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L'Heure Bleue Guerlain Image


L'Heure Bleue   

78 Reviews

The classic scent of L'Heure Bleue, a heady blend of roses, iris, and jasmine, laced with an intriguing background of vanilla and musk. L'Heure Bleue is intimate, emotional, and utterly refined. Like an armful of sweet, delicate flowers enveloped in a powdery aura.

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The classic scent of L'Heure Bleue, a heady blend of roses, iris, and jasmine, laced with an intriguing background of vanilla and musk. L'Heure Bleue is intimate, emotional, and utterly refined. Like an armful of sweet, delicate flowers enveloped in a powdery aura.

  • VIVIENNE01/16/2016

    ...A really beautiful decadent scent.

  • HILARY03/02/2015

    ...Holds a heartachingly pure cold note that cuts through the magnificent chorus. The parfum is classy and well-behaved. The EDP on the other hand swirls all around me and I've caught people turning their heads to locate its source. Heartbreakingly beautiful and heartstoppingly stunning!

  • VALERIE06/10/2011

    I have been wearing this perfume for 50 years. There is nothing like it. When I was in St. Thomas, VI, I went to a perfume shop to pick out a special fragrance. I tried many, but nothing compared to L'Heure Bleue. Over the years, I have had to gone out of my way to buy it. I still have the dusting powder that I use very sparingly.

  • JAYE08/30/2010

    Love this fragrance

  • CYNTHIA P.03/18/2009

    I am so glad PE carries this one!! I started wearing it in 1980 when my friend introduced it to me at Dillard's department store. I fell in love immediately. Somehow reminds me of Chanel No.5 even though they don't share many notes. I guess it is because it is so classy and refined - like a bottle of fine wine. Lasts a long time and works well in any season. I hope I can always find it here.

  • MIMI02/03/2009

    This is the most beautiful of all the scents on earth.

  • SUE C11/13/2008

    Guerlain's Artistic Director, Sylvaine Delacourte wears L'Heure Bleue. How do I know this? I met her yesterday at a product launch for Guerlain's exclusive new fragrances available at only 10 locations around the world. Sylvaine gave a wonderful talk about the history of Guerlain, and discussed many of the ingredients and how they are extracted. Guerlain's legendary vanilla note is not like the sweet vanilla in food, it is a complete complex substance that has animalistic, leather,wood and rum aspects. Guerlain do extensive toxicology tests on their ingredients and use only the highest quality. Synthetic ingredients are important because they are what create the "sillage" or trail that envelopes you and give as lasting effect. Guerlain have reissued many of their very old classics such as the one created in the 1800's for Empress Eugenie. But there are six absolutely intoxicating edp's that you have to try if you can: Angelique Noire, Rose Barbare, Cuir Beluga (Sylvaine created this for herself as she loves leather notes), Bois D'Armenie, Cruel Gardenia and Iris Ganache. We tested this properly in a room without distractions or other smells, with the scents sprayed on specially made fans. They were absolutely sumptuous,intoxicating and each is remarkably different. They are expensive but if you are a true perfume lover you will fall in love with these and everything else is second rate. Sylvaine also advised it is essential to try them on your skin because they may not work on your individual chemistry.

  • KITTYGIRL06/25/2008

    I love it. So evocative of past things; past love affairs; past excellent times passed in extremely good company; good, good things and people. I love it. It made my husband sneeze and sneeze. Then wheeze. Nuts. I like it and I cannot wear it around him. Well, I guess I'll just have to take a lover who does love as I do.

  • SHARI02/22/2008

    i have not seen this scent available in a very long time. I wore this when I was young and adventurous and have never forgotten the scent. I will surely buy this my next go round of buying.

  • STEVE11/10/2007

    I met my wife when I was a mere lad of 18. The perfurme she wore was the most beautiful, the most delicate scent I had ever experienced. I love her for the wonderful lady she is but after all these 37 years I can't help but wonder what I might have missed in life had it not been for this special woman I found wearing such a totally irrestible perfume with an aroma of magic and romance. She still wears it acassionally as a treat for me -- and as a tease as well!

  • BLONDIE10/29/2007

    I've posted about this scent several times and want to add to that, that if you want to smell rich and expensive this holiday season, and not like everyone else this is the one to have. Never mind all the hype surrounding whatever comes out that is new. This was made by one of the oldest perfume houses in the world and is one of the few that has not changed. This is the scent of Old Money. It is known for that in the South where I live. Young women, you will never develop a nose for the classics if you don't own at least one or two. Most of what is out there now is trash.Spray this on and see if you don't feel like an aristocrat. Good taste is neither young nor old. And bad taste is just bad no matter what your age. This is in a class all by itself.

  • SMELLIE KAT10/20/2007

    L'heure Bleue is an emotional, nostalgic perfume that calls forth a combination of feelings and memories. Last night, I was wearing L'heure Bleue and wanted to pay special attention to the way she changes over time (there is no doubt that this perfume is female, as opposed to other, more androgynous scents, which I also love). She is both classic and unconventional. As I "sat" with her last night, L'heure Bleue prompted the following thoughts for me: Jasmine first, with just a touch of licorice. Ten minutes later I was reminded of the smell of new leather shoes after the first wearing, when they are still warm. L'heure Bleue is musty in a deep and sophisticated sort of way - wise rather than old. Later, there was a hint of Magic Marker and then, pencil. Jasmine swirls sensuously through these changes like incense. Don't be fooled by the "powder" and "floral" descriptions; L'heure Bleue is complex and intelligent. She is not sad, exactly, but vulnerable, touching every corner of your mind and igniting emotions that you thought you put away long ago. That is the surprise of L'heure Bleue.

