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True Star Tommy Hilfiger Image

Tommy Hilfiger

True Star   

50 Reviews

Tommy Hilfiger's lifelong passion for music and its most famed performers inspire him to create a fragrance that represents the energy, talent, and beauty of an icon, while at the same time offers a glimpse of a rare, private moment of a celebrated superstar. The result: a spectacular fragrance that captures the alluring play of confidence and more

Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDP Spray + 2.5 oz Body Lotion
SKU 15580
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Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDP Spray + 3.4 oz Body Lotion
SKU 9283
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Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDP Spray + 3.4 oz Body Lotion + 3.4 oz Shower Gel
SKU 9730
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0.17 oz EDP Mini
SKU 14946
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0.17 oz EDP Mini (Unboxed)
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1.0 oz EDP Spray
SKU 11112
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1.7 oz EDP Spray (Tester)
SKU 74661
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1.7 oz EDP Spray (Unboxed)
SKU 18358
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1.7 oz EDP Spray
SKU 8241
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3.4 oz EDP Spray
SKU 8117
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3.4 oz EDP Spray (Tester)
SKU 8107
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6.7 oz Body Cream
SKU 10682
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6.8 oz Body Lotion (Tester)
SKU 9765
$44.00 $40.99

Tommy Hilfiger's lifelong passion for music and its most famed performers inspire him to create a fragrance that represents the energy, talent, and beauty of an icon, while at the same time offers a glimpse of a rare, private moment of a celebrated superstar. The result: a spectacular fragrance that captures the alluring play of confidence and modesty, and the brilliance and privacy of the gleaming radiance of an American superstar - up close and in the flesh. Notes for True Star include Illuminating Brightness Accord, Bright Watery Notes, Fluid Floral Accord, Sweet Pea, Syringa, Honeysuckle, Caressing Comfort Accord, Creamy Rice Pudding, Kashi Cereal, Toasted Wheat Grains.

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  • EMILY01/22/2011

    This is too the girl rachel, that gave "True Star" a terrible review. You have a serious problem!!!!! The other women on this blog that say it must be your body chemistry, they are right on! It MUST be? This is the best fragrance myself, and everyone I come in contact with daily, have ever encountered! I dont get thru a day without someone(male and female)telling me how amazing I smell!! You definately have an agenda with true star, but I really dont think its because you think it smells bad? Thats just impossible! I think you have other reasons for coming on here and putting it down? I TRULEY think you are just a HATER!!! Maybe after watching Beyonce with it, you thought you would turn into her or something? Go hate on another page, or keep your angry thoughts to yourself. Noone really wants to hear your negativity! Thanks true star and Mr. Hilfiger for this amazing parfume and body lotion=)

  • KAY01/26/2010

    I agree Gigi..can't understand the negative talk, it is one of the best fragrances I've ever used.

  • ADRIANA08/11/2009


  • DEBRA04/22/2008

    I have been wearing True Star for approximately 2 years now and get compliments every day, from men and women. My boyfriend loves it. I think that some women must have a different sense of smell and that some frangrances definitely clash with their body chemistry - this is the only reason I can think of that someone would give True Star a bad rating. If you have bad body chemistry - then you should probably stick with Brittany.

  • CC RIDER03/19/2008

    I love the fragrance and so does my husband. I also get many comments. I'll take it GiGi if you can't give it away.

  • GIGI01/31/2008

    I spend so much money on perfume and have so many because I love them.I get compliments on some of my perfumes (some more than others) but True star tops all of them. Every time I wear True star I get at least one compliment from someone. Men just as well as women if not more.I don,t understand some of the EXTREMELY negative comments. I know everybodys tastes are different but is it really THAT bad. Obviously more people love it than not hence the more positive reviews than negatives and all the wonderful compliments.

  • RACHEL10/10/2007

    I am OBSESSIVE about collecting perfumes, I've bought over 30 alone this month... and OMG... of any I have EVER purchased this stuff is the WORST. It stinks. It smells like cheap flea market designer imposter perfume diluted with rubbing alcohol. It's actually WORSE than ANY knock off perfume I've ever smelled. It's gross. Just plain gross. If you have asthma it will have you reaching for you inhaler. If you have migraines it will have you reachin for pain killers. I'm surprised Beyonce didn't hang herself after realizing how terrible of a perfume she was endorsing... It makes her look like a cheap street walker. Ughhh..... DONT BUY IT. EVER!!!! Not even a sample. You will regret it. if you want a celebrity perfume stick to Britney...

