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Ralph Lauren Blue Ralph Lauren Image

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Blue   

129 Reviews

Cool and fresh, this soft floral melts into the skin with soft notes of lotus flower, gardenia, and pink peony, exotic blossoms such as tuberose, rose de mai, and orange flower enriched with musk, ambrette, and sandalwood. Notes include Lotus Flower, Muguet, Gardenia, Sparkling Jasmine Accord, Pink Peony, Rose de Mai, Tuberose, Jasmine Petals, more

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Cool and fresh, this soft floral melts into the skin with soft notes of lotus flower, gardenia, and pink peony, exotic blossoms such as tuberose, rose de mai, and orange flower enriched with musk, ambrette, and sandalwood. Notes include Lotus Flower, Muguet, Gardenia, Sparkling Jasmine Accord, Pink Peony, Rose de Mai, Tuberose, Jasmine Petals, Orange Flower, Musk, Ambrette, Sandalwood, Mousse de Chine, Vetiver.

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  • KIM STRAHAN03/11/2014

    I love this perfume

  • GINA07/31/2013

    perfume exactly what described. never get sick of this smell.

  • ADA COZZUBBO01/03/2013

    Very Happy with products. Cannot get this here so I am overjoyed at still being able to get perfume here.

  • CAROL11/03/2012

    I am so pleased to find this website stocking this fab fragrance, I also thought it was discontinued. Everyone always comments on it when I wear it.


    This was bought as a gift for my daughter, who thinks it is wonderful, as it is not available in the UK.

  • DINKYDIDO10/07/2012

    Apparently girls, This perfume has NOT been discontinued, as people have been told. I emailed them and got a reply. It's still in some specialist shops. Wow, how pleased am I.

  • DINKYDIDO10/05/2012

    Please please please, lets get a petition up for Ralph Lauren to bring back this gorgeous perfume. It's the only perfume I like ( LOVE ). They're not making it any more sadly.......Everyone, write to Ralph Lauren and save us all any more anguish.....(Wow, did I get my point across).

  • JOAN09/14/2012

    Why, if this is such a super perfume is it discontinued. The only perfume I want. Please bring it back.

  • ANGELA03/18/2012

    A friend of mine came to visit and as soon as I opened the door I got a light whiff of this perfume. I asked what it was and went and ordered some for myself. I love it. What I really like is that it's not overpowering. My friend has severe asthma and she said it didn't bother her one bit and since I've become sensitive to many odors I figured it may work for me too. It did! I don't usually care for floral scents but I like this one because it also has a hint of spice.

  • SARAH03/15/2012


  • DEBS UK01/12/2012

    I absolutely love this perfume, I've been wearing it for years and am devastated that it's no longer being produced. There's not a day goes by when someone smell it on me and enquires as to how they can get it!

  • M FITZSIMONS01/01/2012

    Very happy

  • MEGAN KELLY12/31/2011

    thank you! I love it!

  • JODIE12/29/2011

    I love,love,love this perfume!!! Its my all time favourite. Ive been wearing it for years and never gotten sick of it like I have with other perfumes. So it makes me very sad to hear that it has been deleted and is no longer made. PLEASE Ralph Lauren start making it again!!! All my friends love it too.

  • SUSAN12/16/2011

    My favourite all time perfume and it can't be bought in the u.k. at all, and there';s also limited availability online too!!!!!

  • ALLENE12/14/2011

    I don't understand the negative comments about is my favorite perfume. of course, everyone's chemistry is different, and some people wouldn't be able to wear the most expensive fragrance in the world. I haven't met anyone though who can't wear Blue. Thank God it isn't the most expensive fragrance in the world!

  • JO ANN C12/19/2010

    I have tried alot of different kinds of perfumes. I must admit that some of them smelled great but the scent never lasted long enough. Last March for my birthday i recieved a bottle of Ralph Lauren Blue. That evening before going to dinner i sprayed some on me, i loved it instantly! No other perfume has ever smelled like that and no other perfume will ever come close. Also when i awoke at 9am the next morning the scent was still lingering. Now Ralph Lauren Blue is the only perfume that i will ever wear. I love it!