  • MARA02/03/2007

    Really appreciate the good information, Charlotte. I certainly will try L'heure Blu now. I bought Coriandre last night and love it. I really prefer the classic fragrances to those very very floral fruity juices that are now for sale. Thanks again. Let me know whatever else you like. I would be interested. You, or anyone else can email me to discuss fragrances at: [email protected]

  • CHARLOTTE01/26/2007

    If you are sophisticated enough to like the scents you mentioned, you should love this. To me it is othing at all like Chanel 5 or Shalimar. It is really in a class by itself. Very romantic and glamorous in an old world sort of way. Give it a try and let us know.

  • MARA01/22/2007

    I have heard this reminds one of Shalimar and Chanel #5. I don't care for either of these scents. I like Ysatis, Cristobal, Jolie Madam, Cabotine, Escada, LHistoire D'Amor. I know these are all over the board, but does anyone think I would like L'Heure Bleu?

  • RHONDA12/03/2006

    I love powdery, vanilla scents. so I decided to order without smelling first. Hope I like it!

  • SHARON11/17/2006

    This has to be the most wonderful perfume ever made. I feel simply wonderful when I wear it. It is hard to find, but the search is definitely worth it. I love having a scent to call my own and this is definitely it.

  • SHERRY11/16/2006

    Just discovered this scent again after a long search for something to call my own. It is soooooo beautiful. Starts out strong but the drydown is soft, sexy and wonderful.

  • DOLLY DAGGER10/31/2006

    I bought a bottle over the internet, trying to remember it from 30 years ago. The top notes were not pleasant to me, probably smelled better in the drydown, but couldn't wait that long with this one. It is different though, so for that reason, it's okay. I really don't like a powdery scent, and this one is, which doesn't make it bad, but just not for me.

  • BERITANETTE10/02/2006

    I think this is my Guerlain favorit. Soft powdery vanilla, warm but not to heavy. Very very nice

  • LILI ALIAGA09/18/2006

    This is my signature scent since the age of 17 and I am now 50 . I am french is to me it is not only a scent but also the history of a prestigious House ( LA MAISON GUERLAIN ) which date since Napoleon III . I am now living in Australia and l`heure bleue odp is not available in the country so I buy it from an online website and I am very happy with it.

  • BLONDIE09/05/2006

    Thanks for the info. Very interesting. I have nothing against Vanderbilt because it is sold in drugstores. I just don't care for it, but I also do not care for many others that are well made either. It just smells nothing like L'heure Bleue to me.

  • TARA08/26/2006

    Some spice initially and then it mellows to a light but rich beautiful, slightly powdery composition.

  • SYLVIE AGAIN...08/16/2006

    Sorry Blondie, I made a mistake: SYMRISE is a world-wide perfume-maker/manufactory/manufacturer in Germany, similar to IFF(International Flavors & Fragrances, USA). I don't know the correct word in English for such a huge firm, so I used the wrong word in my first message and maybe in this message too...? I hope it's clear now. Ciao, Sylvie.

  • SYLVIE08/16/2006

    Hi Blondie, I'm a huge Guerlain lover. L'Heure Bleu and Vanderbilt (by the way a masterpiece by famous perfumer Sophia Grojsman) or Oscar de la Renta are categorized in the same "olfactory family/floral-sweet" in the Genealogy by SYMRISE, Germany (formerly Haarmann & Reimer) one of the greatest perfume conglomerate of the world. L'Heure Bleue (year 1912), Après L'Ondée (1905!), and L'ORIGAN by Coty (1906) are in the same category. That means not, that these fragrances smell the same, but they share some olfactory similarity in a perfumer nose and mind. Even if you dislike Vanderbilt (maybe because it's inexpensive and a drugstore fragrance) you should know, that it is a great fragrance made by a great perfumer. Best wishes and happy sniffing, Sylvie.

  • BLONDIE08/12/2006

    How on earth anyone could compare this to Vanderbilt is unimaginable to me. They are not even similar. If this is what Gloria was going for she failed miserably. I cannot stand Vanderbilt, to me it smells cheap. L'heure Blue is a work of art.

  • CHARLOTTE07/05/2006

    This one is not for children. It is a true classic in every sense of the word. If you are looking for one of those modern scents that smell like flower water or cotton candy this will not suit you. Agree with the post that it suits the more mature woman, but you have to be a certain type definitely. This scent chooses you, not the other way around.

