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Island Kiss Escada Image


Island Kiss   

79 Reviews

Drift away to the islands with Island Kiss by Escada. Let yourself go. Set your inhibitions free. This is your time for an Escada Island Kiss, the new fashion fragrance for 2004 from Escada. The fragrance comes alive with mouth watering tropical fruits and sun drenched florals.

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Drift away to the islands with Island Kiss by Escada. Let yourself go. Set your inhibitions free. This is your time for an Escada Island Kiss, the new fashion fragrance for 2004 from Escada. The fragrance comes alive with mouth watering tropical fruits and sun drenched florals.

  • DANA P07/19/2014

    This scent reminds me of summer. It's fun, fresh, and sweet. Never overpowering, it lingers gently all day.

  • ALLISON06/29/2012

    Smells like a beautiful tropical vacation. Island Kiss is sweet and fruity with floral undertones. I pick up mostly on the Mango, Raspberry, Peach, and Hibiscus. This is a lighthearted and cheery fragrance. Perfect for Summer...or anytime you want it to feel like Summer :)

  • MICHELLE12/15/2008

    This as to be my all time favorite scent. Every time I wear it, someone always asks, "Who smells good?" And guess what, it's me! I love Escada fragrances, but this is my #1!

  • LORA LEE08/29/2007

    If you want to smell sweet and tropical this is the one! I love it and the guys just want to eat you up!

  • SHIRYN05/18/2007

    This is way too good. I fancy sweet with a blend of floral note of the perfume very much.. But i'm sad that esca island kiss is discontinued.. Even rockin rio[ which is good] is scarce now. I'll stock up on them both!! Personally island kiss is more of strawberry blend and rockin rio more of mango blend. Sunset heat is good as well. But escada pacific paradise not that good, i don't really fancy it alot it's waaaay too light, non-lasting

  • AMY 10/08/2006

    At first, I thought this perfume wa sa bit sickly, but it tones down on the skin and becomes less sweet. It's certainly not a 'cutsie' perfume. I started wearing it when it first came out, and I don't know if it's the affect it has on me or one men - but I got into all kinds of very exciting scrapes wearing it! I stopped for a while because I got all serious with a man and it reminded me of being naughty - then wore it for the first time in 2 years a month ago. I have now broken up with the man and am having an outrageous affair with a man who constantly comments on the perfume. Girls - if you want to add some sparkle to your life - wear this perfume!

  • SMITTEN07/05/2006

    Couldnt get past that first impression... Very sweet and Sticky. Good if thats what you like :-)

  • HEATHER03/21/2006

    I sprayed this on a paper testing card the other day, and it was waaaaay to sweet, it actually made my teeth hurt ( I kid you not ). It might, smell better on skin, or dry down a little better, I don’t know because I didn’t bother to put it on. I hope I never have to smell the top notes of this again. Gross!

  • JT01/22/2006

    Since this is discontinued, I decided to buy a couple bottles for the future. I got them at a discount perfume store. The large size is now about $5 over what the department store retail was. I know that the more time that goes by, the price will continue to get higher since it is in demand. Sexy Graffiti from a few years ago was also a very popular one, and is getting scarce. On the internet is now goes for up to $140 for the 3.4 size. Stock up on this now if you like it before the price get any higher!

  • NADIA S01/16/2006

    I can't wear very strong perfumes, so Island Kiss was perfect for me. My guy friends hug me and hold me tight until I have to peel them off of me. The guy at the fast food drive thru hands me my change and comments on my perfume. It's an excellent choice. I tried Rockin Rio and it was good, but not as good as Island Kiss. I miss it so much I found this website so that I could try to reorder because the department stores are out of stock. I'M HOOKED!!! :)

  • LAURYN01/13/2006

    Latley i've seen Island kiss around in stores but no one has rockin rio any more. I really like island kiss but i LOVE rockin rio. does any one else no if it has been discontinued?

  • PEGGY11/16/2005

    When this first came out, I didn't like it quite as well as Ibiza Hippie. Now I find I like it better! I wear it layered over Bath & Body Works "black raspberry vanilla" body cream, and it gives a light, fresh, almost "soapy" kind of scent -- "soapy" as in clean, not antiseptic. I agree with the young-at-heart comments; I get tons of compliments when I wear this scent, and I'm 48. It's been a long time since I've seen puberty OR cheap dime-store toilette water. :->

  • LIZ10/26/2005

    when i had my first date with my boyfriend this is what i wore... lol i now have 24 bottles lol im set forever. Now, since im getting married he said everytime he smells it it reminds him of our 1st date:)

  • KIM C. NOCHE10/20/2005

    This is the best ... Reminds me of my childhood days ... Don't know why ... But absolutely, it's perfect

  • BERRI09/04/2005

    I've been wearing Island Kiss for over a year now, it's my favorite. It's so adventurous and mysterious. It reminds me of the beach at night. And guys love it.

