sniffed me tonight, (I was wearing Indecence), and told me that I smelled "yummy" - and we have been married for 24 years now :-) He seldom comments on my fragrance. ~Tiger

  • DINI12/29/2003

    Love this smell in fall and winter of a mixture of cinnamon and cedar shavings...wish it lasted longer. I layer it over B&BW warm vanilla sugar lotion.

  • BERNY12/06/2003

    Everytime I wear Indecence I get nothing but compliments. Women want to buy it and men want to devour it. As in any perfume, it's a chemical reaction to your skin. There is NO perfume in the world that can smell great on everyone!

  • BERNY12/05/2003

    Everytime I wear it, women want to buy it and men want to devour it! Doesn't get nay better than that!

  • CINDY12/04/2003

    I couldn't wait to get home and wash the stench off my hand. It made me ill.

  • BECKY10/02/2003

    This fragrance smells really yummy, like cinnamon treats in the beginning and dries down to a sensual woody earthy oriental base that is so sexy. This is a perfect fall/winter scent for when the leaves are falling and you want to snuggle up with your honey on those crisp evenings.

  • JANNINE09/14/2003

    As far as cinnamony scents go, this one's a little unoriginal-smelling. Don't get me wrong, it smells good and real sexy, but it bores me. I prefer Dior Addict... it smells similar but has more force, mystery and character.

  • GIPSY QUEEN08/31/2003

    On my skin, it starts very resinous and spicy, then mellows , warms, softens into a woody-vanilla- leathery(??) thing... I like it, it's dark and mysterious but not scary.

  • MEGAN08/20/2003

    I really didn't like the smell of this one on myself. If you want to smell like a cinnamin stick then this one is for you!

  • LORI 07/10/2003

    This is a very sexy scent. I love it!

  • MYLAAN06/04/2003

    Overwhelming in the summer, devilish and enthralling in the winter.

  • JULES05/27/2003

    I really like it. It's just right, not too heavy, but doesn't disappear either. I think it is a good vehicle for the scent, especially in the cooler months..

  • LILITH05/24/2003

    I've been wearing Indecence for 2 years, now, not exclusively, but almost. It is to perfume what a Porshe is to cars... Not for the wallflower, not for the narrow-minded, not for the conformist. And I'm quite sure that a man who is a tad threatened by feminism would get a panic attack if approached by a mysterious amazone who smelled of this fragrance...

  • NAKED CITY05/19/2003

    L'air du temps is a floral, good-girl, play-it-safe kind of scent, but Indecence requires a lot of attitude. Maybe what bothers you is not the fragrance but the wearer??


    Girls, believe me, men will run OF you if you wear this thing. It´s too strong, too sweet, makes me sick. It lasts days !!!! If you really want a warm, romantic and sophisticated fragance, god!, try L´Air de Temps by Nina Ricci. I would get down on my knees for a girl who wears it.

  • MAGICA04/07/2003

    Very nice. Like a blanket you wrap yourself in, comforting. On the other hand, very sexy.

  • ALEXANDRA03/22/2003

    It is very nice.

  • KATHY G.03/02/2003

    Yes, please give us an update because I was considering buying the Indecence dry oil spray. I have the body veil lotion, and it is luscious. It is richly perfumed and makes the skin shimmer with subtle sparkle. And the fragrance lasts a loooong time. I assumed the dry oil spray would be similar ( but without the sparkle :( )

  • JODI02/26/2003

    My girlfriend wears this and it drives me crazy. Best scent ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JULES02/16/2003

    Thanks, Kathy G. I might try Wish soon. While we're on the Organza Indecence topic... I have tried the dry oil spray, but I couldn't really smell it. Weird. I only tried it once, so I must try it again and update (if anyone cares). Jules

  • KATHY G.02/15/2003

    If you love the way Indecence smells the first few hours you wear it, then it turns powder-y, you probably just need to refresh it. No fragrance, even real perfume, lasts for more than a few hours on the body. If you're using EDP, about 3 to 4 hours is about all you can expect before re-spritzing. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule ( some people lose their fragrance in 20 minutes; some seem to carry it all day and night), but on average, the best you can expect is 2 to 4 hours from an application. So I wouldn't give up on Indecence if that's your only complaint. You may be expecting too much from it. ( Part of my job is selling fine fragrances, so I have to address questions like this all the time. :) )

  • MAHLAYNA02/13/2003

    My husband loves this on me so much that he wrote me a little poem about how what IT does to him when I wear it to bed! HUBBA,HUBBA!

