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Eau D'Eden   

31 Reviews

Launched by the design house of Cacharel in 1996 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh, watery florals.

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Launched by the design house of Cacharel in 1996 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh, watery florals.

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  • HILDE03/04/2011

    Love it!!!!!

  • PAZ10/09/2010

    Completlly irresistible! if you dont like is because you dont understand of perfumes

  • SUSANA04/29/2010

    i love this perfum

  • PAMELA K. SCHLEGEL07/13/2009

    Wonderful scent! I have worn this scent for 10 years. EVERYONE comments on how much they love it! I don't feel dressed w/o wearing it! PLEASE bring it back in stock:).

  • PAMELA12/19/2008

    NEVER get dressed w/o it! Expect expect to comment on how LOVELY you smell! A winner perfume - you WILL become addicted!

  • LOR06/12/2008

    This is my smell, dare I say, identity for the past 10 years. Take away that smell, you take away my memories.....

  • LISA02/28/2008

    I guess I'm gonna get my butt walloped, but I did not like this fragrance at all. I read all the posts & ordered it. Smells way too strong of hyacinth, and made me sick. I respect everyone elses opinions here, and am glad many people enjoy Eau D'Eden. I'll stick to Cool Water. If anyone would like my bottle I will give it to you free, please post here a note "To Lisa" with email & I will contact you & ship it. Bless you all.

  • OLGA12/16/2007

    I've been using thisi perfume since I first smelled it when I was 13. I've been in love with it ever since. It is so gentle and unforgettable!!!

  • DF08/30/2007

    Eau de Eden is a nice summer fragrance although for some reason as much as I try to like aquatic scents they just don't do it for me.

  • DIONNE02/02/2006

    I had a feeling I have seen Eau De Eden diminishing from shelves due to discontinuation. I have many many perfumes and I feel I am a amateur connoisseur of perfumery it will be a shame to see this GORGEOUS perfume go :(

  • ANDREA 111/17/2005

    This is going to be discontinued? People in perfume industry have gone crazy!!!! This is a beautiful transparent, light, delicate, aquatic-floral fragrance. Grrr...

  • HANNAH10/03/2005

    I started out using a sample, and this is pefectly heavenly. I am so sad that it is going to be discontinued .. guess I should stock up now. It smells like angels ought to smell :)

  • CHRISTINA08/18/2005

    Eau d´eden will be discontinued! A saleswoman in Sweden (where I live) told me so when I asked about it. And loggin´on to Cacharels web site, it had disappeared from their fragrance line-up! Perhaps it will still be sold elsewhere, but I doubt it. My advise is to GRAB IT NOW while you can.. It´s so so sad to see such an excellent perfume being withdrawn. By the way, "Polo Sport woman" by Ralph Lauren is heading the same way.. soon gone forever. Tragic!

  • LOLA_WEST07/14/2005

    For me - the BEST perfume i ever had!!! "My scent" for years! I'm big fan of perfumes, but this is absolutely THE BEST!

  • MAXXX11/16/2004

    My son who is 14 never ever compliments on my perfume...this time he did...Eeau d Eden. So i KNOW for sure it is lovley LOL

  • NATA06/18/2004

    I received it as a gist several years ago. Since it bought it twice. My favorite now !

  • ANNA04/28/2004

    I got it as a present 5 years ago when I went to Belgium. Loved it. When I came to USA I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm so glad I finally found it here.

  • V.03/10/2004

    eau d'eden is definitely one of those well-kept fragrance secrets. I get constant compliments and inquiries when I wear it, and have yet to ever smell it on someone else. Very light and youthful, but don't imagine this is a scent you can only wear if you're fifteen - it's also classy and seductive and would suit a woman of any age.

  • INES12/24/2003

    I prefer it to Eden. Eden is a bit spicy-woodsy, and Eau D'Eden is transparent, tender and soft aquatic fragrance. I like aquatic fragrances (especially for hot weather) and this one is soft, fresh, aquatic-floral. This will probably be my purchase for next spring/summer.

  • NIKKI10/27/2003

    I have been using this perfume for about over a year now and I think that it is the best thing that I have ever worn. I think that I will continue to wear it for as long as it is being sold in the US.

  • MELANIE05/24/2003

    I love this fragrance,especially at night when it's most effective. I remember wearing it when vacationing by my aunt in Venezuela,and boy,those latinos went "muy loco" !!

  • RALE03/26/2003

    Cool scent,very light !

  • TATY03/18/2003

    I highly recomend this perfum, specially for day-time and for summer. Fresh, clean and sweet, it's like being in paradise!

  • KIKI02/14/2003

    my mom really love it. worth to try

  • SUE10/18/2002

    A friend of mine brought this back for me from St. Thomas. I had no idea what I was getting, but I fell in love with it immediately. I absolutely recommend this!

  • A.G.05/11/2002

    Eau D'Eden is (much) better than original Eden. Aquatic-floral, fresh. But it changes it's fresh smell after a while, maybe evaporating too quickly... I think it's a nice present for young girls (15-20). *Young scent*.

  • DANIELLE05/10/2002

    I first was introduced by this beautiful, feminine, clean, floral scent while on vacation in St. Thomas. This is THE BEST scent I have ever smelled. This scent and Cacharel's Noa is an absolute! You must purchase!

  • JOAN05/05/2002

    Very pretty, subtle scent onto summer, but they lasted and characteristic.

  • ASCHATAN03/14/2002

    I tried it yesterday, very nice and freh and floral, but has a harshly-sweet note. Biggest surprise for me: Right after I sprayed it on, it smelled distinctly of brewery. I know what I'm talking about, I lived leewards of one for half a year. This evaporates fairly quickly, though.

  • PAULASMITHY02/14/2002

    I found this scent in Rome, and as a Cacharel fan, I had to try it. It is lovely! It may well smell like the Garden of Eden, floral yet very fresh.

  • REBEKAH04/30/2001

    I was introduced to this scent in Paris and it smells like a perfume should. More than once people have broken off from groups as they walked passed me to ask what I wearing and where they could get it.

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