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L'Eau Par Kenzo Kenzo Image


L'Eau Par Kenzo   

46 Reviews

L'Eau Par Kenzo by Kenzo is a soft, green, citrus cologne. It is a transparent blend of Japanese yuzu, ho leaf, lotus leaf, mint, pepper, and musk that is ideal for the active man. The soft, fresh fragrance lingers subtly, and is never too heavy. Notes also include Lotus Leaf, Aquatic Mint, Green Pepper, White Music, Mandarin, Rosewood, Waterlily, more

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L'Eau Par Kenzo by Kenzo is a soft, green, citrus cologne. It is a transparent blend of Japanese yuzu, ho leaf, lotus leaf, mint, pepper, and musk that is ideal for the active man. The soft, fresh fragrance lingers subtly, and is never too heavy. Notes also include Lotus Leaf, Aquatic Mint, Green Pepper, White Music, Mandarin, Rosewood, Waterlily, Floral Musk.


    This bottle is filled with Pure Zen. A very very fresh and calming fragrance that has traces of the Japanese lemon Yuzu in it. After sparying it on one feels as if one has been liberated, as if the body and soul are are defying Gravity. Has a very calming effect on the mind and the senses. Somehow, feels as if a Monk is in a deep state of blissful meditation in the woods overseeing a placid lake!

  • SENICHI06/11/2007

    there are 2 kinds of L'eau par Kenzo for men. The first one which you see on the picture with a resemblance of a samurai sword is the Aftershave spray which has a milder scent. The other one with rectangular bottle is the Eau de toilette itself.

  • BARBARA W05/13/2007

    I like this and wear it, even though I'm a woman. Easily unisex. It's clean, citrusy, and has a calming effect. I like to wear it when I'm doing yoga or on very hot, humid days. It's a "Zen" sort of smell. However, this is NOT a seductive scent, so if that's what you're going for, look elsewhere...

  • ALJAZEERA03/19/2007

    ok i will give you a real honesty. this fragrance is simple, fresh, and relaxing. but not makes you feel clean and purified. spray it once and suddenly you'll feel that you are not thirsty anymore. spray it again and you will feel that you are free of any sins. this scents created only for you not for somebody else who smelled it. its individualistic and almost "religious".

  • TONY T08/01/2006

    a bit light but decent and also as someone stated, not a turn on to the opposite sex. light citrus scent better than the genderme's.

  • ALFIE07/27/2006

    This fragrance reflects water so much. So fresh, seducing, make me feel calm. "Fragrance of calm water"

  • JINGO03/24/2006

    I think the retangular bottle you talked about is the new bottle of l'eau par de Kenzo, where as the pic here shows the old version which is of the shape of a Samurai sword. I sold my bottle of l'eau par to my flatmate, it is too light, my nose could not pick up anything, every time I sray it on then was busy thinking "where has the fragrance gone?“ please come up with a stronger, more intense version, kenzo

  • JACKO02/12/2006

    A great, classy, light citrusy fragrance! Admittedly when first applied it does smell a little like Glade, but give it a few minutes and it develops in to something gorgeous. I love it!

  • PAUL09/28/2005

    This is the best citrus cologne out there, in my opinion its better than other mainstream competitors like Chrome, CK One and Emporio Armani He. It's sparkling zestiness is irresistable with just the right amount of sweetneess. It also has a cooling effect due to its lotus leaf and green mint notes.

  • D.TRUE09/16/2005

    this stuff is fresh.very citrusy,perfect for warmer days, this one will be added to my collection for sure

  • NEALO09/13/2005

    I guess my tastes have changed. I bought a bottle in France in 2000 and thought it smelled great, but now when I smell it I think of dishwashing liquid.

  • CAIUS08/25/2005

    Just bought it because of good reviews and I was not disappointed by its citrus notes. Citrus heaven. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Excellent Buy it. Try it.

