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Le Dix   

21 Reviews

Designed by Balenciaga in 1947, Le Dix is a refined, gentle, floral fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of watery florals, with a wooodsy balsamic note. Le Dix is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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Designed by Balenciaga in 1947, Le Dix is a refined, gentle, floral fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of watery florals, with a wooodsy balsamic note. Le Dix is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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  • LARAINE10/28/2011

    Have worn this beautiful fragrance since 1960 and am most disappointed it appears to be discontinued. Please Balenciaga bring it back. NOW.

  • LIZ06/25/2009

    Good for you sir! It's nice to hear from a man who can appreciate fragrance. We perfume freaks know we don't have to be locked into either only "women's" or "men's" fragrances. In fact, a few fragrance lines (Hermes is one) seem to be embracing that notion by marketing their newer perfumes as "unisex."

  • MARKELLA DELFOS03/03/2008

    Live in Athens Greece. Wore it back last 60's early 70's. Nowhere near Channel 5. Brings back so many memories - where can it be found - has same been discontinued? Would love obtain same even by e-mail

  • PATRICIA05/06/2007

    moved to France and still cant track down this perfume I lived in Spain for 10 years and nobody sold Le Dix there but happy I can buy it on line I found it 20 years ago loved it then moved on to others but always think it will be my fave

  • DENNIS08/15/2006

    This is more on the delicate side of aldehydic, and, in my opinion, loads more feminine than No. 5. A woman who wears this would definitely get my attention. A true classic, don't know why Neiman's doesn't carry it. The women of L.A. need to be enlightened about this one.

  • GREEKGIRL08/01/2006

    I agree with the other post that mentioned it smells like Channel No.5, tried this yesterday and immediately thought of no.5, but if i had a choice between the two i think id pick this one, lovely scent.

  • LS06/27/2006

    Did there used to be a fragrance called BALENCIAGA by Balenciaga that is now discontinued? I thought it smelled great!

  • SUE C04/05/2006

    This beautiful perfume has appeared in perfume boutiques at last. The packaging is only subtly changed, and I'm pleased to say the scent has not changed a bit. It really is a beautiful classic and lovely floral. Someone in a shop observed it is somewhat like Chanel No.5, but I think it is nicer as it has softer base notes. I personally like only the top floral notes ofChanel No.5, after 5 minutes it has a heavy patchouli base which goes sour on my skin. Le Dix however is lush, soft and beautiful, and very French.

  • KATE02/12/2006

    'what is that? Boy, you smell great!' I've been wearing it for over 20 years and won't wear anything else. It's a cult fave. Why don't they market it????

  • ROSE01/06/2006

    I absolutely adore this fragrance. It's Feminine and sophisticated the perfect scent for a truly elegant and classy woman. Love it Love it

  • SUE C09/16/2005

    I love this classic fragrance for its touch of violets. I had a bottle about 20 years ago but lost it when my handbag was stolen in a nightclub. Rats! This scent is impossible to get where I live, so it will stay on my wish-list for a while.

  • L11/16/2004

    This fragrance has been worn by my mom since I was a young child. Even when my parents were struggling and in grad school, my mom always had enough money to smell like Le Dix. She is a sophisticated, elegant, educated and very well dressed woman and this fragrance to me will always epitomize this kind of woman.

  • MASSIMO FROM ITALY04/14/2004

    It's funny but I wear this scent ! Tho it's a women fragrance, this is realy the one for me. On my skin it becomes a bit dry and it's perfect.

  • JO10/06/2003

    Has Balenciaga changed the formula for Le Dix over the past several years? Companies frequently "modernize" older fragrances for the current market, destroying timeless classics. This is not the fragrance I remember. Is this just my imagination?

  • PATTY07/28/2003

    Every time I wear this,men actually stop me and ask me what perfume I am wearing. Used it off and on since high school. Hard to find. When they stop you and you are fifty something, that is still something.

  • KATHLEEN05/23/2003

    I got this as a present 30 years ago. Every man I got near at that time loved the fragrence. I have never had men mention my fragrece before! I tried to find it and couldn't but then came the internet. I ordered and didn't love it completely like I did 30 yrs ago and my 33yr old son said I smelled like an old lady. My husband likes it though.

  • CONNIE03/13/2003

    using it since 1976 no other for me

  • DEBRAH02/15/2003

    I first tried this about 20 years ago and loved it. As I've gotten older my allergies have kicked in and I have quit wearing alot of cologne, this is one however that I can still wear without sneezing my head off. I am a die hard fan of this scent.

  • MAE01/27/2002

    I got this fragrance from someone and guess what, this smells a lot like Palmolive dishwashing liquid. Compare them and see!

  • HEATHER.01/06/2002

    As I had ordered this fragrance over the net, and had not tried it before, I was a little apprehensive. However, it turned out to be a delight-very feminine,light and flowery. Even though it is now an old fragrance, it is surprisingly modern. Also, I have received good feedback.

  • ZEKIYE12/23/2001

    But my boyfriend thinks it's too "old"

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Warm; animalic; ambery; spice; musk. Ending is soft, warm, musk/sandalwood.

  • EVELYN12/05/2001

    I am one of those who like Le Dix very much. It is a refined floral fragrance which, for me, brings back pleasant if bittersweet memories. A special scent.

  • STEPHANIE11/25/2001

    After reading Lily's post I decided to look into this one a bit further to see if I could appreciate what she was getting at. I received this one as a mini some time ago and only wore it a time or two before I made my post about it. It's main ingredients were "roses and violets". I thought, well, it should be something I would like, or at least not hate. So I got out my dust-covered mini and tried wearing LeDix a couple of times, and found that I don't actually hate it like I did the first few times. It seemed the longer I wore it the better it smelled; it did mellow pretty nicely after a while. So I'm glad I gave this one another chance. I still don't think this is one I'd wear on a regular basis; my opinion on it now is it's just okay; but someone else out there may like it very much.

  • LILLY09/27/2001

    please don't let Stephanie's opinion influence you, this is a classic, elegant, and delicate fragrance which apparently can't be enjoyed by all.

  • STEPHANIE09/05/2001

    This is my absolute least favorite fragrance of all time. I even disliked it before I put it on, and it just got worse after that. I don't know what they were thinking when they made this; it just reeks of alcohol. Leave this one on the shelf!

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