  • ELLE08/12/2005

    I've just purchased an Island Kiss and tried it for myself... It does smell similar to Rockin Rio in the sweet way when it dries down. But when I first sprayed Island on, it was very citrusy/lemony. It didn't go very well with my body chem I guess b/c it smelled too sour. I asked my husband to smell it on my arm and that was his first impression too. More like sourness blended with floral. I went back to the mall to try Rockin Rio and I noticed the difference is that it smelled more like mango/peach/pineapple and blended much better on me. So if you like more citrus/floral/sweet, go for the Island Kiss. If you like more fruity/sweet, then Rockin Rio.

  • SCHOLASTICA08/05/2005

    The smell makes me happy. Those sweat memories recalling from my heart........

  • ELLEN08/02/2005

    mmmmmmmm.....smells SOOO good this has 2 be da best perfume ever!!! sweet...but not overly sweet which is excellent!

  • LEELOO MRVICA07/26/2005

    I don't mind the scents of pineapples and mangoes and all sorts of tropical fruits in it. But it's just's just that...nothing more! There's nothing so special in it. It's out of 'character'.

  • RENEE06/30/2005

    although island kiss is a lot like rockin' rio, the scent is fruity, young, and irresistable! (note-it's pretty strong so use with care, girlies!)

  • GARDENIANGEL06/29/2005

    I love pineapple to eat, but to smell sickeningly sweet like pineapple is a different story. This scent actually smells really good out of the bottle, but it just doesn't last that long on me, so when I put more on, its just too too sweet. Sorta teeny boppy or something. too bad. =(

  • ELLE06/26/2005

    Does anyone know what is the difference between Island Kiss and Rockin' Rio? I've only tested the latter and it smells really sweet and fun... smells like peaches and mango. I'm wondering if they are essentially the same scent?

  • ERIKA06/20/2005

    I love this scent because it is light and fruity...perfect for the summer time. Plus, my fiance loves it soo much so I plan on buying a new bottle for our honeymoon.

  • NANCY06/19/2005

    Smelled great but didn't last long, I used a lot more of this scent then usual because it didn't last long.

  • NANCY06/16/2005

    I love this scent but it does not last, great while it does though. What a shame as I used more of the bottle than I normally would, trying to keep the scent with me.

  • JAYNE06/15/2005

    Used it, loved it. Everybody i came across kept asking me what perfume i was wearing and where they could buy it... I think its just great.

  • JANE05/09/2005

    Island Kiss is VERY fruity - I had it on one day & my boyfriend commented on how nice & 'fruity' I smelt... It lasts quite a long time on me too.

  • RISA04/04/2005

    I gave it to my younger cousin. She smells good and the scent is very teenager like a powder. But it's just not suitable for me.

  • BEBE02/26/2005

    a matching kiss on the island of escada.a treat of romance. never a disappointment. make a reservation on island kiss. very nice.

  • SCOUT10002/01/2005

    I liked Island kiss, but just an fyi, the new Escada fragrance for this year, Rockin' Rio, smells almost identical.

  • SHARRIE01/06/2005

    an island of its own.beautiful.tropical.sensuos. serious pleazure zones. wonderful.

  • MARILEE01/02/2005

    this is one of the fruitiest perfumes I've ever had - rich and sweet. I find it doesn't last tho - the original "kick" dries down to a vague, sort of soft sweetness, very nondescript. Needs to be reapplied every couple of hours to really enjoy its original complexity. Very nice for warmer days tho.

  • VIV12/28/2004

    Nice at first, but cloying as it dries down. I guess they put too much mango in it.

  • ASHLEY12/27/2004

    i love this one. its smells so yummy i want to eat it

  • PIWILOVER!!!12/19/2004

    This is a really nice perfume!It's sweet, but also sexy.It smells really fruity!Its soooooooooooooo nice!

  • ROA11/24/2004

    relaxing scent ever!sweet and sophisticated

  • JT11/21/2004

    I have come back to my opinion that this is still one of the best out there (if you like fresh fruity scents). Since it is nearly impossible to find Sexy Graffiti anymore, I think I will get a bottle of this one again. I have Ibiza Hippie and that is great too. Many people seem to think that if a perfume is too fruity, that it is only for very young girls... Why is that?? I am late 30 something, and I think light, fruity and "young" scents just smell great. If you don't like them, that's fine, but no, sorry they do not smell cheap as some have said. I like a few other Escada scents too and they are quality perfumes.

