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Ralph Lauren

Lauren Style   

36 Reviews

A modern floral blend wrapped in a soft blanket of suede, sensual musk, and sleek woods. Classic, timeless, elegant - it's the way you live your life. Notes include Kumquat, Lime, Tangerine, Bulgarian Rose, Nectarine Blossom, Orange Blossom, Violet Leaves, Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose, Hedione, Magnolia, Patchouli, Suede Note, Woods, Skin Musk 2000, more

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A modern floral blend wrapped in a soft blanket of suede, sensual musk, and sleek woods. Classic, timeless, elegant - it's the way you live your life. Notes include Kumquat, Lime, Tangerine, Bulgarian Rose, Nectarine Blossom, Orange Blossom, Violet Leaves, Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose, Hedione, Magnolia, Patchouli, Suede Note, Woods, Skin Musk 2000, Heliotrope, Benzoin, Vanilla.

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  • PAULA D04/16/2010


  • DMARIE11/17/2008

    Smells just like Vera Wang flower princess.Too flowery for me I like sweet perfumes!Staying power is weak!

  • KALINA01/20/2008

    this has to be one of my favorites.. smells so good.. I like to wear this fragrance when i go to the club and everyone cant help but wantto know what it is that im wearing...5 stars

  • BLONDIE04/09/2007

    Alot of things smell like this. Nice but not special IMO.

  • BLACKAMBERMOON02/23/2007

    ...Gucci II. Style is a bit softer, though, more "round" - it's well balanced, fresh, and pleasant. Does not scream "floral!" which is a good thing in my book! Very nice for the office, wedding, summer party - any place you want to feel demure and feminine.

  • SAYA01/21/2007

    It's ultra femminine, soft and elegant. My 8-year-old son said "Mummy, you smell like a princess!" when I wore it for the first time. The drydown is a tad too musky on my skin though.

  • VICKY10/31/2006

    I bought this one some months ago...although I like the scent it doesnt last to much and it is EDP...I think its nice and fresh but not a special perfume

  • TONY T10/10/2006

    and timeless. very soft but not subtle florally, ultra girly scent. might be a buy for my next lady.

  • LAURINHA09/21/2006

    It's very light and feminine, good for work (not strong, only who is close to you will smell it) and for romantic moments.

  • SOGGY 08/21/2006

    tried it twice on the same day just couldn't smell. I am convinced the shop had a display bottle filled with water in it for testing.

  • VANESSA08/05/2006

    Nice and soft. This fragrance stays with you throughout the day and still smells fresh. I like it.........

  • BRANDY07/20/2006

    I don't know where that came from. This is light, airy, and floral. Nothing cloying about it (SJP is very heady). Very attracting.

  • BARBARA W05/16/2006

    This is a soft, pretty perfume reminiscent of Lovely...I really like this one. Perfect for the office or those times when a heavy oriental would be too much. Very nice. :)

  • ROBIN02/22/2006

    I like this a lot. It reminds me of the drydown of Pleasures but is not as sharp, initially. It's a great scent for work/everyday.

  • SELINE02/07/2006

    I'm not quite sure why there aren't more of you who posted for this fragrance when I'm so in love with it! But that's OK since the fact that it's so low profile it gives me almost the exclusive rights to it. Often I am asked what I'm wearing and no one has a clue what I'm talking about. That's gotta be a good thing since I dislike to wear fragrances that everyone else is wearing.

  • ESTELLE01/23/2006

    Even though the notes are different this is likeā€¦ I think that this reminds me a lot of Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein. Not a bad thing but not a too special thing either. Both are soft with a somewhat sharp beginning. Yet dry down to a pretty nice scent that would be OK for work. Nether one would bother people as far as I can see.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC12/20/2005

    RL's newest scent is wonderful, although quite costly. Its entirely 'pure' in its composition. A very beautiful & clean smelling fragrance devoid of the heavy, overbearing or loud properties that many of today's scents seem to be comprised of. This is a woman who personifies a gentle and more demure manner.

  • MAYA12/01/2005

    Hi Jewel, just a thought but do you think that the new Turquoise fragrance by RL you mentioned is slightly Prada-like? I find them a bit similar.. For R Lauren this is a very different direction in fragrance world to take, and I have to say... I like it!

  • JEWEL11/26/2005

    This is good but my favorites are Romance by Lauren I always get complimented on this fragrance eveytime I wear it, also try the brand new Turquiose by Ralph I think it will become a best seller

  • SUE C11/03/2005

    I got a free sample of this one the other day and it's pleasant and wearable but there is nothing distinctive about it, as though it was intended as a crowd-pleaser to be commercially successful. To me it is forgettable and will fade away into perfume history. My favourite scents are ones that I treasure for their absolute uniqueness and ability to capture a special mood or era in time, for example Ivoire, Miss Dior, Fidji, Arpege, and others. Ralph Lauren has several other scents that are much better than Style.

