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Gapscent Dream   

31 Reviews

Dream is a mix of white freesia, orange flower, and pure cloud.

1.0 oz EDT Spray
SKU 15773
$30.00 $24.99
3.4 oz EDT Spray (New Version) (Tester)
SKU 74646
$60.00 $21.99
3.4 oz Body Mist
SKU 8362
$25.00 $22.99
3.4 oz EDT Spray (New Version)
SKU 5397
$60.00 $27.99

Dream is a mix of white freesia, orange flower, and pure cloud.

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  • MAC197901/02/2012

    Grateful to be able to still get some of this, as the Gap doesn't sell it anymore, Thank you!

  • JEHNAI08/11/2011

    Couldn't find in any shop in Gap (London)

  • CHRISSY09/25/2009

    But I smelled it again recently and was like, yuck, what the heck was I thinking? Lol. There must have been something to it because I did like it, but I can't say I'd wear it ever again under any circumstances. Just too strong and the notes don't seem to blend or go together at all. Oh well, here's to the good memories.

  • LUIZA-MARIYA02/06/2009

    I adore the GAP Dream, but unfortunately in city where I live it is not possible to buy(even if we have all other perfumes start with Tommy and Ralf Lauren whatever :) ). I get it from my friend which has workshop in Huston (Texas) . One day when we were spending the new year party, she came and I felt this fragrance and she notice it that I like it and bought to me when she was again in Huston :) I hope one day I will find the way to get it :D Anyway by now I am using it very carefully.

  • COURTNEY05/09/2008

    I recieved this as a set 2 Christmas' ago and i absolutely LOVED it! It has a fresh smell that also hold for a LONG period of time. I got TONS of compliments while wearing this and i recommend it to anyone who loves to smell clean fresh and beautiful all at the same time!

  • DEWY MIST07/03/2007

    This is a very nice scent, I like that it's not overpowering. It's very fresh and modern...beautiful.

  • CAMILA03/30/2007

    I love this fragrance! It does remind me good moments I had in Philadelphia two years ago. But is hard to find it in Brazil!!

  • LISA03/18/2007

    i love this perfume. My mom is posting me some over from san francisco. i just love it

  • ERIKA03/29/2006

    I adore this fragrance! One of my fave warm weather scents. Lightly sweet, very fresh. It lingers nicely on my skin. I love to mist this on several times a day as a pick-me-up in the summer.

  • RAQUEL11/09/2005

    My Mom bought me Tommy and Gap Dream, but I preferred GAP because the scent is simple but interesting. My girlfriend likes it so much.

  • JEN09/13/2005

    If you have never worn this scent, or were out of the loop when it made it's mid-90's run of popularity, you might really love it. It is clean, fresh, young, and is perfect for when you don't want to wear a lot of scent. But if you do remember this one, it might remind you too much of the fact that EVERYONE wore it, and that every room, restaurant, and club reeked of it. It isn't expensive - it doesn't smell expensive - it's lasting power and style of scent is similar to a Bath and Body Works body splash (lasts long enough to make you feel fresh for a while, but not all day).

  • AL09/11/2005

    I love this stuff so much. Okay I'm a guy and I dont use its. But my girlfriend who I dont see often wheres this stuff every time I see her. The first time I smelt it on her I fell inlove with her. The second time I smelt it on her I recognized the smell and was washed away by the smell of her. She gave me this pillow case that I sleep with every night since I'm away in college. It has the smell of Dreams perfume on it. I love it, every night I lay in my pillow I smell my girlfriend and fall inlove with her over and over. The scent is so long lasting, it hasnt left the pillow case yet. I know for me I would want some this stuff every day (not on me though) because it remind me of my girlfriend every time.

  • BRANDY05/19/2005

    Bought years ago when my friend Kelly worked for the Gap. We were fresh outta high school and as time wore on I realized I was held hostage by the large full size bottle! Took forever to use up and I vowed never again. Fresh scent but for a whole other genre.

  • JANICE03/19/2005

    The smell is's really long sort of gives me a headache but i would buy a first version of this scent it's has too much alcohol....

  • AMANDA02/01/2005

    I love dream! It's one of my favorite scents, and I always get complimets on it whenver I wear it.

  • SHANNON01/01/2005

    I really loved this scent when it first came out years ago. Feeling nostalgic I tried it out again in a Gap store. There is a lovely fresh scent to it, but it is unfortunately drowned out by strong alcohol odor which takes a long time to dissipate. A shame, because the orange/freesia combo really is beautiful. I'd buy a higher quality version of this in a second.

  • MYER11/17/2004

    such a beautiful dream...i love it !

  • CAMERON09/20/2004

    This perfume has alot of kick to it. Fresh bursts of freesia and orange flowers. It's not too girly and not too strong. I've always loved it since it came out, and really lasts on me for an eau de toilette. I haven't smelled anything like it's crispness and it's such a pretty fragrance, and very wearable for anytime of the day. It's a nice, attractive scent.

  • JEN05/16/2004

    Very light and fresh as well as a great deal.

  • FLAVIA04/19/2004

    I love "Dream". It`s smell is perfect. Fresh and romantic. I don`t need anything else when I`m wearing it.

  • WENDY04/01/2004

    I have yet to find a scent like this and I have about 60 different bottles of perfume at home, I usually spend from $70 on up on perfume, but this low-priced one is one of my favorites, I get tons of compliments on it whenver I wear it.

  • CHRISTINE03/30/2004

    This is a fun, youthful scent. It is simple. Do you like freesia? Do you like orange? Then you will like Dream. I love the citrusy, white flower combination. No, it doesn't smell expensive, but it isn't expensive. And because it isn't costly, you can buy it an wear it when you feel in the mood -- young and carefree.

  • ANGEL01/21/2004

    This scent just needs to go away. It smells like every bimbo I went to highschool with--very mid 90's. It reeks of cheapness and unoriginality. Please Gap--make something new to replace this swill!

  • MARISSA01/07/2004

    Whoever said it smells like it's from a drugstore, is a complete moron. Oh, the both of you are. This is the best perfume ever. Try not spraying it up your nasal passage next time, then you'll see what I'm talking about.

  • JENN11/26/2003

    My favorite Gap scent! It's light but still stays throughout the day and smells sweet.

  • ERICA05/21/2003

    Great floral scent. Young and great for everyday wear. Not distinct though.

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    I agree with the person who said this is overpriced cheap perfume. Smells like something you'd expect out of one of those dreadful aerosol imposter perfumes. Goes on way to alcohol strong, and by the time it's settled down enough to be tolerable it has faded away. Too trendy smelling. I need something more classy and sophisticated. I don't know of any true avid perfume wearer who likes this scent.

  • VANESSA M02/09/2003

    ...I think dream is good especially because it is unique I mean you don't find many fragrances out there that are comparable. My only concern is that it does not last very long. Hopefully with an eau de parfum, the scent will last longer.

  • SID12/30/2002

    Cheap overpriced perfume of drug store quality!

  • MARIE10/18/2002

    i absolutely love this really is long lasting

  • KAT10/18/2002

    fresh and's definetly worthwhile trying. The greatest part is how long lasting i found the scent to be..

  • STEPH10/12/2002

    I just love this stuff. Smells so good and it's cheap, too. Love that it's called Dream, which is just a cute and perfect name and love the purple color, since purple is my fav. Love it!

  • CHRISTINA10/01/2002

    This fragrance is amazing. The moment I tested it on my skin I loved it. I have never gotten as many compliments as I have when I wear Dream. It smells delicious and fresh.

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