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Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Individuel   

73 Reviews

MontBlanc Individuel is for the man who is confident, sophisticated, elegant and distinctive. This new fragrance is an innovative signature scent with hints of juniper berries, orange blossom and amber.

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MontBlanc Individuel is for the man who is confident, sophisticated, elegant and distinctive. This new fragrance is an innovative signature scent with hints of juniper berries, orange blossom and amber.

  • MALCOLM01/10/2012

    This smells very very close to Original Santal by Creed, in the dry down. OS by Creed is about $220 for 75ml, so for the price of this one it's very good bang for your buck!!!

  • GALAN ONAINDIA01/03/2012

    I cant find a better one,so for me it is excellent.

  • TERRY0400-4009/16/2009

    The fragrance its self is nice and also pleasant not overbearing in the least even at 6 sprays it does not last well on my skin at all and can not be noticed. but at least it has a little more guts than the watery Instinct by DB

  • PEDRO12/18/2007

    This cologne has a light refreshing and invigorating scent that will never go wrong.

  • KMF08/27/2007

    Way too sweet. Also smells very similar to Joop!, so it's not exactly original either. This is exactly the kind of scent I would have loved 10 years ago. Just can't do the synthetic, sweet types anymore...

  • JUDE C07/31/2007

    I cannot lie, this stuff smells great. But it smells exactly exactly like joop. I mean the reviews are right, this stuff is joop!!! I love joop so i love individual - but i am telling you to me they are the two most similar smelling colognes ever. Both are great however.

  • SNAPSTAR07/12/2007

    My favourite ,always come back to this one.Definitely the best by far in the mont blanc range.Others dont come close

  • ARAMIS07/06/2007

    Is it spicy? If it is, how is it. How can you define this cologne, spicy, wo0dy, lemony, etc.?

  • KEVINB.06/10/2007

    on my second bottle, his fragrances are the pound for pound best, good quality and lasts and lasts, hard to find that combo today.

  • SERIEL06/06/2007

    Barbara W. hit it right on with Individuel. It is a good scent but it is a little too much on the sticky sweet side for me.

  • MARK KERRY05/20/2007

    I just got Individuel and like it. What other cologne would you recommend that is different from Individuel? I have tried D&G's Light Blue, Polo's Black. Geir Ness, Armand Basi and Nicole Miller don't seem to be readily available for sampling? I am a professional in my mid 30s. Thanks.

  • EDO05/02/2007

    Holly Cow! This smells beautiful. I only regret not having had a chance to find it earlier. This smells like the King of the most prosperous futuristic territory in a sci-fi/ fantasy novel should smell. This smells of respect, success and wealth multiplied by sweetness. Very nice.

  • BARBARA W04/12/2007

    All of the Mont Blanc fragrances are excellent, quality frags. I like Individuel, but it needs to be applied *sparingly* as it's very sweet and could be awful if over-applied. My personal Mont Blanc favorite is Starwalker, which they don't sell on this site yet. It's not sweet, very clean and refined, with great sillage. I tend to prefer dry, crisp scents on men for some reason (maybe my nose got poisoned from all the sweet Joop! I've smelled on men over the years!). With the sweeter frags, a little goes a long way.

  • R. SHREST02/23/2007

    As there isn't a description for Individuel on here, thought it would help if I posted this. A whole gamut of notes combine to make it the sophisticated juice that it is, an interesting and unusual blend. "Individuel is a fresh, soft oriental fougere fragrance. It opens with a top note which begins with freshness from Bergamot, spicy Cinnamon, Coriander and Juniper Berry, unifying with the aromatic calmness of Rosemary and Lavender rooted in the freshness of cool Mint. The heart note contains a masculinized accord of Geranium, Orange Blossom, Violet and Jasmine. The base note combines the virile precious woods of Sandalwood and Oakmoss in the midst of Patchouli and Vetyver, with an exotic touch of Dark Chocolate and Tonka Bean. The character is secured with the addition of Sweet Raspbery, Amber and Vanilla".

