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Galanos James Galann Image

James Galann


26 Reviews

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  • GABBY04/13/2016

    Love it

  • LIZ06/25/2009

    Barbara, glad I could help, just wondering if you tried it, and how it worked for you. Keep me posted ;)

  • ELENOR02/18/2009

    I have not seen nor heard of this FANTASTIC perfume since the 80's! But it's still here?!?! Ordered it right away! Oh I am SO happy!

  • TRICIA05/15/2008

    started with this scent in 1979 and will die with this scent if the powers that be have the good "scents" to keep it on the market. This fragrance is truly in a class by itself.

  • SHARON01/24/2008

    Finally got a bottle of this and it is WONDERFUL. I love the scent - very subtle but so sexy.

  • DEBORAH11/03/2007

    Maybe it's just me but I find this perfume strikingly similar to Youth Dew by Estee Lauder and also Liz Taylor's Passion. They are almost all the same in my estimation. Still, this is a little "cut above".

  • DEBORAH10/23/2007

    I just got my sample vial of Galanos. I like to buy samples until I decide if I can wear a fragrance. Well, this is definitely a keeper! This is the fragrance I've been looking for! It's soft and powdery which I definitely like. So far, it has great staying power on me. My body seems to eat perfume! I'll definitely order a larger bottle and use it forever!

  • STEPHANIE02/13/2007

    I had heard wonderful things about this fragrance and had wanted to try it for some time now. Finding it was truly an adventure! I asked for it everywhere I went in Europe with no results. Not even in Greece!! I finally found it here on the internet and after reading everyone's comments about it, I decided to purchase the Parfum. Oh what a delightful, exquisite and romantic scent this is!! SIMPLY DEVINE!! I'm in heaven. Many thanks to all of you, whose splendid feedback convinced me to make this purchase.

  • YVONNE08/23/2006

    My dad bought me this perfume int the 70's. I could no longer find it in the stores and believed it was discontinued. Is it the same as the Galanos by Galanos

  • *BARBARA W*05/14/2006

    for your description of this perfume! It sounds perfect for me. I love spicy orientals, and have always tried to like Opium, but it just doesn't work on my skin. I always thought "if it were just a TAD lighter and sweeter...". Maybe this perfume is the answer to that prayer! :-) Oh...and have you tried it yet, PerfumeJunkie?

  • LIZ03/10/2006

    hi pj:) galanos is in the range of opium but with a more powdery quality. It is super feminine, I wouldn't classify it as a "clean" fragrance, although it is soft and lovely. It has great staying power in the edt. It is less spicy than opium and with a touch of vanilla too. I like it best in cold weather because it is a bit spicy, and for evening. they usually have it in the independent perfume shops in the mall, and of course on the internet

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/19/2005

    After so many rave reviews, I feel I must try this one. Can any of you kind ladies please tell me what this perfume smells like? I would really like to have an idea before I buy it. Thanks.

  • MARGE07/02/2005

    I agree with Karen's comments. I have been wearing Galanos for 25 years and still receive compliments. It is classic and clean. I wish the stores would carry it again

  • KAREN05/30/2005

    I have been wearing this fragrance for the past 20+ years. Used to be able to find it in the larger department stores in California. Can't find it anywhere now except on the internet. The best frangrance ever. Please bring back to the counters!

  • NIKKI05/22/2005

    Both are by the same designer, but the blue/gold is Galanos and the turquoise (sp) is Galanos de Serene. Hope this helps!

  • ANDREA04/19/2005

    Hi, I noticed that there are two pkging types, the old blue/gold box of Galanos by James Galanos and the turquoise box Galanos by Galanos. Are they the same fragrance or different?

  • ELLIE03/20/2005

    I ADORE this fragrance, and have for twenty five years!!It becomes the woman wearing it by blending with her unique chemistry.Not for the timid, this is SEXY! Keep it coming on the internet, and I'm happy to keep it my little secret.(shhh...let the others smell like pop singers.)

  • KAY STEWART02/01/2005

    The first time I tried this perfume I was hooked, about 20 years ago. It has become nearly impossible to find. Simply the sexiest most sultry scent I've ever experienced. Keep it coming.

  • PENNY08/10/2004

    I had worn Galanos for about five years when----you couldnot find it anywhere. This is the most beautiful perfume/colone you could ever use. Why, Why doen't it come back on the market? BRING IT BACK!!!!! Men just love it. Please bring it back.

  • KATHY MEIHLS10/19/2003

    I also concur with all the excellent ratings. I have been wearing 20+ years and I am so disappointed that it is no longer readily available. I am asked all the time, "What fragrance are you wearing?"

  • RUTH10/01/2003

    I started wearing Galanos when it was first introduced and have never found anything I like more. I was very upset when the body products were discontinued and now I have a hard time finding the fragrance. Please bring it back!!! PLEASE!!

  • JACKIE03/26/2003

    I have loved this fragrance since I found it about 8 years ago. I once had a man follow me around a trade show. He said I shouldn't be allowed in public with that enticing fragrance and wanted to know what it was. I have had similar comments over the years, even from women. It lasts, and is enhanced the longer you wear it. If it is brought back, the formulation should stay the same.

  • DAWN MARIE03/08/2003

    I concur with all of these women. I have been wearing it for 20+ years since it came out. Men love it and so do I. The parfum is absolutely the best!

  • LAUREL02/25/2003

    Possibly in some classic sense, but not notable for that; more unfortunately meaning 'dated' and 'tired'. Nothing unique, memorable, or inspiring about this - sweet, heavy ; it smells like it might be generic perfume.

  • BRENDA01/14/2003

    The is no other perfume like it. It has ruined my desire to wear anything else...I've never met a man who didn't love it's smell as well. It truly is luscious. Unfortunately, it is all but impossible to find now. How sad that those responsible have choosen to discontinued it. Whatever the reason, it cannot be because it failed to sell. It is and will always be the BEST.

  • LYNN12/31/2002

    Favorite perfum - delicious

  • KATHARINE BRYAN12/23/2002

    This is the most exquisite perfume I have ever had the delight to smell. I have been wearing for 20 years... since I discovered at age 16. I am certain if it were available at perfume counters it's popularity would explode.

  • MARYBETH TOWERS12/17/2002

    Galanos has been my favorite perfume for years. My mother bought an extra bottle years and years ago that she kept in a drawer. When I commented to her that I had been looking for it, she whipped it out of her drawer and gave it to me. I rarely use it because I want to preserve it. Bring back the Galanos line of perfumes.

  • TAMAR11/28/2002

    Sounds lovely. Please tell me more what it smells like. I like Musk, Arpege and First. Would I like this?

  • KAY WEST11/04/2002

    Galanos is my favorite fragrance of all times. Simply breathtaking. Soft, lingering, sexy. Body heat only intensifies this perfume. I am pleased to find it is still available on the internet. Please bring back the Galanos line to fragrance counters everywhere!!

  • SAVRON HUDSON10/26/2002

    SimpleThe most Incredible Fragrance I Have Ever Inhaled. I have been buying this breath taking fragrance for 17 years and with every year it become even harder to find. What a shame, since there is NOTHING like it! You con not go wrong with this delightful parfum, that is...if you cn find it.

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