  • JJ07/07/2005

    I can't believe some ppl think it's like a cheap air refreshner. Sure it is 'fresh' but it is fresh in a nice, inviting and pleasant way, not a cheap airspray. It reminds me of a soft drink.. L'eau Par is lemony but sweeter and more watery than Chrome, CK One and Baby Blue Jeans. Perhaps a lemonade with hint of sugar? The dry down is quite cool and soft...I can't get enough of this scent. I can proudly say this is my fav and luckily it's not as common as Aqua Di Gio so it's a big plus. Give it a try, chances are you will love it too. I haven't met anyone who dislike this wonderful scent.... All my friends are getting a bottle each, after smelling it on me.

  • T.J07/03/2005

    You have to test this scent out! The chances are you will love it too. I have never met a single person who disliked this scent. The top note really awakens you and it's very citrusy yet it's not bitter lemon citrusy smell you smell in Chrome, CK One, but rather a sweet and fruity and juicy one :) It's sooooo nice... More shops should stock this..Actually it's good that it's not soo common yet! I'm sure this will turn the heads around as you walk!

  • SO HOT06/19/2005

    L'eau Par smells like tangy lemonade! It bursts with freshness and I can't get enough of it! Must try it! Highly recommended!

  • DAVID03/10/2005

    I've seen another "L'eau par Kenzo" out there, in a tall, somewhat rectangular shaped bottle. Are these the same fragrances? Anyway, I think it's a decent cologne, its biggest plus being that almost no one could possibly find this offensive or nasty (hard to find a cologne like that) and it's an overall very pleasant scent. But it's a *little* too florally, and has absolutely no chick-magnet value whatsoever.

  • PEPE LEPEW03/10/2005

    It smells great, tintilizes the senses, makes you feel fresh and refreshed and last "somewhat" long. It is citrisy on the lemony side but the lemon tones are blended with othr notes that make it alluring and captivating. And as stated it is a very clean and fresh scent. Good for office wear. This scent is now in my top 10 with Romance Silver, Seduction, Allure, Allure Sport, D&G, Varatos, Individuel and Le Male.

  • STEFAN03/06/2005

    just a magnific fragrance...fresh but strong olfactive poem...just breathe...:)

  • BABE MAGNET09/06/2004

    I realy am surprised at so many pos. messages on this site re: Eau Par. This is a very strong, sharp, and overly sweet smelling fragrance. It does overpower at times since it is just so damn strong and very long lasting. My biggest complaint is that it smells too much like glade air fresherner. It has a "cheap" smell to it that may be easily mistaken for cheap cologne, which it definately is not!!

  • CHICK GRABBER07/04/2004

    good but not great. A n ice smell but smells too much like galde aire freshner.

  • I'M HUNG04/22/2004

    It's just a nice, overall, wonderful fragrance. It's so calming and subtle, at times appearing to have disappeared, but it's still there, just not ostentatiously showing itself. It's one of those fragrances that no one can really totally dislike.

  • TOMMY. A.04/11/2004

    Smells strange on me - i dont feel well with it... Something with the top notes. May be great on others though.

  • MATT12/25/2003

    I love this cologne. Definitely worth of buying.

  • FERNANDO11/22/2003

    This scent has really impressed me. It is so light, subtle and clean that I think the bottle should levitate! :-) The drydown is awesome too and it smells great on my skin. It maintains that delicious subtle clean scent. There is an ingredient I love in this fragrance, and I suspect it is the japanese lime known as Yuzu or Yazu. It is funny since I have read this in previous reviews, but I too wish I could drink the perfume from the bottle! :-) This is a very delicate, subtle and aquatic fragrance. I would compare it to Bulgari Green Tea. I believe both are in the same class. I just wish I had bought a large bottle... Also, it may sound kind of ridiculous, but I think this scent calms me down. Excellent buy!

  • DAN07/03/2003

    Watery fragrance. A nice alternative to fresh smelling fragrance like Polo sport, etc.