  • R. SHREST02/22/2007

    When it comes to fougeres, I tend to sample it with a bit of caution as my body chemistry doesn't seem to strike a cord with the vast majority of them. But it not the case with Individuel, I'm simply loving it. While it may not stand alone in rareness stakes, you sure won't come across many who would relate to the smell as something they have worn or smelt on others before. I like the fact that this one's a sleeper and anyways I don't think this makes for the type with mass appeal, not your run of the mill one-dimentional blue cologne. Individuel's sillage is exactly what I expect of all of my colognes, just perfect. It has the right balance of fresh-spice-fruit with mild sweetness and has the refinement to come off as both cool fresh and a little warm. A cologne with much class and sophistication, wears nicely for all occasions. And I think the new Prada Pour Homme has tried to copy Individuel's genius, but failed miserably at it. Individuel's a keeper in my books, for a long time yet. :)

  • AP12/26/2006

    This fragrance is one of the best I have smelled. I've read plenty of messages on this board and those who say this is good tell lies. This is great. A nice sweet smell that the ladies will surely enjoy.

  • WONDER11/24/2006

    Anyone notice the difference between the picture of the bottle posted here and the "genuin" bottle picture of MB Individuel ?

  • JAKE10/09/2006

    Sorry. Took a chance on this based on all the great reviews. This stuff is stomach-turning sweet and I just can't tolerate it very long. But hey, if you like sweet (and judging by the reviews you do), you can't go wrong.

  • GEMINI SAGA10/05/2006

    Very attractive ambery-sweet cologne seems to last pretty good on me and isn't commonly worn out there which is just fine with me.

  • CAIUS09/16/2006

    I think Mont Blanc Individuel is copied by a well known perfume maker. I'd rather buy Individuel because it is 4 times less expensive. Still my #1 cologne. Go Mont Blanc.

  • ARMYGUY08/18/2006

    This has been my favorite cologne for a long time, and I've been wearing it for about 5 years. The compliments never cease. Its good for work and play. I can't say enough good things about this one. Great!!

  • RAI07/12/2006

    Starts out pretty darn sweet but dries down to a luscious fruity-ambery base. I have received feedback here and there that it's a bit feminine but I don't care, I really like this one.

  • JASON1307/04/2006

    One year and going and Individuel still knocks them dead! Of all the comments/compliments no one male/female has been able to guess this one right on me. My top 5 all time.

  • STEVE YOUNG06/09/2006

    Real good stuff this ambery-sweet fragrance is. Could use some better lasting power but otherwise a distinctive and somewhat seductive hit from MB. My gf wears the womens' Individuella which she really likes also.

  • MICK F.05/31/2006

    Very nice scent this sweet, fruity and sexy aroma is. Great for casual daily wear and the office environment; could use a bit more longevity, though.

  • K. WIMPINO05/29/2006

    Starts out pretty darn sweet like cotton candy but eventually dries down to a nice fruitiness and amber base. The designer's best to date.

  • CRIS KAANTO04/28/2006

    It's nice what a search engine can do, like linking you to a website where you can read and post reviews and ratings rather than just buy colognes. Anyways, this hit from rising cologne star MB starts out awfully sweet (kinda like Rochas Man and Ignition sweet) but dries down to a pleasant fruity and ambery base.

  • BREN04/10/2006

    Individuel is awesome. To me it smells like Joop! a bit but much better. My lady really loves this on me :)

  • GARY N.03/25/2006

    Ultrasweet to start but turns into a nice fruity/ambery drydown. Sophisticated and stylish selection from pen guru and rising fragrance star Mont Blanc.

  • KEVINB03/24/2006


  • BRABUS03/12/2006

    Very attractive, distinctive and sophisticated sweet-ambery fragrance from master pen maker and rising cologne star Mont Blanc is great for any occasion and remains a wonderful sleeper for the time being.

  • SCOTT02/20/2006

    A fragrance that stood out from the crowd of other 'that smells ok i 'spose' in a league of its own. A fresh and light smelling fragrance that is worth its weight in gold.

  • HAROLD02/17/2006

    Very sophisticated and unique fruity-sweet/ambery scent is MB's best and I really like the bottle design as well.

