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Christian Dior


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Designed by Christian Dior in 1956, Diorissimo is described to be a refreshing, flowery fragrance. A romantic, tender, and carefree bouquet composed around lily of the valley - christian Dior's lucky flower and the emblem of Dior couture. Notes include: Lily of the Valley, Jasmine.

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Designed by Christian Dior in 1956, Diorissimo is described to be a refreshing, flowery fragrance. A romantic, tender, and carefree bouquet composed around lily of the valley - christian Dior's lucky flower and the emblem of Dior couture. Notes include: Lily of the Valley, Jasmine.

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  • GEORGE TARGOWNIK05/21/2012

    Product as described; arrived in good condition; will buy again

  • CGS02/01/2012

    This fragrance is at once simple and sophisticated. It is far more than an one-note floral. I detect honeysuckle and rose, in addition to lily of the valley. The light floral notes suggest spring and summer, but for the right occasion, it can be worn all year long. I am frequently stopped and asked what fragrance I am wearing. It is one of those fragrances that brings a feeling of relaxation and calm when you apply it. Don't be afraid of going floral!

  • CHARLOTTE PUGH10/09/2011

    The most perfect scent ever created, but only for people with class. Very light but utterly divine. Where this, and total strangers in bars will ask what the lovely smell is. Too classy for most

  • SUE05/28/2011

    I have been wearing this for nearly 25 years non stop, I adore it and I personally prefer the EDT rather than the perfume as it is lighter and more like lily of the valley. It isnt overpowering like so many perfumes today.

  • SUE C09/18/2009

    Always in my top ten, I'm treating myself to a bottle before they change the packaging. The new boxes for all the CD perfumes are plainer and the beautiful "Christian Dior" lettering has been dropped in favour of the DIOR logo to favour the young fickle (mainly US) market. Why can't they honour the loyal fans who appreciate the classics. It's a shame the way the world is going, everything is cheapened and faddish. Buy up now if you treasure the classic packaging. I trust they will not tamper with the formula.

  • CHRISTINE03/10/2009

    Pitty you cannot buy it anymore in the US. So I always bring a large bottle with me when I go to Europe. It is my most favourite perfume. Sweet without cloying, fresh but without the lemony scent. Just perfect.

  • JUANITA07/07/2008

    This is my all-time favorite--have been wearing it off and on for over 20 years--but I always come back to it. For some reason, men are attracted to it also and always ask what I'm wearing. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to find. If you can't find it, you might want to try Jessica McClintock (the original--no other name). I find it somewhat similar and also delightful. Anyone know where to get Diorisssimo?

  • MARY ELLEN05/21/2008

    The first time I encountered this fragrance one of our grad students was wearing it and I found myself breathing in deeply with sheer pleasure every time I was around her, finally I asked her what perfume she was wearing and I found out it was Diorissimo. I promptly went out and purchased it and since I have started wearing this fragrance I have been complimented by an amazing number of men (old and young) who remark and how lovely/terrific/nice/great/etc. the scent is. I've even heard a couple of them say, "Wow, you smell just like lily of the valley or lilacs, what is that?" AND THEY ARE SMILING with pleasure. You want romance - buy this. OH, and since fragrance tends to change with my body chemistry I simply spray it on my hair and discreet places on my clothing.

  • SUE C11/15/2007

    If you love lily of the valley, you will also like Lulu Guinness (the British handbag designer) if you can find it. I'm so tired of people referring to timeless,classic French perfumes as "old-fashioned" or "old lady". Keep you ignorance to yourself. It's like comparing rap music to classical and calling Mozart dated.

  • DALE TYLER08/14/2007

    Diorissimo is the most delicate fragrance wafting white flowery scents wherever you pass. I have used it as my summer perfume for 30 years now. I wish people like "bombshell" who obviously have no command of the English language nor knowledge of the utter originality of the perfume would refrain from displaying their ignorance and not post messages.