  • ELLIE11/13/2004

    interestingly fashionable package but kind of a thing i'd hesitate on spending money on.

  • WHAT A SCENT!! USE WITH CARE GIRLS!!!!10/31/2004

    i was popping down to my the local perfume store and i stumbled upon this scent. I could not keep my nose off the card the lady sprayed it on as it smelled so good!!, At first you noticed that it is very fruity and fresh but i find it smells alot like pineapple. and guess what?, i bought it, not for me for my mom as a birthday present and she was hooked!!. This shows that this is not just for young girls, its for the young at heart too.

  • KRISTIN10/25/2004

    All the fruity notes in this one are a bit much, making it smell cheap. I can't detect the floral notes at all.

  • REBECCA10/23/2004

    this is totally for summer or a vacation in the heat. its like a fruity sent victorias secret would make for a body spray and lotion. i would not wear out to be sexy ......but fun for the day at the beach or just hanging out does smell good but is very fruity! im 28 and think i wouldnt wear if i was a older woman.a great gift for a teen!

  • JT10/13/2004

    I stated below that this is one of my all time favorites... BUT I have to say, that this month since I have tried a few new scents, I have found new favorites and now I feel I am actually getting a little tired of this one. I haven't changed my mind completely... I still love it, only I have become a bit bored with it after seeing what else is out there now. Try the new DKNY 'Be Delicious'. Now THAT one is great! Fruity but a little more sophisticated than Escada.

  • JT10/07/2004

    If you love fruit scents and the other Escada limited edition fruity ones, you'll love this one. I am not happy with the fact that they are only out for a limited time though. I will have to stock up before it goes away! It is one of my all time favorite scents!!

  • SCARLET LETTER10/03/2004

    this perfume's so sweet it makes me gag. i can detect this from miles away, esp. when the wearer is trying to impress ppl w/ the scent or something.

  • SUSAN09/29/2004

    I bought this scent on the internet, based strictly on the feedback from this and other sites. I got exactly what I thought, a fresh, fruity scent full of pineapples.

  • NADIA09/13/2004

    pls dont waste your money on this one... it smells like stale fruit salad

  • JOJO08/20/2004

    this perfume smells fruity, but i thought the smell would be more tropical instead of a grapefruit/citrus - type scent. it's sweet, but if you're going for a more tropical scent, i'd reccomend "bora bora" by liz clairborne. a better scent for a nicer price!

  • LIN08/10/2004

    i`m a teenager and i just bought this perfume few days ago. and i think its absolutly awesome. i love fruity smelled perfume.

  • KM08/07/2004

    i haven't bought the perfume yet, but i was on a cruise and tried it at the perfume shop and i loved it so much i just kept going in and putting it on, im surprised the store didnt make me buy it

  • LILLY07/29/2004

    Wow, I tried this at the mall and my friends would not stop sniffing me! It's so wonderful I went out and bought it later that day!

  • CATHY07/16/2004

    I really love this summery and fruity fragrance. However the scent disappears as soon as I put it on myself, so I have to douse myself in it. Maybe b/c I have the eau de toilette? I'd never buy anything from Escada again b/c I'm not getting my $$'s worth. Sorry Escada.

  • GLORIA07/14/2004


  • JUJU06/25/2004

    This perfume is very refreshing and it smells like a smoothy. I think it is a sent more for the younger crowd. Its very light and fruity.

  • KELIZA06/17/2004

    I'm very picky when it comes to choosing a fragrance, but immediately fell in love with this one. It just screams "summer" and I think it's so clean, refreshing, and unique - not overwhelming at all. It makes me feel like I'm sitting on the beach sipping a pina colada;o)

  • J8206/14/2004

    I've been trying to find this perfume in Argentina, but it's been almost impossible, so I might buy it through Internet, but before I order it, I need a piece of advice! I really love Escada Perfumes, especially Lily Chic and the wonderful, hard to find Jardin de Soleil... is Island Kiss similar to any of them? Thanks, and I hope someone might be willing to help me!

  • LISA06/07/2004

    its great!!! it has peaches,mango,passion flower,orange and more. i don't know why my school's girls love this so much and hugo woman too. but for me this is much more better then hugo.

  • LAURA06/06/2004

    my another signature perfume!! it is sweet (fruity). rare perfumes has smells that is very fruity. its great. in singapore my secondary school the girls would die for this one. its very popular!!!

  • SUZANNE05/28/2004

    Well - Island Kiss smells FUN! Really fruity, reminiscent of a yummy tanning lotion smell,with creamy coconut, bright citrus and tropical floral notes. It is a day at the beach all over the place - and best reserved for those very young girls who look good in barely-there bathing suits! In other words, this is not for the sophisticated, worldly woman. But if you're young and beautiful and energetic - I say Go For It! You'll have plenty of time when you're older to enjoy the classics.