  • GEORGE KOUREAS02/09/2006

    Individuel is more distinct and has more character than Presence. I wouldn't recommend Angel/Amen.It's very chaotic and synthetic.Rochas Man which is in the same path as Angel is way better. Allure is a clean,sweet fragrance but i find it to be more suitable for Spring/Autumn . Burberry Brit is a nice,unique fragrance but unfortunately goes no more than 5 hours(on me) and you have to reapply it. The best fragrances to go for are Givenchy Pi and Gucci pour homme.(by far my favorites) Both of them are amazing,sensual,distinctive and very strong fragrances. Givenchy Pi is fresh,sweet and warm with a note of vanilla. Gucci pour homme is a successful combination of woody and pepper notes makes it really good. For more details see my posts for all the above fragrances on this site.I hope this helps. The last decision is yours.

  • HELP PLEASE :)02/03/2006

    I am searching for a gift-fragrance for a man who loves and wears Rochas Man, Boss Soul, Magnetism, Just Cavalli, Pleasures among others like Mont Blanc Presence, BVL, BVL Notte.... and so on... How does this one compare to Mont Blanc Presence? Are they sufficiently different to want to own both? Any suggestions would be helpful... I am also considering Angel/Amen, Allure, and Burberry Brit... but other suggestion will be greatly appreciated... Many thanks in advance!

  • QUANTUM FIRE01/18/2006

    Sweet but not overly or annoyingly sweet like Michael, Rochas Man or Lolita Lempicka and very distinctive and sophisticated. Modern, reasonably priced, fairly long-lasting and a nice bottle design to go with it.

  • A. BOREALIS01/07/2006

    Sweet but not supersweet like Rochas Man and Ignition but also has sophistication and style to go with it. This fragrance should put Mont Blanc on the map of mens' cologes finally.

  • B.S.12/26/2005


  • AQUARIUS4.712/26/2005

    Very sweet but rather distinct and sophisticated scent was a keeper from the first time sampling. Never heard of the designer but the clerk at the shop made the suggestion to try it and I was very very pleased.

  • TONY T12/17/2005

    walks all over this. gotta sample of it and if you think this is sexy and romantic and a lady killer then cop man. aubusson.from france and no sites sell it so it's gotta be discontinued but i saw it on ebay. it's basically a sexier,sophisticated individuel and less powdery.

  • DUC12/13/2005

    Fairly modern and GQ fragrance from MB is great for all around use in particular the office/business environment. It's somewhat sweet and not overly sweet like Rochas Man and from the first sprays until the drydown, it's probably in the top five best fragrances I've ever worn.

  • RX-812/11/2005

    Modern ambery-sweet fragrance is truly one of the greatest sleepers out there for men and is one of my favorite colognes of all time.

  • ERIC11/28/2005

    I have to thank you for this. I am enjoying it tremendously as are others. The compliments keep rolling in. I somehow keep forgetting what I have on when they ask (laugh). It's way up there in my book with assorted others I love and if not for you I would have overlooked it. Thanks again. Be well.

  • TONY T11/21/2005

    no i am not hating,it's a bit of a cheaper version which is a good thing. i like silver mountain so much i was gonna pay 55 bucks for a tester but not now. just gotta 2.5 oz bottle of this dunhill fresh and burberry brit. i consider mb more of an everyday scent. i like it though.

  • ERMAC11/21/2005

    Absolutely THE BEST from this designer and one of my top five even though my collection is only at 11 so far but then again as much as I like it, if my collection reaches maybe up to 20 that it will probably still be way up there. Very GQ and sophisticated with a dash of sweetness.

  • WES CLEMENS11/15/2005

    Highly refined and sophisticated with a touch of sweetness make this designer's latest one of my top 5 all-time favorites.

  • ERIC11/10/2005

    While I like the fragrance I was hoping for a deeper drydown. Other than that element I am enjoying the fragrance that Mr. Justiani recommended for me to try. Still looking forward to trying Signature.

  • P.T. STOCTOROCTON11/04/2005

    Kudos to all that said in the 5 star ratings! It's sweet, sexy, sophisticated, name it!

  • DANIELE11/01/2005

    Nothing else to add to the other comments. Elegant, Classy, Very Refined, Fresh and Sweet...Excellent !