  • ANNAMARIA05/06/2006

    I've been almost afraid to write this, because I often rave about a perfume and then go off it after a short while. But I have loved this perfume for 5 years, when I first discovered it. It is unique. I DO think there is something slightly old fashioned and dusty about it, but that's what I love about it. It's so untouched by modernity and yet is not in anyway stale. It's like a beauntiful antique.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE03/29/2006

    Guerlain is the master of fragrances, truly. Of course there are some who would disagree as many of Guerlain's scents are "too much" for gentler tastes. This one is one of those that could be borderline for floral lovers. It is a floral, yet it has that signature Guerlain essence that is distinctly unique to Guerlain. Whether it is the amber notes or the benzoin, something mysteriously takes over and sends this floral fragrance into different territory. Oriental, slightly chypre on me, L'Heure Bleue transforms in the same way that Mitsouko changes once the base notes take hold, but it's definitely not woody or mossy like Mitsouko. It is written that L'Heure Bleue becomes powdery, and I would somewhat agree, but not powdery like baby powder. I detect predominant jasmine notes the entire time I am wearing this, so if you're not a jasmine lover, this may not suit you. I am not a big fan of jasmine, but I do like L'Heure Bleue. It is a seductive dark floral, but I would wear this day or night. It does have a "blue night emotional sentiment" to it which I like. It is very different than todays' popular fragrances, and how great that it is still going strong since 1912! It is a true classic perfume.

  • SEAN03/14/2006

    Bad.One star for the bottle,no way does this smell like the beautiful Vanderbilt.

  • SYLVIE12/02/2005

    L'Heure Bleu is becoming more difficult to find. I live in Canada and I can't fit, nor the United States, for that matter. This is my signature perfume. And I'm running out quite quickly. I usually spray a little on the back of my neck and a little on my wrists and use my wrists to wipe on the front of my neck. It smells great. Subtle, yet sexy.

  • LEE10/17/2005

    Fabulous scent for a mature woman but you have to be able to pull it off. I don't think it's for everyone and certainly is an evening perfume.

  • CHARLOTTE10/11/2005

    This is the ultimate French perfume. The very definition of glamour and romance. A storybook fragrance. Silk skirts rustling by and hair in a french twist. A scent to dream in. Too bad we can't all be Catherine Deneuve....

  • BLONDIE09/28/2005

    This is the ultimate "french perfume", the one we would all dream up if only we could. Transports you to another time and place while remaining somehow eternally fresh and timeless. A materpiece.

  • BRANDI09/01/2005

    The idea that this parfume might have changed is interesting. I have worn this off and on for 20+ years and it always smells differently depending on my health . The complex tones and slight floral bite is still my all time favorite. It is also highlighted in one of my favorete books "Dragonfly in Amber".

  • PIA08/12/2005

    I am going to be in the minority on this fragrance, I usually am very openminded on fragrances but this is just vile smelling to me.Sorry for you fans.I have it in the edt purchased unsniffed online,big mistake,total dissapointment.The only good thing out of it,is the beautiful bottle.

  • CHLOE.F.PUFF05/16/2005

    Okay, first of all, I rate this perfume excellent. But unfortunately, much as I wish, it's not for me. I guess I am not sophisticated, complex, or mysterious enough. Certainly, it has way too much anise for my taste. But I did so want it to work for me - it seems so romantic and far away. I feel that Guerlain really did put nostalgia in a bottle. If anyone could suggest something as unique and vintage as L'Heure Bleu for me, I'd appreciate it.

  • :-)04/20/2005

    L'Heure Bleue stands alone. It's completely unique in it's structure. Some have said the new Gucci Eau de Parfum takes great inspiration from LHB, but it's not near as complex, and really doesn't smell much like it.

  • CBC04/13/2005

    L'Heure Bleue is a *very* classic scent. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that really smells like it. Some will say Oscar de la Renta, but they're really not that similar at all. Oscar is way more "floral" and less complex. L'Heure Bleue is one of the most complex fragrances ever created. It has a very "cool" smell...very airy and tranquil. I like to say that it smells the way nubby silk feels. It's very smooth. Buy it in the EDP and or Parfum formulas

  • SYLVIE04/06/2005

    Hi Courtney, legendary *L'heure Bleue* is the wonderful "mother" of Oscar de la Renta classic and Gloria Vanderbilt classic (with the swan). Floral-sweet-fragrances!!! Powdery and "old-fashioned" in a very nice and nostalgic-feminine way. Not for everyone and not for "modern-noses". Greetings from Germany.

  • COURTNEY03/01/2005

    Is there anything that L'Heure Bleu is similar to? Also, which do you ladies prefer: the Eau de Parfum or the Eau de Toilette? I know that some strong fragrances, like Dior's Dune, can be easier to take in the Eau de Toilette...

  • COURTNEY03/01/2005

    I agree with Sue C. and Anya in that the best Guerlain fragrances for summer are: Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune (Grapefruit) Aqua Allegoria Lemon Fresca (Lemon, of course) Precious Heart With Love I wore With Love at my summer wedding this past year. Warning, though: Unless you live in Paris, it is VERY hard to find now.

  • ANNIE01/14/2005

    I've always adored l'heure bleue but last bottle eau de parfum was different - sharper top notes,fuzzier in the middle and more vanilla at the end. Has anyone else found this too, or did I get a bad bottle?

  • PIA01/14/2005

    I am wearing Meteorites eau de parfum and it is heavenly, a lovely warm and sweet violet fragrance similar to Violetta di Parma but this is a warmer rendition while Violetta is fresher and a little greener but also lovely nonetheless.