  • MAYA02/13/2003

    I agree.This one is the "female in heat" juice.MMMM...Slurp,Yum!!

  • ZALE02/10/2003

    Drydown just turned too powdery with my chemistry! Darn! Love when I first put it on, it's just so warm, yummy and sensual and it just turns so powdery after a few hours!

  • MARYMAGS02/07/2003

    My eyes become hooded and my heart races. I just want to rub myself on someone like a cat in heat when I wear this perfume.SO utterly shameless...

  • KATHY G.01/30/2003

    Besides the Organza Indecence, which I definitely recommend, you might also like Herve Leger, Magic by Celine, and Burberry's London. Wrappings by Clinique was once my signature scent, and I also have worn and loved Tova Nights, so we do appreciate some of the same types of fragrance. You might also want to check out Wish by Chopard. It's a lighter, softer Angel type fragrance. Good luck in your quest! Such fun!

  • LEAH01/30/2003

    I'm so dissapointed - liked it until I put it on and I ended up smelling like one of those wood burning craft kits - UGH. Gave it to my friend and it smells like toasted marshmallows over a wood fire...

  • JULES01/27/2003

    Further to trying to pin down certain scents, one of my sisters wears Pheremone, but I just about can't stand it. So is this perhaps the animalic scent I don't like? I love Ysatis.

  • JULES01/27/2003

    After reading all of the comments from you fab dames, I am eager to try this. But, darn this chemistry thing, I cannot wear very many scents, so I am wary. Ironically, I have a sensitive sense of smell and yet (here's the vexing part) can't identify individual smells in a perfume. Aimee, I stand in awe. You're amazing. And by the way, do you describe the various perfumes out of the bottle, or on your skin? Just wondering... If a scent is not just right on me, I must scrub it off immediately or it will ruin my day. Maybe I just need to learn more. I've worn Halston (lots of compliments) for 15 years and always thought I was a "chypre" type, but I'm looking for my next fav. and have bought a lot of losers. Givenchy III is just not for me - wish it were. Anyway.... Here is a question for you experts and inveterate perfume lovers: Can you recommend a new fragrance for me given the following scents that do smell good on me and I and others like them: Halston (just about can't smell this any more I am so used to it) La Perla (I just love this one) Youth Dew Parure (by Guerlain) Tova Nights and I seem to remember loving Wrappings Thanks for all of your help and great comments. I'm off to the Marilyn Miglin board...

  • KATHY G.01/26/2003

    This fragrance is becoming my favorite. I have a nice collection of scents, but this one is gradually edging to the fore front. It is such a rich, sweetly spiced, sexy, and deep fragrance. I've been wearing Burberry London all day, which is another beautiful, sweet, feminine scent, but when I got undressed and put on my robe, it smelled like Indecence, which I wore yesterday. I practically swooned because the robe smells so good. Indecence is a very sophisticated scent in my opinion, but it's also very snuggly. It has no "sharp edges" to it. Wearing it is like enveloping yourself in warm, sweet spices. I'm going to spray some on my pillow tonight and drift off to sleep inhaling this gorgeous scent. :)

  • CHAR01/18/2003

    LOTS of comments on this one! Kind of delicate, woodsy and oriental. Just sweet enough to be sexy. Gotta keep a bottle of this one around!!

  • APHRAEL01/12/2003

    You're so right!When Lola first tried it,it grossed her out so much it took her MONTHS to try it again.Now she loves it.I find that many people underestimate the true length of dry down.Especially when it comes to deep,spicy orientals like this one (or really heady florals).One full hour or more sounds about right.The combination of woods and spices in Indecence is devilish.It's what a stubborn,bad ass,gorgeous lady would wear to freak out her narrow minded control freaking in laws...