  • N2DBLU10/30/2005

    Amazing sophistication and sweetness! Draws plenty enough attention whenever and wherever I'm at when I'm wearing it and definitely in my top ten of my collection currently at 29.

  • ROB H.10/25/2005

    Some other "possible" suggestions for office use that aren't TOO commonly worn are Chic by Carolina Herrera, Romance Silver by Ralph Lauren, Presence by Mont Blanc, Pi by Givenchy and maybe Lauder Intuition by Estee Lauder. These are pretty much concentrated on office and/or casual use. I'm positive that there will be definite disagreements with the ones I've listed for you, but I'm always up for amateur criticism from guys that think they "know" their stuff.

  • TONY T10/24/2005

    allure and original issey draws the most compliments at the job.but to be totally original try quasar and minotaure and also check out the kenneth cole reaction board

  • CLAUDIO10/24/2005

    sweet, sophistcated, and a lot of women love it when i'm wearing it.

  • ONG-BAK10/20/2005

    Wonderful sweetness and sophistication and THE BEST choice I've made about buying this in years among all the other popular but overly worn and typical colognes such as Acqua di Gio, Curve, etc.

  • JB10/19/2005

    Ok, this is a definite hit at work, but what are some other subtle scents that are good for the office? I have l'eau d'issey, lacoste pour homme, and bvlgari that I find not so overwhelming in scent that can be worn to work, but what are some other good ones that aren't too common or worn by every other guy out there? thanks in advance.


    This sweet but not too sweet fragrance is way up there with my Millesime Imperial, Vera Wang and Signature as far as my collection goes. Been reading up on a lot of reviews particularly Rob H.'s and so far haven't gone wrong with the sampling at stores.

  • X.G.09/24/2005

    A bit remeniscent of JOOP! and Cristobal, otherwise an awesome GQ masculine fragrance for the man of distinction.

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC09/17/2005

    This is the newest addition to my collection which is currently at 9. This sensual and sophisticated fragrance is pleasantly sweet and the women including my girlfriend just love it whenever I'm using it. I've read up on many of the popular as well as sleeper scents on this site and it will probably be a very long time until I catch up to some of the most commonly seen names on the message boards like this Rob H., W.B., R.J., and Mario Justiniani. I'm more of a fan of sleeper scents but some of the colognes in my collection include Armand Basi, Cristobal, Allure, Angel Men, Wings, and Mont Blanc Presence.

  • JULIAN C. STRATUSON08/31/2005

    This very sophisticated GQ smooth fragrance is the best to date from Mont Blanc and one of my very favorites. This sweet/ambery scent is great for any occasion use whether in the office, nightclub, church, a bowling alley or wherever.

  • LAKLAARS08/18/2005

    Smells too spicy and flowerish and sickingly sweet. Good thing "men" only wear this in fall/winter. But hey, don't let the minority vote keep you from doing anything. Just saying they are better off making pens.

  • KINGJON08/18/2005

    I was wrong before, this is the she-it..... I think I had a cold at the time when I was reviewing it before. This is great and last long time too.

  • JASON1308/12/2005

    This scent is not overpowering so maybe for that reason it could be worn at the office, but the smell is so sophisticated and elegant that you will want to wear it mainly for evening wear. Best purchase I've made in years and always complimented by good looking women!

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD08/11/2005

    An excellent all-around type fragrance that won't rob your checking account, the women will love you for wearing it and should be a part of any man's cologne arsenal.


    Just wanted to say that I just adore reading your reviews. I figured you would have been one of the first to post for this sweet and extremely sensual wonder, but even better-you're first in line! Hope you come across my Signature review, Mr. Cologne Master!

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI08/02/2005

    I guess if I worked in a Frank Lloyd Wright building, and ran a supermodel agency/ film studio which made more money than Howard Hughes. Partial as I am to Creed Himalaya, many women will prefer this one for having a sweeeter, less metallic note. But why compare giants? This cologne is everything in terms of elegance, sex appeal and subtlety that Armani, Gendarme and Zegna try to be--with any or all of their products combined-- but don't even come close. Buy it.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE07/30/2005

    The best of Mont Blanc's fragrances and one of the most sophisticated colognes in general that I've ever smelled. Now I KNOW that's not THE Rob H. who's review is posted before JoeUSMC's.