  • CBC01/04/2005

    This is IMHO, the greatest perfume ever created. It's not quite floral and not quite oriental. It's not spicy past the first 30 min or so. I've tried SO many men's and women's scents I'm a man and I feel so tranquil when wearing this intoxicatingly dreamlike fragrance. It's so complex and complete, unlike anything else out there. So pure, clean, smooth, ethereal. The top notes are NOTHING like the heart and middle of this scent. Absolutley tender and softly sweet. Don't go thinking this is like No. 5 *or* Oscar when you first spray it on. It does share similar aldehydic qualities with those but only in the top notes. The middle and base smell something completely different. This is the scent of angels. And not sad at all, maybe a little ghost like but only in the most delicate and tender way. This will not wear well on everybody so please try it first on *warm* parts of your body. Like insides of elbows, chest and base of neck. Go easy though because it is quite potent. The heart and middle are out of this world (literally). The best ever created. So many perfumes have tried to copy this innocent, dreamy scent....but non come even the slightest bit close. This is the scent of Heaven.

  • ANYA01/01/2005

    Please try the gorgeous Champs Elysees for warm days -it's floral but dryish and lasts all day-or Precious Heart or With Love (both LEs)

  • ELIZ12/01/2004

    without knowing what this perfume was..(i was looking for Indian Summer) i sampled the fragrance, and in my mind's eye i saw a blue color....then I looked at the name! Nothing like this has ever happened to me, not before this happened or since then. It truly is sublime.

  • REBECCA11/15/2004

    For those that find this scent too strong, I suggest you wait at least 30 minutes before revisiting your wrist after application. The first spritz is heady, but the dry down is warm, soft, sophiticated and sensual. The older parfums made by the House of Guerlain are very complex and are not for the very young or the very young at heart. Orientals take a certain confident sexuality to pull off. I am look for Lui by Guerlain, does anyone know where I can find it in the states? Respond to [email protected] Thank you.

  • ABFAB11/09/2004

    Absolutely fabulous, gorgeous flora and amber. I love it to death. La divine Deneuve's favourite too.

  • JENNY10/24/2004

    I have worn this unique perfume for nearly thirty years (I was probably too young when I started - it's subtle sophistication takes some living up to!!). I will never change it is my "griffe", my trademark.

  • SISSEL ØSTDAHL10/17/2004

    I love l'heure bleue, particularly as an evening perfume. It is a very romantic scent, flowery, yet not too sweet - rather a bit mysterious. I have used it for ten years as my evening favourite.

  • LORI08/08/2004

    This is a truly beautiful fragrance that is not easy to wear. It is stron to the point of inducing a headache at first, and takes several minutes to get used to.

  • CHRISSY07/13/2004

    I so wanted to try this and love it after reading all of the fabulous reviews...but this stuff literally made me feel ill. No offense if it works for you. I could not recommend this one.

  • SALLY06/19/2004

    Champs-Elysees c'est parfait! It's light and flowery.

  • JR05/28/2004

    Shouldn't be worn in the Texas heat. Lovely in winter.

  • SUE C05/11/2004

    Too Much is a sparkling floral designed for summer. Also suitable are Samsara, Samsara Shine and the Aqua Allegoria range. I've just bought a bottle of Terracotta voile d'ete, a limited edition unisex scent by Guerlain. It's very unusual, warm, spicy and woody, light but not aquatic, and not at all sweet so guys can wear it too. Very different - warm and sunny perfumes for summer are rare as the trend now is for oceanic scents. Terracotta certainly evokes a Mediterranean feel. Try it if you can find it.

  • DIMMA GREECE05/09/2004

    i think Herba Fresca is a nice spring and summer scent.

  • ISABEL04/23/2004

    I've just bought Mitsuoko and L'Heure Bleue, but I understand that for summer it might not be the way to go.. can anyone suggest a Guerlain for summer?

  • ELIZABETH SHARON04/04/2004

    This is the very first "real" perfume I ever wore. I have always thought it was much more complex than its more famous sister, Shalimar. Usually perfume sellers haven't even heard of it--which doesn't bother me, because it was my "secret" for several years of my adolescence. My grandmother, who was a woman who always wore expensive perfume, applied expensive face creams and lotions every night until the day she died, came to live with us when I was a confused , broke teenager who had only been able to wear Coty (L'Aimant), etc. She had usually wore Shalimar, but also had a little bottle of L'Heure Bleue in the real perfume, as well as a bottle of Blue Carnation perfume (really smells of carnations, don't know if it's still made). Anyway, she gave my younger sister the L'Heure Bleue, me the Blue Carnations--I was so mad when I smelled the great Guerlain scent, even though I did like carnations,mine was just too one note! Every chance I got, I'd put a little of that L'Heure Bleue on--if I put too much, I'd get teased about wearing perfume (this was the sixties--perfume and makeup were out). When I think of L'Heure Bleue, it brings back those times when I was sneaking smells of that luscious perfume on my arm, and thoughts of how my grandmother opened my eyes to a whole other world, without even realizing it.

  • LORI03/14/2004

    I've been shopping for a "new" perfume forever, it seems. I've always wanted to wear a "signature" fragrance, but have never been happy with what I've tried. After hearing about L'Heure Bleue and reading all the posts, I'm going to give it a try. It appears to have an almost mystical quality that I'm anxious to discover for myself!