  • STEVE11/10/2010

    Most of the RL scents are ok, except for the original Polo, which is deplorable. Polo Blue is nice, but a bit generic. RL Blue, however, is the most addictive scent from Ralph Lauren's entire line-up! I smelled this on a woman in a bar once, and was haunted by it ever since. I tried it on my scent in the store yesterday to experience it up close. This kind of sent should be recommended for everyone! It's that nice and comforting. I tried it on my skin and liked it very much and I wouldn't hesitate on wearing this in summer. I'm a true fragrance collector, so gender marketing does not effect me when appreciating a scent. When I get the money, I going to by it just to have it and enjoy! Ladies you can't go wrong with this, and to any guys out there, wear it lightly of layer it with another RL scent or woody base of your choice to ground it a little more. It really should be enjoyed on it's own!!!!!!!!

  • BELLE04/24/2010

    better love gardenia to wear this!

  • LORA LEE04/04/2010


  • LORA08/29/2007


  • NANCY R08/02/2007

    RL Blue for Women is hauntingly sensuous, a powerful fragrance drawing you to the perfect lover

  • **HEATHER**06/20/2007

    I was shopping today, saw this and tried it on my wrist. I immediately thought of gardenia - a scent which I love. My husband doesn't like it though, so I won't be buying it. The scent is a bit on the heavy side so I think that it should be applied sparingly.

  • REBECCA05/07/2007

    I've been wearing blue since it first debuted. I adore it year round, like vacation in a bottle. It's not coconut tanner vacation, but a beautiful ocean with flowers. Just hard to describe...Goes with everything! It's soft floral, but works for so many women.

  • KALINA02/02/2007

    ralph did the right thing with this fragrance..they hit it right on the nose..this smells better than any of the other ralph fragrances,,i used to like ralph but got tired of it i cant stand the smallest smell of it.

  • CANDICE01/17/2007

    I got this perfume for Valentines Day last year,and I love it so much.I always get people asking about this smell.I always get attention from men all the time,I also had a guy say it smells so mesmerizing.I recommend it alot.

  • BRANDY12/04/2006

    This one can make you sneeze- a lot; if you suffer w/allergies! Something kinda sharp about it.

  • PAMELA08/06/2006

    I just purchased this perfume and it smells great! This one is a keeper. I plan to purchase the gift set, this site has it for good price!

  • RENAE07/22/2006

    I absolutely adore this perfume! I tried it on earlier today at the mall and enjoyed the scent but was afraid that it would fade to nothing since it wasn't all that strong. However, that was 5 hours ago and I can still smell it faintly on my wrist, same pretty and airy smell that it started at (well basically). Anyway I just order the whole dang set I was so impressed with it! Its so hard to find something that's not too strong so as not to offend, but has the staying power. Goddess blass you Ralph Lauren for making this perfume! :D

  • JAIME-LYN!07/16/2006

    This perfume is just sexy! It almost has a masculine smell, but not enough to make it un-feminine. Very light and just gorgeous!

  • SHELIA06/16/2006

    I love Blue. It lingers on me the next day after I put it on at night. It just melts into my skin and makes people melt around me. My sister-in-law tried it and it didn't stay very long on her, so it definetly has to do with body chemisty. Blue is my new signature scent if I could only have 1 fragrance I wouldn't be blue if it was Blue.

  • KITKAT04/28/2006

    This smells so good. Very deep but it dosen't get caught in your throat like so many perfumes do. It's like smelling a fragrant peony. It clings close to you and does not announce you've entered or left the room. It lasts forever on me. I can even smell it at the end of the day and beyond. Hubby who is not big on pefume loves it!!