  • KATHY G.01/08/2003

    After reading here about how great this fragrance is to some, I tried some on yesterday at the Filene's where I work. My first reaction when I smelled it on myself immediately after spraying it was that it was too strong and heady. I then went about my business. A little while later, this amazing aroma started to tease my nose. The Indecence was starting to meld with my body, and it was warm, spicy sweet, and very sexy. I bought the boxed set ( EDP, lotion. shower gel, and a mini EDP) before I went home. ( I get an employee discount, because otherwise I'd never pay retail store prices again! ) I put some of the EDP on before going to bed, and it smelled so wonderful! And the best part was when I got up this morning, I could still catch its fragrance on my body and my bathrobe. The dry down on this one is fabulous! Totally worth the wait, in my opinion. Someone else here mentioned that you should put this one on about an hour ahead. I agree. This is a classic perfume, and it has to become one with your chemistry before its true personality and fragrance emerges. This perfume is what I imagine ancient Egyptian scents may have been like : spicy, deep, and warm. They may not have had the technology to use flowers in their scents ( although I really don't know this; I'm just guessing.) But from what I've read, they used lots of spices and scented oils to make their perfumes. This scent isn't flowery either, which makes it so delicious and interesting to me. Anyway, Indecence is *not* for little girls. This is totally a WOMAN"s fragrance, no ifs, ands, or buts. But do yourself a favor when testing Indecence and don't judge it before its full fragrance has developed.

  • ONE OF THE TRIPLETS12/20/2002

    You bet! It is chemistry...Although,just so that you know,when Lola first tried it,she totally freaked: she thought it was like cough syrup! Months later,she tried it again: complete turn around! Go figure...

  • RENA12/17/2002

    This was one I was dying to try after hearing all the hype, but I just can't pull it off. Is it one of those scents you have to get used to?? I love orientals, especially those spiked with amber, but this was just horrible on me. Since so many other people love it, I have to assume it's that pesky chemistry thing again!!

  • DEBBIE12/10/2002

    I was skeptical at first but then I waited and !wow! is this stuff good. I agree with you, Lola, the colder the better. I think this perfume is approriate also for this time of year(holidays). I smell like a warm spiced cookie and not too sweet at that--it's perfect!!

  • BETHANY12/09/2002

    Hi Apharael. Just wanted to say "thanks" for the vote of confidence. It does seem to take me some time to make up my mind about certain perfumes, you really seemed to undertand that. No, I'm not usually big at jumping on popularity bandwagons, I really do need time to decide if a perfume is "mine" or not;). I'm really getting to appreciate this one-It goes on quite strong initially (although it makes me feel very confident when I first spritz it on). The dry down is great (and does take at least an hour as you mentioned). I think this is one of those Love or Hate perfumes and I'm really starting to love it;) Hope you and your family are well and happy, wishing you all a blessed holiday season.

  • LOLA12/05/2002

    Let it snow,let it freeze,how cold can you go?! Well,with Indecence, the colder,the better.I wore it the other day,and enjoyed its warming properties all day long. The next day I could still smell it on the collar of my jacket, ever-so-faintly, yet so deep and enticing...In the evening,my flu-afflicted child comes into my room,pale and feverish,and asks:" Mommy,can I sleep with your gloves,tonight?" She had noticed the scent,too. How could I refuse? As sensually bewitching as it is,this fragrance is also oddly comforting: The culinary spicyness in the blend has this "come in from the cold and get a hug" feel to it that works in tandem with the erotic "lets get naked in front of the fireplace" message that is clearly evident from the top to the base notes.Simply perfect when paired with warmed liquor,guitar and piano blues,and lots of touching!

  • PAMELA12/05/2002

    Men tell me all the time that I smell good when I wear Indecence, and I feel sexy when I wear it. Isn't that what it's all about?

  • NATALIE12/05/2002

    This fragrance really does grow on you! At first I didn't know what to think. People smelling it on you will love or dislike it.

  • APHRAEL11/27/2002

    Hi! No,I don't think you're being fickle,I think that you probably are one of those people who LISTENS to her own senses instead of mindlessly gobbling whatever public opinion that happens to be en vogue at the moment...I think it's cool.My sisters and I have had many experiences with fragrances that we weren't wild about at first,and then grew on us.(some didn't,though...) I love Indecence,yet the first time my sister (Lola) smelled it,she thought it reeked of cough syrup.She tried it again a few months later,and now she loves it,too.To me,this scent says "live dangerously" like no other! It has this "mark your territory" thing,going on,it seems to challenge a man to dare to come closer and then try to leave if he can!Of course used by the tubfull,I'm sure it's lethal (like most),but when the golden rule of "less is more" is applied,it's a bewitching,envelopping concoction that is just unforgettable (in a good way,that is!).But I really need to take my time,with this one: For my skin,it's dry-down takes well over an hour to take place,so I wouldn't recommend a roll in the hay right after spritzing it on...