  • SUE C02/24/2004

    This perfume is reknowned for being difficult to wear. I know what they mean, I bought some when I was very young because I loved the scent, but felt uncomfortable when I wore it, its headiness was too much for my youthful innocence! I gave it away to an older woman at work who loved it. It's a uniquely beautiful and unusual scent, maybe now I've got the maturity to give it another go!

  • SABRINA02/13/2004

    I have to say that this is a very nice and powderdusty fragrance! soft not loud but peacefully undressed .enjoy secretly

  • DIANNE01/19/2004

    A true classic. Sumptiously seductive yet innocently inviting.

  • DIANNE01/17/2004

    The most sophisticated scent there is. Men love it. People follow me and ask what perfume I'm wearing. The CLASSICS never go out of style.

  • KEIRA11/23/2003

    Smells very cheap and synthetic.

  • ELLA11/04/2003

    The jasmine seems to dominate this fragrance on me. Dry down is complex with sandlewood, patchouli and something resembling violets combined. I get no "anise" notes that many people have mentioned. Body chemistry is often fascinating (and frustrating!) with fragrances. I do love this one, though. It's quite unique.

  • ELLEN10/06/2003

    I've been wearing L'Heure Bleu for years now and it is, in my view, sublime.

  • GIPSY QUEEN09/06/2003

    The edt is a waste of money. The edp is better, but IMO, L'Heure Bleue can only be truly experienced and appreciated in perfume concentration. An olfactory wave of emotions, pure and simple.

  • NICOLE08/13/2003

    I just bought one. Very high quality, powdery, persistent and not too strong. The drydown smells like "Shalimar": soft vanilla. I highly recommend it if you like class.

  • CHARLOTTE08/11/2003

    My all time favorite scent for evening! I first heard about this perfume in Frederic Fekkai's "Style," he says it reminds him of his mother! This is more subtle than most of Guerlain's fragrances. It's a bit like Chanel No. 5, but much more unique.

  • VANILLALION08/02/2003

    I had to try it-everyone describes in as so beautiful, so I purchased the EDP. Ahhh-peaceful, powdery as the dusky royal blue sky that inspired it.

  • GLORIA03/12/2003

    With all the talk of this scent I had to swing by Bloomies last night and have a little spritz. The salesperson said that she had such little stock! She had no tester but opened a box and sprayed my hand. I sniffed most of the evening but didn't get to wear it that long before I went to bed. It was such an unusual kind of haunting fragrance. To tell you the truth I'm still wondering about it. It certainly is not run of the mill and very very fine. All I could think about was "Wuthering Heights" and Heathcliff and Cathy. Of course I knew it was from long 1912...........Anyway I will have to try it when I have no other fragrance on and have all day to wear it. I am bewildered kind of by the fragrance. It truly is like nothing I've ever smelled. It is in a class by itself.

  • TINAB03/07/2003

    Although the initial scent is nice but odd and gives me a faint headache, the dry down is so divinely sophisticated and lovely beyond belief. This is by far one of the BEST fragrances imaginable. It may actually be at the TOP of the long list of fragrances I have tried. Also, I must admit that I purchased this without ever trying it, just using your comments. THANKS!!!!!

  • M.J.03/01/2003

    I have to agree with almost everyone else on this one. Its classic, timeless, and truly unique beauty is unsurpassed. I tried it on in a department store during the holidays. At first, I wasn't entirely crazy about it. But then I had to stand in line at a very crowded, very hot store for almost an hour. By the time I finished, L'Heure Bleue had developed into a soft, powdery, delicate yet penetrating scent. Unfortunately the dept. store closed before I could get back to buy a bottle. The next time I checked on it, they had stopped carrying it. Luckily, I found this site and just ordered a bottle(at a much better price, I must say).I can hardly wait to receive it!

  • CAROLINE02/24/2003

    I bought this as a birthday present for myself last year. It's powdery, with a hint of vanilla, anise and floral. I just love it! I've got half a bottle left but I'm trying to use it sparingly until this @#$% recession is over! I have lots of other perfumes to use but this is one of the ones I intend to replace!

  • MARYMAGS02/11/2003

    and someday I will get around to it.

  • MALLE01/03/2003

    This is by far one of the best scents 2 wear on evening...mymumu gave it 2 me and i love her for is very special and a bit special but that is what makes it jolly good...not everyone has it and that is nice sometimes!!

  • APHRAEL12/14/2002

    I tried it again,and maybe I was under the weather,last time,but this time,oooooooohhhhh!...It's just beautiful.Fragrance free soap,lotion and parfum. It works!

  • MAYA12/13/2002

    Hi! Considering Guerlain's unquestionned touch,with perfume making,It would indeed be a crime not to give L'Heure Bleue several tries...But I think Lola's right in saying that this is a very shy and delicate scent,and that the conditions need to be just right to fully discover it.The other day, Aphrael was experimenting with it, and she said :" L'Heure Bleue is like one of the Vestal Virgins:If you confront it roughly and uncaringly,it will scream and then shut down.This scent needs slow,deep breathing and total surrender." I need my life to slow down a bit before I can commit to a lengthy acquaintance making,with L'Heure Bleue.I hope the scent will accept my chemistry...