  • DAVE06/21/2003

    By the subject line of my review, you might think I hate L'eau par Kenzo... I don't... I just feel that I have smelled this scent before, and I believe it was indeed a Glade air freshener. It has a lemon-lime scent that is pleasant enough, but relatively unoriginal and not particularly one I would want to wear... I would rather use it to scent a room. The fragrance is also VERY short-lived. Not a good value for the money in my opinion. I recommend Desire Blue easily over this one...

  • MARCUS04/09/2003

    kenzo has a cool relaxing smell good for daytime wear. smells fresh for hot days, but can be worne at anytime i love this one

  • XLENDON12/29/2002

    Excellent, light scent but not lasts too long. This is the one problem for this nice perfume.

  • KENSHIN12/17/2002

    The Japanese has always been an aesthetically- sensitive people. This perfume embodies such sensitivity and I am glad I bought it.

  • FARHAD12/02/2002

    Its got a damp paper smell to it i dont like.

  • EL WOPPO11/26/2002

    Are there any other frangrances half this nice? It is like a beautiful summer morning.

  • KATANASIX11/13/2002

    Like Joseph stated previously, I didn't get the supposed water association of this cologne either. It's a great scent, but I would describe this as a sharp, fruity cologne than an aqua one. For those who don't have it, please get it, it's a good one.

  • LOTUS10/17/2002

    Pure PERFECTION!!!!

  • DANNY10/14/2002

    Smells bitter and foul

  • SAM10/05/2002

    Zen clean! A sprit of citrus, unlike anything else. Not necessarily sexy... but very original. An independant spirit. and NOT your aroma therapy new age crap!! sorry...

  • STEVE-O09/25/2002

    beware ..although i like this scent it is very sweet...reminds me of Versace Baby Blue Jeans

  • ECCENTRIC ERIC09/25/2002

    After I shower and dry off, I spray this stuff, and feel totally relaxed & content.

  • JOSEPH09/13/2002

    It is a fine fragrance indeed but I just don't get the "water" association. It smells "dry and dusty" (which isn't bad by any means) to me but it is very quieting. Glad I found it.

  • SIMONLEO09/03/2002

    The best ever fresh fragrance in the world.Did somebody drink it? I almost did... King Kenzo rules!

  • ALEXANDER07/05/2002

    Wooow!! What a fragrance. Very modern, fresh, minimalistic, elegant and mystic. Yes mystic!!!! This bottle does not contain water it is pure water. Very ZEN!!!!

  • ALBERT06/05/2002

    HMMMMMM!!! So beautiful. Wisdom, Serenity, Calm, Peace, Pure. That's the mesage of this fragrance. "Two drops of imagination to re-create water."

  • JIEB06/02/2002

    After reading all the comments, i feel an urge to buy this fragrance, but can anyone tell me how does the bottle of this wonderful fragrance look like. A brief discription will do... a million thanks ;)

  • MICHELLE05/08/2002

    There's nothing better then this. I'd drink it if I could.

  • SACHA04/22/2002

    A fresh, clean, pure fragrance. Like a breath of fresh air.

  • STEVE02/27/2002

    this is a fantastic fragrance.. light, aquatic, but long lasting, as all kenzo fragrances are... if you like this one, be sure to check out Givenchy's Insense Ultramarine... it's also a winner.

  • MARYUS12/07/2001

    AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh.One of the best scents ever.Even though it's winter i love the way it smells when it's freezing outside. Makes me feel fresh, pure, clean. ZEN in every way.Yes I'm at the point of drinking it from the bottle, too! Life can be sooo simple!!!

  • JASON11/22/2001

    This fragrance is os clean and fresh that it makes you want to drink it out of the bottle. i likes like taking a long cold drink of water!!!!! this stuff is definitely a winner

  • PAUL10/22/2001

    This is the great scent. Fresh clean and light the scent of aqua water. Strong cucumber, with tea notes and watery fruits. A real winner, give this one a try.

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