  • BETHANY11/26/2002

    I tried this one on again today, and I think that it's growing on me. It definitely has a nice spicy, warm feeling to it. I like it better now than I did before. I guess I am fickle when it comes to certain scents ;)

  • JASMINE11/18/2002

    I smelled this when it first came out and thought it was way too deep smelling although a positive change from those high-pitched sickeningly sweet ambers. I have a sample of it now and it's alright but not among my favorites. It's very woodsy (there are no floral notes in this fragrance, which I think is its shortcoming) to the point of smelling a little like card board. But I like the cinnamon and the luscious vanilla. By the way, I like Must de Cartier a lot more than this.

  • MAYA11/10/2002

    I had a slight,hem,misshap with a fragrance that I usually love,(read "booze and Pheromone" on the Marilyn Miglin board),and I think I have to wait for the malodorous memory to fade,before I can give it another try...In the meantime,I will switch to something entirely different and get my sense of smell out of hangover land...(Oh,God,I am the worst French in the world,I can't even hold my alcohol!!! I will never get drunk again,it was awful,I got so sick and yucky and...BAAARRF!) So I decided to listen to my sister Aphrael,who seems to have a very special affinity,when it comes to Indecence.(Lola likes it too,I'm the only one of us who hasn't tried it) First try:Woody,sweet,sharp.But Aphrael said:WAIT,and given my performance with Pheromone,I decided to shut up and listen.(And believe me,it wasn't easy!)So I waited.Sure enough,the initial sweetness slowly started to fade, and cedarwood and patchouli appeared,and then,a ton of Mysore sandalwood with musk and a tiny, minute amount of pepper lingered. Definitely not your average "wall flower" scent,this one will get your man to snif and grunt like a bear during matting season,and most likely will get your in-laws to freak out.( fuck'em,I say!!).It is quite intense,but really nice.I think it demands a strong personality to pull it off,and it will overwhelm a shy, quiet,gentle type of person.wearing Indecence is a bit like trying to tame a wild tiger: You have to play on its terms,you can't call the shots on this one.It's a strong,beautiful,wild bitch of a scent,moody and quite temperamental,and impossible to ignore.But Yum,I think I'll stick to it for a while,this perfume has balls.

  • TATIANA11/08/2002

    Love it! Cinnamon and woods, sweet and spicy, warm and intimate. Wear it every day.

  • LIZ10/22/2002


  • JANIS10/09/2002

    I love Indecence & now wear it all the time. - Whenever I have it on, I am asked about it, by both men & women! My maid really loved it & always put some on when she was here. She recently quit & STOLE my half-empty bottle!! (I think it's the only thing she took!) SO, I'm here to buy more. It really is that good! I hope the new maid doesn't like it as much!

  • JULIE10/05/2002

    This is a truely beautiful perfume. I love it, wear it anywhere

  • DENISE09/30/2002

    I am very picky about perfumes, but this one is a keeper. It's not sweet, clean or floral, thank goodness. The spicy beginning and woody-vanilla finish is just heavenly.Not a teenager perfume, but a strong woman's with a lot to say.

  • M09/26/2002

    This is the most amazing perfume I've EVER worn. Men - like moths to a flame.

  • EILEEN09/17/2002

    Lush Cosmetics in Canada makes an incredible patchouli-based scent called Karma that contains patchouli oil, orange oil, lavender oil, Siberian pine oil, lemongrass oil, elemi oil, cassie absolute. It's really great. Check their website Good luck.

  • GWEN09/14/2002


  • MADELINE08/28/2002

    Unfortunately, the pepper note ruins this perfume for me. All the other notes are wonderful. I find that many fragrances are ruined with either patchouli or pepper...two offensive smells to me. I do, however, love the regular Organza.

  • AUNTGOOEY08/23/2002

    I love this fragrance. I'm so tired of smelling the light airy oh-so-sweet fragrances that are so popular today. This one has top notes of fresh spices, heart notes of jacaranda wood and patchouil and base notes of vanilla, amber and musk. The wood really stands out on me and it lasts for hours! It's been so hard to find a perfume that wasn't floral, but didn't smell like a man, but I've finally done it. Great perfume for autumn, but I wear it year round.

  • 2010WOMAN08/22/2002

    I really wanted to like this one after I read the notes in it. But I just can't stand it. When I first spray it on it smells wonderful. I can smell all the spice and wood notes. But after 30 minutes or so the drydown is just plain old vanilla. I know some women like that but I just don't want to smell like vanilla. Maybe on some of you lucky women you can still smell all the spicy notes after the drydown. But on me this just smells so cheap.