  • BOMBSHELL08/09/2007

    This perfume smells very dated. It is nice smelling but not an original. I have smelled this scent on countless numbers of senior citizens. I think that in the day this perfume was the bomb. However, I think it is not clean smelling enough.

  • ALBA08/02/2007

    The first time that I smelled Diorissimo was in 1981. My incredibly elegant mother in law appeared on my doorstep swathed in mink and discreetly covered in this most heavenly smell. It was beautiful then and is still beautiful now.

  • BLUE SWEDE07/23/2007

    This perfume is so gorgeous, I just can't stop sniffing my wrist - I'm addicted, haha! I've spent so much time (and money...) trying to find a great perfume - only to be disappointed by all the "new and modern" perfumes out there - they have no character or originality whatsoever! I finally decided to try out some "old" perfumes, released before I was born (1976), and Diorissimo was one of them. And what a find!!! I would do cartwheels out of sheer happiness if only I knew how:-)

  • JULIETTE12/12/2006

    A hard to find fragrance that is truly soft. It is a soft, yet "green"...a lilly of the valley version of Joy...

  • DEBBY11/29/2006

    you must find the perfume, the rest is not the same. once you've tried it ,youre hooked forever, there is nothing like it. once a man smells it on you....hes yours forever..

  • CYNTHIA11/14/2006

    I think it was an Avon fragrance from childhood that someone gave me and I wore proudly....that this Dior reminds me of. The childhood scent must have had a lot of Lily of the Valley (muguet), because that's about all I get out of this. I've tried the parfum and the edt and both are just too too L.O.V. for me. It's not my favorite note. I can't imagine ever warming up to this one. I love Pure Poison though, and am starting to warm to Poison. My most favorite Diors for years have been more green and mossy: Miss Dior and Dioressence. If you don't like Lily of the Valley, don't bother with Diorissimo.

  • ANNIE11/11/2006

    I tried Diorissimo again today for the first time in many, many years. It is just just such an incredibly lovely fragrance. There is very prominent jasmine through the muguet. This fragrance can transport you to celestial places and make you forget all your cares. :-) I had almost forgotten what a quality fragrance smells like. This is on my Christmas wish list. A true blue classic. If it smells old lady or not modern enough, that's fine - more for me! :-)

  • TRAVELIN10/23/2006

    I have worn this for over 30 years and still love it. I guess it just depends on one's body chemistry. Does anyone know where I can get the soap, lotion, or anything else? The last time I found anything was in Rome about 4 years ago and I am out of all except one bar of soap that I am hoarding. Please help if you can. Thanks

  • ALYSA09/21/2006

    This oldies fragrance is suitable for all of you who are old fashioned. Yesterday I tried this fragrance and miss dior cherie. I think this fragrance is slightly the same as miss dior cherie but of course miss dior cherie's scent is much more modern.

  • PROPHETESS09/03/2006

    I agree that the EDT smells like bug spray, but the is absolutely heaven!!! I also like the shower gel and the lotion.

  • DIANE07/05/2006

    I bought this when I was till in college, and totally new to the world of perfume. I did not know my style in perfume yet. I wore it rarely. It is not grounded enough for my tatste. A bit to High or Light or Flowery. I like stronger base notes.

  • SEVENTHSIGHT06/10/2006

    Dont buy it. It smells like bug spray and it set off our Carbon monoxide alarm. The lotion is ok but the perfume will literally choke you.

  • WATERQUEENE06/01/2006

    Ozey: I must be even more shallow and pathetic than Colleen, because getting male attention is one of the reasons I use perfume at all! Scent is one of the major factors that attracts one animal to another ... I admit it, I am an animal and proud of it! Colleen: you go, girl. Thanks for the tip. I will let you know if any men turn their heads for me when I wear this lovely fragrance.