  • ERIKA04/19/2006

    Hi~I just wanted to reply to my original post that RL Blue does linger & smells gorgeous on my clothing but it just doesn't stay on me/my skin nor does it smell as good on my as my friend who introduced me to it. Unfortunately for me it just doesn't wear well with my body chemistry. It's too bad b/c I luv it but just not ON me.

  • LAURA04/19/2006

    I adore this perfume! I wore it on my honeymoon (a tropical cruise) and the scent reminds me of that wonderful two weeks! It was the perfect perfume for the trip: clean, fresh, flowery, and sexy. I don't wear it often though, because the smell brings me back to that wonderful vacation and I don't want to spoil it with day-to-day life! Otherwise, I would wear it daily!

  • ERIKA04/06/2006

    I got a whiff of this fragrance from someone at the gym & had to ask her what it was so I could sample some to see if it smelled as good on me as it did on her. Well, I found it at Filenes & fell in love with it so much I splurged on a gift set. The first night I had it home, I dabbed a bit on my wrist before bedtime & it actually lasted into the next morning but I've noticed as I've continued to wear it since then, the staying power is not as long or strong as the first evening. What's up with that? Did my ofactory just adjust to it & I can't pick up the scent on myself anymore? Anyone have a clue as to why or what's going on? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanx!

  • ALLISON03/07/2006

    I remember a few years back the ads for this scent in magazines. It has taken me all this time to really notice it, and I could kick myself for not doing so sooner. It is light bodied but lasts. Waves of honeysuckle and vetiver weave thru. It's very clean and vibrant, perfect for spring and summer. I'm outdoors alot due to work and other activities and it warms with my chemistry perfectly. Happy to wear it!!

  • GLORY02/23/2006

    I have to thank one of my good friends for introducing me to this scent.I ran into a friend on the street and as I leaned in to give her a hug I caught the scent of her perfume and I had to ask her what it was. I have never really been into perfumes because I found that the smells were often times overpowering. Blue is fabulous for a woman who wants a lovely and feminine scent that is not overpowering to others around her.I have very long workdays and I find that people notice the scent long after I've put it on.I've gotten MANY compliments when wearing Blue. I also find that this scent doesn't make me feel old and matronly like many other perfumes do. I wear it every day now and I still haven't gotten tired of it.In the future I may try other scents, but this will always remain my tried and true signature scent that never fails to impress me and those around me.

  • LOVELY02/15/2006

    it was okay. it did smell like hair spary at first.but i like it after it sank in. it doesnt compare to ralph though.

  • SIRSMELLSOGOOD01/25/2006

    This is the prime perfume for making a woman smell dark and mysterious. A very alluring scent that I can't get enough of.

  • LIBBYM01/18/2006

    I was at the R.L. counter buying "Lauren" for myself. The sales person suggested I try Blue. It just hit me like a thunderbolt. I had not fallen in love with a scent at first try in decades. But I couldn't afford to buy both so I bought Lauren (which has been an all time favorite). But I couldn't get Blue out of my mind. Then last week I was shopping the post Christmas sales at a dept. store and found a bottle of Blue at a savings of 50% off the dept. store price. I absolutely love this fragrance. It is so different from anything out there and very different from all the other RL scents. It is a modern scent that is casual and exotic at the same time.

  • JLO01/10/2006

    I got this as a gift, first i was really happy about my new present, but when my brother was starting to look odd i realised something was wrong, he thought it smelled bug chemicals or hair-spray. not very flattering. Maybe it just didn't work on just skin.

  • VICTORIA12/04/2005

    this perfume smells so good i fell in love with it i definitely recommend it im telling you it attracts people!!

  • SUSAN11/28/2005

    My daughter's best friend had this on the other day and I absolutely loved now this is the #1 item on my 2005 Christmas list this year!

  • SUSAN11/13/2005

    I love Blue!!! I always get compliments on how good it smells on me. I am not wearing any other perfume this is it for me.