  • BETHANY08/21/2002

    That's what it smelled like to me. Super foodie smell. Reminded me of French toast,honey, and other goodies that you would eat at a plentiful brunch. I think this would be a fun smell to wear once in a while, I (just my opinion) feel that it would be too much to wear on a regular basis. Very diifferent.

  • LOURDES08/07/2002

    Absolutely the best! Hope they never stop making it. Warm, and sensual, and provocative!

  • LOLA07/29/2002

    Hi! Indecence does contain some patchouli,but only in minute amounts. If you have been detecting it just walking around, it's something with a lot more oil in it.YSL came up with a summer version of Opium, and although everyone out there seems to think it is softer,I think there is a lot more patchouli in it.NU is also loaded with it.I hope this helps, good luck!

  • LAURIE07/25/2002

    Hi, Can someone please tell me, Does this smell amything like patchrouli oil. There is a perfume out there that is similar to patchrouli and I have yet to find it. If anybody out there knowes what I;m talking about please post it and let me know I just can;t seem to find the perfume that resembles it. thanks, Laurie

  • A.07/19/2002

    Honey and cinnamon and brown sugar and cocoa. Really nice.

  • APHRAEL07/14/2002

    Another one that I've decided to try after reading all the posts about it. I love it,but for me it would be difficult to pull off in hot weather. For me this scent conjures up the image of a mature, but youthful woman dressed in black leather and deep,jewel-tone velvet.She wears few,but bold pieces of expensive and classy jewelry.For some weird reason I imagine her to look delicate and yet to be a black belt in some exotic combat sport.She is quite wealthy,listens to Blues and Opera music.She also has a great sense of humor but can hold a gruge for a thousand years.She is generous to a fault but is also a true master of revenge,when the situation calls for it. This perfume is so intense it could only be right on an equally intense woman.You don't believe me? Just picture Laura Ingalls or Martha Stewart wearing this...Anyway,now I can't wait for the weather to cool off so I can really experience it.

  • STEPHANIE07/04/2002

    I love the cinnamon-and-vanilla smell of this. Smells very sensual. Makes me want to make love and then eat a big fat cinnamon roll. I don't think this is too strong at all; I was surprised at how quickly the sharp smell that's there right away diminished. I think this would be a good one for someone who's been steeped in the same fragrance forever, is getting a bit tired of it and feels in need of adventure.

  • DANICA07/01/2002

    This is a very spicy, sexy, ambery scent that is reminiscent of Must de Cartier. It's definitely bombshell and great for those who like such scents. If you are a floral gal, it might scare you off--but give it a chance. It's wonderful.

  • LOLA06/07/2002

    the very first time i smelled it,in a store,on a card,i found it reminded me of cough sirup.but the sales person gave me a sample anyway.months later(no kidding,it took me that long)i finally tried it on bare skin:oooohlaaalaaaaa!!!the cough sirup had disappeared,and the overall effect was deep,dark,sexual and erotic...indecent indeed!but be careful:a little tiny bit goes a long long way.

  • CAROL06/04/2002

    just recieved my indecence, i hate, hate, hate it,,, too over powering, give me back to organza,,,I'll never wear this!!!

  • MARIANNA05/11/2002

    I just received this perfume. It has taken a while for me to get used to it but I really do like it. Since I am highly allergic to floral perfumes this one is great as it does not trigger the allergic reaction. I did find that it faded after a while so using the body cream might be better and last longer.

  • BEBE05/10/2002

    This is one of my absolute favorites. If you like distinctive and sexy scents with a hint of wood, cinammon and vanilla and don't like floral and girlie ones, this one is perfect for you. It took me by surprise when I smelled it for the first time, especially since I did not expect much because I absolutely hate the original Organza. This one... it's something else... A guy once told me I smelled like Barbie, actually what Barbie would probably smell like if she were a real person. Don't know why, but I found that compliment utterly sexy and sincere.

  • EILEEN04/29/2002

    I fell in love with this scent the first time I smelled it/tested it. I then went on a mission to find the largest bottle I could afford. I also bought the scented body cream, which seems to prolong the scent. It's warm and spicy and yummy and very provocative. I like that it's sweet without flowers. I love it. Five stars is not enough.

  • LEOA04/08/2002

    Just bought the body creme at a discount store! This is a wonderful smelling fragrance with a "little pepper" so-to-speak in it. Very desirable scent. It is considered to be Oriental-Ambery Spicy!