  • YVONNE12/10/2002

    I started to use the eau de toilette 35 years ago. Because it was difficult at times to find L'Heure bleue I sometimes tried out other fragrances but was never happy with them. When people notice that I am using this eau de toilette I only get positive comments. Most people never heard about it. L'Heure bleue is simply ideal for all seasons.

  • YVONNE12/09/2002

    I started to use the eau de toilette some 35 years ago. As sometimes it was difficult to find, I tried other fragrances, but never found something that really suited me like l'Heure bleue.

  • CATE12/08/2002

    Hi, Maya! As a long overdue thank you for your advice on and recommendation of Mitsouko parfum, I strongly urge you to give L'Heure Bleue a second, third and fourth chance. For years I held off trying this scent because of it's reputed "powderiness" ...After much sniffing I've realized that not all powderiness is created equal. I've learned that I do not enjoy baby powder notes in fragrance. But there is definite powderiness in Mitsouko (more cinnamon/carnation powder), Bal a Versailles, and L'Heure Bleue that enjoy very much. Perhaps it is the iris combined with sandalwood and/or other woods...I'm not sure. (Not that I'm assuming that this would bother your nose... :) Anyways, earlier last year I tried the edt and thought, not for me! But with more recent purchases at the Guerlain counter, I was given a sample of EDP. Well, I tried it and immediately enjoyed the sweet anise at the top (Never noticed vinyl). I was unprepared for the dramatic transformation in the drydown. After about 40 minutes, I was overcome by profound hapiness and a flood of memories. It turned out that my mother used this scent when I was a toddler. So it brought back memories of a very safe innocent time in my life. Once I got past the emotional response, I wore it a few more times to get better acquainted with the scent. It is, in my opinion, dramatically beautiful. There is anise throughout, and I also detect an almondy note (someone suggested that it might be the heliotrope) that combined with the anise is quite yummy. Mind you, I have only the edp sample at the moment. I plan to get the parfum later for myself, another for my mother, who has never owned a bottle of parfum before. The drydown in the edp is somewhat mysterious, with no particular note dominating, a bit reminiscent of Bal a Versailles (of course L'HB is much older). I look forward to exploring the subtleties of the parfum, which, as you know, contains the magical Guerlinade, and I will post my thoughts on them shortly. I know that chemistry might play a huge part in how this scent affects you, but I feel it takes a few weeks of experimenting to really get to know the older Guerlains (It was that way for me, at least, with both Shalimar and Mitsouko...which I now appreciate fully). Once again, thanks for your eloquent posts--and your sisters' as well! What a trio! I am also seriously contemplating a purchase of a 7.5ml flacon of Joy parfum, which I hope will be as complex and seductive on me as it is on you and your sisters.

  • MAYA11/26/2002

    I know that my sister spent the whole week end rediscovering this fragrance,and the latest news is she actually grew to like it,but I don't know...I still can't get past the licorice/vinyl top notes that Aphrael described.Yet considering that Lola SWEARS the scent becomes quite nice,I will keep an opened mind,but I think it will take me a while before I can form an opinion on this one...

  • LOLA11/25/2002

    This weekend,I put myself through a "L'Heure Bleue" boot camp.I just HAD to discover for myself what the big deal was about.So first,I used a totally neutral soap,something that wouldn't clash with the fragrance. (Neutrogena makes great fragrance free products) Then I put on the L'Heure Bleue body lotion and I waited for a couple of hours.The lotion is light enough that didn't get assaulted by too much stimuli.It smells flowery,but light and yet is quite pervasive.Finally,I put on the parfum,behind my knees,between my breasts and shoulder blades,and in the fold of my elbows.(TINY drops that is...) At first,I flinched a bit at the recognition of the licorice and vinyl notes that had me and my sister so bothered.But I decided to give it more time.(I guess my past experience with Must has taught me something)Suddenly my daughter came in my room with a delighted smile on her face,and said:"This smells great,it's light,it's fresh,it's yummy,it floats everywhere but it's really gentle and soft..." I opened the bottle and had her get a whif straight out:she wrinkled her nose and said "yuck!that's awful!" So I leaned closer to her and she took a deep breath,and decided that L'Heure Bleue is awful in the bottle, but that it is really,really nice on the skin.The comments I got from several people throughout the day were all positive.My own opinion is that this is a very "shy" fragrance. You can't just dump it onto yourself like some average brew.You need to get very carefully and gently acquainted with it,or it will indeed shut down and you won't be able to get past the top notes.It's an incredibly delicate scent,yet if you use it sparingly,and take your time to allow it to develop on it's own terms,you will end up with a deeply emotional,quietly moving effect. Jan Moran described it as " tender yet penetrating " ,and I completly agree.If you rush this one,all you will get is a flat,cloying odor.But if you use it in very small doses, without mixing it with other products it is,indeed,devastatingly feminine and seductive.It does demand to stand on its own,though,so make sure your deodorant is unscented, and if you wear hair styling products you might want to check that,too. As weird and harsh as it is straight out of the bottle,L'Heure Bleue can really work its magic if you give it the right conditions.Enjoy!