  • KALILA11/10/2005

    Cool, clean and fresh, this romantic and sexy floral radiates with soft notes of lotus flower, gardenia, and pink peony, exotic blossoms such as tuberose, rose de mai, and orange flower intertwined with musk, ambrette, and sandalwood. Blue is a dazzingly feminine and gorgeous fragrance. It sparkles with freshness yet is also seductive. Unfortunately, does not always wear the same way!

  • KINSEY11/04/2005

    Perfect on an October night with warm Santa Ana winds...Blue becomes a bewitching, mysterious fragrance in warmth, and a cool, sensual fragrance in cold temperatures. Jasmine is the predominant note on my skin, especially when my body temperature is high, and I detect orange blossom, lily, and mosses. I'm in love with Blue. Love love love. It's an impressionist work of art.

  • MINA11/03/2005

    There is nothing blue about this. Musky laundry detergent.Tried it at the store and loved it, took a sample home and put it on early in the morning before work and thought I was going faint, my head was throbbing, it is was so heavy and soapy.

  • SABRINA10/21/2005

    i wear ralph lauren the original kind and it smells great but im sixteen i bought blue for my mom and she looves it and it smells great on adults like 30+

  • REBECCA09/13/2005

    The perfume itself is blue also, lol. I got a tiny mini with my 4.2oz and moved it into an atomizer. It's a light sea blue.

  • SOGGY 09/11/2005

    blue is i lovely office/daytime smell i cant smell cinnamon like someone on here thought... i just smell spring flowers I have recently been wearing floral scents. This one is pretty inoffensive. I get more comments when i wear eternity moments!

  • PRISCILA 09/06/2005

    On me it lasts all day. I have always received nothing but great comments. A keeper!!!!!!!

  • DORI09/03/2005

    I first tried this perfume after smelling it on my mom....she squirted it on at Macys. I noticed I could smell it on her all day. It wasn't overpowering at all, just a nice floral scent that I would get a whiff of every once in a while. Anyway, I have read alot of the reviews here and noticed alot of them stated that there is no staying power. I find it to be the complete opposite. When I remarked to my mom that I could still smell it on her, she made a comment about how she couldn't smell it at all anymore. I think the nose becomes used to it very fast and therefore the wearer cannot smell it on themselves. Trust me though...other people can smell it, and it is a very beautiful scent.

  • B08/25/2005

    I thought this fragrance was modern and unusual. Floral with a sharp twist that I couldn't pin down. After wearing it for a week, I realized it smells like grapefruit. It was too pungent and started to bother me. A girl at my work wears it now and I can smell her before and after I see her - I'm not sure that's a good thing.

  • B08/25/2005

    I love how this smells but it has absolutely no staying power on me. Don't think it's at all like Pure Poison. If this scent had more depth, it might last. Watery definately sums it up.

  • BEBE BULLET07/08/2005

    is it really blue?or is it the glass? rewarding. smiles back at you. very nice.

  • TAMMY07/04/2005

    The first time i smelt this I knew it was my scent!It's one of those rare fragrances that lights up your day and make you you want to wear it all daaaayyy.

  • HEATHER06/16/2005

    I just ordered a bottle it came in the mail today and smells like plain water. has anyone else had this problem with this or any other perfume they ordered here?

  • PAM04/23/2005

    It's clean, but not like 10,000 other perfumes you've already tried. I love this. It makes me feel good when I wear it and I get lots of compliments from men. Plus, my mommy says I smell good!

  • JILLIAN 04/23/2005

    About Oceane's question: On me, Polo Blue actually has TOO MUCH staying power. I love its watery, fresh scent, but I like my fragrances to fade after five hours or so. Polo Blue, however, is another story. I once sprayed it on me at Robinson's May (more like doused it on me... that spray bottle is pretty generous). The scent stayed with me for the rest of the day, even when I went to bed, and when I woke up the next morning, it was still there! For some reason, fragrances with this much staying power drive me nuts. I have to get rid of them after a few hours. It's too bad, because otherwise I adore the scent. :(

  • JUICE04/12/2005

    Polo Blue is an extremely wearable scent. Blue is very clean-smelling, fresh, and not heavily floral or over-powering like many women's fragrances. Blue reminds me of a day at the beach or a summer vacation. Normally I do not care for RL fragrances, as I find them too "Stuffy" and strong and "Formal" for my taste, but not this one. Blue is great stuff and I recommend it highly.