  • TALKGIRL06/26/2007

    I love this fragrance!!! At first I thought I liked True Star Gold better, but I have changed my mind! I love them both equally!!!!

  • SASHA04/25/2007


  • IAN MAC04/23/2007

    I recently bought a bottle for my girlfriend, I figure since I wear True Star for men, which smells off the chain, she can wear the womans perfume. This stuff smells sexy & enticing & last damn near all day, every time I see her I can't keep my hands off her if I take a nose full of this stuff, it's that deal, from playa to consumer, trust me. Holla.

  • KATGRRRL03/14/2007

    I got a sample of True Star when it first came out. Used all of it n' ended up buying a large bottle. I loved it and got many compliments as well. Only annoying thing was my mother kept saying "all the YOUNG girls are wearing it". I was 34 at the time. I wanted to say "well, that explains why YOU don't like it". Anywho, when I finished that bottle, I started trying other scents. Went back to Chanel No. 5 for a while. Now, I'm trying Angel by Thierry Mugler. This past weekend, I quirted a quirt of the teensy bit I have left in my bottle and it was a little too sweet for me. I'm only a couple of years older now, but I found that strange. Then again, I didn't like Chanel No. 5 when I tried it in my 20's. Now, I Love it. I don't know it I'll ever go back to True Star, but it does smell very nice.

  • VICKI10/14/2006

    I bought this perfume and i love it. i have gone through many bottles and get many compliments.

  • LISA08/16/2006

    I get many many compliments on this whenever I wear this scent. This is actually a signature scent for me now, and I very seldom wear any other perfume.

  • SOMMER05/20/2006

    I Won a bottle of True Star from an internet sweepstakes and I really love it. I was so happy to win it. True Star smells so dainty and sweet. It's an excellent fragrance for me.

  • CAPRICE03/29/2006

    I got a sample of this scent when it first came out and usually, I'll wear it a couple of days and forget about it. I wore the sample and got compliments everywhere I went! Loved it, so I got a big bottle. Not I'm at the last few drops of it and I'm gettin' a fresh bottle SOON! Just one squirt lasts all day. It's not overpowering...unless ya put too much on.

  • ALLISON03/15/2006

    I wanted to like this. It just stayed on my skin and did nothing. I could smell the musk-almond combination, but it was overall stale. It's very light and I can see someone wearing this mid-summer, maybe on the beach or outdoors.


    I disagree with the negative comments posted. This is a very feminine fragrance that's not overpowering. I suffer with allergies and this doesn't bother me at all. I hope this stays around for a while!

  • KBNH12/21/2005

    This is not "Beyonce's perfume"; she is the model for the perfume... I think this smells good and the only reason i have not purchased it is because i thought it smelled like Issey which happens to be one of my favorite perfumes. I will not buy a fragrance if it already smells similar to something I already have.

  • ALIAH12/01/2005

    I wanted to love this but it smells to much like roses which makes me think of old women. i ca't at all imagine beyonce smelling like this she would smell alot sexier

  • ASHLEE10/21/2005

    True star doesnt' smell good at all its not like eww that stinks but it doesnt smell good plus it smell like roses which to me smells like a old woman. If i ever smelled beyonce i bet she would definatly smell alot better than this

  • LYNNIE10/18/2005

    You people who don't like the fragrance may just want to not make a comment. I have never had so many compliments about a fragrance. It smells "smooth and silky" and seems to last a while on me, which is a miracle. I will purchase again, which I have only ever done once before with Noa.

  • BIGG SEXY08/08/2005

    This fragrance smells pretty descent. The lotion has more staying power w/ my chemistry as oppose to the EDP/EDT (I can't remember which I purchased). I even got a FREE gift w/ the purchase- a sexy night shirt which enhances my name "Bigg Sexy"....

  • CARLY07/14/2005

    i nearly ran to the department store to try beyonce's first perfume. Being a huge fan of hers, i really wanted to buy it. However, when i smelled it, i was really disappointed. You would be just as well spraying air-freshener all over yourself.

  • DEEVEE06/09/2005

    I own about 50 perfumes and I judge this the best! This is one beautiful white floral-oriental! And even my boyfriend who twitches his nose disapprovingly to many of my many, many aromas agree this one is super!

  • VANESSA05/09/2005

    I wouldn't rush right out and buy a bottle, but I wouldn't throw it away if given to me as a gift.