  • LOLA10/31/2002

    "The top of mount Perfuma"??????? That cinches it:I have got to try it AGAIN!!In the past,I have used it sporadically,and I could never really form an opinion.It seemed to be a mood thing.Also,one of my sisters loves it on a friend,and then when she puts it on,chemistry rears its ugly assface and the whole blend turns into a total disaster.The crummy thing is that I have 2 sisters who were born the same time as me (yep,Mom had triplets)and we usually share chemistry.But,man, Cary,THE TOP OF MOUNT PERFUMA, I mean that's a big deal!!! God only knows why I can't get past the description,it could possibly be nonsense,but still,it just sound too cool not to give it another try.I wonder,though:what is it about this one that has such an effect on you? I'm not wild about the aniseed,it is very predominant(at least with me), and I'm thinking maybe I am missing something in the heart and base notes.Do you think you could describe L'Heure Bleue more in depth because I feel I'm missing something with this one and I just can't figure out what...Thanks!

  • TIGRUSHKA10/13/2002

    L'Heure Bleue is undescribably beautiful, ethereal, powdery, subtly sensual, very romantic scent. Magical.

  • APHRAEL10/07/2002

    Undeniably a great fragrance,but it does not work with me.My chemistry is all wrong,for this one,and it turns the scent into vinyl and licorice. It smells fabulous on a friend of mine,and every time I smell it on her I wish I could wear it,and I try to, again,only to be reminded of what my sister keeps saying:"It's like trying on jeans or make up:any cut, size,style or color does not fit every woman." AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHH!!!!!

  • JANET06/04/2002

    I first fell in love with L'Heure Bleue about 35 years ago when a friend introduced me to it . Even then it was old (from 1912, I believe), but it is not old fashioned. It is the most special , the most delicious perfume in the world to me. Do you remember seeing the ads for it many years ago that described the perfumer going home in Paris at the hour "when the sky has lost the sun, but not yet found the night." The perfumer tried to duplicate the feeling of that time in the perfume. I believe that he succeeded beautifully, with the softness, the sweetness, and the uniqueness of this scent. So many perfumes, especially modern ones, smell alike. I love the feminine feeling I get when wearing L'Heure Bleue; it will never be mistaken for a man's cologne. Although I appreciate the exclusivity, I do wish that it were easier to find.

  • HANA06/03/2002

    Shalimar and L'Heure Bleue - great, classic perfumes, but please don't wear them in summer. Last summer (it was very hot) I was in a restaurant when a woman come wearing L'Heure Bleue... This very moment I decided that I never go to buy it!

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    Too strong, too old fashioned

  • GAIL02/09/2002

    I finally got to sample this fragrance! I agree with Aimee's comment. It reminds me of my mom! She used to wear Chanel #5 and she also dyed her hair. That was a good discription by Aimee. I don't think this is a bad scent, it's just not for me. I like Shalimar much better!

  • KERRFREE02/08/2002

    Thanks to you for helping me narrow down my fun-filled search for an enduring fragrance that will cause my children to close their eyes when a fragrance wafts by and they will say, "I just smelled my mother." And their hearts will be filled with feelings of being loved and cherished. Listened to and encouraged. Laughed along with. A fragrance that some kind and gentle man will know be by before I even enter a room, who will get lost with me beneath it's veil and who will long for me when I am off somewhere because my fragrance lingers. I think it's l'Heaure Bleue and I haven't even tried it! I can't find it in any of the stores here, including Nordstroms. Would there be anyone who would consider mailing me a sample so I could see how it blends with my chemistry? I wish I was like some of you that had the luxury of just buying a fragrance at the drop of a hat! But for me it's an investment. :) Thank you! [email protected] I also like Tresor, Paris, Hot Couture White Collection, Ellen Tracy. They are close, but not quite what my nose says is "me"

  • GAIL02/06/2002

    Thanks for the info Karina! I called around and finally found a dept. store that has it, so I'll finally get to try it!From what it sounds like I think I will like it! We'll see!!

  • MARY ELLEN01/31/2002

    I stumbled on this site, looking for my all time favorite fragrance -- you guessed it -- L'Heure Bleue. I just have to add my voice to all the others that sing its praises. I like the EDP spray but it is wonderful in all strengths. It is light yet long lasting, delicate but sophisticated, innocent yet very sensual. L'Heure is in my opinion the most beautiful fragrance ever created -- simply heavenly. Nothing else even comes close.

  • KARINA01/31/2002

    Gail, you can indeed find L'Heure Bleue at Nordstrom- but try to get a sample to take home with you, and if you like it, buy it online instead- - Nordstrom charges A LOT more! As far as the scent itself is concerned, it's not all that similar to Shalimar, although L'Heure Bleue is also considrered an Oriental (or a Floral-Oriental). The one thing they have in common is a very "powdery" dry-down, and they both have vanilla in the base notes. L'Heure Bleue, to me, smells more delicate and flowery, definitely sweeter. You can smell carnation and anise (a licorice-like scent), along with jasmine and rose. This is, in my opinion, one of the great perfumes of all time. Definitely try it- it's not for everyone, but people who like it tend to be fiercely devoted to it.