  • MERELEIGH05/25/2006

    of a great perfume! Wow, I think that is all she was trying to say. If you like a scent, that is all that matters, but it sure is nice when others around you enjoy it as well! Also, one tool of attraction is scent. This fragrance is my mother's signature scent, so I do not wear it. But it is lovely, and reminds me of her. It truly is a pleasing floral with no sharpness to it at all. It is very feminine, and classic. I would not call it modern-classic, which are the scents I am drawn to, like Vera Wang. Rather, I think it is simple and pleasing. It is a scent that was created before the foody/flowery hybrid scents of today. Can't go wrong with this one!

  • OZEY05/20/2006

    Who cares Colleen if men stop you to tell you they like this scent. Why do you feel the need to tell people that. Tell people what a beautiful scent Diorissimo is and how true the lily of the valley note is. Explain how ethereal this scent is and how smelling it is like smelling nature. If all you care about is how much men like this then that is VERY pathetic of you.

  • COLLEEN02/06/2006

    I've been complimented by at least a dozen men - usually total strangers - on my Diorissimo scent. I've even had my male students compliment me.

  • KAREN S.04/22/2005

    Normally not keen on LOTV however this is so clear it's refreshing on the mind. This scent echoes exactly the colours of fresh LOTV. Not sweet or cloying but defin. for spring summer days only.

  • EMMA BOVARY12/28/2004

    If you like lily of the valley, you'll like this...period

  • ALEX12/19/2004

    I bought a bottle for my wife and she loved it. It's a haunting, first day of spring kind of smell. Light, almost spell-binding. Time stands still and you're standing in a glade of Spring flowers.

  • KATHERINE12/14/2004

    I like all your perfumes. They smell so good I want them all. My freinds lik it. I love the Chlotes. And everything you made.

  • SOPHIE05/25/2004

    Tried it out again in the store and changed up my mind. It does bare some out-dated feeling. It might be something to do with the simplicity of just using the lily of the valley. Now I think I no longer favor this fragrance. It is not what I smelt a couple of years earlier. I also think that it smells flat--a bit old-fashioned.

  • CHLOE04/29/2004

    It's so sickly sweet, and reminds me of something an old woman would wear. Not my cup of tea

  • PAM04/28/2004

    I have used this fragrance for over 25 years. It is light and lovely, not overpowering. I receive numerous compliments because of its softness.

  • SOPHIE04/14/2004

    Diorissimo is refreshing, like a walk in the woods. It reminds me of fairies and elves. Absolutely ephemeral. Here is the combination in Diorissimo: lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, amaryllis and jasmine. I wonder how some of the ladies can smell lilacs. That must be a psychological impact. All in all-- it is a bouquet of spring flowers. I read it somewhere: princess Diana was a BIG fan of Diorissimo. If you like heavy oriental scents, this is a definite no for you. I know some people who love Poison (CD), they hate Diorissimo. If you are fond of light floral scents like L'Air Du Temps, Forever and Ever, Miracle you will like Diorissimo. It is not sweet, not "bitter". More like a bit "sour" type of smell, in a good way.

  • SUE C02/24/2004

    This was my first grown-up perfume that I wore when I started work. I know it's meant for young brides etc. but it is such a beautiful perfume to fall in love with forever, I'm going back to it too! It takes years off you! I believe Princess Grace of Monaco used to wear it. If you love lily of the valley, look for the discontinued Lilia Bella in the Acqua Allegoria range by Guerlain. It's similar and also has lilacs and a green note. Incidentally, if you love lilacs they're hard to find in a perfume but the new Pleasures Intense by Estee Lauder has them. Lovely too. Diorissimo would not suit the dark sultry type of woman, it would be too light and delicate for them.

  • CAROLE B12/30/2003

    Love this scent. Found it after many years at Macy's and then Saks Fifth Avenue online and now on more websites. It seems to be making a come-back. I had to send it to my Mother, and my two sisters after they smelled it.