  • DENISE05/04/2005

    BORING,it doesn't smelled bad,just very common,I have a sample of it and had to keep reapplying all day because it does not last at all. don't waste your money.

  • KELLIE05/01/2005

    This perfume smells cheap, cheap, cheap. Toxic smelling, unoriginal and just gave me a headache and sore throat. I've been wearing it all day and I just have to get it off me. Thank God it was a sample! If you are over 19 this will not impress you.

  • KBN04/24/2005

    I agree with Mary. The minute I smelled this I too thought it smelled like Issey Miyake (which is my favorite perfume); hence I did not purchase.

  • ASHLEY04/11/2005

    Beyonce is my favorite singer and I always wear Tommy perfume so for these two to combine it was magic. I Love True Star, its now the only fragrance that I wear. I get lots of compliments everytime I wear it. When people ask me what fragrance i'm wearing I say, "It's Beyonce".

  • NICOLE J.03/12/2005

    Like this perfume but I was expecting something more striking especially coming from Beyonce. Plus it reminded me of a seascape lotion that I purchased from Mary Kay some months ago. I would recommend buying it though.

  • REBECCA03/04/2005

    I have a sample of this, and have only used it a couple times. It's a nice young, every day scent. I have never heard of rice pudding being put into a perfume, but hey it's still nice. I won't buy it, but it's different and pretty.

  • COURTNEY02/23/2005

    Definitely not as classic as Tommy Girl. Its watery notes by far override the warm grain elements. It is too sharp and then, at once, too faint. My husband likes it. The first 10 minutes remind him of Happy Heart, which he likes more.

  • OHYEAH01/28/2005

    Never had so many compliments about a cologne. Lasts a long time and reminds me of Happy by Clingue

  • COLEY01/10/2005

    I received a sample and I really was not considering buying it. So, one weekend after my bath I decided to put it on and it smelled wonderful. It is very fresh but also floral too.

  • MARY12/30/2004

    This reminds me of Issey Miyake. It has those same water notes in it.


    It's amazing how they come up with each note in a perfume. I just tried this today and to my surprise, it's breath-taking. I can't wait to buy this perfume. This is absolutely a winner for me. Thanks so much for introducing a wonderful fragrance. I finally found a scent that goes well with my chemistry. Very upscale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TTILLAR12/20/2004

    I absolutely love the smell of this perfume. Bought it as soon as i smelled it.

  • AMANDA12/19/2004

    Having smelled True Star in the shops I thought it was amazing but after purchasing and wearing it a couple of times it became over powering and I often ended up with a sore head. I thought it was just me but my sister and friend tried True Star and had the same complaints.

  • AMANDA12/19/2004

    Having smelled True Star in the shops I thought it was amazing but after purchasing and wearing it a couple of times it became over powering and I often ended up with a sore head. I thought it was just me but my sister and friend tried True Star and had the same complaints.

  • CHLOE12/18/2004

    i loved this perfume so much i bought some for my mom for christmas! I love it!

  • Z12/16/2004

    my fav! m totally addicted to true star. absolutely luvin the smell!

  • LISA12/13/2004

    I think this perfume smell really good and I just had to have it.

  • KBNH12/08/2004

    This does smell good; very acquatic but it smells similar to Issey Miyake and Salvatore Ferragamo...

  • KEISHA12/07/2004

    There's nothing distinctive about the scent. It does not appeal to me.

  • SK12/04/2004

    Great fragrance! I tried a sample of it and it lasted all day, but wasnt too strong. You can wear anytime of day too....definently try it

  • RAYNIE12/04/2004

    i think that true star is a really nice fragrance... Its a really sweet and floral frangrance..but i find that the fragrance is too mild and subtle..its not strong enough like tommy girl or freedom..

  • ASHLEY12/01/2004

    I love True Star! It smells so ellegant, yet so sassy. Definitely worth buying!

  • SMILEY11/30/2004

    I think it's no good. I don't really care 4 these plain kind of scents. I think it doesn't have a personality. But it may good 4 other teenagers...

  • MALLINA11/29/2004

    This perfume smells horrible. Just like a cheap soap.

  • TYLER11/28/2004

    I fell in love with this fragrance. It is so delitefully sweet!!! Smells so fresh and clean too and feminine!

  • HAPPY CUSTOMER11/28/2004

    i love this perfume..if only more were like this one..

  • HONEI11/26/2004

    It was a genuine smell the first time I ever tried it. some perfumes you have to get use to but this is wonderful

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