  • TOMEEKA05/22/2004


  • MANDY05/21/2004

    In one word: WOW! It's a fragrance of a beach-party on hawai! If I smeel this fragrance i'm thinking of passion fruit, and the full summer! This is amazing fresh! I'm on my way to the shop already, haha!

  • GT05/10/2004

    no offence to those who like this, but it smells very something you would get in a dollar store. i had something similar when i was 5 that was supposed to smell like gummi bears

  • TEAGAN05/09/2004

    A nice warm weather scent. It smells very fruity at first. Almost good enough to eat, but then it changes a little bit. It still smells nice and light, but doesn't remain as fruity and sweet.

  • $ VS $05/08/2004

    grafiti is out of stock because it's limited edition. ibiza too. before ibiza is grafiti. i love ibiza, so do anyone think i will like island kiss?

  • JOHANNA05/08/2004

    I love it. I is good for me since i am a teen. Very fruity. So many people have it.

  • PEGGY05/04/2004

    A very close cousin to Ibiza Hippie. I think "Hippie" is still my favorite, but I love Island Kiss as well .... and so does my man! This fragrance is sweet and -- yes -- somewhat fruity, but clean and light. And so far hasn't set off anyone's allergies in my office!

  • JENNIFER05/03/2004

    Extremely strong mango smell - which is nice, but can start to turn your stomach very, very quickly. Good maybe for a teenager.

  • SUSAN05/01/2004

    island kiss is one of my favorite perfumes to use as a day use perfume. i'd have to say, when i first smelled this at the store, i was amazed because i never smelled anything like it. as a night use perfume. i love HOT COUTURE by givenchy. it smells like no other!!

  • K804/30/2004

    Yo, I love Magnatism, love Ibiza Hippie, and I totally feel in love with Island Kiss! This is a keeper if you love a tropical sweet scent!

  • BIANCA04/28/2004

    For those of you like me who have more perfume than any one person should ever need, this is yet another that is good to add to the collection. I think that it is an excellent scent if you are going to the pool or beach, or just gonna be outside for awhile sunbathing with your friends. It is an excellent fruity scent, which normally I don't enjoy. However, while I would not say this scent is sexy, I do think it is a good one to have for certain occassions. If you were to wear this on a hot summer day, you would be refreshing to those around you.

  • MIC04/22/2004

    A very fruity fragrance. Great for summer, but that's about it. It's too fruity for me. I don't like the thought of wearing a bowl of fruit punch on my wrists. Too girly for me!

  • SAKURA LOVE SONG04/20/2004

    It's a sweet and mouth watering mango scent~ Very "tropical" and fruity =) I put a testing paper in my bag once and when I opened my bag, my nose told me to go get this perfume =P

  • LOVELY CHUCKLES04/15/2004

    The beach at night has a certain fun, romantic, exciting, exotic smell in the air. Escada Island Kiss is this smell in a bottle.

  • SHE04/11/2004

    This frangrance is just amazing! It smells a bit like "Ibiza Hippie" but I do prefer it. I'm in Hawai when I wear it! Just wonderful!

  • $ASBESZ04/02/2004

    Island Kiss by Escada est mon parfume prefere!

  • DANA03/31/2004

    I picked it up in Hawaii and everytime that I put it on, it brings me back to the island. The scent is so fruity and i've had so many compliments about it.

  • MARYANN03/27/2004

    Warning-if you don't like sweet scents, you may not like this perfume. HOWEVER, if you like smelling fruity & delicious, you will LOVE this! I personally do....

  • CHERRY SANTIDAD03/27/2004

    this one is great smelling,i just had ibiza and boy i loved it too..actually i'm into escada looking for grafiti but it's out of stock!!!must be a bestseller huh!!..looking forward to purchase escada magnetism...i love escada baby!!!

  • NOELLA03/26/2004

    The best ever baby!!!

  • ROSIE03/23/2004

    I haven't actually smelt this, but the packaging and name sound awesome... cant wait to smell it!

  • GRACE TULIP03/21/2004

    I love island kiss personaly I think it is the best perfume ever

  • NATHALIE 03/20/2004

    i love that smell

  • PAULINA03/19/2004

    It reminds me of ibizza hippie, just a bit fresher. It´also quite sweet, but when you like sweet scent you should try it.


    Great perfume, one of my favorites. It has a sweet, not so powerful scent, with a dash of mango and exotic scents. My boyfriend loves it.

  • VICTORIA03/18/2004

    island kiss reminds me of the summer season. i love how it smells like friut, especially grapefriut

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