  • VICTORIA04/07/2005

    This is my all time favorite perfume. I normally get tired of perfume after awhile, but never with this. It's the right amount of fresh with clean and florals with wood notes. Just melts into my skin and opens reminds me of spring and summer, very dreamy and amazing perfume. There's nothing that can compare to it!

  • LUCY03/25/2005

    Absolutely love this fragrance, but it did not stay with me at all. I was spraying twice a day. Exchanged for Style which is nice, but reminds me of Curve

  • CHAODER03/23/2005

    I smelled this perfume on a girl at the airport and it smelled so good. I found out what it was and ordered it and I love it!

  • BEATA03/07/2005

    very petty fragrance.When I smell it I'm in LOVE.My husband like it to. And bottle is beautiful....

  • KENDRA03/05/2005

    Like honeysuckle growing by the ocean.... My first thought was "Nice." But a half an hour later, still smelled like honeysuckle by the ocean. An hour later, the same. It's a good smell, but I like perfumes that change as I wear them, revealing their layers as time passes. This one kind of just sat on my skin. Good staying power, though.

  • TRACEY J.03/01/2005

    When I was first introduced to BLUE at my local department store, I fell head over heels in love with it. Seeing that I only wear it on special occasions makes it even better. Not to mention my husband loves it on me :-)

  • AIISHA02/26/2005

    Really nice flowery, summery scent. I don't like any other RL fragrances, but this one is charming. Good staying power.

  • ALI02/22/2005

    I received my first bottle of Blue for Valentine's Day. I love, love, love it. It has a very clean, fresh smell that is not cloying or loud. People want to be close to you. I have received many compliments when I am wearing it. It's a keeper.

  • SOPHIA02/20/2005


  • PRETTYMISS02/15/2005

    This smell great! I just got it for Valentines Day and think it is wonderful. Its very soft and it last long. Way to go TL

  • KELLI02/04/2005

    Going by the description, I thought...oh it must be great. My husband said.. OH MY GOSH it smells like old woman.. so if you don't mind that... go for it ;)

  • KRISTIN M.01/26/2005

    Didn't like this one....not sure exactly why, but I just couldn't stand the smell when I tried it on. It was like jasmine and stale "something". Not for me.

  • NICOLE01/12/2005

    I think it depends on body chemistry, but for me it can last all day. Just have to get a sample and try it out, it's very clean. Others have told me they love it after I can't smell it anymore, so I really have no idea how it will last with everyone's skin. Don't rub it in, cause that can change the smell. Hope this was helpful;)

  • VONNI01/01/2005

    This is a nice, clean fragrance as many have said. I can smell the peony but I also think I smell some citrus in there somewhere, which keeps it fresh. I can’t really smell it on myself but I get lots of compliments on it all day and I smell it on my clothes when I take them off, so it is stronger than it initially seems. I like this for the office because it is so light and even when I’m running around or get warm, it doesn’t turn into a heavy perfume cloud. This one is a winner - my boyfriend likes it a lot so that seals it.

  • AMY V. 12/25/2004

    I love this. It so fresh, not overpowering and for a girl like me who gets migraines and allergies from most perfumes this doesn't bother me at all. Its very sexy, clean and gorgeous. I absolutely love the bottle too. My husband absolutely loves it. I got the huge set with a 4.2 ounce bottle and big gel moisturizer for 65 dollars. The bottle alone is 7 dollars less so this was a great deal. My husband bought be it for X-mas and I have always been wanting it for a long time. I sprayed some on Christmas morning and I can still smell it at 8 o'clock tonight. Its wonderful!