  • FIONNUALA12/28/2003

    This was my absolute favorite when I was in my late teens and then it became fashionable to change to the likes of Paris etc. I matured to Lalique, but after reading all the comments and this perfume's high ratings I am going to seek for it again after nearly 20 years!!!!!!!!

  • ELLA11/20/2003

    Delicate, yet unbelievably long-lasting - I am amazed by the ethereal quality of this fragrance. On my skin I distinctly detect a lilac note, although the predominant note is supposed to be lily-of-the-valley. Body chemistry often does unexpected things!

  • CHRISTINE11/13/2003

    This is my all-time, absolute favorite fragrance!

  • HOL11/03/2003

    This is my all-time favorite! So flowery and beautiful! The scent doesn't seem to last long though.

  • BMARIE09/12/2003

    This is so far my fav C. Dior Fragrance. But then, I've never tried Miss Dior, Diorella, or Dioressence.

  • LAURALEE08/27/2003

    This was my first fragrance as a teenager,and I wore it all the time to any occasion. My friends always know where I am by that wonderful scent. Even today,I wonder if it's still around.

  • IRENE08/11/2003

    I love it. It is so sweet, femenine. It smells like a poupet

  • MACHIKO06/13/2003

    I love this pure and elegant scent. I 've been wearing it for 10 years.

  • M05/22/2003

    I think that this one is really nice and elegant.

  • ELLIZA05/20/2003

    you know what i've tried in this line (also a muguet fan) that wowed me was 1) annick goutal's le muguet -- but GIVE THIS ONE TIME (when you first put it on it smells awful but give it about 5-10 minutes and it transforms to exquisite); 2) dior's LILY (not diorissimo, though i love diorissimo too) -- very complex, delicate; 3) old favorite standby, muguet de bois by coty. cheap and good; 4) guerlain's aqua allegoria lilia bella, though it has what i think of as a pretty woody undertone though you might not like it; 5) molinard's les fleurs de provence - muguet, pretty but with a rose/vanilla undertone i liked and you might not. 6) yardley's muguet has lavendar undertones which i liked, but you might not. i found muguet du bonheur had too much sweet/other flower and no staying power. i haven't tried penhaligan's (too expensive so far and no one near carries it) or floris, both of which are pretty respected names. if you have, do let me know what you thought!

  • GOLDENLADY05/07/2003

    I'm still looking for the perfect fragrance that contains notes of lily of the valley, without any base notes heavying it up. I thought Diorissimo would be a good one to try, it's a true classic, but I wouldn't buy it again. It smells kind of dated to me, I was around the first time this was popular. The search continues...

  • ANDRA05/02/2003

    I too have been wearing this since the 60's and am glad to hear Dior is reissuing. I prefer the Cologne which is almost impossible to find because it is lighter and less "perfumy". Elsewhere I saw the recipe as being lily of the valley, rose and a touch of bergamot and lilac rather than the ylang-ylang and jasmine. I get compliments all day long on the fragrance. Have been trying to mix a cheaper version at fragrance stores but now want to go all out for the real thing!

  • ELAINE04/01/2003

    Stunning . Beautiful . Glamorous .

  • ELLIZA04/01/2003

    the other day i was in a restaurant bathroom and gave myself a quick spray. the woman behind me came over and said "WHAT IS THAT SCENT!" and absolutely loved it. i let her use some, and the woman next to HER... anyway, by the end, some seven women were spraying it on and ooohing and aaahhing! i've never come across anyone who didn't like it. it is a clean, delicate lily overlaid on sandalwood and something else (jasmine? ylang ylang?) very subtle. a hint of leather, which i usually hate but which somehow balances really nicely. this is a wear anytime, anywhere fragrance. it is getting REALLY hard to find, and i've started stockpiling. there are some "fragrance oil" knock-offs which come close, but which just don't have the complexity and depth of the original.