  • GAIL01/30/2002

    I can totally relate to your love of perfume!! I'm the same way!!My friends all think I'm nuts!!!LOL!! It's almost embarrassing how many bottles of perfume I have. I store them in huge boxes! My only concern is that they will go bad. There's no way I could possibly use them all!!Anyway, I have been wondering what L'Heure Bleue smells like. I'm thinking along the lines of Shalimar, which I absolutely love.Am I anywhere close? I haven't been able to find A that has this perfume.The next store I'll try is Nordstroms. Any suggestions out there? I live in the Chicago area. Thanks!

  • KARINA01/23/2002

    Thanks for your kind words! I love this site because it's a chance for real perfume lovers to share opinions and ask questions- a lot of my friends just don't understand my "addiction", (one teased me that with all the money I've spent on perfume over the years, I could have put a down payment on a house!) so it's nice to be able to share with people who do understand! Take care!

  • MARCY01/21/2002

    Because you described, "L'Heure Bleue so beautifully and also sharing a favorite of mine...Shalimar; you made my day!

  • CARY GREENE12/30/2001

    Ladies, may I say that this is the single best perfume ever created, bar none. It is extremely chic, very little known, wonderfully balanced and timeless. I debated about sharing my opinion on this one. My secret is out. You won't believe it when you wear it. My suggestion is to put some on and wear it for a few hours, try it on a date. No other perfume comes close. I've been writing some of the wildest reviews on this site, but I can only say this: L'Heure Bleue is at the top of mount perfuma! As always, be well....

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Chanel No. 5 and hair dye.

  • AIDA12/12/2001

    This is really something: a legend!

  • ELLEN12/10/2001

    I first tried L'Heure Bleu 30 years ago when my friend and I went to Florida on vacation. We were only 19 then. Her mom turned us on to it. Boy did we smell great on that trip and all the boys agreed! There is no other fragrance out there like it. It is mystifying to say the least. All of Guerlain fragrances are true classics.

  • EDEN11/23/2001

    I like it out of the bottle, but it smells like bread dough when I put it on me!

  • MARY11/10/2001

    My mother wore L'Heure Bleue when she went out, and my sister and I each took a bottle of the cologne when she died. It smells better than anhing else I've ever won, ad I work in a place where a minimum of scent, if any is allowed - but no one complains when I wear a tiny bit o this stuff - guess quaity shows!

  • CAROLW10/06/2001

    Golden, warm, powdery and woody, this brilliant scent is a classic! If you also like Shalimar, you must try L'Heure Bleu.

  • JOLENE10/03/2001

    I've always admired this perfume. Everything about it is perfect - from its beautiful Art Nouveau bottle to the powdery Aniseed, carnation and vanilla notes. It's a masterpiece - hands down.

  • LYNDA09/23/2001

    This fragrance is so lovely. Please take about an hour to adjust to it if you don't like it at first. It definitely holds to its name, " The Blue Hour".

  • MGARIS09/03/2001

    One of the all time great perfumes. Haunting, bewitching, unlike any other scent. Indescribable. Rather powdery on the drydown, slightly Oriental in composition, but not over the top. A masterpiece.

  • ALISON08/25/2001

    I'm proud to own a bottle of L'Heure Bleue! It holds a place of honor among my other fragrances. I had no idea so many people liked it. I always feel very unique when I wear this fragrance. It has a quality to it unlike any other perfume.

  • TATIANA08/21/2001

    Unfortunately on me L'Heure Bleue doesn’t last at all. I wear EDT, and after about 1 hour it’s gone. It doesn’t smell powdery at all. The top note is warm and ambery and evaporates in 5 minutes. After that all I can smell is just aniseed, simple and pure. No base notes. I regret to say, it’s not my cup of tea…

  • TRISHA HEALY08/12/2001

    My mom turned me on to it years ago. But it is as modern today as when it was introduced. It smells light but packs a wollop and lasts forever on the skin. I will always this.

  • KARINA06/22/2001

    I discovered this beautiful fragrance several years ago, in a quest to discover a scent that was truly "my own" and that not many other women wore. I found it in L'Heure Bleue! This smells like perfume should-you know you're dealing with the best of the best. It smells the way velvet feels-that's always been my description for it. The actual scent is like rare flowers, with a distinctly soft and powdery undertone. It has a nostalgic feeling, reminds me of more graceful times...but it's wickedly erotic at the same time, like what a high class courtesan would have worn. I rarely meet anyone else who wears it, but silly as it sounds, when I do, it's like we're both members of an exclusive club,in on a little-known secret! I just love this perfume-could go on forever about it!

  • ELISHA05/08/2001

    This is a great scent. It smells sweet and powdery. I love the bottle also!

  • LOR03/10/2001

    The most unforgettable scent in the world, bar none. Difficult to describe, but once experienced, never forgotten. Strong top note which can never be mistaken for any other scent. Slightly different on everybody, but always recognizable, just the same. Absolutely heavenly. There was a special place reserved in Heaven for Monsieur Guerlain, and this perfume was the reason.

  • KIMBERLY JACKSON12/28/2000

    i love l" heuere bleue it is a very soft oriental fragrance a bit strong but dies down to be very a soft & sweet fragrance i would highly recommend it as a gift for yourself or someoneelse plus guerlain just changed their bottle styles so l"heure bleue looks more like the perfume bottle which is definetly an a attractive feature the bottle lotion in l"heure bleue is also great

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