  • SYNERGY07/29/2005

    It's not an Armani hit. It's not another sensual wonder from Dunhill. It's not another high-priced Creed. It's Individuel from master pen-maker Mont Blanc and this fragrance to me is the next impact in the cologne industry for men.

  • JOEUSMC07/27/2005

    ordered some of this stuff and am pleased by it's smell. It helps relax me to be honest. I must say that I hope this scent stays in production for a while.

  • ROB H.07/27/2005

    i think thsis my best scent i've seen my girlfriend loves it too very unique also BUY it

  • KINGJON07/19/2005

    I actually like this, but I think it's not powerful enough. I think its too weak but it does last for some time. But you have to sniff real close.

  • TRAN07/10/2005

    Outstanding!! I were offered to test it in the Duty Free Shop at the Charles De Gaulle Airport on my way back to Houston last year. And I were hooked since then. Recommended!! Have to try once in your life!

  • SPACE PILGRIM06/28/2005

    All I need to say is great pens, excellent cologne and one of the finest I've ever smelled.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU06/27/2005

    Mont Blanc at last has landed himself a new hobby aside from pens.......making fabulous fragrances with this one being his best eclipsing his other two.

  • M.R.06/22/2005

    A sweet and very sophisticated fragrance for the modern man of refinement. I love your pens and this is the best scent to date, Mont Blanc. Keep up the good work.

  • DANNY06/09/2005

    definately a unique fragrance that starts out very cool and fresh and boils down to a warm sweet masculin fragrance. one of the best colognes out there and is definately worth a try.

  • W.B.05/17/2005


  • ROMEO05/05/2005

    Man, it has just arrived and started getting popular. Yesterday, I smelled this perfume on a man in the elevator and I asked him if what perfume is he wearing? He started saying, " is....ummm", of course he didn't want to tell!! Then I said, "It's Mont Blanc Individuel". Then his face turned red and he said, "Yes, you are right, I like this one!"

  • MARK04/28/2005

    This is got to be one of the best scents out there. I Get compliments whenever I wear it. Highly recommend.

  • MAN04/25/2005

    Nothing to say more than I do like and prefer Mont Blanc perfumes so I bought all its products. Individual is really wonderfull and attractive perfume ....!

  • ROMEO03/23/2005

    It's smell hypnotize me. This cologne is very new and wonderful. I have been looking for something like this for ages, but it came in 2003. Thank you Mont Blanc. This one is now in the top of the list of my collection.

  • LOS03/13/2005

    OH MAN!!! This cologne smells expensive! Awesome smell from top note to base, VERY unique, good lasting power. No powdery drydown here! Individual is well made. The scent smells even greater the longer your wear it!! Highly recommend it even to those who don't particularly like the sweet smelling fragrances!

  • TUAN02/12/2005

    Over the past 2 years I've tested over 50+ colognes and Mont Blanc Individuel is in a class of its own. I feel that it's important for me to state that I'm in my early 20's so I'm not inclined towards the old musky tobacco smelling colognes. It's not an overpowering masculine smell and does smell pretty sweet, but a classy sort of sweet, not girly. It's also pretty new so not a lot of people have it or know about it so that's an A+

  • NEED 2 KNOW02/02/2005

    Is there anything out there that might smell like this stuff? Is it more of a nightout, or more romantic cologne? Thank you all

  • FERNANDO CAMPOS01/21/2005

    Yes the pens are great but the cologne is even greater! This scent is unique!

  • MICHAEL01/15/2005

    I've been faithful to Duc de Vervins for some time now and recently tried Individuel. I can't believe all the comments I get about how great I smell. A tad sweet for my taste but a great scent for the office.

  • CAIUS01/11/2005

    Of all the fragrances in my collection, this one stands out and it is my current favorite. My number one fragrance. It is a unique fragrance. Very long lasting on my skin. Try this one and buy it.

  • R.J.01/10/2005


  • W.B.01/04/2005


  • ROB H.01/03/2005

    Sleek, sophisticated and just as good as his first Presence.

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