  • ROBIN01/26/2003

    I like this scent, but sometimes find the lilly of the valley scent a bit too sharp. I prefer to bring out the floral sweetness so I have tried mixing it with a first spray of Rose de Rosine EDP (sweet rose-oriented scent), and then spray the Diorissimo on top. Very nice effect.

  • DAWN10/08/2002

    This is a wonderful fragrance for summer. It's a light, girly-girl scent - no one will ever mistake this for a unisex fragrance! I originally tried this fragrance because it was one of Princess Diana's favorites. But once I tried it, I really liked it.

  • DANIELE10/01/2002

    I'm an old-perfume-bottles collector and I've bought an old bottle of 'Diorling': it's very similar to Dioressence...could someone tell me if they are the same or very similar fragrance? Does someone know when Diorama and Diorling have been discontinued? Thanks.

  • VICKI09/15/2002

    Did you know this was Princess Diana's favorite? It is also one of mine and has been for over ten years. I just wish I could find the dusting powder again. If anyone knows of any available, post a message, please. I am sure I am not alone in wishing to be able to find products in this scent easily again. I understand that Marshall Field's has completely discontinued carrying all the Dior classics (Miss Dior included). I heard this about three weeks ago from the Dior rep at the Marshall Field's on State Street in downtown Chicago. What a shame to let such beautiful, timeless fragrances go without a whimper. Miss Dior, Diorissimo, Diorella, and Dioresscence are all lovely symbols of the time periods in which they were created. Please, please, bring them back where we can find them easily.

  • NURSEPEBBLES06/04/2002

    It does remind me of a "Jessica McClintock" type scent.....the lily of the valley seemed strong at first but then seems to die down after a bit...I haven't quite made up my mind about this one

  • RITA05/31/2002

    "Diorissimo" always takes me back to the years 1966-1969 when I was in my teens. I wore this scent exclusively along with Oh! de London. The guys used to go crazy over it. It always reminds me of the teen dances on the northwest side of Chicago, where you could go see the Buckinghams & The Cryan Shames & New Colony Six play all night long for $2.00. I used to wear my long hair like Cher, & I would spray "Diorissimo" in it, & all the guys would just hover around with any excuse to just get close. It's not a scent that's too seductive, but it is very appealing in its innocence & purity.

  • BETH M05/03/2002

    this is just lovely - very good for spring and summer. The lily of the valley really comes through. I had to stop wearing it, though, because I started getting a rash on my skin from it. Really miss wearing it.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    This one is really popular, maybe it doesn' go with my chemistry. Too much of the Lily of the Valley

  • CRYSTAL03/07/2002

    Lily of the valley is my best flower & Diorissimo has lots of it!

  • CAROLINE02/20/2002

    I don't think anyone has to worry about this fragrance being harder to find. Dior just repackaged this fine floral. It now comes in a pastel pink frosted bottle with a clear cap. Yum!

  • GAIL02/04/2002

    I didn't really care for this scent.

  • LOURDES01/24/2002

    I remember my first Diorissimo bttle. It was a gift frommy parents for my "quince" (fifteen years old). I've used it, o and off, ever since. No matter what the fashin frangance may be, I always go back to it. I'm forty and that frangance is me. It represents all my womanhood.

  • LINA K.12/29/2001

    Diorissimo never fails. It is just so good, it makes you dizzy. Lovely scent: lily of the valley dominating it, with some soft undertones of jasmine.. Classic! This is a very feminine scent. Suitable for a sophisticated lady, feminine woman who appreciate style and elegance and being a lady. This is not a "rebel" scent - not in my opinion - more like sweet, things in harmony, balance. Sweet and good scent, not TOO sweet though. I used to think that this is a scent for young people only, but now I have started to realise that its really ageless. When a young girl wears it, it seems to be very pure and fresh. When older ladies wear it, it brings out their ladylike-quality and sophistication. This is what I feel. I've used this on/off ever since I was 15-16, and now I am close to 30. I can very well imagine wearing this when being 45, or even older.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Cool; soapy; reminds me of kid's cologne(maybe I wore lily of the valley as a child).