  • SHARRIE12/24/2004

    blue skies. sporty. beautiful bottle of love. radar love. a glimpse of a solar eclipse. wonderful. remembering.

  • NISS12/10/2004

    How long does this fragrance last for most of you? Some posts said Long time, and others said that it vanished in 30 min.

  • NICOLE12/03/2004

    This is one of the only perfumes I have never taken back! It's just the best and like they say, very clean but floral and pretty. I think it's sexy, and has a comfortable, inviting scent. It's natural spray, so probably won't make you sneeze if you have allergies. Every one has there own views on it, but I love blue. It melts into your skin and is so fresh and light, but lasts a long time.

  • LINDY 11/30/2004

    well well after reading all the good comments and listening to ppl's opinion about RL lastest mixture i decided to go out and buy it. I really wanted to like this perfume, but it ended up being a very light in some cases a boring scent.And it last 30 mins on me.It was a good attempt since i am a big fan of RL.

  • AB11/10/2004

    one of the best fresh fragrances i own, and i do own tons of them i love perfumes so i buy a lot of them.Blue is the BOMMMMMMMMB

  • FRAN11/07/2004

    When you wear this fragrance, you will get many compliments. This is the only scent my bf compliments me on whenever I wear it, and believe me, I have all sorts of fragrances. This is the sort of scent you can wear all year round. To me it smells like Finesse Shampoo and has a fresh just showered smell which I love. It is the perfect pick me upper for those blah Mondays when you're getting ready for work. It seems light, but it lasts and lasts. Bravo, excellent fragrance.

  • AMY10/24/2004

    This is my absolute favorite perfume. It is awesome and smells so darn good! I layer the perfume with moisturising gel and it makes it last longer. I always get compliments and the scent really lingers on your clothes. Try it....You will LOVE it!!

  • J´AD10/23/2004

    i waited a whole month to be able to smell pure poison by dior, i was so exited because i´m a dior fan and they always do new and very original fragrances but pure poison smells very similar to blue by ralph lauren, now it makes perfect sense because i remember reading about pure poison and the fact that it was created by the same group that made blue, very disapointed... :(

  • KAREN10/15/2004

    I have been using this for a couple of weeks now - great! I get lots of compliments the latest being (when donating blood) that I smell clean - just what I was looking for. I can't smell it on myself which means it must really suit me. I sray it very liberally.

  • KATHY1110/15/2004

    I can't imagine anyone not liking this! I get compliments every time I wear it. Love it!

  • PERFUMEFANATIC10/12/2004

    I love this fragrance! It has a gentle aroma that doesn't make your head spin. It smells fresh and isn't offensive at all. Best of all, it is suitable for the day and night and reminds me of the summer.

  • JOE BIGHANDS09/23/2004

    i buy blue for all my ladies because i all my ladies deserve the best.

  • CINDIE08/30/2004

    This scent is fabulous!!!! Not strong at all, soft and inviting. It lasts all day and I get compliments all the time when wearing it. It kind of has a soft, powder scent to it. I would wear this all year round. Ralph hit the mark on this one!

  • HAMPWIFE08/07/2004

    this stuff smell so good all you can say is damn i smell good!!!!!

  • MARY JO08/06/2004

    My new favorite!! Wonderful light floral tones. Good for day-time wear. Dry down is soft and not over powering. The best scent Lauren makes!!

  • CHRIS08/02/2004

    Lovely scent with good lasting power. Nice bottle.

  • SCENTS07/26/2004

    This is a unique floral. Has a beautiful dry down. Lasts all day. One of my favorites this year. (The other being L'Instant by Guerlain) Good job RL.

  • TRISH07/15/2004

    I Love this product. it is subtle and not a s overpowering as most perfumes. Can be won day or night

  • KELLY07/14/2004

    I posted earlier that I did not like this on a co-worker. Must have been her body chemistry. I smelled this on a sales girl at a dept. store and asked her what she was wearing. It smells totally feminine. I received a small sample and tried it. NICE! I even tried it out on my husband and he liked it. He hardly likes any of the fragrances I ask him about. There is something unique about the dry down. I would like to get a bottle of this. I found I only needed a small spray and it lasted all day on me.