  • IZ10/09/2005

    Really in Style.. The soft and feminine scent.. so sweet.. Fell in love the moment I tested it.

  • SAYAKA09/30/2005

    I absolutely love this frangance. To me, it's important that my perfume doesn't 'attack' people around me. And I don't have to worry about it when I wear this one. Its middle note is a bit like LE FEU D'ISSEY which I love but is too overpowering for me to wear. STYLE is sexy, but not obvious way. I love the way it drys down. The musk is cool and subtle, not too sharp. I'm sure that I will wear this for years to come.

  • ANTOINETTE09/22/2005

    I really greatly... love this scent... Frankly,,, I used go wear coco . Now I find it ... it matches my image and it's incredibly feminine... I am a professor at Engineering school but it does....enhances the image of intelligence

  • FRAN09/16/2005

    Wonderful scent. Very clean smelling, similar to Pleasures, but more modern. I also have RL Blue, which is crisp and clean also. This one is particularly nice and I love the pink square bottle. Very vintage looking.

  • RACKY09/02/2005

    i used to love lauren style but somehow i got tired of it. seems like the smell does not last long on my skin. now i wear eternity moment...

  • *MAYA*08/30/2005

    There is such glamor in this fragrance. I have to admit I am not a huge fan of Lauren fragrances at all but this one is by far his best :) It's ultra-feminine and sensual, light, floral; I personally prefer sweeter, orientals, even woody scents but this really is beautiful!

  • STACEY07/30/2005

    I was seatching for the perfect scent for my mother and the saleslady suggested this one. I bought it right away and went back to get my own set. It is a great scent for women of all ages.

  • CHRISTINE07/30/2005

    i feel very glamorous and sophisticated everytime i use it. i love it

  • SHARRIE07/08/2005

    a touch of patchouilly. treasure. delicate find. class of the rich bluten. very nice.

  • JENNIFER06/28/2005

    I bought this perfume today because I wanted something feminine, but not overly strong or strange, to wear to the office. I think it is a nice scent, very soft and subtle. A great summer scent because it is not too strong.

  • LYNN06/11/2005

    I have used Lauren for 20 years. I have others but I keep giong back to the best. It is sometimes hard to find.

  • DANA05/23/2005

    This fragrance doesn't stand out to me at all. I actually had to spray it a few times to try to recognize what it is supposed to smell like. I think it's too much of a blend, and I can't tell if I like it or not. Nothing special, but the bottle looks regal.

  • KELLIE05/03/2005

    I tried this on myself, my coat and a paper I put in my car. It smells heavenly - even days later. I love this smell.

  • JILLIAN04/23/2005

    For me at least, its the fragrance equivalent of that nice, pretty girl in high school who was okay to talk to but who really didn't have anything interesting to say. There is nothing unpleasant about this perfume. It's light, slightly floral, and somewhat sweet. But the problem is that it doesn't smell like anything special to me. It smells like every other perfume geared toward younger women on the market. I want a perfume that is both pleasant and reminds me of something. Lauren Style, for me, is pleasant, but reminds me only of other perfumes.

  • TONY T03/06/2005

    i am a cologne and perfume freak i don't know if it is true for you and christobelle because you girls are on almostevery message board. if this is true please read my review on christobal pour homme if you have sampled it and please compare it to joop. p.s. go gucci envy me

  • COURTNEY02/23/2005

    Everything else. In fact, it smells almost exactly like Curve for Women. Without the strong lily-note. It is like True Star; less sharp, though. I guess I pretty much agree with Tony T. It's nothing special, and in my opinion, not worth the buy. But if you like the scents I listed, this one might be for you.

  • SOPHIA02/20/2005

    I have used 2 perfumes of Ralph Lauren - The Blue and The Style! I LOVED THEM BOTH! Ralph Lauren perfumes are the best I ever known so far! Their perfumes works well with my skin and oils or whatever you want to call it! I love the freshing and soft smell in them, its very feminine! When I use their perfume and everywhere I go I get EXCELLENT comments that makes want to continue using them for a life time! My husband love them too!

  • ISIS02/04/2005

    Boyfriend really loves this one. He calls it the "get up close and personal perfume". I don't think thats true, but, have to say you're not going to smell this one across the room. On the flipside of that I do get tons of compliments from both men and women. The perfume is soft, crisp, but extremely feminine and, according to my boyfriend, very sexy. I guess it mixes with my body oils very well :-) Great if you work in an office setting because it dosen't drive everyone totally crazy. It dosen't fade at all, as I can smell it all day long without having to add more.

  • TONY T01/31/2005


  • HAMPWIFE01/20/2005

    this fragrance is so soft and pretty. you'll love it. you have got to give this a try!!!!

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