  • V.12/08/2001

    Thanks Karina! Now when I read your message I know that I've tried this fragrance once. I know it was like warmer version of Diorissimo, and it is truth - it is hard to find it now even in Europe.

  • KARINA12/07/2001

    Dioressence is kind of hard to find in America, though a few department stores carry it, and I've seen it at discount stores, too. I find it to be a very nice, warm floral/chypre with some woody and spicy notes. A perfume book I read once described it as "Diorissimo's sexier sister". There's a really deep, distinctive note in it- I'm pretty sure it's coriander. Hope this helps!

  • V.11/28/2001

    Anyone know something about fragrance "Dioressence"? What it is like?

  • C.A.G.11/10/2001

    My husband used to work at a nursing home some years ago. One day he smelled this amazing fragrance and looked around to see where it had come from. He finally denoted the source was an older lady who had come to visit a patient. In his eagerness to obtain the fragrance, he leaped out at her and pretty near scared her. After they laughed about it, he found out that it was DIORISSIMO. He looked all over and finally found a bottle of the EDT and gave it to me for a gift. Like a walk through the flower garden in the spring, DIORISSIMO is a light but pungent fragrance. Lily of the valley, white lilac, gardenia are all flowers that come to mind when I think of this fragrance. I would love the EDP some day as the EDT does not stay on long at all. That is the only thing I do not like about this.

  • DALE BABCOCK10/31/2001

    I agree with pink sugar - I've been using Diorissimo for about 35 years - it is difficult to find - thank goodness for the internet. Would also like more products in this scent.

  • KARINA10/28/2001

    Hi "Pink Sugar"! I am also a great lover of this fragrance, and have just discovered that Dior has introduced a line of bath products to go with it, including a shower/bath gel and a body lotion. (No soap, though.) Look on Dior's website under the fragrance section.

  • PINK SUGAR10/24/2001

    I've been using Diorissimo for well over twenty years. Fragrance is light; everytime I indulge I envision myself immersed around a botanical garden surrounded by crisp clean Snowwhites, and pristine purple lilacs in full bloom. Sometimes hard to find; I'm hoping more products will come into focus such as exquisite soaps, and bath gels-even candles in Diorissimo-- would be a nice added feature. Give a call to Christian Dior on this one!!!

  • JOLENE 10/14/2001

    I agree with Karina - Diorissimo is a great Lily of the Valley fragrance. It smells so good, but unfortunately it's one of the rare fragrances that I'm allergic to. Every time I've ever sprayed it on, it always inevitably caused me to have a violent sneeze attack and I've had to bolt to the nearest restroom to wash it off. Too bad, it's such a fine fragrance.

  • ELISHA10/05/2001

    This is a great scent. It is great for day or night and any season. Beautiful!!

  • LORI SCHENK09/27/2001

    This scent is Heaven and always will be.

  • CLEL08/29/2001

    This is my favorite frangance, very female. All men love it, but sometimes it is hard to get it. Not all the stores sell it.

  • KARINA07/19/2001

    What a classic! This fragrance is built almost exclusively on lily-of-the-valley, so if you like their scent, you'll love Diorissimo! There seems to be just a little rose in there, too. A perfect summer fragrance, light, floral, and fresh. My only complaint is that it doesn't last at all-it's so light that it fades very quickly. Don't be afraid to put a little extra on before you leave the house!

  • SUE05/06/2001

    This perfume doesn't knock a man out, but makes them want to get up close & personal, so they can fully appreciate the scent.

  • BABE04/26/2001

    I've been using this for decades and I too worry it will be phased out as I heard it came out in the late 50's; getting harder to get!

  • HEATHER12/11/2000

    This is, by far, my favorite fregrance; I am worried that Dior may stop making it. Any news on this?

  • AMINA10/23/2000

    A really nice, mild fragrance. Subtle and has a really romantic, long lasting smell.

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