  • LINDA07/12/2004

    I can't smell it on me but I get lots of compliments which matters to me

  • NIKKI07/06/2004

    I love the smell of this one...i haven't been a big perfume buyer but this one really stands out - refreshing.

  • JULIET06/24/2004

    This scent has become one of my faves. It's only just come out in the uk and is known only as Blue. The male version is nice too. I find it strange that a lot of people have said it doesn't last, cos it lasts all day on me.

  • KELLY06/17/2004

    This scent is such a heavy floral it really bothers me. A girl I work with wears this and I am forever avoiding her.

  • AG06/03/2004

    It's fabulous! Its smell is so close to the nature, I don't know any scent similar to this one. Would be perfect, but doesn't last on me :-(

  • J8205/31/2004

    This is an absolutely chic fragrance: it's fresh but still very glamorous... I totally recommend it, and in my personal opinion, if you liked L'Eau d' Issey, you will love this perfum!

  • REBECCA05/26/2004

    I chose this for my summer perfume. It reminds me of vacations to the beach and a dewy fresh garden. Those that said it smells like honeysuckle or powdery sweet,I don't think so. Some people only smell part of a pefume and it takes a keen nose to pick up on all the notes. I love them all! It's fresh and clean,but flowery at the same time.

  • NEETU05/25/2004

    This is a very strong and sophisticated scent that can be overpowering if you spritz more than a few sprays. The scent lasts for a while. It is a very strong and powerful perfume that might take a while to get used to.

  • LAURA05/09/2004

    Tried a sample and couldn't stop smelling my wrist. My husband LOVES this, too, and he doesn't like many perfumes. Smells like flowers, summer and ocean. NOT powdery like some prior posts suggest.

  • MINNIE MOUSE05/02/2004

    Pretty is the word for Blue. It's cool and watery (a fresh cut floral) with a subtle musk. There's not a hint of warmth in this one. Pretty, but headache inducing, as I find most florals to be.

  • MARILYN04/18/2004

    Blue smells like motor oil. I much prefer Ralph!

  • SYDNEY04/18/2004

    This smells so fresh and like luscious REAL flowers-for a change! I almost wish I got married wearing this instead. Oh well, this wasn't released last year. Is great in humid weather.

  • *JESSICA*03/06/2004

    it smells soooo fresh!!! i love to layer it over white musk oil from the body shop,this floral has a musk base and it blends well,the floral topnotes are so pure that it's truly like wearing real flowers! no other scent is so true to the actual thing...florals usually give me a migraine,but not blue!!! and my guy says it drives him CRAZY!!!

  • OCEANE02/29/2004

    This smells divine when I tried it on but seems to fade. I hope I'm wrong, but has anyone else noticed if it has staying power? It does smell like honeysuckles, my favorite flower fragrance.

  • DOROTHY LEEANNA02/19/2004

    the best ever, not to heavy, or sweet, great for anytime!!!!

  • BLUE LOVER02/18/2004

    Blue is just gorgeous. First whiff and I'm hooked. This is a type of fragrance that I will never get sick of using because the scent smells different depending on the weather temperature. This is very similar to Forever and Ever Limited Edition by Christian Dior. But Blue will be available for me to buy for as long as I want to. Just gorgeous.

  • KATIE02/17/2004

    this is the most crisp, clean, wonderful scent i can possibly imagine. i have gone through nearly half a bottle in about three months, and i plan on buying another. the only downside is that the scent isn't terribly long lasting; you have to reapply every few hours. but its definitely worth it... its cool and feminine without being too flowery.

  • LISA02/05/2004

    You know, when I first tried this I didn't like it- but I hadn't gotten used to "clean" scents yet. Plus this has a lot of musk on the dry down. I tried it again, this time for a much longer time during the day, and I thought it was wonderful. Beautiful, soft, smells like lilies and powder, and musky. On my wish list.