  • ASCHATAN03/10/2002

    That's what Organza Indécence makes me think of. Too much of it and you'll be sick, but in the right amount it's a treat. I think the "indecent" part of it is that everyone wants to come close and sniff.

  • LIZ03/01/2002

    I agree with Jil..this is a fragrance you can dive warm with notes of amber, it even smelled like honey to me...I just got a bottle today!

  • JIL02/25/2002

    I never liked the original Organza but this one is 100% in the other direction. Non-floral, only woods, deep amber and vanilla a scent you want to get lost in. jil

  • H.02/17/2002

    Definitely sexy.

  • ERIKA01/05/2002

    It really smells so good. I can`t get enough of this smell. I`m only sorry because after a while, you can`t smell it anymore - you get used to it... it happened to me with Organza.... and I am so sorry.

  • EMMY12/26/2001

    The most delicious fragrance I have ever used. Men always comment "You smell so good!"

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    A bit candy-like; spicy; reminds me of holiday goodies; very light pumpkin pie; dries down to a boring vanilla scent.

  • RENEE G10/18/2001

    I loved the way this fragrance smelled. However it did remind me of the Brand called Vanilla Fields. Organza Indecence is a very soft, sensual fragrance.I know that because most of the men I have come into contact with have told me so. Yummy!

  • WG10/03/2001

    warm,warm,warm... spicy,spicy,spicy... sexy,sexy,sexy... ...and very special and sophisticated. WOW!!!

  • DEB09/28/2001

    I recently bought it and I really like it , I have many perfumes but this one might become my favorite. One of the girls at work liked it and she wanted the name of it too!!!

  • VIKI09/18/2001

    A great perfume, but I'm not able to wear it very often. It's dark, seductive, very sexy, dangerous, very strong.Very warm, too - great for winter special evenings. Spicy and woody tones only, there's not florals in it. But it's not vulgar, high class perfume, very sophisticated.

  • HRBETTYBOOP08/29/2001

    i love this fragrance. it is definitely a hit with men. mainly that is all that comment on it when i wear it, women don't seem to like it as much. i think it's the warmth and vanilla that brings out the sensual sexiness of the fragrance. if you want something to make your man wild (and he likes the scent of vanilla) get this one, you won't be disappointed

  • CATARINA08/22/2001

    Like Jennifer, I also smelled this on a magazine and fell in love with it right away. A friend gave me a bottle as a gift and I used so much of it it at once it made me seriously nautious. It's very strong! Unfortunately, I cannot wear it anymore because it makes my stomach turn, eventhough I love it. It has no floral notes, it's all woods and spices. Smells like home baked cookies and it has profound effects on those who appreciate this kind of fragrance. One of the sexiest fragrances out there.

  • BUFF08/16/2001

    I also love this perfume! I am very picky and haven't found one that I loved as much as Uninhibited by Cher until this one; I smelled it in a department store and wandered around until I figured out what it was! Men and women stop me every day and ask me what I am wearing.

  • STEPHK08/15/2001

    The men in my office fall all over themselves when I wear this. It might be too distracting to wear to work, but I'm going to anyway. The reaction is incredible! This is a very seductive fragrance. Great for evenings out or colder days when you want someone to get close and keep you warm. This scent would certainly inspire someone to do just that! One of my favorites.

  • JOANNE07/24/2001

    Smells like tincture of benzoin!

  • BETH IN AK07/06/2001

    This is a different fragrance - its almost a powdery spicy fragrance. Very dry smelling, not lucious, but sexy and deep. Love it!

  • JENNIFER03/25/2001

    A while back when I smelled this in a magazine insert I knew I had to buy it right away. It smells wonderful and is all woman!

  • JENNIFER03/25/2001

    A while back when I smelled this in a magazine insert I knew I had to buy it right away. It smells wonderful and is all woman!

  • ALEXA02/04/2001

    Woodsy spices, chocolate, cloves... Very strong, distinctive; use sparingly, for those special evenings!

  • CHANTAL12/29/2000

    Very rich, complex, spicy fragrance, vaporous - unlike many spicy perfumes, not at all cloying. Sexy. Keep for that special evening.

  • MARY 10/17/2000

    Thank you for making a scent i can wear. I have not been able to find anything that will stay on and keep the beautiful smell as Incecence I love it and the body veil thank you again Mary

  • PATTY09/27/2000

    This is a wonderful spicy scent containing NO floral notes and it's just so sexy!

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