  • JULIE02/02/2004

    I love this perfume! It is so clean smelling. Like you just stepped out of the shower all day long. I get great comments on it everywhere I go.


    this scent is unlike any other-no headaches with this one! it is 100% fresh as a garden after the rain! nothing is added to complicate it,it just smells pristine and real,like a walk outside!

  • MARY K.01/15/2004

    FANTABULISTIC!! It's so wonderful, I had to make up a new word for it!! Don't make a snap judgement after 10 seconds; wait for drydown on this's worth the wait and it is beautiful, soft, feminine and sexy!!!

  • JENI01/14/2004

    Sorry to say, but "soapy" was the exact comment made by a friend when I asked her to tell me how it smelled on me. This was then confirmed by a guy friend. Maybe it's my body chemistry--and, by the way, soapy isn't all that terrible, just not the scent I was hoping for.

  • KATIE01/07/2004

    I love this perfume by Ralph Lauren. It is light with a beautiful, feminine, floral scent. It doesn't have extreme staying power, but I find that most lighter fragrances don't. It has definitely become a favorite!

  • *JESSICA*01/03/2004

    the name may not fit this clean,fresh floral-but blue is simply beautiful! it reminds me of fresh honeysuckle sitting in a clear blue vase,it is true and pure, as well as long lasting and as close to nature as a bottle of perfume can get! it's my guys favorite scent-he takes a whiff and inhales heaven!!!

  • ISABELLA01/02/2004

    April....I don't quite know what to say, but "soapy" has NOTHING to do with Blue. For anyone out there who wants the REAL deal on Blue, just know that it could best be described as "cinnamony." Let me know what you think, ladies.

  • APRIL12/23/2003

    Pretty Perfume...smells soapy and like spring it...

  • DINI12/19/2003

    This one vanished within 30 min. I couldn't smell anything but a slightly musky trace.

  • JENNIFER12/12/2003

    i tried this on at the mall and i could not stop smelling my arm all smells super sexy and i love it!!

  • MELISSA12/09/2003

    I don't care for many florals, but this one is lovely and has a fresh clean scent with a hint of floral..i smell a bit of tropical yet it smells perfect for winter. Its a mood lifter too..When I wear it I feel great. I have had several compliments on this. I'm a jeans and tshirt kind of gal and I find i can wear this well to add a touch of femininity to my hectic day.

  • JOANNA12/04/2003

    i did not like the sample test spray either the company should check it maybe the plastic changes the scent. i tried the store bottle a few times and liked it a lot so its good to try a fragrance right from the bottle if unsure.also fragrange makers should discourage stores from offering the scent on cards a scent must mix with a persons body chemistry for them to really know if they like it.

  • JOANNA12/01/2003

    the small spray sample made me ill too. the try the actual bottle tester. I did. loved it. for me one sray last all day. maybe the sample need checking.

  • LEI11/28/2003

    this is the best yet it will make you feel beautiful i love it

  • HOCHIE MAMA11/26/2003

    does not smell good. the men's version smells much better. I wear the men's version, I have gotten a lot of complements from other women and men. Although I am a women, the male version of the perfume blends much better with my natural chemistry. It adds a hint of yang to my yin that perfects a sexy, refreshing scent.

  • LOUISE11/26/2003

    This stuff is just awful. I got a small sample and sprayed it on my arm and just about threw up. It is really super sweet, powdery, just awful. I usually like R.L. fragrances but this one is a real bust.

  • KATHY G.11/24/2003

    Ralph Lauren Blue is fabulous! I fell in love with it at first sniff. It's sexy yet clean smelling. I'm addicted to it! I get lots of compliments whenever I wear it, so others like it , too. I never cared one way or the other for any of the other Lauren fragrances, but I love Blue!

  • KIM11/24/2003

    My sister just purchased this fragrance - the only Ralph Lauren fragrance that I actually like!

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